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5 Tips Small Businesses Can Take Away From The Tiny House Movement

What on earth could small businesses learn from the tiny house movement if your industry is unrelated? It comes as no surprise that the growth, mission, popularity and purpose of the tiny house movement have grown over the past decade. People are joining this movement for financial freedom, environmental and leisure enjoyment. These owners reduce skyrocketing maintenance costs and living expenses that come from soaring mortgage payments of capacious houses. This movement also frees up more time to spend with family and travel.

Over the past decade, we have seen the increase in restructuring, downsizing and corporate dismantling by many large firms. According to the U.S. Small Business Administration, 99.7 percent of all employer firms are small businesses. While this percentage is an impressive number, there are some great tips many small businesses can take away from the tiny house movement.

  • Compact and mobile: Owners of tiny houses downsize to reduce the overabundance of clutter, high mortgage payments, and freedom to do more things they want to engage in. They have the capability of hitching their home on the back of a vehicle and can save money on hotel costs when traveling. Depending on your type of business, with the ease and digitization of many applications and smart devices, you can mobilize your business and take it anywhere. Even if you relocate, your business can be just as portable. Small businesses may be compact in scale, but can be substantial in their return on investment.
  • Energy and cost-efficient: Tiny house owners save money by lower operating costs, energy usage, and maintenance costs. You will find innovative ways to curb your budget in certain areas that will free up money for other important business investments to grow your business. Small businesses may not use up as much energy and power as larger organizations. You can operate more efficiently as well as effectively.
  • Environmentally conscious and sustainable: Tiny houses may be built using environmentally friendly and repurposed materials. They are built to last but are as unique and aesthetically appealing as the details in a larger home. Small businesses can apply similar eco-friendly elements and recycled supplies to their organization. Make a statement with personalized and customized brand installations on a smaller scale, but with great innovative curb appeal.
  • Technological advantages: Technology is not as big and bulky as it once was. Tiny houses can embody the same level of digitization as larger homes, just on a smaller scale. At one time, big businesses had the upper-hand with harnessing more advanced applications in technology. Nowadays, not only is technology more advanced and constantly evolving, many elements are far more affordable than they’ve ever been.
  • Innovative: While tiny house living is not a new phenomenon it is increasing in popularity. The idea of living a quality life on a small-scale pushes us to new levels of residential creativity. We are inspired to try something new, creative, and innovative that will make us stellar in our industry. Since many quality products and services are more affordable and reliable, small businesses can make quality purchases and outsource services that will save on equipment and personnel budgets.

Just because a small business may adopt a few ideas from the success of the tiny house movement, some of these applications may not be feasible or appealing to your particular industry. You don’t have to sacrifice quality for affordability. Small businesses have the power, however, to promote their business with creative, personalized and exceptional customer experiences, regardless of size and budget.

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Second Date Tips – For Men

On my article about first dates, I recommended that the first date is a test of sorts. Go get coffee for 15 minutes and screen her. If she's cool, plan a second, full blown date and have some real fun.

However, chances are you did not read that article and so these second date tips have to reflect that.

These second date tips are going to half assume that you've already taken her to a movie or out to dinner or whatever. If that went well and she's actually wanting to go out with you again, perfect.

You can still screw up however so let me double check a few things with these second date tips before you go ahead with this:

You're Not Paying For Everything – Dude, you'd better not be paying for her. If you want to have her personal bank, fine. I thought you wanted to be her lover. You do not buy attraction, you create it. Showing her that you believe your status is just as much – if not more – than hers, is very attractive. If she wanted to buy you something, hell yeah, why not! Tell her to buy you a drink. It'll be different.

You're Not Assuming You're In A Relationship – Do not assume you're in a relationship with her just because you're on a date with her. You should be interacting with her like you're her best friend – her best best friend. Now these second date tips are not suggesting you dress up in drag and talk about girl mags here. Do not let her get away with flaky behavior. Call her up on it. Make fun of other people (in a funny way, not in a mean way). Basically, interact with her like you've known her forever and she'll feel incredibly comfortable with you.

Send Mixed Signals – Tell her that you think she'll make a great friend. Then kiss her. Hold her hand for a little while. Then pull away and accuse her of being too forward when she tries to take your hand. I know this makes NO sense to you, but it's magnetic to women. They love to figure out this stuff and if they can not predict you and read you, they'll be fascinated by you.

Be Sexually Comfortable – If she kisses you, do not turn into a fool. Do not go over the top either. Finish the kiss and tell her she's being too forward. Kiss her later on when you feel like it. Again, if she asks you to kiss her, tell her "Maybe I'll kiss you later on, if I feel like it." The hotter the woman, the better this stuff works.

Remember, if you do kiss her, only give her a little and hold back so that she's anticipating and desiring it the whole night.

By the way, if these second date tips sound bizarre and alien to you, chances are you're a "nice guy" who's trying to attract a new mother instead of a new lover.

Women do not make sense to us men, and what we think SHOULD work usually does not. None of these second date tips make any logical sense to me, but I do this out in the field and it works.

If your nice guy approach is working for you, great, but if not then you really want to check out some of my other material.

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"Polynesian Bodies" – Why Polynesian Bodies Build Muscle Better

Polynesian people are descendants of those early mariners that crossed the great waters and became the original inhabitants of the South Pacific Islands. In order to survive those long cold oceanic journeys, their Polynesian bodies evolved to develop maximum muscle building capabilities as a means of generating and preserving body temperature.

This was a direct adaptation to an environmental factor. Those that could not adapt died, whereas the survivors carried with them genetic advantages, creating a hybrid body of sorts, capable of performing enormous feats of physical labor, on very little calories, and very little water.

Colonization of the Pacific Islands only encouraged the Polynesian body to propagate these gene characteristics, as the early Islanders literally hacked their homes out of the forests with their bare hands. Domesticating wildlife and horticulture, was a herculean feat, and the scarcity of fresh water developed a need for the Polynesian body to store fluids efficiently.

These early evolutionary patterns form the basis of the contemporary Polynesian body. It enables Polynesian bodies to:

1. Build muscle easily

2. Possess unique strength to mass capabilities

3. Withstand harsh environmental conditions more easily

4. Endure long periods with little food and little water

Unfortunately these adaptations also mean Polynesian bodies will

1. Store excess energy more easily in the form of body fat

2. Store excess water subcutaneously

3. Burn calories at a slower more gradual pace

In the absence of the extreme physical labors performed by our Polynesian ancestors, and the readily abundant food in western cultures, it is no surprise that Polynesian bodies have a tendency to gain unsightly body fat. This storage of excess energy was a survival adaptation for the days of leanness prevalent in the island cultures, but completely absent in western cultures.

Here are 3 of the best tips to improve a Polynesian Body

1. Exercise, choosing intense weight training over cardio.

Polynesian bodies are designed to work out with maximum intensity. Once or twice a week is sufficient. If you are weight training 5 – 6 days a week, I guarantee that you can train twice as hard once or twice a week. Another way of looking at it is this: If you can weight train for 90 min’s, I assure you, you can train harder for 40 min’s. Remember that you can train hard or you can train long, but you can’t do both. Always choose to train hard. Intense training triggers the release of muscle building hormones into the blood stream. Jane Fonda workouts do not. Polynesian bodies respond well to incredibly intense training regimes performed less often.

2. Don’t eat everyday.

This one may come as a shock to you, especially if you are Polynesian, but it is true. You may have heard that if you don’t eat every few hours then your body goes into starvation mode, yada, yada, yada. Who came up with this idea, did they get the rest of the day off for such brilliance? It is simply not true. Polynesian bodies have descended from a genetic strain of humans that could survive for weeks without food and rest and very little water.

Early man tracked herds over vast expanses, on foot, and when they finally engaged their prey they could somehow muster the strength and energy, in this depleted state, to run down and kill a beast more than ten times their size. I know one thing’s for sure. Put a bunch of these early hominids in the NFL and they would stomp the snot out of those juice heads. We need to tap into that power, and utilize the body’s stored energy.

The idea that you feel tired all the time, and that you need to eat constantly to maintain your energy levels are fabrications of the weak modern mind that prevent us from exploiting the vastness of our true human potential.

3. Eat real, natural, unprocessed foods indigenous to the islands, and eat just enough to be satisfied.

A Polynesian body can store more water, so drink plenty to discourage water retention.

Organic fruits, vegetables, seafood, coconut oil, taro, along with chicken, pork and beef are the mainstay of the Polynesian diet. These are the foods which Polynesian bodies have adapted to assimilate efficiently through hundreds of years of evolution. Polynesians should not consume processed foods. Canned foods and commercially packaged foods combined with the naturally high fat Polynesian diets create metabolic mayhem in the Polynesian body. Eliminate all processed and man made foods gradually.

Through the evolutionary process of natural selection, Polynesian bodies can become the ultimate muscle building powerhouse, or an unsightly storage system for excess energy and water weight. Polynesian bodies can build muscle more efficiently because they possess slightly lower metabolisms, and have a genetic propensity to store more water. Over 70% of muscle is water. This is a wonderful adaptation for gaining muscle mass, but slightly detrimental when the desire is to burn body fat, and flush subcutaneous water. Polynesian bodies also possess a unique hormonal environment that allows muscle gain to take place more effectively. A gift to the contemporary Polynesian body from their ancestors who survived some of the most brutal oceanic endeavors.

To approach genetic potential a Polynesian bodybuilder should train with extreme intensity, less often, control caloric intake and manage their water correctly.

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Comments: Pet Grooming Tips to Make Hair Brushing Your Pet Easy

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Building A Pair Of Heavy Duty Saw Horses

Start out by measuring and cutting all your stock according to the cutting list and set it aside. Take the legs and mark out the tapers. The taper starts 20 "up from the bottom. The leg tapers to 3-1 / 2" at the bottom. Repeat for all the legs and cut out.

The legs join the main stretchers at 75 °. This cut is best made with a circular saw. Mark your lines, clamp the stock on edge and cut. Flip the stock over to the other edge and make the through cut.

Time for some assembly. On the main stretcher mark a line 1-1 / 2 "from each end. This is the outer face of the leg. Now make a second mark in from one edge 1". This is the top of the leg. Do this for each leg on both stretchers.

Apply some glue to the angled side of the leg and position on the marks you just made on the stretcher. Secure with 4 – 2 "screws. Repeat for all the legs.

Position the 3/8 "plywood braces on the outside face of the legs butting into the bottom face of the main stretcher. Scribe the angle onto the braces with your pencil and cut. Apply some glue to the outside of the legs and secure the Braces with 6 screws, three into each leg.

Now draw 2 lines down the length of each top step, offset 3/4 "from center. Countersink 5 holes, 3/4" deep in each step. Alternate the holes on each side of center. Position the top onto the stretcher flush with the ends. Secure with screws only.

Finally secure the lower step midway up the leg using screws & adhesive.

That's all there is to it. These saw horses will easily take the load of a lift of plywood or studs. Plus the make a great scaffold. Space about 8 'apart and secure a 2 x 10 between them.

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Simple Tips for Finding Better Travel Deals

The airline industry is a flourishing business with more people opting for air travel. The airline company tries to maximize its profits by pricing the tickets as high as possible and still maintaining competitive fares. Discounts for advance bookings attract more customers and ensure that the flight does not have too many vacant seats. To this end, fares vary from day to day or sometimes within few hours of a day also. While the customer is satisfied with cheaper fares, the airline does not run the risk of having spare and vacant seats.

Online enquiries are common for quicker information and faster bookings. The airline office will try to fill as many seats with the maximum fare. During non peak hours, they will be ready to accommodate the customer by making good travel proposals. The best time for such questions is 8 am to 6 pm.

After an advance booking, one should recheck with the airline for the fares few days before the date of travel. If it is discounted any further than the purchase price, one can claim for refund of excess charges.

One should visit travel related web-sites like Priceline, Kayak or Expedia. While most sites offer similar pricing of the tickets, some also allow quick comparisons among various sites for getting the best deal. After confirmation, the airline office can be contacted to inquire about any further discounts and then the purchase made. One should also try to work out a combination of flights for the cheapest fare.

Services of travel agencies can be used especially if it is as international trip or if the travel has many breaks.

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MLM Marketing Training – Why Do I Need Marketing Training?

Many people do have a wrong belief about the term and functions of MLM leading to severe economy losses for them. These people absolutely blame the parent company for being non-cooperative and fake.

True counterfeits are present in MLM industry too alike other sectors. If these people were provided with proper and adequate MLM marketing training, they might certainly have had success in their respect MLM ventures.

Therefore, to begin with any MLM business, you need to undergo MLM training to achieve success combined with hard work and dedication.

The 3 main reasons for acquiring Network Marketing training is for time management, task duplication and multiplication.

1. Firstly, MLM training explains about the time management provided by a business. It is a gateway to success and helps earn wealth. The business providers do understand the gravity of time management, as it allows to build the team required for doing MLM business thus generating more efforts and giving spontaneous results. The MLM business gives the individual a chance to build a group of distributors and then provides them with a specific time to build a concrete business. Any MLM training focuses on management of time, people, effort and money.

2. Secondly, MLM training explains the importance of task duplication, which is very essential for network marketing success. Duplication is nothing, but allocating any task and distributing it among other team members for generating faster results. After the completion of duplication, it is further being transformed into a particular process, which is done on a systematic basis and is a gateway to success. Duplication involves contacting customers, team building, training sessions and necessary follow-ups.

3. Any network marketing training explains the importance of multiplication, which is actually a secret disclosed during network marketing training. Moreover, multiplication generates wealth in MLM marketing. Thus, you need to multiply leadership your group. In addition, that group needs to further duplicate the process. MLM marketing can also be named as multiplication marketing, as it actually deals in multiplication and not just duplication.

Therefore, the above 3 reasons of MLM marketing training deals exclusively with the leadership in any MLM based group combined with duplication of tasks, jobs and leveraging personal and other people's time and efforts. Finally, after becoming familiar with all the above-mentioned things, it is very easy to attain success for your MLM venture.

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Tips On Confidence Building – Make Your Life All It Should Be!

Boosting your self confidence empowers you to take charge of your life. You may find that you are confident in some areas of your life but less so in others. Confidence is crucial to achieving success in anything you do, so when it comes to tips on confidence building I have a very simple solution for you.

Low self confidence can keep you from achieving your goals and aspirations, it can keep you from truly enjoying all that life has to offer. You can easily begin building your confidence today by simply listening to hypnosis audios. They are inexpensive, easy to use, relaxing, and most importantly will help you build your confidence.

By using hypnosis, you are able to access and alter thoughts and beliefs that are tucked away in your subconscious mind. When you change the way your subconscious mind perceives events, situations, and circumstances you then change the way you view and handle them.

Hypnosis audios make building confidence simple, relaxing, and increase your belief in your own abilities. By improving your confidence you give yourself a great gift that will benefit you and your life in profound way.

When you build your confidence and start noticing how much more fun things seem to be because you are actually better at them, it becomes a snowball effect in a good way. As your confidence starts to grow and you notice improvements then your confidence grows even more and you improve and can handle even more and so on and so on.

By using hypnosis audios to build your confidence you are able to take the reins in your own life and make goals that better you and your lifestyle. Your achievements will begin to multiply simply because you have increased your confidence in yourself and now realize that you are capable of great things.

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Email – Backup Vs Archive

Emails are at the heart of business to business communications and transactions. Very often, email will contain sensitive, client data along with personally identifiable information. This information should be secured and stored, just as you would with paper records. Indeed, there will sometimes be a requirement to be able to search and evidence all e-mail pertaining to a particular case or incident, even many years after the event.

Therefore, it’s very important to understand the difference between ‘backup’ and ‘archive’ systems, for email.

Email Backup

Data (email) backup, is the process of copying target files and folders, normally to a separate storage area or magnetic tape, for the purpose of being able to restore them in case of data loss or equipment failure. Backups are taken at particular points in time, often overnight or, on more modern systems, several times throughout the day. Ideally your backup system will be automated and largely independent of human intervention (e.g. the changing physical tapes), storing the backed up data in a geographically diverse, and secure, location.

Email Archiving

Email Archiving is the act of preserving and making searchable all email to/from an individual and organisation.

Archiving systems can be run in house, or in the Cloud. Typically, a good Cloud system is more scalable and flexible and is often bundled with other email services such as security and encryption.

The best Cloud email security and archiving systems, provide secure and scalable solutions to meet growing information management challenges, including adherence to data retention requirements to support legal discovery and regulatory compliance. Cutting the cost complexity of on-premise legacy archives, your Cloud system should ensure that litigation hold and compliance needs are supported by granular email retention policies and near real-time search. The archive should be encrypted and tamper-resistant, providing evidential-quality data for legal and regulatory purposes.

E-discovery (the process in which electronic data is sought, located, secured, and searched with the intent of using it as evidence in a civil or criminal legal case) can be performed at organisational level, or by an individual user themselves, using Outlook, Mac, a web portal or even a smart-phone or tablet.

A good email archive and discovery platform, means information can be found more quickly and reliably, boosting productivity and improving decision making.

What’s best, for you?

Well, both, actually. An archive system does not necessarily negate the need for a backup system. Backups are still required, in order to properly recover from equipment failure, for example. Good backup and archive systems should be used in tandem to provide a blended approach to email retention challenges.

The volume of email, and the size of emails and attachments, has increased dramatically in recent years. With that trend set to continue, the need for a scalable archive system is ever more important.

As with any IT system, making it user-friendly is key to ensuring user adoption. By removing the onus of mailbox management from the end user and allowing them to keep every email they send and receive, packaged alongside best-of-breed email security including end-to-end encryption, self-service quarantine and anti-phishing technology, we achieve rapid adoption rates.

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Well-Intended Messages: It's For Your Own Good!

"You want to start your own business? That's territorial risky."

"You want to go where? But that's so far."

"You want a new what? Now, that's not very practical."

"You want to leave a 'good job' for that idea? How will you take care of your family?"

Any of this sound familiar?

From whom do we most hear these intentionally helpful, yet personally discouraging entreaties? From who mouths do the "yes, buts" and "you shouldnts" and "what ifs" tumble so readily? Those who should be most supportive of us … our loved ones! Our families. Our friends. Our colleagues. We summon the nerve to tell them our inner thoughts, and then we're sorry we did. Family, friends, and sometimes professional colleges are skilled at generating a variety of emotions within us. One set of experiences to which we are subjected involves receiving advice "for our own good".

Is it really? For our own good? Moreover, how do we handle such advice? In this article, I will:

• Identify who typically sends these messages to us,

• Examine how these messages affect us – especially when we think about sharing our ideas, and

• Offer ways to turn these messages into positive experiences, so that we can appreciate the time we spend with the people who make us the craziest in our lives.

With their words of caution, they are well meaning in that they say these things to us to protect us; To warn us. They do not want us to be hurt. Family members frequently consider themselves as our true supporters. They think they are being supportive of us and our goals when they tell us about the last time someone they knew tried what we wanted to try, and failed. They think they are being caring by warning us of the pitfalls of our journey towards fulfilling our goals. They don't want us to be disappointed or demoralized if we fall short of our success. They want us to be safe in the world, but by making such suggestions, they discourage us from reaching for our dreams. While they mean well, they can be more detrimental to our success than beneficial.

Yet, how do their messages affect us? Their words, when spoken by people whose expressions mean the most to us, feel like "downers" and discouragers. We hear messages underneath the words that tell us we're not worthy, we are incapable, or we are crazy, disillusioned, or wrong. We know that is not the intended message, yet we can not help but internalize the messages.

Let us look at how to turn these messages into positive experiences for ourselves-especially when we want to share our ideas with the people who mean the most to us.

To overcome or balance-out these messages, we must pause and look beyond the words we hear when our loved ones issue their entreaties. Acknowledge that we hear what they tell us. Then consider the messages that they are really trying to convey to us. Consider the following approaches to turn the "for your own good" messages into positive experiences.

• Find people who communicate positive messages – people in Toastmasters or Optimists clubs, or other volunteer organizations who lift our spirits and share positive perspectives on life. Attend meetings. Make lunch dates with these people. Pick up the phone to talk with them.

• Say to your negative-message family members or friends, "See you later. I have something that is important that I do" during the coming weeks and get out among positive people. We need to surround ourselves with each other.

• Read positive books and biographies of those whom you admire.

• Listen to audio programs that teach and encourage.

• Watch uplifting video programs.

• Attend a motivational seminar or a light-spirited movie at a theater.

Figuratively – and sometimes, literally – disappear into a world that takes you away from the negativity. Allow yourself to return to your wishes, needs, wishes, and dreams. Re-kindle your spirit.

Once we renew ourselves with positive messages, we can return to our loved ones. We can return to our friends, with the best of intentions, and appreciate the time we spend with the people who seem to make us the most crazy in our lives. We can share our ideas and not allow people to dissuade our dreams.

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