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Sex Tips, Ideas, Guidelines, and Suggestions – Starting With A and B

We modestly offer sex advice consisting of short alphabetical pieces. We aim to improve your sex life. Each article includes at least two positive and two negative suggestions, based on words that you never thought were sexy. Review these proposals and schemes before closing your door on the way out, and once again before opening your zipper on the way in.

Attempt. You will not get it if you do not go for it. As that old phrase goes, if at first you do not succeed try, try again. Like most of the old phrases it must be taken with a grain of salt. Some people are never going to say yes to you. Live with it. Lick your wounds, preferably by licking someone else.

Accommodate. Try doing what he or she likes; Go to that silly movie, there may be a big payoff. The two of you may be able to surpass the movie's final love scene. It should be fun trying.

Balance. When you think about it, keeping a sexual relationship going is really a balancing act. Do not overdo it. Do not underdo it. And if you can keep your balance in the weird, difficult positions so much the better.

Bonfire. There is something so romantic about a bonfire, maybe on the beach. The logs are burning, your hearts are burning, and maybe, just maybe a short hose will get to stoke the fire. Or if worst comes to worst you can always roast marshmallows.

And now for some things to avoid.

Abstinence. This is a terrible disease that afflicts far too many people. The best cure for it is enjoying life. If you have to abstain, abstain from fatty foods and sweet or diet soft drinks but do not abstain from love, do not abstain from sex.

Baggage. Who does not have baggage? Do not expect someone to clean up all that junk from your childhood, young adulthood, and blah, blah, blah. If you need to see a shrink, see a shrink. Bed is for expansion and growth, not for shrinkage.

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