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The Nuclear Arsenal of Internet Marketing

I am talking about E-Mail yes that's right E-Mail. I have been doing some E-Mail marketing as of late originally as more of an experiment than anything else. Since I started Two different campaigns though I have noticed a substantial difference in traffic to my sites. One campaign I am running through a service called Vertical Response – they have a thirty day free trial before you have to join.

The other I am doing on my own personal Campaign is more simplified and more time consuming. This being that I have to get the names off my list and do the whole works on my own. When you go through any of the several web services such as Constant Contact or if you have an auto-responder you can run a campaign or several campaigns at once you should so desire through them, the web services will provide you with a vast array of templates to choose from and any of several different suggestions for your best approach. In general you need to come up with a Subject line that will grab the attention of the reader and hold it, than you need to be direct as to why the product or service you are offering is equivalent to any similar products or services the recipient may have or want.

I usually offer them a FREE copy of any of E-Books that I am allowed to including Dotcomology which they may download off of my site, or I will give them access to my free newsletter anything free to a targeted group of individuals is bound to increase traffic flow to your site, once they are on your site they most times will look your site over and sometimes get something that is not free instead of what they came for. Remember once they are on your site if you have superior products and superior presentation of said products, than you have won the largest part of the battle as the people leaf through your site out of simple curiosity if nothing else. So put your brains in creative mode take your list in hand, log on to your E-mail account and go to work.

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Great Way to Evaluate the Results of Internet Marketing

As with any marketing campaign you may run to assist your business, it is important to track the results of your Internet marketing campaign. This should be done on a continuous basis so you can ensure the strategies you are utilizing are working. It can also help you to determine when a strategy is not working so you do not continue to invest time and money on a strategy which is not beneficial to your business. This article will discuss some of the options for tracking the results of your Internet marketing campaign.

Business owners who use banner ads have a simple way to track whether or not their banner ads are effective. This is possible because they can place code in the banner ad which will supply them with feedback each time a user clicks on the banner ad. This information is transmitted to the business owner so he can evaluate which of his banner ads are generating the most interest. If the business owner is currently using two different styles of banner ads on comparable websites he can use this information to determine which design is most effective. This is important because if one style is significantly more effective than the other it might be worthwhile to convert all of the banner or to make changes which will make the two different styles more similar.

If the business owner is using the same banner ad on a number of different websites, the feedback can help him determine which websites are generating the most traffic for him. If he determinates some websites are not generating a great deal of traffic it makes sense to discontinue the banner ads on these websites as they are not cost effective.

Business owners who utilize affiliate marketing during their Internet marketing campaign may also be interested in tracking the results of their affiliates. This is necessary because affiliates are often paid according to the results they generate but it is also useful for determining which affiliates are most successful. This information can be useful if different ads are running on different affiliate websites because it can be an indication of which websites are most effective. Tracking the results of affiliate marketing is similar to tracking the results of banner ads. You can place code in the ads which appear on the affiliate's website to provide you with feedback each time a user clicks on the ad.

Another way to evaluate the results of an Internet marketing campaign is to simply closely monitor your own website traffic and sales. This is especially important when it is done in consideration with the type of marketing you are currently running. For example if you launch a new banner ad campaign with ads appearing on numerous high profile websites concurrently, you may notice an almost immediate increase in website traffic and sales. This information most likely indicates the banner ads are successful.

However, the problem with using this type of evaluation is it does not pinpoint successes or failures. If you launch your banner ad on five different websites at once you may notice an immediate increase in traffic and sales but will not be aware which websites are the most effective. For example, your advertisement may be running on five different websites but only one of these websites may be attracting attention for your business. Similarly if you are running several different styles of ads, some styles may attract more attention than others but you will not be able to differentiate simply by evaluating your website traffic and sales. The other four may only be generating minimal interest in your products or services. If you wish to use this method for evaluating the feedback on your Internet marketing efforts, it is worthwhile to only make one change at a time so you can more accurately determine what is working and what is not. Alternately you can ask customers to fill out a survey stating where they saw your advertisement so you can solicit feedback on your marketing efforts.

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Home Based Internet Marketing Businesses Stumbling Block – Feeling Overwhelmed

I work with so many different people … in a lot of different home based internet marketing businesses … and I hear from people all the time they are feeling overwhelmed. This is a HUGE stumbling block for them … they are worried that they can not do it all.

If you are one of these people, I will tell you that you are right!

You absolutely, positively can not do everything. It will not happen.

You have to make choices. It does not matter what business you are in … whether it is online or brick-and-mortar! So you start in one spot and figure it out. Really, it's a matter of decision making. Decide that you are going to figure it out.

And recognize right now that there are going to be times that you will be frustrated. Times that you will be confused.

Heck, I get frustrated and confused every single day! Sometimes I get frustrated by the technology … because stuff happens. Life goes on … you keep moving forward.

Realize that it's fine. When you talk about not being able to do something and things not being perfect right from the start, remember they never will be. You'll always have a learning curve. No matter how long you are at this, you will have a learning curve, because there is always something new to learn!

Make your plan and go for it! Work on it for a few hours every single day. I guarantee, in a week or two or a month, you'll have it figured out.

In the meantime, you can have something up today that will be good enough! Does MicroSoft wait until their products are perfect before they launch? No! They launch when they are "good enough" and then they revise and update. So if that process is good enough for Bill Gates then it is good enough for me!

If you try to wait until it is perfect, you will never get anything done. Same thing is true if you try to wait until you understand it all. Not only will you not get anything done-a lot of it will change while you are busy trying to learn it all! Talk about frustrating!

Outsource some of the stuff that frustrates confuses you. It is good to have a general idea of ​​what is going on … but that does not mean I try to master everything! Nobody can do that. That is why I have an excellent team-so they can do what they are good at and I get to do what I'm good at.

Right now … especially in the beginning when it seems like everything is new … just keep putting one foot in front of the other. That is really all it takes.

Sometimes, you'll be confused. Sometimes, you'll be frustrated. Sometimes things will not work perfectly. That's just part of life. That's part of everything.

How you deal with it is your choice. Are you going to laugh it off and keep moving forward or are you going to let it be a stumbling block that stops you dead in your tracks? I recommend that you make a joke out of it and move forward.

When you do that, then you set yourself up for the times when things do go right in your home based internet marketing businesses – when you do understand and things are crystal clear. Because, you know what? That's part of life, too!

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What Must I Invest To Have Big Success in Network Marketing?

The theory "Nothing ventured, nothing earned" is true in network marketing just as it is in all aspect of business and non-business life. If you invest or plant nothing, you gain or produce nothing. If you do not plant money in a saving account, you will be able to earn interest. Unfortunately, some people think they can receive a fortune without planting the seeds that grow a fortune, but the truth obvious because if nothing is ventured, nothing is gained. And if someone promises you riches without investing what it takes to produce riches, they are simply trying to deceive you. Success in network marketing requires you to make a few investments:

1) A small amount of investment as compared to traditional businesses

Network marketing is the least capital-intensive business you can get into. This is good news for entrepreneurs, because hundreds of universities and government studies show that lack of capital is, by far, the number 1 reason why businesses fail.

These are what you do not need to get into network marketing:

a. You do not need to purchase a big inventory, tools, or equipment.

b. You do not need to rent, buy, or lease a office

c. You do not need to hire employees.

d. You do not need to pay a big fee for the right to do business. (Most such fees range from $ 10,000 to $ 250,000

e.You do not need to purchase good will.

More importantly, there is another big cost advantage. Most internet marketing people keep their regular jobs and operate their networking business part-time. Money you earn from your networking business is pure profit. In most other entrepreneurial business, you must give up the job which you originally had. In networking you come close to having your cake and eating it too.

2) Harnessing of some of your free time.

The only asset everyone has in equal amounts is time. Each of us – successes and failures, rich or poor, young or old, employed and unemployed – has exactly 24hours a day, 168 hours a week. How much time investment you make in your networking business is up to you. Many network marketing newcomers begin with only 10-15hr per week. Successful people know that each of us can find time for what we really want to do. And, since most of us really want to make more money, making the time investment is not a problem.

To conclude, many people are looking for a quick and easy way to make money in life, and there just is not such a way. And it takes a while to build solid business. But, by sticking to the basics, it can be done. Because of the residual income with network marketing, you can have security and peace of mind in your life.

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Autoresponder – Not Using One is Internet Marketing Suicide

If you are in the business of Internet Marketing, you can choose not to use an autoresponder. You can also choose to throw money out of the windows, or roll it in neat little bundles and flush it down the toilet.

Whichever way you use to bring traffic to your website, it is costing you something. If you use Google AdWords or an equivalent, competing service, then it is costing you real money. If you do anything else, then it is costing you TIME.

Now think about a normal one-hour web surfing session, one of which you probably go on every single day. Think about all the websites you visit. All the webmasters of all those websites planned, planned and spend money – somehow – to get you to visit them, like them, maybe bookmark the site, and eventually return and buy something. So tell me, how often do you do so? I am willing to bet that 99% of the time, you leave a website, not having bought anything and never planning to ever return to do so.

Having an autoresponder gives you a second chance with your visitors, who are your customers. For a million different reason your visitors may not be ready to buy at the exact moment they are on your website – few ever are, which is the reason that conversion rates on direct unsolicited traffic is so dismally low.

If you do not have an autoresponder, then every time a customer leaves your website, all the money or effort you spend, one way or the other, is gone forever.

It's like the old brick-and-mortar business adage: "Do you have any Idea how much it costs to make the phone ring?"

That's what the owner says to the unmotivated employee who's not too quick to pick up the phone.

If you do not have an autoresponder, then not only are you letting the phone ring without picking up, but you do not even have an answering machine!

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What to Do Once You Get Your Email Auto-Responder Setup

Well, if you read my last article about email auto-responders you should be signed up, or at least thinking of signing up for an email marketing program like Aweber. So, the question should be what do you do now? Obviously, you want to get people to sign up for your email newsletter and start to make some money right? But before the money comes rolling in you need to create a sign up form and find a high traffic area that will convert that form into email subscribers and extremely into more CASH in YOUR pocket. Ideally, you will already have your own internet marketing blog, affiliate review website, YouTube channel, Facebook page, or some other medium to display your sign up form for your email newsletter. Remember, as everyone in the internet and affiliate marketing industry reiterates consistently, "the money is in the list". Remember it. Learn it. Live it. Love it.

Once you have found the ideal place for your online marketing email list, then you can move forward to creating an attractive looking sign up form through your auto-responder provider, or wherever you manage that form. But do not spend too much time trying to make your sign up form look perfect in every way and agonizing over every exacting detail to the point that it drives you nuts. No one needs to go crazy over a sign up form. The real thing that is going to get people to sign up for your list is what I am going to tell you next.

You need to give people some sort of incentive to sign up for your list, or why would they bother? They would not. So that is exactly why you need to create some sort of free bonus offer that you can give to everyone that signs up to your email list. This way, people get excited about giving you their information because they are going to get something of value for free. And when I say something of value. I mean something of value. Do not just give away some free bonus PDF eBook that is a recipe for hot dogs. You want to give your current, or possible future customers something of real actual value that will actually help them in some way. It could teach them something that they did not previously know about the world of internet marketing or whatever niche you are promoting. While it does need to be of value, do not give away the farm for free. You want to give something valuable, but not too valuable because you want them to come back wanting more information and products from you. That is how you build a solid customer relationship.

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Targeted Followers – Tips to Get Free Targeted Traffic From Twitter

The key to success in Internet marketing is targeting your audience and determine as narrow as possible their interests. Then, and only then, you may think in delivering what is most eligible for the vast amount of people inside your network. This also holds true in the world of twitter, the plan to do so, is to get free targeted followers as a starting point, then letting them have great content and time to time directing them to an offer of their interest. This indeed qualifies as one of the most feasible twitter techniques.

"Free targeted traffic", it is easier, said than done, you may think, but it is actually a very simple process, and, as everything in life, requires time and effort to achieve it.

I am going to share useful tips for to achieve that goal, and having fun in the process, not mentioning that you may be able to make some money while doing so.

Planning ahead and right from the beginning, can be a road map taking you to the place that you want to be, that is, having a lot of followers with common interests.

By doing frequent searches in your twitter account you may be able to find tons of people tweeting on any given subject, take the time to do so, review some of the profile of those twitterers, and if they are somehow related to the theme or niche you are pursuing, follow them by all means. Do the same for people following you, it is common courtesy to follow back, and even if it is not mandatory it would be of common interest for both sides to follow each other. Again it is courtesy, and by no means enforced by any rule.

Visit forums related to your niche, and while delivering good content to the forum itself, put your twitter page in your signature file. Do the same for your blog, and social network places. Post something about it in your Facebook profile, and / or Facebook groups.

Keep your targeted followers happy, by delivering good content related to your niche. Do not overlook this fact; While you are delivering good quality content, you will be getting free-targeted traffic to where you point your followers.

Subscribe to every newsletter in your niche, research as much as you can, and while doing so, keep your targeted followers informed, remember that you both share a common interest.

People love videos, keep an eye in media sharing sites, starting with YouTube and share your findings, many people will be grateful for the sharing.

Hopefully, these simple twitter techniques, presented, as simple tips will help you increase the number of free targeted followers that will somehow be a constant source of free targeted traffic for your Internet marketing business.

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Why Internet Marketing Videos Are Leveling The Playing Field In Internet Marketing

This article outlines a popular video marketing strategy and also discusses how average people are becoming internet superstars through the power of internet marketing videos. Part 1 of this article discusses how internet marketing videos are enabling many people to grasp concepts that they normally would not be able to grasp. Part 2 of this article goes into detail about an effective video marketing strategy

What could be more enticing to the aspiring internet marketer than to look over someone’s should while watching an internet marketing video tutorial? That’s why video tutorials are fast becoming the most popular way to learn any subject matter. If you use screen capture video recording software like Camtasia, then you can make as many video products as you want.

More and more offline businesses are using video tutorials to support their customers and train their work force. When it comes to online marketing, it just makes sense to have videos to help your customers and clients understand the concept you’re trying to teach as an information product creator. The reason that internet marketing videos are leveling the playing field for the aspiring online marketer is that it makes it easier to rasp some new concepts. The comprehension and understanding is now attained simply by watching a video.

There’s no shortage of these internet marketing videos out there now, and people are actually selling master resell rights and private label rights to their videos. That’s a pretty clear sign of how popular the videos are becoming, when people can make them so quickly and easily that they’re selling the rights to them for not a lot of money. To learn as much as you possible can about internet marketing in the shortest amount of time, I highly recommend these internet marketing videos. And that’s how these videos and levelling the playing field. It’s a visual style of learning that is the closest you can come to step-by-step training.

Part 2 of this article deals with an effective video marketing strategy.

You have heard of YouTube before, right? Well, that site is extremeley popular right now because of the entertainment value it’s bringing to thousands of people every day. If you look in the How-to section, you’ll see some internet marketing videos there. The reason that many marketers put their videos up on YouTube isn’t just for the traffic from YouTube viewers. They put their videos up there to use YouTube’s bandwidth instead of their own. Here’s what some enterprising marketers are doing:

They make a video sales page and put it up on YouTube, then have as many people as possible comment underneath it so that it seems like it’s getting good press. You’ll see this in action when you go to a sales page and there’s a video on there playable from YouTube’s site. Putting a video up on YouTube for a product launch is a smart video marketing strategy. This means you don’t have to use use your web server’s bandwidth to play video, plus YouTube allows comments to be made underneath the video player. These comments can add credibility to the video and product it’s selling.

The best thing for you to do as an aspiring marketer is to watch as many internet marketing videos as possible in order to get up to speed quickly. As a product creator, using Youtube’s bandwidth is a good idea for now, since it helps your videos load quicker and you can get more expsoure for your sites this way. Just be aware of the fact that YouTube is starting to change their policies a little.

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Staying Productive and Motivated When You Work From Home At Your Internet Marketing Business

Staying productive and motivated as you build your online business may be a challenge, especially if your background includes working at a traditional job. Having the activity and stimulation of co-workers can make even the most undesirable job feel more tolerable. Once you transition from employee to entrepreneur, it will be up to you to find ways in which to feel connected to other people. You can achieve this goal by volunteering in your community, joining a service or business organization, or by starting your own group in which people in your community can become a part.

Every city and community in the world needs volunteers. There is so much that needs to be done in a variety of areas, and not enough manpower and financial resources to make it happen. If you enjoy working with children, call your local schools and see how you can be of help. If it's seniors you would prefer to spend time with, find out what your local senior center is doing and volunteer to help out. Volunteering makes you feel good, and also connects you with other people you may not have met otherwise. You may even end up making a business connection that will be beneficial to both of you.

Service organizations, such as Rotary, Lion's Club, and Kiwanis, meet regularly and have an agenda of what they will do during the coming fiscal year. I've been a Rotary since 2006. This group is an international service organization that helps the local community as well as being involved in projects through the world. You may visit any service organization to find out more, but be sure to visit their website to see when and where they meet. The member's are typically business owners and leaders who are very involved in the well-being of their city. This is an excellent way for you to get involved and get away from the computer each week.

You may also want to start your own group. There are Meetups in just about every city, so see what is already available and then start your own group if you have a special topic in mind. In my city the Meetup is run by someone who also works in Internet marketing. He told me that he started the group so that he'd have other people to connect with each month.

All of these groups will serve to help keep you motivated and productive by giving you the chance to help others, connect with other business people and thought leaders, and to get you away from your computer long enough to clear your mind so you can think. When you get back to your desk you will be refreshed and ready for your next online venture.

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Reality Internet Marketing: XML Sitemap in 4 Steps Ensures Page Indexing in Google Yahoo and MSN

Is an XML Sitemap effective in getting your website Page Indexed on Google? Or indexed on any other Search Engines?

Creating and XML-based Sitemap and FTP'ing this XML Sitemap to the lowest directory on your website does alert the Google spider robot to review your website. It is an effective way to get more of your web pages indexed for your website. It is also effective, when you add new pages / content to your website, to:

1) regenerate a new XML Sitemap file, FTP it to your website

2) alert Google Site Maps to look at your site AGAIN NOW.

And now XML Sitemaps have just become even more important!

Google, Yahoo and MSN have all announced that by January 2007, they will all standardize on the use of one common XML Sitemap file to index your website! All three mega search engines will now use the same XML Sitemap file to index your website. Great news!

So what are the steps in creating and getting the Google XML Sitemap file to your website directory?

These 4 Steps will get your XML sitemap file created and registered with Google:

(1) use a software tool to create the sitemap in Google's designed XML format. You can create a Google Sitemap for FREE (maximum 750 pages per website) at Sitemap Generator. Be patient with this FREE XML Sitemap file generator. It sometimes reports URL breaks (usually timeouts) when there are none. I found using it off peak hours (late at nite) generates clean files.

ADDED BENEFIT: The Sitemap Generator also creates HTML, ROR and Text Sitemap Files, which are used by thousands of other search engines and web crawlers to index your website.

(2) upload the XML file (and HTML, ROR and text files) to your website. You want to FTP the XML sitemap File created in step (1) to the lowest level directory on your website. There are many FREE FTP programs our there. Download the latest version of Filezilla . It is one of the easiest FTP programs to use.

(3) Verification – notify Google of the existence of the XML sitemap file. This is done by registering at the Google Webmaster Tools . Follow the steps at Google Sitemap to Verify your website by FTP'ing the Google Verification file to your website and then requesting Site Verification. You need only do this verification step once. Under the Webmaster Tools Dashboard you will see a check mark for each of your sites that have been verified.

(4) Submit XML file – once Verification is confirmed by Google Webmaster Tools click on the appropriate listing under the Sitemap heading. Highlight the box next to sitemap.xml and then click on Resubmit Selected button . Your sitemap.xml file will now be submitted to Google for indexing.

From this point forward, whenever you change / add / delete links or add / delete pages on your website you repeat steps 1, 2 and 4 so that the Google, Yahoo and MSN web bots can re-index your website.

While you're at it, create a specific HTML Sitemap Page on your website to be used by other search engines and directories. This will help their BOTS and Web Crawlers migrate through your website. This Sitemap Page also acts as an index for your customers helping them migrate your website. Here is a sample Sitemap Page [].

Bottom line: XML Sitemap files are an important ingredient in getting your webpages indexed in Google as well as Yahoo and MSN. It is equally important as the top two SEO (Search Engine Optimization) strategies, Keywords and Inbound Links. No excuse now. Just Do it.

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