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Mental Health’s Negative Attitude Toward Marketing

Recently, a board member of a state counseling association to which I was about to present a day-long seminar on practice management and marketing said she was uncomfortable with “advertising” my books and with my “attitude of self-promotion.” If I am guilty of “advertising” and “self-promotion,” so be it. I am not ashamed.

The mindset of many mental health providers is that we are too good for “advertising,” “self-promotion,” or “marketing.” Somehow these activities are beneath us-even unprofessional. For example, the American Psychological Association until recently did not sponsor continuing education credits for seminars specific to “practice development.” I have one word to describe clinicians with this negative view of marketing: “Poor!”

I fervently challenge this negative attitude. The old adage “Build a better mouse trap and the world will come to your door,” simply is untrue. You may design a new and better mouse trap, but if no one knows about your invention, you will not be able to distribute it.

You cannot help the client you don’t see. You may be an excellent clinician. Yet, if only a few persons know of you and your skill, you won’t be successful and many prospective clients will not get the benefit of your services.

Ph.D., Psy.D., EDD., MD., NP., MA., MED, MC, MSW, MFT, LPC, LCSW, etc.. Psychologist, psychiatrist, therapist, psychotherapist, psychoanalyst, analyst, clinician, counselor, marriage and family therapist, family therapist, social worker, coach, etc.. Therapy, counseling, psychotherapy, CBT, DBT, psychoanalysis, analysis, EMDR, family of origin work, solution-focused treatment, medication management, life coaching, etc. Above, are the credentials and titles of professionals who offer private mental health services and the types of services that can be provided. Obviously, the average client/patient cannot differentiate among all these providers or comprehend the various forms of treatment. They likely well be lost in the “alphabet soup” and will be incapable of appreciating one provider over another.

Unless you promote yourself, deserving clients will likely not find you in the morass of initials, titles, and services. Providers of mental health services must promote themselves to rise above the “alphabet soup.” We need to let potential clients know of our training, experience, and expertise. Why would any client select a therapist unless that client believed that professional was distinctive and special in some way?

To stand out from the crowd mental health providers can and should do things that “brands” them as an “expert”-such as write articles, speak on the radio and/or TV, speak professionally, or write a book, etc. By engaging in such activities you are advertising and self-promoting-all in a professional, ethical manner. If you won’t promote yourself, who will?

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Making Money – Think Like a Winner and Create Success for Yourself Part 2

OK so yesterday I spoke a bit about how some consultants who are getting paid up to ten thousand dollars to help high school students fill out a college application. A guidance counselor that the news interviewed said, that she did not know how people were getting paid so much for information she has for free.

I had three questions for you:

1.Is the information really the same and if so, why people people pay $ 10k for it.

2.If the information is not the same, why does the guidance counselor think it is.

3.If the information is the same, why is not the guidance counselor selling her information to students outside of her school.

So what did y'all think? I probably should have added:

4.If it is the same information, is it ethical to sell it for so much when parents can get it for free?

Here is my take.

1.The information is probably not the same, at least the information that people pay ten thousand dollars for. Now I have no doubt that a parent can buy the same information that is available at school for $ 1k- $ 2k. The personal attention and value that the consultant includes with the information is the key. The parent is paying for the person who can market himself or herself because they have a perceived expertise and value. Parents pay it because the consultant knows how to market, gives the student more attention and the parents believes that the information and attention from the consultant will help their child get into a better college, and it probably will.

2.Because the guidance counselor has probably not kept up on the latest trends and tips for filling out a college application. The guidance counselor thinks that she gives the same information as the top paid consultants, but most likely does not. The truth is that school employees are overworked and under-funded and simply do not have the time to invest keeping on top of the best information. The top paid consultant knows that he / she better keep up on the latest news and techniques for filling out applications, if they want to keep getting clients.

3.As I said earlier, the information is not the same for the top paid consultant, probably. But the guidance counselor has plenty of knowledge to get a job for $ 1k- $ 2k fee. So why is not she? Because she is not an entrepreneur! See the entrepreneur sees this trend and thinks to him / her self "How can I cash in." Caching in, by the way, always involves giving value for a fee. It is never about ripping people off. The consultant recognizes that his / her service helps the student and parents by ensuring that the child does not make a "fatal" mistake and miss entry into a university that they otherwise would have gotten admitted to. To me that is worth $ 10K, for the best. If I did not have $ 10K then I would not hesitate to pay a couple of thousand to increase my child's chances of getting admitted to the best university. What about you?

And that brings me to number 4:

4.Absolutely it is ethical! No question about it. This is a legitimate business that gives a fundamental service to parents and students. It makes perfect sense to me that someone should hire a consultant to help their children get into the best school. If a parent and student can take the information the a guidance counselor gives and turns it into a successful application then great. They do not need the consultant. But if the parent and student do not have the time to figure out how to apply the guidance counselor's advice, nor have the time to read through hundreds (or thousands of) pages in several books, should they be left in the cold? Of course not. The consultant is the perfect remedy for the situation. If I had the knowledge to take on customers in this way, I would in a heartbeat and, moreover, I would make it clear that they could get the information I was selling them for free, or very reduced, if they wanted to spend the Time to find it and learn it. As a matter of fact, I would probably tell them where to get it if they wanted to. I promise I would have several clients, if only because I know why someone would want my services.

Making more money has less to do with any specific skill and more to do with the way you market yourself and learning to turn your skills into a marketable product. Take my book for example "The Barbarian's Guide to Success". That is nothing more than the techniques I used to turn my life around. From broke and unhappy to comfortable and happy, and on my way to more money and more happiness everyday. I doubled my income in less than a year, from about $ 50,000 per year to about $ 100,000 per year. About a month and a half ago I decided to do it again in the next year. Well in a couple of months I should be there. So I will double my annual income from $ 100,000 per year to $ 200,000 per year in about 3.5 months. How? Its all in the mind.

This is not supposed to be a commercial for me, so I will stop there, my only point is making money is about 99% in the mind. You must think the right way, then take some action and all of a sudden, poof, you have the money. The people who are getting Ten Thousand Dollars to help students fill out college applications know that, either by instinct or intellectuality. Either way they know it.

So with that I will say:

Get the Barbarian Mind Set and keep it. Stay trú to yourself and your family, the rest will take care of itself.

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Can You Make Money Trading Penny Stocks? Of Course! Here's How

One of the investments I enjoy most are penny stocks. Since some individuals consider these stocks to be a little risky, I see many people avoid them altogether In reality, there is a tremendous opportunity to make remarkable cash with penny shares if you know what to look for.

Any share under $ 2 is what I view as a penny share. When I consider stocks to purchase, I look for a company that is up and coming. There are numerous businesses that are now trading under $ 2.00 because the organization has had certain difficulties. I will always look for organizations that are up and coming rather than organizations whose stock is inexpensive based on difficulties the company has faced. This makes it possible to earn some tremendous cash later on.

We should now take a look at the way you can find quality penny stocks. When you recognize what to look for, you can start earning great cash.

The first thing to do is to analyze the industry that the company is in. Is it a growing industry or a dying one? Consider if a new company into the industry has a probability of success based on the competition that exists. This is an overall look at the industry to ensure that the business is involved in an industry that allows them the potential to be a profitable company.

Next, of course you need to analyze the organization. I want to find a company that differentiates themselves from the other competitors in some way. Possibly they make a unique product, or maybe they are competitive by offering cheaper prices than the rest. It's definitely a good choice to look for a organization that produces something unique and stands out from the rest in some way.

Make sure to have a look at the financial statements of the company, but do not automatically get scared if you see that the company has no earnings. This is often the situation with growing companies. But I do want to make sure that the company has money available to them or credit so that the company can continue to push forward.

Lastly, look for a stock of a company that has sound communications with the public. When you can get updates on the company, either on a web site or some type of communication, you are able to understand exactly what is happening with the organization.

Penny stocks can provide you with sizable profits if the company begins to become successful. There is fabulous money to be made when you understand what to look for.

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What Does It Mean When a Stock Has Gone "Parabolic"?

Financial reporters use the term “parabolic” to describe the behavior of a stock–and occasionally the general market–whose value has risen dramatically in a short period of time. As a rule of thumb, investors should regard such reports as warnings.

News about a company can often drive the price of its stock quickly to the upside as new investors and day traders jump on the bandwagon. After the initial burst of enthusiasm, the price can decline for a few days before it begins steadily rising again. Patient investors who invest for the long term tend to research the company first before buying to see if the recent development improves the fundamentals of its enterprise.

This isn’t the case with a parabolic situation. What happens is the stock price simply continues to rise without pause as more and more investors create what appears to be a never-ending cycle of higher prices each trading day. The daily chart will take on the characteristic of an exponential curve that appears vertical in its pattern.

Each trading day more investors buy shares of the company. This increase in demand tends to create sharp upside gaps in price. The process can continue for a number of weeks as the share price first doubles, then triples, and so forth , until the valuation far exceeds the usual parameters investors use to evaluate a company’s stock.

But no one seems concerned as the price of the stock continues higher. A confidence of hysterical proportion develops in the minds of investors, who seem convinced the share price will simply keep going up without end.

These situations invariably end up with the same outcome. One day, usually during mid-session, the price reaches a peak, and then begins declining. At first it looks as is some day traders are taking quick profits of a few points. Because confidence is so high, investors expect the meteoric rise to resume. But the price continues to drop.

At this point, panic-buying reverses to become panic-selling. The price then begins dropping dramatically throughout the remainder of the session, opens lower the next day, and continues its descent almost as fast as it rose. The early buyers can still get out with a handsome profit, but those buyers who got in late, and who simply considered a small decline as a temporary setback, often wind up selling their shares at huge losses.

The parabolic situation can be likened to bacteria growing in a culture dish. These organisms divide repeatedly as the total population increases on an exponential basis. A single organism becomes two. These two divide to become four. Those four divide to become eight. The total population in the dish rapidly expands until thousands, perhaps millions, of single-cell organisms are growing and dividing.

Then the nutrient on which the bacteria were feeding in the dish runs out. In the case of a stock whose price has been rising exponentially, it’s a matter of no more buyers showing up willing to pay even higher prices. The result in the culture dish is a massive die-off, and a collapse in the share price of the stock.

Whenever an investor hears or reads the word “parabolic” ascribed to a stock, he should regard it as a situaiton of caveat emptor, or “let the buyer beware.” If he decides to take a share position, it should first be understood there is a high degree of risk associated with such a decision. If the investor isn’t in a position to watch the share price on a constant basis, the best course of action is to avoid it altogether.

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Effective Tips on Getting an Unsecured Loan Up to $ 20,000

A number of Americans living paycheck to paycheck had greatly increased during last recession. Should unexpected circumstances enter your life, such as a car breakdown or a family emergency, a situation may arise where extra cash is needed. In turbulent economy the way it is today, very few risk putting their vehicle or even a house as collateral to secure a loan. Therefore, the best option is to raise funds through unsecured borrowing, typically referred to as signature loans.

A personal or signature loan is a type of a loan that requires granting potential lender an access to your credit bureau records to check your credit worthiness before approval decision is made. Signature loans do not require any sort of collateral. Up to $ 20,000 may be borrowed without the need to explain to lender where the money loaned is going to be spent. It gives a borrower a great freedom of using loan proceeds, whether it is medical bills, home repairs, or a backup fund for a "rainy day".

Finding A $ 10,000 Unsecured Loan Is Easy

While for people with above-average credit scores getting a signature loan is a simple task, for the ones with credit blemishes on their record it may not seem as easy. Option of adding a co-signer is a great tool, allowing even bad credit borrowers to get access to higher loan amounts and and more favorable interest rates. An old friend or family member with good credit is the best candidate for being a co-signer. While it may seem as a matter of simple paperwork, a co-signer takes the responsibility of taking over loan payments in case when principal borrower fails to pay. Should you be married, it is advised to make a joint application for a loan since both incomes will be considered as a basis for loan repayment, allowing taking out larger loans with better rates. Good credit borrowers may easily qualify for loans as high as $ 20,000 featuring low rates and longer terms.

Spend It Whichever Way You Want

Uncommonly to car loans and mortgages, signature loans give you a freedom to spend money any way you want – no restrictions whateversoever. Money may be used for educational expenses, home refurbishing, buying a car, or even taking a vacation. Lenders do not ask you about reasons for taking the loan.

Keep Your Loan Current

While lenders may prequalify you for quite a sum of money, you should only borrow what is needed and may be paid back without stretching your budget. This applies to both, secured and unsecured personal loans. If you can payoff loan sooner, it may save you some dollars on interest charges, since interest on a signature loan is accrued monthly on the remaining loan balance. Typical loans feature terms of between two to six years.

Unsecured Loans With Cheap Borrowing Costs

No need to jump in a car and make a trip to the bank – finding a loan is at your fingertips. All you need is a computer and an Internet access. Established online lenders may outbid brick-and-mortar lending institutions in terms of attractiveness of terms and rates. Spending some time to conduct a search of lenders online can help you to save big on borrowing costs.

With every application made online for a signature loan you credit is checked by a prospective lender. A large number of inquiries within a short period of time may lower your credit score temporarily, and affect your ability to secure a loan. Online applications, though, are great since they eliminate wait time, so common with traditional bank lending, and help you to get approval in terms of hours, not days or weeks.

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How to Make Fast Money Online the guaranteed Way

Making money online has become one of the most seek topic on the internet now. It seems like everyone who has the dream of wanting to quit their job and make a living online will try their best to find out the best way to make fast money online. So if you are looking for ways how you can make fast money online, then you should absolutely finish this article.

The first thing you should do if you want to make fast money online is this; Locate how you are going to make that money. Meaning that you will have to find out the money making module that you are going to use. In this case, you need to make fast money online, so the best way is by using affiliate marketing.

Once you have identified the way of how you are going to do it, the next thing will be to look for a hungry market. Many people out there will go straight into the market without doing any market research. Market research is important; You must do it correctly in order to make fast money online.

For instance, you can locate a hungry market from your interest, and then just browse through if there are any products from your market, like magazines, books, or any physical products. This is to make sure that the market you choose is profitable. How to do this? Very simple, just visit your local bookstore or visit eBay and Amazon to find out.

Since this is the 'how to make fast money online' guide, our main reason is to make money fast. After you have located the hungry market, go to ClickBank and find a hot product. Just run through that product's sales letter and how many affiliates are promoting it to determine its conversion rate.

Once you have both the hungry market and a hot product, the final thing to do is this, drive traffic to your affiliate website. I bet you know how you can drive traffic to your affiliate link right? If you do not just write a few articles each day and submit them to article directories. Or you can also set up a PPC campaign using Adwords.

If what I mentioned above is doing correctly, you will see some sales coming in. This is how to make fast money online, the guaranteed method. Of course, it may sounds easy. In order to increase your traffic and conversion rate, the best way is to create a lead capture page and build your own list. This way, you are going to make fast and huge money online.

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What Can You Do To Make Money Online?

In this economy, everyone is looking for ways to supplement their income, or create one in the first place. Finding a good job out on the market today can be a pretty daunting task, and many find themselves in a position where they are taking a job that is paying them much less than what they are worth. If you have found yourself in this position, do not panic. There are things that you can do in order to make good money, even in a bad economy. One of the best money making resources that you have available to you is the internet.

One of the great things about the internet is that it is a fair playing field. You get whatever you put into it. It does not take a lot of money to start up a business online, all you have to do is have a marketable product or skill. But even if you do not have those, you can still utilize the fact that millions of people are searching for terms on the internet every single day. One of the best ways to make money online is through the use of affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing involves you getting online, using free tools to find out traffic values ​​and search terms, and then advertising for other businesses who actually sell those products and services. The first thing you will want to do when you start doing affiliate marketing is to get a free tool like Google AdWords and look up a variety of different search terms and find some that are searched a lot every month that do not have a lot Of competition. Once you have selected a few keywords that seem to be a good fit, you should then create a simple website around those terms. After you have created the website you should do SEO work for your site to help it start ranking for the keyword or keywords that you have chosen.

As you start writing content and making back links to your site using those specific terms, you will start to move up the rankings on Google. As you add AdSense to your site, you can get paid every time that a person comes to your site and clicks on one of you advertisements. The more people that you have going to your site, and the better content you have, the more money you can make. There are really limitless opportunities to make money when using affiliate marketing.

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How to Make Money Online While Having Fun

This is a very fun and cool way to make money online. But this is for people who are into video editing, and perhaps anime. The method of doing this is by making an AMV (animated music video). If you like anime and video / music editing, you can now make money making AMV's. YouTube has a program now where you can put your own videos online, and place an advertisement on it.

So now for every person who views your video you get a certain commission. These videos can be anything you want like home videos, funny videos, etc, as long as it is related to some type of advertisement. For example, if you put your wedding video on YouTube, you can place an advertisement on wedding dresses. As you can see YouTube has really evolved into a powerhouse among the world. So take advantage and join in on the money tree.

There are people out there making music videos using movies like "The Dark Knight", "I am Legend" and are placing ads on them, making thousands a month. That is just an example though, it looks that animated music videos gets the most views. If you are good at making these videos you can now make money off of them by advertising the song and artist you used to make the video. Again, this method is not for everyone. But it can be very fun while showing your artistic side. Why not make a little money on the side while doing what you love.

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Tips for Playing Disc Golf

Disc golf can be a winning sport, combining all of the fun of disc toss with the scoring and strategy of golf. Load up the disc bag and keep these tips in mind on the next trip out to the course.

Stretch it Out

Disc golf is a real sport, even if it does not involve all of the running of baseball, the contact action of football, or the vicious physical involvement of soccer. It can still be very taxing, physically speaking, for those who do not stretch out before each game. Always be sure to get a good stretch in beforehand to avoid injury and soreness later on.

Pack the Disc Bag up with Plenty of Bottled Water

A few bottles of water in the disc bag is not a bad idea. It's easy to get dehydrated when walking the course and the physical activity of tossing will only make players thirstier. Stay hydrated, especially during times of physical stress.

Use Brightly Colored Discs

It's easy to lose them in trees and on the field. Make sure that they're brightly colored so that they're easier to spot. It's best if the color is the opposite of the general color of the course. For instance, use red on a course with a lot of trees and grass, but green when playing on sandy terrain. Generally speaking, the color should clash with the most common color found on the course.

Wear Comfortable Shoes

Some people like to play in flip-flops. That's great on the beach. When playing in a park with a lot of trees and bushes or brush, it's a good idea to wear some closed-toe shoes so as to make it easier to walk through the cracks and tall grass to retrieve a lost game piece. That's going to happen occasionally, as the slightest breeze can knock the most perfect throw off course and into the greenery.

Pack a Light Lunch

Pack a lunch and make sure it's light. It's easy to take a break and go get some fast-food, but that weighs players down and makes it hard to want to continue the game. Packing a light tuna sandwich or a salad is a good way to keep from getting hungry out on the course without having to weigh oneself down with a heavy stomach and extra calories that will take all day to properly digest.

Frolf is fun, but take the proper precautions and remember that it is a real sport. Prepare for an outing with proper attire, food, water and equipment.

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Hemorrhoid Flare Self-Care – Twelve Tips

Has hemorrhoidal pain, itching and burning got you sitting uneasy? Here are 12 tips sure to bring you fast, safe relief. Best of all, you can take care of the symptoms right in your own home.

  1. Hygiene Helps: To rinse away debris that can cause itching and pain, clean anus thoroughly with gentle soap and a stream of warm water.
  2. Put it On Ice: To ease painful swelling, apply an ice pack or cold gel pack directly to the anal area.
  3. Soak Your Sitz Bones: For long-lasting pain relief, sit with knees elevated in a tub with three or four inches of warm water. Doctors recommend sitting no longer than fifteen minutes at a time, but you can take the sitz bath several times per day. Most clinicians do not recommend adding any ingredients to the bath water. However, a hot Epsom salt bath, effective for relieving severe bruising and sprains, may have some benefit for hemorrhoids as well. Adding a quarter to half-cup of salt to the bath will not harm your hemorrhoids, and may give some relief.
  4. Tea Tree Decree: Vitamin E oil or even plain petrolatum mixed with a drop or two of tea tree oil relieves itching and burning hemorrhoids. Apply with a clean cotton applicator or gloved finger. Tea tree oil gives a pleasant sensation of warmth without burning or stinging. Its antiseptic properties can also help keep an irritated hemorrhoid cleaner and promote faster healing.
  5. Cushy Tushy: To minimize compression on hemorrhoidal veins while sitting, make a temporary doughnut cushion out of rolled-up towels or blankets.
  6. Going Commando: Ditch the underpants. Wear loose trousers to maximize comfort and circulation.
  7. Find Some Fiber: To relieve constipation that can aggravate hemorrhoids, take a stool softener containing psyllium husks or ground flaxseed. Start with one teaspoon nightly followed by a full glass of water. The water is important to prevent choking and/or further constipation from the fiber. With adequate water intake, the fiber will swell, making your next bowel movement larger but softer. No fiber stool softener in the house? Eat fruit with skin: pears, apples, grapes.
  8. Wash Down Some Water: To continue constipation-free and help heal your hemorrhoids, sip on clear fluids throughout the day.
  9. Just Say No: Avoid narcotics such as codeine, percocet, and oxycodone. Even though they relieve pain quite effectively, they are notorious for causing constipation. Taking narcotics for hemorrhoid pain will end up making your symptoms even more miserable. So if your doctor prescribes narcotics for hemorrhoid pain, be sure to ask his or her advice on what to drink or take to relieve the resulting constipation.
  10. Prudent Pain Palliation: Use plain ibuprofen (Advil, Motrin) or naproxen sodium (Aleve) to relieve hemorrhoidal pain. Caution: ibuprofen thins the blood, which may lead to heavier blood on the toilet paper during bowel movements.
  11. Exertion Assertion: Avoid intense abdominal exercise during flare-ups. These also create abdominal pressure that often aggravates hemorrhoids. Ask a personal trainer or physician for alternative workouts to keep your abs firm. If you must lift anything heavy, ask for help. Remember: don’t hold your breath while lifting–exhale! Exhaling on the “lift” keeps you from creating excess pressure in your abdominal cavity that can make your hemorrhoids bulge and get worse.
  12. Shun the Runs: Avoid diarrhea during a hemorrhoid flare-up: don’t take laxatives or too much fiber supplement. Bananas, rice, tea and potatoes are all foods that help stop diarrhea.

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