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List Building – Can You Really Do it?

List building. Those two magic words stream across the internet marketing realm with power and passion. The coveted list is hallowed far and wide by both beginning internet marketers and the so-called, "guru's". You've heard it all before, "the money is in the list!"

Well do you have what it takes to make it?

List building is not brain science. Anyone can do it, but will anyone do it? Will you do it? Since the birth of Internet Marketing, sharp witted copywriters have led us to believe that it's as easy putting up a website, setting up a squeeze page, and then letting it fly! I disagree with this mentality because it sets up the unsuspecting "newbies" for failure.

List building does not have to be complicated, but it's not simple. Why is not it simple? Because simple denotes easy with little or no learning curve. That's the crux of the matter: list building requires a learning curve and for some it's a steep one ..

Can we master this learning curve?

Yes! Anyone can "master the list building learning curve" and there are two ways.

1. You can learn from your mistakes.

2. You can learn from other people's mistakes.

You know that learning from other people's list building mistakes is the way to go or else you would not be reading this article. That's obvious, but what is not so obvious is that learning from other people's email marketing mistakes * brings you no money! *.

Furthermore, learning from your own mistakes, does not have to lose you money! What does this mean for you? Learn from other people's mistakes and learn from your own! I know what you're thinking .. "Okay Christopher, that's all great, but …"

How do I learn from my mistakes without costing me any money?

Use * free * traffic generation techniques on a simple landing page or opt in. Then track it! Tracking your list building efforts is the fastest bar none strategy to mastering the list building curve and that my friends is why list building is not "simple."

Now that you understand why some people make it and some people do not. Go get free tracking software (Google will provide it). Set up two instances of your landing page or opt in and track the results of splitting the traffic between the two. It's not as hard as it sounds and if you need help with it, drop me a line. Now, get out there and master the list building learning curve and you too can have a steady flow of opt in income at your beck and call.

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