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Immediately Increase Web Site Traffic

Immediately increase web site traffic – how to do it! This is one of my favorite subjects – along with list building and article marketing. You see, they all work together. But increasing web site traffic is like the foundation – if you do not have web site traffic, you are not going to be able to build a list – and the article marketing is part of the equation anyhow.

So how to immediately increase YOUR web site traffic?

The first thing I have to say is, start writing articles and submitting them to the big article directories.

Here is my strategy with this: write 10 articles a day and submit them to and submit1 of then each day to 5 of a list of 100 article directories, so that at the end of the month, if you work 20 days, You have submitted 200 articles to EzineArticles and 20 different articles to a total of 100 different article directories. I have gotten as many as 3000 links in one month using this technique alone, since many of the article directories have RSS feeds that web sites subscribe to and your web site is linked all over the place – and you do not even know all the Places!

I know that looks amazingly simple, but it really works. So now maybe you are asking, well if this is so good for immediately increasing web site traffic , why does not everyone use it?

My theory is that it is hard work. Actually it is not hard work – it is easy to write 10 articles a day and post them to a total of 6 directories everyday. What is hard is that it is boring, and you have to dedication – and many people just do not have enough dedication to make a fulltime income online. Do you?

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