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Why Email Marketing Is So Important

Whether you like email or not, it remains to be the number one choice of online communication for people. This makes email marketing a huge benefit online and everyone should be building a list of leads while you grow your readership and reach. Building your email lists in various verticals is key to your success, not only are you gaining targeted data but you are also funneling them through your sales process which can result in income for years to come. Email marketing also remains to be a very cost effective business plan if you are using the correct email marketing company.

Benefits Email Marketing

* Email marketing will help your business, products and services gain more visibility on the internet which will help in viral growth and a wider reach.

* Lower costs leads to much more impact on smaller business and advertisers to gain entry. Big companies are also using the same email providers as the smaller companies.

* Thousands of emails can be sent with a click of the mouse to send you advertisements, reminders or newsletters.

* Quick response from your email list

* Increases traffic which increases your sales.

* Spreads the word and creates awareness/brand recognition

* The use of personalized emails (email templates, signature), they have helpful easy tutorials

* Maintain and grow your list of emails for further advertising and contact.

* Up sell and cross promote products and services to build loyalty.

* Use your list to gain valuable feedback about your service or product.

* Use your list to build data to better figure out their habits

These are just some reasons you need to implement email marketing into your online business plan. Keeping in contact with your list of leads will help you build retention which will lead to more traffic and more sales. This will help you maintain a business that can grow long term instead of just short term.

I have spent some time using different email marketing companies to provide newsletters to my lists, I would suggest yo go with AWeber as it has everything you need and they cater to every type of marketer, a lot of the companies like Constant Contact or Mail Chimp do not really tolerate affiliate marketing. AWeber seems to be the most cost effective solution for small business’ and even entrepreneurs just trying to start a business, I see tons of people using AWeber for both Affiliate Marketing and even Multi Level Marketing.

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List Building With Articles – Step By Step Outline For List Building With Articles

One of the best ways to build your opt in list is to

use articles as a large part of your list building


Articles are proven to add laser targeted leads to

your list and the following outline will show you

step by step how to use list building with articles.

Step #1 – You need to keep your articles fairly short

and to the point. Your articles should not be any

longer than 350 words.

This way you can keep your reader interested and

wanting to learn more from you.

If you find that your article is going to be much

longer, then break it up into two parts.

Step #2 – You will want to use your resource box at

the end of your article to invite your reader to

visit your website.

Make sure your resource box offers a powerful and

useful free report or bonus for visiting your web

site and let them know they can get even more great

information by viewing your offer.

Step #3 – Now comes the list building part of using

articles. You will want to set up a very simple, short

one page website.

This web site should have a compelling headline and

offer a freebie of some sort. Then you will want to

use three to five bullet points outlining the benefits

of your free offer and what your visitor will learn.

You will need to set up a small form or subscription

box where they can enter their name and email address.

This is how you will be building your list. Now what

you need to do is write and submit more articles and

keep building your list.

Send the people on your list great content mixed in

with great offers for products and over time you will

should see profits coming in.

List building with articles should be a large part of

your every day marketing efforts.

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Permission Based Email Marketing -The Effective Email Marketing Strategy That Works!

Permission based email marketing has proven to be one of the most effective marketing strategies for small and medium-sized businesses. Recent studies and polls have shown that most merchants who conduct email marketing campaigns consider this method of reaching prospects and customers highly-profitable.

The correct way to conduct an email marketing campaign is implied in the name of the strategy: permission based. Without a prospect’s permission, sending an unsolicited email will often be perceived as spam. Once you have a prospect’s permission to communicate with him through email, it is important that you follow the following tips to maximize the effectiveness of your email promotional campaigns.

Tip #1: Focus On Building The Relationship

Most people agree to receive email only after considering what they have to gain (or lose) from giving their email address away. As a business owner, merchant, or affiliate marketer, you should focus on building a relationship with those who give you permission to contact them through email. Those who “opt-in” want to like you. They want to trust you. Trust is only gained by treating them like real personalities rather than merely a list of email addresses.

Many email marketers make this critical mistake. They send email after email to their subscribers without stopping to think of the people behind the email addresses. As a result, their email marketing campaigns often seem lifeless and dull.

When writing your emails, always focus on building the relationship that you have with the people on your subscriber list. Speak to them individually (even though you are writing to everyone at once) and you will gain their trust, respect and attention.

Tip #2: Offer A Way Out

Every permission based email marketing campaign should allow the subscriber (i.e. the person who has give you permission to contact them via email) to “opt-out” of your email list. That is, always provide the subscriber the option of ending the relationship.

Though doing so may sound counterproductive to building a large email list, it instill a level of confidence within your subscriber that they are not trapped on your list. They know they can easily terminate the relationship whenever they feel the need. This level of confidence increases their trust in you. Ironically, giving your subscriber a way out is often a critical element in gaining their long-term loyalty.

Tip #3: Benefit From The Theory Of Reciprocity

The theory of reciprocity is often attributed to Dr. Robert. B. Cialdini. Through numerous experiments and by observing human behavior, Cialdini noticed that when something generous was done for a person, that person often felt motivated to reciprocate the goodwill. This tendency of human behavior is directly applicable to your permission based email marketing campaigns.

Linked tightly with building a relationship with your subscriber (Tip #1 above), provide an enormous amount of value to your subscriber. Be generous by giving them more than they expect to receive from you. You will likely find that many of your subscribers will be motivated to reciprocate your generosity by buying a product you are promoting.

Effective permission based email marketing is a proven way to drive profitable leads to your business. Done properly, email marketing can be a major profit center for your business. Follow the tips above to create and run an email marketing campaign that will continue to pay dividends for you and your business over the long-term.

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Email Marketing Tips – How to Spy on Your Competition’s Email Marketing Strategy

You know them. They are the companies and individuals who are vying for and at times stealing your customer base out from under your nose. Their web site may or may not be as flashy as yours and their products are probably not as good and yet their numbers seem to always be better. Do you know why? Have you taken the time to know what your competitors’ email marketing strategy is?

Spying on the Competition

Unless you are somehow really lucky and have a competitor who is willing to share all of their great ideas with you freely, the quickest way to figure out what they are up to is to sign up for their mailing list. Sounds so simple you wonder why you didn’t think of it already, right? That’s what I said when I thought of it.

Go to their web site and plug in your email address. Take a couple of months and read what they are sending to their list and in no time at all you will see what their email marketing strategy is. Don’t jump the gun though, take the time to carefully study as many of your competitors as you possibly can. Find out what they are doing that works and deduce what they’re doing that you could improve on.

It won’t take long before you will figure out how to do what they are doing a step better and that my friends is how to beat the competition by using their own email marketing strategy against them.

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Email Marketing – Advantages & Disadvantages of Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the most effective marketing channels to promote your product or service. Every day, companies use emails to do business. If you know how to plan a good email campaign, you will see the tremendous results from it. Although email marketing has a lot of advantages, it also has some disadvantages too.

One of the most important advantages of email marketing is that it allows you to reach global audience with minimum effort. There is no geographical boundary when it comes to email marketing. Although it is still possible to reach global audience with other offline advertising channels like radio, TV and other printed media, email marketing is definitely the cheapest.

It is extremely cheap to launch an email campaign when compared to other marketing channels. In most cases, you already have your own subscribers. So, you do not need to pay to get a mailing list. The cost to send emails is very low. Usually an email will cost less than a cent. As you can see, the cost is very minimal to launch an email marketing campaign.

However, there is also some cost involved in email marketing. For example, when you plan an email campaign, if you do not have in-house designers, you need to hire someone else to design a HTML email template for you. The cost of the template will depend on who you hire. Also, there is also a fee involved for copywriting the campaign too.

Now, let us move on to the disadvantages. The biggest disadvantage of email marketing is that your emails will sometimes be deemed as spam. Today, people are bombarded with lots of unsolicited emails. Email service providers have taken action to enforce more powerful spam filters. Although spam filters are good at blocking spam mails, sometimes they also block legitimate emails too. To prevent this from happening, the subject line and content of your emails should not imply that they are spam. Avoid using words like “Free”, “Discounts”, “Coupon”, etc.

When you are planning your email campaign, make sure that the content of the emails are planned carefully. Your emails should not always be pitching about your product or service. Provide other tips and information to your subscribers so that they will find it worthwhile to stay on your mailing list. When your subscribers trust you, they will be more receptive to your promotional emails. One thing that you must note is that every promotional email campaign should entice your subscribers to a call to action. There must be enticing call to action statements in your emails so that your subscribers are recommended to make a particular action such as purchasing a product.

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Free List Building Tips That Accelerate Business Growth

If you are interested in targeted free list building, then you need to take heed to the various methods and strategies that you need to implement daily in order to have a successful list building venture. The key to free list building is consistent action. Therefore, you must work on improving your list building campaign every day in order to gradually build your list into the thousands. Listed below are a few tips and strategies that will help you launch a free list building campaign.

The first thing that you need to figure out when doing free list building is the exact target audience that you are trying to reach. Before you begin any type of marketing, you first have to know and understand the market that you are trying to build an email list in. This is very important to know because it will dictate how we promote our website and start the free list building campaign.

The second free list building factor that someone needs to consider involves the capturing of your visitors emails. In order to do this, you must create an email opt in landing page, better known as a name squeeze page. The purpose of this particular web page is to capture the email address of the visitor only. The only option for a visitor who lands on this page is to sign up, or just leave your website. When launching your free list building campaign, this will be the page that you will send the majority of your web traffic to.

The third free list building factor involves ways to send targeted traffic to your name squeeze page. In other words, you want a bunch of traffic to be poured into this squeeze page so that you can build your email list. When doing free list building, you are not trying to pay for traffic in order to build your email list. Therefore, you should implement free traffic generation strategies daily. Just continue to write 3 to 5 articles every single day and submit them to various article directories for some free list building traffic. You can perform some JV ad swaps in order to get other list owners to promote your list for you in exchange for you promoting their list. Also, you can start a blog and funnel the free traffic that comes to your blog to your name squeeze page. A good way to see an instant amount of blog traffic is to submit your blog posts to social bookmarking and social news authority sites like diggs and

By consistently following the suggestions I outlined above, you should have a free list building machine in no time that will funnel dozens of subscribes into your database. By doing the steps above, you will establish a foundation for ongoing, continual success with your internet business. You will gradually see business growth everyday and improve profitability big time just by building an email list of subscribers and customers.

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Email Marketing Strategies – 3 Quick Tips for Good E-Mail Subject Lines

E-mail marketing can really help you build your business but there are some things that you need to keep in mind, like the subject line. Here are some email marketing strategies for creating well converting subject lines for your campaigns.

Just in case you’re new to the game, one powerful little technique you should use in all your emails is to personalize the subject line. It’s understandable that a newer marketer may not know about it, but if you are aware of it then you simply must use it all the time. Email open rates are affected by many factors, but your chances automatically go up if they see their first name in the subject. This also makes your email stand out in the number of emails that are usually crowded in a person’s inbox and gives you the ability to increase your response. You’ll need to do all you can to gain a foothold for people’s attention in their inbox, so that’s why you need to do this. For email marketing, whether in the subject or the email body, the first name is all you should use. Be sure to read your email aloud when you’re done, because it will be easier to get a feel about whether or not you’ve overdone the personalization.

There’s a concept of ‘continuing the conversation’ with subject line creation. Ok, the thing to do is write your subject line in such a way that it flows smoothly to the main copy of your email. You can write half of the thought in the subject line, and then continue into the body. There are no specific applications or instances to do this, but do not get in the habit of doing any one approach too much. This strategy relies on the curiosity build in your readers, and it can be powerful depending on how you write it. The copy matters very much, your subject line copy, but marketers have been using this technique for quite a while, now. They simply write their subject line in such a way that it leaves the reader hanging in there, asking for more.

Don’t be afraid to test your subject lines as well as conceptual ideas and strategies. That’s right; you’ll have to test your subject lines on a regular basis in order to find one that gives you a high click through rate. It is normal for the first few headlines to miss the mark. As you continue to write and test, you will discover that your writing will improve.

In conclusion, the above subject line creation tips that we discussed will help you a great deal in enhancing your email marketing strategies if you apply them.

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List Building Tips – Using Social Network Commenting to Build a Subscriber List

Using new-style marketing methods with social networking sites to build a blog subscriber list are just crying for you to use them. In return for you posting your comments and posts on network site, they in turn send you high quality traffic and subscribers; not to mention valuable backlinks.

This strategy uses comments to attract visitors to your blog, but these will be post on indirectly-related blogs and not niche-concentrated.

1. First, sign up for each of the below social networks: This site is directed at the Internet Marketing niche. It is a super site to add your blog posts to directed at related topics. You are not required to sign up for this service if you simply want to place votes, but for adding content you will be rewarded with some nice traffic to your site. At Sphinn you will see varying topics on Internet marketing and search engine optimization. They have a wonderful membership presence and community. They do require registration in order to place votes. This site is fairly new, although growing quickly. Their content will more than likely fit anything you are looking for related to or indirectly-related to your blog. The best sites of this type have been developed by bloggers for bloggers and this site does not disappoint. You will need to register to place votes, however, you will have some steady traffic coming to your blog as a result.

2. Next, you will submit your personal blog posts to each of the above sites. You will need to ensure you use the best keyword-related categories. You are almost guaranteed good ratings on your postings as long as you provide them to others.

The number one strategy to keep in mind is locating content directed at and indirectly-related to your blog, then comment and vote on it!

This is one of the best ways to obtain targeted readers to your blog as long as your make valuable comments. This is also a great way to obtain backlinks to your site and boost yourself as a mover and shaker.

Keep this up over four to five days per week and your traffic will not only increase, but your blog will also and gain better search ranking and relevancy with the search engines.

If you are out to attract prospective customers and develop your online presence and exposure, you owe it to yourself and the financial future of your business to learn everything you can about Internet marketing.

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List Building Mastery – How To Create Ezine Quickly

You may eventually decide that you want your own ezine or newsletter sent directly from your website via email to your subscribers. The reasons for this could be anything from using the list to sell your products, sending out helpful hints and tips, or just sending out updates.

Personally I used notepad to jot down the rough outline of how I wanted my ezine to look, and just filled in the blanks each week until my programmer put it all online for me.

For your newsletter template, You can do a quick search on Google for “newsletter templates” and it’ll bring up tons of free templates for you.

Make sure you make it extremely easy for people to sign up for your newsletter, and have the subscription form visible on every page of your site.

Publishing an ezine that gets read is no easy task. It takes a whole lot of time and commitment. Here are a couple of things you need to do consistently if you are going to make it work for you, bearing in mind that it can quite possibly take a good couple of years before you actually start seeing some real monetary returns from the ezine.

You will need to decide if you’re going to be publishing only your own content, or if you’ll be using other people’s articles. Both options can take a lot of time. Writing your own articles takes the time of finding topics, and writing and editing the articles yourself. Using other people’s articles takes the time of actually finding and reviewing articles for possible inclusion in your ezine. Either way, make sure the content is actually worth reading, or you’ll just end up with a dead ezine.

How much time are you willing to spend on promoting the ezine to get subscribers? It’s not like hundreds people are just going to chance upon your subscription form. It needs to be “out there” and visible to as many people as possible, which means submitting it to all the ezine directories you can find, ad-swapping with other publishers, getting other people to link to your ezine etc.

Then there’s the question of whether to allow ads in your ezine. Are they going to be free ads for subscribing? Or are they going to be strictly paid ads? How many ads are you willing to have in each issue?

Whilst giving out free ads to people for subscribing might bring you lots of subscribers, it could also end up making your ezine look more like an ad-rag than a really helpful and useful ezine that people want to read. So if you’re going to offer free ads, think long and hard about how you’re going to work it to ensure maximum interest.

When you`re looking to build a subscriber base all you really need is a webpage and a subscribe box, you can even do it without your own webpage by making use of list management services. A great way to get subscribers is to create, borrow, or barter something of value. Offer it for free on your site in return for name and email address.

Tell them up front that by requesting the freebie, they are also agreeing to receive mail from you in the future, but that there’ll always be an opt-out link in every mail you ever send to them.

I have quit my day job after successfully having my own list/ezine.

Do you want to know how you can do the same?

So If you want to learn more on advanced list building techniques and methods then you should check this:

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Email Marketing Tips and Etiquette

There are a number of things that can go wrong when attempting to use email as a strategic marketing tool for promoting yourself or your business. I can’t even begin to count the number of trashy, repetitive, useless nonsense I’ve received via email – sometimes from nationally known brands. I want to discuss a few things that can help you in your current or coming endeavors with email marketing.

First, if you are directing the email marketing efforts of your company, I would strongly recommend that you learn basic HTML (HyperText Markup Language). There are several books available, some of which even include tutorial CD-ROMs. It doesn’t take long and isn’t that hard to get a grip of. Knowing the basics of this language will prevent many headaches when attempting to build emails that contain something other than text; it will also help you overcome what I call “ghosts of code”. These ghosts will randomly slingshot a line of text or an image to the other end of the world and you will need to know how to go into the code and kill the ghost to fix the problem. Trust me, it is valuable knowledge.

An important thing to know before launching any email marketing campaign is the rules for proper email etiquette. Most third party design and distribution tools will not even let you import a list if you do not provide explicit proof that each contact willingly requested information from your company via email. To qualify for using these tools and to ensure your email isn’t marked as junk or spam, be sure to offer an UNCHECKED box on the contact portion of your website encouraging the visitor to “opt-in” for open email communication. Your emails are 82% more likely to be opened if it is something your subscribers are expecting to see.

Next, it is very important to properly manage your subscribers and monitor activity. There are a few tools available but I suggest using CampaignMonitor. This third party email design tool is immaculate. There are a number of options that will help ensure proper email delivery including a “design test”. The test will send your email to dummy accounts they have set up for most major email service providers and allow you to see how it will be displayed. Another great tool that it provides is the ability to track how many emails were opened, bounced and marked as spam. You can even dial into the report and see WHO did what. These things are very powerful for properly executing a successful email campaign. Use this data to learn when the best time to send an email is and if your content may include something that filters could potentially mark as spam.

I send a series of emails every month to our customer/prospect database. Each is distributed at a similar time frame and serve their own purposes. The second week of every month we distribute our monthly eNewsletter containing industry related articles, tips, testimonials and specials. This is my ‘lite’ email. The last week of every month I distribute an email campaign entitled “mailMAX” that includes direct mail ideas for our customers. This is a little more sales focused but is presented as an idea generator. Ultimately, we get the most clicks and traffic to our website from this email and it still provides useful content to the customer. Every other month I will send an announcement or press release regarding new developments with our company and its products.

WARNING: It is imperative that you do not send multiple sales-heavy emails in an attempt to push increased sales. I’ve always considered email marketing as a way for you to stay in front of your customers and pique their interest with useful information. If you are sending 5+ emails to your customer list each month, you will most likely be marked as spam and your messages quickly ignored. I can promise you that the reporting will prove this.

Finally, your subject line can make or break your email. Regardless of the contents – a subject line can throw your email to the spam sharks and can even discourage a customer from opening. Make it short and meaningful, not obnoxious. The general rule is to keep it under a total of 30 characters. There is a long list of words to avoid but some may include “sale”, “special”, “buy” and “from”. Your subject line must leave a reader wanting to know more, consider that when writing it.

Here is a quick list of basic rules to help you get started-

1 – Always include an UNSUBSCRIBE link in the footer of your email. Make it easy to understand and easy to access. I had fun with ours, listed as follows: “We’d hate to see you go but if you must, click here to unsubscribe.” (“here” serving as the link.)

2 – Engage with useful content that tease the reader with helpful information and link them to your website to read more. The result is increased website exposure.

3 – Use minimal imagery so that the email loads quicker and is less likely to be caught in spam filters. Make it pretty, don’t bedazzle it.

4 – Start small. Learn the system, what works and what doesn’t. I suggest taking 5-10% of your email addresses and testing your first series of emails. It took me nearly a year to nail down what works perfectly for our target audience – learn from your reporting.

5 – No email is ever the same. Make your email brand consistent but always update the content to keep the reader interested.

6 – Make it personal. Depending on the tool you are using for design and distribution, you may be able to insert a simple line of (HTML)code that will reference the name associated with the email address. The header of your email could read “The time is now, John Smith”. This will greatly improve your reader’s emotional response.

I know it is a lot to swallow but if executed properly, you can really swing a killer email campaign and impress the boss with detailed reporting!

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