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How to Start Your Own Internet Marketing Business


Many of us envisioned ourselves as the boss of many with other people reporting to us. While many of us seem to make similar statements, internet entrepreneurs took the next step to make this dream of theirs a reality. You will also learn how to incorporate your hobbies into your ideal work environment and internet business model.


We enjoy making money and bringing home our own paychecks, and working at a successful career. Whatever the reason, many of us dream of owning and running our own internet business when we encounter challenges in our jobs that do not have an easy fix.


Usually, with every job that we hate, there is something that we love about it. By assessing your job in a logical fashion, you need to ask yourself a series of questions. If you find that you are working for a job or a company you hate, you need to stop focusing on hating your job and start focusing on why you hate your job or the company you work for. You should also plan to write everything you think about down in a question and answer format. Bottom line, you need to figure out what you hate about your job or what you hate about being employed by someone else.


This section will discuss writing a business plan that will help you take your hobby making it a profitable internet business. You should include things in your plan like a time line, how and when you plan to start your business. Setting up an internet business with serious rigidity will not help it succeed, but will only help to pull it under.


That way you can pinpoint an aspect of your hobby that you can turn into a marketable asset. Continue sketching out your internet business model until you start to see a solid picture of what your business may look like. So, what is it that you like to do? How do you like to spend your time? Whatever your hobby is, you should try to narrow down on an aspect of your hobby first.


Perhaps they are doing something you have not thought of or perhaps you want to do something they have not thought of. If you are going to create a profitable yet sustainable business, you will need to research your competition initially, but also continuously throughout your new career if you are going to stay fresh and competitive in the internet marketing industry. On the other hand, if you decide to have an internet business that markets to anybody and everybody with access to the internet, then your competition will likely be global. Many business owners love to take the opportunity to show potential customers or even potential colleagues their business because they are proud of it and because it may bring them business in the future.


Further, research of your product competition will help your company grow by taking their ideas into consideration. Through doing this “rinse and repeat” technique, you will be expanding your business continuing to improve your profit margins for your business.


Even though you have thought about your business considerably, researched your competition, figured out what type of education you need, and understand all of the legal requirements you need to have in order to open your internet business, you simply cannot sit back and wait for your internet business to suddenly become profitable. Constant analysis of your business will help keep it on solid footing until it starts to become successful and profitable.

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Where to Find Free Or Low Cost Advertising

When you are just starting a new online business, more often than not the amount available for promotions and advertising is in the hundreds rather than thousands of dollars. So you need to make full use of the free and low cost advertising that is available, know where to find it, and make every dollar spent, pay for itself.

It will take a little time to sort out which ads are working for you, and it is important to make sure that you track your leads so you know which advertisements they actually come from.

These are some ideas that you might like to try.

Free Advertising

· Free Classifieds. There are literally hundreds of free classified sites around; some of the better known ones are Adland Pro, Craigslist and Sales Spider, but try searching for them in your favorite search engine and you will come up with a whole bunch of them.

· Articles are a great way to get your name known, and links to your website can always be put in the resource box at the end of the article. If you haven’t done any writing and are not sure how to go about it, most of the article sites have “how to” sections, which will start you off. If you search for article directories in the search engines you will find plenty to submit to, but, and Articledashboard are three of the better sites.

· Set up your blog so you can link any articles or social media sites to your it, which of course will have a squeeze page on it, giving you a leads list. You can also set it up so you have a business section and a personal section, which will help your visitors get to know you as a real person.

· Social Media is BIG and also free. Join Twitter, Facebook, Squidoo, MySpace, Hub Pages etc, and start posting and making friends. However, don’t try the hard sell straight away, give people time to get used to seeing your name and photos, and seeing what you have to say.

· Ezines are also a good place to look for free or low cost advertising. Again, you will find heaps of them when you search on Google or Yahoo. Generally they have a classified section which is free.

· Video marketing is very big, and the search engines love them. They are also free. You can sign up to one of the video distribution sites who will distribute your video to various places such as Facebook and Twitter for you. There are some free ones around, but also some where you have to pay for a subscription, so if you are going to be doing video marketing make sure you know what services you will get for your money.

Low Cost Advertising

· Classified ads again. You can generally upgrade a free ad by paying a small monthly amount, and this will keep your ad at the top of the list, or put it in a larger font or highlight it in some way.

· Viral emails. There are numerous viral email sites around where you pay either a monthly subscription, or a yearly fee to send out, for example, 3000 or 5000 emails every so many days to their opted-in members. This can be quite a good way to get some low cost advertising, though to get results you do need to change your email regularly.

· Banner Ads. There are some sites around where you can place banners for a reasonable amount. Do some research on what you are getting for your advertising dollars, and make sure you know where the banner is going to be placed.

· Ezines also have some low cost advertising available, usually as text or banner ads.

By using a combination of free and low cost advertising such as the above ideas, it will keep your budget to a realistic amount, and done on a regular basis, should give you some good results for your online business. It should also be stressed that you will need to keep a spreadsheet of which ads you have running at any one time, and the results you get from them.

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Ways to Pass Time Online – Learn How to Do Internet Marketing

This is my first day of trying online marketing. I never even thought of going into this. But, I have bills to pay, kids to feed, and debts to settle. As the saying goes "people in need find ways to answer their problems".

I'm a doctor in our country. The idea of ​​online marketing never even entered my mind. Then, "Boom!" I find myself about to lose a lot of money because my practice is not going smoothly. Talk about the S ** T hitting the fan.

What do I do now?

I Googled what needs to be done. As countless others have done, I entered "how to make money online" in the search box in Google. I got a million hits and basically, I had to read a lot of information in this category.

My next step was to start what was stated in the articles I read. I particularly found Authority Job Killer by Joel Chue and Alvin Huang in my league because it was less than $ 10.

I read the 52 pages of authority job killer and watched the videos. As I was reading authority job killer I was saying to myself "SUCKER !!". But, I combined watching the videos and reading the pdf at the same time. It then occurred to me. "Why not give authority job killer a try?" I already paid for it.

What did I get when I paid for authority job killer?

I got the 52 page pdf, videos and bonuses inside. Each part of the file explains clearly what a person like me without prior knowledge in online marketing needs to do. It also comes complete with a road map on how to narrow the products you want to sell.

As i was following the videos, a light bulb flashed. "Why do not I try online marketing as my product to sell?". So, here I am in the initial stages of the road map of authority job killer. It is still a long way to go.

The initial steps I did after purchase and reading the file are as follows:
1. Set-up a ClickBank account.
2. Sign-up in ClickBank referral program
3. Sign-up as an affiliate of authority job killer

Note: As stated in the file I bought, steps 2 and 3 supposedly would make me money. But this is my first day, I have yet to see.

I also need to set-up an autoresponder and my own website. What gibberish is this?

Is this a scam or not? I'll finish all the steps first and give it time.

I'll try to research some more to answer the questions "what are autoresponders and where can I get a website for free?", Next time

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Learn Niche Marketing

It's simple. If you are going to be in the Internet Marketing business, you need to understand the broadness of the term. The people who make money in IM understand that they can specialize in any area, but they have to sell to a niche market that is motivated to consume the information that they have gathered and packaged.

Here is the rub. Most people come up with what they consider to be a great idea. The problem is, not every one else feels the same way.

The best approach is, however, vastly different. It is better to find out what small market segments are highly motivated, and then create a product set around that motivation.

This is what I call the Niche Factor.

One of the most unfair advantages that most IM "gurus" have is that most of them came from backgrounds that involved some sort of marketing. This means they have a substantial leg up on the average person who has no back ground what-so-ever in marketing. So when you hear them speak, they are really doing some thing very remarkable.

They are speaking to a niche about a niche. But they are speaking in very general terms. For a novice, this can present some very frustrating experiences as they sort this out.

They understand what a niche is and the power that it has on making a steady stream of income online.

This is a concept that seems so simple that any one can grasp, but it presents a real challenge to the average person that is trying to "break into" IM.

A great analogy of this is: Trying to get some one with absolutely no background in marketing to become proficient in marketing in a very short period of time is like trying to describe the color blue to some one who has never seen before.

Depending on who you listen to (or read) Internet Marketing (IM), can range form everything to Google AdWords and AdSense to driving traffic to specific websites.

It should be known that IM is an amalgamation of all these terms, techniques and tactics.

Good selling is all about filling a need, satisfying wants or solving a problem. The only thing you have to do is crawl inside the customers head and figure out what those needs, wants and problems are.

One way to gain awareness for a niche product or service with a low budget is to run AdWords and AdSense in conjunction. Spending a couple bucks a day and mange a couple bucks a day.

It's much easier to stand out when you specialize rather than commoditize your services. And by narrowing your focus to specific target markets or specialties, you effectively eliminate about 98 percent of your competition-the people who've chosen not to specialize. No large retailer can be all things to all people, and there are always going to be segments of the population whose needs for particular products and / or services are going unmet. Learn how your small business can capitalize on these unmet needs and find and master your own niche market.

If your website offers value, people will use it and your product or service will be seen. This helps to maximize the exposure of your marketing dollar and increase your profits. Create an expertise or develop a specialty product, focus on marketing that expertise, service, or product, and you are on your way to giving your business a big boost. Every private practice or small business needs "that special suit" niche to set them apart. Illustrative of this is the fact that the quality of the product or service sold will generate customer satisfaction and, consequently, customer loyalty.

Ask yourself these questions to help clear the fog:

Are you able to meet the needs of this market with your products and services?

You can just build a niche site for promoting certain products or services. Your venture is always a success as long as your income from the site exceeds the amount you have invested in creating and running it. But so long as you can deliver your goods or services across distances, on the Internet your marketplace is the nation – and, if you have the vision for it, the world … But only one niche at a time.

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Online Business – The Four Big Mistakes That My Friend Bob Made

My friend Bob tried to start an Internet business to make money online like many people has being doing until today, but he made a lot of mistakes in the process, and here I want to talk about four of the biggest mistakes he made.

Bob (let's call him Bob to protect the innocent) is an eye doctor who loves grasshoppers (I do not know why). And he tried to make money on internet with his passion. But he did not research the market, and simply wrote a 500 pages book about Grasshopper's eye diseases. Nobody has wrote about that before so he though he will become rich.

He did not bother to search if there's anybody looking for grasshopper's eye diseases, or if there were any competition. He has an original product but no market to sell. That was "blind grasshoppers lover" Bob's mistake number one.

He built a one page website with a lot of pictures, loud midi music, and big comic sans yellow font on a black background. A little content and a "buy my grasshopper's eye disease book" flashing banners all over the site.

He did not care about headlines, professionally done web design, Search Engine Optimization, Keyword Density or shame whatsoever. That was "make me color blind" Bob mistake number two.

He probably was in a cornfield and heard a voice whispering "build it and they come". Because that was he did, he DID build it, but he sat in front of his screen, drumming with the fingers on the desk waiting and waiting for them to come to his site and buy his book.

Once again he did not care about promoting his site, he did not do any SEO, link building, e-zine ads, forum marketing, article marketing, AdWords campaign, social media ads, list building … No he just waited for people to come. That was "Kevin Costner wannabe" Bob mistake number three.

He was always complaining because his site did not make money. That his online business did not work. And blamed everybody for his failure. He did not care about a good copywriting on his sales letter, nor affiliate programs, or other products to sell or promote (like grasshopper's glasses), he did not put AdSense on his site … no he just had this book about grasshopper's eye diseases that nobody ever found out of its existence, and that was "naive lazy" Bob mistake number four.

Are you like my friend Bob? I hope not, I truly believe that you are those who do a proper market research on the niche before you even think on the product you are going to sell / promote. Who build a SE friendly site and at the same time attractive and useful to the readers. Who believe in the power of a good promotion, caring to build enough back links to your site to make people notice you and create unique and valuable content to make people acknowledge you as an expert on your niche. Those, who always keep track of his sites to see what is working and what is not. And those, who always find more than one way to monetize and leverage his site.

Remember this letters RBPTM (Research, Build, Promote, Track, and Monetize)

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Internet Marketing Concepts – Be Reasonable With How Much Time You Spend Online

It is very important that you be reasonable with how much time you spend online when you are just getting started in this business. Far too many people spend hours in front of the computer without actually ever getting any work done. Remember, the time you spend at an Internet marketing message forum does not count as work. You need to actively be working on projects that will generate revenue for you. Therefore, you need to have some kind of schedule. You also need to remember that you can not be in front of a computer for every second of the day either. Be reasonable with yourself and give yourself time for breaks and rest and relaxation.

Many experts within this industry will tell you that the secret to being successful is to have some kind of organized plan in place before you get started. This makes sense when you stop and consider the fact that so many people really do not have any clear idea of ​​what it is they're trying to accomplish. The way to overcome this problem is to sit down and get very organized. Create some kind of plan for yourself and stick to it.

In summary, it is very important that you be reasonable with how much time you spend online. The only way you will ever make enough money so that you can when they quit your job if you stick to a schedule and try to get as much done as you can. There is no other way to do this.

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Are SEO Consultants Too Expensive For Internet Marketers?

For most small time Internet marketers hiring a SEO consultant seems unnecessary and most could not even afford one anyways. But here is one way to view hiring an SEO consultant as a long term investment.

The idea is to hire a consultant to help with your initial website and then learn all the steps that they do to help get your site ranking very high. Then you can repeat the steps yourself on all your subsequent websites.

Obviously this works only if the person shares all of their SEO tips and techniques with you. You could put this clause in your contract that you sign with them that they will fully disclose all the steps that they take and the websites that they use to help get your website ranking well.

If you view hiring a consultant this way, then most small time Internet marketers can not help but view hiring someone like this as a great long-term investment.

Since most Internet marketers have dozens of sites, this can be a great way to shorten your learning curve by learning from someone who is already mastered this field. Learning from a master can shorten your learning curve dramatically.

Hiring an SEO consultant is cheaper than you think, and in some cases you pick and choose certain packages. And if you learn enough about SEO, then you could open up your own consulting firm as a great way to supplement your income. In fact many SEO experts make a great living doing just this.

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Who Else Wants an Automatic Online Business?

The great thing about the Internet is that it allows everyday people to have an automatic online business. This I quite a relief from the traditional "brick and mortar" businesses that most people are accustomed to. Millions of people want to be free from the day to day commute, working out of cubicles, or dealing with an unruly boss which makes them dream of owning their own business. However, they also think it will be easy and simple to create an automatic online business because most online business opportunities suggest that is the case.

Let me make a few things clear for you. It is basically simple, but not easy. Your online business can have automated parts (capture pages, autoresponders, etc.) and can be set up to run on autopilot, but it takes coordination and "the human factor" on your part to get it there. Yes, if you signed on with a good company, proper support and an existing marketing system it will be easier. No, it will not be free and without any effort on your part.

After I made the same mistakes that nearly everyone does online, I found a mentor to help me complete my research and get my business set-up. Now I am confident that I can put it into an autopilot mode. I'm still paying attention to it's ongoing performance and following up with the prospects.

That is the building relationships part of your business. No, it does not mean sitting around and talking to people about the weather and sports (though some of that is likely to happen). It involves networking, reading course on self-development, keeping up with marketing trends and talking with leaders to see what is working best in today's "social media" world.

Some of the things that most people automate for their business include:

Lists- building and managing them.

Newsletters- timely and regular distribution of your message and ads.

Ad Tracking- essentially keeping track of where you got your traffic and sales.

Products- which are selling well and which are not.

Shopping carts- keep track of the income generated from your site.

Affiliates- if you have them, you can automate managing a large group of affiliates

Meanwhile, my automatic online business can run on autopilot and I check in to see how it is doing. When I find something I can not do my self or do not have time to do, I look for an expert person who can do it for me. That is called outsourcing. That allows me to give more attention to income generating activities instead of time consuming "busy-work".

I also like that it does not have to run on autopilot, too. At any given time, I can step in and make changes, corrections or updates. But the real benefit is that it is simple, clean, and reliable. It makes it possible to run my automatic online business from anywhere at anytime.

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Mastering One Technique in Internet Marketing

Many people, especially the newbie in online marketing, get very excited about starting out in internet marketing. They plunge into it with great enthusiasm and then feel disappointed when sales don’t happen. After many years of trying and failing in this business the one thing that stands out for me as being important is to master one marketing technique and stick with it until it works.

A lot of internet marketing products try to be all things to all people, teaching you copywriting skills, video marketing, article marketing or social media marketing to name just a view. The problem is the training by necessity needs to be at newbie level but it is only by becoming an expert can you make that technique work. The newbie thinks he will have a stab at all of them and hope one sticks. It won’t.

Pick one marketing technique, for me it is article marketing, and learn everything about it. You will reach a point when it starts to work and you are getting real traffic to your website or blog. Then and only then should you move on and try another. At the same time you must keep you eye on the marketing technique you have mastered to see if any new trends are emerging. The internet marketing world changes fast and you have to be up on what’s going on.

I would add that the techniques you should lean first are the ones that generate free traffic. That is your efforts must start to get you high up on the search engines for the keyword phrases common in your niche. It is only when you are getting an income should you move to paid advertising in the form of Google AdWords or Bing paid ads. It is very easy to lose a lot of money very quickly with AdWords if you don’t know what you are doing.

Don’t go after the obvious keywords in your niche, the bid price to get on page one of Google will be too high. You want to find keywords that have low competition but are used over a hundred times a day. You need to find that sweet spot of not too low not too high.

So keep clear of paid advertising until you are earning some money. In fact as you start to earn you may be tempted to spend the money on a holiday or new clothes. Resist this urge. You should be ploughing all your income back into the business for at least the first year.

Buy more internet marketing products, sign up to membership sites and learn from the best. Then you can start teaching what you have learnt to others. This forms the basis of creating your own products. This technique is the top of the tree in internet marketing. Hold workshops and mentoring course and these become your big ticket items that make you the most money.

So master one technique to begin with then move onto the next.

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10 Steps to Creating a Successful Warrior Special Offer

As an Internet Marketer I love creating Warrior Special Offers, (also known as WSO’s) they are quite simply one of the fastest ways to make money online. However, listing a Warrior Special Offer does not guarantee success. Here are a few things you should do if you want to make your offer a success.

1. Increase Your Post Count: Increase your post count, by simply posting on the Warrior Forum, but be sure to give value by asking and answering questions and avoiding “me too” comments. It isn’t hard to genuinely increase your post count by simply browsing the forum, finding a thread that interests you and getting involved in the conversation. Above all GIVE VALUE!

2. Use High Quality Graphics on Your Warrior Special Offer: Using high quality graphics on your WSO makes the whole thing look a lot more professional. Grainy, unclear and low quality images can really ruin the look of any WSO and can make it look “cheap.” Also avoid using a white background on your images as the Warrior Forum is an off white color. Use a png format image or make sure your images have the hex code f5f5f5.

3. Always Reply Quickly, Confidently and Positively to any Queries. When you receive questions about your WSO make sure you answer quickly. Be confident in your responses and if you need to do some research before you answer any questions. If people don’t have confidence in your replies they wont have any confidence in your product.

4. Consider Partnering up With Someone: “Two heads are better than one.” That phrase applies to most things, including a WSO, as with any offer you if you can partner up with a fellow marketer then you could potentially double your sales. With two marketers comes, two mailing lists, two affiliates lists and two sets of skills and expertise. This would also be a good idea for someone with no WSO experience, if you could partner up with someone who is familiar with launching WSO’s then obviously that would be invaluable.

5. Research WSO’s Related to Your Product: When trying to create a successful WSO surely the best thing to do would be to take a look at current successful WSO’s related to your own to get ideas on how to make your own as good as it can be. Obviously don’t just go copying someone else’s WSO but there is no harm in looking for ideas and tips on how to provide more value and make more sales. So check out the most successful WSO’s and ‘model’ them when you create your own.

6. Create an Affiliates Page: Why do 99% of marketers who list WSO’s not have a dedicated affiliates page? If you want to attract affiliates create a dedicated page and give them all the info they need about your product. The front end offer, sales flow, price, commissions, etc. Give them email copy, blog copy, graphics and anything else they may need to promote your WSO. Most affiliates are lazy and you need to go out of your way to make sure they have everything they need.

7. Use an Attention Grabbing Title and Headline: This really does go without saying, an attention grabbing title and headline is a must for any Warrior Special Offer. This is the first thing that any potential customer will see when browsing the Warrior Forum and when viewing your WSO, so it needs to be enticing enough to keep the visitor on the page and ultimately reading your sales copy.

8. Show People Exactly What They Get: When selling any product it is vital that any potential customer knows exactly what it is they are going to be buying, otherwise they simply won’t buy it. You wouldn’t buy a house without having a good look round would you? You can do this by creating video tours, taking screen shots and explaining exactly what the product delivers. Not only can this increase conversions but it also keeps refund rates down

9. Make The Offer a “No Brainer”: Make them an offer they cant refuse. You should always try to make sure you offer as much value for money as you can, If you have been browsing the Warrior Forum for any length of time you may have noticed that most WSO’s are very, very low cost. After all they are called Warrior Special Offers. If you can make it so that your product offers huge value for money then rest assured that the sales will flood in. I have actually found $5 to be the magic price point and have sold many of my products that originally cost $97 for only $5 as a Warrior Special Offer. Now you may be thinking that by making your offer low cost that you will not make much money, well you’d be wrong, yes each initial sale with be low, but you will make a lot more total sales and there is always more money to be made with Upsells.

10. Always Have Upsells/Downsells: Now come on, anyone who has been in the Internet Marketing business for more than 5 minutes should know that if you haven’t got upsells and or downsells in your offer then you are simply throwing money away. I don’t want to go to much into how they work and why they are so important but just think of this. Anyone who buys your product, is in the buying mood, they are sitting there with credit card in hand, on your page, they obviously like what you sell or they wouldn’t have bought your first offer. So why not offer them something else some extra information, some more value? You would be crazy not to right? So make sure you have an upsell and or downsell in place, don’t throw money away. Also, having upsells in place attracts more affiliates as they know they can increase their commissions.

There you go, 10 red hot tips to help you list a successful Warrior Special Offer. Follow these 10 tips and WSO success is almost guaranteed.

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