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Internet Marketing Done Right – Saves the "Stupid-Tax"

Internet marketing done right involves just a few, but very important criteria. If you search many of the online forums you see many asking the question, "how do I get started when I do not have a product to sell?" In actual practice, this is a backward query of sorts because the first question thatought to be satisfied is "What do people want?" The second query bought to be "Are there products I can sell that satisfy the need?"

You do not need to create your own product to be successful. However, if you have found a demand that is not being satisfied by any existing product and you have the means to create one, then by all means invest in the research to properly test the market.

There are ample resources online to properly research the market but you have to prioritize and look in the right places. If you are the type who rarely ventures outside the confines of Facebook or Twitter, then you will have to broaden your cyber resources in order to form a workable plan.

Traffic and conversion are the two components controlling your success in the internet marketing realm. That is, you need to create a pathway to your product offering and you have to convert the visitors to paying customers.

If you venture forth willy-nilly without testing, there is a "stupid-tax" to be paid. That is what we call it wherein the proper preparation to "win" has not been done. The "stupid-tax" is usually in the form of lost money or time. Benjamin Franklin is often quoted as having said "time is money". So, whether you spend a lot of time spinning your wheels or you spend a lot of money without a return on your investment, the result is probably the same.

When internet marketing is done right there is a plan in place that does a few things.

  • A market place need is identified
  • A product to satisfy the need is created or sourced
  • A promotional strategy is crafted to generate traffic
  • An offer is tested to judge conversion

If you have studied marketing in the offline world, then you have heard this process before. It is no different in the online world. Unlike the brick and mortar business, location is not really important. But, marketing intelligence is.

Some of the best places where you can grow your internet marketing intelligence are forums and newsletters. The Warrior Form (Google it for yourself) is the premiere location for every astute internet marketer on the planet. You should make it a daily stop.

To gain a competitive advantage, pump up your marketing intelligence and avoid the "Stupid-Tax" you should subscribe to The Online Worker's Digest newsletter at . The Digest has over 100,000 international readers and there is no cost to subscribe. Every month it packs "how to" articles, free or low-cost marketing tools and interviews from online business owners into a 35+ page report you can download or read at your convenience.

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Time Management And Internet Marketing

Are you working at creating your income from home by internet marketing?

If you are like me you will find it easy to be distracted. I sit in front of my computer trying to work and suddenly I get an email. Now curiosity gets the better of me and I have a look. Next thing I find I've spent an hour or more just surfing the internet looking at interesting things. This does not make any money.

Have you found yourself distracted? It's easy is not it? How do you get control? Here are some pointers that you may find useful in controlling the use of your time.

Your Mindset

Firstly you need to see your marketing as WORK. You are in the serious business of making a living and conducting a business.

One thing you need is a place where you can work and concentrate on what you are doing. So your environment must be conducive to working.

Make a Plan and Work the Plan

Next you must have a plan of what you want to achieve. Some of your work may need to be sent in creation of products. You also need to spend time communicating with customer enquiries. What I have found useful is to allocate time for each daily task.

In my last 2 articles I deal with creating an opt-in list. I also pointed out that this will remain part of your work as long as you are in business. So what I would do is spend 2 hours each day in tasks that will help to build up my opt-in list. You've heard it said that the money is in the list. Your business is about making money. You need to work out what things you need to do each day to reach your goal of making money.

To manage your time, ask yourself what things you need to accomplish each day to do this. Now you need to set an amount of time besides to accomplish that task. Do not get distracted. Once the time is up go to the next task on your list. If there are some tasks that are not completed in the time allocated to it go back later when you have finished the other tasks you set out to accomplish.

Take Time Out

There is one caution I need to mention here. Do not load yourself down to such a degree that you loose your enjoyment. You must enjoy what you are doing. If you do not you may as well stay in the day job you hate.There will be times we do not feel like doing anything. We're only human. Even so force yourself to accomplish your tasks. You will feel better for doing so.

Does this mean we can not take any time off? That we become workaholics? No you have control. Just do not beg off because you do not feel like it today. Take time off! But do it because you have planned for it. It's OK to reward yourself.

In Summery

In a nutshell. Set your priorities. Have your day planned out as to what you will do a certain times. This means that when you start work each day you know what you will be doing. You will not need to spend time thinking about what you will do today. You have it all planned out.

If you do this you will find that you will accomplish much more each day. Because you have set your priorities, you have worked out what things need to be done to create an income and you have prioritized them, you will find the income will follow.

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Internet Marketing – How to Make Money Online

Making Money online does not need to be hard. When you are using Internet marketing as a platform to make money online you can easily start to live the life of your dreams and set your own schedule. To me, that is what Internet marketing is all about, time freedom.

It is awesome to be able to get up when you want and do what you want when you want to do it. But, for me it was a long hard road. But, all the hard work was well worth it. Especially when I'm able to spend as much time with my family as I do. So, in this article I want to give you three tips that will help you get on the road to making more money with Internet marketing.

First, you need to lay a solid foundation for your success. Most people do not plan to fail, they simply fail to plan. So, you want to make sure you have a solid plan in place before you start your Internet marketing ventures. In my opinion, it is not a bad thing to invest in education when you are getting started. Then, as a natural progress you will learn that investing in education is an ongoing process. But, in the beginning you need to put down some money and learn how to make money online.

Next, you want to find a system and stick with it. The one pitfall that most marketers fall into is not sticking to a plan. It is very easy to get distracted on the Internet. With the walks and everything else it is easy for you to stray from idea to idea. This is the worst thing you can do. If you can just find one strategy and stick to it you will be successful so much faster.

Finally, build a list from the beginning. You want to invest in your own domain name, hosting, and most importantly an autoresponder. Most people will not listen to this advice, but I hope you do. If you do not you will kick yourself in the future for not starting immediately. So, make sure you start building your list right from the very beginning.

Unfortunately, it is impossible for me to teach you how to build an online business in one single article but, I hope what you've learned here will least help you get on the right track for success.

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World-Wide-Web Marketing Consulting

The popularity of the internet as well as the recent crash and economic depression is changing the face of marketing and advertising. People are no longer content to manage faceless businesses that hide behind big names and glass buildings. They want to deal with a firm which interactions along with customers, listen to them and is focused on a lot more than their own financial well-being. It's put huge corporations in a little bit of pickle, but has provided the small entrepreneur a chance.

Small businesses are now able to get in touch with customers around the world. By interacting and offering added value, small businesses is now able to relocate and take business from much larger companies. Nonetheless, even small establishments need skilled website marketing consulting to enable them to gain that coveted position in front of their clients.

Obviously, anyone can at some point acquire some traffic to their site, suddenheless the question for you is a small business can afford to take the risk that what they are doing or may not work? Website marketing can take time to present results, even though not as long as some other marketing methods, but still of sufficient length to warrant employing a specialist to deal with the job.

What you need to consider is whether you can afford to hang around? Essentially, a business without any internet profile might as well shut down and go home simply because it's as good as deceased. The internet has brought individuals closer together and it is changing business practices. Should you are not ready to conform you will undoubtedly be forced out of the market.

The advantage of acquiring professional online marketing consulting is that you will discover effects much faster as well as your return on investment is going to be greater than if you did it on your own. You will be able to make use of specialist knowledge and your campaigns will be a lot more efficient.

Even if you feel it can be done on your own, because after all exactly how hard all of this internet marketing stuff could be, you might have a huge surprise. There's a little difference between achievement and disappointment in website marketing and a business can turn out burning off much more cash by trying to nip pennies in the wrong places. You may save a few dollars now by trying to come up with your own online marketing campaign, but how much income are you going to drop because you believed it could be?

With website marketing consulting you will get specialist information on everything from deciding on the best mixture of communication programs for a cost-effective marketing campaign to calculating the effectiveness of each individual campaign. That is the beauty of the world-wide web that not one other advertising medium lasts to be in a position to offer before, quantifiable results. An online marketing strategy may be tracked right down to the last click and you can quickly see how efficient each channel is so that alterations can be done if you're dissatisfied with the final results.

Nonetheless, so that you can take full advantage of each of these advantages, you'll need good quality internet marketing consulting to put on the right course so you do not throw away your money on unproductive campaigns.

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Innovative Internet Marketing Ideas Should Pay For Them

When it comes to finding and initiating innovative Internet marketing ideas, you may find it to be a long, stressful, and time consuming process. However, as a business owner or a soon to be business owner, you probably already know just how important marketing is to the success of your business.

That is why you need to find innovative ways to market your business, regardless of how time consuming it is. However, there is a way that you can go about making that process as easy as it could be. That way involves chasing outside assistance.

When seeking outside Internet marketing assistance, you will likely find yourself seeking assistance from a marketing specialist, previously an Internet marketing specialists. Internet marketing specialists are often individuals who work for themselves or individuals who work for a larger company. To be considered a specialist, someone must not only have prior training, but prior experience. That is why Internet marketing specialists are often considered professionals; they tend to know exactly what they are doing.

When it comes to using the services of an Internet marketing specialist, there are many individuals, just like you, who wonder whether or not they are really worth the money. In all honesty, it depends. There are some individuals who can, without a doubt, benefit from a professional Internet marketing specialist. While there are some who can benefit from professional assistance, there are others who only end up wasting their money. Which individual are? To determine whether or not you will only be wasting your money, by relying on a professional Internet marketing specialist, you are advised to take a close look at your business, as well as yourself.

Each year, a large number of business owners rely on assistance from Internet marketing specialists. One of the reasons for that is lack of knowledge or experience. If you are looking for innovative ways to market your business online, you will need to do a little bit of research. If you are not computer savvy, you may find it difficult to do that research. That is why a large number of business owners seek professional assistance; they do not have to worry about searching for, finding, and executing innovative Internet marketing ideas all on their own.

Another reason why many business owners seek professional assistance for their marketing is because of time. Even if you know how to scour the Internet in search of innovative marketing ideas, it can be time consuming to do, especially when you go to execute those ideas. That is why a large number of business owners seek professional assistance. Many just do not have the time needed to give their business the marketing that it needs and describes, but professionals do.
When determining whether or not a professional Internet marketing specialist is worth your money, it is also important to take that individual into consideration. Paying an outrageously high price for assistance may not be worth it, but that is preventable. When choosing a specialist to work with, you are advised to keep their services in mind, as well as the cost of those services. With a number of different individuals and companies to choose from, you should never pay too much money for professional help. A simple price comparison should let you know how much money is too much money.

The decision as to whether or not you want to use the services of a professional Internet marketing specialist is yours to make. After being your decision, it is advised that you keep the above mentioned points in mind. Doing so may make it easier to make a well informed decision.

This article was authored by Ryan Bessling. This 32 year old, Internet marketer was able to quit his 9-5 "job" because of his Innovative Internet Marketing Strategies []. He now wants to help others and show you how he made it in Internet Marketing!

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Niche Marketing – The Cornerstone and Key Ingredient For a Successful Marketing Plan

There’s a lot of talk about niche marketing, and how it can create an effective method for driving traffic and business to one’s web site. It is, in fact, one of the main cornerstones for internet marketing that every online guru knows, and utilizes for successful and highly profitable results.

Niche marketing is NOT the practice of finding some obscure topic or area, and trying to promote it. In fact, it is quite the opposite. Niche marketing can address a very popular topic or need. The stress and keynote to niche marketing is in its focus. Exactly what it is that you, the marketer, are pinpointing on and focusing your attentions on. It is answering a specific need, want or desire that the specific public you wish to attract, wants to address.

Niche marketing does involve focusing on a more exact topic, rather than a more expansive or generalized genre. Rather than choosing the topic of baseball, go for a more exact focus, and zero in on Yankee memorabilia. You may even want to take it a step further and niche market down to Yankee pitchers memorabilia. Don’t think that by narrowing the topic, you are eliminating traffic. In fact, the exact opposite happens. When combined with powerful keywords, that highlight your specific niche, you are actually eliminating a lot of your competition, and your Google or yahoo search results can make you one of a few thousand or, if you have the right keywords, even a few dozen, choices.

Niche marketing is the practice of separating yourself from the mob. You are actually looking to attract and speak to those people who are SPECIFICALLY looking for YOU, and what you have to offer and/or say. To go back to that Yankee example, you may have great Yankee memorabilia products, that a real Yankee fan would die for, but if a Red Sox fan is looking at your site, you’re more than likely going to strike out.

Niche marketing does cater to large audiences. The reality is, these audiences are people who are interested in exactly what you are offering, and isn’t that the perfect customer and prospect you want to talk to?

Focus your website and find your special niche.

See you at the top!

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5 Ways to Becoming a Profitable Internet Marketer to Create the Life of Your Dreams


To get ahead and before you start a new venture, you should always have a goal plan. Write it out on a sheet of paper starting out at where you would like your life to be and carry out your step by step procedure in order to get there.
You need to establish what to get rid of in your life that may be causing you a hindrance to your success. These could be things you are tolerating on a daily basis that you can make a conscious effort to eliminate from your life.


If you are new to Internet Marketing and a bit overwhelmed, it is a good idea to get a business coach to guide you every step of the way. One that gives you a clearly focused step by step 90 day, one year, or five year goal plan.
Ensure that you check out the credentials of the coach you choose, one that has a proven track record in their own business and one that could clearly communicate effectively to his knowledge.


There is no point in going into business if you do not know which product or market you are going to tap into. Spend time researching your market and your project idea. This is the most important step.
You can begin by writing down your skills, interests, hobbies or even pet hates. Jot down everything from your employment history, relationships, anything that you are extremely knowledgeable on. It's best to go with your personality rather than against it.


Have you got a blog, if not, go and get one. You should aim to generate an email list of subscribers who will become potential customers. You should aim to develop a relationship with your subscribers so that they can gain your trust and more likely to buy from you.
To get people to join your list you need to give them a reason to join such as giving away something of value for free. This can be in the form of a video, an mp3, an eBook or a report. Make it worth their while to join your list ensuring that they are getting something that they can actually put to use and worth of their time and effort.


The Most important part of any business is your traffic. If you have no traffic, you have no business.
You could either pay for traffic or work that little bit harder to get it for free.

Paid Traffic
Running an AdWords Campaign in Google,
A campaign in Other Search Engines,
Sending Out Press Releases,
Sending Out Direct Mail

Free Traffic
Submitting Articles,
Starting a Blog,
Generating Links,
Post YouTube Videos,
Set Up an Affiliate Program

It is a very rewarding process, starting up your own internet business, make sure it is a profitable one.

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Internet Marketing Punctuality For Yourself

When you are working for yourself like most internet marketers do, you have to commit to yourself. Meaning you have to be punctual to yourself and your marketing strategy.

Punctual defined as action or arriving at the time appointed. Meaning you do what you are gonna do when you say you are going to do it. What’s good as a marketing strategy if you don’t follow it?

A good marketing strategy takes work everyday. Marketing is in the doing, meaning you have to go out there and get those prospects. Basically marketing is spreading the word about your product or service to people who aren’t familiar with you.

This is an open game, meaning that someone who’s new to the market is usually influence by the person who catches their eye first. An example is if you blew out your tire. Imagine if you blew out your tire, and all of a sudden you hear an ad on the radio talking about discount tires.

You would take a note of the company, and most likely do business with them even if you never heard of that company before. Market is a constant game because people want what they what when they want it. That’s why you have to be constantly marketing because if you are not your competitors will.

In what ever niche you are in, the reward (business) goes to those who can market and sell the most. It is usually a zero-sum game, meaning those who are your customers for that particular product won’t be someone else. So you have to grab as many customers as you can.

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Internet Marketing Media Madness

Why is internet marketing so great? What makes the internet unique from all the other technologies that came before it, like the Printing Press (Newspapers / Books), Radio, TV or Telephone?

The Internet literally combines almost all the great communications technologies of the past! And does it cheaper, and with a wider reach. It connects the world at a low cost that everyone can afford. And with new web technologies makes it easy!

Take for instance the Printing Press, after it's invention by Gutenberg in 1439, it taught books and information to people's doorsteps at an affordable price. These days people can go online for free and have almost all the knowledge and information of the world at their fingertips.

Radiorought music and news and bought information delivery to new dimension. People for the first time heard what's updated and know in real-time the important issues of the day. The internet is brought the music of the world to anyone who can find it online or willing to pay for it. At a push of a few mouse buttons anyone can listen to anything.

TV like the radio bought information delivery or media to even greater heights. People get to see what's going on with the world. Most people believed that we could not get to a higher realm of media then television. The internet has put video delivery to a new plateau. Now people can have access on demand almost all the great video works in the world. They also get to interact with the video and other viewers as well.

The telephone let people communicate, but the internet has open this up to world. It's never been so cheap to talk to someone half way around the world. You can communicate through text, voice or video.

If marketing is about controlling media delivery, the internet is the ultimate transporter of media. It can take any shape form or size, and can be as interactive as you want it to be. We are still in the beginning of this golden age where the internet will rule all media.

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What You Should Know About An Internet Marketing Blog Business

You can not turn anywhere online without seeing a blog and it seems that a blog is becoming a very important business tool.

An internet marketing blog business can increase the visibility of your product. You may have an existing website, but adding a new and fresh blog may be a wonderful way to add life back into your business.

Marketing on your blog may be one of the most important things you do. You obviously need to get this blog up and going, but you can begin to market on your blog right away.

If you have several businesses, a blog can give you a great new marketing platform. There is no limit on what you blog about or how often you do so and this can give you a great deal of creativity and flexibility to play with.

Others may begin to notice your blog and this can lead to advertising for others that you will get paid for. This opens up a whole new way to make money and looking at the people online that are the most successful, you will find that often they are involved in more than one opportunity and this gives them some better outlets.

An internet marketing blog business is a great way to take advantage of the explosion in blogging that has occurred recently. A blog is an awesome marketing tool and one that every business should use. It does not take a lot of time and patience to set up a blog or to keep it going.

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