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Making Money With Ebooks For Beginners

Writing your first ebook can seem like a daunting task. There are many ebook details that fill beginners with self-doubt:

Can I write well enough?

Do I have enough material for an ebook?

Which font?

What size font?

And on and on …

But writing your first ebook need not be so scary. Many people think that their first ebook has to be one of those giant 150 page wonders. Not true. As a beginner, you would be much better off by starting small. You can begin your first project by writing a mini-ebook. A mini-ebook consists of about 5 to 15 pages.

Before those negative thoughts begin to creep in, let me say this: if you can write a 500 word article like this one, you can write a mini-ebook. Start out by determining what information you want to include in your ebook. Develop a detailed outline. Each outline heading will represent one chapter of your ebook. Using your outline, write one article for each chapter heading. Do not worry; you do not have to finish it in a day. My first ebook took me three months to write.

After you have finished writing all of the articles, read through them to make sure that the information flows nicely. Assemble the articles together into one document and your mini-ebook is done. You will not get a premium price for a mini-ebook. But you can easily sell them at a price of 3 to 7 dollars. One benefit to selling mini-ebooks; they normally convert at much higher rates than larger full sized ebooks.

After you have completed a couple of mini's, you'll feel much more confident about developing a full size, and hopefully- premium priced, ebook of your own.

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