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Traffic Generation Strategies – 5 Strategies To Attract Hordes Of Traffic

When it comes to traffic generation strategies, it is very important that you pick the right strategies to focus on, so that your time and money is not wasted. There are basically three ways you can get traffic – you can create it, you can buy it or you can borrow it. Creating it essentially means creating content to attract traffic to your websites. Buying it means buying paid traffic through different sources, and borrowing traffic means using other people’s resources such as their lists and their traffic to get visitors to your sites. This article will focus on 5 of the most effective traffic generation strategies you can use to attract hordes of traffic.

Strategy #1: Pay-Per-Click Advertising

Pay-per-click advertising is a very cost-effective advertising method whereby you pay only for your ads when they are clicked on. Hence the name “pay-per-click”. Examples of such systems include Google AdWords and MSN Adcenter, which has now combined with Yahoo to compete with Google. Google’s system has the most traffic but MSN’s ad costs are currently lower due to having less competition. Using both systems will maximize your traffic.

Strategy #2: Article Marketing

This strategy involves writing or outsourcing articles and posting them on to article directories like EzineArticles or other sites where your content can be syndicated on. These can include blogs, general content sites, or content hubs like Squidoo and Hub Pages. The end goal is to get your content syndicated widely around the web, increasing your traffic and brand awareness among consumers in your market.

Strategy #3: Ad Swaps

Ad swapping is a method where you swap ads with other marketers or webmasters. Traditionally, ad swaps involve swapping email ads with other email marketers. In other words, you promote a fellow marketer’s offer to your list, in exchange for them promoting your offer to their list. You can promote each other’s opt-in pages (also known as name squeeze pages) to build each other’s lists fast. However, ad swaps can also comprise of swapping Twitter tweets, Facebook Page posts, banner ads, download page ads etc.

Strategy #4: Solo Ads

Having an email blast out to a responsive list of subscribers is one of the fastest and easiest ways to get big results. One way to do this, apart from doing ad swaps with other list marketers, is to buy solo ads. A solo ad is an email promotion that promotes solely your offer and nothing else is promoted in the email. This ensures that the email gives you the best response possible. You can find newsletters to buy solo ads in by checking out the Directory Of Ezines, which contains listings of email newsletters and ezines, or simply by subscribing to as many quality email lists in your market as possible. Then approach these list owners by asking them if they sell email ads.

Strategy #5: Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads can still be considered relatively new in the online advertising landscape and it is not as established as Google’s AdWords system, however it is gaining steam in the Internet marketing world. Ad costs are still relatively low, and the thing about Facebook Ads is that you can target the demographics of your market, such as their interests, what movies they watch, what music they listen to etc. This is not possible with other pay-per-click advertising systems, and it is what makes Facebook advertising so powerful if done right.

So there you go, 5 of the hottest traffic generation strategies you can use right away to start getting traffic to your offers. You have no more excuses not to start seeing visitors to your site. It’s time to step on it and take action!

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Use These Ideas to Make Social Networking As Asset to Your Online Businesses

Using social networking in business can be most effective and a great tool for anyone running an online home based business. Not only do these sites give you access to many thousands of people interested in the products or service that you offer, but it can be a huge asset provided, like any good tool, it is carefully managed.

Below are some ways that will allow you home based online business to benefits through social networking sites:

One major thing to remember at all times is that everything you post online becomes public, and it can happen very easily that your personal files get linked to your business profiles by someone else. Even though social networking offers personal and business benefits it is important to remember that to keep them separate is not all that simple. There will be times when you will need to choose very carefully what you say in private.

Another important point is to ensure that you keep your social networking sites up to date. Can you imagine a potential customer visiting your Twitter or Facebook page only to find that you have not updated it in months? People who inhabit social networking sites have learned to expect constant updates, but at the same time you can not let social networking take up all your time when there is other productive work that you must do in order to build a successful online home based business.

One way to avoid spending all your time updating on social sites is to pre-write some posts, enough that can feed the social sites for a couple of days and then have them posted to your accounts automatically at specified intervals. Doing this will give you the opportunity to keep your status updated and still allow you the time you need to work on other online business related tasks.

The final point here is that when you enter the social networking scene you need to do it with the correct mindset. Even if marketing your internet based business is the reason that you are joining, you need to keep in mind that these networking sites can not be a "hardsell" as the primary reason for their existence is the social interaction of people.

Always be sure that even when you are promoting your home based business, that you still continue the social aspects and make it a habit to sprinkle to the promotions in between the socializing. It is a matter of balancing the social and business parts so that you are in effect are selling to friends. You need to treat the people you meet on these social networking sites the same way you would your friends when you sell them anything.

I am sure that you can see the benefits that you can gain from using social networking in business but it is equally important that you do not allow your social networking efforts to become a liability to your online home based business.

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What You Need to Know Before Hiring a Web Marketing Agency

Hiring a web marketing agency should be an exciting time for any business. Even if you've handled marketing so far, it will make a huge difference to have a professional company take over on your behalf. It allows you to focus on the business end of things and still see improved results. However, that's the best case scenario. The worst case scenario involves a web marketing agency that proves more trouble than they're worth and may even set your progress back. So before you hire an agency, here's what you need to consider.

Your Budget

Whether you're hiring a web marketing agency or a new receptionist, your budget always needs to be considered first and foremost. When it comes to marketing, see if there's money you can add to it by giving the agency more jobs to do. For example, if someone has been handling social media for you, updating your blog, sending out email newsletters, etc. These are all things you can have your new agency handle.

Your Needs

At the same time, be sure you're clear about what you actually need from a web marketing agency. You may not need some of those things I just listed and, therefore, should not be paying for them. In contrast to the above advice, if you're confident you're handling the blog just fine, there's money to be saved there.

You also do not want to wind up getting sold on services you do not need. If your market is a younger one, they may not respond to email newsletters like older clients would. So no matter how well a company claims to do them, they're not worth wasting a cent on.

Their Own Results

Any web marketing agency out there should count SEO amongst their expertise. So do a Google search for key phrases and see where they land. If they're not showing up on the first page, and preferably high up on it, what are the chances they'll know how to do the same for you (it's possible, of course; marketing agencies are a market market, but it's still worth considering).

Their Work

You could possibly forgive them for not beating out the hundreds of other web marketing agencies for Google real estate if they've proven they've helped others. This is where their resume comes into play. Any web marketing agency worthy of being considered should have a resume that clearly shows what they've done for other companies like yours.

However, do not take their resume at face value. You may have to ask questions like:

• How long did it take you to achieve these results?

• What did you charge?

• Are you still employed by them? If not, why?

They're a marketing agency, so they know how to sell. That means you're going to need to use a generous amount of scrutiny to get the answers you need.

The Tools They Use

Marketing online these days means using any of a number of different tools. So any web marketing agencies worthy of your time should be familiar with many and using at least a kindly regularly. Not using tools does not mean they're somehow above the need. Tools like Clickable, Omniture, e-Frontier, and Webtrends all provide huge advantages. Anyone in web marketing who ignores them should raise a huge red flag in your mind.

Performance Guarantees

This component has two factors involved. First, you need to know how an agency plans on measuring their own performance. Put another way, what do they actually plan on providing you-objectively. Their answer needs to be specific as marketing can sometimes needlessly drift into the vague.

The other interesting thing to look out for is how familiar they are with your company and does it come across in their answer? They should be able to explain where they'll get you in terms of page rank and how that result is affected by your competitors.

Of course, the second part is the guarantee. Their promises do not mean much if you do not get any assurances. So be sure they tell you what happens if they miss the mark.

While this may seem like a lot to ask or expect of a web marketing agency you're only interviewing, I assure you it's necessary. Otherwise, you could very easily end up paying for a problem.

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Struggling With Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing in its pure form is so simple that it made to look very easy. Here is where every new affiliate marketer goes wrong.

Take a product, get your hoplink attached, PPC it, or article market it, and earn huge money – right? Well did not they tell you that? And not just one person, hundreds. And in truth it is that simple. Ha ha.

Why then are so many thousands of internet marketing people out there earning no money at all? Here are three reasons why.

1. Incorrect training.

The grounding that you use as your base to start doing business on the internet is very important. If you have spotted one single supposedly easy system to earn yourself some money and then you start doing it without realizing that there is some or other problem with that method, you could be wasting your time. If fact there are certain aspects of affiliate marketing that even when you are experienced, the slightest change to an advert or item could double or half your sales.

A fellow marketer friend of mine once had a PPC ad set up and had been running it for about 6 weeks. Now it was in an expensive category, which was OK as he was only getting 2 to 3 clicks a day. Then one day he fiddled with the word on the ad. Two days later he saw that he had received 1200 clicks already. So remember the training you receive would teach you to carefully watch these types of items. Get good training. Teach yourself or buy a good course. There are lots of both out there.

2. Pathetic research.

It still amazes me that there are intelligent people out there that are able to read and write, will be willing to pay good money for training, and then do the stupidest things. Checking that your product is a good one, is well priced and will sell, is so easy to do. And yet a huge amount of people just think that if it is up there for sale people will buy it. Please do your research properly. In fact a good idea is to lay out a 20 point plan for the way that you choose and research your new products. If your research is well done then almost all the other stuff will follow. There are many different types of methods to do excellent research. Some are free and others will have to be bought. Confusion and hopping around.

3. Sticking to your plan.

If your product is well researched, and then your plan involves a great mix of the different methods of marketing available out there, you will not go wrong. However please remember that the only regular way of getting instant income is from a good and well planned PPC campaign. This method is going to cost you money, so be very sure that your ducks are all in a row.

However if you are using a combination of other methods, great, but follow the timeline of your plan to the tiniest detail. If you are the type of person that thrives on taking chances and want to try the many quick shortcuts, feel free, a lot of them do work. If not go about it carefully and in a well thought out way.

Finally the best advice I can add at the end of this is, when it all clicks and you are approaching a steady stream of income, fine tune everything and track and check the changes as you go along. You will be surprised as to how much of a difference a small detail could make.

Good luck out there.

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Promote your Internet Business with Free Internet Marketing Methods

As many would say, the best things in life are free.This especially holds true with efforts in advertising your products or services. Using free Internet marketing services, you can save yourself a lot of money. Rather than paying for marketing your product or services, you could put your money to other important elements of your business since you now can find knowledge regarding Internet marketing services on special information websites without having to pay for it.

I am not telling you to completely focus on plain no cost internet marketing … it will do your business a lot of good if you mix traditional advertising efforts such as paid offline advertising with electronic marketing like no cost classified ads.

A few of the no cost ways you can use to make your products and services very visible, so sellable are:

1. No cost search engine submission and optimization of your website.

Do not submit your url to search engines more than once a month. I personally do never submit my websites to search engines but try to get a link on someone else's website pointing to mine. When search engines find you that way, they tend to index you much faster.

2. Write good articles and submit them to article directories.

If you take the time to write say 10 good articles and submit them to as many directories as possible, you will always get the traffic and then exposure to your product. It may be time consuming but it is one of the best, if not THE best way of quickly generating quality targeted traffic.

3. Publish articles on your website.

There are thousands of article directories on the Internet that offer a wide array of articles on thousands of topics at no cost. Pick the ones within your niche and add a couple to your website twice to three times per week. Every time the search engines visit your site, they find that more content has been added. They love that and will visit your site more frequently which leads to higher rankings.

4. Optimize your website.

his is easy to do. Give your site a 'title' and a sub title preferably a keyword phrase. Eg. If your site is about Internet Business, you could use the phrase: 'Make Money Online' as your title. Better still: Make Money Online – Make Money Online with our free internet marketing course. I always use my title also for the 'description' meta tag and the 'keywords' meta tag. Also make sure that your title is one of the first phrases of the content of your website and you are half way.

These are ways that you can make use of without costing you a cent. Your website's hits statistics will be produced by this kind of internet marketing.

5. Use 'alt tags'.

Alt Tags are keywords, embedded in your pictures. In the html code it would look like this:
img src = "images / picture1.jpg" alt = "make-money-online-pic1"

You do not have to be too techie-geeky to be able to design your web site. Oftentimes, web design templates or custom-made layouts are available for the Internet marketer to use.

Monitor your website's visibility.

Tools such as search engine position trackers may be used to see your website's standing so you can keep on tweeting for better results.

Whatever you do however, keep updating your site regularly. As soon as you do not update, search engines will stay away and if you had built any ranking, you will lose them faster than you gained.

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Online Marketing Takes Your Business to the Next Step

Online marketing is a rapidly growing and ever changing world. It is the process of promoting and advertising of your product or service. It has become a critical part of any good business's marketing plan. What was taboo years ago, has become a staple in the sales realm.

The magic of marketing online is the ability to reach literally thousands of potential clients. With one click of a button your can spread your product or service to the masses in very little time. Not only can you reach anyone and everyone, but you have the ability to find a target audience that is specifically looking for what you may be selling.

Although many use the internet to promote their business, it is not as easy as some would like to think. In order to achieve success with online marketing a solid promotion plan should be thought out before jumping into marketing. There are many marketing options available, take time to find the best fit for your business.

Success depends on finding your target audience. By creating a specific product or service, you will want to promote it to a specific kind of consumer. Instead of trying to market it to a broad spectrum of people, find those that are looking for what you are selling. For example if you have created the perfect dog leash, you will want to research and find canine owners looking for new ways to leash their furry friends. Feline lovers however, may not be interested in what you are peddling, and would be a waste of your time and effort.

Online marketing can catapult your business to the next step by bringing new customers to your business that would not have known you initiated before. You will see growth in your client base, profit increase, and your business will become a booming success.

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The Renegade Network Marketer is Attraction Marketing

In case you have not read the eBook by Ann Sieg called The Renegade Network Marketer, be sure to get your copy here. By reading this book you will learn new concepts on how to build your Network Marketing business or any business the smart way in this digital age.

Inside Sieg’s book she targets a distinct group of people that are discouraged that their Network Marketing business is not going as planned. Every single day this group searches the internet for solutions and the Renegade Network Marketer provides the answers. Ann has exposed the upline sponsors for the ever tiring methods and myths that they are teaching to new recruits. If you have grown weary of hitting on or have just plain run out of friends and family this system is perfect.

The Renegade Network Marketing eBook is full of valuable and practical information on how to prospect, market, and sell, specifically in the Network Marketing industry by using the internet. Even if you don’t belong to a Network Marketing Business, you can still purchase The Renegade Marketing System eBook and still make money as an affiliate.

A new doorway has been opened by The Renegade Network Marketer which is leading the way to working smarter in attracting targeted prospects into your network marketing funnel. You will learn how to how to qualify prospects, position yourself as an expert and how to make your internet marketing efforts count. In order to keep you ahead of the trend in professional network marketing, there is ongoing continuous training. Whether you are just starting out or you just want the know how to grow your business this marketing concept is flawless.

Cash flow is vital to any business and Sieg has also incorporated in her system the opportunity to make multiple streams of income. When you purchase the e-book you also gain access to a Back Office with a huge amount of information and tools to market and track your new business. Once you’ve read the book, you’re ready to get started setting up your own attraction based marketing system.

The difference with being directly linked to Ann is that she has an incredible team and system in place. This is backed up with free membership in the Renegade System where you can put what you have read into practice right away. You’ll find many other helpful resources at The Renegade System website such as website development, copy writing and traffic generation.

Ann has taken attraction marketing to a whole other level by teaching the principles of marketing. The ideas I got from the book suddenly opened my eyes to see network marketing business in a totally new light. The path in front of me has never look so bright. In our lifetime as network marketers we have no doubt made several attempts at making money did not go exactly as planned. Would you agree that those attempts in question had to do with the number of people that didn’t find your network marketing business as attractive as you did?

In a nutshell, The Renegade Network Marketer eBook renders a complete Internet attraction marketing system for network marketers at a very low cost. The book comes risk free with a money back guarantee. This kind of training which is always being added could very easily cost thousands and I am sure somewhere it does. If learning the highly coveted secrets on how to attract and qualify prospects instead of chasing them down appeals to you then this eBook is for you.

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Video Marketing is Key to Your Digital Marketing Plans

Over the last 6 months, we have designed, produced and delivered a variety of innovative and stunning marketing videos for our business clients to assist them in boosting their sales of products and services.

Video for Marketing is the fastest growing online advertising format. The pace of growth for online video is expected to continue to rise and reach around 40% for 2010. Video marketing has been gaining popularity in all aspects of marketing; almost all of the successful marketers online are using video in some form or another. So why are agencies moving so hard and fast to online video marketing? Well, why do ad agencies and Marketers keep doing anything? Because it's working very well!

Video Marketing is now used in many different ways and the possibilities are continuing to grow for any type of business. Whatever you are selling, be it a consumer product, dream holidays, a car or even professional services, videos are being used to market all of these products. As online consumers we are used to expecting to see something visual as an aid to the buying process. The concept of using videos in any type of marketing has become a necessity in order to sell goods or service.

Video Marketing is getting more popular as more and more new product walks and "how to guides" come out using video as their primary mode of selling and promoting new products and services. Video marketing can be used to build anticipation by showing a new video each day for two or even three weeks prior to a new product being introduced. Marketing Videos have now become an integral part of the new digital economy and digital marketing online.

The viral impact of video marketing can have a phenomenal effect in creating new customers. Basically, if you are not using some form of video marketing in your marketing strategies and plans you are leaving money on the table. With YouTube, Google Video, Viddler, Vimeo and all the other video submission sites, the possibilities of reaching out to your prospects and customers are endless. Millions of visitors are accessing these sites every day and these marketing video have produced the "Video Marketing Age".

A recent report from ComScore has outlined that 80% of all net users worldwide watch video online.

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Three Reasons Solopreneurs Fear Niches and How to Get Over It

If you're a coach, consultant or other soloprofessional marketing yourself online, then you've probably heard a lot about the importance of finding a niche. As someone who helps solo professionals find and attract their ideal niche, I've found that many people resist changing a niche and that resistance is often based on some kind of fear.

There are 3 main reasons people fear choosing a niche.

1. They're afraid of turning away business

2. They do not want to feel boxed in

3. They do not know how to find their niche

We'll examine each of these fears. Before we do, let's be sure we understand what we mean by "niche". Think of your niche as your "Who" and "What". Your "Who" is your target market and your "What" is the solution you provide. You need to have clear about both pieces of the puzzle. Remember that people are not looking for products or services, they are looking for solutions . That's true no matter what you're selling, but it's especially true for service providers. People want to know about the solutions you offer and the transformations you help your clients achieve.

Let's examine each of these fears and see how to access them.

1. Afraid of turning away business

While it might seem that you're limiting yourself when you focus on a niche, the opposite is true. When you have a clear niche, you earn much more with less marketing effort .. You can speak directly to your target market using language that touches their hearts and minds. All of your programs and services can be tailor to the needs of your target market. It's easier to become an expert in your area, which allows you to charge more. You do your best work because you're doing the work you love and working with the people you're most passionate about helping. You get more referrals because people know who you help and what you help them with.

2. Afraid of being boxed in.

Focusing on a niche does not mean that you can not help people who do not fall within your niche. It just means you have a clear focus so you can target your marketing and programs. Also, a niche is not forever. You want to evaluate your niche every 6 to 12 months. And over time you will grow with your niche. For instance, you can deliver your solution to other target markets. Or you can find other solutions to offer your target market. The key is to start with one clear target market and one solution, and then grow from there

3. Afraid of choosing the wrong niche.

Many people do not choose a niche because they're afraid of choosing the wrong niche, or they do not know how to go about finding their niche. I can certainly understand this problem, because I had it myself. I knew the importance of finding my niche but I could not find anything thatave me clear, step-by-step instructions on how to do it. Everything I read talked about choosing a target market. But I really believe that if you're going to build a sustainable business, one that leverages your strengths and experiences and you're passionate about, then you have to start with you.

So I put together a step-by-step system to help solopreneurs find their niche. This system helps you find a solution you can deliver in a unique way that people are actively looking for. When you have a clear niche you can take strategic, focused action that allows you to attract your ideal clients so you can do the work you love and spend less time on marketing.

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The Importance of Internet Marketing Courses

Internet marketing courses are likely to become the new standard for marketing courses in general. As print publications dwindle in popularity and the marketing world becomes dominated by online media, companies are looking toward the low-cost, high-profit options the Internet presents for reaching out to clients. Savvy Internet marketers possess skills specific to the field as well as the overeaching skills that have always distinguished achieved marketers form novices.

Online courses are very popular for individuals seeking to break into the marketing world and with businesses who need to refresh or update their employees marketing skills. At a minimum these courses should provide a basic knowledge of some or the cornerstone elements of online marketing.

Web design and the importance of site functionality should be covered extensively. Internet marketing relies on a strong knowledge of IT and internet technologies. As these technologies are constantly changing, Internet marketers are required to keep apprised of the latest ways in which they can help their companies achieve a greater presence in the market place. Once a marketable web presence has been established, a good marketing department needs to know how to make it's presence known to consumers.

A decent Internet marketing course should include information about the various types of online advertising, their potential return on investment and which of the many programs available are appropriate for specific types of businesses. Not all businesses will enjoy a great deal of success from every type of Internet marketing. Pay per click advertising, for instance, can be very profitable but not unnecessarily for every business type. Internet marketing courses need to address such issues so that the individuals responsible for advertising efforts know where to best expend company money and resources.

Integrating more traditional advertising efforts with online advertising has become more and more a concern for online businesses. Marketing departments work in more creative ways than ever before. Sometimes, these departments enjoy great success by designing advertising programs that become a phenomenon in and of themselves, such as in the case of viral marketing. Being ahead of the curve and cutting edge in one's efforts is imperative for any business. Providing employees with continuing education such as Internet marketing courses can have huge benefits for both the employee and the company as a whole.

Internet marketing courses can be seminar-type matters that offer a certificate of completion or they can be fully accredited courses of study. For individuals who intend to make Internet marketing their full time career, there are accredited online universities that offer programs which provide a degree in the field, which can be a very powerful negotiating tool for those seeking work in today's competitive job market.

Internet marketing may be a technical and very specialized field, but it still provides the creative opportunities offered by any type of marketing. The synergy between creativity and technology makes it a more and more popular field with individuals who skills bridge the gap between technical, writing and artistic disciples.

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