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Using Props in Marketing

When we say the word “advertising”, it means making your business differentiated from the others. This is very clear that advertising is all about being unique and creative. Props have always been an important element to attract and make feel realistic. Props are used in many situations such as in arts, movies or theaters give a real effect. Keeping this reality in mind, different marketing managers of renowned brands agree that the use of props in marketing helps a lot in engaging audience. The basic purpose of using marketing props is that it attracts and grabs the attention of people. This is the reason that top notch brands of the world showing their creativity by using props in their marketing strategy.

Here I am going to describe key methods that can give you an idea that how as a marketing manager you can use props to correctly engage with your target market.

Set Marketing Objective:

The first thing which works as a foundation of your entire marketing strategy is to set your clear objective. This practice helps you to be specific in your goals and plan things subsequently.

Select Relevant Props

The props that you are going to select must be relevant to the marketing message. Make sure that marketing builds your brand image so your choice of props should be perfect and accurate.

Create Connection

The prop that you have selected must be connected logically with your target market. This requires a seamless workflow and clear marketing strategy because if the pros do not match with the advertising theme, it will give an awful experience.

Execute Your Props Campaign

Once you are done with what you have planned for props, advertising campaign, it’s time to execute. Display your ad at different places that you have decided and make sure it is placed in a same way across all targeted points.

Analyze Results

After you have executed your strategy, now you need to closely analyze the results. Assess that to which extent your audience has attached with the props and the message is delivered as you had planned. If it is like that, you are successful in your job and if not then it’s time to go through your plan and find out flaws to correct them.

Advantages of Using Props

Following are a few advantages of using props in marketing or advertising campaign:

Make Memorable

Use of props makes your message looks creative and thus makes it memorable by making it distinguishable from the others.

Create Realistic Thing

This is the primary attribute of a prop that it makes anything look realistic. It gives life to the objects that you have used.. Props are also a part of visual advertising that uses Graphic Design to make it more valuable.

It Grabs Attention

If you use props with creativity, it definitely attracts the people by holding their attention. If you have set the objective of increasing awareness, props can help you a lot.

To Add Fun

Props also help to make your message fun loving by adding life to it. It all depends upon the idea behind the marketing message that how you can use props to create fun.

Point Of Difference

This is the crux of this article hidden in this advantage that props helps to make a point of difference and allowing you to get an edge over your competitors.

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Email Marketing Revealed – How to Stem That Unsubscribe Rate and Keep Your Customers

When a person subscribes to a company's email mailing list they expect a few things from the company. If the subscriber's expectations are not met or they feel that they are being exploited in any way, you will quickly find your subscribers will begin to opt out of receiving emails from your company. In order to avoid this you should take notice of the proven email marketing tips found herein.

The best tip you will ever find when it comes to email marketing is to never send unsolicited email to anyone who has not given you their contact information themselves. If a person receives a random email from you chances are that they will immediately send your email to their trash bin and will report your email as 'spam.'

Additionally, unsolicited emails can result in people turning away from your services all together. People do not like to receive things in their email that they did not sign up for on their own. If they feel that they were forced to receive the email they could also contact the Better Business Bureau and report your company.

If you want to keep your customers happy and retain customers then never abuse the power of email marketing. When you send an email to a customer who has requested your information, then you should be sure to provide them with information that is actually valuable. Only send emails to your customers when you have something that they will find of value.

These email marketing tips will help you retain your current subscribers and will also create a better reputation for your company.

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Rest Times in Between Sets

The most common practice you see in the gym is people is resting ten seconds and beginning another set of an exercise. I do not know where this mindset of less rest means more growth came from. The hardcore mindset will do nothing but prevent you from optimally growing. Training smart is far more effective then training "hardcore". When choosing how much you should rest in between sets it takes experimentation. You must find the amount of time where you feel ready for the next set yet have not lost your pump. Here is how you can find your optimal rest time.

Week 1- Rest about 30 seconds after every set.

Week 2- 1 Minute

Week 3- 1 Minute and 30 seconds

Week 4- 2 Minutes

Week 5- 2 Minutes and 30 seconds.

Make sure to log how you feel after every workout. It will be far too difficult to remember how you felt after each of your sets once the five weeks has past so logging it is critical. After the experiment is done take a look at which time provided the best amount of rest and still kept the pump. The one that met those standards would be your best rest time. Knowing your optimal rest time is crucial for all future workout purposes. You will be resting after every workout and any type of routine that you do. Getting the right amount of rest will make you lift more and last longer. This extra amount of work will in essence lead to more muscle growth. It all works in harmony.

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What Kind Of Emails Work Best With Viral List Builders?

Viral list builders is an email marketing strategy that is specific to the Internet marketing niche or the making money at home niche. This strategy is 100% designed to drive traffic to your website by sending an email to a pre-determined list of subscribers controlled by a viral list building company.

When these emails go out, they are going to people who you have never met and who you do not have a relationship with. That makes your job more difficult in finding a winning email that works. So, in this article, I'm going to teach you what kinds of emails work best for viral list builders.

The first type of email that works really well is a 'free gift' email. People love free gifts, as long as the topic of the gift is something that people are actually interested in. Free gifts work because there's no risk factor in taking a free gift. If the email was a sales pitch right from the start and you've never met this person, you're going to have a hard time making any sales. The free gift should definitely be given out through a squeeze page only after someone has double 'opted in'.

The next type of email that works great is a content email. A content email gives the reader great information that they can use in their business. The idea with a content email is to build rapport with the reader. If you do a great job with the content, the reader will want to know more of what you teach since what they read was so good and helpful. At the end of the email, invite them to your site to get more info about the topic you just taught them. This is very similar to article marketing.

Another email type that works wonders is a short email. Remember, people do not know who you are and everyone else is trying to sell them something every single day. Sometimes a very short email that thanks them for reading the email with a link to a free gift is all you need … and that strategy will work! There are times where we forget about the KISS method (Keep It Super Simple). Trust me, keeping it simple absolutely works.

The last type of email I want to talk about is not so much about what works, but it's more about what not to do. Do not use deceiveive subject lines, do not trick people, do not use false claims and false statements, do not use abusive language and do not make the tone of the email all about you and making a sale. Bottom line is to write the subject line and email as if it was something you would actually like.

If you follow these examples of what to do and what not to do, you'll be very successful in viral list building. Remember, always track your results, throw out the losers and duplicate the winners time and time again.

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Tips for Success During College

1. Taking a year off before starting college usually does not work; "find yourself" during the summer after you graduate from high school. The best time to start and complete college is between the ages of 18 and 22. It is more difficult to start and complete college after these ages, because your responsibilities increase as you become older

2. Understand the number of classes and credits that you will need to graduate, and spread them over the number of semesters it will take for you to graduate; typically 8 semesters over 4 years. Note, some colleges refer to "units" and "semester hours", instead of "classes" and "credits". If you take classes during the Summer, you can lighten your load during the school year or graduate early. Note also, an increasing number of students are completing college over 5 years, instead of the custom 4 years.

3. Do not wait until the last minute to schedule your classes.

4. When choosing classes, take one tough class, two moderate classes, and one easy class; do not bury yourself by taking all difficult classes in a semester.

5. Spread your classes over at least 4 days per week. This will typically spread out your final exams. You want to avoid having to take multiple final exams on a given day.

6. Ask other students about their experiences with professors, and keep a list of the good and bad professors. Professors are also rated on the internet. Avoid the bad professors.

7. When scheduling classes, be cognizant of the location of such classes. You do not want to have to hurry between classes to avoid being late.

8. Get your books ahead of time whenever possible.

9. At the beginning of each semester, schedule all projects and exams; stay organized through each semester; utilize a written or electronic planner.

10. Turn your phone off while attaining class, and while studying.

11. Spread your homework over seven days. Do not fall behind with your homework.

12. Review your class notes every evening, and add to them when necessary.

13. Before submitting papers, use the spell check on your computer and fully justify your papers.

14. Professors typically make themselves available during office hours, do not be scared to ask for help.

15. Do not skip classes; the professors usually emphasize the material that will be on the exams.

16. Some professors make available old exams at the library, or online; look at them when available.

17. When studying for an exam, study the material that you do not know, instead of the material that you do know. Do not always review the material from the oldest chapter to the newest chapter. Once in a while, start with the newest chapter and work backwards.

18. Two weeks prior to your final exams, your entire focus should be on completing your final papers and studying for such exams.

19. Prior to starting your first answer on any exam, quickly scan the entire exam so you can allocate your time between questions.

20. If you finish an exam early, take the time to check your answers before turning the exam in.

21. When it comes to choosing a major, pick something that you enjoy, something that interests you, and something that will allow you to make a living after college.

22. After you choose a major, be aware that higher level courses are not offered every semester. As a result, plan your schedule of classes accordingly, so that you do not have to attend an extra semester or two to complete your coursework.

23. Look for Summer internships to gain experience in your chosen field, and to prepare you for a career after graduation.

24. Treat college like a full-time job; you will need to commit a substantial portion of each day to attending classes and studying.

25. Keep a list of those professors who show an interest in your performance, and who you believe will be willing to provide you with a recommendation for graduate school or when applying for a job.

26. Begin your post-graduate work as soon as possible after graduating from college.

27. If you need to borrow money to go away to school, only borrow what you need. Alternately, consider attending a community college for the first two years to reduce your outstanding student loans when you are finished.

28. Do not use your student loans to pay for Spring Break or other vacations; you will regret it later.

29. Alternately, attending a four year college that you can commute to is also a viable option, which will also help you save for graduate school or life after college.

30. If you need to work part-time while attending college, accumulate your work hours over a couple of days if possible. This will reduce the downtime that is involved in preparing for, and traveling to and from, work.

31. If your parents are paying for your tuition, room and board, and meals, thank them repeatedly; they are making sacrifices for your benefit.

32. If you are leasing an apartment or house, read the lease closely before signing it. Immediately upon moving in, inspect the apartment or house thoroughly and submit a list of damages and repairs needed for the apartment or house. If possible, it would also be beneficial to take date-stamped photos or videos upon moving in, and after moving out, of the apartment or house. Image town landlords are notorious for excessive repair costs and refusing to refund security deposits.

33. When moving out of your apartment or house, make sure to transfer the utility bills out of your name. Do not rely on roommates who may be staying in the apartment or house for an additional period of time. If these utility bills remain unpaid and end up in collection, they will damage your credit score for years.

34. If you live off campus, consider purchasing a meal plan so that you can eat at a nearby dorm between classes, so as to avoid the hassle of returning home for lunch.

35. Stay in touch with your parents and siblings. This will keep you grounded and you will feel more secure.

36. Ask your parents to keep your bedroom intact, so you have something to come home, and feel comfortable in, when times get tough, when you become homesick, when you are home for the summer and holidays, or when you just want to visit.

37. Get your rest. Treat college like a marathon, and not like a 100 yard dash.

38. Take a shower every day and wash your clothes regularly; it will cause you to be more desirable and efficient.

39. Learn to manage your time.

40. Limit the tattoos, body piercing, and gauging. If you do not limit the same, you will regret it when you get older.

41. Do not party like it is the last day of your life; everything in moderation, which includes Spring Break.

42. When you do party, do not get wasted; nothing good comes out of it.

43. Inevitably, the police will show up at a party that you are attending; show them respect and behaving yourself in their presence.

44. Do not drink and drive. Note, being ticked as a minor in possession can also be detrimental to your career.

45. Walk away from conflict. There is no need to get into a brawl over anything.

46. ​​Avoid being involved in hazing. If you do get involved in hazing, use your common sense; make sure the person being hazed is not physically at risk.

47. If you become sexually active, practice safe sex and birth control. Remember, some sexually transmitted diseases last forever; and "no!" means "no!".

48. Be a leader, not a follower.

49. There is no substitution for dedication and hard work; your effort should be 100% at all times.

50. To be successful, you need to grab the bull by the horns, stick your foot halfway up its rear, and try to control it.

51. Success during college, and obtaining a college degree, is your ticket to a better life. Do not waste the opportunity.

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Internet Viral Marketing Tools You Can Use

Nowadays, many companies prefer Internet viral marketing because it is effective and cost efficient. One of the most common tools for this type of web based advertising is known as email marketing.

Nowadays, the buzzword in marketing is viral marketing. When you say viral it means that people are forced or hired to spread a piece of information or data to friends, family, and other individuals. The concept is much like spreading something via word of mouth. The only difference is that viral marketing campaigns use emails, blogs and other web-based applications. The reason why many companies and individuals prefer this kind of marketing is its effectiveness. Like a wildfire, an effective viral advertising can spread out in just a matter of days or even hours.

One of the most popular Internet viral marketing tools that you can use for your campaign is e-mail marketing. In this method, you need to create a convincing sales letter or promotional message and send it out via the Internet. If you are just starting out, your email list may only be composed of your friends and family. However, you can usually ask the people in your email list to pass your letter or message on to their corresponding email lists. If your letter or message is really compelling, other people will start sending them out to many others, creating a snowball effect. As you can see, email marketing is not really very expensive. All you need is a letter, which you can ask a web copywriter to make for a small fee. Of course you will also need an email account and an Internet connection to start your campaign.

Article marketing is another viral marketing technique that is starting to be quite popular. On the Internet, content is king. Thus, if you would be able to provide quality content, people will be visiting your website on a regular basis. Also, you can create articles and submit them to different article directories and ezines. In such websites, you can actually provide a link of your website at the author's information section. So if a person reads your article on the directories and likes it, she can click on the link on the article and visit your website.

Other viral marketing methods include blogging and participating in forums, chat rooms, and even social marketing sites. Compared to traditional advertising campaigns, making use of the Internet is cheaper and quite effective in reaching your targeted market.

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Is Cardio Killing Your Muscle Gains?

Cardio has always had a special place in the process of a physique transformation. But doing too much cardio or not the right kind of cardio may literally be killing your gains in the gym – causing you to lose muscle, gain fat, or both!

My inbox literally is flooded with questions on this topic:

Bulking: “Should I do cardio if I am bulking?”

Cutting: “I am in a cutting phase, how much cardio should I be doing?”

The question is, do you know if your cardio sessions are helping or hindering your results? If you answered, “I don’t know… “, then this article is for you.

Basically it all boils down to the quality and quantity of the cardio being done.

Time For A History Lesson

Back in the early 1970s, an entire fitness craze was hitting the nation… jogging. It was marketed as the primary way to improve health, lose weight and maximize body composition. Gyms became flooded with pieces of cardio equipment.

It is no wonder why when people think about improving their physiques by losing body-fat, the first thing they think of is cardio. But here is the problem…

If your goal is a lean and muscular physique, cardio may be destroying your efforts.

MED And How It Applies To Cardio

When implementing a cardio protocol, I like to apply the “minimum effective dose” or MED. The MED is the MINIMUM amount of something you need to produce a result.

Think of it this way. When you are taking a medication to fight a cold, 1 gram a day for a week would get rid of the cold and taking 10 grams a week will produce the same results. So why would you do more than you had to if taking either dose will kick the cold? Not to mention the added dosage may have harmful effects.

This is the principle you can apply to cardio if your goal is minimizing fat-gain during bulking or maximizing fat-loss during a cutting phase.

Do the minimum amount to produce the result you are looking for.

How Much Cardio Is Too Much?

Anything more then the MED therefore is too much. Once you start doing excessive amounts of cardio, your body shifts to a catabolic environment. It uses calories that could have been used for muscle building, stress hormones increase, glycogen decreases, and your ability to recover from weight training decreases.

But here is the good news. As you may or may not know, there is a type of cardio that when done properly will burn more net calories throughout the day and improve hormonal responses for an optimal environment to burn fat and build muscle. This type of cardio is known as high intensity interval training or HIIT. During a HIIT session, there are periods of near maximum intensity (like sprinting) and periods of rest (a slow jog or walk).

HIIT vs. Steady-State Cardio…

Think of it this way. Picture some of the World’s greatest sprinters and pin them up against the World’s greatest marathon runners.

I know these are both extreme cases, but it will help paint a picture.

The sprinters are just as lean and sometimes even leaner than marathoners, but sprinters have a level of muscularity that is unmatched by even the most muscled marathon runner.

OK. So No More Steady-State Cardio!

Not exactly. Steady-state cardio has its’ place by working an energy system that typically doesn’t get touched when doing HIIT cardio, plus it will give you a good break to recover from either a HIIT training session or a heavy leg training session the previous day.

Why Do Cardio At All During A Bulking Phase?

Even if your goal isn’t to cut, there are several reasons why it is a good idea to do cardio during a bulking phase:

#1. You will burn-off excess fat

#2. You will improve your hormonal response to an anabolic environment

#3. You will have increase your vascularity (yah pump!) mitochondrial density (improves energy)

#4. You will be better able to handle your carbohydrates to use them as energy rather than storing them as fat.

#5. By improving blood flow, you will be improving recovery from weight lifting workouts.

I Am Sold! When And How Much?

For clients in a bulking cycle, I would have them perform two separate 20 minute HIIT session and one 40 minute steady- state cardio session to minimize and burn off fat gained during the bulk.

In the case of somebody that is cutting, I would recommend three sessions of HIIT and two steady-state cardio sessions for maximum effect.

Example Of A HIIT Protocol: 6 Week Plan

Your method of HIIT can vary, as long as you are working to near maximum levels. This can be done on a bike, swimming, running, whatever you want.

The program below is meant to be difficult. If you aren’t gasping for air by the end of it, you aren’t going hard enough. And each week you are working on a progression to improve, just like you would in a weight lifting protocol.

Week One

30 seconds high-intensity, 30 seconds low-intensity

Week Two

45 seconds high, 45 seconds low

Week Three

60 seconds high, 60 seconds low

Week Four

60 seconds high, 45 seconds low

Week Five

60 seconds high, 30 seconds low


Doing some cardio is better than nothing, but if you are going to be doing cardio, choose HIIT. By doing HIIT-style cardio you are improving your ability to build muscle in the long-run (see reasons #2, #3, and #5).

In addition, you will look more “ripped” and muscular because your body-fat percent will be lower than if you did a bulking phase without doing cardio.

And for some of you, the ultimate reason to do some cardio may just be to improve your overall health!

Whatever your reasons – cutting, minimizing fat during a bulk, or health- HIIT cardio (and maybe a little steady-state cardio here and there) is the solution.

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Powerful Email List Building Strategies

Who would not want a system that creates auto pilot income with the push of a button? With email marketing it really can be as easy as that. If you have an email list, then you can send an email and direct that traffic to any offer or web site you want. I will show you two powerful email list building strategies you can use today to turbo charge your own list building.

Email List Building Strategies

One of the best ways you can list build is with a blog. Mostly because a blog with great content gets lots of targeted traffic which in turn results in many subscribers to your list. When you have a blog, to list build an opt in box is placed above the fold (any area showing when a visitor territories on the webpage is considered above the fold.)

Now all you need do to get lots of traffic to your blog is create really compelling content so that people will hear about it from all over the internet and come to your site.

On your blog you also need to install a pop up opt in box, so that when people are leaving your site, you can give them an offer to join your email list (in case they did not subscribe through your opt in form on the blog itself.) What this does is pops up an opt in form when they are leaving and only when they are leaving. Because once the person has left your site, chances are they will never return and you need to do everything you can to get them on to your email list.

Another powerful way to grow an email list is using giveaways. What you do here is offer one of your paid products for free. Or create a product you would normally charge for.

What you do is present your product to the giveaway organizers. It is then included in the giveaway to all participants, of which there could potentially be many thousands.

If what you have included appeals to any of the participants, they give you their email address in return for free access to your product.

Usually the most popular items in giveaways are technical training, templates of all kinds (like headers, web page templates) and audio.

If you have a paid product already created or a good quality freebie, you could join several giveaways today and have people joining your email list.

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Article Marketing and the Art of Persuasion

Are you someone just starting out in article marketing? Maybe you are looking for points and tips on writing a better article? Either way, when you begin to understand that writing a good article is more of an art form than something that can be put into a cookie cutter mold. An article can not be put into a basic template, that you fill up like some strange-looking crossword puzzle. You are writing articles about your product for people with real problems, real pain, real needs. They are looking for answers, and with this article you will discover the connection between good articles used in marketing and the art of persuasion and you have the answer to their problem.

Most start out at the beginning writing articles not really thinking about their target audience. When you realize the typical person surfing the web is simply looking for information. Those grazers are not the person you target with your article, those are simply browsing. You're writing for those who, late at night, are looking for answers. Maybe they have a newborn that just will not sleep through the night. Or maybe they just bought a new puppy, and it's messed on the floor AGAIN. Maybe they have tried to lose weight for years and years. They could have back pain and are just looking for some relief.

They are who you should be writing an article for, and when they find your article either in a directory or your blog, are you beating them over the head with its features or are you gently persuading them your product's benefits?

Even those persistently searching for an answer to their problem have short attention spans. That is, unless you grab their attention! Persuade them that "your" article has the answer, use an attention grabbing headline. If they have a new puppy who keeps messing on the rug, your headline could grab their attention with a bold declaration "Never Clean Up After Spot Again".

Customers want secrets, answers to their problems, how to improve their lives. They want stuff done yesterday, they want their lawn mowed quickly, their skin problems gone in 7 days. In other words, your article must persuade them that you or your product has the answer to "their" problem.

Speak to them in their voice, put yourself in their shoes, let them know you have felt the way they do. You had the same problem they had, you spent time looking for the answer. And you found the answer. And now you will reveal to them what you found. Speaking to your reader in their own voice, empathizing with them, but showing them that you found the answer.

When your reader sees that you have been where they are, you both begin to walk together through your article, like a laser you are targeting the answer to their problem. Here is a key to keep in mind, people respond to people, and not a products – never forget that fact. Article marketing is nothing more than the art of persuasion, you are simply taking your reader by the hand and leading them to the answer to their problem.

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Time Management Tips – Resisting Online Temptations

If you are new to working at home online, one of the hardest things you have to do will be to learn effective time management. Time is too precious to be wasted, so it is essential to remain focussed on the task you set out to do and complete that task before starting another. There will be numerous distractions all inviting you to wander off course and spend a little time in some completely unplanned activity. For anyone working at home, there will be distractions such as a ringing phone, a parcel delivery, a demanding child, a bright day that just begs you to wax the car, a dog that wants walking etc.

When you are working at home online it is worse because, in addition to all the normal domestic distractions, you have the Internet's own array of distractions to contend with. If you thought controlling domestic life while working at home was complicated, the early days working online would probably seem like trying to perform delicate surgery in the middle of a three ring circus. Offline distractions will quietly tempt you to wander off course, the distractions you will encounter on the Internet positively clamor for your attention.

Working for yourself at home gives you the freedom to make your own schedule and the flexibility to work at any hour of day or night you choose. One of the main attractions of working at home is the fact that there will be no boss breathing down your neck. In the absence of deadlines set by a boss, it is up to you to use self discipline to get your work done.

When you start working for yourself, you will unduly start off with every intention of managing your time sensibly and following a schedule that will enable you to effectively balance work and family life. Working at home online involves more than just good intentions. It requires planning, determination, persistence and unwavering self discipline.

When you first start working at home online, you will be tempted to check your website at regular intervals, you will be tempted to check your sales figures several times a day, you will feel the need to check in at your favorite forums and your email inbox will have an almost irresistible attraction. It is quite natural to feel like this but although each of these detours from your planned day will not take long on its own, if you add up the time spent on each one you will be looking at an hour or more wasted each day .

Those self inflated time wasters are a danger in themselves but, worse still is the danger lurking within them. Every visit you make to a forum and every email you read can potentially contain a link that you will not be able to resist clicking. This is where working at home online has unique dangers that you would not experience if you had an offline home business. Clicking any one of those links can lead you to a website full of information that looks as if it might be of benefit to you. There will be offers of tools to save you time, e-books to educate you and advertising that promises to make you a fortune. Your decision to read just one email can lead you down a path that costs you another half hour in wasted time.

The problem with these online temptations is that they tend to arrive disguised as something that will help you in your home business. Ironically, many of them will claim to be able to save you time while you are building your business. After working online for some time, you will develop an instinct that enables you to ignore these offers because you've seen it all (or something very similar) before, but the early days are a dangerous time. Your best defense in the early days of working online is self discipline. The solution is not always easy but it is simple: make a plan and stick to it. Have a list of things to do each day and make yourself work through the list step by step. The best way to do this is to use a system of small goals and rewards to keep you on the straight and narrow path until good time management replace those bad habits.

If you fail to exercise self discipline and resist the temptation to wander the Internet back roads, you will find yourself spending long hours at your computer with nothing to show for the time space apart maybe from a touch of eye strain.

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