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An E-Mail Promotion Internet Marketing Strategy Works

E-mail promotion Internet marketing can help your home-based business expand and attract customers that are interested in goods and services like yours. Once you have determined who is your target market, drawing them into your circle of customers requires some effort. Using an e-mail promotion, Internet marketing can be very lucrative to your business.

Before you start an e-mail promotion Internet marketing campaign, you must develop a database that represents your target customers. If you are offering e-mail services as part of your mix, you must make sure the customers know about them. Also, provide several ways for someone to opt-in your services. Some of these options include: by providing an online way to sign up, by telephone or by direct mail as well.

An effective e-mail promotion Internet marketing program does not end when someone gives you an e-mail address. You may e-mail them once before they must respond to either an opt-in or opt-out message. Otherwise, you might be accused of illegal spamming. Once people have opt-in to your e-mail services, treat them with care. Such customers are valuable and should be treated as a valuable commodity. Do not pass your list on to a third party without the permission of the parties in question. Also, you must have an opt-out option available for those that wish to do so.

The key to a good e-mail promotion Internet marketing strategy is good communications. Be sharp and to the point in your e-mail messages. Make them exciting and compelling. Remember your message may be given only a second or two to make a positive impression so the reader will look more. Otherwise, it will probably be deleted as junk mail. Also, don’t try to cover everything in one e-mail message. Use two or three to raise interest in your offering. By using interesting copy in your e-mail promotions, you can achieve a significant increase in business.

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Email Marketing Tips to Increase Response Rates

A 2010 study by Epsilon and the DMA found that email volume had increased over 10 percent during the year, but open rates were stagnant and click-through rates were down.

There’s more email marketing noise out there than ever, but there are ways you can break through the clutter and get noticed. Below are some of the tactics used by companies that have seen above-average response rates:

• Create a highly relevant subject line. This isn’t the time to be edgy or mysterious. Mailing to nurses? Mention that in the subject line. Mailing to the Chicago area? Mention Chicago. Have a familiar brand? Definitely use that to your advantage.

• Keep the subject line short. Some email programs may truncate longer subject lines, so make sure your most relevant words are at the beginning.

• Keep it simple. Make your HTML clean and simple so everyone can read it regardless of their device or email program. It’s also okay to send a plain text message instead of HTML. A strong offer, not a pretty design, is what gets recipients to click through to your website.

• Ask to be forwarded. This can boost click-through rates.

• Give them a great reason to click. Too many companies send out copy focusing on their own company, products or services, not how recipients would benefit. Did your company or product win an award? What does that mean for your recipients? Tell them. Don’t make them guess.

• Give them several ways to reply. Some recipients would rather call, mail or contact you through social media than click on your link. The more ways you give them to respond, the higher your response rate.

• Use a good list. Keep your in-house list clean by updating constantly. If renting a list, be sure it’s a 100% opt-in list through an ethical, reliable source with a good reputation with internet service providers.

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Email Marketing – How to Write a Responsive Email

There are many forms of marketing yourself and/or your business. Email marketing is one of those ways. However, with any marketing strategy there are correct and incorrect ways of performing them. Writing a responsive email is one correct way of email marketing. Let us look at how exactly to write a responsive email.

First, decide what the email is going to be in response to. For example: if providing an email confirmation for an order recently placed the email will need to have the order or confirmation number, the person’s name, shipping address, and billing address enclosed. Furthermore it should have an estimated shipping date to follow. This will serve as a receipt for the customer.

If answering an ad for something, the email should contain wordage including “thank you for your interest in…., we will be responding to you within….. If you have any questions please contact by. These simple, yet courteous procedures will provide the reader with your genuine respect and consideration.

Follow up with your responsible emails. If possible ensure that the person’s name is used in the header. Always include prompt responses and ways for the reader to contact you/someone if they have questions or concerns. If responding to the responsive email is not the correct way to reach you/someone, provide the adequate means of alternative forms of contact. This provides the reader with an understanding that they are indeed important to you and the business or service you provide.

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Marketing Tips For Your Massage Business – List Building

If I asked you what the most valuable thing you will ever own in your massage career, would you be able to tell me?

Whenever I ask this question to massage therapists (who have not yet heard my answer), no-one ever gets it right. The 2 most common answers I get as being the most valuable, are their massaging skills and their equipment. However the thing I am talking about is far more valuable than these. In fact, it is so valuable that it could potentially support you financially, should you no longer be able to give massage.

This valuable thing I am talking about is your LISTS (contact details) of Leads and Clients. Your own personal goldmine!

Here is the single most important reason why your lists are so valuable…

If you have a list of targeted prospects (leads) and clients that know you and trust you, it is MUCH MUCH CHEAPER and MUCH MUCH EASIER to market/sell your products and/or services to them successfully, than it is to try and market to people who do not yet know you. This may seem like a ‘no brainer’ but very few massage therapists really ‘get’ this concept until it is explained to them.

Your highest priority as a massage marketer should be ‘growing and nurturing’ your list of leads and your list of clients. PERIOD! The larger your lists and the stronger the relationship you have with them, the more valuable they are!

Let me give you an example of how powerful having (and using) these lists can be.

Imagine it is the middle of February and it has been a quiet month for your massage practice and the phone is hardly ringing. What can you do? Well, if you have a list of leads and clients you can simply create a special offer and send it out to them via email.

Here is an example you could use:


Hi [First Name Of Client]!

[Your Full Name] here. Your massage therapist.

Just sending you a courtesy email to let you know of a special offer that I have just put together for my ‘very best’ clients.

[First Name Of Client], if you call and book in for a 1 hour massage with me, I would like to give you an additional 30 minutes FREE!

Just one catch though, I can only make this offer to the first 7 clients who book.

So [First Name Of Client], if you can see yourself enjoying a luxurious 90 minute relaxation massage right now, for the price of a 60 minute treatment, call me as soon as you get this email on 555-555-5555!

As usual, I look forward to taking good care of you!


[Your Full Name]

[Your Business Name: Optional]


Now let us say you sent this email out to your list and you fill your 7 appointments. Let us also say that you charge $60 per hour. What you have just done is brought in an additional $420 in bookings just from sending 1 email to your list.

How much did this cost you? No money whatsoever. Just a little of your time.

The other thing to consider is you may well get a lot more than just 7 of your clients wanting to take you up on your offer.

So it is up to you how many additional bookings you want to take at the time as your clients have no idea how many people you have made this offer to, nor how many have booked.

BUT, what if you got no response to this email whatsoever? Well I would answer that question with another question… How much has this little promotion cost you? Nothing. Just a little of your time, that is all.

This is just one example of how powerful having your very own list(s) to market to ANY TIME really is! To get great results you have to keep testing and trying different special offers until you learn exactly what makes your clients act.

For example 3 or 4 times per year I would run ‘2 for 1’ specials and my phone would ring off the hook and really give my practice a boost through the quieter times. But I would not have had those results without testing and tracking everything I did to find out what worked.

Anyway, if you are not currently collecting the contact information from your Leads and/or Clients so you can follow up with them, you should definitely start doing so from this point onwards. Your list is your single most valuable business asset.

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List Building – 7 Ways to Grow a Kick-Butt List

If you’re been list building a while, you may not be getting many subscribers every day, if you keep up the same old tactics. Here are some new ideas for you:

* Whenever you send out a message to your list, put a short paragraph at the end that asks them to pass the newsletter along to a friend. Or, tell your friends that they can subscribe, and give them the email address to your autoresponder.

* Use list building boxes on all your sites and blogs, at the very top of the page. Then, no one will miss them. When people read your blog and like it, they’ll subscribe to your list.

* Articles are very popular as a traffic tool, too. Use your main keyword at least 2-7% of the time, and use them to send people to your list building page or your blog, where the opt-in box is the first thing they see.

* Write or develop a product to give away and join some of the free giveaways that are always going on. Just be sure that you’re able to have people sign up directly for your autoresponder. Don’t make your getting someone’s name and email address a condition of how many people you recruit. Those suck. Free giveaways where you actually put in your list building opt-in box code or your autoresponder email address, for whichever list you are building, are the only way to go with those.

* Do a joint venture with someone. Say, “I’ll put one message about your product or service into my autresponder series, if you put one message about my product or service into yours.” That way, you’re promote each other’s stuff forever, and as you get better at list building and as your partner’s business grows, so will both of your lists.

* Find a good co-registration program, like List Hero, where your offering is listed with others and people can subscribe to a number of lists at once. These can bring very quick results.

* Have you ever been in direct sales and heard the term ABC, for Always Be Closing? In the Internet Marketing world, you might see, ABT, or Always Be Testing. But here’s what I think before anything else: ABL, Always Be List Building. If you want to succeed online, it’s really all about the list.

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How Your Title Can Make or Break Your Email Marketing Campaign

Email marketing is one of the BEST tools that you can use to grow your business on eBay, Amazon and beyond. Sending out newsletters, sales and promotions to your customers is one of the best ways to sell more products more often.

However, there’s an important KEY to successful email marketing that most people overlook, and that is…

The TITLE of Your Email

In fact the way you title your email is SO important, the success of your email marketing campaign depends on it.

Why an Email Title is Important

In your eBay listings your 55 character listing title is the “map” that helps searchers find your listings in eBay’s search engines.

With email marketing, your title serves one primary purpose…To get your email OPENED!

Because an email that’s not opened will never be read. And an email that’s not opened will be the target of the delete key. Therefore it’s key to write an email title that will get your email opened and read.

The payoff for you? A great email title and newsletter will bring you more customer sales!

Motivating People to Open Your Emails

Most sellers tend to send out emails with fairly generic email titles. For example:

eBay Seller Email: Save money! Shop my eBay Store for great deals

New in my store

Check this out!

Winter Clearance Sale

And while there’s nothing inherently wrong with these email titles, there’s also nothing engaging about them either. They are all fairly generic email subject titles.

You certainly can intermix generic titles into your email campaign, but use them as the exception not the rule.

You might think that writing an intriguing email title requires a lot of work. Not so!

With the knowledge you’re about to gain in the next section (and a little help from a tried and true writers tool )you’ll be writing effective emails titles in no time!

5 Strategies for Writing Titles that Get Your Emails Opened

Next we’re going to look at 5 different strategies you can use to get those emails opened!

These 5 kinds of email titles will engage your reader and inspire them to OPEN your email!

1. Target your email titleto your customers’ interests. The more specific the better. If you’re sending an email in which you want to promote your vintage lace linens, rather than using a generic email title such as “Check Out Our New Linens” create a more specific title such as “Introducing Our One of a Kind Vintage Lace Linens”

Generic title: Check Out Our New Linens

Targeted title: Introducing Our One of a Kind Vintage Lace Linens

As you can see, the 2nd title targets a very specific audience and arouses curiosity about the new, unique linens you’ve just brought in stock. Which brings us to our second strategy…

2. Arouse Curiosity. People are naturally curious. And we like having our curiosity peaked! An email title that peaks your reader’s curiosity is likely to get opened.

For example…

The owner of a pet products store could write an email newsletter with a title of…

“The Top 3 Things Every Poodle Owner Must Possess…”

A seller who wants to promote flat irons (for your hair) in their email marketing newsletter might write…

“How to Turn Your Unruly Hair into a Sleek and Shiny Mane”

By using an element of curiosity in your email title people will want to click on your emails and see what’s inside!

Note: Do NOT make your curiosity emails SPAMMY or MISLEADING. Curiosity alone with no substance will turn people off. If you are going to use an element of curiosity in your title, make sure you follow through on your promise and deliver the “goods” within the email content.

If you are promoting “The Top 3 Things Every Poodle Owner Must Possess…” – your email must follow through and share those top 3 things with your customer.

Misleading email titles are even worse. “Loose 150 lbs in 30 days” is simply untrue and will cause your readers to immediately delete your email.

3. Use Urgency. No one wants to miss the big “it”. That one thing they wished they’d known about. Email titles that convey urgency will ensure that your customers at least give your email a quick glance! (Once they’re reading you can grab them with your copy!)

Your email title can contain an element of scarcity.

For example:

“It ends tonight at midnight!”

“Only 4 vases left.”

“20% off for the next 24 hours.”

As with curiosity emails, urgency emails must follow through. If you’re promoting a sale that ends at midnight, it MUST end at midnight. Using a sense of urgency in your emails but not backing it up by doing what you say you’re going to do will cause your customers not to trust you.

And that will kill all chances of your prospect ever reading an email (or buying from you) again.

But if you DO have limited quantities of a product or the sale IS ending in 24 hours – writing an email title with a sense of urgency is a great way to promote it!

Note: Fostering a relationship with your customers that is built on trust is the best thing you can do to build a successful business! As the old saying goes “You must walk the talk.”

4. Tell a story. We all love stories. It’s part of human nature. Creating an email title that is a lead-in to a story can be very intriguing to your buyers.

For example:

“I Found These Beautiful Crystal Vases for You in Maine”

“The History Behind Our Hand Crafted Wall Clocks”

“Why 9 Out of 10 Customers Prefer Our New Steamer”

Then in your email continue on with the story that you started. Emphasize the human connection. Your customers want to buy from a person, not from a nameless, faceless eBay store or website.

5. Have fun. A little fun and humor in your email title can go along way. Have fun! Be creative.

This past holiday season I received an email with a title that read…

“A Sale So Hot Even Santa Stopped to Shop!”

I opened this email immediately!

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Direct Email Marketing Software

Direct email marketing software is software that enables you to

handle your very own bulk email marketing campaign rather than

paying per piece to use online bulk emailing services or paying a

marketing firm to do your bulk email promotions.

Bulk email marketing is certainly one of the most cost-effective

strategies in internet marketing, especially if you do not have

to pay a set price for every email that is sent out.

The pricing structure associated with your method of

accomplishing bulk email marketing has an impact on the cost-

effectiveness of your email marketing campaign.

Using software can save money if you have the time to put into

developing and managing your own email marketing.

There is a number of direct email marketing software packages

available on the market. Some are even shareware programs that

don’t require an initial investment or ongoing costs.

They don’t generally have the value-added features that come with

software packages that you purchase; however, if you aren’t

running a large email marketing campaign, they may suit your

needs for accomplishing specific tasks just fine.

A good, comprehensive email marketing software package should

provide some basic features that will enable you to effectively

develop and manage your email marketing campaign.

Some of the features to look for include templates, list

management capabilities, and a tracking system.

With these basic features, you will be able to build your mailing

list, craft your email marketing message and analyze the results

from your email marketing campaign to determine what is and what

is not effective.

The ability to send both text and HTML messages can be important,

especially if you want to personalize your email messages


HTML templates that are pre-designed are available with some

direct email marketing software.

With such templates, you simply fill in the blanks and you don’t

have to worry about knowing how to write HTML code to accomplish


The flexibility of the templates in regard to being able to alter

them to suit your company’s image or to devise your own

customized design is something to consider as well.

List management features of direct email marketing software

should provide you with the capability of building an opt-in list

as well as providing automated management of opt-outs which

enable recipients of the email to unsubscribe or to be removed

from your mailing list.

Manual management of the task of opt-ins and opt-outs can be

incredibly time consuming and if you use email marketing on a

large scale, it can even be impossible.

You should also be able to categorize the addresses on your email

lists so that you can send relevant information to interested


Tracking features in direct email marketing software are highly


Software packages with tools that provide you with a statistical

breakdown that tells you whether or not your email messages are

being read and which links in your messages are being followed

will help you to better manage your email marketing campaign and

to improve its effectiveness.

There is no sense in sending marketing messages that don’t draw

results, so tracking the results of your messages and making

changes as needed is essential.

The capability of setting up auto responders for the purpose of

follow-up or to answer subscribers’ questions is also a value-

added benefit of some email marketing programs.

Reviewing a large number of email marketing software options is

definitely in your best interest.

Features of the software programs as well as costs are something

to consider when choosing software for your email marketing


Compatibility with the hardware you are using is also something

to consider. With a good email marketing software program you

can stay in contact with your customers and leads, save money on

marketing and simplify your email marketing campaign so it won’t

be too time consuming for you.

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List-Building: Stick to Your Niches

If you’re new to online marketing, realize that you really can have one squeeze page and one sales letter. That’s it! Your job is to drive traffic there. That’s all. Just drive tons and tons of traffic there and be list building.

It’s really not smart to go into several different niches at once. Decide how you can drive as much traffic as you can a single system, so that it totally excites you. You want to be completely passionate about that system and test it like crazy to rev up the conversion. At the same time, you’re list building around your niche and creating a business.

If you find that you’ve been cranking on that niche for 45 days and you haven’t made a dime, it might be a good idea to research at least one other niche–maybe. But I don’t think that a niche exists where you can’t make money. If you’re list building easily, it just may be that you haven’t given yourself enough time to succeed.

Some niches just take a bit more work than others do. But I won’t work on a project that doesn’t interest me. It has to appeal to my passions, the things that I really care about. Some people may be able to do that, but I’m not one of them.

My best advice is to focus on one niche and devote your time and passion to it. Build a great list in that niche and monetize it well. Then, you can build a business around it. Make it something that you can be really proud of and that produces income for long time to come. Only after you’re really good at that ONE niche should you go out and try another.

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Mobile Email Marketing

Mobile email marketing is a less expensive way for companies to advertise their services and/or products with potential and existing customers. Before digital marketing was available as an advertising tool, businesses would use direct mail in order to reach individuals about specific services and/or products they offered. However, in today’s economy companies are beginning to use mobile email marketing to advertise due to it being a more rapid, cost efficient and easier way to communicate with potential and existing customers. Digital marketing can have a positive impact, no matter what type of business it is.

Basic email best practices were established to optimize email for desktop users viewing through Web browsers or email clients. However, more often than not, emails are being read using mobile devices. When doing mobile email marketing businesses must use caution when creating designs for their emails in order to decrease the chances of the email being sent to a spam folder. Therefore, it is imperative to use best practice design for your company advertising in order to ensure your customer is able to view the email in its entirety, no matter what type of device they are using to read the email. Implementing the best practice designs allows you to create an email that is compatible for viewing, even on a mobile phone or any other type of mobile devise besides using a computer.

Companies reap many benefits by using mobile email as a marketing strategy in order to reach prospects and existing customers. However, the more important perks include the ability to generate repeat customers, increasing sales, and the ability to gain valuable, honest feedback from customers quickly. When using digital marketing, not only can you generate repeat customers, but you are also increasing your sales by being able to communicate with individuals on a more relevant level.

Traditional advertising tends to reach customers as a whole, whereas mobile email marketing may be able to reach potential and existing customers on a more intimate level making it more likely an individual will use the products and/or services of a company due to receiving an email rather than seeing a billboard advertisement.

Digital marketing also allows for customers to give valuable, honest feedback regarding the products and/or services used by a specific company. This feedback is also available for other potential customers to review before deciding to use a specific company or their products.

In today’s market, mobile email marketing has become one of the more popular ways for businesses to grab the attention of potential and existing customers.

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Internet Marketing Tips – List Building Hazards

If I hear that phrase, “The money is in the list” one more time, I think I’ll scream. Let me make this perfectly clear. The money is NOT in the list. The money is in the list that is carefully constructed and marketed to. Trust me, I could build a list of 100,000 people and not make a single dime from it. If you’re wondering how that’s possible, keep reading and I’ll explain.

Okay, let’s say that we’re in the gaming niche. We decide that we want to build a list for it. We decide to target a popular game online and in order to build our list, we give away hints for that particular game. We offer a brief report with all these hints in order to get gamers to opt into our list. Okay, that’s great…now what? How are we going to make money off of this list? Unless the game has an affiliate program (many do not) what are we going to sell them? And even if it DID have an affiliate program, the people who opted in to get the hints probably already have the game. So again, how are we going to make money off of this list?

This is one of the biggest mistakes that marketers make. They offer a product to a list, for free, and have nothing to sell them on the backend. Or, they build a list of people who are notoriously known for wanting nothing but free information. In other words, they never spend any money. Or, they are targeting a segment of the population that has no money to spend, like little kids. Sure, they could try to sucker their parents into shelling out a few bucks on what you’re selling, but how many will be able to pull it off?

You need to understand who your target market is, what they want and most importantly, are they willing to pay for the information. If not, you’re just wasting your time. That’s the biggest hazard of building a list.

Another big hazard is trying to build it through promotional means that aren’t going to reach the people you’re trying to reach. For example, if you’re in the health niche and have a free report on treating cancer, it is unlikely that you’re going to get many prospects by promoting through channels that are reaching income opportunity seekers. Sure, some of them MIGHT have cancer, but the audience just isn’t targeted enough. You need to go to where the cancer victims are, such as an ezine that caters to this niche.

So as you can see, the money isn’t in the list. It’s in a list that’s properly constructed and marketed to.

To YOUR Success,

Steven Wagenheim

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