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Vehicle Marketing Through 360 Degree Car Capture Apps

Gone are the days when buyers used to oscillate from showroom to showroom in quest for the ideal vehicle. With the current advancements in technology, the automotive trends have started to change. Now, most of the buyers search thoroughly through the internet for any and every information they could avail about a particular commodity. The digital source of information is much more convenient and at the same time, delivers wider and better results.

Dealers needs to cut through the traditional marketing methods they are accustomed to, in order to make the most out of modern digital buyers. Buyers, before entering any dealership, do a lot of research online. All their opinions regarding the vehicles and dealership are based on their online research.

Your Vehicle Display Page (VDP) is the first thing that a prospective buyer views. If the content isn’t appealing enough, the buyer would most likely leave to never return again. With the 360° walkaround applications, you get a whole lot of flexibility and control over the media you publish and provide the buyers with a whole new experience. You get to engage your customers with an interactive and virtual walkaround of your vehicle. You can create interactive Hotspots and make sure the prominent features of your car aren’t overlooked. Hotspots can also be used to show bumps, dents and scratches and thereby ensuring complete transparency. Every time a visitor pops up on the website, the software generates an intelligence report. These reports use hotspot engagement data to show exactly what the customer is looking for. It includes the features the buyer was interested in, and cares about the most. With the ability to engage hotspots right from the app, you get to highlight the desired specifications and allow the customers to guide their own experience. These reports allow the dealer to be omnipresent and further help in pitching the interested buyers successfully.

With the unique data that these hotspot-enabled apps generate, they create relevant ads and increase sales. This unique data ensures that your ads never target an incorrect prospect. It enables accurate profiling and delivers better ads. Reports state that 56% of the ads on the internet are never seen by humans. These advertisements are created ads on a pay-per-engagement basis, and it ensures that you don’t waste your money. These ads are dynamic in nature and based on user’s specific Google searches. Based on real-time updates, these unique ads deliver the exact information the buyer looks for.

The higher the relevance, the higher is the click through rate. This is how 360° car capture apps drive maximum traffic to your website and increase leads by 10%.

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