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Creative Foreplay Ideas – 4 Foreplay Ideas to Make Your Lover Wild Tonight

With creative foreplay ideas, you are going to satisfy your lover even further in the bedroom. Foreplay builds anticipation, and will go a long way to make her achieves better orgasms later on in the night.

Good creative foreplay ideas can also enable you to have a much longer foreplay with her. Both of you will enjoy the foreplay so much, that time will be forgotten. Let me just share with 4 simple foreplay ideas that you can use tonight:

1. Do everything slowly. Foreplay starts with both of your clothes on. Undress her slowly, as you plant tender kisses on her neck and earlobes. When she is totally undresses, caress and explore her body thoroughly, as if it is the first time that you are looking at her naked body.

2. Have a warm and scented shower together. Get into the bath tub together, and pour some scented foam into it. You can help to scrub your lover’s back, and wash every part of her body. Both of you can start a little foreplay in the bath tub, but be sure not to finish it off. Leave the best on the bed.

3. Massage her. You do not need to be a professional masseuse to be able to give her a sensual massage. Massage areas that are sensitive like her back, thighs, breasts, and shoulders. If you have massage oil with you, you may consider using it too.

4. Have a cross-dressing. Cross dress to satisfy each other sexual fantasies. You can go one step further by having a steamy story line, whereby you and she can act out the scene. Striptease can also help to bring the atmosphere even sexier and exciting.

Use these 4 foreplay ideas to make her enjoy the best sex ever. A good foreplay can really fulfill your lover and is definitely a good way to bring both your sex life to a higher level.

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