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DigiCamCash Review – Does DigiCam Cash Work?

DigiCam Cash is a program for amateur and professional photographers who wish to take their pictures and turn them to an income stream by selling their photos online. But does this guide actually work? Can you make money through it?

There is no doubt that the online photography business has opened the door to amateur photographers to turn their hobby into an extra income stream. The huge demand for pictures of any kind from webmasters, magazines, advertisers, and business owners, makes this into a huge opportunity which you can take advantage of if you have an internet connection and a digital camera. Basically, nothing else is needed … except, knowing how to make the most of this business.

This is where DigiCamCash comes in. Created by freelance photographer, Jarrod Hardcastle, DigiCam Cash reviews the various ways that you can make money just by submitting your photos to various website for a royalty whenever someone buys a downloadable copy. This turns every picture into an income stream which can potentially last for years.

Of course, not every photo you take will become a bestseller. Not by any means. However, this is exactly what Digicam Cash can teach you. When you join this recommended program you will have the support and expertise of someone who is already making money by selling his online photos and be able to learn how to duplicate their actions so that you too can make money easily.

Again, you do not need to be a professional photographer for this. You can do this easily with any good camera. Of course, you will need to work, take pictures, do a little research and so on, but what a guide like DigiCamCash does for you is shorten your learning curve so that you can start to turn this into a lucrative business that gives you money Each and every month.

If you like taking pictures, then why not make money with them in the process?

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Travel Cebu

Roosevelt Mountain Resort

Cebu City, gaining it’s name for the city’s great beaches. Cebu City, known as the Queen City of the South, has been gaining a lot of travelers, tourists and investors alike.

Cebu City has attracted Japanese for the Cebu city’s rich diving spots; Koreans for the Cebu city’s affordable ESL programs; Chinese for the Cebu city’s easy access to trade and industry. These are the top 3 nationals that are in Cebu aside from the few Taiwanese, Americans, and Indians.

Cebu City has a lot to offer, from the great beaches, great food, polite people “Cebuanos”, and mostly all things are affordable. One can do a lot of activities like parasailing, snorkling, diving, island hoping or.. if not a sporty type, one still can still enjoy Cebu by relaxing by the beach, for food enthusiast, there are a lot of restaurants available fro Western, Japanese, or to the local food which are very affordable.

One that has been growing with enthusiast are the mountain resorts in Cebu. There are a lot of mountain resorts sprouting. It is an adventure to try them. Different resorts offers different ammenities, pools, great view of Cebu, spring waters, and such.

While in Cebu, you should try it’s delicacies, Dried Mangoes, Dangit Dried Fish, Otap, Lechon, Chicharon and more! Visit Colon the oldest street in the Philippines, Taoist Temple, Santo Nino Church, Magellan Cross, Tops, Fort San Pedro, and don’t forget to include in your list the beaches!! Plenty to choose from in Mactan Island just a few minutes from City of Cebu!

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Exercises and Workouts – Three Benefits Of Using Pull-Up Assist Bands

One exercise you will want to consider adding to your workout routine is the pull-up. Pull-ups are a fantastic back training that will help to strengthen the entire back region as well as working the biceps.

The drawback? They are tough. So tough in fact many people cannot even perform a single pull-up at the start. If this is the case, you may be feeling quite frustrated and not sure how you can progress along when it seems like you cannot get started.

This is where pull-up assist bands come into play. These bands are going to help you execute the full pull-up by taking some of the weight off the lower body. The result is you can complete a pull-up – albeit a modified one, getting you closer to your end goal of doing a full pull-up straight. So this all said, what other benefits can you receive from using pull-up assist bands?

Let’s go over a few points to keep in mind…

1. Direct Transfer Over To The Exercise In Question. First, you are going to get excellent transfer over benefits to the full pull-up training. Alternatively, you could just perform a standard pull-down, but this is not going to be exactly like a pull-up. It will be similar, but you would not be making the same movement pattern. Thus, the transfer over benefit is not as high.

By using the pull-up bands and doing a standard pull-up, this ensures you are going to be best able to move into the full pull-up with ease.

2. Improved Core Strength. These pull-up bands are also an excellent way to improve your overall core strength. When using them, you are going to be contracting your abs hard, resisting momentum from coming into the picture. The result is you are keeping your core nice and tight, building up better overall muscular endurance.

Overall muscular endurance can then not only make the pull-ups easier but provide excellent transfer over benefits to other exercises as well.

3. Perfect For Home Workouts. Finally, the last super benefit pull-up assist bands have to offer is they are ideal for those who are doing home workouts. While at a gym you do have the option of using the lat pull-down machine, at home, chances are you do not have this choice. Therefore, using the pull-up bands provides an excellent alternative.

So consider pull-up bands for your next workout. Don’t get discouraged you cannot perform the full pull-up. Just work your way up to it by using this piece of equipment instead.

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Horses – Citation

In this article we're going to briefly go over the career of one of the most famous horses in racing history, Citation.

If you look past the losses that Citation sustained at the end of his career, this has to be one of the greatest horses in racing history if you simply look at its accomplishes. Citation was a horse that was not only blessed with blind speed but with great staying power. The horse just never tired. Add to that a killer instinct that literally killed him past the other horses and this horse was almost unbeatable until he just got too old to do it anymore.

Over the course of Citation's career there were many changes. After the patriarch of Calumet Farms, Warren Wright, died, trainer Ben Jones started to hand over more responsibility of handling Citation to his son Jimmy. He absolutely took this horse to a place where no other horse had been to that time; Retiring as a millionaire in 1951. Unfortunately, the losses he sustained in the last 2 years of his career greatly greatly diminished what he had accomplished in the eyes of others.

The truth is, racing was never easy for Citation in spite of his natural talent. Injuries kept him completely out of the 1949 racing season. To compound matters, Warren Wright's dying wish that Citation retire a millionaire kept this horse racing into his sixth year when most other horses would have already been long retired. In spite of all this, Citation somehow managed to shake off the defeats late in his career and win his final three races, something nobody expected him to be able to do. His final victory was the Hollywood Gold Cup, which was the race that put him over the million dollar earnings bracket, the only horse to ever reach this plateau.

Warren Wright was actually more responsible for the great horse that Citation became than anyone realizes. It was his choising to breed Bull Lea, a less than successful triple crown winner, and Hydroplane II, a horse he purchased from Lord Derby in the spring of 1941. Obviously, this pairing was a work of pure genius on Wright's part.

Citation's career began in 1945 with great fanfare. By the time he reached his 3 year old season in 1947 he was honored as Racing's Horse Of The Year. That year he won the Flamingo Stakes and Everglades Handicap and he was on a seven race winning streak.

But the pinnacle of that year was when Citation won the triple crown, winning the Kentucky Derby by 3 1/2 lengths, the Preakness by 5 1/2 lengths and the Belmont Stakes by an amazing 11 lengths. With that victory, Citation became racing's 8th triple crown winner.

But he was not through. Citation won 9 more starts in 1948. By the time his 3 year old career had ended Citation had won 27 races and came in 2nd twice in 29 races.

Citation died on August 8, 1970, at the age of 25. He was truly one of the greatest.

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The Biggest Time-Waster In Quitting Sugar

Are you a woman between 30 and 50 years old? Have you ever felt “stuck” on sugar? Have you ever described yourself as addicted to it?

Most importantly, have you wanted to quit sugar for some time now but had trouble getting around to doing that?

I’m convinced that the biggest time-waster when it comes to getting away from sugar once and for all is… waiting till you feel ready.

What Stands In Your Way?

Maybe you’ve eaten sugary foods – of one sort or another – to handle the stress you’re feeling. Many of us have done that, so it’s nothing to feel embarrassed about doing.

Yet it’s a self-perpetuating process.

Knowing – or fearing – that stresses will show up and not wanting to quit because of that is a virtual guarantee that you’ll stay stuck. Even if it’s not a fully conscious plan, it is still a plan to use sugar to handle the stress.

But that’s a never-ending battle! Stress of some type will always be there. And so will sugar. This is the U.S., after all.

Why You Should Quit Sugar Now

Here’s a true statement: The sooner you quit sugar, the sooner your brain chemicals and your blood glucose will be more stable.

Stable, you think, what’s so great about that?

As unsexy as stability may sound, what makes it great is that it will help you react less to any given stress in the first place.

A Tip From a Top Endurance Coach

My endurance coach – the late, fantastic Jim Karanas – had much to say about the pain associated with hard training. Here’s one point he frequently made about training:

It’s not that the pain goes away, but that you become less reactive to it.

This applies very well to stress. “Less reactive” is a perfect place to be when stress comes up – just as it is when the inevitable pain of tough training comes upon you.

Said another way, “It’s not that (the stress) doesn’t hurt, it’s just that it doesn’t matter.” You can create that less reactive state of mind for yourself if you stop procrastinating on quitting sugar.

Imagine being less reactive – unruffle-able – when stressed. How perfect does that sound?

A Valuable Get-Started Tip For You

Quit sugar NOW! Start by eating protein with absolutely everything you eat. Make sure the protein is REAL protein: shrimp, chicken, fish, eggs, Greek yogurt with 18 or more grams of protein per serving, and others.

Avoid protein imposters: nuts, cheese, quinoa.

Don’t expect the small amount of protein in leafy greens or other vegetables to do the trick for you. The brain needs more help here. Really.

Instead, use vegetable-based protein powders if you want to avoid animal products. Don’t cheat your brain of protein when you’re trying to quit sugar.

Protein won’t make the stress go away, of course, but it’s a good first step in helping you become less reactive to it.

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Training Like a Manual Laborer

Being a laborer for over 30 years and training for the same amount of time I have a different outlook on training. For years I earned and still do earn a living with my physical and mental toughness. I have to keep myself in shape to continue to feed my family. In 30 plus years doing manual labor I have never hurt my back or ever missed work because of injury on the job.

I do not always lift with my legs, and never look or worry about form I just do my job. I bend, I twist, I climb, I lift and carry all day long.

It is rare for someone to go and work as many years I have and throw in years of training and not have the body already broke down. One thing is I take care of myself, I eat well and I have a different mindset then most men doing labor work.

I hear it all the time on sites about bad backs, and I'm getting old (Most are younger than me) I can not lift things like that anymore. Why is it these guys continue to do a job they physically struggle to do?

The reason is because for years they have heard from others just like them that when you get older you can not do the same things you once did. Bullshit! At some point you will probably have a decline but these guys just listen to all before them. I have heard it for years, wait til your my age and I have been listening this since I was 18 I do not hear it much anymore because of my age.

I get tired of people who will chime in tell you how "They know a guy" or "My Dad" or My Grand dad "there will always be exceptions but do not include me in the general labor population, because I do not follow The standards of the basic man.

I decide how things will go, not history. People hate that I act like this and can care less and I am living proof so until someone can prove me wrong I will continue to train like I always have. Training to win in life, training for honor, training for survival is the reason I continue to push my mind and body. The minute we decide we no longer need an advantage is when we will start to lose our edge. Once you feel it no longer matters you are right, you have already lost the edge!

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Ebay Dropshipping Tips – Unveiling the Pros and Cons of Ebay Dropshippers

Drop shippers are a convenient option to use for the time pressed and strapped of cash individuals. They can be used advantageously if the following points are kept in mind.

Point # 1:

EBay Drop shippers can be used by eBay sellers if they are averse to stocking and handling of the products. This allows to free precious time and investment can be spared on these activities. Dropshippers handle all the after sales activities and deliver the goods to the destination.

Point # 2:

The investment freed from stocking and handling can be used for improving the business. This allows you to have extra cash to purchase on better terms with the suppliers, while helping you to get cash discounts! You can use the savings to investment on wide range of items.

Point # 3:

Using dropshippers for your small or medium business is a great convenience as you do not need to provide money for storage and handling of goods. You cut your overheads as you employ less people and require a smaller set up. This also generates more profits on less investment with decline in recurring costs.

Point # 4:

To choose a dropshipper who would carry out the delivery instructions is tricky and you need to base your decision on a number of factors. Many of the dropshippers may not stock all that on their list. It is better to try out one yourself to see their performance and then decide on their selection.

Point # 5:

The dropship must be able to deliver on time with quality an abiding principle. Timely delivery of the ordered quantity is a must to selecting dropshippers.

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How to Make Your Penis Bigger With Maca

Maca is a unique supplement that has been helping men enlarge their penises for a very long time, and if you are tired of trying product after product with little to no results, then this is the product for you.

Maca provides you with an easy, safe, and natural way to increase the girth and length of your penis for very little money especially when it is used in conjunction with a male enhancement product.  If you are sick of taking supplements that do not provide the results you want, or if you do not want embarrassing products like penis pumps in your home, then Maca can provide a simple yet effective solution.

Here, we’ll talk about how Maca can benefit you both during sexual intercourse as well as everyday life.

Maca works with your body to increase the overall size of your penis, providing a number of different benefits. Longer penises are able to penetrate more deeply during sexual intercourse, which not only provides a greater degree of sexual pleasure for the male partner, but for the female partner as well.

This is because the cervix and fornix, which are located near the back of the vaginal cavity, are key pleasure spots that are difficult to reach with an average sized penis. A longer penis also increases the amount of wet friction during intercourse, because deeper penetration means more friction per stroke.

Thicker penises are also important during sex, because they allow the vaginal cavity to fit snugly around the penis. This increases wet friction and in turn increases sexual stimulation for both the male and female. Using Maca to increase the girth and length of your penis is an excellent way to increase your sexual performance and help please your partner, as well as get more pleasure yourself.

Large penises are not only important during sex, however. Studies by leading sexologists around the world have shown that men with larger penises experience a number of benefits in terms of mental and emotional health. Men that believe their penis is of greater than average size (that is, more than six inches long) have higher confidence and more self esteem than those that think their penis is of less than average size.

If you are looking for a way to boost your confidence both in and out of sexual intercourse, as well as a way to improve your sex life with your partner, then choosing Maca as your ticket to male enhancement is a good way to go.

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What A Night

In researching the recess of my memory it was in the spring of ’83 that I experienced what The Four Seasons sang about in their hit “Oh! What A Night” When in the opening lyrics of that hit instead of back in December of ’63 Oh! what a night for me was that night back in ’83. That night especially was a very special time for me. And, as the lyrics go as I remember what a night it was for me. I didn’t even know her name when she waltzed up to the bar at the Gold Room. I knew then things were never going to be the same. What a lady and what a night it turned out to be.

For all things that happen in life there are a few instances when a chance encounter abruptly changes the direction of ones life. Was it love at first sight or was just a passing fling? I got a feeling when she walked into the room. But, when she walked up to that bar I knew right then I would never be the same. The infectious smile as she turned toward me completely mesmerized me. It was like I was in a trance. All I could do when she walked up to me was realize she was everything I dreamed she’d be. And as the lyrics go “Sweet surrender what a night. I felt a rush like a rollin’ ball of thunder spinning my head around taking my body under.”

Her smile was immediate as we both caught each others eye. Out of the blue I offered to pay for the drinks she was ordering for her friends. Right then and there it seemed so right. What a lady and what a night it really turned out to be. As I recall that night ended much too soon. Through-out that night we danced so close her breath was intoxicating so warm and sweet. But, as last call came around we knew our lives were never going to be the same.

As she left a sweet sensation swept all over me. Latter that night as I drifted off to sleep she was all I could think of. What a lady and what a night it really was for her and for me. By early next morning the rush of passion never did subside. Eagerly I called to again here her sweet voice. And, by the following weekend I was welcomed into an extended family knowing that our lives would be forever changed. That sparkle in her eyes when we first met never did waver, never did dim.

For over four years through the good and the bad the love that we shared came to a tragic end. I knew from the beginning that I may have come into her life just a little too late to ease the burden of an uneasy life. As the illness progressed I knew that all good things must end. Now, some 30 years latter after her passing the lessons of her life that she passed on to me has stayed as fresh as the days we were together. Through-out all these years she is the one that shaped the person I came to be. The ease of her demure, her gentle ways eased the roughness of my uncharacteristic ways. So that now I had mellowed to the point where anger is tempered. All because of the love that she gave to me.

As her children are all grown now with kids and grad kids of their own it is only fitting to keep alive the memory of what a lady and what a first night it was for me. Remembering back it was such an a thrill to have experienced a once in a lifetime romance that blossomed out of a chance meeting in what is always remembered as what a lady and what a night it really turned out to be.

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How To Become A Successful Freelancer Within A Short Period Of Time

Freelancing, the world of working at your own pace, the freedom of being your boss. That is one comfort that every individual who calls himself/herself a freelancer loves to enjoy.

But like all things, freelancing also has its “not so good” part and that is where most freelancers fall into nowadays. But worry not, I’m here to guide you to that “Freelancing Heaven” you so much desire.

Almost everyone can do freelancing but only a number of people can actually do it right. And if done right, it can be the source of a substantial amount of income to you. The most important aspect of freelancing is getting selected for jobs and I’m going to tell you how get the gigs you want.

How To Get Selected For Jobs

1. Be Unique– Millions of freelancers might be offering the services you render but you should have something that sets you apart. It could be attention to detail, a particular skill set that not everyone possesses etc. Always try to let your clients know this when bidding / applying for gigs.

2. Don’t Appear Cheap: A lot of freelancers do this and eventually rack up so many cheap gigs that they can’t complete at times. This can result in some of them getting negative reviews because of clients dissatisfaction and delay in project delivery time. It is better to do one $300 job very well than take on 10 gigs worth $30 each and fail to deliver.

3. Set realistic timeframes: Some freelancers agree to just about any set of terms just to get the job including an unrealistic timeframe which causes client dissatisfaction later. As a freelancer, clients should be able to hold you to your word and if the timing of a project does not suit you. Then it is better to notify the client of a more suitable time or not start the project. Your reputation is at stake. One bad review can do quite the damage to your profile.

4. Under-promise and Over-deliver: The point here is that you should only promise what you can deliver. Don’t over-exaggerate your skills to a client. It always backfires in the long run.

5. Upload samples of your works to your profile. And if you’re just new to freelancing, make your profile look as professional as possible.

6. Always try to improve on your skills. And show a willingness to produce quality work.

7. Understand your client’s wants and then advice them based on how best your skills can help them achieve their aims. Clients feel good when the freelancer actually cares about how successful the end-product of their business relationship would be and not just about how much he/she is going to be paid after the job has been completed.

There are thousands of freelancers who make a regular and stable income online. I believe that if you follow the above set of rules, you might just exceed your own expectations.

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