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Freedom And Security With An Online Business

Today's economy is in the drink and the outlook for the near future is not much better. We're facing a long road of cutbacks, increased costs and possible job losses. Most of us who've been lucky enough to still have a job have not seen a pay increase for several years or those rises are stuck in that dreaded 2-2.5% range. With gasoline prices near $ 4 / gal at the time of this writing and bread, milk and other staple products at an all time high, it's no wonder your bank accounts are getting smaller; It's not enough anymore.

Take control

More and more people are starting to take matters into their own hands. They take fewer vacations, drive less, buy bulk food products and try to stretch out that meal over multiple days. The days of eating out at your favorite restaurant or going to the movies with the family one or two times a month are over. Those luxuries are occurring less frequent because they're not necessary for survival, but I would be saying to you if I said they're not important, because they are. Family time and getting out of the house suffers. Even in Florida during the summer you can feel the effects from cabin fever; Being trapped indoors.

This article is about the economy and its future outlook. It's about making decisions that can have a positive impact on the lives of you and your family. Taking that freedom step and pushing that entrepreneurial desire you have deep down inside of you to the forefront and then acting upon it. Starting your own business is a big step and one that should include some thought, planning and advice from someone who knows about starting a home business before you jump into it. But, it's actually the only real option for most of us who want to take control of their situation rather than relying on others or the company you are working for, both of which could be gone tomorrow.

Low start-up cost

Starting an online business is one of the best options out there because of the initial costs to setup. Typically, if you already own a laptop or a PC and have an internet connection you can get your business up and running for less than $ 100. So, where did I come up with that $ 100 figure? Well, the cost to register a domain name is about $ 10- $ 20 per year. You can find some lower prices out there from legitimate sources or you can pay a little more too. It all depends on some of the options you decide to want or do not want. The other cost is the web hosting fee. This is the fee you pay each year to the company that will host your website. When someone types your, they are immediately sent to the web host to see your site.

The real reason

Why start an online business? So here are several reasons why I think starting an online business is the best available option out there for most of us today.

  1. Job Security: At first you might not feel that way. You have a job and you need to take care of your family so you have to keep that job until your new business produces an income that rivals the one you receive from Your employer. But, when that happens and you are able to resign from the company you've been working for many years and are now self-employed and your own boss … that's real freedom and job security.
  2. Work from home: Working from home is the best part of owning your own business. No more early morning alarm clocks (unless you have kids in school). No more rush hour traffic to deal with and no asking for permission from your boss to take time off to go to the Doctor, take a vacation, take time off to meet the repair man … you get the idea. You get up and do the things we all need to do and then you start work, all of which can be done while still in your pajamas or underwear. But, you need to be careful. If you do not create some kind of structure and or discipline for your day you can easily find yourself spending less time working for your business and more time watching TV or playing video games. You won a business that requires a lot of work; Hard work. You need to treat it as such.
  3. Earning Potential: The ability to control how much you earn with your new online business venture is really up to you. Deciding what it is that you want to sell and how you go about selling is the hard part (not really, but I had to say it), but once you got that figured out it becomes very easy to duplicate the process, over and over Again. Do not think in terms of just one website, but think about repeating your efforts with multiple sites, each with their own niche. By doing this you will maximize your earnings potential. If one website is producing between $ 500 – $ 2000 a month, imagine owning 10 websites. Some will do better than others, but all of them can and will produce as long as you spend the time necessary to maintain them.
  4. Passion: One of the best parts of owning an online business is the ability to do something that you're passionate about. Maybe you love to golf so you start a blog about golf and earn money from advertising or selling golf related products. Maybe your passion is affiliate marketing and you love the challenge of promoting and selling other peoples products and earn a commission for everything you sell. Whatever your passion, that should be what your website is about. To be as successful as you can possibly be, you must be passionate about what it is you are doing. If your passionate about it, it's no longer just a job … you're doing something you enjoy and earning money at the same time.

Final thoughts

There are plenty of resources out there to help you get started, but it's really important to find the right ones. You want to hear from someone that has been through what you are about to go through yourself. Someone who will share their ups and downs and help you to avoid some of the mistakes they made along the way. Someone who knows what it takes to start a home business and has gone down the path of hard knocks.

When I decided to go into the online business arena 7 years ago there was very little information available on the web and that information for the most part was lacking and provided by people who really did not know what they were talking about. Seven years and about 20 websites later I've learned a lot of lessons and will not hesitate sharing that information with anyone willing to listen. Ãï½ H Heck, I'm still learning too. Today we have YouTube and a plethora of websites at our fingertips to help us with just about anything we need to know. Be sure to do your research and due diligence when seeking advice. By doing so you will ensure yourself a good foundation when starting your first online business venture.

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Part Time Jobs at Home – I’ve Never Thought About it Before

Part time job at home is a term used for defining the work or job that is done while staying at your home but working for a company or organization or firm. You can work online for companies using internet. Part time jobs at home are mostly adopted by the mothers, who want to earn money while staying at their home and also looking after their young children as going out of home to work in an office can disturb their routine life. The students who want to earn extra money to fulfill their educational expenses are doing part time jobs at home which they can easily manage after returning from their school or colleges. But many people, whether male or female, are preferring full time or part time jobs at home as they feel it a fatigue to sit in an office and handle a boss bossing them around for whole day! Instead they like to sit in the cozy environment of their home, having a cup of coffee and working.


The people working part time jobs at home are eligible for the benefits from their companies if they work 20-30 hours a week. But some companies do not provide you with their benefits until or unless you have been working for them for 3, 6 or 12 months.

Some of these benefits provided to the part time jobs at home’s employees are listed below:

o The employees are provided with health insurance.

o They are also paid for the vacation days.

o They are provided with retirement allowance.

o Some companies provide discount coupons to their employees.


Besides, there are many advantages of doing part time jobs at home; there are its disadvantages also.

o Sitting at home and working, mostly make you mentally sick and you start avoiding your friends.

o Working a part time job at home can also add a considerable amount to your weight, if you are not in a habit of exercising

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Five Kids Craft Ideas – Eggshell Igloos, Puzzles, Construction Set, Paper Hat and Mexican Balero

Looking for some craft ideas that you can easily make with items around your house? Here are five kids craft ideas!

Eggshell Igloos: Eggshells can be used to make some very real-looking Eskimo houses. Use a pencil to draw doorways on the eggshells and to indicate the blocks of ice from which real igloos are made. Paste the eggshell edges to a piece of cotton so it will look as though the igloos are surrounded with snow.

Jigsaw Puzzles: A series of jigsaw puzzles will make a good present to take with you when you go to play at someone else’s house. Brightly colored greeting cards make good puzzles, especially those printed on heavy paper. Cut each greeting card into ten or twelve irregular shapes, then put the pieces in a clean, white envelope. A good way to keep the puzzles identified is to write on the front of each envelope a short description of the puzzle picture.

Match-Box Construction Set: A collection of match boxes (the kind that are used for safety matches) makes a splendid toy-construction set. The boxes may be used as separate blocks or may be joined together by pushing half of the inside of one box into the covering of a second box. Various building projects can be made with a match-box construction set.

Tissue-Paper Hat: Holiday season is a good time to make play hats because it is then usually possible to find some large pieces of fancy wrapping paper. Try to find a piece of paper that is around twenty inches long and ten inches wide. First fold the paper crosswise and pasted down on one end. Then fold a triangle at the top, and after that fold the peak down. Stickers can be used to hold the hat in place.

Mexican Balero: A home-made version of this toy is easy to make. Use a large spool, a pencil and a flat-bottomed paper cup. Punch a hole in the bottom of the cup and pull a string through the hole, then tie a knot in the end of the string so that the cup will not slip off. Tie the other end of the string to the pencil. The object of playing with this toy balero is to hold it by the pencil and toss up the cup so as to catch it on the spool.

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At Your Comfort – Work From Home Opportunities

Working from home offers one some great benefits and is increasingly becoming the norm for most folk. Work from home opportunities offer you the flexibility to manage your time and set the limits of learning whatever business you are in. In addition to the flexibility they offer, there are very minimal qualifications that are required for many of these jobs. Essentially you get to use your skills and talents to do what you like the most. Unlike other start up businesses a good number of these opportunities do not require you to invest capital, the expenses are minimal and it is up to you to determine how much you can earn. All you need is internet connectivity and sometimes a telephone line and you are good to go.

One of the more suitable 'work from home' opportunities is freelance writing. There are numerous online freelance writing firms that are constantly on the look for writers to complete different assignments and projects. The diversity of assignments means that you get to write what you are good at, whether it is law, social concerns, politics all these categories of writing are available. The great thing about freelance writing from home is that it lets you explore your creativity and also gives you an opportunity to grow your portfolio for your published work. Look around on the internet and you will be certain to get amazing offers that will get you utilizing your talents.

If you are not good at writing you must be good at talking. The telemarketing or call center opportunities are growing at a remarkable rate. There are a substantial number of reliable companies that out source individuals to pick up their calls and serve as customer care representatives and you can do this right from your home. All you need is a telephone, a sufficient room and organization and you can start learning as soon as possible. These types of work from home opportunities are suitable if you are not doing any other thing and have maximum working hours due to the nature of the job.

Forex trading and online auction is also another amazing work from home opportunities. This is an up coming area and offers great opportunities especially for work from home dads and those who have retired and fancy this kind of online business. The level of learning in this type of opportunity is absolutely limitless and there are many great companies out there which offer you a vast amount of information to enable you to make the best of the opportunities that they are offering you.

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Three Reasons the Rich Get Richer

Financial Planning shouldn’t be hard. Unfortunately, the reason that people are not more successful with their money is that they are bombarded by financial services marketing. You are constantly being pushed to buy products from financial salespeople instead of simply copying strategies that the wealthy use to grow and protect their money.

In other words, successful financial planning must be “process-driven” instead of “product-driven”.

So, what do the wealthiest 1% of the population do that the rest do not?

1. They Keep Score. If you want to manage your wealth, you need to be able to measure it. The rich are masters at getting what they want, and their number one objective is building a substantial net worth and multiple sources of income so they can shift their focus to higher-level pursuits, such as personal fulfillment, freedom and philanthropy. Wealthy people have a healthy obsession with getting what they want, which includes money. They know what their values are and know how to set goals that are achievable. Materialism is only part of their motivation; the strongest for most is the freedom to do what they want, when they want. Winners love to win, and the elation they experience after victory never gets old.

2. They Know the Rules of the Game. The wealthiest 1% of the population calculate the highest and best use of specific assets and then make a decision to buy or sell based on that calculation. Any financial decision you make must be considered thoroughly because of the impact that it has on your whole financial picture and how it may affect other assets you own. It is critical to understand asymmetric risk – minimizing your downside risk, while having a much greater upside potential. When trying to decide what financial products make sense to use in your financial plan, you just need to copy the characteristics that the wealthiest 1% of the population use in their plans and apply them to your own situation! Here are the characteristics:

  • Systematic flow of money into the plan
  • Superior returns on your money
  • Availability of money when you need it
  • Minimize taxes on accumulation of money
  • Minimize taxes on distribution of money
  • Easy distribution of your money
  • Protection from loss due to death or disability
  • Minimize potential losses of your money
  • Flexibility to change your plan

3. They focus on money-making activities. Rich people focus most their attention on money-making activities they enjoy. More importantly, they understand how to use of leverage for success and wealth accumulation. Since people who successfully employ leverage accomplish exponentially more in the same amount of time than people who do not take advantage of this powerful tool, they tend to have more free time and not only greater financial resources, but more balanced and fulfilling lives. Leverage allows us to build more wealth than we could ever achieve alone by tapping on various other resources, and extend our potential “reach” beyond our personal resources (cash, time, experience etc.) via the “force multiplier” effect.

At the end of the day, one does not need to be among the richest people in America to live quite comfortably. However, to be more successful with your money, all you need to do is copy what the wealthiest people do with their money and you can be certain to have financial peace of mind.

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Why Borrow Money To Renovate Your Home?

It is important that before you go and borrow money for renovation purposes, that you understand you should only borrow money for what you need. And it is important that you arrange all the financing before beginning the project.

Under a good financing arrangement, you will have funds available as the renovation work requires it. For instance, the building contractor wants $ 2,500 up front; So there is a need for you to include that amount in your loan. After a few weeks, the contractor would ask for another $ 2,500, and then you have to factor that amount again. After a month, the contractor is finished with your house's renovation and he will ask for the balance of $ 5,000. When the understanding that the total amount you will require qill be $ 10,000 you can make a loan application for the full amount.

However, before you go and borrow anything, you have to arrange a total line of credit using the above-given example. In the above example the line of credit should start at $ 10,000 for the house renovation. And when you have got the money ready, you do not have to use it until the time comes when you need it.

There are great benefits when you plan ahead, especially in the renovation of your house. It is true that some financing companies can grant and release the funds to you in just a matter two weeks or less and it may take months reviewing and comparing the different financing institutions that offer these loans. Well, it will not be hurting if you take time to comparison-shop the different banks and financing companies that offer such loans. And it will not hurt you if you start looking for these companies even when your house renovation is still a few months away from the actual time work on it will stay.

Arrange for a Financing Up Front

One of the most obvious problems that home improvements face is additional unplanned charges during the house renovation. This may happen because the budgets have not been properly estimated and as a result the loan requested in insufficiency to cover the renovation's entire expenses.

In this instance people will sometimes have a credit card. The only issue here that you need to deal with is your available credit and credit limit. Until you reach your credit limit, you will have the option to continue borrowing funds.

It is not uncommon to borrow money for the renovation of a home. A home in which to live is basically and obviously a necessity in order to live comfortable. The thing you must do if you are planning large-scale work on it is to plan carefully and if you borrow money, make sure to have the resources so that you can pay back your debt.

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Free to Join Opportunities is the Path to Success

When you are thinking of starting a business in the on-line world what do you think is the way to success? Well the truth is that there are hundreds of ways of success in the on-line world but in this article I will talk about how free to join opportunities are the way to success. Free to join opportunities are very appealing to many individuals across the globe. Because they have skills or qualities that they can take this industry by storm when they join. Some tricks behind free join opportunities are usually that when you join after a certain period you are expected to pay. You get a trail usually, however in this trail you get all the functions of the program and hence if you are wise you will find a way to get in profit before the trail ends and will see that free to join opportunities is the way to start Towards success without any money.

Another reason why free opportunities are the way to success is because usually new Internet marketers do not have the money to invest but do have the mind and time. So this makes it very supreme why free to join programs are very effective. When starting in the on-line world you are always expected to pay quite a lot of money in order to become a member of that program. Also we all know when everyone starts in this industry that keep paying for informational products on how to make money on-line. So usually newbies lose a lot of money when they start without they considering starting a free to join opportunities.

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How to Win Money Online

You can win money online by entering into sweepstakes and contests, by playing games and taking surveys. Game websites offer you the chance to win cash while you enjoy playing games. Some sites even offer a bonus fee just for registering to use the site. You could receive up to €10 in pounds just for submitting some basic details and once you have done this, you can get to work at winning money or prizes online.

Games can be played by anyone as there are games to suit all skill levels. In these games, the highest scoring player is often the one who wins the prize or money available. To win money online, you can make use of free games online. Playing online games for free can help you to improve your skills and enhance game play in the paid games and tournaments. In the tournaments, there is the opportunity to win significant amounts of money.

UK lottery can be found posted at a large number of game sites. It is advisable to play the instant games to increase the chances of winning. You simply log on and download the games you wish to play. You can play slot games, card games, table games, comic slots and marvel jackpot on these game site. These sites offer informational relating to the national lotto, online bingo and lottery statistics. Read through this information to increase the chances of you winning.

UK competitions allow entry into contests offering cash or money prizes. You can sign up for free at a range of programs and be granted access to all the recent competitions. At certain websites, you will be present with the chance to win money online up to the value of €15, 000 in pounds. All that is required of you is to subscribe to the site and enter into these contests. A popular contest is HOPA, a scratchboard contest. Certain games offer a one-in-three chance of winning. At selected websites, vendors supply you with £5 to play their competitions for free. Money can be won by referring friends and relatives to the sites.

Surveys allow you to win money online. By registering to take complete free surveys, you will often be rewarded with sweepstake entry. Each survey completed earns you a small free and over time, the amount of money earned adds up. Paid online surveys offer you the chance to win cash or to receive free products. Certain sites allow you to sign up, create a team and invite relatives and friends to join you. For each person that registers with the site, you will be entered into a draw where you will have the chance to pocket 10,000 pounds. A range of websites offer various amounts of money to be won through site registration.

Poker sites offer bonus money to those who sign up. You will most likely have to agree to playing selected games but once you have met the requirements, the bonus money can be used to increase the total winnings. Other websites offer users daily pounds in win money online competitions. On these websites, you will not be required to pay a fee to join the site.

You select from numerals and try to match them up to selected numbers. If the correct combination is found, you will win plenty of cash. In some contests, points are earned and these points add up to enable you to win prizes or money. All you are required to do is to advertise the website on your own personal website or online in exchange for your prize.

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Are You in Search of a Home Business? Start a Work From Home Internet Marketing Business – Day 4

The earn $ 5000 a week challenge to make money online in a work from home internet marketing business

This series of letters will inform anyone who is thinking about starting a home business on the foundations of what is necessary to take up the earn $ 5000 a week challenge, and what they need to know to make money online in a work from home internet marketing business .


I came across a book by John Maxwell called "Put your Dream to the Test" (10 questions to help you see it and seize it.) (PUBLISHED BY Thomas Nelson 2009) The following is an excerpt taken directly from his book (I recommend strongly That you buy the book for yourself)

Respond to each of the three statements under the dream question by answering true or false.

1. The ownership question: Is my dream really my dream?

  1. I would be the person in the world most pleased if I completed my dream.
  2. I have publicly shared my dream with other people, including those I love.
  3. My dream has been challenged by others, and I still embrace it.

2. The Clarity Question: DO I clearly see my dream?

  1. I can explain the main gist of my dream in a single sentence.
  2. I could answer almost any question about the what (if not the how) of my dream.
  3. I have written a clear description of my dream that includes it's main features or objectives.

3. The Reality Question: Am I depending on factors within my control to achieve my dream?

  1. I know what my greatest talents are, and my dream relationships heavily on them.
  2. My current habits and daily practices strongly contribute to the potential success of my dream.
  3. My dream is likely to come true even if I am unlucky, if important people ignore or oppose me, or if I encounter serious obstacles.

4. The Passion Question: Does my dream compel me to follow it?

  1. I can think of nothing I would rather do more than see my dream fulfilled.
  2. I think about my dream every day and often wake up or fall sleep thinking about it.
  3. This dream has been consistently important to me for at least a year.

5. The Pathway Question: Do I have a strategy to reach my dream?

  1. I have a written plan for how I intend to accomplish my dream.
  2. I have shared my plan with three people I respect to get their feedback.
  3. I have made significant changes to my priorities and work habits to put my plan into action.

6. The People Question: Have I included the people I need to realize my dream?

  1. I have surrounded myself with people who inspire me and who are honest with me about my strengths and weaknesses.
  2. I have recruited people with complementary skills to help me accomplish my dream.
  3. I have transferred the vision for my dreams to others, and they share ownership for it.

7. The Cost Question: Am I willing to pay the price for my dream?

  1. I can recount specific costs I have already paid toward achieving my dream.
  2. I have already considered what I am willing to trade to achieve my dream.
  3. I will not be compromising my values, ruining my health, or damaging my family to pursue my dream.

8. The Tenacity Question: Am I moving closer to my dream?

  1. I can identify obstacles I have already overcome in the pursuit of my dream.
  2. I do something every day – even if it's very small – to move closer to my dream.
  3. I am willing to do extraordinarily difficult things to grow and change so that I can accomplish my dream.

9. The Fulfilment Question: Does working towards my dream bringing satisfaction?

  1. I am willing to give up my idealism in order to make my dream become reality.
  2. I am willing to work for years or even decades to achieve my dream because it is important to me.
  3. I enjoy the pursuit of my dream so much that even if I fail, I will consider my life to have been well spent.

10. The Significance Question: Does my dream benefit others?

  1. I can name specific people other than myself who will benefit if my dream is realized.
  2. I am working to build a team of like minded people to accomplish my dream.
  3. What I'm doing to achieve my dream will matter in five, twenty, or one one hundred years.

If you are able to mark every statement as true, then the odds are very good that you will see your dream come to fruition. If you marked as false one or more of the statements under a question, then you need to examine whether you are being honest with yourself about where you stand related to that question. Spend time in reflection, and do the exercises at the end of that questions chapter.

So is your dream about starting a home business: Or is your dream the earn $ 5000 a week challenge.

If its the first one then start it. And get on with it. If it is the second one then know that it will take hard work and dedication and there will be many obstacles and know too that you will make money online. You will succeed in your work from home internet marketing business and it will come with perseverance and determination.

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How To Make Money In 2017

Three tips on how to make money in business in 2017

The year 2017 is already upon us. It is time to start making resolutions and start searching for ways to fulfill these resolutions. Every businessperson makes one common resolution every year, and that is he or she will strive to make more money in 2017 than he or she made in 2016. Of course, there is nothing wrong with being ambitious. Without ambition, no one in the world can prosper. Here are some tips for the business community on how to make money in 2017.

This is the age of digital marketing. Therefore, the top ranking tips should be on this aspect of business. Business entrepreneurs should do well to develop the following digital marketing tips on how to make money.

Analyze data:

In this day and age, Information is easy to obtain. The internet is the biggest asset you have today. Use the internet judiciously to analyze the available data. This data analysis can help you take informed decisions, understand customer preferences, conduct campaigns to ensure customer retention, and a host of other beneficial activities. This is not an optional skill anymore. Digital marketing can be done easily with the right campaign.

Content Marketing:

Manufacturing the best items in the world or providing excellent services cannot guarantee you success on its own. You need an effective marketing campaign to create awareness among the customers. Unless people are aware of your products or services, there is no way they are going to buy them. Therefore, place more emphasis on content marketing. An effective content marketing plan can definitely help you earn more money than you did in 2016.

Master SEO Skills:

The roadmap for success in business in 2017 is the digital route. It is natural to have a tremendous level of competition in this field. You have to be ahead of the rest in order to make more money. Achieving a higher SEO ranking than your nearest competitors on the search engines can ensure that more people access your website. This can obviously result in more inquiries. Automatically, this will convert into a higher number of leads thereby transforming into a higher volume of conversion to business. Of course, you should have the products or the services to match the demand. Otherwise, it would not take much time for your ranking to plummet down too.

We have just seen three tips for you to succeed in business in 2017 and make money.

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