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Insight on Headlines of Popular Network Marketing Websites

Headline: The Internet is Filled With Garbage and We Are Tired Of It.
My thoughts: I read this headline on a website that was full of tons of garbage, my first thoughts were "Well I found this on the internet, sooooo …. what the heck?"

Headline: I'm Going to Show you How to Make At Least $ 15,000 / Month or More in Less Than 90 Days. And you Are Going To Do It All From The Comfort of Your Own Home Only Working A Few Hours A day. Sign up Now to Find Out More.
My thoughts: So why can not you just tell me what it is and then if I like it I'll pay you to teach me. Why do I have to pay you first before you give me any sort of information that actually gives me a clue what I'm paying for?

Headline: Notice: This Presentation is filled with integrity and honesty and passion. If these things upset you you should not read on.
My thoughts: Usually people that tell me they are honest, are lying to me.

Headline: The Proof Is In The People that Signed Up, Read Their Testimonials!
Testimonial 1: In my best day I made $ 3,800.
My thoughts: I'm not interested in one day's income, I want to know yearly incomes, year after year. I'm not going to join for a great 1 day of income. This is hype.

Testimonial 2: In my best week I made a 5-figure income.
My thoughts: Holy Crud. That is amazing. Am I going to be able to do that, because you make it seem I'm going to be able to? The truthful answer: The only person out of 10,000 that made that is the company owner's good buddy. What did the other 9,999 make on average that same week?

Testimonial 3: I was in business marketing for 10 years and I've never seen anything like this. I made 6 figures my first month!
My thoughts: Dude, you were in business marketing for 10 years. Of course you are going to make bank. How much did you make the month before you joined this "opportunity"? I imagine it was pretty close to 6 figures already. What about the common guy that has little or no experience in business marketing? Is he going to make $ 100,000 his or her first month? Truthful answer: 99.9% chance of no.

Headline: Here Is The Behind The Scene's Story Of How This Powerful Marketing System came about
My Thoughts: Your story of how your system came about is really nice. You know, the honest truth is I just want to know what the system is actually about, is there anywhere on this page that tells me that or are you going to just continue to tell me if I pay for it that it is more than likely That I will make a million dollars instantly.

Headline: Are You Tired of Not Getting A Straight Answer from Anybody?
My thoughts: Yes, thank you, finally you are going to give me a straight answer. Oh wait, here is another paragraph where you do not give me a straight answer only to tell me that there is no way I'm going to make it on my own without I pay you. What am I paying you for again? I can not remember. Oh wait, you have not told me yet.

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