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Technique To Write High Quality Article

When you are planning to market your new or even old website in order to get more traffics, one of the way is by writing an article and submitting it to as many places as possible. This is with the hope that webmasters will take your article and your website link and place them on their website. In this way, you have one link from where you submitted the article, and another each time a webmaster copies your article to place it on his / her site.

However, there are lots of people who do not know what format should be followed when writing one. Proper format and preparation will make your article look professional and this will make webmasters have confident with your ideas. I have listed few tips for you to follow below and these tips could be used for any type of articles since the main format is still the same. Here are the tips:

1. Determine your topic. Exactly what are you going to write about in your article? Brainstorm for ideas and list them down on paper.

2. Figure out who your audiences will be. Are you writing for a beginner, an intermediate, or an advanced audience?

3. Before you start to write, start with your research. How well do you know the topic? You could use the vast information in the Internet to get ideas and information. Is it something you can write easily about with little or no preparation or do you need more information from experts in the field?

4. Decide on the length of the article and this will make you aware how much to write about certain subtopic within the article.

5. Write down a list of possible sources for you to consult and acknowledge them later in your article. This can include source of documents, internet research and people that you quote.

6. Start by writing either an an outline or a summary of your article first. This will help bring the concept of the article into sharper focus and will make it easier for you to write the full article later.

7. Write the rough draft of the article as follows:

-Tell your readers what you are going to tell them. This is your introduction that will pre-inform the reader what the main information that they are going to get out of the article.

-After the introduction section, tell them the main part of the article. Explain in detail each main point that you pre-inform in the introduction sections. Tell your readers what you have promised to tell them in the introduction section.

– The last section of the article will be the summary section. Here you will reinstate the main points that you have wrote. Tell the reader the important gist of the article before you end the article.

8.Now since you have the first draft ready, check over your draft for final complete article.

-Check for faulty information. Have you double-checked your facts?

-Delete any unnecessary or contradictory information.

-Eliminate anything that is just taking up space. Do not fill your work with fluff. If you need to do more research, go ahead and do it. Your reader wants valuable information.

-Check for grammar and spelling errors.

-Read it aloud to your self to make sure the text flows smoothly as you intended.

9.Rewrite the article one more time after you have corrected all the mistakes.

10.Now, your article is complete and ready for submission and generate traffics to your site.

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Sell ​​Beats For Money

Did you know that you can actually sell beats for money? If you are a producer and you love to create your own beats, then I have good news for you. You can actually make some money in the music industry by just creating your own beats.

Everyday a lot of new andcoming artists which includes singers and rappers need instrumentals so they can start writing their music. Instrumentals actually help by inspiring them and help them in creating their song. This is the reason why they usually go online searching for some beats to purchase. This is where you come in.

Fortunately, it is easy to sell beats for money. Here is a short but effective way on how to do it.

1) Check the Requirements

Before you can start making your own beats, you need to have certain requirements. First, you will need to have a laptop and Internet connection. Your laptop will be where the beat software will be installed. This is where your beat creation process will take place. Meanwhile, the Internet connection is for selling your beats. You need to be able to visit beat websites so you can start posting and making money off your instrumentals.

2) Start Creating

Once you have the requirements ready, it is time to start creating your own beats. You can do this by carefully selecting and studying a beat making software. If you are going to browse the Internet, you will find that there are a lot of beat making software available. Choose one that appeals to you and spend your time learning it. It may take days but it will be worth it. After learning, you will now be able to create your own beats.

3) How to Sell Your Instrumentals

When you have your beats ready, you can now log online and sell your beats for money. There are many ways to sell your beats. You can either have your own website or you can simply post your beats in beat databases. Having your own website helps in attracting professional artists. It gives them a place to listen to your beats while getting to know you as a producer. Meanwhile, posting your beats on databases will give you more exposure. And you can expect that people who visit these websites are really there to purchase some beats.

While you can do both so you can sell your beats for money, you can start with posting your beats on databases if you do not have the initial money to create a website. It will get you started in the beat making industry without initial funds.

So as you can see, selling beats for money is actually easy. You just need to carefully choose your beat making software and you need to have some listening skills. Also, remember that it is better to spend more time in crafting your instrumentals. High quality will always be better than high quantity. Only expect to make lots of money when you have high quality instrumentals for sale.

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Make Income Online – The Best Gateway to Success

You might be an expert in a particular stream to earn money in a great manner. With minimal amount of effort and by selecting a proper job there are great chances that you can make wonderful income. There are fabulous jobs that are available to make income online. Some of the hottest jobs that are available in the online field include article writing jobs, copy writing, blog and data entry jobs.

There is a good level of details that are provided in the space below to depict means of earning money through article writing jobs. Many individuals have been able to gain great success due to the huge demand that exists in this field. There is also stunning potential that is present in this category.

There is a popular misconception among people that articles can only be written by experts in the particular field.In reality, any common person will be able o write fabulous articles. It is just required that you spend some time to Google out the topics to get good knowledge about that topic.

With the knowledge that is derived, it becomes very capable to write articles. This job will be highly qualified for all the people who are desperate to find a job that works effectively from home.

You can choose your own articles and write on it. There are also many freelance writing jobs that provide an open opportunity for all people to earn money. Apart from these above benefits, you will be able to generate high income beyond your expectation. So there is a wonderful prospect that is being offered through these jobs

You will be paid on a hourly basis or based on the number of articles or number of words you type. Transaction can be done through an online basis using methods such as PayPal and many other online banking facilities. Surely you will be highly benefited due to the presence of these jobs.

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How to Make Your Own Web Site and Make Money at the Same Time

Being in web development for the last 7 years, I have often been asked about making a web site for a friend or family member just as a personal site or for a simple business site.

Generally, to have your own web site hosted by a reputable hosting company, you have to prepay for one year and if you want to add or increase features the costs add up. This could include added storage space for files, amount of traffic allowed per month and other options.

But, did you know that there is an opportunity to have your own affordable web site developed and on the internet in 24 hours?

Yes! There is a company that offers a complete hosting package including a software program known as a web site builder that even a beginner can start designing professional looking web pages.

Everything you need to create web pages can be accomplished through the web site builder and you can have up to 10 personalized email addresses that you can access through the Internet web mail. Or you can setup your email using a software program called Outlook Express. It also has a picture gallery that you can upload pictures onto your site. Setting up a site is never easier, especially for a family if they wanted to create online photo albums for relatives, or for special events like weddings, anniversaries, vacations, birthdays, etc. The most attractive part of this hosting and web site package, is that it is only $ 10 US per month and you are not locked into an annual contract or have any initial setup fees. You can cancel the service at any time.

The only difference is the domain name extension.

Have you ever heard of the dot WS domain?

For example, instead of

If you have not, that's OK!

Let me give you a brief history on the dot WS domain.

The dot WS domain was originally intended as a country domain for a little island about 1,600 miles north of New Zealand called 'Western Samoa', since the named extension dot 'WS'. In 1998, companies and people worldwide were buying up the dot COM domains at an incredible rate making it much more difficult to find a desirable domain name with the over-crowded dot COMs. At the time, two gentlemen named, Michael Reed and Alan Ezair saw that there was definitely a need for a secondary top-level domain. Examining all the other country domain extensions, for example, dot US for 'United States', dot AU for 'Australia', the dot WS domain was the focus domain for 'Web Site'. Since then, the dot WS domain has grown in popularity and increased demand. In less than nine months, after offering the dot WS domain to the global community, they had 100,000 registered domain names! This is where Global Domains International (as known as GDI) was born and handles all registrations for the dot WS domains.

Ok, then how do I make money?

An incredible opportunity is available for having a dot WS domain. You do not only have a registered domain, your own web site, and up to 10 email addresses for only $ 10 a month but if you bring others to register their own domains, you will make money from their referrals and it can go on and on. For example, if the people that you had mentioned bring in more people and register, you will make even more money. Registering is a simple process because even if a dot WS domain name is already taken such as with many dot COM domains, there is a list of similar dot WS domains you can choose from.

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Cell Phone Cash Review – A Brand New Way to Make Money Online

Those who are looking for a brand new way to make money online should check out the new product called "Cell Phone Cash" by Mack Michaels. Unlike many other programs that teach the same old stuffs like how to make money blogging, AdSense, pay-per-click, etc …. this system teaches you how to make money with your mobile phone.

But it's NOT about teaching you how to sell handphones on the Internet! Cell Phone Cash is a step-by-step video coaching course that teaches you how to make money leveraging the power of cell phones by promoting products and services to the mobile users.

As you know, the mobile phone market is huge and very lucrative. Nowadays, there are over 3 Billion people around the world who own at least one cell phone and the number is keep increasing. There is no sign that the growth is going to stop any time soon. In fact, the market is just keep growing. There is a tremendous income potential in the mobile industry because the market is pretty much untapped and there is literally no competition.

The Cell Phone Cash coaching course consists of 7 modules. Each module builds upon the next to ensure that you understand the whole process and how everything is connected to each other.

In a nutshell, here are some of the things you'll learn inside the Cell Phone Cash coaching course:

* Exploring the mobile industry
* Analyzing the income potential
* Setting your personal income goals
* Identifying your income sources
* Reverse engineering the competitors
* Creating your content
* Using the proven marketing methods to dominate the mobile industry
* Fast action to make money in the next 48 hours
* How to make 7 figures in the mobile industry by applying what you learn in this course
* and much more …..

The thing I like best about this course is that there is zero fluff. Right from module 1, the author reveals the fast action guide and shows you how to use it to start earning some money in the next 48 hours. If you join Cell Phone Cash, make sure you implement the fast action guide. I have tried it and it works very well for me.

The only qualm I have for this product is that there is a recurring monthly fee of $ 25. But I think this is a small price to pay because you're going to get new strategies and methods to help you dominate the mobile phone market every week. So for me, I treat the monthly fee as a small business expense.


Cell Phone Cash is a very unique money-making coaching course. Unlike other internet marketing courses that teach the usual stuffs like blogging, PPC, AdSense or article marketing, CPC shows you how to dominate a huge yet under-penetrated mobile market. This is the first time I came across an internet marketing course that teachers people how to promote products and services to mobile users. This course is worth checking out if you're interested in dominating the mobile industry.

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Home Equity Line of Credit, Student Loan Consolidation, and Loan Money and Eloan

Home Equity Line of Credit, Student Loan Consolidation, and loan money and Eloan for your new life. Most people have their house and mortgage when they get married but some couples need to shop for a mortgage. Home Equity Line of Credit, Student Loan Consolidation, loan money, and eloan to help you with all your money concerns.

When you shop for the right Home Equity Line of Credit, Student Loan Consolidation, and Eloan for your house, you will need to be aware of the different ways of locking into your mortgage(mortgage calculator) . Finding the right rate for your mortgage can be a tedious business, but you can make this easy by doing your homework. Check all your banks and credit unions for your mortgage rates. (mortgage calculator)

Your mortgage shopping can make a big difference over 25 years. Your Home Equity Line of Credit, Student Loan Consolidation, loan money, home equity line of credit and Eloan can make your financial life better over the years to come. Your marriage will benefit if you both work at getting the low mortgage rate.(mortgage calculator) Have a profitable and fun shopping for your mortgage.

Home equity lines of credit Need to borrow money? home equity lines of credit can be a great source.

Chase Credit Cards application only takes a few minutes to fill out and you can be carrying the top choice credit card within the market.

Visa will always have their share of the market place you should apply for your Visa today

American Express Card Your Application for your new American Express card can be filled out right here

Mastercard In the beginning of plastic money Mastercard was a very small part of the shopping world. Now you can not live without one.

Student Credit Card have a low interest rate and the credit card companies give the student a low interest student credit card online

Discover Credit Cards has more for you and your family. Travel with this card and gone with every purchase.

Capital One Credit Cards make your first credit card a Capital One Credit Card

Christian Debt Consolidation Bringing your debt together will be easier for you and you can SAVE BIG $ $ $ $

Car and Truck loans for all Need a new Car or Truck. You are just a click away.

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Make Money on eBay – Starting a New Business Takes Time

There are many business opportunities that provide you the chance to work from home. An at home eBay business is one of the more popular. For many new eBay sellers there is a sense of urgency to get their business open and to quickly make money on eBay. Unfortunately as with all new businesses there is a need to invest time, energy and money to learn about the business and to get things started.

It is important to spend upfront time to learn about eBay and to develop your new eBay business. There is also the need to spend the time to learn the good business practices that will help ensure the success of your eBay business. Finally, there is the need to spend some time and to develop a basic business plan for the new business. Then you will be ready to begin to make money on eBay.

It is possible to skip one and even all of the important start-up steps. Some will even make money on eBay without investing the time. However, unless you have formal training or experience in the steps that are skipped all that is happening is that the risk of failure is being added. By investing the upfront time the odds of success are turning more and more in your favor.

Do you want to make money on eBay ? Start by learning everything possible about eBay. Read and study the eBay site. Ask questions and really gain confidence in what eBay does. Register as a buyer and complete a few transactions. Then register as a seller. Conduct research and identify your market niche and products. Begin to develop your feedback record as you learn.

If you have never had training or experience in business attend seminars, read books, or take a college class on general business operations. Document your business ideas and develop a beginning business plan for your eBay business. These important steps will move you forward towards your goal to make money on eBay.

Achieving success for your new eBay business is not a race. Success is not about how fast you get to each step as you develop your business. Success is about investing the time and energy to learn as you move forward. Success is about taking the first step and then the step after that as you progress toward the goal to make money on eBay.

To your eBay success!

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5 Things You Must Consider When Starting Your Own Business

Starting your own business may involve a lot of headaches. There's having to find office space, getting permits, hiring people, and more. Aside from those, you also need a business plan. In what direction do you want the business to go? How much money would you like to make five, ten, or so years from now? Those are very important questions to ask, but since you're still in the early phases of your business, you should also seriously consider these five things.

1. What sector will you be in?

Let's say you want to be in IT (information technology). It's a huge, cutthroat industry, with lots of companies, both big and small, competitive for market share. It's a lot tougher for you as someone just starting if you want to jump into the industry as well. So then, you first have to find your niche. What sort of products or services will you specialize in? What can you offer that your competitors do not have? Do not just go with the flow. Be unique and offer something really valuable to your potential customers. Ideally it's something they're looking for that your competitors just can not offer them. That way, your business will stand out above the rest!

2. How much will you invest?

Of course, as a business, you need capital to turn your business ideas into a reality. If you do not pour in the capital, your home business idea will be nothing but a big flop. One important thing to know is how much money your business needs to both begin and maintain itself.

Where would you get the money? You could use your savings, if you have a lot. If not, you could find some business partners and ask them for an investment. Or, you could take out a loan from a bank or a reputable finance group. You could even try crowdfunding like many startup owners do these days. Last but not the least, you can seek professional advice from financial planners, business experts, or business coaches.

3. Who will operate the business?

Managing your small business by yourself is never an easy task. It's even less easy when your company is already expanding. One way or another, you will need to enlist the help of well-trained people to help run your business. Their knowledge and skills will be great assets to your expanding small business, helping it grow further.

4. When do you expect to make money?

Certainly you would want to make money at some point. How could any business owner not want to make money? With that in mind, it's good to set a target date for recovering your capital and earning profit. And if you have a goal, you need an action plan. Let's say you want to recover capital after one year of starting your home business. What actions will you take to achieve that goal?

5. Do you have what it takes to build your own business?

Running your own small business requires a lot of sacrifices on your part. And there's even the chance that your business idea will not work out. That's something you have to contend with. You can not avoid running into a few (or many) obstacles along the way. But if you're convinced that running a business is your road to financial freedom, then go ahead! By all means, do your best!

You may find these questions far too serious to think about, but one way or another you have to answer them. Starting your own business is a major life decision, and as with any major life decision, you have to be absolutely sure before you say yes. The more you know what you need to do to succeed, the more likely you will succeed. Remember that these questions are not here to discourage you from starting a business. Rather, they serve to prepare you for the journey ahead. So go ahead and start your business, for it may change your life forever!

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You Too Can Become Unemployed

Today, there are more opportunities than ever for us to become unemployed.

Could nine-to-five eventually become extinct? More and more people are striking out successfully on their own these days.

The Buzz all over is to stake your claim at your own business …

Many are challenging themselves to this idea and taking the plunge!

On the job front, unemployment is on the increase and allegiance between employers and employees is on the decrease. Unless you've been living in a cave somewhere, you can not help but pay attention to the present climate of economic irregularity that is currently existing globally.

Today ordinary folks from all over the world are relocating from working for an employer to self employment. Many of these start-up businesses are succeeding due to numerous opportunities that are now feasible because of the continued advances in Technology and the World Wide Web.

There are many resources today available to teach you the way to become self employed.

We have to learn to overcome; the fear of failure, the fear of success, and the fear of the unknown. Through this we must build a foundation within which is firmly established in confidence and consistency to enable us to succeed on our own.

The entrepreneur spirit must prevail now more than ever before!

The self empowerment to become unemployable can be a dream come true.

Our level of financial or personal achievement in life is largely based upon our mindset and what we really believe internally.

When we make this decision to go out on our own, in addition to building the outgoing vehicle (in the form of the type of business we've decided on), we have to build the vehicle to support this effort.

This is where the rubber meets the road.

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21 Quotes You Can Use To Inspire Yourself to Fire Your Boss and Build Wealth at Home

It has been said that it takes 21 days of consistent action to change a behavior or create a new habit. Often times we want something different but old tapes continue to play in our head that keep us from reaching our goals and dreams. This can range from trying to drop 10 lbs to gaining the courage to start your work at home business.

The truth is going from an employee to an entrepreneur can be a little scary. However one of the ways to reduce fear and increase success is to lean on the wisdom and experience of others who have been successful in life.

Some may be famous and others not. Nevertheless, the wisdom if you choose to listen can help you create a paradigm shift in thinking which the foundation to massive success. I have always loved to listen to the champions that have gone before.

Here are 21 quotes that I have thought about often and used to inspire me to down size my boss and it can do the same for you.

1. Once in a while it really hits people that they don’t have to experience the world in the way they have been told to. —Alan Keightley

Were you told to go to school and get a good job? I was. While I know my mother meant well and thought she was preparing me tobe able to have access to the pearly gates of success she could not know how things would change.

However, I knew that I wanted more? How about you? Remember, you don’t have to settle for 60 hour work weeks, 30 minute commutes, your kids in day care or relocating for the promise of career advancement. You don’t have to be part of the grind…the rat race.

2. You will never change your life until you change something you do daily. — Mike Murdock

Are you afraid to get started? It may seem overwhelming but if you focus on simply daily actions the big goals take care of themselves.

3. No one lives long enough to learn everything they need to learn starting from scratch. To be successful, we absolutely, positively have to find people who have already paid the price to learn the things that we need to learn to achieve our goals —. Brian Tracy

Get help right out the gate. Find a mentor, coach, mastermind or become a part a community that will help to support you in your success. You want to become a life long learner. Attend seminars and boot camps in your specialized area knowledge. When you learn from people who have been successful and you model their activities you will get their results.

4. By stretching yourself beyond your perceived level of confidence you accelerate your development of competence. — Michael J. Gelb

The only way to gain confidence in a certain area is to take action. It is in the action you will start to have small victories which will increase your level of success.

5. If you don’t program yourself, life will program you! —Les Brown

Don’t let other people make decision for your life. If you have no plan on you will create wealth during your working years your employer will. Have no retirement plan? You don’t the government to be your strategy. Remember, it’s your life and it’s now or never.

6. There are two primary choices in life: to accept conditions as they exist, or accept the responsibility for changing them. —Denis Waitley

No matter what your current conditions are you have the opportunity to change them. However, this only can happen if you take total responsible for the direction of your life. If you don’t like where you are forgive yourself and focus on solutions. Don’t focus on problems or why you think something can’t happen. Start to ask powerful questions the answers will start to appear.

7. Everything you need you already have. You are complete right now, you are a whole, total person, not an apprentice person on the way to someplace else. Your completeness must be understood by you and experienced in your thoughts as your own personal reality. — Dr. Wayne Dyer

8. Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us. Who are we NOT to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented and fabulous? You are a child of God. Your playing small doesn’t serve the world. We were born to make manifest the glory of God that is within us. It’s not just in some of us; it’s in us all. —Marianne Williamson

When I first heard this quote it brought tears to my eyes. What talent or gift do you have that you are allowing fear to rob you from achieving? Doing what you were called to do it is bigger than you. You are unique and sharing your gift with someone could make a difference in their life. Are you playing it too small? Are staying in a job that doesn’t stretch you? What can you do to make a difference?

9. You’ll see things “you never knew you never knew.” — Disney’s Pocahontas

The journey and pursuit of freedom allows you to see the world in a different way than others. As you grow you will naturally see opportunities that others can not see. Jason Oman author of Conversation with Millionaires calls it “Money Goggles.” Even if you were in a pitch black room you will have infrared vision in the area of creating opportunities to make money.

10. A different world cannot be built by indifferent people. —Peter Marshall

You can’t have what you want in life by being indifferent. Successful people are passionate and sometimes radical in pursuit of their dreams. Don’t allow yourself to be in environments that discourage you.

11. What is it that you like doing? If you don’t like it, get out of it, because you’ll be lousy at it. You don’t have to stay with a job for the rest of your life, because if you don’t like it you’ll never be successful in it. —Lee Iacocca

Why would you ever spend most of your waking hours doing something that you don’t like? The key to success is finding something you love to and set the standard for excellence.

12. Simply making consistent investments in our self-education and knowledge banks pays major dividends throughout our lives. — Jim Rohn

The self-education I have pursued after college has been my greatest return on investment. There is something to be said when you develop skills that you know will support you in any economy. Specialized knowledge applied with all out massive results will yield hefty financial and emotional rewards.

13. Finding your purpose may be a lifelong pursuit or you may have discovered it when you were 5 years old. There’s no absolute timeline for anyone. That’s a good reason never to give up, to keep on discovering things every day. — Donald Trump

If you have not discovered your life’s purpose don’t be hard on yourself. Start to ask yourself questions and enter into a discovery process. Allow yourself to dream without concerns of how you will get it done. Every time you think you have found the answer did a little deeper with more questions. Rarely are your true goals, purpose and desires on the surface of your soul. Often times they have been put away for safe keeping to protect yourself from disappointment. Keep discovering new things until your purpose is crystal clear.

14. What material success does is provide you with the ability to concentrate on other things that really matter. And that is being able to make a difference, not only in your own life, but in other people’s lives. —Oprah Winfrey

When you get the money out of the way your world expands even greater. Oprah exemplifies this principle. She now looks for ways to help others in everything she does. Whether it is giving more support to your family or contributing to a worthy cause, having freedom as a work from home entrepreneur will allow you make your mark in the world.

15. The world cares very little about what a man or woman knows; it is what the man or woman is able to do. — Booker T. Washington

So what can you create and add value to the world? I love this quote because it demonstrates very clearly that what matters are results at the end of the day. Don’t get caught up in theories. Make sure you are constantly taking action that moves you towards a specific goal.

16. There are risks and costs to action. But they are far less than the long-range risks of comfortable inaction. — John F. Kennedy

Are you so afraid to fail that you just can’t get out of the box? Don’t be. Many people have “failed” their way to million dollar empires. It is better to do something and be wrong then to do nothing at all. When you choose to do nothing someone else usually makes a decision that impacts you and you ending up doing something you don’t want to do.

17. I don’t believe in circumstances. The people who get on in this world are the people who get up and look for circumstances they want. –George Bernard Shaw

There is no such thing as luck. You create the luck by working and preparing for the opportunity. When you start to put yourself out there the universe gives back. Make sure you are clear of your intentions and then go and make it happen.

19. It’s not the hours you put in your work that counts, it’s the work you put in your hours. — Sam Ewing

You have the same 24 hours in the day as Bills Gate and Oprah. Don’t sabotage yourself by saying, “Well they can do it because their rich.” Unless you inherit wealth there is a price that everyone has to pay. You don’t have to work all day at your work from empire. However, you must consistently put time in if you want success.

20. You must do the thing you think you cannot do. — Eleanor


One of the greatest gifts you can give yourself is to do something you think you can not do. It doesn’t have to be something huge. A simple action of courage goes a long in adding to your confidence in every area of your life.

21. You will never leave where you are, until you decide where you’d rather be. — Dexter Yager

Until you know your purpose you will be at risk for staying in a job that slowly eats away at you. Why? You simply don’t have a strong enough goal to leave your current job. When the goal is strong enough you will search to find the answers.

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