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2 Proven Ways To Boost Your Business Without Fail

If you want to close more sales in your business, you have to take an aggressive approach to marketing. You have to tune up your marketing engines and get to work right away, because business success isn’t easy. Even till this day I wake up early just to get my marketing done. I know how important it is to market my business, otherwise, I would probably fail.

And if this isn’t how you wake up everyday, then you’re in trouble. The very second when I wake up, I check my cell phone to see if any new sales and orders came in. When I do see that I have orders, it gives me the motivation to start my day. After my early morning routine of “freshening up” and getting dressed, I go straight to marketing. Sometimes I don’t even eat breakfast.

An attitude like this is what you need if you’re going to succeed in business. Don’t believe the hype that you can make $10,000 within the next 30 days with some “new fangled” marketing technique. Stick to the basics and go extremely hard at it. Anybody who is saying that they can earn all of this money within 30 days is a con artist.

So what are the basics to an effective marketing campaign, and what should you be doing everyday? Well, here are a few of them:

1) Generate leads

I can’t stress how important it is for you to generate a lead. When you generate a lead, you’re giving yourself the foundation to a successful business. You see nothing happens until you get a lead. If you can’t get a lead, you have no one to sell to. And if you think that it would be better for you to just advertise your product via your ad, don’t think about it.

How are you going to convince someone to buy your product, if you can’t even get them to respond to your free offer? This is something that you need to think about, because if you don’t, you’ll probably run your business on the assumption that maybe “someday” you’ll truly have a business breakthrough, and that you’ll have roaring success.

Nope. Sorry. Doesn’t work like that. Here’s another thing that you should be doing:

2) Offer sales and discounts

People love sales and discounts. If you run an ad in the newspaper offering a sale, or have a coupon for 40% of a highly desired item, you can get a ton of new prospects walking into your business, looking to take advantage of the deal that you are offering. This is nothing new, but is something that you can implement in your business today to have the success that you dream of.

Both of these techniques will help you to have a business that is making money for you everyday. With these techniques, you’ll be able to get the upper hand over your competitors, and will allow you to have the business breakthrough that you desire.

Good luck with using these techniques to have a profitable business today.

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Email Marketing – What it is and How it Can Benefit Your Business

Quite simply, email marketing is reaching your target audience through the medium of email. This is in contrast to using direct mail, telephone marketing, face to face selling, websites, radio, and television. Of course, email can work in conjunction with any of these methods and is often complementary to many of them.

Marketing using email is merely writing directly to a particular group of your target audience, to be specific, those who have provided you with specific permission to communicate with them via email. By specific permission, to be clear, we are talking about the action of clicking on a link that identifies the reader's intention to receive future information from you. In the case of a double optin list, the reader also must confirm his or her subscription by clicking on the link in a confirmation email sent their email address for that purpose.

It should be clear that email marketing should not automatically be labeled "spam"; ie unwanted commercial email. When email lists are managed as they should be, the recipient requests to be added to the email list, and in addition, every email that they receive contains a mechanism for unsubscribing.

What are the contents of email marketing communications?

In general, email marketing messages will include:

News relevant to your industry or subject area. If you are marketing to professional dog trainers, you may want to inform your readers about lawsuits, new techniques, and the like. By providing relevant information and helpful interpretation of it, you will eventually become a trusted advisor to your readers.

Helpful tips and hints. This is often done by marketers: offering basic level training. A good illustration of this is preparing a free course on how to begin training your dog. Or alternatively, you may decide to touch on a few problems that plague new dog owners.

Sales messages. Of course, this is why marketers maintain email lists … to sell something! What exactly you are encouraging your reader to do is going to vary depending on your circumstances. You may not always be asking your reader to part with their money, but you will normally be asking them to move farther down the sales funnel.

Actions encouraged by your email sales messages may include:

* Checking out a sales page

* Calling a phone number for a free package of information

* Sign up for free teleseminar

Email marketing messages can either be "broadcast" message or "sequential" messages. The sequential messages are often called "autoresponders" because the process for adding a reader is automatic, and the system keeps track of which messages get sent when.

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Deck Building Tips

Building a deck is certainly within the skill levels of most homeowners and weekend do-it-yourselfers. There are not a lot of complicated framing issues and the power tool requirements are quite modest. However, there are a few things you need to be aware of before you even start building your new deck.

The first place to start is always at the township office. Talk to the building inspector to find out exactly what code requirements there are in your municipality. Ask about things like footer depths and setbacks from property lines. You do not want to build a deck only having to tear it down later because your footers are two inches too short or you encroached upon the property line by a foot. They will also provide you with some good tips and points to help you pass the inspection quickly which will make your building project finish faster and safer.

Next, check out some books with pictures of existing decks to get some creative ideas about what you can do with your deck. Sure, you can build a simple rectangle. But for the same amount of time and money you might be able to add a second level or curve the front of your deck or create a shape more harmonious with your landscaping. A book about decks will open up your creativity and let you see more potential in your new deck.

Then it comes time to planning your deck. This is where you want to spend the major of your time. The more time spent planning will lead to a more productive building time. If you spend a lot of time planning, you will foresee many of the problems you might run into and come up with solutions before they become big problems. This is the most crucial portion of the building process. There are many software packages available that will help you design and plan your deck. They are invaluable!

With good software, you can layout your deck quickly and see how it will look. But more importantly, software will allow you to print out a materials list that you can take to the local home center or lumber yard and get competitive quotes on your project. The amount you save on a bid for your materials might more than offset the cost of the software.

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How to Start Bodybuilding: Five Tips for the Beginning Body Builder

Bodybuilding is a great way to get into shape. You'll have the body that you always desired, you'll enhance your performance in sports, and you'll cut the risks of diseases such as osteoporosis and coronary heart disease. Here are five tips to help the beginner bodybuilder.

1. Before you even enter the gym, start with research and planning. To develop the most effective workout routine, you'll need to know how your muscles work and the best ways to increase your muscle mass. If you do not take the time to research you'll find that you might be working out for weeks and actually lose weight instead of gain it. Develop a schedule that covers your training, your eating, and your resting.

2. Get into the habit of eating right. As a bodybuilder, you'll need to increase the amount of food you intake. Protein is vital for building your muscles, but it is not the only thing you need. You can not add fast food burgers to your diet and think that your body will be able to perform in the way that you desire. Instead, choose the right forms of proteins, complex carbs, and do not forget the essential nutrition that you can get from eating fruits and vegetables. A carefully planned and well balanced diet will give your body the strength to work its best.

3. When you are developing your routine, be sure that you focus on all your muscles. Too many beginners focus all of their training on increasing their biceps and getting their six pack abs. Do not neglect your lower body.

4. Remember to rest. You can not rush your results by working extra hard or staying at the gym for extra long hours. If you do not give your muscles a chance for rest, you'll never see them grow. Overworking will simply cause injury, which will slow down your progress even more. To see results the quickest, train smarter instead of harder. You'll start seeing results in a few weeks time.

5. Watch your form. This can be hard for beginners who body has not yet been trained in the proper form. Study the books, practice in front of mirrors, and find a trainer when you first start out. Learn to do the moves in correct form. If you are getting tired and unable to hold the correct form, quit for the rest of the day. It'll take time, but it is much easier to learn the moves in the correct form than to spend time later on unlearning your mistakes.

Too many beginner bodybuilders get discouraged and quit when they do not see the results right away. Bodybuilding will take time and hard work, but as long as you are training right, eating right, and resting you will become an experienced bodybuilder with the muscles to show for it.

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Boost Your Sales! Choose The Best Email Marketing Companies

Businesses at present can not settle on the traditional marketing of their products or services. Such methods such as print and media advertisements are not practical in the modern world we are in today. More and more businessmen result in marketing via emails.

There are numerous advantages of email marketing. If handled correctly, it can help a business owner to continue deliver the correct content to the perfect clients to achieve high response from them. You can reach clients globally and border will not be an obstacle on your transaction. Faster responses from your clients are also possible because the system is interactive. The clients can also enjoy your website and campaigns with your music, videos or other interactive games. This can further their interest in any of your products or services.

Since the email marketing is round the clock and limitless, you are assured that your brands are advertised without the need of monitoring it. You are not only having less work but you are also lowering the operational expenses as well. It should be noted that the costs incurred in testing, designing, receiving and sending of an email ad is 78% less costly compared to paper based marketing.

Look for the best email marketing company that can help you with your success. Here are just some of the options:

1. mUrgent Unlimited. The company claims that it is the most profitable yet the most affordable email program which does email marketing. It clearly increases customer communication, announcements and promotions. As the name implies, it offers unlimited, full-service and unique marketing program.

mUrgent Unlimited takes pride of taking care of your company 100%. The company is in charge of every workload from printing of enrollment cards, to the inflow of data of the clients and custom designing of monthly sends and email library. This process increases the frequency of purchase since customers will have repeat orders.

2. EmailLabs is a subsidiary of Lyris Incorporated which claims to be the leading company with regards to email marketing solutions. They have easy to use technology. Its hallmarks are the unrivaled tracking and segmentation secures and filters together with continuous product development.

The company also provides the service and expertise needed to make the email marketing efforts successful. It provides a web-based interface which allows an easy integration to customer data thus eliminating the hassles of installing or managing in-house email software.

3. Yesmail is another email marketing provider which provides flexible solutions to any business size. It operates around their goals of offering strategic services and innovative technology. The company has marketing solution portfolio including lead generation, data management, interactive applications, best practices consulting and direct marketing applications. With all these at hand, they promise any company a proven return on investment capabilities.

4. Optimum Response is a company which offers a quick way of promoting your product or service. It's a fast and effective means of reaching millions of online customers. The company work closely with the client; teaching them how to develop perfect messages to bring about their content based on their strategic goals. The campaign is cost effective since it can be purchased on a cost per thousand impressions, cost per action or cost per click bases.

5. Delivra is another email marketing company which helps companies communicating by offering email marketing services and software. It empowers marketers by providing them a user friendly tool that they need to send, create and track email programs. It also provides additional services needed to make the email campaigns a success.

Email marketing is an opportunistic and a good method of communicating with the present and future customers. If this process is executed perfectly, it can bring countless benefits to any company. So choose among the numerous email marketing companies and wait for your profits to increase!

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Say More Than "Thank You"

Most websites are gathering e-mail addresses. When you submit your e-mail address, you will be redirected to a thank you page. There is nothing wrong with it, but that page can do more than saying "thank you."

– The Result–

A while ago, I added some affiliate links to my thank-you-for-subscribing page. (You can see it at .) Even though you can close the window or go back to the home page, 98.8% of viewers of that page have clicked one of the links listed. This is astonishing when compared to the click-although ratio of banner ads on my site, which is about 0.9%. And, 98% is not a stat of one lucky day. It's an average of one year.

– They Will Listen–

98% sounds unrealistic, but it makes sense. Visitors subscribe to your newsletter because they liked your site in some way. So, they will listen to you as they listen to their friends. When you recommend some places to go, most people will go.

Additionally, you will get better results if you link to a page with one product rather than linking to a page with a lot of products. People who have submitted to you an e-mail address are open minded. This is the time to tell them your recommendation (your favorite product), not to show them options (list of your products).


However, do not use this technique on a thank-you-for-ORDERING page. If you send buyers to another Web page asking them to buy more things, visitors will feel you are trying to suck all the money they have. You may add links on this thank-you page, but be selective which pages you'll send buyers to. I am not saying up-selling will not work. Up-selling does work. You have to up-sell before receiving payments, not after you received payments. Chasers at McDonald's ask, "Would you like to have French fries with that?" when you order a burger, not after you have paid for your order, do not they?

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Simple Traffic Building

The main goal of traffic building is to get people to your site. That seems simple enough, until you start to think of how you're going to do that. You can pay for extensive advertising, but not everyone has that kind of budget. There are simple things, however, that you can do to increase and maintain the visitors to your website!

Keep your content up to date and fresh . Not only will this insure that your site is relevant and interesting to users, but it will keep them coming back. Have you ever stumbled upon a website that has obviously not been updated in a long time? What kind of an impression did that leave on you? If your website is kept with up-to-the-minute updates and content, it will be more appealing. Not to mention, the effort required to keep things updated will mean that you are updated as well-you will be informed about the current trends and the likes and dislikes of your potential customers, the things that are new on the market, and you can use this to your advantage.

Make sure all of your correspondence has a link back to your site . You send out emails all the time. You may engage in social networking sites like Facebook, MySpace, or sites like Twitter. Is there a link to your website on these applications, and in your emails? Why not? Take advantage of the contact you already have with the world and link back to your site! Do the same with blogs and message boards that you visit. Comment frequently and make sure your link is in your signature!

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How To Build Your List With Giveaways

It's Not A Bribe, Really

As a web master trying to drive affiliate sales to your web site, you know the importance of getting people to go through your squeeze page. Every contact you get, coupled with what they actually clicked through on an affiliate link, is useful data for making targeted marketing decisions, and getting the eaching potential you need for your web site.

One of the best ways to get people to go through your squeeze is to cooperate with other internet marketers pitching the same kinds of products you are in a giveaway program. In much the same way that soap companies will give free samples in the mail, or media companies will give sneak previews, a giveaway gives people who hit your site an opportunity "get something" for their web browsing.

How this usually works is that a vendor (the person you're directing traffic to) or a group of vendors, gives away a small sample, usually with a limited time offer, and all their affiliate marketers broadcast out, trying to drive traffic to the vendor.

Now, this sort of traffic building is good for padding out your list, but you should be aware that the contacts you're building with this method tend to be, in polite terms, "freebie hunters" or "freeloaders". A good chunk of them, when you broadcast to them after the giveaway, are going to opt out of your list as fast as they can find the link to do so. Do not be discouraged by this, it's all a numbers game.

Do think about ways to market to this list, or generate useful data from them. For example, if they accepted a freebie from one of your sellers, look for other freebie offers, or offer a freebie of your own if they'll write a testimonial about the product for you. Use them to build up a forum population, or to generate some content.

The key to repeat internet marketing is building a sense of community in your site visitors. You're establishing yourself as a trusted source of useful information and entertainment. Make sure that you retain that trust, or try to build on it and be prepared to pitch in to giveaway drives to help build up your list.

One interesting variation on the giveaway drive, if you can get your vendors to agree to it, is the online scavenger hunt. This requires a vendor giving away something that's decent value, sometimes in a lottery drawing.

In order to get into the drawing, people have to go through the squeeze pages of several of their affiliate marketers, gaining parts of a serial number or passwords to different parts of the vendor's web site, which usually has a flash game that they have to play before they enter the access code or discount code.

With the caveat that you're populating your list with people who are using the internet for entertainment rather than purchasing things that want, this is an effective way to qualify your lead generation.

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Top 4 Affiliate Marketing Tips Practiced by Successful Affiliate Managers

Now that you've quite a number of affiliates who have joined your affiliate programs you promoted, what is the next step? This is an important phase of the business and knowing what you should do helps in keeping these affiliates happy and getting more sales.

Here are the top 4 affiliate marketing tips that you should remember:

1. Communication

Keeping in touch with your affiliates is key to your affiliate marketing success. Use email marketing in all your communications with your affiliates. As your affiliates receive a lot of email from others too, it is important to make your email communication a little more personal. Sign off as your name instead of something like 'your manager' or 'your affiliate manager'
Using a newsletter through your auto responder is a good way you can effectively stay in touch with your affiliates.

2. Prompt Reply to your Affiliates

Whenever you received a question from any of your affiliates, it is important to reply them as quickly as possible. Your affiliates may be turning to you for urgent help to close a sale or need some important clarification. Provide your personal email address as nobody likes to write to an address like 'something @ info'.

3. Motivate your Affiliate members

One of the most common reasons why affiliate entrepreneurs do badly in their affiliate sales is because they do not possess good leadership qualities. You can help to address thiscoming by writing a marketing course and make it available to your members at no cost.

4. Provide additional Material

Do send any additional marketing material through your newsletter which you know could be useful to your affiliates. This helps in building good relations with them and at the same time provide useful reading material for their business growth. This may be a good way to make them look forward to receive your newsletter.

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How to Get Ripped Quick – Four Essential Tips

Many people are not happy with their body shape either being too skinny, overweight, or got to a certain point and plateau. These people are looking for a solution on how to get ripped quickly without any nonsense even take supplements. Getting in shape involves a proper plan of attack before going into your workouts and without this laid out you will not be able to succeed. You must consider having a proper diet, adding cardio to your workout, doing strength training, and having the right mindset. This article will further explain these concepts to achieve your muscle building training.

Before you even start lifting any weights, you have to change your diet to eating healthy meals. As many experts say you should avoid large meals and start splitting meals into smaller portions. You should split your 3 meals into 5-6 smaller ones and eat higher protein foods. Some examples are chicken, egg, seafood, and lean meats. A proper diet is essential to your workout and must not be ignored.

One thing that is overlooked when you want to get ripped quickly is adding in light cardio to your muscle training workouts. Simple exercises such as riding a bike or walking is enough to help stimulate your metabolism. As you may know already this will help you in burning more calories when you do your training to build muscle. The reason you avoid heavier cardio is because it drains your body and you can not do it on a consistent basis. Along with light cardio comes the important part of bulking up, doing strength training.

Strength training must be done in order to build muscles and there's no other way around it. There are many methods to this such as going to the gym or buying equipment to work out from home. Then there's the decision to go free weights or using machines to help you get the strength and get ripped to your desired look. As I have stated you have to do strength training to get muscles and to do all these things you need to be in the right mindset.

Having the right mindset and finding motivational to keep going is something that should be written down and posted somewhere that can clearly be seen. Just saying you want to get ripped quickly and jumping into it will not get you very far, I know from experience. Write down what your goals are and how this will benefit you in life such as be more confident around girls, or be be able to go to the beach without shame. Put a picture on your wall of someone that you want to look like when you finish your program for motivation. These are little things to do that will keep you from quitting and be determined to reach your goals.

These 4 tips are some of the key elements in your process to learn how to get ripped quickly. However, there are still many other factors to consider such as what products, workout routine to follow, and meal plans to use to get maximum results and fast. Further research needs to be done in order to find all these things.

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