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A Review of the Day Job Killer Internet Marketing Course

If you have been in the multilevel marketing trade for sometime or you are feeling a bit leery about the opportunities that are currently available to you, it might be time for you to take a look at the Day Job Killer internet marketing course. With the Day Job Killer program, you are in a position to learn not only about the industry but about what you can do to beat the odds and make a better than average living on the internet.

The claims made by the Day Job Killer program are very high. The promotions contend that by using their method, you will be able to break out of the trends and make excellent money online. One of their contentions is that there is a secret formula and blueprint out there, but that it has been suppressed or even hidden by the online gurus and other people who have made the leap from at home worker to extremely profitable business person.

When you use the Day Job Killer program, you will be tapping into the source of a great deal of money making potential. The founder of this program went from making pennies to making four figures a day off of internet sales and residual income, and the key is the fact that the directions offered here are unique when it comes to innovation and aggressiveness. This is not an opportunity for the meek or the shy; some of the methods are advertised as being quite brutal, although they are effective.

Day Job Killer claims that 99 percent of buyers who are invested in multilevel business opportunities never make a real profit, and most likely, they never will. This program states that it is possible to make this kind money, that online marketing and internet selling is one of the best ways to make income from your own home, but to really take advantage of it, you will need to strike out on your own .

The founder of Day Job Killer states that for years he was blinded by officiating gurus and by people who had no real interest in helping him build a business. With this in mind, he went from making nothing to making a clearly comfortable wage with nothing more than this new technique. The page states that almost anyone can do this, but it is important to remember the fact that it is necessary to stray from the documentation that has been current.

In terms of a new opportunity, Day Job Killer is a program that might well be worth your time to investigate. Take a look and see if what they offer is what you've been looking for!

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Free Internet Marketing Tools – 3 Must Use Free Internet Marketing Tools

Free Internet marketing tools are available if you know where to look for them. A quick search on Google will bring up a lot of websites offering these. In fact Google itself supplies some good Internet marketing tools free of charge.

3 free Internet marketing tools:

1. Google toolbar: Firstly their toolbar is free and very useful. It will give you many options for searching and other things like filling out a form automatically. There is a search option that will take you straight to Google's search engine. It will also give you some related options based on the keyword, which makes searching easier. The there is an icon for news, which will bring up any subject related to your keyword and also an icon for scholarly reports. These are just a few of the many uses of the Google toolbar. Yahoo and MSN also have their versions of the toolbar but with fewer options. All 3 have an option to use their pop up blocker.

2. More tools from Google: You can find free Internet marketing tools on Google itself. The is a little spyware detector which will get rid of a lot of spyware from computer. Spyware is one of the most annoying things of working online. Spyware slows up your computer and makes it malfunction. It is wise to get rid of it as soon as possible.

3. Free Internet Marketing tools can often be obtained as a bonus for joining a free newsletter. These are usually quite valuable and will help you to run your business better and more effectively.

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Marketing Your Web Site – Marketing The Direct And Easy Way

After months of work, slaving over a hot computer, you have finally built your first web site. The feeling of pride is immense, closely following by a feeling of dejection. Why are people not visiting the site? What is wrong? Why no clicks?

Doubtless you have asked yourself these questions and have probably tried all the recommended routes, EzineArticles, exchanging links, etc. etc, all in an effort to save money and keep within budget.

THE PAINLESS ROUTE. There is another extremely painless, and if you are lucky, a virtuously free way of getting maximum publicity in your own area. Local does not matter. Once people are using their computer, chatting to friends in other areas, local soon becomes worldwide.

THE METHOD. Using a computer, configure two types of leaflet. Do these yourself, remember the aim is to save money

One should be about three inches deep and A4. width. Think of a snappy slogan in tune with the content of your site, followed by the URL of your site. If you are promoting a land-based business, then the name and address of the business.

Four should fit easily on an A4 page. Churn them off from your printer as many as you require, slice them up and you have made a start.

The next is a small flyer – printed two to an A4 page, to be sliced ​​in half making two A5 size sheets. This should be a real promotional 'come-on' for your site.

1. A snappy slogan.

2. A question to gain the reader's interest.

3. The name of your site. Then finally

4. Offer them a solution to their problem that they can find via your site.

DISTRIBUTION. The first small slip is more useful than you would think. Whenever you write a letter, even sending a cheque off, no matter to what it is addressed – enclose one of these publicity slips. Someone in the post room is bound to be curious and take a look.

Secondly, give one of these slip s to everyone you talk to. When waiting for a bus, train, waiting in the doctor's / dentist's surgery, paying in the petrol station, in the supermarket queue, the checkout girl, your postman, other mums at the school gate, any delivery person – in fact everyone you meet . Just chat them up, engage them in conversation – do they have a computer etc. etc. and you may well find yourself with another person willing to click. Remember, they have friends, and the friends have friends ……… Before you know it, your web site is winging its way around the world – all because of this one little slip of paper.

BE PERSISTENT. In other words, never leave home without a supply of publicity slips. You will be surprised how often you have to reprint. Do not worry if you double up by accident, trying to give a person you met a few days previously another slip. Use it to your advantage. Did they visit the site? What did they think of it? Have they any useful suggestions to make? In other words extend your chat into market research. You will probably learn a lot and maybe gain a useful idea or two.

For the A5 sized sheet, you will need the co-operation of your local newsagent. Ask him if he is willing to put one of your slips into the newspapers he delivers. A lot here will depend upon the nature of the person, how well you know him / her and how co-operative they are. If they seem unwilling, ask if you can visit the shop early in the morning to slip a leaflet in all the newspapers that he is selling over the counter. This system definitely works. The author has done this, using the delivery drop method, and has seen the number of visitors to her site shoot up over one weekend. Weekends are obviously the optimum time – people are at home and more inclined to be using the computer, particularly if it is cold and wet!

ALTERNATIVES. You will know your local area. Can you also target sports centers, evening classes (especially their computer classes) with your A5 leaflets?

This is a strictly low-tech route for your high tech site, but it works and that is all that matters. Plus it will save money – no expensive marketing campaigns to fund in your local area!

Wishing you every success.

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Utilizing Article Marketing to Generate Traffic

Article marketing is a great way to increase traffic to your site while educating readers on specific topics. Over the last few years article marketing has expanded its reading audience from web marketers to anyone looking for an article on a particular subject. Today, you can find articles about anything from poker to cooking. This is a great tool to use especially if you enjoy writing articles.

The burning question for most first time article writers is what would interest my readers. Now you may be saying, "I do not know what they want to read." Just ask your customers. Market research will tell you an estimated amount of information about the market and their interests. Some may want how to guides, FAQ's, or just information on a particular subject. Once you have this information you can begin drafting your articles. During the writing process keep a few tips in mind:

  • Create a catchy title and subject for your article. If your title is sub par many readers will think your article is as well.
  • Structure your article so it is easy to ready. Use bullet points and make the layout exciting for the reader. You may want to use titles or subtitles to break up the content.
  • Do a grammar and spell check. The spell check tool is not a new invention and nothing says unreliable like misspelled words. You want to create credibility and trust with your audience. It is very hard to do with a poorly written article.

Once you have written an article, you can submit it to other web sites, blogs, and eZines for free. While submitting, you can create a bio and links to your web site in a "resource box" on the submission form page. This information will appear at the end of your article and allow readers to find out more about you and your business. As you submit more articles you will see several benefits:

  • Increased traffic – Submitting articles instantly increases your potential customer base. If you submit articles to large eZines you will likely see sudden increased traffic and sales.
  • Establish yourself as an expert – If readers find information in your articles valuable they will over time respect and trust your views.
  • Increase search engine rankings – By submitting quality articles, they have the potential to be placed on many sites that extremely point back to your web site.
  • Cost Effective – Article marketing is practically free. It only costs the time to write and submit the articles. It may also be a better strategy since you have the potential to gain numerous link backs and articles generally stay on sites for years.

Remember article marketing is a cost effective and simple way to increase traffic to your site. Just keep in mind the above tips and benefits and you are sure to write successful and enjoyable articles.

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5 Points You Need to Step Up to Your Internet Marketing Plan

Small businesses that take the time to create a solid internet marketing plan will be rewarded with better brand and name recognition for your local area as well as on a more global scale where you develop the potential to attract clients from other parts of the world.

If you already have a business plan then you need to integrate your business plan and internet marketing plan. Here are 5 steps you need to lead up to your internet marketing plan.

1. Know Your Competition

Whether it's online or in your day to day business activities knowing who your competition is and what their strong and weak points are giving you significant advantages and allows you to strengthen your internet marketing message. Start by doing a keyword search for the terms that a potential client might type in when looking for your type of business. Write down the top 10 competitors that you face. Examine how relevant they are to what you offer and how popular their sights are. Alexa search engine lets you check their traffic ranking, while Google allows you to check their page rank. Learn what's making them successful in their placement and see if you can use any of it on your site.

2. Your Website

Stick to one easy to read font and just vary size to get the attention, and use a primary color scheme, buttons that are easy to identify, and a layout that's easy to navigate. Keep it simple because the minute your visitor becomes frustrated because they'll move onto another site. Always detail how your visitor will benefit from buying your product or service. If you're hiring a web designer to design your site that's great but you should put together your content or work with a writer because no one knows your business better than you.

3. Problem Solving

The reason consumers buy anything is for problem solving. This applies to both products and services. If you're selling laundry stain remover your target market is looking to solve a problem with a stain. If you're selling "how to make a successful living on the internet" your target market has a problem with income their trying to solve.

4. Marketing Funnel

If you ask a successful online business owner what has made them successful. You'll hear this "marketing funnel" almost all of the time. What the heck is a marketing funnel? Think of an upside down triangle and through this triangle clients are funnelled. It starts at the wide to on your funnel which is representative of free give aways, and / or low cost products, which are designed to attract visitors and from there you will funnel them down into the narrow part of your triangle which represents an earnings increase from the products and / or services that you sell. What are currently offering? Do you have different price points? This can be very important to your marketing campaign so that you are able to capture potential clients at different price points.

5. Your Business Management Using Online Technology

Having the right online technology and services will make selling your products and services that more effective. For example, you'll need a merchant account for processing credit care payments including a gateway. You'll need a shopping cart for your customers to checkout and pay for their products or services. You also need technology to help you sell. This can include the automation of email autoresponders, newsletter distribution, blogging, article submission, link management, and a host of other technical services that you must be prepared to use if you want your business to be successful online.

From here you can implement an effective internet marketing plan that will be successful and generate the revenue you desire.

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The Ultimate Internet Marketing Business Plan – In Just Seven Sentences

If you're new to Internet marketing and have a product, a website and are ready to go, then this article can make your business run a lot smoother and more profitably.

Here's why:

I have interviewed a lot of Internet marketing and sales experts over the past several years. And not long ago I had the pleasure of interviewing a very big name in the marketing industry Jay Conrad Levinson.

And during that interview I did a detailed questions and answers session with him, where people on my list emailed me questions for me to ask Jay.

One of the questions someone asked was how to develop a good, solid marketing plan.

Jay's answer was so good I think every single person selling anything online should write it down, study it and use it every time they do business.

Here's what he said:

The thing he always recommends is writing simple seven-sentences he calls "guerrilla marketing plan."
And the seven sentences go basically like this:

The first sentence tells the purpose of your marketing; what physical thing do you want people to do – visit a website, call an 800 number, look for your product the next time they're at the store, answer your email, clip a coupon, etc.
In other words, what do you want them to do physically?

The second sentence tells the prime benefit or competitive advantage that you need in order to accomplish your purpose. You may have 100 benefits. Pick the main one. Specifically, pick your competitive advantage that your competition does not offer.

The third sentence of your marketing plan lists your target audience or target audiences.

The fourth sentence lists the marketing weapons that you'll use. For example: article marketing, publicity, pay per click, search engines, referrals, etc.

The fifth sentence tells your niche in the market place. What's the first word you want to enter people's minds when they see your product? Your name? Maybe your company's name?

The sixth sentence tells your identity (not your image) – your distinct personality. You do not want to be a cold, faceless institution in anyone's mind. You want to be a flesh and blood person with a real personality.

Finally, the seventh sentence tells your marketing budget, which should be expressed as a percentage of projected gross sales.

And that's it.

Jay's simple plan works almost like magic for people.

It keeps you on track, keeps you focused, and keeps your goals in line and easier to achieve.

Next time you have a new product or business to launch, use this simple guide. It can make everything go down a lot easier, faster and more profitably for you.

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Why Choosing a Niche is Important in Internet Marketing

Internet marketing is quickly becoming one of the most profitable types of marketing available. The Internet has the capability of reaching a wide audience and those who take advantage of this broad reach reach find themselves in a position where they can benefit tremendously from potential clients from all over the world.

There are many who are trying to profit from Internet marketing but those who are truly successful realize the importance of focusing their efforts on a specific niche. This means the investor focuses his marketing effort on a specific area of ​​interest. This enables the investor to have a more focused strategy for reaching potential customers.

* Finding Your Niche

The key to finding a niche in the world of Internet marketing is finding a balance between an area which is of interest to a wide audience but is also an area which is not already installed on the Internet. This is because a niche which is already scheduled on the Internet may not be profitable because there is already so much competition for the interest and business of the target audience's attention.

Investors marketing in these areas would have to be truly innovative and far superior to the competitors already on the market to secure a share of the market.

Conversely, a niche which is not already planned has room for savvy entrepreneurs to begin marketing to their target audience. In this scenario the audience is hungry for more marketing in this area and smart investors realize what it takes to feed this appetite.

These potential clients are looking for quality products or services and investors who know how to make finding their products or services on the Internet a simple process.

We have already spoken about the importance of choosing a niche where the Internet is not already seated but there is consumer interest but the other key component to selecting a niche is choosing a subject for which you have a passion.

This is important because your passion for a particular subject will translate well to profit for a number of reasons. First of all your passion will drive you to succeed. Secondly you will likely produce higher quality products and services if you are marketing a niche you enjoy because you have more intrinsic knowledge of the needs of your customers.

The consumers will recognize your love for the products and services you promote and reward you with their business and their loyalty.

* Can You Profit Without Finding Your Niche?

Those who are involved in Internet marketing may find that it is possible to profit without focusing on specific niches but in many cases this is not an easy task. All aspects of Internet marketing become exponentially more difficult when there is not a targeted area of ​​focus.

Finding advertisers is one of the most obvious examples of how not focusing on a specific niche can make your job harder. Advertisers want to reach a specific audience.

If your Internet marketing efforts are highly specialized, you are much more likely to find an advertiser who has a target audience that closely matches your own target audience. When this happens advertisers see the benefit in collaborating with you.

However, if your target audience is more diverse, advertisers may be hesitant to enter into a partnership with you because a portion of your audience may not be interested in their products or services. Therefore, they do not see the advantage to collaborating with you.

The example related to finding advertisers clearly investigates the need to find a niche but there are other reasons why finding a niche is important. One such reason is it reduces workload such as the research efforts.

Researching a very specific niche is much easier than trying to do the same research for several different areas. If the niche you select is not broken down enough into a small enough component you may find yourself often doubling and tripling your efforts in certain areas of your marketing strategy to reach your potential potential audience.

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Powerful Internet Marketing Options

Remember, you're hunting for affordable and effective, not cheap and cruddy. Here are signs to search for before you can say you've found Internet marketing that's inexpensive yet powerful:

The company you're scouting must be able to design a website at no additional cost. It's not enough that it package the standard SEO, competition analysis, and keyword density work in the marketing plan; web design must also be bundled in so that it's tied up with the marketing. This way, your website's needs are met in one place and with less complication.

Make sure that your page is also on top of the searching game. The Internet has more than a dozen high-traffic search engines (SE's) and your site should show up on all of them. If you want to say that your site is perfectly SE-compatible, it must be SE-optimized.

Before I go on, let's step back a moment and review what we're doing. Or rather, these are the questions you should be discussing when interviewing or considering potential advertising vendors, whether online, or otherwise.

How do you bring value to the market, and how do you compete in the marketplace overall? I am constantly amazed at how common sense and existing good business practices get left behind when some businesses plunge into internet marketing. The following looks like a paragraph out of a Business 101 primer.

"Remember the old saying, 'Keep your friends close and your enemies closer'? Bear that in mind. You should know your competition like you know your compadres. Your marketing plans should always account for the strengths and weaknesses of Brand X."

Duh. If anything, it's much easier to do competitive analysis online, as at least the public-facing messages are available to compare in an instant. But somehow, some folks seem to have gotten so distracted by the mechanics of how to get more eyesballs to a webpage that they forget what game they're playing. Like when the content of the site itself fails to even hit the main points of their unique selling proposition.

One just scratches one's head.

And here's another one: Before anything else, even the standard HTML editors and website-building software prompt you to enter keywords and a meta-description.while a site is being built. Is not it logical (assuming you want your site to be found by lots and lots of people) that describing your site in a few words and short phrases might give you a ranking advantage over one that does not? ESPecially since that's what search-engine users actually see in their search results.

But there does seem to be a disconnect, even among those of us who are otherwise intelligent. Perhaps some of us have forgotten – even though the functionality and multimedia capabilities of websites have grown tremendously in just a few short years, that the initial purpose of a website was to publish a version or equivalent of a simple business brochure on-line. If it does not do at least as much good to get your site in front of prospective customers, why bother? Good paper marketing pieces can still be effective. Bad ones, by definition, are not. The same goes for web content and design.

Back to the search for low-cost yet effective campaigns. In order to consider it an effective, aggressive Internet marketing plan it should include, as well as what was already mentioned, strong technical support, ongoing updates, original web content that is in-demand, and back-link building campaigns. And since it's an ongoing process, with one campaign leading to another, a monthly fee is commonly charged to maintain the marketing plan. So as I have written elsewhere, the company you hire to handle this area for you needs to be as compatible with how you work as you might wish the ideal spouse to be.

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SEO Tips For Affiliates – The Importance Of Article Writing

Article marketing is popular for a reason: When done right, it drives traffic to a targeted Web site. It also allows a marketer to build back links to his or her Web site which, in turn, helps boost a Web site's page rank. In an increasingly competitive online marketplace, you can not afford not to write articles as a means of promoting your affiliate products and / or services.

If you're an affiliate, there is simply no better way to promote products than article writing. Should you not have strong writing skills, or even if you do not have the time, you can and should hire a professional writer to write SEO articles for you. Some of the best SEO tips for affiliates are also the most simple.

Whether you're going to be posting your articles on your own Web site, on a blog, or you're going to submit them to article directories, you must ensure they contain commonly searched for keywords and keyword phrases. You can research keywords on such keyword tools as Word Tracker and Overture.

One of the best SEO tips for affiliates is to choose your keywords wisely. Knowing which keywords to use in your content is key to ensuring the search engines index your articles, Web site, and blog quickly and to ensuring that your web site ranks high in the search engines.

Anyone who's surfed the internet has more than likely come across articles that are filled with the same words and phrases, but the content just makes no sense. Another of the key SEO tips for affiliates is do not saturate your articles with so many keywords and keyword phrases that the content makes no sense. If your articles are filled with nonsense, no one is going to read them. And, if people do not read your articles, you're not going to drive traffic to your Web site.

Another of the most popular SEO tips for affiliates is certainly to write your articles in an engaging, conversational tone. You want people to read your articles, to feel as though their time was well-invested in reading your articles, and to visit your web site and purchase one of the products you are marketing as an affiliate. You can only achieve this goal by writing quality articles.

These are just a few of the most popular SEO tips for affiliates []. Tips, however, must be put into action to work. Article writing is an absolute necessity to your success as an affiliate marketer. Set a goal to write a set number of articles each week – two, for example – and write and publish those articles on a regular basis if you want to drive traffic to your web site and to build a customer base.

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Outsource Marketing – A Smart Choice For Technology Businesses

Comparing Options

If your firm hires a VP-level marketing executive you can expect to pay upwards of $ 175,000 in salary and benefits just to start. While your new VP may be able to develop a marketing strategy, your firm will still have allocate a measurable budget to outsource projects to creative
agencies for tactical execution.

Outsourcing services to a typical full-service agency means you pay for all of their services – even if you do not use them. Operating costs for every department must be absorbed by all the clients.
A strategic outsourcing firm combines the best of both worlds. A dedicated project manager works with you to develop a marketing strategy specifically designed to meet your company's needs. The strategic outsourcing firm then provides your technology company with a full array of marketing expertise under one umbrella to bring your message to an increasingly demanding and hard-to-reach audience. The key distinction with a strategic outsourcing firm is that you only pay for what you need – when you need it!

The first and most critical benefit of strategic marketing outsourcing is a company pays only for the services used for the length of time needed. The marketing team assigned to your firm can be scaled to suit projects of any size and scope. With an in-house team, you have consistent expenses. With
an outsourced marketing department, you only pay for resources when you need them.

Breadth of Services

Search engine optimization, online business networks, business blog …. marketing tactics and supporting technologies are changing at lightning speed. Outsource marketing provides access to a team with expertise in every marketing discipline. A quality "turn-key" marketing firm can provide specialists in all marketing disciplines as well as vertical industry experts.
Time to Focus on Your Core Competencies
By outsourcing the marketing function, your internal team will have more time to spend on what you do best: product innovation, customer service or quality control.

"Ins" in the Industry

From knowledge of online printers with 2-day turnaround to friendships with editors, outsource marketing firms bring industry know-how to your firm. Marketing firms have day-to-day contact and partnerships with direct mail list firms, printers, journalists, reporters and more. And we often find uncanny overlaps between a product of one client and the service of another.

Views from the Outside

While an outsourced marketing department takes the time to intimately learn your products, technologies,
and customers, its team member do not have years of ingrained company culture. Firm members are not afraid of suggesting radical ideas. Because marketing team members may work on several outsource teams, they often have fresh and objective viewpoints to share.

Why Strategic Outsourcing Marketing Makes Sense for Technology Firms

With its attractive advantages, marketing outsourcing may be assumed to be a logical choice for nearly every company looking to grow its business. But certain key characteristics of technology firms make strategic outsource marketing extremely attractive.

Staying smart in today's volatile business environment requires access to resources well-versed in current practices across all marketing disciplines. But technology firms must focus on their intellectual property and product lifecycles, and often can not focus on the latest in marketing tactics.
Outsourcing the marketing function lets key executives in the firm to focus on the core competencies instead of trying to keep up on the latest internet marketing strategy.

Consider Strategic Outsource Marketing for Your Firm Today

Companies that outsource the marketing department can focus on their core competencies while a season team of experts handles marketing. Marketing is improved across the
board as the entire function becomes driven by objectives, strategies, a marketing plan, and budget.

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