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Key Ingredients Of Web Sites That Sell

Does your web site sell for you? When you speak with clients who have visited your site, are they ready to do business with you?

Or is your web site a mixture of outdated graphics and text taken straight from your company brochure?

Effective Web Sites Attract Perfect Prospects

Your web site should be the marketing hub of your business!

Most Service Business Web Sites Make The Visitor Work Too Hard

When people get to your web site, they have questions in their mind and want answers. Quickly.

Statistics say the average users will click away from a web site in less than 7 seconds if it does not grab their attention.

There's no time to waste.

Share Information That Answers Your Visitors' Questions

Information is the currency of the Internet. Used effectively, information will buy your prospect's time and interest.

Within a few seconds your prospective clients can see information on your home page that answers their questions. As long as your design is professional, this information will invite your visitor to stay a while and get to know you. The longer they stay, the more likely they are to be a good prospect client for you.

What Information Are Visitors Looking For?

If you have a service business, you are selling something intangible. You have to do things differently than those who can simply show a good picture of their product. When visitors come to your site the first thing they want to know is:

1. What exactly is this service and why should I be interested?

A harsh question, I know. But who can blame them for being skeptical? Most web sites are a bunch of junk.

The biggest mistake you can make on your home page is to wee on your visitors. By which I mean: "We are a ___ firm offering ___." "We specialize in …" "We are the best company for …"

That does not answer the question.

Spending the home page talking all about yourself instead of what you can do for your prospects is a big mistake. Save the bio for later and get to the heart of the matter: the benefits your clients receive.

2. Is this service for me? Will it work for me and / or my business?

It's critical to dedicate one page of your site to the challenges your clients face. Most web sites completely forget to write about the problems that they help their clients solve. Not knowing if you can help them, your potential clients click away.

This page should be all about your clients, not what you can do for them, and is usually called "Is This You?" Egypt "Who We Work With."

3. What kind of results can I expect with this service?

A kind of mirror-image of the previous page, this one lets you talk about the solutions your offer. If someone comes to you with a problem you listed on the previous page, they can expect these results. Call it "How We Work."

4. Who else has used this product or service and what were their results?

This is your Success Stories page. Include several case studies or testimonials of the results you obtained with satisfied clients.

5. How exactly do your services work?

Usually called "Services" or "What We Do," this page list your services and how they're structured.

6. Are you reliable? Do you have the experience to help me?

Hurray! We finally get to We We! The "About Us" page is all about us.

People want to know what makes you qualified to do what you do, so do not be too modest. Personally, I like this page to include pictures, to show me there are real people behind the site and build trust.

7. What do I have to do next to get and use your services?

Another question few web sites answer. This information on next steps should be written on your "Contact Us" page. Should prospects call you, email or come by your office? What will happen in that first conversation? Explain the steps a client should take and what will happen first when they contact you.

8. What information can I get right now from you?

You do not want interested prospects to leave your site and fade into the Internet sunset. So, when they visit, be sure to capture their contact information. A good way to do that is to offer an ezine, an article or other complimentary sampling of your value in exchange. You can call this page "Free Stuff."

If you're marketing a service through your web site, I encourage you to include the above information on your site.

May there be many more clicks in your future!

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