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List Building – 3 Latest Strategies For Massive List Building

A list of prospects allows you to make money almost on demand. Most marketers are lost when they have to generate a list of prospect to sell their latest product. However, experienced marketers know that if you invest in building a list, you have a ready audience for your new products.

The greatest online marketers realize that they are not in the business of selling products but in the business of building lists and developing life long relationships with them. When you offer people what is important to them, they will be glad to relate to you and also buy your products. I will share with you how the best brains in the market develop their list and keep on increasing it.

1. If you are offering a niche product with a well defined set of people interested in it, then you have a willing audience. And you do not even have to tell them how important you are for them. They will always expect you to tell them what is useful and what solves their problems. When they join your list, they are going to expect your emails and what's more they will be waiting for your next communication. All you need to do is to generate quality content and keep sending it to your list on a regular basis. You can change the pattern of sending just to keep the surprise element. For instance, you can send emails every 2 days then every 3 days and then alternate between 2 and 3 days. Using an auto-responder can make this a lot easier.

2. Encourage your members to share your emails to others they think might benefit. In fact without your telling this explicitly, they will anyway forward your exciting offers and valuable information to others in their circle. Then those people will join your list. This is the classic viral marketing method. There are ways to write your message in such a manner that will propagate it to hundreds of thousands of people within a matter of days. Another way to build list is to share your expertise in social networking sites like Twitter and My-Space.

3. Invent new means of attracting prospects. The most popular way is to offer a freebie in exchange for the email id. You can keep providing a new freebie whenever you feel you have exhausted the potential of the earlier one. You can choose to give a series of emails free or a free e-book or a free video training. The possibilities are limitless.

Remember that more the people you have in your list, more will be your revenues.

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