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Are Infections Really That Bad? Should I Be Worried?

I say, deal with infection when you get it.

And deal with it smartly, and correctly.

Infection prevention is better than cure, yet do not be excessively preventive, especially during TSW.

I've seen so many TSW sufferers justify their use of antibacterial / anti-infection products and apply them liberally for "fear of infection", even when they do not have any infection. They use plenty of nice stuff like virgin coconut oil, tree tree oil, apple-cider-vinegar, anti-fungals, anti-microbials just because they are afraid they get infected.

These might be good preventive actions, IF AND ONLY IF, your skin is perfect – they function normally, they have the right diffusivity and permeability, they allow the right things to pass through and stop the bad things from going through.

When you have TSW skin – your skin is porous, leaky and highly sensitive, your blood tissues are dilated, you lose water easily, your blood plasma is exposed externally – do you think that by excessively being preventable, you are actually exposing your skin, Blood and internal biochemistry to potentially more variables, some of them could be more harmful than helpful?

So much for prevention, when we only think one-dimensionally on the benefits or properties of the product, instead of thinking how the product actually interfaces and interfaces with us. When companies sell us stuff, they tell us how good their stuff is. They never tell you exactly how the stuff works with your bodies.

So my opinion is to stay off the prevention track, and start observing keenly.

In my personal experience, despite the abundance of open, wet, raw, soft wounds, there were rare instances when my skin was badly infected. I do not see huge areas of pus and infection, or areas to suggest that I was thoroughly infected.

So if I do not see it or feel it, I do not worry about it. When I do not worry about it, there is one less thing on my plate. I rely on less products. I reduce the potential number of variables that might make my skin turn bad (Although there may also be variables that make my skin turn better, I'd rather choose the opposite of not turning bad, as those variables that make my skin better are only Transient and will require my dependence on the product that produces those variables, ie moisturizers / SKII for the ladies). When I eliminate variables, I can better pin-point what actually makes my skin turn bad. And when I can better identify these factors, I can avoid them. And the more I avoid them, the less bad skin gets, and more time is given for the skin to heal.

So what happens when I do get infected?

About 3 weeks back, I got a small 3 x 3 cm spot on my calf filled with small pus at the root of my leg hairs. It's probably folliculitis and I probably got infected somewhere somehow.

If I had been overtly reactive and afraid, I would have quickly searched around for answers, and would probably receive all kinds of nice advice of using what type of medicine, creams, natural cures, and even possibly some oral antibiotics to treat the small spot Of infection.

But I did not, because it was just a small infected spot. It was not life-threatening. It was slighty irritating and abit scary to look at (spots of pus on your leg? WEIRD). But the key factor was that – it was not life-threatening.

I decided to let the infection sit for a few days and just observed.

Nothing happened actually. The infection did not spread, and started to go away by itself over the week.

My body did most of the work in getting rid of the localized infection. By the time you see pus, you should know that your body has already done plenty of work in the creation of the pus, which is infact a process of isolation of foreign toxins / bacteria, which causes them from doing more harm systemically.

So this heuristic – letting the body do its work if its not life-threatening – worked in my favor.

Things that worry me are body-wide systemic infection / inflammation. Cases that could be life-threatening – increased body-wide temperature, uncontrollable fever, even hives, chicken pox or any sudden body wide rashes.

Body-wide = real bad. Localised = wait and see if it gets worse. Do seek a second opinion if you face systemic infection or infection. Intuitively, your body should tell you whether an issue is manageable or not. If you do not trust your guts, always seek a doctor's opinion.

In our daily life, we often do things without thinking why we do them. We do them out of traditions, fear, habits, routine, peer pressure etc. Many of them do not have a strong logical and empirical basis and many people live with philosophies that are detrimental for their lives. And many of them do not recognize this, as their very basic permissions limit their way of thinking.

Start by having doubts, and then by using your senses to empirically confirm or deny your doubts.

Stop being overly medicated. If there is not a need to (non-life threatening) use medication, do not.

Deal with infection only when you get them. Deal with them correctly, and you will be improving your natural immune system. Deal with them incorrectly, and you do the reverse.

That is very similar to how we manage eczema with topical steroids too.

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Easy Tips and Tricks To Help Your Dog Gain Weight

An underweight dog is more prone to health issues. If you notice that your dog is becoming thinner or you think he is underweight, the best thing to do is “fatten” him up – make sure that he is eating right and that he gains some pounds until he reaches the ideal and healthy weight. Weight loss in canines are usually caused by diarrhea, poor appetite and health problems. If you’re uncertain, it’s best to seek the advice of your veterinarian.

Here are a few easy tricks to help your dog gain weight:

Check your dog’s weight

Sometimes a dog may look thin but he actually has the ideal weight for his breed. It’s best to check your pet’s actual weight and compare it with his breed’s ideal weight. It’s also important to learn his breed’s daily dietary needs to keep him healthy.

Find out the cause

Finding out what causes your pet’s weight loss or being underweight will help you find a solution easier. It could be as simple as another dog stealing your pet’s food (if you live with multiple dogs) or as serious as a stomach problem. Observe his eating habits if he’s getting enough food, if he has any appetite or if he’s experiencing diarrhea. If his condition seems to be unexplained, it’s time to go to the vet.

Change the feeding schedule

If you’ve ever tried to shed off a few pounds, you’ll know that eating shortly before bed time will cause your body to store the food as fat. You can use this concept to help your skinny pet gain a few pounds. If you feed him twice a day, consider giving him a smaller portion during the day and a bigger one at night so that the calories will be stored in his body as fat while he sleeps instead of being burned as energy.

Introduce new food

Introduce good quality dog food with higher fat and protein content to your dog’s diet. This will help him gradually gain some pounds over time. Mix it with other food for more nutrients. Just introduce the new food with care as a new diet usually causes an upset stomach in canines in the beginning.


When we hear the word “exercise”, we automatically think it’s for weight loss. But a bulk of a canine’s weight should be muscles and not fat and a good way to maintain strong and healthy muscles is through a good diet and a good daily amount of physical activity.

Try these simple tricks and your dog should fill out in no time!

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Targeted Article Marketing – Announcing 5 Creative Steps to Increase Your Article Marketing

One of the best ways to grow your ebusiness is to know how to attract online users to your website so you can boost your online traffic along with your sales potential. Today, there is no other better way to pull your potential clients to visit your site than giving them quality information that will match their needs and demands. This can easily be done by writing and distributing your article online.

Here are the 5 creative steps to increase your article marketing:

1. Optimize your articles. The first step that you need to take in order to connect with your potential clients is to make your copies highly searchable online. They must match relevant searches made by your target audience so your copies will show up on search page result. This can easily be done by optimizing your content or inserting relevant keywords on your copies.

2. Observe appropriate keyword density. Use just the right amount of keywords in your copies so you can still make them reader-friendly. Both search engines and article submission sites recommend a maximum of 3% keyword density. That means, if you are writing a 500-word article, you can use your main keywords up to 15 times in your content. You can spread your keywords on your title and on every paragraph of your article.

3. Link your articles. If you are posting your articles on your blog and website, you can insert hyperlinks by using anchor text that will take your readers to your other relevant copies to promote further reading. By doing this, you can increase the exposure of your articles and offer much more information to your readers.

4. Create an author's bio. Most leading article submission sites like EzineArticles and goarticles dot com, allow their contributors to create their own author's bio that can help in building rapport with online users. Take advantage of this and communicate your hobbies, expertise, interest, and the reasons why you are publishing your articles. This will make your readers see the other side of you so they can easily connect with you.

5. Write more. If you would like to increase your page views by 100,000 this month, you should be willing to increase the number of your articles so you can boost the number of your inbound links and better connect with your potential clients.

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Simple Cruise Tips for Seniors

Cruise travel is a popular form of vacation travel among seniors. Each year, over 70% of cruises are enjoyed by people who are over age 55. Here are some practical suggestions that can help seniors make the most of their cruise travel.

Start with a short cruise

If you are new to cruise travel, “test the waters” by choosing a short 3-4 day cruise to see if you like the experience or not. Be flexible with your travel dates to receive a good discount.

Research in advance

Look over various shore excursions to see which ones are interesting and book them ahead of time so you will not miss out.

Seek senior discounts

Almost all cruises offer various types of discounts to cruise travelers. For example, there are often special drink packages. It may be a good idea to buy a soft drink package if you are traveling with grandchildren.

Pick a smaller ship

Though small ships offer fewer dining and entertainment options, they are less crowded and many offer excursions that focus on the history and culture of a region. A small ship often visits more remote ports that big ships normally cannot.

Purchase insurance

Most cruise lines will not allow you to cancel close to your departure date. If you are booking a long cruise that costs thousands of dollars, it is a good idea to purchase trip cancellation and interruption insurance.

Use a packing checklist

A packing checklist will ensure you bring everything you need. You can simply Google online to find many cruise packing checklists.

Arrive at the departure port a day ahead of time

Plan your trip well to avoid booking a flight to arrive on the same date that your ship departs. You will be in trouble if the flight gets delayed for some reason. So plan to arrive a day earlier to avoid rushes and unexpected delays.

Watch for your phone usage

Put your phone in airplane mode to avoid being charged unnecessary roaming fees. Using the ship marine satellite service can be very expensive and you will receive some surprise bills, so limit yourself unless you can use land cellular signals.

Avoid overscheduling

Limit your onboard activities and excursions. Do not exhaust yourself by planning too many activities and shore excursions, premium dining experiences, and so forth. Cruises are supposed to be relaxing and fun so be selective in scheduling your days.

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4 Awesome Tips For A Household With Multiple Dogs

Taking care of a single dog can be quite overwhelming at times, let alone living with multiple pets. While the phrase “the more, the merrier” does apply when it comes to having pets, there are times that the situation becomes a handful. Whether your household is full of pets temporarily or permanently, the key is patience. Without it, you will be easily overwhelmed by the amount of responsibility in front of you and you won’t be able to take care of your pets properly.

Hee are 4 simple yet effective tips you can try if you have multiple dogs in your household:

Be the leader of their pack

Dogs see their owners as the leader of their pack, one that they love and respect, that’s why it’s important that your leadership is established. Make it known that you’re the one who holds all the resources – food, treats, toys and even attention. Rewarding one pet’s good behavior with quality time or treats will help influence others to behave more. Ignoring bad behavior like barking or peeing in the house lets them know that their leader disapproves of those behaviors.

Provide each pet with their own “comfort zone” in your house

As much as dogs love to play with each other, there are times that they want to play, rest or sleep comfortably alone. That’s why each dog must have their own space at home, ideally with the least distractions. Provide each with their own bowl of food and water, a good sleeping blanket and some toys. Having their own space encourages good mood, thus less fighting among the pets.

Keep them busy

When you have plenty of dogs with a lot of energy and nothing to do, that’s when trouble starts. Provide them with activities to do, games to play or spend quality time with them as much as you can. This not only kills their boredom but also stimulates them mentally and physically! Best of all, it allows them to work together as a team!

Spend time with each of your dogs

Let each of your pooches know that you love them all equally. Never show that you favor one more than the other as this may start some trouble. Spend time and give attention to each as much as you can – this will assure them that they are all part of a family.

To create and achieve a more peaceful household full of dogs, try these tips and tricks!

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Benefits of Booklet Brochure Printing

Booklet brochure printing provides a number of benefits to help you boost your business and make a statement to your clients. When looking at all the promotional printing opportunities available through print shops, this type of printing can provide you with numerous advantages to take full advantage of.

One of the biggest benefits that booklet brochure printing offers is the number of pages you can take advantage of. Unlike a basic brochure, you can choose between eight and forty eight pages in various sizes to meet your goals and objectives. It makes this print solution ideal if you want to provide your customers with a brochure brimming with new or on sale products, enabling them to go through the booklet to find what they are looking for and take advantage of the offers you are promoting.

Another advantage to this print solution is that it enables you to create something completely unique to hand to your customers. You can choose one or two pages to promote your company and the products and services you offer and then go on to list the products, complete with high quality graphics, enabling you to make a statement and ensure your customers are aware of your brand, products and more.

If you’re looking to portray a professional image then this print solution is the one for you. Unlike basic printing, the booklet brochure printing options ensure the highest quality and give you a good quality item you can proudly hand to your clients. Image is everything, image is at the top of the list with service and quality. So if you’re looking for a way to make a positive impact on your clients and get them to see you as a professional company, then you need to think outside of the box in terms of your marketing materials.

In addition to all the benefits that booklet brochure printing provides, you will be pleasantly surprised by the price. These are affordable marketing solutions which can give you a great return on your investment. The printing isn’t expensive, most print shops will provide you with digital and offset print solutions, helping you keep the cost to the minimum and helping you stay within your marketing budget each and every month.

You will also find that booklet brochure printing gives you the ability to make a great first impression on prospective clients. When you meet a client for the first time or whether you’re just doing general knock and drop marketing, handing one of these printed materials can ooze professionalism and make a fantastic first impression that is remembered. You want your clients to remember you when they next need a product or service you provide, creating that good first impression can go a long way in the future.

You can make quite a statement when you hand your clients a product that they can hold onto and that provides them with valuable and relevant information about your company and the products you supply. Chances are when clients are given such a high quality product, they will not throw it away. These are the types of items that end up in the draw until needed or on the desk until an order needs to be placed.

The final benefit of booklet brochure printing is that it provides you with a high quality and tangible item you can hand to your clients. These are items you can carry with you and hand out at events, conferences or just in the street and that can boost your visibility and increase your market share.

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Tips to Get Great Art Supplies From Professional Providers

For those people who are involved in advertising and all that it entails, finding some great art supplies outlet is probably one of the most important things that they can do. Even something as lowly as foam board, which comes in many different styles, is paramount to any presentations that have to be made and will make or break that presentation for the artist.

Indeed, it is not just these articles that need to be sourced but also other equipment which will make life easier for those who have to work long hours producing some great work to advertise different products. A good chair and desk is absolutely essential for anyone who has to sit for long hours putting together something that may be seen by literally hundreds or thousands of people. Having someone who is uncomfortable will mean that the work can suffer and this is certainly not a good thing.

But advertising is only one of the many things that can be produced with this great equipment. Teachers in school will also need different goods so that their students can learn to produce some clever work for their portfolios. If the equipment and paraphernalia available is of good quality then the student can just get on with the job of producing some excellent work without having to make do with less than perfect materials.

Many of the goods on offer will definitely finish the piece off professionally. These include frames to go around the work, canvasses or environmentally friendly material to paint on or fabric which can be decorated are just some of the accouterments that are used throughout this kind of industry.

Even fabric dyes are on offer which gives people the opportunity to design clothing or apparel to give them a unique look. As these are typically one of a kind creation, the artist can usually offer them at a higher price than normal. Indeed, these articles will certainly be much thought after the artist is good at his work.

It is obvious then that there are many materials needed to produce some quite stunning adverts or apparel that can be sold to individuals or companies. The equipment that goes along with this kind of activity is also rather specialized and includes tilting tables with slots to hold all manner of pens or paintings so that they are in the immediate vicity for the artist to use. But finding a great supplier with all the necessary equipment can sometimes pose a bit of a problem.

It may be a good idea to search the internet for suppliers who can provide the majority of the goods for the artist or outlet which undertakes this kind of work. Also try asking other artists or teachers to find out where they shop for their goods and get some good testimonials before buying up huge amounts of stock. Some companies will offer some small samples for the user to try out and this is great for those who are not sure if something will work or not.

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Glutathione Vs Glutamine

What is the difference between glutathione and glutamine?

Glutathione is an antioxidant, one of the human body’s most powerful antioxidant particles, while glutamine is an amino acid. However, Glutathione is also said to be an amino acid but a different kind, as it is a material resulting from several types of amino acids. This material is also beneficial to the body as an antioxidant as these help avoid cancer from occurring by preventing carcinogens and other cancer-causing substances from damaging important cellular components in a human body.

Both glutamine and glutathione are already naturally produced by the human body; however, both can also still be enhanced further by outside sources such as natural glutathione supplement and glutamine supplement.

These two substances may seem the same, but, their roles and effects on the body are quite different from each other.


The long name for this is glutamylcysteinylglycine and as mentioned above, it is an antioxidant and is also made from several kinds of amino acids, such as glutamate, cysteine and glycine. You might have also noticed that the long name of glutathione includes these three amino acids.

One of glutathione’s major roles is to control the kinds of bonds created between proteins and other substances in one’s body. Another one of its many roles is to help the human body absorb and make use of other amino acids.

There are many varieties of natural glutathione supplement nowadays, so, it is best that you are familiar with their benefits:

1. Anti-aging. This is one of the well-known benefits for these supplements. This antioxidant recycles both vitamins C and E which helps in protecting the body against the causes of aging.

2. Detoxifies the body. This antioxidant also benefits in being able to control immune cells and detoxify parts of the body, for example, the liver. Another way glutathione helps in cleansing the body is by getting rid of unwanted heavy metals such as mercury.


Glutamine may also be an amino acid just like Glutathione, but it is the richest one in the human body. Glutamine has an essential role and that is to eliminate ammonia, a waste product, from the body. Its other roles also include maintaining the normal function of one’s immune system, digestive system and brain.

There are numerous glutamine supplements these days and they are available in forms of medication or even raw foods. The medications, however, are sensitive to heat, so, it is advised that they be taken with water at a cold or room temperature.

The benefits of glutamine supplement include:

• Helps keep the brain healthy by providing various substances such as glutamic acid and gamma-aminobutyric acid which also help the brain to function well. This also aids in the mental health of a person to help them think properly and clearly, therefore, avoiding cases of mental illnesses.

• Like glutathione, it also promotes anti-aging by slowing down the causes and effects of aging.

• Other benefits of glutamine supplement are helping in maintaining the proper function of kidneys and also to boost one’s immune system to prevent them from sickness and infections.

• These vitamins can also help by healing wounds faster.

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My Experience With Meal Replacement Shakes

I started researching meal replacement or weight loss shakes several weeks ago. I went online to find which shake I could use to lose a few pounds as well as to provide good nutrition and a good hunger blocker.

I tried one because it was convenient, one because it was free and the third as a result of my online research.

Slim Fast: The first shake I tried was Slim Fast. Since I am a chocoholic. I chose the chocolate shake. I must say I really like the taste of the Slim Fast chocolate shake. The convenience of Slim Fast was another big plus. It can be purchased at most grocery stores, drug stores and Walmart. I can also be purchased already mixed in a handy plastic bottle at a price of $1.30 to $1.80 per shake.

The drawback for me was 200 calories and 22 grams of sugar. Since my goal was to lose weight and to get the proper nutrients I just thought I could find something better. Another drawback was the hunger blocker. Although I very much enjoyed the taste, I was hungry an hour later.

Advo Care: The second shake I tried was Advo Care. A package of chocolate shake mix was given to me by a distributor. The flavor was good but I preferred the taste of the two other brands I tried. The hunger suppressant was very good. I felt satisfied longer than with Slim Fast.

One drawback for me was 220 calories. Another was the price of about $2.57 per serving. The product is only available through distributors.

IdealShape: The last shake I tried was IdealShape. I am still using IdealShape to replace two meals each day. I like the taste and I think it is comparable to Slim Fast which was my favorite taste wise.

Nutritionally IdealShape is great with 50% RDI per serving and only 100 calories and 2 grams of sugar. The hunger blockers seem to work well. I am usually satisfied after each shake until my next shake or mealtime.

With only chocolate and vanilla flavors available some might think that would be a drawback but for me it is okay since I am very happy with the chocolate. The website does have recipes available for adding different flavors.

IdealShape can’t be found in stores and must be ordered through their website. The good news is that it is not MLM so there are no hassles when ordering and it comes with a guarantee. At a price of $1.33 to $1.66 per shake it comes with a handy blender bottle that works great.

My Results to Date: I have been using IdealShape for about two weeks. I enjoy the flavor and I feel satisfied from one meal to the next. The blender bottle works great. A few good shakes of the bottle and I have a nice smooth shake.

I have lost 7 pounds so far but at a beginning weight of 235 I still have a few pounds to shed. The great thing is I have noticed an increase in energy. I am not very good at eating the right foods so I think IdealShape is insuring I get the right nutrients.

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Hot Tub Advice and Tips

Are you ecstatic that you have now got your hot tub, but you would like to know a little bit more about where they originated from and how to use them? Then read on.

In the olden days hot tubs were made of wood, which although were very relaxing to sit in they were soon causing problems with infections and bacteria arising from the damp wood.

Nowadays you can get hot tubs which are made in steel, plastic and acrylic, not only that but you can get a wide variety of hot tubs from shapes such as love hearts and sizes that are as little as a table and as big as a room .

Although tubs were created in the olden days in just one shape and size, another thing that was lacking was the technological implementations that are currently available on the market such as jets and nozzles, wave generators, heaters, filters and a lid.

All the technology listed makes for a more relaxing set environment. What could be better than sitting in a hot tub with jets massaging your whole body.

So you would like to know how to setup your hot tub, well first you would have to decide where you actually want it to go, if its inside your room then in which room? Secondly you will have to evaluate on how much electric you will be planning to use, because some tubs are quite pricey to run due to the fact that most must be left on all day to run and warm up

Loading up your hot tub should not be a problem, it should be carefully filled up with water via a hose, once it has been switched on it should then be left until its fully warmed up, you will be able to adjust the temperature with certain Gauges.

Once you have it warm up if you do not feel like taking a dip then close the lid to keep the heat in and in all honestly leave it running until you are ready. Make sure you have all the correct water purifiers and chemical additives in place.

Remember most hot tubs should have digital controls, where you can adjust the temperature of the water and the rate that the jet sprays are working. If you have not already bought a hot tub you have to keep in mind that people that are trying to sell the cheap hot tubs might workout to be more expensive for you in the long run as they may need more power to run and more maintenance.

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