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Heineken Girls Get Paid to Look Sexy and Make New Friends – Discover How to Become a Beer Girl

Heineken Beer Girls are showing up to bars all across world and are having the times of their lives. They walk into the bar and everything stops. Guys are breaking their necks just to get a look at the beer girls.

They walk in with a certain sexy swagger as they own the bar. These sexy girls are wearing these low cut green skirts with their Heineken logo right below their cleavage are they are ready to party.

Heineken Beer Companies understands the power that these girls have over their consumers and love the way they can deliver the perfect beer experience.

If you are wondering what that is, it is when a guy can enjoy his beer while looking and having an entertaining conversation with the opposite sex that looks straight out of Maxim Magazine.

Aspiring Models all across the world are signing up to become beer girls not just for the money but the opportunity to network and meet new friends.

Beer companies and most companies that employ promotional models are giving them a platform to network and get more hiring paying modeling jobs.

What does it take to become a beer girl you may be asking…

Beer Girl Requirements

1. You must be over the age of 21

2. You must be attractive, sexy, confident and fun to be around.

3. You must be able to communicate effectively and have a good memory. You may have to remember a script about the beer you are promoting to make sure you are delivering the right message about the beer.

4. You must be a reliable person and always willing to entertain beer consumers.

Become a Heineken Beer Girl and Deliver a Unique Beer Experience

1. Get in contact with your local Beer Distributor and ask them who handles their beer promotions.

2. Do a Google search for Promotional Agencies that have beer clients.

3. Get in contact with the their corporate office and ask them which agencies handle their beer promotions.

These are just some common ways that you can break into the promotional modeling industry promoting beverages.

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