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Docking a Boat Secrets – How to Undock Your Boat Like a Pro

Imagine that your small cruising boat lies moored between two million dollar yachts, with only 12″ to spare at the bow and stern? You need to undock your boat in a high, gusty wind blowing onto the dock. It’s your call, skipper! Use the same principals for undocking as you would for docking a boat with these secrets from the pros.

Determine the stronger element direction

Decide on which element will be stronger–wind or current. Pick which of these four situations match your situation. Let’s say you are tied up in a marina with a stronger wind than current. Is the wind blowing…

* off the dock?

* onto the dock?

* from ahead of the boat?

* from astern of the boat?

Based on your answer, follow one of these methods to undock your boat:

* Wind (or current) off the dock or from ahead

1. Make up a long spring line equal to 1 1/2 times the total length of your cruising boat. Attach one end of the spring to a cleat on the quarter (aft corner).

2. Lead the bitter end to a forward marina dock cleat or piling. Loop it around the dock fitting, bring it back to boat, and cleat it off to the quarter cleat.

3. Start your engine. Assign one person to use a roving fender at the stern to protect the boat. Place your wheel or sailboat tiller amidships (in the center).

4. Cast off all lines except the forward quarter spring line. Shift the engine clutch astern at idle speed. Keep tension on the quarter spring and watch the bow move away from the dock.

5. Wait for the bow to clear the vessel ahead. Take the engine out of gear just long enough to ease tension on the quarter spring line. Remove the spring from the cleat and pull it aboard fast. As soon as it’s aboard, shift the engine clutch ahead at idle speed to move out into the channel.

* Wind (or current) onto the dock or from astern

1. Make up a long spring line equal to 1 1/2 times the total length of your cruising boat. Attach one end to a boat cleat between the bow and beam.

2. Lead the bitter to an aft dock cleat or piling. Loop it around the dock fitting, bring it back to boat, and cleat it off to the bow spring cleat.

3. Start your engine. Assign one person to use a roving fender at the bow to cushion the boat. Turn your wheel toward the dock. Push a sailboat tiller away from the dock. Keep the rudder in this position throughout the maneuver.

4. Cast off all lines except the bow spring line. Shift the engine clutch ahead at idle speed. Keep tension on the bow spring. Turn so that you can watch the stern move away from the dock.

5. Wait for the stern to clear the vessel astern. Take the engine out of gear just long enough to ease tension on the bow spring. Remove the spring line from the cleat and pull it aboard fast. As soon as it’s aboard, clutch the engine astern at idle speed to back clear of the moored yachts and into the channel.

Success in undocking or docking a boat depends on good preparation, positive boat control, and crystal clear communications. Use these tips and you will be undocking your small cruising boat like a pro in no time!

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Home Based Internet Business – Top 5 Benefits

If you are thinking of starting a home based internet business, you are not alone. Every day on the internet, tens of thousands of people start a home based business, and even more are searching for one. So what are the benefits to having your own home based business? Here are the top 5 benefits to owning your own home based internet business.


When you have your own online business, the greatest advantage is freedom. There is nothing in the world like being able to get up in the morning and not have to go to work like everyone else. How about a short 10 second commute to your home office, or even staying in bed and working from your laptop! That's what I would call freedom.


This benefit kind of picks up where the freedom benefit leaves off. What would it mean to you if you were able to drop off your kids at school every morning, or even attend special events at their school? How would you like to be able to take your spouse out to lunch, or maybe just spend the day at the beach? These types of things are all possible when you have your own home based internet business.


When you have your own business, you can set your own income. No one is telling you that you can not have that raise you have been waiting for. Your online income is only limited by your imagination. If you want to make more money, all you need to do is put more effort into your business. Besides being able to set your own income, you will also be able to save an enormous amount of money on commuting. How much money do you spend every month commuting to your job? This can also add up to many hundred of dollars every month.

Tax Advantages

Once you have your own home based business, you are eligible for many tax advantages as well. You will be able to deduct for items you are already using. Things like your high-speed internet connection, cell phone, home phone, electric bill, computer or laptop. The list goes on and on. This can add up to a substantial amount of tax savings, even if you decide to keep your day job. You should consult with you tax advisor about what you will be able to deduct.


This is one of the greatest benefits to having your own home based internet business. The Internet is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You can also leverage yourself through the use of affiliate marketing. This is a way to leverage yourself by having your own affiliates working for you whether you work or not.

There are many different types of home based internet business opportunities available. No matter what business you decide to do, there are similar benefits to each one. For those of you who are willing to work at it, the rewards can be substantial, both personally and financially.

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Online Shopping

So you are in a hurry! Your "To Do" list is through the roof … and you do not know which way to turn.

Many retailers now have an online presence on the web, and it's an online store. This is, according to the majority, is the way to go and many retailers would be very happy to see this as the only way to go. Online shopping is definitely growing in leaps and bounds, in the USA alone many main street retailers have closed hundreds of branches, due entirely to online purchasing.

This is where online shopping becomes a viable proposition … or does it?

The Pro's

1. Save time … logically buying from your home (or the office) is a massive time saver

2. Specials … Most retailers (especially in the Groceries) offer online customers special prices

3. Reduce impulse buying. The old maxim of purchasing groceries after a meal, not before still applies but overall impulse buying online is diminished

4. Prices can easily and quickly be checked with other online retailers. (Or use the software available to do this for you)

5. The phenomenon of Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday is now going worldwide and may be a great idea to get that special item at ridiculously low prices. As online purchasing takes center stage we should see coupons, promotions and more become readily available from the online retailer.

Delivery costs could be both good and bad. It is important to factor the cost of delivery in when purchasing online, especially, once again, groceries. The cost of fuel is also a factor; This of course works both ways. Before you buy anything you should do some comparative shopping. Take a photo on your cell phone, enter the price and compare the cost of the identical article online.

The Con's

1. Goods purchased online tend to be more expensive, this may not be in every case but the ability to get a discount online is distinctly a no-no. This is where comparison may make the difference. It is also good to check for any hidden costs.

2. You lose the opportunity to pick your own items, eg fresh vegetables and fruit, feel the texture and try on the item. Sizes may vary from shop to shop, (it is well known that Chinese sizes are very small), colors may not be exactly as per the image and of course you can not try the item on.

3. In most cases the more you buy the cheaper the delivery charge, but in all probability you will still have to visit the supermarket fairly frequently to buy fresh items, bread, milk etc. This of course raises the question of impulse buying and the cost of the trip.

4. Time is also a factor, how long it takes to get a delivery.

There is a course by now thousands and thousands of online shopping sites on the world wide web. What is interesting is the wide range of pricing for what "appears" to be the same item plus of course "shipping" that is either in the small print (seems the more the retail charges for shipping – the smaller the print) or free "Shipping … really !!

This article is not a definitive work on all the good and bad of online shopping, it is designed to make you think. Now you are probably confused but it all boils down to:

A. Cost saving

B. Time saving

If you are one of the very fortress and can achieve both you have got it made. For other me mortals a compromise will need to be made but as this phenomenon is on the rise we have very little choice but ever go with the flow.

Good Luck.

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Internet Marketing and Making Money Online with Google AdSense

What is the importance of the Internet marketing? In the last few years Internet marketing has developed at a very fast pace. Every one is using their computer in every situation possible. Even if they are at work, or in their homes, the computers and the connection with the Internet became the main way to communicate and to get informed. There are online news- magazines, socialization sites and many others. You can promote your business through the Internet with the help of your blog, or other websites.

You can even do that through mail. It is the best way to interact with your clients and build strong business relationships with them. Beside that it may be the most comfortable way to do marketing and the most effective. And if you take in consideration the costs of this way of marketing, the Internet marketing can be considered the most inexpensive way to promote your businesses.

The results of this type of marketing are showing up much faster, and you can reach clients all over the world with the help of the Internet. You are not limited by anything. And now, after we made a brief description of what Internet marketing can mean for our business, we can start talking about the second topic of this article which is how to make money with AdSense. What is this exactly? Its called Google AdSense to earn money you can post different ads on your websites and when someone clicks on the ads you earn money.

Nothing can be earned without work The very first thing you must insure yourself, is that your website has enough visitors meaning traffic the more traffic the more earnings from Google AdSense you must promote your website in all the best ways possible. You should place the Google ads so they can not be ignored by visitors. Not everyone that is visiting your website will be tempted to click the ads. Place the ads on site in such positions so the visitors will be tempted in clicking the ads. Above are just some of the ideas you should know about when making money online with Google AdSense.

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Ways to Save Money on Household Bills

Household expenses are an issue that any family deals with, and if for some it might not cause inconveniences, others have it more difficult to juggle their monthly budget in order to keep up with their bills. If you want to save money and reduce your bill costs, learning a few tricks will probably come in handy. Here are a few useful tips on the subject, which can help you lower your expenses and fit within your monthly budget without worries:

Insulate your house

One of the major expenses of a household usually revolves around energy consumption. Because you probably desire to live in a comfortable indoor environment, turning your heater or air conditioning system up until you reach the desired temperature probably happened with regularity. Well, without having an energy efficient home, you expenses can skyrocket, especially during harsh days of winter. So, what could you do to make your home more energy efficient, and thus save money on heating or cooling costs? Well, a great solution would be to insulate your house with a proper material. By replacing a faulty and old insulation with a more efficient one, such as spray foam, you can cut down on energy costs significantly. The indoor temperature of your home will be kept at a comfortable level, without relying solely on the heating or cooling system. Drafts and air leakages, which are usually the causes of an unbalanced indoor temperature, will no longer be a problem. Moreover, besides energy saving considerations, an insulation project comes with other benefits as well, such as functioning as a barrier against noise pollution, or preventing mould growth. However, even if insulating your home is so beneficial, in order for you to truly receive everything this home project has to offer, make sure to hire only specialists for the job.

Check if windows are energy efficient

Besides an improper insulation, another issue that often triggers energy losses are old windows. If the windows of your home are not in an optimal condition, dealing with drafts on a regular basis is normal, leading thus to an energy loss. If you research the topic, you will find out that drafty windows can cause energy bills to be even 25 percent higher, and in the long run, this is quite a large amount of money you are losing. Inspect each window of your property and see if any of them needs a replacement or repair.

Search for deals on maintenance services

Each household faces the need of hiring professionals from time to time for various maintenance needs. You either have a plumbing system malfunction, or your house needs to be checked for mould – regardless of what services you might require on a regular basis, make sure to search for the best deals. If you look online for coupons or special offers, you might save more money than you have thought, reducing your overall household expenses.

Cut back on extras

Try to make a list of every monthly bill you have to pay, and consider if you really need all those services you are paying for. Perhaps you can switch from your premium cable package to a standard one, or you can unsubscribe to that magazine that you do not even read. Think about the things you can and cannot live without, and try to cut back on all extras.

Pay your bills on time

Last but not least, one tip that most homeowners tend to overlook if paying the bills on time. Bills that are not played on time will only bring you further fees, which you would probably prefer not paying. If you take care of all expense during an optimal period of time, on a monthly basis, you will no longer deal with late payment fees, which can truly add up over time. A good solution for this would be to keep a record of your expenses and plan ahead, and also switch to a payment method that is more convenient for you and harder to forget. A few dollars saved on each utility bill can turn into a quite large amount of money at the end of the year.

Managing to reduce household expenses might seem complicated at first, but if you know a few tricks and use them wisely, the differences will be noticeable. Now that you have learned some tips on the subject, perhaps you will resort to these effective methods yourself – the benefits will not take long to appear. Although some of the above mentioned projects might require an initial investment, if you think long term, every penny spent will be worth it. Sometimes, you can cut down on energy costs or other household expenses without realizing it, so informing yourself on the topic properly can be the solution you needed all along. Take these guidelines into account, and you can enjoy the perks.

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Home Internet Business Opportunities – Respect the Newbie

First of all if you have read any of my previous articles or blog posts I really despise the word "newbie." For those of you that happen to be newbies, (a slang term for a newcomer to online gaming or an Internet activity) this article should make you feel more confident when dealing with those individuals, or nobies (my new term for NO experience) that May be knocking at your door and kicking the tires of your new online venture to see if you are the right one for them to be in business with. You see, what they do not understand is that there will come a time that they jump into an internet business venture and have absolutely no clue what they are doing. With that thinking in mind, they have no right judging you for your lack of experience, after all, you must have some knowledge of internet marketing or they would never have found you. This article is dedicated to all newbies that deserve a lot of respect for at least making the decision to start or get involved with an online business venture.

As a newcomer to an internet business venture you will come across many "offerings" that will claim to make your lives easier, make you more money, automate "the" process, etc. But what you need to keep in mind is the basics of internet marketing to get your website exposed to the masses. Granted, getting started may seem to be the hardest thing to do initially, but keeping it simple with article marketing, blog posts, good anchor text or key word links to your website, will make your life easier and make you look like a seasoned internet Marketing veteran to the new person looking at your site. Remember, there will come a time that people will start to contact you regarding your venture and however they found you is only important to one person, yourself. You have now taken the basic steps to get your site noticed and again, that is all that matters. When Mr / Mrs newbie asks how long you have been with your business, the only answer necessary is "long enough to understand how to drive people to my website." Or you can also reverse their question, by asking them if they are new to your type of business. That way you can tell them that you have a marketing system in place that is easy to follow and designed to drive people to any website. Newcomers to the online marketplace are only looking for direction and a mentor they feel comfortable working with. Likely your initial phone contact with them will be more important than if you know how to market your business. Remember marketing online is not only a learning process, but everyone (almost) has to start with the basics of marketing and build on that. Let me also remind you that only a small percentage of internet businesses survive, usually due to a lack of focus goals and persistence. Again, the importance of what you know and how to get someone else started is much more important than how long you have been involved.

To Your Success
Dr. Dave

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Online Bill Pay – What’s In It For You?

With Online Bill Pay, you can securely pay your bills whenever you want. No more writing checks. No more stamps and envelopes. Online Bill Pay with your credit union allows you to pay any bill, any person and any company, without ever touching a pen. It doesn’t matter if your bills are paper or electronic. Online Bill Pay will make the payment for you. Best of all, it’s fast, easy and free!

I love paying my bills online. In fact, I think I’ve only written three or four checks in the last year and they were all sent to individuals, not a company. I really love the convenience. So, besides the convenience of online bill pay, what are the other advantages of paying bills online?

Save Time. I can pay a stack of bills in less than 10 minutes and that includes signing in to my online account.

Save Money. Now that a first class stamp costs $.49 it makes paying your bills the old-fashioned way pretty expensive. If you have 10 or more bills every month you will be spending approximately $5 per month. Online bill pay at most credit unions is free so that adds up to a savings of $60 per year.

Increase Security. Using online bill pay can help prevent identity theft and give you additional security to your transactions. Online bill pay at most credit unions use the latest technology and security to keep your financial information secure.

Support the Environment. It’s amazing how much can be made if everyone makes an effort to improve the environment. Did you know reducing the amount of paper that is used saves trees and reduces greenhouse gasses and fuel emissions? Less paper means more green. Check out Pay It Green to find out other steps that can be taken to improve the environment by using online bill pay.

The benefits described above are the most obvious but there are many more:

  • Pay bills from anywhere.
  • Control when bills get paid to avoid late fees.
  • Pay bills individually or in batches.
  • Schedule one-time or recurring payments.
  • Access your payment status and payment history.
  • Only enter payee information once with convenient customizable payee list.
  • View selected billing statements from payees online.
  • Arrange e-mail alerts for bill arrivals, due dates and upcoming payments.
  • Skip or modify a single instance of a recurring payment.
  • Run payment reports and create custom reports.
  • View your payments up to six months in advance with the payment calendar.
  • View recently processed and pending payments on the main bill payment screen.

Mobile access to check balances, transfer funds and pay bills from your cell phone or other mobile device.

There has been a burst of technological advances over the past several years so it surprises me that more people haven’t started using online banking. I’m urging you to take advantage of online bill pay to save time and money, decrease clutter and most importantly improve your financial management.

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A Simple Way to Declutter and Make Money

Making some extra cash is always an encouraging try. You may have a bill you would like to pay off. You may decide the money is going into savings or it will be spent on an evening out. Since it is extra money, you have more freedom to decide how you would like to use it. There is an easy process involved to give unwanted clothes and get cash for clothes.

Hassle Free Method

It can be an uneasy feeling to host a garage sell or to post clothing items online. You will have to deal with a variety of people asking questions about the items and trying to negotiate prices. It really isn’t a good idea to have strangers come to your home to get those items. You just never know who is out there or what their underlying intentions could be.

You can give unwanted clothes and get cash for clothes without anyone you don’t know contacting you. There is no time involved with hanging them up, taking images, or sharing information. The only one that will come to see you is the person scheduled for the pickup. They will have identification and a vehicle marked with the information of the provider.

Is it Worth it?

Some people want to know the worth before they get started. The amount of money you can earn when you give unwanted clothes and get cash for clothes varies. However, any money you get it more than you had before. Those clothing items didn’t have any real value to you just taking up space. In fact, they were in the way so by removing them you have better organisation.

You also have some money, and the more you donate the more it will add. Most entities have several ways for you to get your funds. They typically release funds within 24 hours of your items being processed. This is typically within 3 business days of your items being picked up.

Helping Others

You should feel good about your decision to donate unwanted clothes and get cash for clothes. You are helping the environment by doing so. There will be fewer clothes that end up at the various landfills. You will also be helping others because they are going to have an opportunity to get those clothing items for a great price.

Many people don’t have the funds they need to go buy new clothing. As a result, they have very few items in their closet. Some of them may be quite worn. They may be struggling to get clothing for work too that is acceptable. Your process of cluttering is just one part of this overall cycle. It helps others to enjoy those clothing items you no longer had a need for.

Just the Starting Point

When you donate unwanted clothes and get cash for clothes may be just the starting point. As you see your home looking better, it is a great feeling. So is that extra money you got from the process. It may be the motivation you need to clear through each room of your home and to find items you no longer need. Many of them can also be sold and that means more cash.

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Learn To Trade At Home And Start Building Wealth In Forex

Forex trading used to the sole domain of banks, large multi-nationalities and a few well-placed currency speculators who had insider details of the intricacies of the foreign treaties and how they were traded. That means that regular individuals were actually locked out of this industry. Forex trading is basically trading in the foreign currencies of different nations. By the sound of it, one may equate building wealth with forex to a trading in stocks but there is a significant difference. In stock trading, the prices remain essentially the same across the board. This is not the same with forex trading where the prices differ and there are different levels of access. By different levels of access we mean that in forex trading, the major players namely the central banks and multi-nationals who control the billions of dollars that is moved daily mostly have more access and control to price-setting than the less players.

Learn a trade at home and start building wealth in forex as it is not as complicated as it is made out to be. With the creation of specialized software for trading in the forex market, ordinary people are now having access to the same state-of-the-art tools that the major financial players in the forex market have. The software used to build wealth in forex is now easy to use and no prior experience is necessary. Not only is it possible to build wealth and learn a trade at home about the forex market but even amateurs who have never heard of the forex market leave alone traded in it can now dip their fingers.

Building wealth with forex is also very convenient. Unlike the forex trading bankers who work for the large banks and other multinationals and have to work full-time, it is now possible, with the special software and tools recommended by the forex wealth builder, to work at their own pace, even part- Time. This means it is not necessary to quit one's current day job to build wealth in forex. Once the individual becomes comfortable with the tools of forex wealth building they can easily ease out of their day job and do it full-time. Hundreds are now following this technique from the learn a trade at home.

Building wealth in forex is also basically risk free. The system is backed by an impressive 100% money back guarantee meaning that for any reason the buyer should find that the system does not work, or find themselves disillusioned in any way, there is absolutely no financial loss on their part.

Building wealth in forex is easy to learn because the learning curve is extremely small. Previously, one had to be thoroughly familiar with banking, not to mention prices, trades and trade practices, different world treaties and their denominations and so forth. The new forex wealth builder system takes all that and simplifies it into palatable bits of information that anyone can access and use.

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Home Based Data Entry – Welcome to the Debt-Free World by Just Working at Home!

It is hard nowdays to be called debt free. You kept on receiving a lot of bills every month and you did not know how to pay them. An average working person can only pay a little amount in a certain bill but then it will still have past due in every month. Credit card and loan bills kept on rising because the interest kept on accumulating. Debt collectors of every company you owe due on giving you phone calls and e-mails which is really stressful. Now, how to get out of this mess? Simple, try the opportunities given by home based data entry.

Why does home based data entry can give you the opportunity to be debt free?

Let us take a look how this kind of work can help you get out of the mess given to you by these debts. Home based data entry will give you an opportunity to work at home and earn money at the same time you do not have to give up your present full time work. It can serve as an additional income every month which will really help you pay those bills. This work does not demand you to give a lot of time for you to earn. You can do this even while you are watching TV.

Occasionally, you will realize the benefits of home based data entry that you will feel the need of making it as a full time business.

When you already tried it having as a part time, then you will realize the benefits this work can give you. You will see how much you can save by just working at home. You do not need to pay for your transportation expense because you do not need to go out to earn. If you already got the hang of it, you will be fortunately enough to earn like a range of 200 dollars to 400 dollars per day. That is a lot of money. You may not earn it in your full time job. You will soon realize that if youave more of your time here, you may earn more than what you expected.

Do you need to invest money just to start this kind of business?

The answer is no. You do not have to spend even a cent to enter this kind of business. If you just know how to research and you have the motivation to do this, then you can start learning now. However, there are a lot of people who are still hesitant and are thinking that they might start it wrong. They may need to enroll in data entry programs. These programs will give you step by step instructions so that you can be successful in this kind of business. They will provide you all you need to know about data entry. It may cost you some penny but it is just for a little amount. These are the programs that are worth paying for since you will know how to earn more. So if you are really in the middle of the mess of your debts, trying home based data entry jobs is a must. Giving a little of your time and effort at first will give you results that will certainly impress you.

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