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Why You Need an SEO Agency and How to Find One

SEO is absolutely, certainly the backbone of any web marketing program. Without it your website will most likely remain hidden in the shadows, unseen by web users and will fail to make sales. An SEO agency can manage the search engine optimization of your website, driving traffic. The staff will have a great experience of what makes the search engines tick and will understand the best ways to implement a marketing strategy which finds the balance between obtaining visitors to the site and making sure that they are qualified leads who are likely to make purchases. Ultimately a website with no visitors and one with visitors looking for something entirely different from what the site offers are both as bad as each other.

So how do you find an SEO agency? There is no correct answer here. If you have employed a web design company to design and build the website you could ask if they have a web marketing team: many digital agencies, known as full service digital agencies have their own SEO agency team and there are many benefits to having your SEO Strategy managed by the same company which built the site in the first place.

Another way of finding your SEO agency is to collect collections from your industry and others for recommendations. There are a lot of agencies out there who will use unethical tactics which could get your site blacklisted. Others are just plain poor at their job and you'll see little return on investment.

Finally, check out Google. Search SEO agency, or digital agency or any related keyword. It's fair to assume that any good agency will feature highly in the search engine results for relevant terms. After all, if they do not then they're definitely not very good at their job, are they?

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A Basic Understanding of Squidoo

Squidoo has been an extremely popular platform to launch as many free web pages as you can successfully maintain. However, there exist mixed feelings about the effectiveness of the site and its long term implications for a successful internet marketing strategy. Some people love Squidoo, some hate it, and some feel that it is so-so for a free service. If you are brand new to Internet Marketing, I would suggest that you definitely start some lenses (Squidoo lingo for a single web page). Why? Well the benefits are many, and below, I will list some of them for you to consider.

The biggest positive aspect of Squidoo is that it is 100% free. You pay no hosting fees, no domain registration fees, and you do not have to deal with any server maintenance on any of the pages you create (That is all done by a guy named Gil, a very wise webmaster who works at Squidoo) . This is a huge help for people who know nothing about web site management, ftp, mysql databases, and content management systems. While season internet veterans will tell you that WordPress is a breeze, and you'll be up and running in a day, trust me, when I say- you will not be. Many people suggest one click installation for WordPress. However, this one click installation does not accept upgrades at many web hosting companies, and you will be bashing your computer when the day comes that you have to upgrade to yet another version of WordPress (they upgrade quite a bit). If you are brand new to the guts of the internet, you will be trapped in a spider web of WordPress for at least a month if you work 8 hours a day with it, for 1 month straight.

With Squidoo, setting up a page is extremely easy, and you can start driving traffic to it immediately. In fact, traffic will find you immediately, because you are creating a page that is part of the huge Squidoo website that has very good ranking power in the search engines.

Before we discuss how exactly to create a Squidoo lens (remember this is a page on Squidoo that you make), I want to discuss in more detail as to why Squidoo is a great place in general to learn Internet Marketing. If you are serious about Internet Marketing, and doing it full time, heed the advice in these next few sentences very closely.

The most beneficial aspect of Squidoo is learning. You see, Squidoo is like going to Internet College for free. It is like going to an Ivy League Internet College for free. Why exactly? Because some people who make money with their Squidoo pages are very sophisticated Internet Marketers. And they realize, that if they make some of their pages about the tools and methods for making money online, their pages will get tons of views, visitors, and clicks, because there are many beginners at Squidoo who wants to learn. But, these pages about making money online are actually grade A work, because at Squidoo, you know who is "selling" you the information. This is because these wise Internet Marketers are branding themselves at Squidoo, because there are tons of people to follow the quality content back to their personal websites. Consequently, they know that if their information is not top notch you will not buy their products and "brand". This is much different than the selling of junk e-books, when you do not know who is selling them to you, because their domains are set to privacy, and they are marketing anonymously.

It is very important to understand that Internet marketing requires many, many skill sets, if you do not outsource any work. At Squidoo, you can learn all of these skills from professionals. You can find this information elsewhere, but not as easily as at Squidoo. You want to use Squidoo to make your own pages, but you also want to use it to learn from other people (at Squidoo people are known as lens masters).

There are currently excellent pages at Squidoo, relating to each of the following subjects that are absolutely necessary to successful internet marketing: Rss, css stylesheets, html, SEO, and link building. And, as stated before, the people presenting this to you have a vested interest in giving you good information. If you think you're going to make a go at using computers, as your employees, to help you make tons of cash, you need to know how they work. Outsourcing everything technical is a nightmare, unless you pay premium prices for competency and honesty. Trust me when I say that you want to learn how to do all technical subject matter yourself (I am not talking about everything under the sun, but the core, fundamental computer language of the internet.) That means hosting, ftp, rss, html , And how to fix php, and css stylsheets. At Squidoo, you can learn all of this for free.

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Internet Marketing – How I Resolved My Need

The world is welcoming us to a new era in marketing that of internet marketing. All one needs to know about internet marketing is summed up in his or her ability to hire a reliable provider for the services desired. As my business accelerated I found myself conducting increasingly greater proportions of our corporation's business via the internet. And, along with that I also found myself dizzy with a growing sense of insecurity in my own abilities. I was absolutely in "head swimming" territory. Yes, there are very sophisticated processes one can employ on the internet in terms of marketing and there are definitely a huge number of providers out there. We know that when we do a search. My dilemma was in how to select an entity to provide the technical support I unfortunately needed quickly.

Strategically I developed a list of what I needed from a provider. This can be different for each person given the different ways an individual may have his or her business structured; However, most need to consider some of the basics.

I knew I needed to employ the techniques I learned in the Timothy Ferriss book, "The 4 Hour Work Week", which included increasing my efficiencies rapidly. The most inefficient parts of my business centered almost entirely around the computer. That a given I set out to follow the directions of my mentors and high performing peers and began the journey of excellence.

First – the list. I wrote down all that I felt I needed in the successful candidate for the Internet Marketing Guru I was seeking.

A. Domain Registration – It is easy to register a domain through one of the popular sites. I surprised if it was wise to do so. At what point will it be beneficial to have a dedicated server for me and my team was another question. B. Website Development or Re-development. I wanted someone to be able to look at my site and help me by giving me course correcting direction as to its effectiveness. This needed to be complete with auto responders and opt in emails.

C. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) was next. I may not know much about what it is other than the basics of realizing that the better my ranking the more traffic will be directed to my website and this ranking is related in large part by the SEO work.

D. Strategies for Affiliate Programs and Links to Site need to be developed so I could use them appropriately.

E. Pay-per-click is one area where I get getting confused and often conflicting information. People have vastly different opinions in this area. Listen carefully to the recommendations and sort for yourself what you feel will be the best for your application. Pay-per-click is a critical area for me so extreme focus on the marketer's ability was absolutely key. I just wanted to know in an overview format what all the pay-per-click processes were.

I wanted someone experienced in the construction of campaigns to be developing and maintaining these for me. I know the term split-testing means to have two like developed and then change one component within one of the processes to test the market results. I wanted that done but I did not want to actually create and to the work associated with the split test. My talents relate to business coaching clients to achieve their financial goals, not the specifics of setting up a campaign.

F. Congruency Expertise is a vital skill. I wanted to brand my business through with congruency within my landing page site and my company site. And congruency between those two as well as the company I use to fuel our contracts.

Second – the priorizing. Once you have your list then I would prioritize what you want to be the strongest skills of the person or company you hire. Make a list of any for which you already have a plan, ie Domain Registration and prioritize the rest.

Third – the search. You can search online, register with local higher education student employment services, visit places near you where there may be qualified computer people to see if you can identify someone who might be interested in part-time work. Begin part-time even if you feel you need full-time. It is much easier to go from part to full-time than it is to take someone from full-time to part-time.

Set a specific interview time and use your list as your guide to interviewing. You will also be talking together to see if you have good ability to communicate together. Have the applicants complete an application and if he or she will be working from your home be sure the form gives you permission to do a background check. Complete reference checking and background checking prior to offering the position. Note- You will not need application forms for hiring a service which is already an entity. I always feel background and reference checks are good business.

Once you have arranged for this important piece of your internet business you will feel a huge sense of relief and, hiring properly will increase your business dramatically.

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What Are Your Marketing Strategies?

Internet marketing tip is very straight-forward, what are your Marketing Strategies? I wrote a pretty long post talking about the first secret to this entire series of internet marketing.

Assuming that you have read that post, I will move on from there.

The title of the post looks so simple, "What Are Your Marketing Strategies? As you read more, you'll find that this can be a huge topic on it's own.

Let take a step back of the big picture of how this goes.

We talk about Objective, What's your Objective?

Now, we are discussing on, What Are Your Marketing Strategies?

Next, we will be touching on, What Are Your Internet Mrketing Plans?

Most internet marketing experts would have all these 3 component in place when they launched a product, or start an internet business.

During my first year, I knew nothing of this sort, and like everyone else, I just want to see money coming in and just put together a product and started selling it.

Did my product sell? Yes! In fact, it did pretty well, that it's giving me residual income each and every month. And after 18 months now, it's still giving me constant sales …

Month after month!

It was only during my second year of marketing, I start to realize I'm using the entire process unconsciously.

Now that I understand this better, it's giving me a very powerful edge in any market that I'm working on or for my clients.

So, once you define your objective, you can start determine what kinds of internet marketing strategies you want to employ?

Using back the same objective last week, "I want to start making US $ 300 per month from the internet, using only 2 hours per day of my time, and I will do it in 6 months time, by 21st November 2008"

So, what are the kinds of marketing strategies you can think of that can give you such a result?

Take a piece of blank paper, by read this post, follow this exercise.

(Do not PRE-Judge what you like or do not like, just write down all the possibilities first)

Here's some of my examples …

1) Being an affiliate selling other people's product

2) Developed my own products

3) Start an AdSense website, developed 100 in 3 months

4) Offer my skills, get freelance design project from Elance, Guru and others

5) And many others …

For now, I'll only stick to 4.

For your first marketing strategy, you can dig further into it. There are many ways to being an affiliate selling other people's product.

What are those that you can think of?

For that, let's list some examples of marketing strategies.

1) Start a simple blog and start blogging.

2) Create a landing page, drive traffic, capture leads and being an affiliate

3) Create an account in eBay and focus on eBay traffic

4) Create a Squidoo page to sell affiliate products

See! There are many ways to go about it, what are the ways you want?

And if you want, you can dig another level further into it. If you think this is clear enough, what you want is to go through the entire list again.

After you finished with the entire list, and you know there's no other other marketing strategies that you know, you can start to select.

The selection process is very important. Like most internet marketing expert, it's all about knowing yourself and making the choice that you like and suits you.

So, how do you choose? You'll select based on your strengths, your passion and confidence.

Let me explain it further.

What you want is to create a simple table, like this.

So based on your strategies, put them under main and sub marketing strategies.

Then create a column for Strength, Passion and Confidence. After that, what you want is to give each one a score, as shown.

1 being the lowest, and 10 being the highest score.

Here's some questions to help you better score them.


What are my strengths?

Are my strengths able to help me to complete this task easier?

Who else do I need help from to complete this task?


Am I passion about doing this?

If after 6 months and I did not make a single cent from this strategy, will I still be doing it?


How confidence will I follow through for this entire strategy?

Do I have any knowledge or experience on this?

Do I have anyone who I can always count on to ask for advice or help?

Hope these questions will help you to score better for one one.

After you have done the scoring system, add up all the numbers and by then, I'm sure you'll know the answer yourself in your heart.

If in any case, you have a tied, then it's totally up to you to choose which one you prefer better.

Most importantly, always remember my internet marketing tip, be Focus! Since this may be your first project or business, focus on one, do it well, learn the ropes, then do more later …

With that, I wish you learn from this article and I look forward to hear any comments or feedbacks.

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Social Media Management: Your Key To More Sales And Happier Customers

Successful businesses today employ the Internet to create "brand awareness" among targeted customers, and convince them to purchase products and services. In this era of Internet exploitation, the web site has become the ideal medium through which your messages cost-effectively may reach targeted customers.

Instead of relying on television, magazines, or newspapers, you may deliver profitable messages in a matter of minutes – versus hours, days, or even weeks appealing to customers via the other media. However, to make certain your business communications are strong and convey the right benefits and urges to purchase, you will need to employ a well-organized social media management plan. Such a discipline helps you ensure your promotions via business web sites are effective, and enhance your client base and brand popularity.

By implementing effective social media management, you avoid posting messages that do not elicit the desired responses. In this manner, you carefully manage advertising and marketing strategies on social web sites, and prevent messages being ignored. With this in mind, social media "analytics" will help you determine the behavior, attitudes, and likings of your target customers. By examining key web sites – Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn – you'll learn which are frequented most often by your prospective customers, and discover what they think about your products or services.

This provides insight into your brand response rates, and also informs you about any grievances customers may express. When you are completely aware of your target customers' preferences and choices, you're better equipped to alter your brand and resolve any complaints customers may have noted. You also will recognize that effective social media management will increase the popularity of your brand, as well as the size of your customer base. In short, efficient social media management ensures you enjoy the best promotional advantages of business web sites.

In another vein, you've probably learned that promoting oneself or one's company is time-consuming, especially when it comes to accessing Facebook and Twitter; Two of the most heavily-trafficked web sites on the Internet. Many who try to employ these sites for business have no knowledge of how to use them appropriately, and often are frustrated and give up trying. However, once again there's an approach that helps with this dilemma, and it's as simple as employing someone to "shepherd" your Facebook and Twitter accounts through social media management.

Effective social media management guides your business and that individual, and also helps with the design and development of interactive web pages for sites such as Facebook and Twitter. Social media management also helps you obtain fans and pals with what to communicate as well as assist with every day communications with one's "followers." Additionally, it will relieve you from creating daily posts and tweets, and serve as an excellent time saver.

A social media management provider also may create advertising and marketing techniques that support your Facebook and Twitter accounts, and explode into the "viral realm of achievement." He or she will offer suggestions on how best to promote your Facebook page and Twitter account inside the "off-line planet." A social media management provider will demonstrate perceptions like printing Facebook and Twitter pages on your receipt, and getting posters on your walls by using the "comply with us" sign-on at the bottom. Such suggestions are simple yet effective, and your social media management provider will offer even more inventive tips.

Social media marketing, overall, referring to the process of gaining web traffic through numerous social networks. It is a program concerned with creating impressive content, and attracting large numbers of readers who share those messages with others. In other words, trustworthy information is usually obtained from third parties, and not the companies involved.

Social media actually are intermediaries (or "information tunnels") accessible to anyone with internet access, and through which verbal and visual communications flow. As a result, this type of marketing takes advantage of, and captures, the large market operating within the Internet. In fact, the Internet platform has become one of the most effective and least expensive parts of the marketing mix that exists within today's business environment.

In addition to the above benefits, cell phone usage further benefits the value of social media management. Most of these instruments are installed with networking capabilities, and users receive notifications of practically every event through their public networks and cells. Because of this phenomenon, the number of people being informed about your product or service has doubled over the last decade or so.

This uninterrupted connection to communal networks is yet another indication that companies and entrepreneurs may keep reminding customers of the availability of their products and services within the marketplace. In addition to advertisements, many companies include Quick Response or "QR" codes along their products. This visual "bar code" enables individuals to access company websites and on-line services through their smart phones.

Many businesses and organizations add a QR application to their promotional programs, and report achieving unimaginable traffic. In fact, there are even reports the program was used in the recent presidential campaigns, and candidates employ this strategy to reach wide ranges of supporters to what they "sell" their suggested practices and policies. If this simple strategy works for politicians who reach more constituents and increase their support bases, it also should work cost-effectively within the business environment.

Most companies also have added blogging platforms to their social media repertoires. Myriad people access such blogs daily, and increase the chances of creating awareness for new products and services within the marketplace. Blogs are ideal for creating longer and more informative descriptions of products and services for potential customers, and effectively target the ideal market. Most viewers will have "opted in" to read the blog, so the interest is there. In addition, smart advertisers may include customer testimonials in their blogs, and which also adds to effectiveness and credibility.

Social media marketing through community networks provides advertisers with critical information regarding customer likes and dislikes, as well as "first-hand" suggestions for product or service improvements. It is the ideal platform that provides a target audience for companies and entrepreneurs, because people always are readily available at these web sites. Which means, in essence, companies do not have to search far for the best targeted market. Additionally, these networks provide people from all walks of life, which also increases the chances of finding the right customers who will be interested in certain products or services being marketed.

Currently, social media play vital roles in enhancing business images and increasing their returns on investment. Competition among businesses and services very has intensified, and effective marketing is the primary tool by which one businesses can get leakage over another.

Without proper promotion and well thought-out employment of the marketing mix, you can not create awareness of your brand among target customers. Gone are the days of limited products and services available in the marketplace, when customers recognized each and most promotion "word-of-mouth" testimony.

Today, there are hundreds of World Class products and services on the market. However, only those that come to the forefront through effective social media management will be promoted appropriately, and achieve the best return on a business's marketing investment.

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Internet Marketing – Executing Versus Reacting

Internet Marketing – Executing versus Reacting So, what is reactive Internet Marketing? Well, as with the Internet, there is no single answer, but there are a series of key indicators that may determine if you are reacting or executing. The "New Marketing" has all those great buzz words such as blogs, wikis, website optimizing, and social networks. What power meal (breakfast, lunch, or dinner – hey it may be a long day) would be complete without those dreaded questions, "Do you blog?" Egypt "How is your social networking life?" As if they really care. The ability to reach a customer has become more fragmented now than at any time in the past. Reaching the right customer is the challenge, and this becomes more complex due to the multitude of media options compounded by the multitude of options within each media, which may explain why so many companies lose their focus. Then along comes a friend or a sales rep, or one-in-the-same with a solution to help you leap frog your competition, jump into the 21st century, and get jiggy, so you can find those targeted customers. In many cases, the solution may not be clear, but the buzz about success stories has you believing that although you may not understand it, hey you should do it. Are you executing or reacting? Blogs: I know more companies that jumped on the blog bandwagon because it was the "thing to do." Okay, it is easy to write what you think, post it on your site, and do this as often as you can, BUT …

There are numerous stories of individuals getting a bit behind in their blogging, so as not to be a bad blogger they start to fill in their blog with public relations messages, customer testimonials, or upcoming events or sales.

You will lose respect from your readers if you do not blog 'correctly'. Blogging is for ideas, views, concepts, and opinions, not to promote your product. The customer is very savvy and if they are on the Internet looking at your blog, they know what to expect, so do not insul them.

A company designs a blog concept that includes a customer response section. A plan is developed to determine who from the company will post to the blog (ex. CEO, CFO, CMO, Technical personnel, etc.). Lastly, there should be someone monitoring the process to ensure that there are timely blogs being posted, and that the goal to draw readers to the blog and to engage the customer to create a dialogue via blog responses is being met. If not, then change your focus and energy to work on things that are working for you now and do not waste valuable time. You can always return to the idea at a later time.

Websites: With all the tools that are available to buy a website domain name, then buy the hosting services on the Internet, and finally build a website in minutes, it is no wonder that the value of what is present on a website has more form Than function. In addition, there seems to be a new website technology popping up every day, and these new technologies are always looking for a website so they can test out their solution, and the perceived leap frog begins.

How many websites are technically 'cool'? The website has all the latest tools such as RSS, podcasts, streaming video, flash, and 360º viewing.

Are you engaging and retaining valued customers? Are you drawing in new customers? Is the website the alter ego of the company? Does it reflect the business beliefs, brand values, and customer requirements? Does your website reflect the values ​​and image that you are presenting in other mediums? If your response to the questions is no, then you are reacting to external pressures and not following your business and marketing plan.

The value of your website is not in how cool it looks, but it does reflect your values ​​as a business, or how you want your products to be viewed, and will it retain existing customers while attracting new customers. Will it drive top line exposure and bottom line revenues? Many of the new tools are not search engine compatible, so what you see is not what the computer driven search engines see. One of the goals of a website it to provide 24 X 7 visibility, to submit your products and band in a manner that the search engines can catalog the information and return it as a search result when potential customers are searching for services and products.

Are you engaging and retaining valued customers? Are you drawing in new customers? Do not build in the latest tools just because they are available. Stop, Think, Act, and Develop the website that reflects the business's values, the brand and product information in the manner that your store and sales representatives are presenting it.

Social Networks: Joining a new social network has become as easy as

1) Open your email,
2) Read a message from an acquaintance, friend, family member, or long lost business associate, and
3) Click on the invitation link. I belong to so many social networks that I had to create a word document to keep track of the social network urls, the email address I signed up to use for that social network as I have multiple email addresses, the password that popped into my head On the day I joined, and most of all who asked me to join. So, where is the reactive problem?

Well, companies seem to have become consciously comfortable with social networks, so they affords them more leeway with respect to how this fit into their overall marketing plan than maybe they should afford them. Thus, companies are more apt to run a program that uses a social network as the link to 'their targeted' customer, but in the end they are not sure what the true result was.

If you work a social network to attract customers, then you need to ensure that your website is ready to accept them. Is the page you are directing them to ready to receive them and does it project the image that you want? Do you have other measurements set up to track traffic to the designated sections and pages as well as to other sections of the site? If you are pondering your response, then maybe you are not ready for this marketing tool and you are reacting.

You have investigated the demographics and psychographics of the social network, you have done a detailed review of the both the message you will post on the social network site as well as the message on the corresponding website pages that you will drive them to, and lastly You have set up a baseline across your website to track traffic numbers to the designated pages, to other pages, overall traffic during and for a designated period after the program has run.

The need to plan out your efforts does not get less critical because the Internet is just a click away. The need to develop a plan and to do a walkthrough of all the touch-points in the process becomes even more critical to ensure that you go out with your best effort.

A business can be a fragile ecosystem that needs to be nourished at all times. The need to develop a marketing plan that encompasses not only tactical programs, but also includes the development of an overall business message that captures the vision, values, and customer requirements is an invaluable element to be used as a review point for every 'opportunity' That is presented. The common thread to reacting versus executing Internet Marketing is that for those that are reacting, they are not following or they are ignoring their Internet Marketing plan. You only have one chance to make a good impression not only count for a person-to-person interaction, it also includes your website, which is your business alter ego.

© August 2008. Luxury Experience Company. All rights reserved.

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Internet Marketing Insights – Do Not Do Anything You Will Regret Later

It is very important that all who get involved with Internet marketing does not anything that they will later regret. This is especially true when you're just getting started and you may feel desperate to cut corners in an effort to start making money as quickly as possible. Needless to say, there are a lot of gray zones as a related to different tactics and strategies that you can employ within your Internet marketing business. You really need to be careful that you do not anything that may seem like a good idea initially but that you may later regret as a result of the fact that it brings shame and scorn to your business endeavors.

Many experts actively recommend that you have someone who you talk to before you implement ideas. The reason why this makes sense is because it gives you an opportunity to get a second opinion before you go out and do something that you may not need to be sure about. This is not to suggest that you need to get somebody else's permission to test new ideas to try new strategies. However, they can extremely help you make more intelligent decisions that are both profitable and that will keep you out of trouble.

In the final analysis, you really need to make sure that you're focused on activities that generate profits for your business. You just need to make sure that you are not doing anything that may run afoul of rules or regulations that are designed to keep the playing field fair and even for everyone.

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Common Misconception – Marketing is Expensive Part 2

This is part 2 of Common Misconception – Marketing is expensive. In part 1, I spoke about Social Networking, Email Marketing, and Article Marketing. Read on for some more cheap marketing ideas!


Blogging is a great way of increasing not only your brand awareness, but your traffic and credibility as well. You can blog about anything; Your business, industry related news, weather, or where you went on holiday last year. If you decide to write about your business, position yourself as an expert. This will also increase your credibility further. If everyone thinks you're the expert in your industry, they're going to want to purchase from you! Bonus Tip: If you are on a social networking site, publish a link whenever you submit a new post. If you are not, include your blog URL on your business cards.

Press Releases

Press releases are primarily used when businesses originally start up, to let everyone know where they are and what they do. But, you can also use press releases to position yourself as an expert. If something has happened in your industry, write to your local paper and ask if they would like an expert to write an article. Journalists are always looking for a story, so if you position yourself as an expert, hopefully they will be calling you for a press release, not the other way around. Bonus Tip: Form a relationship with a journalist; You want your name to be the first that springs into his / her head when an industry-related topic arises.

Superior Customer Service

This has got to be the oldest form of marketing around. Even back in Roman times, they probably thought of this as marketing. Think about it; If you offer superior customer service, and after-sales assistance, word of mouth is going to travel that you are a fantastic company which sole purpose is to add benefit and value to your customers lives. This is what you want. Also, with great customer service, the existing customers are much more likely to come back again and again. Bonus Tip: Give them something every time they come into your shop, but make sure it has your band name on. It could be a coaster, pen or just a business card, but at least when they look at it in a few weeks they will remember you and your fantastic customer relations.

Phone people

Ah! The good old phone. This is great for contacting existing customers, as well as future customers. You can build a relationship, and the added value of hearing your voice is something Email Marketing or any emarketing strategy can do; It makes it so much more personal. While you can personalize an email, you can never personalize it as much as a phone call.

Remember; Implementing just one of these strategies will work, but slowly. To make the most out of marketing, you must have at least 4/5 different methods.

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5 Basic Keys to Online Business Success

If you do not know where you are going, you will probably end up somewhere else. -Laurence J. Peter US educator & writer (1919-1988)

When you think about starting your online business, success depends on the value of your strategic Internet marketing plan. It acts like a roadmap to guide you from one milestone to the next along your business journey.

What's Strategic Internet Marketing Plan?

There's an old saying that goes like that, "Success depends on planning your work, and then working your plan."

In the most successful business, the strategic Internet marketing plan is a fundamental written document which crafts a business idea in terms of goals, objectives, time lines, financial declarations, marketing consequences, competitive positions, director factors and goes on to show how the business Owner will realize those goals, including a detailed marketing strategy. A complete business plan also contains a formal break-even analysis and a profit-and-loss projection analysis designed to give you an idea about the business's profitability, growth and cash flow.

Your plan must clearly define each step in the process. Be accurate and honest. Identify time lags and non-value-adding steps. Identify responsibility for each step. Brainstorm For problems in the process. Each step should illustrate an action in specific, clear and measurable terms. Keep your business plan flexible and simple so that you can quickly make changes as necessary. More importantly, your employees need to read and understand your company's goals, the activities required to achieve them, the timetable for accomplishing assigned tasks and each individual's responsibilities as part of the team.

The people most successful are those who have clear, specific goals and a timeframe; And they have an internal mechanism for monitoring the progress of business. They have been passionate about their business and eager to find ways to improve their own performance continuously in the search for excellence. These people dedicate themselves to learning everything they need to know about the business to achieve their dreams. They have exceptional knowledge of creating, managing, marketing and running their business with integrity and responsibility. And they pursue their dreams with persistence, passion and a continual confidence that they will succeed at any cost.

Is the importance of creating a personal plan before starting a business sounds dull? Miss this step and you'll almost certainly fail in whatever you try and accomplish. If you still doubt why I stress the importance of planning, go throw the web and ask any one you come across and you will learn in practical terms what happened to most of them in the creation of any project.

The reason behind the MOST online failures is that people believe in the hype that they heard from unethical marketers. They believe in "give me your money seat back doing no thing and you will start making $ 12.000.00 by the next month scheme". If it's that ease why they need your money!

If all people understand there is no sweet thing without hard work, we would be seeing many more online success stories and fewer online failures.

Remember, you need 5 basic keys to be successful:

1 – You need a strategic Internet marketing plan (even if you are starting small business and you are not going to lean money).

2 – The need skills to run manage and market your business.

3 – You need the right tools to crate a system that works on autopilot.

4 – You need to invest time and money (investing time is a must but investing money is up to you).

5 – You need to be passionate and self disciplined.

If your online marketing plan consists only of a Website, you are not using all the channels the Internet has to offer. Strategic Internet Marketing plan opens multiple channels and exponentially more opportunities to help you achieve your business and marketing objectives.

Here you will discover exactly how to draw up a highly potent action plan that will focus your mind and help you achieve your goals in a reasonable time.

Why Strategic Internet Marketing Plan Is a MUST?

As a small business owner, you do not have infinite resources to compete with the big guys. You need to prioritize how you spend your money to build and market your business during tough time. By following the step-by-step strategic Internet marketing plan, you can create your own home-based Internet business and position it in the right place at the right time and with less risk.

Your strategic Internet marketing plan must uncovers the following:

– Get the needed skills to build your business.

– Search your market well before you decide you are ready. Find out what your target market wants and needs. Analyze your competitor's strength and weakness.

– Find a product to sell: Create your product, buy reseller rights of hot product, find an affiliate program, use Google ad sense …. etc

– Select the most effective, low cost marketing tools and strategies that fit your business needs and budget.

– Analyze information before; During and after you implement the Strategic Internet Marketing plan.

– Continually revise your plan as you learn what works and what does not.

Errors are part of the process. Do not try to avoid them. When a strategy fails, view it as part of trial-and-error that you can learn from.

If you are truly passionate about your business success, build your business with your customers in mind. In other words you must think about:

– How to attract targeted visitors to your website.

– How to entice them to take action (Either they buy your product or they subscribe to your email list)

– How to make them enthusiastic about the quality of your product and / or service

– How to build relationship to convert them to loyal customers

– How to bring them back to your website.

– How to continuously add fresh subscribers to your list.

Conclusion: To make good money online you need an opt in email list. To build an opt in email list you need to build your business with your customers in mind. After you build your list then and only then look for ways on how to make money from your list. Once you find the combination that works for you the sky is your limit.

Here's your chance to 'short-cut' the learning faze and follow a step-by-step blueprint to success by going through these steps.

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Be An Expert Internet Marketer

Perception is so important in dealing with other people in any aspect of human experience. In the field of internet marketing this is especially true. Your website visitors, subscribers and customers should perceive you as someone they can believe in; someone they can trust. To this end it is so important to always ensure that the information you provide is accurate and honest. Even if you are not the greatest expert on a topic your customers should perceive you as a source of reliable and valuable information. Never claim to be something you are not but by offering quality your subscribers and customers will consider you to be someone they can comfortably deal with.

A good starting point is to establish yourself in a particular niche. At a later date you may well wish to expand your business into other fields, but I would recommend that you operate in just one subject area to start with. The more specialised your chosen niche is, the easier it will be to promote yourself as the ‘go-to’ person. If the niche you choose is one where you already have an in-depth knowledge then you are in a very strong position to market within that niche. You can genuinely portray yourself as an expert by way of autobiographical notes added to your website, articles or sales pages.

If you do not have that level of expertise, concentrate on learning as much as possible about your niche through research and study. Immerse yourself in all aspects of the niche so you do become, at least, something of an expert, able to answer queries and give a genuine aura of knowledge which will go down very well with your customers. It has been said that the definition of an expert in any field is someone who knows more than you do. Any newly qualified teacher will tell you how, from time-to-time, they manage to stay just one lesson ahead of their students.

There have been libraries full of advice about how to select an ideal niche so I am not going to cover that here. You will find that information very, very easily via your search engine, but one piece of general advice would be to find a topic which has a significant following but which has limited coverage on the internet. As always with internet marketing, research is the key. The marketplace is vast so there are seams of gold out there as yet un-mined if you can find them. Go prospecting!

Being seen as an expert by your website visitors will always have a significant positive impact on your business but you do need people to find your website and related copy to be ‘suitably impressed’. Finding a profitable niche which is largely undeveloped will make it easier to bring in the traffic as the competition will be much less fierce. Once you have people on your site then, and only then, can you impress them with your expertise, your available information and your products. You might say that these two things go hand-in-hand – traffic and expertise.

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