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6 Reasons Your Articles Will Fail

In Internet Marketing the reason you write articles is to drive targeted traffic to your website. Article Marketing has become so popular over the last few ears that the article directories are getting overwhelmed with article submissions. In article directories with strict guidelines it could some times take up to a month for your article to even get reviewed, and quite possibly denied. On the other hand some directories will accept any article that get submitted to them. The difference between the two is quantity and quality. The good directories are looking for good QUALITY CONTENT, and the others are just looking for quantity, not really the quality of the articles that are submitted to them. In this article I will go over 6 of the reasons your articles will fail to get accepted by article directories.

You can submit 5 articles a day to directories and still not get the results you are looking for. Why do you think that is? The main reason for this is the quality of your article. You see the key to article writing is not the quantity of articles but the quality of the content in the articles. And quite frankly good quality starts with good grammar. The biggest turn off for any reader is trying to read a piece filled with grammatical errors. So clean up your article before submitting it.

Secondly you want the reader to walk away having learned something from your article. You want to give them good quality information. In order to accomplish this you need to do some research on the subject. You can read posts in forums, blogs, or other articles that are relevant to the subject you are writing about. By doing this you can be assured that you will write a well informed article, and start to distinguish yourself as an expert on any subject you choose to write about.

Writing an article that is nothing but a sales pitch for your program or your self is the third reason your article will fail. Having a well informed article is what you want but the information should not be a sales pitch. You have to remember that people are looking for someone or something that they can trust. They are constantly getting bombarded with ads and sales pitches already. They should not have to be presented with an 800 word article that is nothing but and ad. In addition you would not be doing your credibility a favor. The resource box is where you want to pitch your wares. Just use common sense when putting your resource box together and you should be fine. You want your resource box to be relevant with what the article is about, an example of not doing this would be writing an article about dog grooming and than the links in your resource box point to your fishing sites.

The fourth reason you will fail is if your article is poorly written. What I mean by this is that your article is all over the place. Look it’s really simple you have to have a title, introduction, body, and conclusion. The title should catch the readers eye, attention. The introduction will give them an overview if what the article will be about, further getting the readers attention. The body will discuss each pint of the subject, all the while keeping the readers interest. The conclusion is where you tie everything together and touch on some minor points you might have missed. Hopefully by now you will have the reader interested enough in what you wrote they will want to see more of your work and click on your link.

The fifth and sixth reason I will touch on together because they both effect each other greatly. The first of which is original content. Please make sure that your content is actually yours. Plagiarizing you work can get you into a lot of trouble and basically ruin your credibility. When I mentioned in the second paragraph that you can go to different sites and read posts, articles, and blogs to do research that is exactly what I meant. Get Ideas of what to write about, but by no means should you copy any portion of that authors article or post with out first getting their permission.Secondly by not using original content you are sending the message that you are not trustworthy and you really do not know what you are writing about.

As you can see it is really not difficult to write good quality articles. If you just follow these six simple rules and use some common sense you will have a really great article writing campaign. Make sure You use good grammar in you articles, get some help in that area if you need it. Your articles must be informative and not gibberish. Don’t write a sales pitch and distinguish yourself as an expert. Make sure you write a well formatted article with the following outline. Title, introduction, body, conclusion. And finally always use original content, never plagiarize your articles, this will give you a reputation of not being trustworthy.

About the Author:

Frank is a very successful Internet Marketer If you are serious about building a profitable internet business with no hype

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When to Use Price Skimming Or Market Skimming As a Pricing Strategy

Your pricing strategy is one of many of marketing strategies that you will use in your business and it’s very important to get this strategy right because the right price strategy (along with the right product, and a strong marketing, sales and business plan) will earn your business revenues and market share. A number of businesses, usually leaders in their industry, use price skimming or market skimming as a pricing strategy.

An example of price or market skimming can be seen in the computer industry, where technology sets up the environment for this price strategy. A computer manufacturer comes out with a new laptop every 8 to 10 months. The older, unsold models move down in price (they are in their mature or declining stage of their very short life-cycle), while the new model laptop (with newer features and benefits) is in the introductory phase and is able to command a higher price. The computer manufacturer is skimming price (also known as skimming the market) at various life cycle levels (introduction, growth, maturity and decline) and gaining the maximum profit through the maximum price that each level will support.

This strategy will work if the market is large enough, if there are enough buyers, if there is high product or service demand, and if the company has a good (and low) cost structure. In the computer industry example, demand for laptops is high, there are many buyers and recurring buyers, and the industry has a low cost structure that is technology enabled.

The challenge for businesses with this strategy will come from having too many competitors in the market. If there are too many competitors, each with a full line of products in the varying stages of the product life cycle, buyers will find it difficult to make decisions based on quality or service or value for the price. Inevitably if there is too much competition for the same buyer, the buyer will look for the laptop with the most features at the lowest price. And if you are not the company with the lowest price and the most features, you will look like you have been overcharging and your reputation and brand identity, as well as sales, may be hurt by that perception.

Before you select this, or any, pricing strategy, make sure that you clearly understand your buyer’s behavior and decision making criteria and make sure that you have a good idea of how your competitors will act or react. Understanding your market is the first step in building a strong pricing strategy. The next step is to ensure that you test your pricing strategy on a regular basis to ensure that the decision criteria you used in picking your strategy is still valid over time and with changing market conditions.

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Loan Officer Websites: Your Marketing Hub to Magnetize Realtors

Too many loan officer websites look like congested intersections, information running every which way. Fancy gadgets, like calculators, online application submission forms and loan programs filled with jargon that customers do not understand.

You can not tell the difference from one loan officer web site to the next. Take any two sites and swap logos with each one. Still, you can not tell any difference between them. It's no wonder real estate agents get flustered trying to glean something from your loan office website, when it's designed to service customers.

The Internet has become a safe haven for agents. Protected from confrontation and reliable for first impressions. Agents have become more net-savvy quickly to keep up with the onslaught of available information to homeowners considering the sale of their homes. Yet, loan officers neglect to capitalize on the increasing searches done by Agents, anxious to secure a new preferred mortgage partner.

Your Marketing Hub

Winning more agent-referred business begins with marketing. And good marketing includes a website as your hub. But just not any loan officer website – an agent-focused website. It's specially designed for real estate agents to learn about you, what you stand for and how you conduct business.

An agent-focused website serves as your hub that all other marketing strategies are executed. It can connect all your marketing efforts geared towards agents. Your objective is for Agents to visit your site and learn about your services, to be educated on how you conduct business and to shape their perception of you as an expert.

It has many added benefits:

– Instant Visibility – The Internet gives you credibility and makes you appear professional and established.

– Develops Familiarity – Skeptical Agents can, from reading your site, become more comfortable.

– Shortens the Cycle – If an Agent can learn about you more quickly, when you meet they're already comfortable, and relationships materialize faster.

– Marketing Collateral – It helps your agent-clients refer other agents to you more easily. It gives other agents a place to learn about you before they call.


An agent-focused website is an interactive brochure. You can communicate more information in a site than you can on paper. That means it can save you time and money.

Too often, loan officers eagerly take agents out to lunch before they really know if it's an investment or an expense. It is not until after the cost of a few lunches and several phone call attempts that they discover the Agent is not serious about a relationship with them.

Your site should be the first step in your marketing, by directing Agents to it first, you can delineate between serious and curious Agents.


It's about simplicity. This means you do not need a large bank account to fund it. In fact, each page of your site follows suit. The simpler you make it, the more they'll visit and read other pages.

Think of each page design like that of a newspaper's leading article. You have a bold, attention-grabbing headline, a sub heading, the body and a graphic visibly communicating the essence of the article.


Your site is a chance to state for the record; Who you are, who you work with, how you conduct business, your guiding beliefs, and how you're different. Your content acts as a resource to inform and educate.

Home Page – This is where you communicate honestly who you are, what you stand for and how you're different, so the visitor can know instantly if your services are well-matched for them.

Who You Work With Page – This page is for those who think they need your services, but are not sure. It describes in problem-based scenarios, which Agents refer to best.

How You Work Page – This page tells the visitor what it might be like to work with you. Here you can educate them about your guidance beliefs and values, you can describe the type of results they can expect, or you can describe your uniqueness.

Case Studies Page – If you want to cement their perception of you as an expert, back up your claims with actual client case studies.

Testimonials Page – Although these do not replace case studies, it can demonstrate that others were happy using your services.

Articles Archive – The mark of an expert is that they've written something on their subject matter.

About You Page – It's the equivalent of your resume, but connects on an emotional and personal level.

About Your Team Page – This page is to introduce your internal team. Agents know many hands are involved in each transaction and you can comfort them by showing that there's more to your team than just you.

Additional Resources Page – This is an extension of your internal team. Strategic alliances can prove to be valuable to an Agent.

Contact Us – This is where you tell visitors how to contact you and how you begin working with clients.

Sign Up Form – If someone visits your site, posts your content and decides them like you, you want to capture that visitor's email address before they leave your site.

Most Wanted Response

To get an agent to take action you have to actively engage them into thinking about how your service can help solve their problems. The better you can do that, the more likely you'll get your most wanted response (MWR).

Follow these four steps to design your MWR:

– Be personable and personalized. Write informally as if you were having a conversation.

– Address their problems and needs. An Agent will take action the more they can relate to you. The better you describe their problems the more they can see that you understand.

– Give them a sense of hope. Describe the benefits that they'll enjoy once their problem is fixed.

– Tell them what they need to do to enjoy those benefits.

An agent-focused website is your interactive brochure for magnetizing more agent-referred business, wherever it comes to you as free traffic delivered by Search Engines or by prospects directed from your offline promotions, ie postcards, flyers, newsletters, etc., as the First step in your marketing process.

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Get Altitude Review – Eben Pagan Teaches Business Owner How to Create a Million Dollar Business!

I was happy to be on on the first to buy and review the Get Altitude Training where Eben Pagan teaches small business owner to change the way they do business to earn a yearly income of six to seven figures while working less time.

Who is Eben Pagan?

You may have heard about Eben Pagan, he is in fact better known as David de Angelo, the founder of the highly successful site called “double your dating”. This is one of Eben’s most successful companies, and today, he owns multiple business.

Eben recently entered the Internet marketing niche with his get altitude program, and he is already known as the guru of the gurus. As a result, he also launched the guru mastermind training.

What is Get Altitude?

Get Altitude is in fact a 5 days $10,000 intensive seminar and workshop for small business owners. The concepts taught in this training can be applied to the Internet, and they also work offline.

When the program was over, Eben turned it in a home study course and released the Get Altitude DVDs.

There is a total of 15 DVDs with approximately 40 worksheet that help you apply what you learn from the DVD.

There is no transcript of the DVDs in the package, because Eben knows that nobody is going to read a 1500 pages transcript. Plus people don’t have the time to do it.

The get altitude home study course also comes with an 11 week coaching training with Eben himself. This is really powerful because Eben personally reviews your website and tells you exactly what you need to change to your website.

What set Eben Pagan’s Get Altitude apart from other money-making and business course?

First, he is one of the most successful Internet marketers in the whole world (I don’t know many Internet marketers earning $20 Millions per year). As a results, almost all the Internet marketing gurus assisted to this seminar.

Secondly, the training isn’t complicated, and Eben is very clear to understand, and the DVDs are extremely high quality.

Third, there are a lot of other experts like Mark Joyner and Brad Fallon to name a few. These experts are not talking about general business things, but they give you some of their best secrets (that you will not be able to know except if you are their closest friends).

And finally, Eben run a speed implementation contest during the seminar. He put his name, business and reputation to the test by asking to some of the seminar participants to apply one of the techniques he taught during the seminar, and report their results.

Many of the participants accepted the challenge, and most of them saw results the very same day they applied the techniques. Some even added tens of thousands of dollars in their business from this speed implementation contest.

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Social Networking and Internet Network Marketing – What’s the Future?

Social networking 10 years ago would have not meant the same as it does today. With the explosion on the Internet and the growth of Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and many other sites, the term social networking mean something altogether different. In the last few months Facebook has grown to it largest number of subscribers ever at 350 million. Yes that is right 350 million which is more than the population of the US. It was also reported that Youtube, the leader in online videos, served over 100 million videos a day in the month of January 2009 just from its US viewers. I know that it hard to believe but it is correct. 100 million videos per day. While this growth was going on Twitter has also grown substantially but it’s grow is dwarf by that of YouTube.

To me the real news worthy item is the demographic of that growth. In 2009 for Facebook there was a 276% growth in the age group 35-54. That is not to say that there are more people 35+ on Facebook than under 35 because that is just not the case. Of the 20 million US citizens on Facebook, 18 million of them are in that 35 and under group. What it does mean is the there will be continued growth in the 35+ age group because there is so much room to grow.

What is different about Twitter is primarily users are the 35+ age group that makes up to 66% of the usage of Twitter. Which means that Twitter has catered to this demographic as they have come online most likely for the first time.

YouTube is more balanced. About 52% of the users on YouTube are 35 and under and 48% are 35+. YouTube also has a higher demographic of males as compared to Facebook has a higher demographic of females.

As a network marketer, this means that there are going to be more and more people that are coming on line in the 35+ age group. Since the 35+ age group is also the group that has more financial resources then the under 35 group, there is going to be a further explosion of marketers that will be focused on the 35+ age group that is trying to get their hands on those financial resources. At the same time this age group is least educated on how to use a computer let alone social networking.

So what does all this growth mean to the future of Internet Network Marketing, MLM and Direct Sales. I think this is a perfect storm for someone who can takes the right approach. A wise internet network marketer would focus on this demographic and also focus on the need for training and education of how to use social networking sites as well as other commonly used web sites. The sky can be the limit if the process is easy enough to use and for the most part can be self taught. I think the future looks bright for network marketing based on these numbers.

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Marketing Operations: Revolutionizing Marketing Strategy Execution

We salivate over the promise and vision of integrated marketing, yet few of us really understand it … and even establishing a common definition is a struggle.

We long for a seat at the decision-making table, yet in many organizations Marketing has evolved into a low-stature mouthpiece and "cost center" that contributes little to the enterprise strategy, and so it's treated as a necessary evil.

Giving Up Our Power

Our power is further usurped as increasingly more organizations turn over to other departments the responsibility for vital functions that were once the domain of Marketing: product management, the sales pipeline, customer experience management.
Many of us are working in marketing departments that spend most of the time fighting fires and kissing up to CEOs for fear that our corporate survival depends on such compliant behavior.

We've often settled for reactive, chaotic, dysfunctional work environments where we operate more like order takers at McDonalds and company mouthpieces (spin doctors) than real change facilitators and difference-makers in our organizations.

How many of us are really happy in our positions today, spending precious little time on strategy and customer-facing activities, operating with few resources, and facing expectations that are growing geometrically?

Changing the MO of Marketing Through Marketing Operations

Let's face it: if we want to realize the vision of integrated marketing and strategic marketing, of a more collaborative and enjoyable work environment, of more stature and influence in our organizations, we need to let go of the old. Marketing needs a new MO.

And we have that new MO right in front of us, if we're not afraid to embrace it. It's called marketing operations.

Admired technology companies (like Adobe, Symantec, and Seagate) are leveraging marketing operations to improve performance and demonstrate return on marketing as they refine their marketing organizations using an operational focus.

Marketing operations is an emerging discipline that increases efficiency and drives consistent results in complex Marketing organizations. It builds a foundation for excellence by reinforcing marketing strategy with processes, technology, guidance and metrics.

It creates both the infrastructure and ecosystem for individuals and teams to make informed decisions about marketing-mix investment, gain committed buy-in from stakeholders both inside and outside marketing, synergistically synergistically across functions, optimize resources, and operate with discipline and accountability.

Raising the Stature of the Marketing Profession

Organizations that embrace marketing operations are being viewed throughout the enterprise as profit (not cost) centers and fully accountable businesses.

Marketing executives with the foresight to build a marketing operations function in their organizations are blessed with an operational partner, similar to the COO / CEO relationship. Directors and managers gain an invaluable resource to help them get the most out of their marketing programs, make course corrections, and learn from their experience.

Even the most inexperienced professionals gain by being part of a learning-oriented environment where they develop fundamental skills to operate effectively, stay accountable, and benefit from marketing-operations-driven improvement programs, such as new competency development.

Marketing operations is all about a new MO for Marketing. In fact, it's fair to say that the abbreviation for marketing operations (MO) is an apt descriptor of its potential impact in organizations: Marketing operations is poised to literally change the modus operandi (MO) of Marketing.

And a new MO for Marketing in organizations is great news for all of us. We will not be such an easy target come budget-cut time. The average CMO tenure will not continue to drop to embarrassing levels (less than 23 months at last count). Employees will not be so motivated to jump ship, taking their valuable but siloed institutional knowledge with them.

Reclaiming Our Power

So while you're a marketing executive, middle manager, or early-career specialist, it's definitely in your best interest to become a passionate recruit of marketing operations.

Embracing marketing operations is a win-win for everyone, but bringing its benefits into your marketing function is an evolutionary process. MO is both a serious commitment and a great opportunity.

Like all change initiatives, it requires careful and comprehensive thought and exacting implementation. Key players in Marketing and other cross-functional organizations, such as Sales and Product Development, need to be invited into the process early on and need to stay involved to achieve stakeholder ownership and buy-in.

The effort, however, yields impressive rewards. Marketing Operations has the power to re-position and re-energize a company's marketing function, moving it past stubborn parameters to unprepented levels of performance and success. MO creates the type of marketing organization in which individuals and teams are empowered to do their best work and a culture of accountability leads to better results. This in turn raises the stature of Marketing in the enterprise.

Leveraging the discipline and rewards of an MO approach places Marketing in the perfect position to influence strategic decisions and help increase corporate revenue, decrease costs, and sustain high levels of customer and employee satisfaction.

Bottom line: embracing MO should be a no-brainer for every marketing professional, from the most senior marketing executive to the new junior stuffer.

If your organization has not yet embroidered MO, you have the opportunity to seize leadership, increasing your value to your organization. If your organization is already leveraging MO, you can work to ensure its continued success. Either way, Marketing Operations enables you to help yourself.

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7 Elements of an Effective Marketing System

1. A clearly identified target market You need to know who your best prospects are. And, it isn’t “anyone who will pull out a credit card and buy my product or service”. Without this understanding, you’re setting yourself for all-over-the-map marketing efforts that keep falling flat.

Why? Because “beige” marketing won’t grab your prospect’s attention.

Take a chiropractor as an example. There are tons of chiropractors out there. Now, you can hang out your shingle as a chiropractor and duke it out with every other chiropractor who hasn’t clearly identified an ideal prospect target.

Or, as an example, you can focus your marketing on helping people who love going to spin classes maintain a healthy spine. THAT’S your target market. Your web copy, ads, emails and other marketing efforts are all focused on alerting people who engage in this kind of activity about the potential long-term damage they might incur without proper chiropractic maintenance.

And, along the way, you’ll pick up additional patients who have other chiropractic needs.

2. Appropriate media to reach them Staying with the chiropractor example above, the best way to reach your target might be direct mail. Or, it could be advertising in exercise magazines or your local suburban newspaper. You might find one of the merchant coupon books (with a properly written coupon, of course) is the answer.

There’s no good or bad media.

What you’re trying to do is figure out which ones give you the best chance of cutting through all the noise and gaining the attention of your best prospects. And, avoid no one-shot marketing. You need to use sequential marketing and a combination of media.

3. A compelling message By this I mean, steer clear of the one size fits all marketing blah blah that you see everywhere else. That’s one generalization I have no qualms about using because most marketing messages are weak. Without a message that stands out, you’ll get lost in a sea of “look at all my neat products and services” nonsense that make your intended target’s eyes glaze over.

4. An “irresistible” offer 20% off is NOT an irresistible offer. Nor is “hey if you give us your business, we’ll deliver on time.’ Really? Aren’t I sposed to get that?

Anyway, to get new prospects to step forward and express some interest, give you permission to sell to them, you need a bit of romance. First and second base stuff.

For example, our chiropractor friend might offer a free report titled, 10 Ways Spin Cyclists Can Avoid Long-Term Spinal Damage along with an audio CD of “Interviews With Top Physiologists, Medical Doctors And Personal Trainers On How To Make Spin Cycling Safe.”

5. A means of responding and “capturing” This, as they say, is a biggee. It never ceases to amaze me how many marketers drop the ball on this. And, make no mistake, this is a VERY expensive error.

Your interested, ‘high probability prospects’ need easy, non- threatening ways to respond. Very few are buyin’ first time through.

So that means you need a way to open up a line of communication so you can keep marketing to them. Some will be happy to call a recorded message. Fill out a reply card. Mail in a coupon.

And if you’re driving people to your web site, be sure you have a way to “capture” at the very least, the prospect’s name and email address. Otherwise, how will you ever keep that selling opportunity alive?

I know there’s someone out there thinking, ‘Hey Gerry, they add me to their Favourites tab.’ Seriously, outside of your website, online banking and Google Analytics, when’s the last time you raced to the fav bar to light up a website you visited 3 months ago? Next.

6. Multi-step, short term follow up OK, so our chiropractor friend offers the free report on his web site. His offer should carry with it a second “irresistible” offer – tied to whatever next step he wants the prospect to take, such as calling in to schedule a checkup or coming into the office for a free consultation.

Then a series of follow-up “touches” using email, phone, fax are tied to the expiring deadline of the second offer.

This activity engages the prospect who, don’t forget, put up his hand in the first place by responding the report, and identified himself as a qualified prospect for the chiropractor’s services.

7. Ongoing follow up of unconverted leads There are lots of reasons people don’t respond immediately. That doesn’t mean they won’t do so eventually. You need to stay in touch with them in a meaningful (to them) way so that when they DO decide to move forward, they see you as someone who has helped them in their journey to find a solution.

So, there you have it – basic marketing system.

Now, you may be thinking… those bloody “gurus” are right – creating a marketing system is complicated or that’s it’s too much work or that it isn’t a fit for your business.

But stop and think for a minute.

Shouldn’t a system that will free you from random acts and erratic results of mind-numbing cold calling and wasteful advertising FOREVER have SOME sophistication to it?

You don’t have to do it all at once. And you don’t have to do it all by yourself.

But, if you want to run laps around your competition and leave them wondering what hit them, you might want to give it some serious thought.

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Article Writing is Your Key to Online Marketing Success

All Internet marketers need traffic. This is a Gospel truth because if you do not have traffic you are doomed in your online business. You probably may have followed the advice of some online marketing gurus who told you that they could show you the way to massive traffic, took your money and left you broke. If that describes you then you know that feelings that comes to you with broken dreams.

You may have thought to yourself that you want to quit because this Internet business in not all that it promises. But I am here to tell you that the Internet is what success people online say it is. Without a doubt, I tell you not to quit. There is a better way of marketing online and this means that there is hope for you. Perhaps you are like the prodigal son in the bible who spent all his money in the world and starving, had to come home to his senses and change course for the better.

I tell you the truth, you have come home to the best and easiest way to make money online and it is no other than article marketing. If you want great benefits that does not cost you anything, then Article writing is for you. It is like the biblical quote that said. "And you will buy without money." But I tell you the truth in article marketing, you definitely sell your products and services without any advertising budget. So what are the benefits of article marketing?


All that you are required to do is to write articles and submit them to article directories. What that will do for you is that it will generate public exposure to your products and service without investing a red hot cent. Since the Internet was created with information in mind, the only thing that brings you traffic is Information. Trying to sell people straight off will destroy you Internet business for you. With that said, I'll advise you to write articles for the Internet on a consistent basis and writing useful and helpful articles to promote your own website, blog or product is no exception.

Articles that you write today may quickly spread to many websites to be read by millions of people tomorrow. It is a task worthy of effort so do not discount its effectiveness because it works. Articles that you write to promote your business is a work horse that keeps on working and working and working without end. Many Internet marketers have said that articles that they wrote several months ago are still being read and used on other people's website even several years later. It may be a slow process but how do you care? Time is a relative force that works for those who wait.

Most article marketers know that search engines love articles and will go at great length to index great articles so that they will reveal it to people who go to the search engines to search for information. This means that the articles that you write must be A- !. It must be useful and helpful if not it will not get the effect you want. You must be careful with grammar and spelling to help create the correct image for you. Sooner or later many will flock to the web to search for you articles to include them on their site or just read and enjoy it. As the word goes around about you so does your readers increase and with the resultant profits that pours easily into your bank account. And that is how you can easily reach qualified buyers and make money.

Article writing is a number's game. Like everything in life the more you do it the more you get or the better you become. And to tell you the truth, article writing is not for lazy people. If you are lazy then writing is not for you but you can not be lazy because even thought article writing is a numbers game, it is not something you do rushing either do you resort to the competitors attitude either. Meaning there is no competition in article writing. The secret to success is that you must take your time and write clearly and compel people to want to read it. If you can write compelling articles even though you may write few, it will go a long way to help you publicize your products and services to the millions of people who come to the Interent to gather information. By writing regularly, you can reach affiliates or joint venture partners who can help your sales' potential.

Do not take article writing for granted. There is no telling where you articles may end up. And where it ends up, it may be used for many years to come and all that exposure will be alchemically turned into pure cash for you. But you may be wondering where your writing may appear? To be frank with you I do not know but I can give you some ideas that may help you understand where your articles may possibly end.

Your articles may be used by website owners within the niche of the article. An ezine operator may use your article in their ezine for their ezine readers to read. It is possible that your work could end up in somebody's book, newsletter or magazine. An author may ask permission from you to use your article in his or her book and then reward you with the credit. If your article is great and helpful, one may be invited to speak about the subject matter and this will create credibility to you as an expert in that niche and in the long run gain not only credit and respect but also money. Your writing may earn you the benefit of being called to speak on Radio and TV shows. A newspaper may even invite you to respond to interviews which when published even further your popularity for more money.

One may not have to wait too long till incredible results are seen in your article marketing efforts. When you submit your articles to ezines and article directories all over the Internet and high ranking sites use your articles, the high ranking sites of the highly ranked sites would rub off on you and start making your money as many people start to read your articles.

Oh least I forget; You will get back links automatically to your sites and that is a great added bonus for just submitting articles. When Google and the other search engines change their algorithms, you will not worry about that because you are not worried about the nitty gritty of how the search engines work. All that you are interested in doing is writing articles that no matter how often the search engine algorithms change will not matter to you because you know that your articles are good and search engines love good articles so that is the end of the story.Your published Works prove you're an expert – at least in the eyes of readers who view you as knowledgeable. You also establish credibility and trust. Your words can create your own brand for your website and business.

When you write articles and share them with the Internet crowd you will have clout and this clout will help you down the road to help you succeed massively online and this can build rapport with your readers too and generally bring your satisfaction and wealth.

You may get some few friendly emails from your readers thanking you for helping them with your articles. Do not you think that this will be very satisfying to you? I do not know about you but I will be very elated by knowing how I have helped a total stranger with my writing. So there it is: Write helpful and useful articles and it will open incredible opportunities to you that you never knew existed. To your success online.

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Obtain Success the Right Way Through Network-Marketing and MLM

When people get caught up in the possibility of a better life sometimes they do not think clearly. All too often the decision to start a home-based business is based off of EMOTIONS. These emotions are usually the ones that keep them up at night. Worries about bills that are not getting paid, families they barely get to spend time with, vacations that they never get to take, a job that basically controls their lives. They think if they can just get themselves in they will get make massive amounts of money, have more time freedom, and be set free from their jobs.

It's not just about getting yourself in.

It's about getting yourself in and putting yourself in a position to be able to fully maximize the opportunity at hand. Most people who start never get past the first month. Why? Because they are not willing to change themselves to change their lives.

I get asked the following WRONG question all the time.

"How long until I make money?"

It's not about how long until you make money it's about what you have to do to make money.

The truth is, you could put yourself in a profitable situation tomorrow or today, but it would take resources and a good deal of learning and personal growth to know how to do it. That's where the problem lies. We live in an instant gratification society. We expect results and progress quickly. When a person's home-based business does not produce the results they were expecting in the time expected, they cave in and quit. This only takes 24 hours in most cases. That's not reasonable or smart.

The truth is, the fast way is never the FREE and EASY way. It's either going to take you a good deal of money to put yourself in a profitable position or a good deal of education and leverage, and most of the time both.

There is no luck factor.

You do not earn money until you are worth the income you produce. As the great Earl Nightingale always says "You have to be worth more than you are getting paid for your income to grow."

This is the natural state of all things and it's not going to change. In order for a person's income to change they must change. Change your MINDSET about how true success is obtained in Network Marketing. Go here for FREE report on how marketing in the industry has changed.

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Looking For Network Marketing Training

Are you looking for network marketing training?

If you are then pat yourself on the back.

You are one of the rare people who get involved with network marketing. Most people get started and do not do anything or try to learn anything and then say it does not work.

But if you are absolutely serious about building your business and taking it to the next level then building a solid foundation with proven MLM network marketing training is absolutely critical.

You need to learn what to do and how to do it. Then you need to take consistent action over an extended period of time and your success will be almost guaranteed. However, you have to do the work.

You have a choice. You can treat your business like a hobby and most likely all it is going to do is cost you money and time. Or you can treat your business like a business and guess what? It will pay you like a business!

What Are The Types Of Network Marketing Training

When you think about "MLM network marketing training" there is old school training and new school training.

To tell you the truth both ways work but what if we can take the best from each way and develop a new "hybrid" way that is actually providing to produce fast results.

When I first got started in network marketing I was told the best way to build my business was face-to-face or belly-to-belly. I was trained to do a four step process.

  • Write down a list of 100 to 250 names of people I know
  • Talk to each person either by phone or in person to share your business
  • Follow up with each person and invite them to do a three-way call with an upline leader
  • Then invite them to some kind of a local event if they are available

There are many different kind of events that you will see or hear of in this kind of network marketing training. There are home meetings, private business receptions, a weekly or monthly "Super Saturday", and of course your companies annual convention.

This method absolutely works!

Building a network marketing business that makes money is all about building relationships and developing leaders. And the most powerful way to make this happen is off line and belly-to-belly.

Hosting opportunity meetings is also very easy for anyone and everyone to get started right away with very little training. So this old-school model is a great way to get started. This has been proven to be very powerful and profitable over the years.

New School Network Marketing Training
New school MLM network marketing training is a little different. You use the internet, social media and mass communication to build your business.

One of the basic ideas is to put up a lead capture page or another kind of enticing offer and direct traffic or people to the offer. By doing this correctly you will generate leads from what is called a cold market and then process them in the same way.

  • Approach lead by phone, email or direct mail
  • Guide prospect to review a simple presentation
  • Follow up to collect a decision

The biggest challenge to this model is generating enough targeted traffic to your web site or blog.

You can post "ads" on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter but this only works short term. In the long term you will be tagged as a spammer and risk getting your accounts shut down.

You can also use "paid advertising" models like Google PPC, Facebook Ads, and YouTube Promoted Videos. The largest downside of this is one of cost and return on investment. Do it right (spend less than you are earning) and you can build a profitable business fast. Do it wrong (spend more than you are making) and you will not be able to stay in the game long enough to produce a result.
MLM Network Marketing Training
I have learned to use a combination of both old-school and new school network marketing training concepts to build a very profitable MLM business.

I still do many of the old-school network marketing training concepts. I go out of my way to meet people and I still share my business with them. However, what I do online is totally different.

Instead of posting links to my business looking out people who were looking for an opportunity or people looking to start a home-based business. I started leading with tips, tools, and network marketing training designed to help those who are currently struggling to build a business.

I started promoting and leading with an online MLM lead generation system called My Lead System Pro which is really designed to help frustrated marketers who have gone through their warm market list and have not had any success trying to connect with people on the internet.

So here is how My Lead System Pro works:

  • You find what tools and training struggling network marketers are looking for
  • You use valuable content to help guide people in the right direction
  • Many of these people will then purchase systems or tool that you offer and you will get paid
  • You follow up with these people and build a relationship
  • Then you show them your primary business when the timing is right

It's a simple 5-step network marketing training process that really works. This model not only generates leads but will create cash flow and helps you sponsor more people in your business fast.

Take a look and I'm pretty sure you will be surprised at how easy it is to create a full time income while working in your spare time.

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