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Email Marketing – Spam Filter Triggers & Parrots

Many internet marketers know about the spam filters threat. However, it is really surprising to see that besides the less experienced marketers, even many people known as internet marketing experts do not have a clue on how to deal with spam filter triggers properly. Today's article tries to wake you up and take you from the amateurs crowd to the next level.

First of all, what are spam filter triggers? They are common words and expressions that are penalized by spam filters. When the penalty points assigned to a certain email message pass over a certain threshold, that message is usually routed to the intended recipient's spam folder, rejected or even deleted at server level.

How to deal with such a problem?

The first part of the solution is relatively easy to accomplish: identify the problem words and expressions. Most of the third party services used to broadcast your email marketing messages include pieces of software that point the words which trigger the filters. If you do not use such a service, it's still not difficult: search on Google for spam filter triggers and you'll find many helpful articles.

The real challenge follows: you identified the problem words but what do you do next?

The worst and the most spread method was "invented" by someone quite many years ago and a lot of internet marketers copied it like parrots without checking whether the idea is right or wrong. What was that "great" idea? If you are subscribed to some newsletters, it's impossible not to notice it: misspelling the words. Thus, money became m0ney, free became f'ree or free or, money back guarantee became m0ney back g'uarantee, etc.

Why is this solution the worst one?

Reason # 1: In marketing, image matters a lot. What do you think your image is in most of your readers' mind, when they see that your emails are full of typing and grammatical errors? Most of your readers never heard about spam filter triggers. Whether you like it or not, for them "m0ney" is exactly what is it for almost everyone except you: a typing error. In such case, how's your credibility?

Reason # 2: Many spam filters were now taught to penalize also weird spellings like "free", so you're not actually solving anything.

Reason # 3: Gmail (and maybe more web-based email service providers) makes the word "" clickable and there is a bigger surprise: that website exists (though it's still under construction). Result: some of your readers will click on these links and some of your traffic will be diverted.

Then … what to do? Well, it's very easy: remove the problem words and replace them by synonyms (or expressions having a similar meaning) that are not penalized themselves.

Example: instead of "100% money back guarantee" you can use "every penny back if you're not 100% thrilled / satisfied"

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Adrian Jock

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