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Creating Your Lead Magnet

First we’re going to choose a specific market segment to target.

Then we’re going to craft your ‘promise.’

Next we’ll write the title and decide on the format.

And finally, we’re going to actually create your lead magnet.

Choosing Your Specific Market Segment

The biggest mistake I see people making is trying to be all things to all people in their lead magnet.

Let’s take the Internet Marketing niche as an example.

New marketers will write a lead magnet such as, “How to Make Tons of Money in Online Marketing.”

Evidently they are trying to target ALL people of all experiences trying to make money in all arenas online.

That’s a wide audience.

Another one might be, “How to be a great parent.” Parent to who? Newborn babies? Toddlers? Grade school age children? Teenagers? Children with special needs? Adopted children? Foster children?

It’s a cliché, but it’s true: When you try to be all things to all people, you’re nothing to nobody.

The more you can niche down your market segment, the more successful you will be.

This isn’t to say you can only service one tight niche. You can work in several different segments; you’ll just need to create several different lead magnets – one for each segment.

For example, let’s say you’re in the dating market. You could create a lead magnet targeted to:

· Professional women in their late 20’s and 30’s looking for the perfect husband

· Recently divorced men who haven’t dated in over a decade

· Widows over 40 who are lonely but afraid to date again

· Men who want to play the field

· Women who want to date younger guys

· And so forth.

Each of these segments have different fears, desires, challenges, motivations and so forth.

You could easily come up with a 100 possibilities, but it’s up to you to choose the right segment to target with your lead magnet.

Think about the exact segment of your market you want to write your lead magnet for.

When you’ve decided, move on to the next step.

Crafting your promise

You’ve chosen a specific segment of your market in the previous step. Now it’s time to make them a promise.

The goal here is to enter the conversation already happening in your prospect’s mind.

Ask yourself what their concerns are. What are their fears? What do they want most of all?

What conversation are they likely already having, and how can you enter that conversation with a promise?

What value can you give them that will be irresistible to where they are in life right now?

The value in your lead magnet should be ultra-specific and easy to consume.

No mega-courses here. No 200 page books, either.

You want your prospect to consume your lead magnet immediately when they receive it. If you send them a 200 page book, they’ll almost certainly set it aside for later.

And later almost never comes.

How can you demonstrate that you know what you’re talking about and that you’re an authority, if they never consume the lead magnet?

And another thing about writing entire 200 page books to use as lead magnets – what if you’re wrong? What if you pick the wrong niche to target, pick the wrong topic to talk about or pick the wrong promise to make?You’ve just wasted all that time when you could have found out much quicker with a short lead magnet.

Your goal is to create tremendous stand-alone value, but without getting complex or long.

Let’s do some examples from our dating niche:

· Professional women in their late 20’s and 30’s looking for the perfect husband – These women know what they want and they don’t have time to waste. You might promise to show them how to immediately filter out all the losers who will waste their time and find the hidden gems who will make excellent life partners.

· Recently divorced men who haven’t dated in over a decade- these guys have been out of circulation long enough that they’re forgotten how to successfully approach women. Plus they’re worried that things have changed, times have changes, dating has changed. So you might promise to show them 3 simple techniques to start a great conversation with any woman, regardless of how out of practice they might be.

· Widows over 40 who are lonely but afraid to date again-they’re feeling guilty about dating, dating seems scary to them, they don’t have a clue how to go about dating and they wonder if maybe they’re going to be alone for the rest of their lives. They need to take things very slow at first. So you might promise to show them how to find guys to be friends with first, and see if things progress from there.

You’ve already got your target audience, so now you’ll want to write down some ideas of the promises you can make.

Once you’ve got your list, pick one. If you’re afraid it might be the wrong one, or you’re procrastinating because you’re trying to get this perfect, them just pick one.

You can always change it later.

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Writing Articles – Get Your Web Articles Read

Want to make money writing articles? You can, if your articles are read. Unfortunately many Web articles evaporate faster than a drop of water on a gridle – discover how to ensure that you get the maximum impact from your writing.

1. Titles Get Read: Keyword Plus Benefit

Whether your articles are read or not depends entirely on the titles you choose.

There are two ways of creating titles: focusing on the search engine benefits, and focusing on viral potential. You'll use different strategies in different situations.

Most of your Web articles will be written for their long term search engine benefits – you want your articles to send traffic to your Web site (or the buyer of your articles that that) for many years to come.

If this is the case, you'll write with the search engines in mind. Use this formula: keyword, plus benefit. Viz: "Dog Training: Calm Your Snappy Pooch Fast". In this example, "dog training" is the keyword, while "calm your snappy pooch fast" is the benefit.

You may believe that your article can "go viral", and choose a creative title you believe will facilitate that. This is an excellent strategy, in which you forget about keywords, and just get as creative as possible, often using a reader's curiosity, or humor, to get your articles read.

Unfortunately the viral option can backfire, so be careful if you choose this option.

2. Outline First: Do not Waffle – Deliver on Your Promises

The second step in getting your articles read through to the end is simple: deliver an article worth reading.

Outline your article before you writing it. You've (usually) promised the reader a benefit in the title and first paragraph. Deliver on your promise. Remember that it's easy for the reader to hit his browser's Back button.

3. Link to Your Articles to Increase Traffic

Finally, remember that the Web is based on links. While you can do a great deal to ensure that your article is found (using the keyword in the title, and so on), the more links you can give an article the more traffic the article will get.

If you're writing articles for someone else, the linking strategy is not your concern. If you're writing articles for yourself however, do send a couple of links your articles' way – the more links, the more readers, and the larger the payoff for the time you invested in the article.

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Easy to Build Wind Generator For Home Use – Materials Required

You probably thought that installing a wind power system for your home would cost thousands of dollars. But the fact is, it is easy to build a wind generator for your home using simple and cheap materials that you can get from the hardware depot or your local scrap pile.

There are already thousands of home owners who have built their own wind generators in their backyard or lawn in a bid to make use of the wind to produce free electricity for their home usage..and the numbers are rising. Because unlike factory manufactured wind generator systems that cost at least $ 3000 for an entry-level model, anyone can build a wind generator from home for no more than $ 200 now.

Firstly we need to gather the materials to build our wind generator unit. To cut costs, we will use easy to find materials that you can purchase from your local hardware store or source from the scrap pile. Here is the list of parts that you would need to build:

1) Wind generator blades

The best materials to use for making the blades are PVC or ABS pipes. They are light and strong, and also easy and cheap to get if you source for it smartly. I found a length of PVC pipe in the scrap yard ..ave it a little wash and it is as good as new.

2) Generator

I made use of a simple DC motor with a low RPM rating. A DC motor is usually used by feeding it electricity for it to turn its shaft. But by rotating the shaft in the opposite direction, you can make the DC motor produce electricity instead. It is that easy!

Search around for one in eBay to get the best price for your DC motor.

3) Generator housing

I took a bit of the PVC pipe I talked about earlier to make a sturdy and safe housing for my DC motor. One thing to note about using PVC pipes though – make sure you paint them with weatherproof paint so that your wind generator can last longer.

4) Tail vane

This part of the wind generator is used to turn the blades to face the wind flow. You can explore different types of materials to make the tail vane. I made use of some acrylic plastic sheet I found in my garage to build it.

5) Tower

A few pieces of conduit pipes joined together makes a good design for a stable wind generator tower. These pipes are easy to find in your hardware store and do not cost that much.

It is fairly easy to build a wind generator for your home use if you have a proper working plan in hand that tells you where to source for materials and how to construct and assemble the parts.

The best part is, you would have saved thousands of dollars by building the unit by yourself instead of buying a pre-fabricated one.

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Wedding Professionals Beware

We've all heard about and seen lottery scams (where you get an email out of the blue saying you've won a lottery … that you do not even remember entering!), The scams where telemarketers insist they need your SS #, The scams where you receive an email from a credit card company stating that they need to verify your SS # and other info (half the time you do not even have an account with the company!), And my favorite … the Email from a Government official in Nigeria that often starts "Dear Madam, I got your information from a confidential source …" The letter then goes on to tell you a story of a huge amount of money hidden overseas that the writer of the letter Wishes to put in your bank account. In return, he promises you a big cut of the cash. Really? Come on! And there are numerous more scams that we've all encountered.

Recently I was approached by two that I had never heard of. So I wanted to pass this on to make sure that nobody falls for these. Luckily I did not fall for them, but I can see how some people would. One is targeted at wedding professionals, and the other at anyone!

I recently received the following email:

Greetings, My Name is Capt.Brian Stark, I am looking for an experienced wedding planner who will handle my wedding. The wedding is to hold on the 8th October 2009 and 40 guests are expected to attend. You are to arrange for Videography, Music, Entertainment, Photography, Officiant / Priest & cake, flowers and Reception Venue. If there is any of these items that you can not handle, you let us know so that another company can handle it. As i do not know what the guests may choose for their meals and drinks, i will make a prepayment as initial deposit for this booking once availability is confirmed by you. Best Regards, Capt.Brian Stark, +1 360 450 2124

The first thing I did was see where the 360 ​​area code was from. It was near Seattle, WA. I thought it was a bit strange but I emailed him back to get further information. He said he was looking to get married in Harrisburg, PA because that's where most of his army friends were from. I also noticed the date was a Thursday so I asked why a Thursday. He said because most of his friends were being deployed to Iraq that coming Saturday.

I told him I would call him to get more details. When I did I had a ton of questions to ask him, as any good planner should. I could tell I was getting him flustered with all the questions. I guess it was easier to make up lies via email! He finally hung up on me. So I called back and there was no voice mail, the phone just rang and rang. I then searched on the internet and sure enough, other planners had encountered, and fallen for, this scam. The way it works is the client sends your deposit along with some extra money. He then wants you to send that extra money to the band he is booking. After doing that about 30 days later you find out the check bounced but it's too late, you've already sent the money to this "band" who is actually a partner of his in the scam. After searching the internet I found similar scams for wedding photographers also. So beware … trust your instincts … if it looks fishy always check it out first!

The next scam is targeted towards anyone! I recently listed a Coach bag for sale on Craigslist. I received an email from someone pointing he wanted to buy it for his daughter. He said he would pay me both for the purse and the money to ship it to his daughter. He was going to pay me through PayPal. Sounds great so far …

The next day I got an email from him stating he made the payment through PayPal. I also got an email from PayPal (at least what looked like an official PayPal email) stating that there was a payment waiting for me from this guy but before they would release it they needed me to send them the shipping confirmation. It stated that this was their new policy. The funny thing is the email even addressed PayPal frauds! Ha! Guess he thought that would really fool me! I got two other official looking emails shortly after that.

The first thing I did was go directly to my PayPal account (NOT using the link in the email). I did not see any money deposited or anything about a new policy of needing shipment info before releasing a payment. So I found an email address for PayPal scams and forwarded them the emails. They immediately confirmed it was a fraud.

With this fraud they would not get any money, but they would get away with the item you are selling! I showed the email to some people and they said they definitely would have fallen for it. If you'd like me to forward the emails to you so you know what to watch for just email me at . To report scams check out this link , it's how I found the email address for the PayPal scam.

Please pass this info on so nobody falls for either of these scams! Thanks!

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How Can You Get Free Services From Legal Aid Lawyers

Today, there are lots of people who cannot actually afford paying for the services of a good lawyer. And because of this reason, more and more people do not want to push through with their rights even if they are already being abused or cheated. This has come to the knowledge of those in the government and they have thought of a good solution to somehow help these people get the justice they deserved.

People can now take advantage of the free services of a legal aid lawyer. Legal aid lawyers slightly differ from those private lawyers because they are either getting paid in full or partially by the government. However, not all people can take advantage of this program. There are certain rules and conditions that need to be followed. IF you want to avail of this special legal assistance program, you have to be qualified. So how can you really get this free service?

First, you have to prove yourself worthy of it. You can do this by showing that you do not have the means of paying a private lawyer. Your income should back up your claim. You and your spouse or even your dependents should prove that there is no way for you to be able to hire and pay for a private lawyer. The government has its own standard procedure of knowing whether or not you qualify. Your family income should qualify and should be within their specific range.

Next, your case should be valid. Some examples of the cases accepted are breach of contract, defamation, landlord-tenant disputes, debt recovery, bankruptcy and domestic disputes. These cases can be often resolved by both parties. However, there are instances when legal guidance is really needed. A lot of people are engaged in more serious crimes simply because minor cases are not resolved immediately and in a right and fair way. If you are not satisfied with the resolution presented before you, you can always ask a legal counsel if your rights are acknowledged so that the simple issue does not develop into a bigger one which will only cause you more trouble and a lot of time wasted.

Now, you do not have to worry about not getting the right help that you needed. If you cannot really afford to get the services of a private lawyer in your area, you can seek assistance from your government and they will provide you with a legal aid lawyer to help you and assist you with your legal concerns and issues.

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Holiday Trip, Make the Process Easier With This Guide Plan

Planning a trip is always a daunting task, especially a long one. Getting overwhelmed is step one, but you fail to understand where to begin, and this is more if this is your first holiday trip. Now, you may consider this guide to plan your holiday trip so that breaking the process becomes less overwhelming and easier.

Decide the place to go

Deciding a place to go sets a goal. Planning to go on a trip is usually vague, until you decide the place to go. It is immensely important to pick a destination, even if offers you a goal. It is easier to get behind mentally so that your planning becomes easier.

Decide your trip length

The trip cost you depends on the length of the trip. Deciding on the destination and the trip length helps in figuring the travel cost. Likewise, you can save on it.

Research the costs

Now that you have decided the place and trip length, you can understand the costs. Nail down the money required approximately, research costs arriving at the travel style required. This includes focusing mainly on the accommodation you are looking for is it a backpack or luxury hotels stay. The number of attractions in the place you wish to visit and the approximate money required for the trip. Thus, save accordingly for the trip.

Start saving

Start saving by writing the current expenses and determine the money you wish to spend. People every day require a lot of money and this includes purchasing water bottle to the extra coffee or the snack. Having a breakdown created lets you know that you require to cut and save. Calculate every day requirement and try to save and here are easy tips for wins:

  • Cut the coffee. If you are spending on coffee for 3 -4 cups daily, try to cut it to two daily and save the money.
  • Learn to cook. If you know cooking, you are saved. If not, learn cooking and you will see that even cutting per week two times ensures you save a lot. Another idea is to cook a big dinner and keep the leftovers for next day lunch and to save money. Follow the principle of eat out less, cook more and save.
  • Cut cable. There is free streaming of TV and internet available, that you can cut cable charges per month and save the same.

Get No-Fee ATM Cards

Save extra dollars by using no-fee atm cards and in this way avoid giving banks extra money. Check for such local banks and use their cards.

Book Your Flight

On using the travel credit card you can book flight and use travel miles saved, if any. The fact cannot be denied that nowadays using miles is difficult owing to less availability, so booking early is a must to get your choice of flight.

Plan Your Activities

Sketch you activities, their cost and last-minute adjustments. Ensure to have more money than required. Check for the reservations done and keep your closest people informed about your trip and leave the important documents set of copies with them, it may help you in need.

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In What Ways Is Public Speaking Likely To Make A Difference In Your Life?

Believe it or not, but there are many ways public speaking is likely to make a difference in your life. It improves our personal growth, how we communicate with others, the level of our career, how we present ourselves, and many more reasons. By learning how to effectively speak in public, you'll be able to increase your own self-confidence, which can help make you more comfortable around other people. This ability speaking ability is also a career booster. Learning how to communicate effectively will lead to more confidence and a more approachable personality.

Public speaking can make a big difference to everyone's life in any society. Our lives consist of much social interaction and speaking skills which can assist in greater effectiveness in communication with others. This can effectively improve your relationships and your career. It is vital to be able to communicate with others. Public speaking will change your personality into a more communicative person, would improve your life by gaining more opportunity for your career. Speaking skills can absolutely give you the upper hand in any kind of work. Your career can be determined very much by how well you speak, by how well you write, and by the quality of your ideas.

Since the first step of communication is conveyed through speech, the impression you give to your listener tells them what type of a person you are. By sharing information with others, you're better able to increase the impact of your hopes, dreams, desires and goals for your life and the world around you.

Try not to make the mistake of thinking that public speaking is not important. By learning how to effectively speak in public, you'll be able to increase your own self-confidence. It can help to make you more comfortable around other people, and will help perfect your everyday verbal and non-verbal communication skills. It's important because at some point in life, just about everyone will be required to involve themselves in one type of public speaking or another.

The ability to dive into public speaking and related communication skills are a big plus some prospective employers, and are also a great way to help get that promotion you've been awaiting for such a long time. Being effective at it will allow you to make a big difference in your business, and community. It is often a powerful way to make a good impression on others and to help aid in understanding, cooperation and set goals and objectives. The skills you'll learn by learning speaking can boost your performance at your home, office, or in life in general. Students that learn to master speaking early can certainly help them to perform better in college, as well as offer them greater opportunities to be accepted into their top choice schools.

Public speaking is by nature important because it's a primary and powerful avenue to give of your self and to share with others in a profitable way. And these are hardly all of the reasons that it is important.

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Home Remedies for Impetigo – Natural Cures for Long Term Comfort

Are you looking for remedies for Impetigo that will give you long-term relief from this condition? Impetigo is a bacterial infection of the skin that is very common amongst toddlers and little children. This contagious condition results in blisters and sores on the skin and it is also highly contagious. Since this is a bacterial infection caused by Staphylococcus Aureus, a doctor will recommend a course of antibiotics to cure it. However, you might not want to expose your child to too many antibiotics and should consider alternative Impetigo treatments. The other advantage of using these natural cures is that they will give your child a lot of relief from these uncomfortable sores.

There are quite a few natural substances that will help you get rid of antibiotics and you should use them to get extra relief. Garlic is a very good example of a natural antibiotic and tea tree oil is another example. The simplest way to use garlic is to crush it before applying it your skin. However, you could also use garlic oil instead. Both these oils are easily available at any health food store. Myrrh oil and clove oil are also very effective against a variety of skin ailments. Do not use any of these oils directly on the skin because they might irritate the skin. Instead, you could put a few drops of oil in olive oil in order to apply it to the skin.

An Impetigo patient will find the big fluid-filled blisters very distressing and will want to scratch them. Calamine lotion and Vaseline should be applied to the skin of an Impetigo patient because they are very soothing and will provide a lot of comfort. You can increase their effectiveness by adding a little bit of garlic oil or tea tree oil. Another option is to infuse rosemary and thyme leaves in water and to bathe the affected area with it. An infusion of basil leaves is also effective.

Do not use any harsh soap on the skin while undergoing these home remedies for Impetigo. Soaps, especially perfumed ones, have a lot of artificial chemicals that will aggravate the skin further, causing additional breakouts of blisters. The skin should always be patted dry with a clean towel and all bed clothes and towels the patient has been in contact with should be washed in really hot water. These remedies are very effective and the patient will hardly suffer any discomfort.

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How to Make the Lemon Detox Diet Drink – The Correct Recipe and Ingredients

Getting this very simple recipe right is crucial to your ultimate result.

Ingredients for the Lemon Detox Drink

  • 2 Tablespoons Freshly Squeezed Lemon Juice
  • 2 Tablespoons Maple Syrup Grade B
  • 1 / 10th Teaspoon Cayenne Pepper
  • 8 fl Oz's Pure Water

Mix all of the ingredients together in a glass and enjoy! Initially you may find the cayenne pepper a little hot, especially if you are not used to spicy food but this is something that you also became accustomed to very quickly.

I was quite surprised at how hot it was when I first tried it but I was soon adding extra cayenne for an even stronger detox towards the end.

You'll need to drink a minimum of 6 detox drinks throughout the day. Somewhere between 8 – 12 is ideal. Make sure that you are also drinking plenty of fresh pure water through the day too.

Whenever you start to feel a bit hungry, go and mix yourself a drink. This tend to keep hunger pains at bay pretty quickly. Once you get past day 3, you'll probably find that you will experience very few actual hunger pains although about 1 in 4 people do say that they have regular hunger pains throughout. But do not worry, I've got a good feeling that you'll be one of the lucky other 3!

The drink is best made fresh each time that you want to drink it but sometimes it is not possible, especially if you are heading off to work. To try and maintain the cleaning power of the lemon enzymes, make a concentration of the maple syrup and the lemon juice and just add water when you want to drink it.

** TIP **

So if you were planning on drinking 3 drinks while you were out, you would need to make up a concentration of 6 tablespoons of lemon juice and 6 tablespoons of maple syrup.

To make life easier on yourself, take 3 separate bottles of water each containing 8 fl Oz's of pure water but with the capacity for 10 fl Oz's as you will be adding your concentrate to it.

You'll need to pack a tablespoon for measuring and your cayenne to add at the end. (You can add 3 / 10ths of a teaspoon of cayenne to the concentration but cayenne tends to get hotter when it hits liquid and is left for a period of time).

Once you're ready for a drink, just get your concentrate out and give it a good shake, then measure 4 tablespoons into the bottle, add your cayenne, shake and drink!

** Tip **

If hunger creeps in just distract yourself. I decided to detox my house while I detoxed my body. There is nothing quite like cleaning to keep you focused and distracted. My house had never looked so good by the time I had finished my detox and of course it helps when you get so much more energy than you normally have.

If you do not have a house to clean try some light exercise as this will make you feel great and keep your mind off food. Do not forget to keep drinking the detox drink and replenishing your water supplies.

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Customers Do not Buy From People They Like, They Buy From Those They Trust

It is often said that customers buy from people they like. While we do not usually buy from people we dislike, there is one more dimension to this old saying.

Customers buy from people they trust

To illustrate this point further, let's look at how typical prospective customers react to new sales people making the first contact with them (otherwise known as cold-calling):

1. They find an excuse to hang up the phone as soon as possible
2. They make themselves very busy during appointments with sales people
3. They keep their mouths shut as much as possible when sales people ask questions
4. They will not refer the sales people to a higher authority even when such a need is clear
5. They often use delay tactics such as "If there is a need, we will call you" to appease sales people, etc.

These are, just a few examples, of customer's behaviors when they distrust the sales person. As such, to get customers interested and excited about what you have to offer, you first have to win their trust.

A Question of Lust

The reasons that customers do not trust sales people is very simple: they feel that the only thing that sales people care about is getting their money. Sadly, this "lust for the customers' money" is quite true with many sales people out there, AND customers can smell them from miles away.

When customers make purchases, what they really want in exchange for the money they spend, is substantiated value. That is, the products or services they buy bring better productivity, reduce wastages or simply improve their quality of life.

Here, the first step to build trust is this: you have to be perceived as being on the customers 'side and pro-actively help resolve customers' problems.

Here's a simple example. When most sales approach their prospective customers, they will say something like, "Hello, my name is xyz, and I'm from abc company. . As I will be around your vicinity on Tuesday afternoon, can I come and see you around 2 pm or 4 pm? "

The problem with this way of approach lie in how these intended customers respond. They will either just say "not interested", or say say yes and then get their secretaries to tell you "the boss has an urgent meeting, please leave your materials on the front desk, and we will call you when we have a need".

The reason for such responses from customers is that they do not trust what you said. They probably have seen just too many "productivity-enhancing gadgets", and hear too many "I happened to be just in your neighborhood" stories and certainly will be too busy to meet just another peddler of gadgets. Furthermore, they do not trust you enough to tell you their "productivity" challenges, if that is what your product will solve.

To overcome such trust issues at initial contact, both sales people and their managers will have to work together to build trust and allay customers' fears that they will be rip off, or that they will be wasting their time.

From the sales person perspective, she will have to provide the customer what Miller Heiman calls a Valid Business Reason into her opening call, eg "Hi, my name is xyz. I understand that many companies in your industry are facing serious challenges due to the Sharp increases in raw material costs. I'd like to explore with you if we can help improve your productivity, and thenby reducing your costs. "

From the sales managers' perspectives, trust will have to be built beyond the initial cold-call. Customers are likely to increase their trust if they had seen testimonies and case studies of past successes, PRIOR to the initial phone calls from sales people.

Build Credibility, NOT Benefits

Traditionally, many companies focus purely on the "Features, Advantages and Benefits", none of which will work if the customer does not trust you enough. Here, sales people would have to build credibility during the course of the sales process, namely:

* Listen
* Do your homework and ask intelligent questions
* Provide Assurance to your customers

Many sales people tend to put too much emphasis on their company, and the products they offer, that they forgot to listen to their customers needs, wants and concerns.

To ensure that customers spend more time talking, sales people would have to ask intelligent questions. Typically, customers expect sales people to have done some basic research on the customers' web sites. Sales people can improve on this by going through customers annual reports (if they are listed companies) or source for news reports about these customers. If a prospective customer is a competitor of a current customer, you can find out more information from the latter. Web 2.0 social networking sites are also a great source of information.

While some sales managers may anger that spending too much time on the Internet will eat into selling time and hence, is consequential to sales. However, going to a customer and not knowing what are the right questions to ask will make the customer feel you are unprofessional and incompetent, which is worse. Sales managers will have to get the balance right by allocating sufficient time for research as well as for selling.

Ultimately, customers will often have niggling concerns about buying from you. Rather than avoiding those concerns for the fear that addressing them will hurt your sale, the opposite is likely to be true. If customers have gotten any unanswered questions or concerns about your products and services, they will be:

* Less likely to buy
* Buy less
* Drive a hard bargain on your price

Here, when you are approaching the closing stages of your sale, look out for symptoms that show the customer is nervous or uneasy. Then seek to address such concerns and provide the relevant assurances.

The Policy of Truth

Perhaps the largest destroyer of trust is to "over-promise and under-deliver". The causes of this destruction are two-fold:

* Sales people make promises to customers on things that they can not (or if if they can) deliver
* Companies who deliver less-than-expected levels of product qualities to their customers

For the former, sales managers would have to ensure sales people do not over-promise their customers just to get the sale or to reach their sales target. Doing so will severely damage the trust between buyer and seller, and will make it really difficult for future sales efforts to succeed.

For the latter, nothing de-motivates sales people more than having to answer customers' questions that they do not have answers to. No amount of sales effort will succeed if the company does not invest enough in quality to make sure customers get the value they pay for. When companies deliver shoddy quality, not only will there be decreases in sales, there will also be an immediate increase in sales staff turnover. It's not a question of "if", it's just a question of time. After all, who wants to sell for a company that they can not even trust?

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