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The Problem With Sales

Since the World Wide Web first made its grand debut in 1991, people recognized the potential the Internet held for marketing. As the World Wide Web grew, people began building websites and suddenly, the Internet was a level playing field for businesses and entrepreneurs to sell their products. The Internet held many advantages when compared to traditional forms of sales. First, the Internet is global! With the creation of a website, your product can reach from America to Australia, from India to Zaire in the time it takes to click a mouse or enter a URL. This type of global marketing just does not exist apart from the Internet. The ability to reach customers world wide in virtual seconds, makes the Internet the top form of marketing for all businesses, marketers, and entrepreneurs.

Everyone involved in sales understands the importance of finding leads, securing leads, and closing the sale. For those who have yet to turn to the Internet, the task of finding leads can be a very tiresome, daunting task. In fact, finding leads may be a full time job for many. Without leads, there are no sales. No sales-No Business! There is no doubt about it; Every business operates on leads. All of the strategies, tactics, and tools used in the business world are designed to target leads, generate leads, and close the sale.

This is where the business world has come to realize that they have a genuine problem with the nature of sales- a problem that is solved and essentially eradicated by the power of Internet Marketing.

Direct Marketing is the process of marketing to potential consumers by using direct sales methods. These methods include using presentations, live demonstrations, making phone calls, catalogs, magazines, package inserts, media ads such as radio or television commercials, billboards, newspaper advertisements, advertisement postcards, card packs that are delivered through the postal service, and other types Of mailers. These tactics have been in effect since the late 1800's and many believe that the Internet and its various marketing tools have overshadowed their effectiveness.

The first area of ​​concern with these Direct Marketing approaches is the fact that they are expensive. It costs money to create thousands of mailers, catalogs, or package inserts. It takes quite a bit of financial startup to run television ads, radio ads, and placements in the newspaper, or to put up a billboard. In fact, before the Internet burst into the sales game, many would-be- entrepreneurs and successful business owners, were automatically eliminated from the game, simply because they could not secure the funds needed for advertisement. Today, with the low cost of Internet Marketing tools, everyone has equal opportunity at the chance of becoming the next big winner in the game of business. These marketing methods are expensive and many new start up businesses simply do not have the capital needed to run these campaigns. However, they can use the abundance of marketing methods provided by the Internet.

Another area of ​​concern that many find taints the strategies utilized by Direct Marketing companies is the fact that they are not environmentally friendly. I am sure that you are familiar with the term, "junk mail". Many people, who are not interested in receiving these Direct Marketing methods, simply throw them away. There is no question about the fact that direct mailers take their toll on the environment. Studies show that each year 100 million trees are used to create what we term, "junk mail". With Internet Marketing, no trees are cut to create ad copy. The Internet is your virtual marketing center that is inexpensive as well as environmentally friendly.

Direct Marketing methods depend upon research conducted to ensure that you are targeting the right customer. This is also true in Internet Marketing, but it is definitely more difficult and time consuming when using Direct Response tactics. Research consists of demographics, customer profiling, current marketing trends, and more. In fact, you may find that it takes a separate company to handle the research aspect of your marketing plan. Again, this requires capital that many new business owners and entrepreneurs simply do not have. However, once they recognize the power of Internet Marketing and the abundance of research methods available to you for free, you will not need to worry about hiring a Direct Response Marketing team.

Another difficulty that often faces those in Direct Marketing is finding customers. Customers are the basis of your business, and great care and attention must be spent on finding them. The Internet holds a tremendous advantage over Direct Marketing methods in this area. First, the Internet is on, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It has the potential to bring your customers to you! This does not happen in direct marketing. The only way a customer finds you in Direct Marketing, is if they simply walk by your store. All other forms of advertisement are directly targeted at finding the customer. The Internet offers the entrepreneur innovative and ingenious ways to put your site out there, and many of these are free or low cost.

For years, it seemed that Direct Marketing methods were the only way for businesses to succeed. In fact, it was a proven fact that if you continued to see the same ad, repeated in the same manner, that you knew the business was a success. Today, the Internet has reshaped the whole arena of advertising and marketing. You can find customers without spending a fortune for campaign ads, direct mailings, or business postcards. You do not have to create a commercial to broadcast your new business services. In fact, one of the major advantages of Internet Marketing is the fact that you can advertise on a global scale, but you can also advertise locally. There are numerous ways to advertise your business in your local community, and again, these methods are all friendly to the new business that may have a low start up budget.

Marketing is the key to securing sales. Without marketing and finding customers, you will not make sales and your business will suffer. However, there are so many ways to market and promote your business that are effective, simple, and affordable. Once you discover the keys to Internet Marketing, you will never want to go back to traditional direct marketing methods again.

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