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Affiliate Marketing – The Best Way For a College Student to Earn Money

Whether you're an affiliate marketing expert or totally new to the field, your questions will be pretty much the same: how do I start making money, or how do I make more money online through my promotion efforts. For a college student who is already juggling a ton of different things, the simplicity of affiliate marketing is usually very attractive. If worked correctly, it can be a real moneymaker, a time saver and a whole lot easier than waiting tables.

With that in mind, I've compiled a few tips and tricks that have worked for me. I work at my affiliate marketing while holding down a job, going to school and taking care of my home. I usually work on the affiliate marketing promotions about 30-45 minutes a day. Consistency is what makes it work.

Listen, I am not a super affiliate; I am, however, a consistent affiliate making a few thousand dollars a month from my online efforts. My highest month brought me over $ 6,000 dollars for all of my promotions. In today's world I still can not retire and only go to school, but it sure helps pay my student bills and leaves me with some extra cash for the fun things in life.

My affiliate marketing tips and techniques are simple, easy-to-follow and work consistently for me.

Tip # 1: Pick a Product to Promote & Stick With It

While this may seem obvious, most new entrepreneurs and even some veterans jump from one product or service promotion to another. They never stick with anything long enough to see a return. Affiliate marketing is easy, but it does take time and consistent effort to see results. Do not expect to see it overnight; it could take a few weeks before you begin to see commissions from the product you're promoting.

Tip # 2: Do Your Research on Your Product or Service

No amount of promotion and patience will work if you do not research the product or service first. If no one is interested in the product, all the promoting in the world will not make a difference. When it comes to affiliate marketing, and work at home businesses, it take time and research to find those little known gems that gurus are always talking about.

Tip # 3: Learn About Keyword / Niche Research and How to Pick the Correct Niche

This is the hardest part right here and will take you the most time. This goes hand in hand with Tip # 2. In order to find out the search volume, the popularity and the competition of a particular niche, you need to use keyword research. While many people offer up Google AdWords keyword tool, and it's okay if you're just starting out, if you're serious about making a dent in the keyword research niche finding, you'll need to make a small investment in a good keyword research tool. There are many on the market, but I use and have used Micro Niche Finder. It has a short learning curve, and it works consistently well shortening the amount of time I need to spend finding a niche where I promote, promote, promote!

Tip # 4: If You're Not Sure What to Promote

If you're new to the affiliate marketing and work at home business, and you're really not sure what to promote, find an affiliate program that is easy to start with, does not require a website and pretty much works on its own . It should also be a program that you can promote right away, and one that will size up as you get more experience.

If you're an experienced affiliate marketer looking to add-on to your arsenal of affiliate tools, you can also promote a program like this alongside all of your other marketing efforts. While there are a ton of these out there that give you free websites that are already set up and ready to be promoted, I've found only one or two that truly work well for the absolute newbie as well as the veteran looking to add more commission cash to their bank account.

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