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Copywriting Tips – 5 Words to Avoid When Writing Your Sales Letter

Writing a killer sales letter is imperative if you want to make sales. However, many copywriters make the mistake of using the wrong words in sales copy, leading to hype, confusion, and misleading the potential customers. The words that you choose to use are going to be powerful and they can either convert people to customers or drive away customers. Since without a doubt your goal is to convert readers who read your sales letter, here are five words that you should avoid.

1. Instead of Buy, use Own, Claim or Invest

Today people do not want to feel that they are being sold or pressured into buying something. Using words that makes them feel that they are more involved with the process and they are making the choice to make the purchase themselves will be more successful. The word "buy" also makes them feel that they are giving up their money, while words like, invest, claim, and own, give them the feeling that they are getting something great for the money they spend.

2. Instead of Deal, use Opportunity

When you use the word "deal," you may make your prospects think about low quality deals or bad deals that can often occur, which is the last association you want them to have with your product or service. Using "opportunity" makes it seem like a chance that they will not want to miss out on, making it more appealing for possible customers.

3. Instead of Cheaper, Use More Economical

No one wants to hear that something is cheap. This leads to mind cheap materials and cheap value. Instead of using words that make them think the product is cheap, using the words "more economic" gives a better impression. These words make them think of great value while still saving.

4. Instead of Learn, use Discover

Some readers may be insulted if you use the term "learn," since it may make them feel that you are portraying them as ignorant. However, "discover" is a much better term that makes readers feel that they are the ones that are going to be enlightened. Instead of you teaching them something, they discover the truth about it.

5. Instead of Tell, use Reveal

No one wants you to tell them something. When you're telling them, it gives the message that you're trying to convince them of something. Using the word "reveal" lends the feeling that you are showing them something, instead of just tolling them. It is friendlier and feels more like a friend showing something instead of someone telling them something in order to get a sale.

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