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Best Lead Attraction Marketing Strategies

Do You Have A Plan?
First off, are you prepared? Have you set up a game plan? Have you set a goal of 'how much money you want to make a week? How many leads do you have to generate in order to reach that number?

Now you need a weekly marketing schedule of these 'money generating activities. There are a variety of marketing strategies to choose from, so let's check them out.

Video Marketing

Video is popular, it's effective, it's fun! You do not have to be perfect on video. What is more important is getting your message out to the high number of strugglers (97% are failing). This is business, but not corporate America's 'suit and tie' business. Network marketing is about your favorite lifestyle, because, anyway, people want to see others having a good time. People want to connect with others like them. Be yourself!

How To Video Marketing

Do not be shy. You see, what you do is fool around before you upload any videos. Make faces at the camcorder – basically, get comfortable with yourself on video. You only need to cut a 2 minute video any how. Most of our society has a short attention span. Give a daily tip, then a call to action: refer your audience to your channel, or some valuable tool, or your website, or blog. Do the opposite of what everyone is doing or with a twist.

Most people in your mLM business talk about the business' compensation plan, the wonderful products, then they too go looking for 'lead attraction' strategies. As you give value, you know, the tools & training to help assist others build their business, you will indeed have people signing up to your email newsletter, subscribing to your you tube channel, wanting you to add them as friends. Before you know it, traffic turns into leads, then leads turn into distributors and sales. The people will come hunting you down. This is just the beginning. The best lead generation strategies are found in the attraction marketing video series.

Facebook Leads

There is so much potential at Facebook if you utilize it correctly. There is the ability of video submitting, joining and creating groups, ad placement, FB fan page, plus much more.

FB Tip # 1:
Set up your profile with your story. ( 'Info' tab; 'bio' section) talk about where you are coming from: what is your career? Follow up with your why you joined network marketing. Continue with your experience you have so far, then talk about your biggest challenge and how you over came it. Finalize with your solution and give a call to action.

Your story is to attract others who can relate and who will want to follow in your foot steps.

"You were born an original. Do not die a copy."

FB Tip # 2:
You are a creative being. Consider the marketing trainings, but put your spin on it. To establish credibility, share useful articles and links to presentation and valuable resources that interest customers and prospects on your wall. Share survey or research data to gain credibility.

FB Tip # 3:
Upload a professional or casual picture. Again, to attract those who can relate and have the same interests as you.

FB Tip # 4:
Update your group or fan page on a regular basis with great information and answers to questions.

Twitter Marketing

We are connecting with people. People have needs. Our job is to find out what their needs are and help assist them to getting. Not everyone can see themselves joining your mLM business. Some will, some will not, so what !? Build a relationship first (credibility / rapport / trust), when there's enough value presented, they will move forward; taking action to join your list, to join your business.

Twitter Tip # 1:
Listening. Listening to find what your target market wants let's you in on what to offer. Start using twitter search today.

Twitter Tip # 2:
Download and install tweet deck. It will make tweeting easier for you. You can see your 'friends', your replies, and your direct messages all at once.

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