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Six Tips For Enjoying the Holidays Stress Free

Life in and of itself can prove to be very stressful at times,however, more often than not the holiday season can stir up quite a lot of stress. For most of us, the holidays includes too much time fighting traffic, spending way too much on our credit cards, entertaining relatives and pretending to be thrilled when we receive yet another George Foreman grill. It’s no wonder that in an effort to pull off the perfect Disney holiday you might find yourself facing an overwhelming array of chores, shopping, baking, cleaning, etc. and you have to manage to get it all done either on your days off or after work. This year, you can make it a point to enjoy the holidays more by simplifying some of the work, while maintaining what makes the holidays special: The Love and fellowship with friends and loved ones. Here are some tips to help you cope with, or even avoid holiday stress:

ASK HELP FROM FAMILY AND FRIENDS Putting up a Christmas tree and other decorations can be exhausting. Asking family and friends to help is one of the best ways to save energy and have a beautifully decorated home for the holidays. If everybody in your family gets along, consider yourself blessed. But if your family is full of friction, the holidays can become very unpleasant. You can clear the atmosphere by involving everyone in the planning and decision making. Make it a party. Serve food and refreshments and have fun.

GO EASY ON ALCOHOL A stiff glass of eggnog can be a good way to toast the holiday, but don’t go overboard. Too much alcohol will only add to your stress.

KNOW YOUR SPENDING LIMIT Much of the stress of the holiday season comes from feeling pressured to buy bigger and better gifts for those we love, even if this puts us in debt. If you are a Grandparent like I am, this can be an especially challenging temptation. Expensive gifts won’t guarantee a happy holiday. Even children will be grateful for moderately priced gifts that are chosen with care.

START YOUR HOLIDAY GIFT SHOPPING EARLY People sometimes postpone holiday shopping until the last minute, but shopping early you can avoid the stress of dealing with crowded stores and parking lots, traffic jams,cold, snowy weather,etc.

DO YOUR SHOPPING ONLINE Shopping for gifts online is an ideal way to buy gifts for friends and family. You can check your list and see how many gifts you can purchase at the same online gift store, and try to get all of your shopping done at once. Many gift store websites offer great sales and discounts, especially during the holiday season. Don’t stress yourself out wondering what gift to get for someone who has everything. You can purchase Gift Cards in different denominations, place them in a Christmas greeting card and you have the perfect gift for people of all ages.Save money, save on gas, and shop from the comfort of your home.

KEEP MOVING Exercise is always a great stress reliever. Instead of watching It’s a Wonderful Life for the 100th time, grab your favorite cousin and go for a brisk walk.It will improve your heart health and it’s a great way to shed those extra calories from eating too much of Aunt Mary’s German chocolate cake.

I hope this holiday season finds you happy, healthy, calm and peaceful. Give these tips a try, and I guarantee you’ll have less stress and more fun!!

Happy Holidays!!

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Starcraft 2 Zerg Vs Zerg Strategy – 3 Strong ZvZ Strategies in SC 2

Zerg vs Zerg matchups can be very boring if you only stick to one strategy and your opponent does the same. Use these 3 ZvZ strategies to change it up and keep your opponents guessing which one you’re going to do next. Plus knowing more strategies will make the game more fun to play since there’s not as much repetition.

ZvZ Strategy #1: Quick Roaches Then Mutalisks

This strategy focuses on getting some Roaches out fast to defend against Zerglings and Banelings. You only need enough Roaches to defend against your opponents army, so be sure to scout to see how big it is. If he goes for an all-in Baneling play then build a few more Roaches to soak up those hits.

Once your economy gets a little better upgrade to a Lair and throw down a Spire. If you get Mutalisks before your Zerg opponent has any anti-air you’ll be in a very good position to get way ahead economically or take the win right away.

Zerg v Zerg strategy #2: Mass Queens

This is a pretty unique ZvZ strategy, as it involves getting an army of a unit that is mainly thought of as a defensive unit, the Queen. Queens move very slow if there’s no Creep under them, so it’s important to be very proactive spreading your Creep.

Get a lot of Roaches to get out front and take the hits for your Queens, and use the Queens Transfuse ability to keep your Roaches alive. If Mutalisks come out you’ll be well protected as Queens are great against air units.

ZvZ Strat #3: 10 Pool & Fast Banelings

This is thought of as more of a cheese build, but you can transition into a real build very easily if you do it right. Put your Spawning Pool down on 10 supply and build a fast Baneling Nest. Get Banelings into his base early and go after his Drones. If you get 4 Banelings or so and approach his mineral line from each side you’re almost guaranteed to get some juicy Drone kills.

After crippling his economy transition put a couple defenses up and transition into a macro heavy style of play to get ahead in economy and wear down your Zerg opponent.

No matter which Zerg vs Zerg strategy you choose to implement, it’s very important that you have good macro or else none of them will be very effective. Focus first on your macro, then on the specific strategy you are going for.

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How to Create Irresistible Email Copy Every Time in 8 Simple Steps

Before you begin to sit down and write your email sales letter, you MUST determine exactly who your target audience is. This is the real master key to getting the results you need from your email marketing. However, this is only one of the key stages you need to go through to create your perfect copy. So stay with me as I now reveal to you the simple 8 step process ANYBODY can undertake and master, to create irresistible email copy every time.

Step No 1. – Who are You Talking To?

Ask the following questions to yourself:

– What are your target market looking for?
– What does your customer / prospect want?
– What pain is your prospect looking to relate?
– What are your competitors doing?
– What products are already out there?
– What frustrates your prospects / customers most?
– Who else is selling something similar to you?
– Why should your prospects / customers believe you?
– What kind of appearances will your target market respond to?

Step No 2. – Start With a Great Subject Line

The whole point of sending an email is for it to be read. If you're emails are not getting opened you do not have a business. Before an email can generate results, the recipients need to read it. But what can you do to spark their interest?

The SUBJECT LINE is the Master key.

I see many emails which fail to realize that the subject line exists for only one purpose, and that is TO GET YOUR EMAIL OPENED. However, there are also many formulas you can use with your subject line to achieve this, far too many to list here, so I will concentrate on MY top four.

Each one has a different psychological appeal to the reader but ALL work like magic:

AND these are as follows:

A) State a powerful benefit – "You Can Generate Hundreds of Leads With This FREE System"

B) Pique curiosity – "How This Former Homeless Guy Has Uncovered the Secrets of Success"

C) Write Your subject Line From a News Point of View – "Discover The Latest in Video"

D) Gratify Immediate – "With This Latest System, You Can Begin Earning IMMEDIATELY!"

So after reading the above examples (and there are many more) I would like to give you a small homework assignment: Write at least 25 SUBJECT LINES which you can use in your marketing campaign. Take the top two and do a split test.

Step No 3. – Make it Emotional.

Buying decisions are usually based on EMOTIONS (that's why you will often see people buying what they want as opposed to what they need) So, when promoting anything to anyone, you must decide, beforehand, exactly which emotional buttons you are going to press. For example: When selling health supplements, you could press the "fear of sickness" button, with a subject line of "A Natural Way to Save Your Eyesight." Or you could hit the "anger" button with a subject line that says: "Is Your Tap Water Making You Sick". Other buttons can include emotions such as: curiosity, greed, ego, vanity, hope, fear of scarcity or security.

Step No 4. – What's in it For Your Customer?

You need to sit down and write down each single conceivable benefit, you can think of, that your product has. Do not become confused at this point between features and benefits. If you do not know the difference know, here is a VERY brief explanation:

Features describe the product; Benefits describe the results of using the product. Benefits appeal to emotions, so your emails must ALWAYS be benefitted driven, as EMOTION drives sales. Features only appeal to logic.

A general rule of thumb to follow for the benefits of your product, is to ask yourself "What can my product or service do for my customer?" Then you simply write your sales letter telling your prospect EXACTLY WHAT`S IN IT FOR THEM. You can tell them how much better their life will be once they begin to use your product, how much better they will feel, etc.

Step No 5. – Gain Your Customers Trust.

How do you do that exactly? Well there are three tried and trusted ways with which you can build trust:

– Provide valid testimonials.
– Include endorsements from other authoritative figures within your marketplace.
– Include the ability for your prospect to easily contact you. (& Be available when they do)

Step No 6. – The Eyes Have it!

Large blocks of words are intimidating to most people. Usually when reading your email people will "skim" over your copy, so you need to break it up easily easily read sentences and paragraphs, otherwise you will send your readers direct to the delete button.

The solution is this: Split your paragraphs into two to four sentences. Also use several different subheadings throughout. You can use asterisks, bullet points, ellipses etc, to give your email more flow and rhythm. All of these methods and symbols make your email more eye-catching, but importantly EASIER to read.

Step No 7. – Guarantee!

You simply MUST offer a guarantee with your product in today's markets. If you do not, you are leaving potentially an awful lot of money on the table. And the stronger your guarantee, the better your response will be. And, although this is hard to believe, most people will not ask for a refund, because you have built some trust and they know from your guarantee that you stand behind your offer.

Do not spend too long thinking about what sort of guarantee you can offer. You can offer anything from 24 hours to 12 months. But remember this very interesting fact before you decide: The longer the time period, the fewer refund requests you will receive, as generally the more time your customers and prospects have to make the request, the fewer will actually do so.

Step No 8. – Do not Forget to Ask for The Order!

I've seen this happen so many times before, someone makes a fantastic sales presentation, and then does not close the deal because they did not ask for the order at the end or even during the presentation, in the first place.

So make sure you provide ample opportunity for your customers to buy, give them different options through your sales copy. Make it clear how easy it is to order and let them know when and how they can dot RIGHT NOW! Describe it in detail, ask for the order, and then ask again.

I hope you find this article helpful. Thanks for reading.

All the best.

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Top 4 Things to Do for Do-It-Yourself (DIY) Event Marketing

Your event is planned, the date is set, but now what? How can you take the event from a simple idea to one of the most talked-about events within your target market? When you are working with a small budget, the likelihood of promoting the event yourself means you’ll need to have some strong, do-it-yourself knowledge in event marketing. Below are some of the top things to consider when marketing your event.

Plan: Marketing Plan

A marketing plan serves as a framework of how to go about reaching objective of a successful event. Think of the marketing plan as a compass; a guide that will serve as a how-to in knowing who your target market is, pursuing that market, and engaging them in order to get a response–a positive yes–in attending your event. This is the stage where goals such as attendance and/or sales and other details desired for the event are laid out, as well as any possible barriers to creating a successful event. If you are working with a committee, the committee in charged should likewise foresee the imminent setbacks they may encounter along the way and come up with possible solutions to likely setback, as well as plan for likely success. Planning the financial aspect is integral to the overall marketing plan and should also be setup at this point as well. These are all part of the planning process.

Prospect: Prospective Market

In this phase, it is time to determine the target market for the event. This is relatively easy because it is done by identifying the sectors who are concerned or have an interest in the event. For example a Writer’s Summit would be event of interest for writers; while a Broadcast Journalists’ Summit would be event that should be marketed to a broadcast reporter. The committee should collectively conduct a little brainstorming to determine which market they would like to target, as well as particular interests that target market would have.

Aim: Objective of the Event

Knowing the objective of the event is as important as planning the event and identifying the target market; these go hand-in-hand. They each serve as guide to the course of action which the event organizer needs to consider in order to effectively execute the full plan. For effective planning, the objective should be made definite to ensure that every promotional action is geared towards the accomplishment of the final objective.

Execute: Promoting the Event

Promotion is the stage where the event is actually “promoted” or advertised to the public, but especially the target market. This is done especially to make the public aware of the upcoming event and elicit interest to that relevant sector of the public–your target market–to take part in the holding of a particular event. If the event is relevant only to a particular person, then it is best for one to avoid indiscriminately inviting the public and if possible, limit the invitation to a carefully selected sector. Doing otherwise would lower the image of the event and would make the invitation something that can be easily ignored.

It is possible to market an event and have it be a successful event with DIY event marketing and these are just some of the things to consider and know when marketing an event without the assistance of a professional Event Marketer.

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Tips To Buy Cheap, Yet Quality Dress Materials

Buying ladies dress materials online is probably the best way to access a broader range of products that is sold at the nearby retailers in your city. Though, dress materials are sold in abundance and allude to diversification when searched at online stores, choosing and getting your hands on the cheap, yet quality unstitched salwar suit can get unnerving at times.

Here’s slacking down a few of the important points that is sure to assist you in getting the best dress for yourself.

Keep exploring

Exploring is the key. One particular dress material is put up labelled with different pricing at each online store. Keep exploring every possible online store you know, before stepping into the one that charges for the minimum price.

Choose a subtle piece

Often dress materials with lesser embroidery and patchwork is priced lower than that with the heavy and intricate embellishments. Go for the simple fabric and you can always design it later on it. With your favorite borders and hand stitched embroidery patches.

Hop into the known stores

With the update and craze for online shopping, there are more than a thousand fashion apps available out there: Each online store holding out luring discounts and offers. But why not visit sites that you know instead of the ones that you saw on random pop up ads? Trust isn’t something you give away so fast. Do you?

Wait for the season’s sale

Each and every online store grabs most of the attention only when they dole out exciting offers and discounts. You might as well keep your favorite material stashed up in the wish-list and go on buying it once it comes bundled with sale offers and discounts. Even the plushy ones are easy accessible that time.

Go for unstitched materials

Stitched ladies dress materials charge you a fortune. Try purchasing the ones which aren’t stitched. You can always stitch it to your choice later on.

Do not opt for designer dress materials, if you don’t wear them.

Refrain buying designer materials if you do not wish to support them often

Don’t go with the flow. If you aren’t somebody who’s into designer labels, then refrain from buying them with half an hour savings. Designer dress materials cost you a fortune and shall make you regret down the line if you don’t intend to wear them any time soon. Instead, buy the simple yet chic ones: the ones that you’ll be wearing to anywhere and everywhere.

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The Animals That Rely On Our Trees

The trees in our yard are the lynchpin that holds the delicate balance of wildlife presence together. So many animals rely on our healthy trees to provide them with shelter, food, and even transportation routes, and without trees, none of those animals would be nearby to enrich our environment and our lives. Learn more about some of the wild animals that take up residence in our trees.


The first animal many people think of when it comes to woodland wildlife are frisky little squirrels. These amusing little mammals use our trees for shelter, to help them create nests to raise their young, and to provide them with food like acorns. But squirrels aren’t the only mammals that benefit greatly from trees. Flying squirrels, opossums, raccoons, bats, and others take up residency in our trees. Even mammals as large as deer feed off of acorns, and deer also use tree trunks to help remove the velvety coverings on their antlers and announce their presence to other deer.


Just about every wild bird in our backyards benefits from our trees. They build nests and raise their young in them, they forage for food in them, and they seek shelter from the elements in their branches. Without trees nearby, most birds are unlikely to take up residence in an area, and those that do can be destructive to human habitats because they are making our homes into tree alternatives. Birds help to control insect populations, disperse seeds, and generally make our worlds a better place with their cheerful songs. Our healthy trees encourage them to find our yards a comfortable place.


Whether you care for insects or not, they are some of the animals that benefit from our trees-and our trees can benefit from them too! Flowering trees attract honeybees, butterflies, moths, and other flying insects that consume nectar. These insects help to pollinate the trees and are responsible for the vast majority of fruits that grow on trees, including apples, pears, cherries, and citrus fruits. In the wild, honeybees even build their hives in trees so that they can produce their honey and raise their young. A host of other insects also use trees as sources of shelter, transportation avenues, and sources of food. These insects help to keep the ecosystem around us alive and running smoothly, and our trees help them to do that job.

Protect Your Trees

One of the best things you can do for the wildlife in your area is to help maintain your trees and their health. Have a professional tree service come out annually and after major storms to ensure that your trees are at their best to provide for their small dependents. They can also help to keep trees manageable by providing pruning services, which can help to make treetops easier to use for nesting birds. If a tree becomes dangerous and needs removal, have your professional tree removal team come in and safely remove it. If you have the space, ask if they will leave larger logs of the tree for animals to shelter in. Most local tree services are more than happy to oblige such requests.

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Battlefield 3 Rush Mode Strategy Guide

In this Battlefield 3 Rush Guide, we'll be talking about the best strategy for both defense and indemnity. After reading this guide, you should be very powerful and win many Rush games as compared to having no strategy at all.

Battlefield 3 Rush Guide – Overview

Rush is a fantastic game mode in Battlefield 3 which utilizes a great deal of strategy as compared to typical game modes. It includes either defending or making against a tactical assault (offensive mode) on several points around the map.

If you're in the attacking mode, you must destroy the M-COMs before you lose your 100 players. In order to win the game, you must do this many times successfully.

However, as a defender, it's kind of the opposite. Your goal is set to killing 100 enemy players before they take down the M-COMs (called the bases) on the map. If you are able to do it correctly, you win!

If you're attacking, and you manage to take out the 2 bases or the M-COMs, your team will get refreshed to 100 lives (you can see this above the mini-map) followed by an explosion which will show you a new Part of the map as well as 2 new M-COMs.

From our learning, there are basically 4 sets of 2 M-COMs that you have to attack successfully. Everytime you destroy a base, you are taken to a new part of the map which has different choke points and different terrain.

Battlefield 3 Rush Strategy Guide – Offensive mode

While playing in the offensive Rush mode, you need to know that there are various roles that you need to fill with namely: Spotter, Front line attacker and the support.

Firstly, all classes can fill in the front line attacker role. A front line attacker is how many players would be playing. A front line attacker or attackers go down the middle or on the side of the map and try to complete their mission. However, you must remember that if everyone in your team is playing this role, you will definitely LOSE.

A spotter usually moves around the outer part of the map and tries to get behind enemy lines. If you are to play a spotter, you should silently mark players who are sniping as you move behind the enemy's base.

You find this kind of strategy in wide open parts of the map like in the first part of Operation Metro. Two people can fill this role in a 16-16 match. If you can infiltrate successfully, you can sneak up on your enemies and take them out.

Support players are important as well. If you want to be successful, Assault and Support roles with their health and ammo packs can help you dominate quite fairly.

Supporters are just behind the front line attackers and prefer staying in a close location. If you're playing a supporter, you should be able to provide a close spawn point for the squad. A person from each squad of the front line attackers needs to fill this role.

You can use "Suppression Fire" and kill one or two as well when it's all easy but you must make sure that you stay safe if you are in this role. Afterall, Rush mode is all about spawn locations.

You should try getting near a safe spot with a lot of concealment near the objectives. Even if your teams die, this way they can spawn right on top of you and still be close to the objective.

You do not need to have a good kill: death ratio as a team to win while being in the off mode provided you have a bunch of people acting as spawn points near the objectives. You can simply rule over your enemies with spawns.

The competition gets tough when you sneak in and have to plant an explosive on the target.

You can throw a lot of grenades and smoke around the target and then capture him using the smoke as cover. How can the enemy shoot you if he can not see you? Bingo!

Battlefield 3 Rush Guide – Defensive mode

If you want to play in defensive mode, strategies are of course going to be different. Basically, you will learn that it will be easy to play defensively in a pick-up game and very tough to play in an organized game. This is because Pick-up games are disorganized and can be stopped on defense with the right strategy.

Defense mode has its own advantages like having unlimited lives. Even bigger advantage is that the opponents have to come to the "Assault Points" in order to win the match. Then, the majority of the team mates can take up defensive positions quite easily.

Although personally I'm not interested in staying at the same spot, but you'd definitely want to have a few players camping out keeping each objective. Because your enemies will have to physically touch the objective in order to win, therefore it's a big advantage for your team.

We believe that Assault and Engineer classes should guard the objective. And then, one sniper should be behind the team protecting them. Do not let your team sneak up and take out offensive players who might be acting as Spotters or trying to sneak up on your guarding classes. If players are really distant, mark them out before you shoot.

As for the rest of your team, you would want to push up as far as you can. For some reason, as in the case of Operation Metro, when the offensive party takes down the first set of your M-COMs, the defensive party falls automatically back to the 2nd set. You would NOT want to do this but instead try pushing up as far as you can. Try getting as many kills as you can before letting the off party push into your base.

You would want to move behind enemy lines from time to time and try to sneak up on as much players as possible. It works fantastically when your team is well-organized. Your team can keep spawning behind enemy lines when they die. Kill: Death ratio is not important here because you have unlimited lives on defensive mode. You have to kill as many enemies as you can in order to win this match. You can also die as much as you want but make sure that at least one person stays alive in the area where you have to respawn.

You can also use C4 to destroy trees, plants and walls as many as you want. When you destroy their cover, they can barely hide anywhere, particularly across the field. You should plant explosive at popular / common hiding places thereby taking away the cover and aim for the target.

Battlefield 3 Rush Guide Conclusion

Rush Mode is damn fun when players understand it very well and have an organized team. Otherwise it'll be very irritating for them if they are disorganized. In a Pick-up group, you can make the largest contribution on offensive side by acting as a spawn point for your team near the objective and staying alive as long as you can.

On Defensive mode, you should stay up-front as much as possible and do not let your enemies get close to your base. It might be hard to defend an objective covered in smoke but it'll kill players running across the field. Make sure to take out as much brush as you can so that your enemies are more visible.

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DIY Marketing With Twitter – "Where's the Money?" – 7 Tips For Creating Profits by Tweeting

How can Twitter help you make more money? That is the fundamental question business professionals want to have answered. Any kind of social network marketing may seem like a time-wasting black hole – until you see the big picture.

Twitter is fast becoming the number one tool for many over any other social media platform including Facebook.

What can Twitter do for you? Here's a list of ways you can utilize Twitter to accomplish many of your marketing tasks and goals faster and easier. And of course, Twitter is a free service.

1. Become known. Developing a tribe of followers who know, like and trust you is key to building your community of potential customers.

2. Become recognized as an expert in your field. By tweeting daily, or multiple times a day, with information that is useful, helpful and interesting to your followers, they will stay connected with you. And they will want to know more about you and your services. They will turn to you, instead of someone else, when they are looking for the services you offer.

3. Market research. Use Twitter to ask your customers and potential customers questions about their needs and interests. Their replies will guide you to create products that they will buy — from YOU.

4. Promote your events. Announce your seminars, classes, sales events, contests and surveys. There is an art to promoting your business on Twitter. It is important to avoid being "salesy". The social platform that Twitter offers is ideal for the "soft sell". You will have the most success if you announce your events in the same way that you would share valuable information with a friend.

5. Find joint venture partners. Connect with others in your field and combine forces with them to create money-making opportunities where you both profit.

6. Stay on the cutting edge of your field. By following others in your field, you will stay abreast of all the newest events, issues and trends – a must for staying competitive.

7. Keep connected on a social level with your customer community. This is the heart of Twitter's value. People want to know who they buy from. If you present yourself as real, caring and accessible, more people will want to connect with you and to your business brand.

So, the answer to the question "Where's the money?" Lies in how well you use Twitter in your business strategy.

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What are the Key Features of a Database Management System?

Every day the demand for a good database management system is increasing. The fact is that information is growing and expanding faster than ever. And this makes sense — all old records still need to be stored and saved, while new records are being added and updated daily. Even companies that five years ago had no use for a database management system are now struggling to even get a handle on the simplest information, as it relates to their customers.

All database management systems have one goal in mind — to take the information you enter into it, and store it effectively. Then, when you need to get that information back, you can access it quickly, without any problem or headaches.

Additionally, you want the feature of being able to access all of your information in one singular central location. What good is all your information going to be if it is scattered about on various disparate systems? If the accounting is on one computer, your inventory on another computer, and your sales information on a third computer, you will not be able to make the necessary snap decisions that are required in the business world.

Another feature many database management systems have is to give you the ability to make complex statistical and data analysis, so you can make the most accurate decision as quickly as possible, since time is money in business.

In addition to those features, another good feature of a database management system is its ability to stay secure. This is especially true, as it relates to hospitals. Most hospitals have very sensitive information about their patients, which could put them in legal problems if that information was accessed.

You want to make sure that you have proper security on your database management system, otherwise your information may be compromised. Nobody wants their competitors to get a get hold of their client list, and hospitals and psychiatrists, among others, have a duty to keep their information about their clients confidential.

Security can be enforced on each individual application that exists within a database management system, or it can be set up on the system itself. This will depend upon how many users are accessing the system, and how many applications are running on that system.

In conclusion, I’ve given you some of the basic features that make up a good database management system.

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6 Ways to Use Mobile Marketing to Build a Solid Business

Although social networking is still relatively new when compared to the Internet in general, businesses within this medium operates by the same rules businesses have always operated by, only with a few significant features that you should be aware of. Using mobile marketing to tap into the social structure of online marketing, will enable you to exponentially grow any type of business. Here are some tips to help you get started.

Keep Mobile in mind when designing for the web.

No matter what you’re designing via the web, whether it’s a business site, a fan page, an email message, or even an ad, you have to keep mobile devices in mind. The greatly reduced real estate means that mobile devices view the content differently to the way that regular computers do, so you have to make sure that you’re catering directly to your mobile market by offering them something that still looks and operates great on their smaller devices. The extra work now will pay off later.

Keep your customers preferences in mind when sending text messages.

You should always be aware of when your contacts are available to receive messages and when they actually want to receive them. This means avoiding certain times of the day that your leads may be at work or eating dinner with their families. And this definitely includes weekends and holidays. No one wants to receive a Sunday morning message from you. Save your messages for times of the day when they’re not intruding on your customers. This will help you to gain their respect.

Vary the tactics used to persuade your prospects to sign up to your lists.

There are many different tactics you can use in order to entice people to sign up with your list. Either on your website or on one of your social networking pages, you could always offer different contests and other rewards for people who opt into your list. This is a tried and tested way to develop a large list of contacts. Some may end up opting out again, but it’s important that you build your network.

Identify your prospects needs and wants.

No matter what the niche is, a customer has a specific problem that the product is going to provide a solution to. Obviously, you need to think of ways to identify this problem so that you can present the solution. The better you’re able to do this, the more customers you’re ultimately going to have. You need to illustrate with your messages how what you’re offering can solve that problem for your customers.

Don’t overdo the messaging!

You must be mindful of the fact that, if not used properly, mobile messages can be more of a pain to your customers than something great that’s going to help them. This is because it’s very easy to overdo it with messages. You should keep your messages to around only a line or two, and you should always limit your number of messages to one message every other day or so.

Give those that want to an easy opt-out from your list.

Working to gain trust doesn’t guarantee that every person in your network is going to trust you. Some are going to want to opt out and to stop receiving messages from you. Supplying this type of option and making sure that it’s easy to use is going to give your customers more confidence in your business. They will feel as if they’re in complete control of the exchange.

You should find that mobile marketing is rather easy once you get the hang of it. And if you do it correctly, you’ll also find that it’s very beneficial to your business.

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