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Home Design Ideas to Create a Home of Energy Saving "Green" Beauty

We live in a new world. The time for paying attention to our natural resources is now. We have woken to the realization that our world is not the inexhaustible support system we believed it to be.

Thankfully “going green” does not require extreme and costly changes. Making a significant difference in the worlds natural resources, only takes small decisions made one step at a time. We can decide to:

Recycle Reuse Restore Reduce

With these 4 words in mind we have a few of the most wonderful ideas, tips and secrets to present. Simple and affordable going green ideas. And, if you choose to implement any or all of these suggestions you can be assured you are contributing to the over all health of the earth now and toward a more sustainable living environment for our future generations.

1. Going Green by Changing Your Lights. If every household in the U.S. replaced just one light bulb from the standard incandescent to the highly energy efficient luminescent bulbs being promoted today we would

Save A national average of $600,000,000. a year in energy costs.

Save Enough energy to light more than 3,000,000 homes for one year.

Save Green house gases equivalent to the emissions given off from over 800,000 cars.

Save Significant amounts on your energy bill. My husband spent one day replacing all the bulbs in our home. Not totally convinced it would make that much of a difference on our bill I supported his efforts more for the conservation aspects (and because he had turned off the TV) rather than the money saving pitch.

Boy was I surprised when the next electric bill came,

it dropped approximately 20%! or about 10 cents per


This change in bulb has one characteristic that may take some time getting used to. When you first turn on the lights – they appear dingy due to the fact they need to warm up a bit before they are at peak – light up the room – performance. They also initially cost a bit more but the standard life span far outlasts the basic bulb – from months to years.

Another energy saving tip is to install dimmer switches. Years ago these dimmers did not provide any benefit other than creating ambient light in a room. Today they are designed to minimize your electric consumption as well.

2. Going Green by Choosing an Eco Friendly Floor. If you are planning to replace your floor with hard wood there are two options that are delightfully green, look beautiful, perform well, and cost less than most hard woods. Cork – Cork has come a long way from its original purpose of wine stopping.

It comes from the bark of a tree that can be harvested once every 10 years and does no damage to the tree at all. Like sheering a sheep! It’s typically sold in tile or sheet form and is easy to install. Because cork contains millions of air bubbles – it is comfortable to walk on and easier on the feet when standing for long periods of time in the kitchen. It is also hypoallergenic, absorbs sounds, and acts as a thermal insulator which means warmth on the feet.

There are fabulous color and grain options available today so be sure to shop around!

There are a few drawbacks to consider. Cork does need to be sealed to moisture protect and is not very resistant to fading or punctures however, it does bounce back well when a heavy blunt object is dropped on it.

The other floor covering option is Bamboo – bamboo is definitely more competitive if you need a harder wood floor. Harder than oak yet it is made from a fast growing Asian grass that matures in about 6 years. It can be refinished numerous times with dye-based stains. Very eco-friendly.

Bamboo also offers a wonderful variety of color, grain and style. Have fun looking for the color and grain of this beautiful hard wood option. Did I mention it’s priced lower than most oak options?

3. Going Green by Recycling or Restoring Your Furniture. Must you buy new furniture or can you refinish, restore, repaint or recycle?

Wonderful design projects can result from painting, restaining or reupholstering that piece that is dated or worn. The most exciting aspect of recycling furniture is the money saved.

Sandpaper, paint and associated supplies are relatively inexpensive. Door knobs, drawer pulls can really change up the look of that tired piece of furniture also with minimum expense. A picture says a thousand words especially in this case. Visit the web site listed below to see some fantastic examples of these furniture restoring options.

Design applications usually last about 10 years. The neutral – earthy colors we have been seeing so often has been around since the late 90’s so it’s on its way out. This year you will start seeing bold, bright colors being applied to accent walls, furniture and textures. So, don’t be afraid to experiment with color, fabric textures and brush techniques. This is the year for bold, bright and beautiful! Go for it.

Another idea you may want to entertain is a fantastic option to buy “slightly used” from your local Good Will or Salvation Army. With a bit of frugal redesign “know how” you can create remarkable results.

4. Going Green by Buying Energy Star Appliances. Energy Star is the U.S. Governments Environmental Protection Agency and the U.S. Department of Energy Seal of approval system to confirm a products ability to avoid/limit greenhouse gases without sacrificing quality.

When you purchase an Energy Star item you can be assured you have a product that will reduce energy consumption and save you money when used in your home, guaranteed through the entire life span of the appliance.

2007 stats from reports that consumers “saved enough energy in 2007 alone to avoid greenhouse gas emissions equivalent to those from 27 million cars – all while saving $16,000,000,000. (16 Billion) on their utility bills.

Wow – Good Job! Let’s keep up the good work!

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How to Make Money Out of Thin Air

Money-making is one of the strongest desires of human beings. Whether young or old, everyone is thirsty for financial adequacy. This is why I have decided to X-ray this text entitled "How to Make Money Out of Thin Air".

The text is written by Brian Sher, who obtained a degree in Marketing from the University of South Wales. His outstanding business travels overseas sparked his interest in consultancy, and after spending two years in Los Angeles, he returned to Australia and formed his own company specializing in marketing and business-growth strategies. Working with businesses both big and small, one of his major clients offered to partner him in a new venture – Vision Publishing.

Under Sher's direction, Vision Publishing experienced phenomenal growth, and extremely boasted more than $ 12 million in annual sales. His extensive network and strong reputation as one of Australia's most dynamic and exciting marketers made him an active and thought-after business coach.

The author says given the title of this book, he can hear the critics sharpening their pencils and the cynics saying "Oh sure, we've heard this all before". Sher admits that this is perfectly understandable as on the surface, making money out of thin air looks like an unbelievable claim.

He confessed that to be honest, he was cynical himself when he first learned of this practice, adding that but what made him look beyond his initial distrust was that he did not want to work hard for a living. Rather, Sher wanted to work smarter and less to enjoy the finer things in life and have the time to enjoy them.

He says while deciding on how to achieve this, he remembered a statement his father once made, which was "Never work with your hands – it will never make you rich!"

This author submits that although he was not literally working with his hands, he knew he was not far off from this in the wealth-creation stakes, as he was working hard and was not exactly rich. Sher says he had a head full of great ideas and concepts, and was working at a frenetic pace, running around selling these ideas.

The author reveals that he learned a good living, but that was all, and he needed to learn more. He adds that he needed to learn how and what the rich were doing that he was not. This author says they were making the money and he was just e learning it.

Sher explains that he set out to try to change all that by studying what they did, the way they thought and the way they operated, and after a while, he discovered that their habits were not rocket science and it was absolutely possible to make money Out of thin air.

According to him, if you want to achieve success, it requires nothing more than changing your attitude as you approach your next business venture, and this simple change will be worth millions of dollars to you.

Structure-wise, this book has 15 chapters. Chapter one is entitled "Secrets of the rich". According to Sher here, "How many times have you heard people use the words 'make money'? I just want to make money … thousands of times, I'll bet, and you've probably said them to yourself. The words spoken might be identical, what 'poor people' (that is, people with a 'poor' mentality) mean when they say them is completely different to what the rich mean. Thing he or she knows how – that is, to sell more of their time. And this can mean only one thing: working longer or harder. "

Sher educates that when rich people use the words "make money", they are talking about wealth creation. That is, they never mean selling their time.

In this chapter, the author also discusses other concepts such as unlearning a "poor" mentality; Knowing what rich people know; Stealing from the rich to give the poor; And a secret file.

Chapter two is based on the interrogative subject of "How rich are you?" Sher quotes Michel De Montaigne here that: "We are, all of us, richer than we think we are."

According to the author, almost everyone you know wants to be richer than he or she is at the moment. He says but it is important to understand that being rich in life is not simply about making more money. The author stresses that many people mistakenly believe this is the case.

Sher explains that money is something you can use to get things done and the more money you have, the more things you can do. Many things are more important than money: a loving partner, a supportive family, friends you can trust and depend on, a career you enjoy, submits the author. In Sher's words, "You might be rich, but without these things you will not enjoy life as much as you could."

He reiterates that happiness is largely based on non-material things; And living life to the full is about focusing your emotional energy on positive channels, and directing this energy into everything you do, at work or play.

In chapters three to nine, concepts such as making money out of thin air; Never go to school if you want to be rich; The fastest way to make money; His business successes and failures; Your need of rocket to reach the moon; It is not worth a thing if you can not sell it and twenty habits of the world's least valuable businesses are examined.

Chapter ten is entitled "Twenty habits of the world's most valuable businesses". According to Sher here, the wealthiest companies in the world are capitalized in the hundreds of billions of dollars, placing a huge value on these businesses and bringing wealth to the owners.

He adds that however, total capitalization is not the most important thing to look at when you are assessing how valuable a business is. Sher advises you to look instead at the price earnings ratio (p / e ratio), printed near the stock price on the business pages of newspapers and you will see that most of these ratios are somewhere around 15-20, but some are much higher , Even reaching the hundreds.

The author says the twenty attributes valuable businesses have operations in large or growth markets; Production of unique and timely products; Selling only leveraged products; Control of residual income; Institution of great systems; Great customer service; Powerful brands; Non-dependence on one person; Usual market leadership; And attraction of the best and brightest people.

The remaining are predicating reward on performance not longevity / time; Possession of high margins; Possession of few real competitors; Continous innovation or flow of new products; Possession of an investor entry and exit strategy; Possession of a big customer database; Institution of great marketing; Anticipation of customers' needs; Constant addition of value to customers' experience and education of customers before they sell to them.

In chapters 11 to 15 of this book, this author analytically X-rays concepts such as the world's most successful and unsuccessful habits; Twenty-eight habits of the world's least successful business people; Forty-two habits of the world's most successful business people; Twenty-six secrets to making money out of thin air; And the question of whether you will become a millionaire.

Stylistically, this book is a success. Sher displays a high level of skills of analytical presentation and simplicity of language. He employs reflective illustrations, classical / literary allusions and autobiographical effects to ensure analytical reinforcement, as well as concrete conviction on readers' part.

There is also inclusion of the question-and-answer section, "The road to licenses" exercise, to achiever practical participation. What's more, the title of the book is alluring and emotionally challenging. The cover design is attractive and communicative, while the inside pages are well laid out.

However, since chapter nine titled "Twenty habits of the world's least valuable businesses" is the opposite of chapter ten entitled "Twenty habits of the world's most valuable businesses", one of them should have been left out of the chapters of this book to avoid Conceptual redundancy, especially that we can antithetically deduce the attributes of one from the discussion of the other's attributes.

But on whole, Sher's efforts are commendable. If your desire is to make maximum use of the least of opportunity and become rich this year, then you need to read this masterpiece. It is simply irresistible.

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Can A Person Really Make Money With Affiliate Marketing?

So with all of the different ways to earn money online. It’s gets kinda difficult to learn to follow just one technique.

I mean there’s such thing as Bum Marketing, Squidoo, Article marketing and so much more. I understand all of the difficulties your going through.

But here’s how to get you sorted out really well. And get you started in the right direction.

Assuming you already know the basics affiliate marketing. Containing ClickBank, affiliate links and promotion. Now I I’m going to show you how to put it all together.

First, try understanding how to utilize writing articles. Article marketing is a great free way to drive traffic to your affiliate links. I suggest you try checking out the bum marketing method to help you get started.

Then, I suggest you try getting Jennifer Ledbetters free Squidoo guide. It’s filled with so many great ways to learn how to profit from Squidoo. Many people struggle trying to find the best ways to make money with Squidoo but she teaches you first hand how to get your first lens created and running bringing in lots of cash.

Jennifer Ledbetter has helped many people get started with there affiliate marketing business. She herself has asked herself this question “Can a person really make money with affiliate marketing”?

After so much trouble with helping herself out in the beginning. She’s now able to generate hundreds and thousands of dollars every month. She is now more than willing to help people get started.

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The History Of Twitter

Twitter is a reliably new social network which is growing to be the largest social network in the world second to Facebook. Twitter has 500,000,000 users and it lets you send a 'tweet' which can contain a message of up to 140 Characters. It also has facilities to let you share pictures and videos with the group of people that follow you.

Twitter was founded on 21 March 2006 by 4 people. It goes back to the podcasting service Odeo which lets you send podcasts to users. After this service began to fail the employees of this service were allowed to take part in a hackathon where they were allowed to spend a whole day working coming up with projects and new ideas. Jack Dorsey, Noah Glass, Evan Williams and Biz Stone had collectively come up with the idea of ​​a service called Twittr. This idea began to grow and it was based around users sending a SMS to the website. Some of the Odeo users became addicted to the service and began racking up huge phone bills. Odeo had faith in this new service and agreed to pay the phone bills for these employees.

In October 2006 Odeo was failing due to iTunes announcing that their iPods would have a podcast service and this paired with Twittr slowly growing left Investors worried. Evan Williams, who was already rich due to selling blogging site Blogger to Google, offered to buy out the owners of Odeo by saying that he felt sorry for them and he wanted to help them out. These investors now say that Williams deceived them and that they were betrayed. As soon as Williams acquired Odeo he changed the name to Obvious Corporation. The name of Twittr was then changed to Twitter.

Many of the previous employees say Noah Glass was the person that was really pushing the idea of ​​Twitter and was apparently working harder than anyone to get Twitter going. This is why it was a huge shock that Williams fired Noah Glass when he acquired Odeo, who owned Twitter. It is rumored that he did this because he really spotted the potential of Twitter and he wanted the success to himself. Noah Glass still has a Twitter profile in which he states in his biography "I started this" and according to many Odeo employees he is right.

Williams then took Twitter and broke it off from Odeo to make it its own company. It was at this point that Noah Glass received a share of the money for Twitter although the exact figure is not known. Glass still was not satisfied and said he felt betrayed and pushed out by his friends, referring to Williams. The other inventors Jack Dorsey and Biz Stone remained at the company although they have recently distanced themselves from it. Biz Stone is described as a co-founder of Twitter in which he would occasionally help the other 3 out but now he does not spend any time at the Twitter HQ. Dorsey still works at Twitter and he is also credited as a co-founder of Twitter.

As Twitter grow investors have come out to vent their frustrations at being pushed out of Odeo by Williams. Who can blame them though? Recent statistics value Twitter at $ 8.6 Billion and with the investors collectively receiving an estimated $ 25 Million you can see why they feel robbed. Twitters revenue is always increasing as it now offers advertising to businesses by making them a trending topic. The trending topics are meant to be about what most people are talking about but now some are edited to be there by Twitter. It is a great way for businesses to advertise with a potential reach of 500 million users. Twitter is still growing and is constantly breaking its own records. When Michael Jackson died Twitter broke own own record of number of tweets as it recorded 100,000 tweets per hour with the words Michael Jackson in them.

Many users find Twitter addictive and with a new recent layout it is competitive with Facebook. So over the next few years competition between the two is likely to increase and this could cause a better social network or both could flop.

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Who Will Buy My Photos?

"Who will buy my Photos?" Is the question that many skeptics ask and it's a very valid question for anyone thinking of investing their time in a new business venture. Well that list would begin with Web Masters who are constantly looking for images for promoting their online products.

Then you have traditional marketing and advertising agencies that need photos on all kinds of subjects for producing posters, billboards, leaflets and calendars. Basically in today's marketing industry the internet is essentially the only source for finding photographic images which serves millions of people all over the world.

If you want to make money with your photos on the internet you do not have to be technically minded. It really is simple and mainly involves just downloading photos to your computer and then uploading them to our recommended photo money making sites.

The techniques are very interesting and you might be surprised at how they really do work. In order to not scare you off at this point here's what they're NOT about:

1. You DO NOT need fancy or expensive camera equipment.
2. You DO NOT need to be a professional photographer!
3. You DO NOT need a website or any technical skills!

So bearing that in mind, these are the main reasons why you do not have to be technically gifted to make money with your digital photos: –

1. You can snap photos from anywhere in the world!
2. You get to work from home and choose your own hours!
3. No experience necessary – if you can take an average picture, you can make money with this system!

The reason these techniques are so effective is because they are the basic secrets to turning your photos into an additional cash income.

Turning your photos into cash skills will be made so simple with the advice given by these training articles and the fact of the matter is that anyone could do this successfully.

Another great advantage with this online photography business is that you do not need years of training and that you will be making real money from your digital photos in no time at all.

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Mental Health’s Negative Attitude Toward Marketing

Recently, a board member of a state counseling association to which I was about to present a day-long seminar on practice management and marketing said she was uncomfortable with “advertising” my books and with my “attitude of self-promotion.” If I am guilty of “advertising” and “self-promotion,” so be it. I am not ashamed.

The mindset of many mental health providers is that we are too good for “advertising,” “self-promotion,” or “marketing.” Somehow these activities are beneath us-even unprofessional. For example, the American Psychological Association until recently did not sponsor continuing education credits for seminars specific to “practice development.” I have one word to describe clinicians with this negative view of marketing: “Poor!”

I fervently challenge this negative attitude. The old adage “Build a better mouse trap and the world will come to your door,” simply is untrue. You may design a new and better mouse trap, but if no one knows about your invention, you will not be able to distribute it.

You cannot help the client you don’t see. You may be an excellent clinician. Yet, if only a few persons know of you and your skill, you won’t be successful and many prospective clients will not get the benefit of your services.

Ph.D., Psy.D., EDD., MD., NP., MA., MED, MC, MSW, MFT, LPC, LCSW, etc.. Psychologist, psychiatrist, therapist, psychotherapist, psychoanalyst, analyst, clinician, counselor, marriage and family therapist, family therapist, social worker, coach, etc.. Therapy, counseling, psychotherapy, CBT, DBT, psychoanalysis, analysis, EMDR, family of origin work, solution-focused treatment, medication management, life coaching, etc. Above, are the credentials and titles of professionals who offer private mental health services and the types of services that can be provided. Obviously, the average client/patient cannot differentiate among all these providers or comprehend the various forms of treatment. They likely well be lost in the “alphabet soup” and will be incapable of appreciating one provider over another.

Unless you promote yourself, deserving clients will likely not find you in the morass of initials, titles, and services. Providers of mental health services must promote themselves to rise above the “alphabet soup.” We need to let potential clients know of our training, experience, and expertise. Why would any client select a therapist unless that client believed that professional was distinctive and special in some way?

To stand out from the crowd mental health providers can and should do things that “brands” them as an “expert”-such as write articles, speak on the radio and/or TV, speak professionally, or write a book, etc. By engaging in such activities you are advertising and self-promoting-all in a professional, ethical manner. If you won’t promote yourself, who will?

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Making Money – Think Like a Winner and Create Success for Yourself Part 2

OK so yesterday I spoke a bit about how some consultants who are getting paid up to ten thousand dollars to help high school students fill out a college application. A guidance counselor that the news interviewed said, that she did not know how people were getting paid so much for information she has for free.

I had three questions for you:

1.Is the information really the same and if so, why people people pay $ 10k for it.

2.If the information is not the same, why does the guidance counselor think it is.

3.If the information is the same, why is not the guidance counselor selling her information to students outside of her school.

So what did y'all think? I probably should have added:

4.If it is the same information, is it ethical to sell it for so much when parents can get it for free?

Here is my take.

1.The information is probably not the same, at least the information that people pay ten thousand dollars for. Now I have no doubt that a parent can buy the same information that is available at school for $ 1k- $ 2k. The personal attention and value that the consultant includes with the information is the key. The parent is paying for the person who can market himself or herself because they have a perceived expertise and value. Parents pay it because the consultant knows how to market, gives the student more attention and the parents believes that the information and attention from the consultant will help their child get into a better college, and it probably will.

2.Because the guidance counselor has probably not kept up on the latest trends and tips for filling out a college application. The guidance counselor thinks that she gives the same information as the top paid consultants, but most likely does not. The truth is that school employees are overworked and under-funded and simply do not have the time to invest keeping on top of the best information. The top paid consultant knows that he / she better keep up on the latest news and techniques for filling out applications, if they want to keep getting clients.

3.As I said earlier, the information is not the same for the top paid consultant, probably. But the guidance counselor has plenty of knowledge to get a job for $ 1k- $ 2k fee. So why is not she? Because she is not an entrepreneur! See the entrepreneur sees this trend and thinks to him / her self "How can I cash in." Caching in, by the way, always involves giving value for a fee. It is never about ripping people off. The consultant recognizes that his / her service helps the student and parents by ensuring that the child does not make a "fatal" mistake and miss entry into a university that they otherwise would have gotten admitted to. To me that is worth $ 10K, for the best. If I did not have $ 10K then I would not hesitate to pay a couple of thousand to increase my child's chances of getting admitted to the best university. What about you?

And that brings me to number 4:

4.Absolutely it is ethical! No question about it. This is a legitimate business that gives a fundamental service to parents and students. It makes perfect sense to me that someone should hire a consultant to help their children get into the best school. If a parent and student can take the information the a guidance counselor gives and turns it into a successful application then great. They do not need the consultant. But if the parent and student do not have the time to figure out how to apply the guidance counselor's advice, nor have the time to read through hundreds (or thousands of) pages in several books, should they be left in the cold? Of course not. The consultant is the perfect remedy for the situation. If I had the knowledge to take on customers in this way, I would in a heartbeat and, moreover, I would make it clear that they could get the information I was selling them for free, or very reduced, if they wanted to spend the Time to find it and learn it. As a matter of fact, I would probably tell them where to get it if they wanted to. I promise I would have several clients, if only because I know why someone would want my services.

Making more money has less to do with any specific skill and more to do with the way you market yourself and learning to turn your skills into a marketable product. Take my book for example "The Barbarian's Guide to Success". That is nothing more than the techniques I used to turn my life around. From broke and unhappy to comfortable and happy, and on my way to more money and more happiness everyday. I doubled my income in less than a year, from about $ 50,000 per year to about $ 100,000 per year. About a month and a half ago I decided to do it again in the next year. Well in a couple of months I should be there. So I will double my annual income from $ 100,000 per year to $ 200,000 per year in about 3.5 months. How? Its all in the mind.

This is not supposed to be a commercial for me, so I will stop there, my only point is making money is about 99% in the mind. You must think the right way, then take some action and all of a sudden, poof, you have the money. The people who are getting Ten Thousand Dollars to help students fill out college applications know that, either by instinct or intellectuality. Either way they know it.

So with that I will say:

Get the Barbarian Mind Set and keep it. Stay trú to yourself and your family, the rest will take care of itself.

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Can You Make Money Trading Penny Stocks? Of Course! Here's How

One of the investments I enjoy most are penny stocks. Since some individuals consider these stocks to be a little risky, I see many people avoid them altogether In reality, there is a tremendous opportunity to make remarkable cash with penny shares if you know what to look for.

Any share under $ 2 is what I view as a penny share. When I consider stocks to purchase, I look for a company that is up and coming. There are numerous businesses that are now trading under $ 2.00 because the organization has had certain difficulties. I will always look for organizations that are up and coming rather than organizations whose stock is inexpensive based on difficulties the company has faced. This makes it possible to earn some tremendous cash later on.

We should now take a look at the way you can find quality penny stocks. When you recognize what to look for, you can start earning great cash.

The first thing to do is to analyze the industry that the company is in. Is it a growing industry or a dying one? Consider if a new company into the industry has a probability of success based on the competition that exists. This is an overall look at the industry to ensure that the business is involved in an industry that allows them the potential to be a profitable company.

Next, of course you need to analyze the organization. I want to find a company that differentiates themselves from the other competitors in some way. Possibly they make a unique product, or maybe they are competitive by offering cheaper prices than the rest. It's definitely a good choice to look for a organization that produces something unique and stands out from the rest in some way.

Make sure to have a look at the financial statements of the company, but do not automatically get scared if you see that the company has no earnings. This is often the situation with growing companies. But I do want to make sure that the company has money available to them or credit so that the company can continue to push forward.

Lastly, look for a stock of a company that has sound communications with the public. When you can get updates on the company, either on a web site or some type of communication, you are able to understand exactly what is happening with the organization.

Penny stocks can provide you with sizable profits if the company begins to become successful. There is fabulous money to be made when you understand what to look for.

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What Does It Mean When a Stock Has Gone "Parabolic"?

Financial reporters use the term “parabolic” to describe the behavior of a stock–and occasionally the general market–whose value has risen dramatically in a short period of time. As a rule of thumb, investors should regard such reports as warnings.

News about a company can often drive the price of its stock quickly to the upside as new investors and day traders jump on the bandwagon. After the initial burst of enthusiasm, the price can decline for a few days before it begins steadily rising again. Patient investors who invest for the long term tend to research the company first before buying to see if the recent development improves the fundamentals of its enterprise.

This isn’t the case with a parabolic situation. What happens is the stock price simply continues to rise without pause as more and more investors create what appears to be a never-ending cycle of higher prices each trading day. The daily chart will take on the characteristic of an exponential curve that appears vertical in its pattern.

Each trading day more investors buy shares of the company. This increase in demand tends to create sharp upside gaps in price. The process can continue for a number of weeks as the share price first doubles, then triples, and so forth , until the valuation far exceeds the usual parameters investors use to evaluate a company’s stock.

But no one seems concerned as the price of the stock continues higher. A confidence of hysterical proportion develops in the minds of investors, who seem convinced the share price will simply keep going up without end.

These situations invariably end up with the same outcome. One day, usually during mid-session, the price reaches a peak, and then begins declining. At first it looks as is some day traders are taking quick profits of a few points. Because confidence is so high, investors expect the meteoric rise to resume. But the price continues to drop.

At this point, panic-buying reverses to become panic-selling. The price then begins dropping dramatically throughout the remainder of the session, opens lower the next day, and continues its descent almost as fast as it rose. The early buyers can still get out with a handsome profit, but those buyers who got in late, and who simply considered a small decline as a temporary setback, often wind up selling their shares at huge losses.

The parabolic situation can be likened to bacteria growing in a culture dish. These organisms divide repeatedly as the total population increases on an exponential basis. A single organism becomes two. These two divide to become four. Those four divide to become eight. The total population in the dish rapidly expands until thousands, perhaps millions, of single-cell organisms are growing and dividing.

Then the nutrient on which the bacteria were feeding in the dish runs out. In the case of a stock whose price has been rising exponentially, it’s a matter of no more buyers showing up willing to pay even higher prices. The result in the culture dish is a massive die-off, and a collapse in the share price of the stock.

Whenever an investor hears or reads the word “parabolic” ascribed to a stock, he should regard it as a situaiton of caveat emptor, or “let the buyer beware.” If he decides to take a share position, it should first be understood there is a high degree of risk associated with such a decision. If the investor isn’t in a position to watch the share price on a constant basis, the best course of action is to avoid it altogether.

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Product Creation Part II – Get Others To Write Your E-book For You

Another strategy for producing an e-book is to ask others to write it ror you. Some of the most successful e-book promotions have featured e-books with multiple authors.

Why would an author give you a chapter for your book?

Because you will encourage them to include their contact information and links to their web pages, that's why. The more copies of your book that you sell or give away, the more traffic they get to their sales sites. More traffic equals more sales.

Here's how I used this technique.

At our weekly mastermind meeting, I cracked a joke about The Myth of Passive Income ( I was whining because I had spent two whole hours filling orders and answering customer service emails.

This was the internet age-I was supposedly to be sitting on the beach smoking a Cuban cigar and drinking espresso while the money magically appeared in my bank account, was not I?

The reality, as most successful internet marketers will tell you if you catch them out of the public eye, is that most successful internet marketers work long hours to create passive income. Especially in the beginning of your internet marketing career, passive income is a myth.

Joe Vitale laughed at my joke, and then decided it would make an interesting book. So he contacted several of the top internet marketers and asked them to write a chapter about their passive income experiences. In a couple of weeks, we had over twenty chapters, from some of the largest names in the business.

You can see the final product at .

This technique will work for almost any subject. For example, if you wanted to write a book about running a successful E-zine, you could email the authors of the most successful E-zines and ask them to contribute a chapter.

I suspect most of them would jump at the chance. Every copy of your e-book will be an advertisement for their E-zine.

When it came time to approach Joint-Venture partners for the e-book, we approached the co-authors. They were happy to make money from the e-book. Of course, it would be interesting to their lists- since they're in it.

This generated a lot of sales, but more importantly, each person they sent to our site had the opportunity to sign up for our list. This is a great technique for "creaming" another marketer's list. We were able to identify, and gain access to, the members of their list that were interested in our products.

This has led to some great relationships with our new subscribers, and subsequent sales of other products.

Get the idea?

Use Interviews To Write An E-book

A variation on having others write your book for you is to use interviews.

This is just a little more work, but there are a lot of benefits to this method. Remember that the interview can be connected by phone, in person, by email- sometimes, the method you use to interview the expert can be a selling point. Be creative!

People who might not take the time to write a chapter are more likely to have a conversation with you, especially if you entice them with an ethical bribe-in this case, you can offer to include their contact and sales information in the chapter you create From the interview.

Remember, these interviews can be made over the phone or through email.

For example, suppose you wanted to write an e-book about the best way to buy a used car. You could arrange to talk with a broad range of used car salesmen. What are their tricks? What techniques do they use to get customers to buy? What should a customer ask? What should a customer be afraid of or concerned about?

Most salesmen will happily talk about their business, if you can convince them that it will attract more customers.

In this case, I'd ask them about the dirty tricks other salesmen use.

If you're writing an e-book about a topic you're very familiar with, you can interview yourself!

Once you've got your interviews, you've converted your authoring problem to a typing problem. You can even hire a transcription service to type it for you.

Writing your book from interviews has a hidden benefit-you nowhave an audio product to sell! You can use your interview tapes as the source material to create CDs or you can convert them to MP3's and sell them as digital products.

One example of an interview mp3 product is at []. I interviewed Dr. Joe Vitale on the subject of e-book production and marketing, converted the interview into mp3s and put them online. After listening to that interview, you should be able to come up with a topic, write the e-book, get it online, and sell it. The whole production took less than four hours to create- and was a lot of fun.

Right now, the most popular e-books are the ones that explain how to do something: how to save money, how to make a web page, how to fix a car, how to satisfy your lover, how to bake a great cheese- Cake- even how to write an e-book!

You're looking for an expert, but do not get in a rut about what constitutes an "expert." Here are some potential subjects for your interview. I'll bet you can think of many more.

Real Estate Agent-real estate is the most expensive purchase most of us will make. People want information about how to make these purchases intelligently. How to finance your first real estate purchase, how to rent to own, how to sell your house yourself without an agent, how to prepare your house to get the best price when you sell it- here's a hint- bake bread before the prospective buyer Shows up!

How to qualify for a mortgage

How to get the most house for your money

How to make money on rental property

Insurance Agent-Insurance is a subject that is mystifying and scary tomost people.

How to buy life insurance

How to buy health insurance

Different types of life insurance, who should buy what?

Major medical versus full coverage

Day Care Center worker / owner-

How to find a safe day care center

What are the dangers?

Licensing of day care centers

Montessori vs. Traditional

There is no limit to this- find a problem and solve it. Then sell the solution.

Coffee Shop employee-

How to make the perfect cup of coffee

The best beans

Easy mistakes everybody makes

Eco-friendly coffee-why it's good for you and good for the planet.

Grumpy customers-nightmare stories from the coffee shop

Internet Gurus-this is an area that is planned. If you're going to write about making money online, you need to have a unique perspective. One of the most popular e-books right now is a series of interviews with "unknown" online marketers. Find an angle that nobody else has exploited.

Here are a few I've come up with.

Secret lives-what's unusual and unknown about internet marketing celebrities? Do they play guitar, paint pictures, climb mountains, write children's books, work for charity?

People are interested in the human side of celebrities.

Rags to Riches- this one always works.

Unusual success-everyone markets information products. Can you find someone who markets something really unusual online?

Riches to Rags-Mistakes are how we learn. It's less painful to learn from someone else's mistakes.

High-School Students-this is a big market. When you add in their parents, it's one of the largest.

How to make great grades

How to use high-school to prepare for college

Social games and how to win them

How to be yourself and survive high-school

Fashion secrets for high-school students

Photo Students-

How to make money while you're in college. See if you can get Michael Dell! How to start your career while you're still in college. Many industries, including banking, financial planning, sales, and CPA's have mentor programs for students studying their field.

How to survive college

99 ways to pay for college

How to get a grant, scholarship, or loan for college


Just because someone has reached the mandatory retirement agein their industry that does not mean they are immediately lose theirvalue. And because they are retired, they probably will welcomethe opportunity to help you with your book!

Industry survey- what jobs provided the most satisfaction?

How to retire with a comfortable income

How to survive retirement

Insider secrets to (whatever industry they retired from)

I hope you're getting the idea that almost anyone can be an expert, and a resource for a profitable e-book, if you create the right questions.

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