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Differences in a Newsletter and an E-Book

What is the difference in a newsletter and an e-book? With a newsletter, you will be able to continue communicating with the subscribers you have. If you want to keep in touch this is a continuation of touching base with your people. A newsletter written once will continue to reach new people as they subscribe to your auto-responder.

This is another tool to help you build your list. When they subscribe to your newsletter, they will be added to your auto-responder. When you have valuable information about a new program you can include it in the newsletter. Build a great rapport with people giving them great input that will help them excel.

E-books are great but it is a one time offer that people will get, and it is concluded. When you start marketing online you will find value in both forms. If you have a good e-book that will deliver to give it to the people that you already have on your list. When you help others succeed, they will remember that you were there. Do not waste their time make sure it is something that will be of value to building their promotion on line.

Just keep in mind what form of communication will work best for you. Everyone has heard the adage of the list being the center of your business. You will need to do this to be successful on line. Give a newsletter that is quality with information they will not find elsewhere. People are challenged to find excellent material in the mirage that is the internet. Become a source of stability and they will continue to receive your information.

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The Budget Webmaster's Guide to Increased Credibility – Part One

Hey, I just noticed something. I've been sitting here filling out a bajillion forms, submitting my dang article 'til I'm blue in the face (Vent much? Why, yes and thanks for listening!), And I realized what makes me give out my real email Address.

With the volume of mail I get as webmaster of several sites, even my hyper-organized Outlook Folder and Rules System is just not good enough to handle the volume of incoming email. So I have multiple accounts.

I have one free email account I NEVER open- anything that has spam potential goes to that address. I've got one I clear out once a month- I check some of the titles that look interesting, but they're mostly either junk, status reports or emails I need to look at once then throw out.

There's another I clear out once a week, there's semi-important stuff in there- information I can not keep track of, back ups of emails or attachments. Then there's the one I use ONLY for signing up for things. If I subscribed to your newsletter, that's probably where it'll end up.

But after a while, if I really like your ezine and you do not spam me, I'll also subscribe at one of my real email addresses.

One of my real email addresses is a personal one, that's the one for family and friends to send me personal stuff, where I get all my jokes and horoscopes and what not.

The other real email address is my premium support business email. It is a fortress against spam because no one who would spam me knows I have it. It's an important list to be on if you want access to me, and here's why.

I stay on a computer about ten hours a day. During those ten hours I leave this account open in my email client. If you're a client of mine, this is the email address you have to get directly in touch with me at any hour. And I realized today, that I let a few more people into one of those top three email boxes today- guess why? We'll get back to that in a minute.

Now, I'm sure all your clients are not as crazy as I am with the spam-proof fortresses and the highly organized email system. But any savvy consumer on the Net learners ever to have more than one email address, usually only two.

There's typically the ISP email address, the one they use for primary communication with family and friends, and for information that is near and dear to their hearts. This is where you want to be.

Most people who spend any significant amount of time online also have a second one -an email address they can dump if they feel their privacy is being violated. You never even want to be associated with this address.

And if they are fellow marketers, or small business owners, they will either have additional addresses or some type of spam blocker.

I do not even have Spam Assassin, or any other spam filter, turned on for my private email. Why should I? No one who would spam me knows it exists. So again, why do you think I would let anyone get my one of my primary email addresses, since I guard it so closely?

They made me believe I could trust them with my information. How?

Privacy Policy.

They promised me no spam. Ever. No sharing. Ever. Never Ever EVER.


Something they were going to send me was as precious to my business as air is to me.


If I gave them my email address, theyave me something of the things that I wanted.

Past Trust Lasts Without It's Violated.

In the past I was not sure what they would do with my email address and something they did or said, or just my experiences with them earned them my trust. Once they earned it, they never violated it.


They told me what they were going to use it for, when, how often, why and who would have access to it. Then they stuck to what they said, or at least notified me if it could potentially change

Personal relationship.

The person who contacted me at that email address did not send me some generic blahblah form email, or stop with their smart auto-responder message. They reached out to me person to person and asked my opinion, offered their help, or wanted my advice. They cave me THEIR real email address and what else could I do but reciprocate?


There was so much great stuff going on at this site, such a great product that I wanted to consider for future purchase, so much information that was so frequently updated, that I wanted to make sure I came back. I figured any webmaster worth their salt would remind me on a weekly basis to return.

Which of these do you offer to your visitors? Is some version of your privacy policy, or a link to it, on every main page of your site? Do you offer value to your visitors, or are you recycling the same bonuses they can get anywhere? Does your site make your visitors want to come back? Do you remind them to?

Now, you and I both know that you have no intention of spamming anyone- if not on a question of ethics alone, you're just not stupid – it would ruin your online reputation! Fast.

What I'm saying here is that perceptions speak louder than words.

Take another look at your site, or, better yet, get a fresh eye from another person in an online community you belong to. It may not be clear to your visitors that you are employing some of the techniques above.

Perhaps making your customers feel how I felt will get them to give you their real information and their Primary Email address. And, maybe that email address will one day lead to a lifelong customer.

Copyright 2004 Tinu AbayomiPaul

If you are having trouble getting subscribers to join, and you've been properly exposing your ezine, and packing it with value, maybe the issue is trust. We explore this issue of trust between you and your visitors more deeply in an upcoming issue of Free Traffic Secrets. Subscribe at or []

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Ads on Your Business Website

People have gone a bit crazy with all the ad options available these days for earning money. While placing ads on your website can be an excellent way to bring in some extra income, you really do need to think carefully before doing so on a business website. There are a few things to consider before you load your ecommerce pages up with Adsense, Adbrite, and affiliate links.

The first thing you need to ask yourself is what the purpose of your ecommerce site is.
If you want to just earn money and do not particularly care how you manage it, then you might as well go for ads. However, for those of you who are aiming for a true business website, ads can be a major distraction to your visitors and potential customers. You are offering them a way to leave your site, possibly before they even seen your products! That is never very good for business.

Placing ads on a business website is tricky. It is almost never recommended on the home page, since that is the first place visitors usually land and having ads there not only encourages potential clients to click away from your site, they also claimed to be selling your product and Company! Avoid distracting visitors by limiting ads to other, secondary pages.

When placing ads on a business website, it is a good idea to keep them unobtrusive. You do not want to force your clients to leave, although if they are not going to buy anything, they might as well click on an ad! To this end, it is best to keep your ads at the bottom of your pages or to the side, usually below the fold. That way, if they finish looking at the page and do not see anything interesting, they have an option to earn you some cash by clicking on one of the ads you have placed.

It is a good idea to limit the number of ads you place on a business webpage. Although Google limits you to just three ad spaces when using Adsense, you can still add other types of programs. This quickly becomes very busy and distracting to the average visitor. By keeping the number of ad blocks on your pages to one or two at most, you ensure that the customer will actually see your product instead of simply being dazzled by a myriad of images and links.

Ads on business websites can be a good way to earn a bit of extra money, but you need to weigh your options carefully. There is no point in setting up an ecommerce site only to fill it with ads and turn it into a banner farm so no one will ever see your products!

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Bulletin Board Marketing For Realtors – How to Generate Leads From Your Local Grocery Store

So you know when you go to a “mom & pop” store or restaurant or even some big name grocery stores and you see those bulletin boards on the wall as you walk in, covered with business cards and random pieces of paper? Ever stopped and looked at them? Well, even if you haven’t, plenty of people do and you need to get your info in front of them! Plus, if you’re looking for a low budget marketing method, bulletin board marketing is for you!

When you look closely at one of these bulletin boards, you’ll see all kinds of ads ranging from other agents’ business cards to cars for sale to house cleaning companies. Bulletin board marketing is kind of like a real life Craigslist. No computer required though.

You’d be amazed at how many people actually stop to read this stuff and respond to some of the ads. You’d also be amazed at how many people take advantage of bulletin board marketing in general. Just take a look at how many of the little “paper tabs” have been taken from some of the ads! That’s usually a good indication of the traffic that board is getting.

Now, I know what you’re thinking…….. “I don’t want to drive all over the place sticking up little business cards on a grocery store bulletin boards.”

First off, yes, it’ll take some time to set up your bulletin board marketing campaign but once it’s there, it’s automated traffic. You only need to go back once in a while to see if it’s still there and maybe put up another one. The rest of the time, people will be reading it and going to your website or calling your cell without you lifting a finger. That’s the beauty of bulletin board marketing.

Second, you don’t need to complete your bulletin board marketing campaign in one day. Plan it out as you’re driving each day and hit the bulletin boards that are on your route.

Be on the lookout for new bulletin boards you might not have noticed before. Don’t make a special trip across town to stick up your ad; wait until you need to go over there. Save yourself some gas!

Of course, you could be a superstar and just take a full day to drive your butt off, sticking up your bulletin board marketing ads all over the place. Either way, be organized in terms of how you go about it and make it happen.

Third, DO NOT just stick up your business card on these bulletin boards! That’s what every other agent is doing and business cards are not typically a very compelling ad for consumers.

So here’s what I want you do: do a Google search for low-cost printers and take a look at all the marketing materials you can choose from. You could pick a nice brochure, a 1 page ad, a postcard-sized ad, etc. and have a bunch printed up to stick on these bulletin boards.

Pick a vendor where you can design the marketing piece yourself and make it stand out from everyone else on that board. Everyone’s eyes will immediately go to your ad first. That’s the goal. The design and wording of your ad is very important. Be sure you brush up on your copywriting and ad design skills as this will be absolutely essential to pulling a high response rate.

Go grab a box of thumb tacs, get your catchy ads printed up, hop in your car and get them up! It’s a little time consuming at the beginning but it’s automated traffic for you once they’re up. If you’re really lazy or just don’t have the time but still want to use this marketing weapon, hire your teenager or a college kid to go around and hang them up for you.

You can pay them per ad that they hang up or even tell them you’ll pay a referral fee for each deal you close as a result of one of the ads (that’s what I’d pick). This will really incentive them to hang up as many of these bulletin board ads as possible. Plus, it’ll force you to track your ads, which is vital to any successful marketing campaign.

This is one of those marketing weapons that’s relatively cheap to implement; it mainly costs you time. But just like with “Forum Marketing” online, the more ads you have up on these bulletin boards, the more traffic you can get to you website, blog and/or cell.

It’s simply a numbers game! (Assuming you design an attractive ad)

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5 Myths About MLM Opportunities

1. It Matters which MLM Company You Join – Every Internet Marketer who has an MLM opportunity believes there's the best. In fact it's even come down to slander in some cases where one MLM company will say negative things about another just to get a sign up. Today you learn that it does not matter which MLM Opportunity you join what matters is the Leader you join under. It can be the most successful MLM Company online but if you have a bad leader you will not be successful at it..Period.

2. You have to buy Leads This one could easily be number one as newbie's to the internet world of Multi-Level Marketing think they have to buy leads in order to be successful. Buying leads is a bad idea on any front because you have no idea how the lead was generated or the age of it. Generating your own leads and your own list is the key to MLM success. Buying Leads for any business especially Multi-Level Marketing Companies is a waste of time and money. Unless you know the person who collected the email accounts and the leads then you should steer clear of purchased list. Your better off creating your own list.

3. I have to bother my friends and Family Never again should you ask your family members to join your MLM opportunity. With today's marketing strategies such as social media and video marketing you no longer have to be thatothersome relative asking every person in your family to join your team. This also refers to number 2 – You need to generate your own leads and not harass friends and family. When you are driving around in your new Mercedes your friends and family will ask you if they can join.

4. You have to Already have a list to be Successful while your list will become your most prized asset you do not have to have one to start. No one has a list when they first start in the internet world. In fact even if you have a list there is no guarantee that the list will fit into your MLM opportunity. For example: If you are an affiliate marketer for watches and you have huge list of watch buyers. That list will do you no good in the MLM world as it's not targeted towards MLM opportunities. It's targeted towards watches. Every person who has become successful in MLM at one point started with no list. People are successful every day so do not get hung up on having a list when you start. As time goes on you will generate a good targeted list that is full of people interested in MLM and not another item.

5. All MLM Opportunities are Pyramid Scams As you probably already know Pyramid marketing is illegal and no true MLM opportunity structures their pay outs this way. While you do build a team below you there are new matrixes's that prevent a Pyramid sign up method. Today there are companies where you only have to sign up 10 people and that is your down-line moving forward. Some are 4 people and so on as each organization is built a little differently. The biggest thing to take away from this myth is that the pyramids of the 1980's have all gone out of business or have been required by law to change their pay out structures.

MLM Companies and their Opportunities have been given a bad name but it's never been about the company. It's always been about the leader that did not help, or the person who really did not try. The person who gave up after the first person they talked to did not sign up.

Multi-Level Marketing Opportunities are and have been one of the fastest most successful ways to build lasting wealth. In some cases once your team is built you are free to move on to another MLM opportunity. Each team you build will continue to generate money for you for years to come as you build your residual income streams and move from one Opportunity to the next.

Now that you know what the myths are you can successfully navigate through the Multi-Level Marketing world with ease and confidence.

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Camtasia Tutorials – Convert PowerPoint To Video

Camtasia Tutorials are available from Techsmith at the Camtasia studio website. They are excellent for learning how to use the software from a technical perspective. You can use them to weigh up wherever or not you will get the use out of Camtasia that warrants the investment.

You may also find information from other users invaluable as the practice is often different to the theory. You can use Camtasia to record PowerPoint Presentations. Here is my experience in converting PowerPoint to video.

If you are not used to making audios of your speaking voice it takes a bit of getting used to. If you unsure at first you can always put music to the slides. You need to sound confident if you are going to narrate yourself using a microphone. Firstly you need to prepare your slides, you can use animations as well as text as I expect you know. You can get free graphics at IconFinder to help pimp it up a bit. Timing is everything when reading along with the slides but there is a rehearsal button so you can have unlimited rehearsals that will make it easy to produce a video that looks professional. If you can impersonate your personality into the words so much the better. You need to have a connection between what is being said and what is on view. The main ingredient to the voice over aspect of the video is to have a natural conversation and not sound like a hard sell so speak like you normally speak, assuming you are not a manic depressive!

When you have your Power Point presentation slides finished and have practiced reading your script, you now need to open up Camtasia. If you do not have it I can tell you it costs around $ 300 but there is a 30-day free trial available. It is amazing how easy it is to let 30 days slip by without really getting to grips with the software. During that month try to get lots of use so that you have an idea if you will use the software in the long term, Camtasia also has good technical tutorials for you to watch. There are Camtasia Tutorials that are available for you to watch before you sign up for your trial. It is a good plan to look at the free videos before signing up so you can get right to creating your video once you get the free trial.

Actually you can record the whole thing in PowerPoint if you have PowerPoint 2010 but it is better to do your practice runs then record your slides with no soundtrack and import them into Camtasia. Once there you can record your soundtrack or add your music or both depending on your skill level. Music instead of narration can work if your slides are good enough. Many people do not like the sound of their own voice so prefer a bit of cool jazz instead. However if you can impersonate your own personality and encourage empathy with your message you are a good way to having a successful product.

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Internet Marketing Knowledge – You Can not Expect Something to Always Work

Far too many Internet marketers become complacent. They find something that makes the money, and then they stop thinking about the future. They somehow assume that what works today will always work. Nothing could be further from the truth. This Internet marketing article is going to reveal a highly powerful strategy to make sure that you're always one step ahead of what's happening. You can not expect something to always work. Trust me, this is a topic that Internet marketers really need to think about.

Let me begin by offering a short but true story. A really good friend of mine was having a lot of success publishing websites that were advertising supported. My friend really thought that all he had to do was continue publishing these websites and that the advertising revenue would come in forever. Unfortunately, the advertising company that my friend used to monetize his various websites went out of business. Suddenly, my friend was confronted with not having any revenue. Worst yet, he had failed to think ahead to a day when he might not really be able to make any money for advertising. Now look at your own business and your own situation. Are you relying on a money making method to always work? If so, here's how to make sure you have a solid future.

The first step is to spend about 25% of your time exploring new markets. When you discover a new market, I want you to spend a portion of your time developing new money making systems that you can use to extract a profit from any promoting new market that you discover. Next, I want you to continue this process until you have established multiple independent streams of income. This is incredibly important because you are thereby diversifying yourself and reducing the risk of having your primary source of income shut off.

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Internet Marketing Strategies: Here Are A Few Reasons Why Previous Customers Are Easy To Sell To

Trying to continuously get new traffic to convert into new leads and sales is an extremely difficult task. The primary reason for this is because you will have to continue exerting time and energy to attract those new leads. When it comes to Internet marketing strategies learning how to make the most of previous customers is a good one, primarily those who have signed up to hear more from you. In this article I want to discuss why focusing on them is so crucial.

One of the first reasons why previous customers for your products are the easiest to sell to would be because your sales material has already pashed the appropriate emotional hot buttons that will resonate with them the next time around. Emotional hot buttons are mental triggers in people that cause them to get into a certain mind state to purchase something. When it comes to Internet marketing strategies pushing people's emotional hot buttons is an effective one.

Another reason why previous customers for your products are the easiest to sell to would be because you have built trust with them, meaning they know you stand by your word and the value of your products. Trust is very hard to come by on the Internet these days, and once it is earned you will be awarded by steady and repeat business from customers, along with them telling other people about you.

Finally, the last reason why previous customers for your products are the easiest to sell to would be because people have already demonstrated interest in what you have to offer. When you decide to offer follow-ups it will not take near as much effort as it may have the first time around. All you have to do is reestablish interest by reminding them of some of the reasons that they may have been interested in the first place. This is usually done by going over a list of benefits again.

In the end somebody who was already purchased from you is going to trust you much more, and assuming there were happy with what they purchased from you they will have no problem buying from you again in the future. If you were not aware of the reasons why previous customers for your products are the easiest to sell to, after reading this article you should understand why. The first reason is because you were already successful at pushing emotional hot buttons, you have build trust with them, and these people have already demonstrated interest in what you have to offer.

When it comes to Internet marketing strategies remember this, it is much easier to get milk from the same cow over and over again versus trying to find an entirely new cow altogether.

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Future Of Real Estate On The Internet

This is really a grand topic to inspect. Realtors and their associations are coming to grips with how they internet should be used, and other real estate professionals, like myself, are having similar debts. Most of these concerns deal with how much information should be placed on the web, and who should have access to it. The other concern is what is effective marketing for homes on the web. All of this begs the question of which direction is the web heading, when it pertains to real estate.

You see real estate agencies realize that sharing information about the properties they are offering helps all involved. A Realtor from one agency can quickly find a home offered by a Realtor from another. This sharing of information is done through a service called the MLS (multiple listing service). Some information posted on this service can be sensitive, so it might not be a good idea to publish it for all to see on the web. Houses are such physical things that need to be experienced before a purchase. How do you market a home on the web? A friend of mine was one of the first internet webmasters to create a site for virtual tours of homes. These tours are amazing to watch, but do they help sell? I have seen some Realtors offer statistics as a means of encouraging buyers and sellers to use their service. Other Realtors have set themselves up as voices of authority on the web (I must mention a preference for their blogs or sites, since I feel that these Realtors help educate the public). However, when you look at the number of Realtors there are in comparison to the number who have a true presence on the web in any format, you will notice that many Realtors have not taken to this medium.

In the past month, I conducted my own survey of how real estate was being marketed on the web. It was unofficial and limited to the information that I had access to gather, so it is by no means the ultimate word. The sites which seem to be getting the most buzz are those are creating message boards and lists of homes. They also help you find a professional in your area. In a way the sites are focused on offering you information, but in a crowd mentality sort of way. Who will know better how to perform a job, the person working at the job, or someone in a home office far away from the task? Sites like Wikipedia can produce fine works describing a topic by relying on the crowd. The crowd may not see the big picture though, so it lacks the focus to go in the correct direction. This happens when false beliefs are held by many people, so those beliefs will perpetuate, while the true path lies idle. The crowd can provide useful information (since they are performing the tasks), but I saw a backlash building on some sites against this information. Some questions posted specifically said they did not want to hear from others like them, but from professionals in the real estate industry. This wave may grow as more people wake up to the fact that they have been listening to bad advice.

Some sites seem to offer the bare minimum of information. The sites were created to have a web presence, but you can see that their owners are not working with them. Such sites do not work for their owners, since they are ignored by surfers, so they fall into further disuse.

The twist are sties that offer some type of graph or spreadsheet showing statistics about homes sales or such. Do you remember the book Lying with Statistics? Basically it showed how numbers can be manipulated to cause you to think in a certain way. I found that the numbers in these sleek pagesaveve wrong pictures on many occasions. I think that would catch up to their authors.

I have read or heard for some Realtors that they feel that blogs are the future of the web. I am biased; I love producing my blog, and contributing to another. However blogs are not necessarily good. I have seen some that are just pictures with a brief description of a house. Others that just present stats. One blog was from a Realtor who was awarding his staff for something each week, to show potential customers that he had a winning team. There was not much else on the blog, and the awards were starting to sound fake, but I was sure glad to learn that Mary won for best house cleaning.

Where does the future lie for real estate and the web? The majority of home buyers are thirty to thirty five years old, and this group is increasing turning to the internet for assistance with their home buying decisions. This group will be looking for expert information, and to those who will show that they are actively providing it. However, they are also used to the idea of ​​sharing information among themselves. There will no great push towards purchasing homes sight unseen, so visiting homes will stay prominent, but instead of looking at many of them in person, consumers will take virtual tours of many homes before they narrow down which ones they really want to see. Photographs of homes do not meet this need. To meet the need of authority and crowd suggestions, maybe blogs should add a message board feature that could be overseen by an expert. I know that you might think comment section of blogs meet this need, but those are not the same as being able to post your own questions. Two boards could be set up: one for questions being answered solely by professionals, and one where consumers can discuss the issues that are important to them. Maybe then the site could include a way to find professionals in a specific location. Some site are close to this model, but I am suggesting some minor changes in a direction that could have been more agreeable to the consumer's needs.

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Niche Profit Classroom the Niche Marketing Checklist 1

Vital tips on what to look out for when targeting a prospective niche market.

– Is Money already being spent in this niche?

It's important that money is already being spent. I say:

"Put your product in front of the tidal wave of money that is already being sent online"

There is no need inventing some market or creating some giant, eBay type site or service. First, keep it simple and provide a product to a hungry market where money is already being spent.

I check to see if money is already being spent. Is there AdWords for the specific keywords for this niche? If so, then there is probably money already being spent.

I'll check all the PPC avenues and see if there are ads on Yahoo, Google, Lycos, MSN, etc.

– Is there "Fire" in this niche?

By fire, I mean emotions. Do people feel compelled to buy? What types of emotions are involved in this niche?

People buy on "emotions". Hit those emotions, and BINGO! You're converting and making money. This is why copywriting is so important.

For example, let's look at high blood pressure. What types of emotions come into play with this niche?

O Fear
O Pain
O Anxiety
O Stress
O Health and Safety
O Frustration
O Lack of happiness
O Mortality

To me, that's "fire". If someone is about to lose their car to the repo-man, and they log on the net and find your site that says:

"I Can STOP The Repo Man Dead In His Tracks And Prevent Your Car From Being Taken In Just 23 Seconds Once You Download This Critical Information !!"

That's fire and your product is addressing a specific and targeted need by tapping into the "fire" emotions!

So, is there any kind of fire?

Note **

This is not always an absolute with me. There are other niches that can be quite effective online without this "fire". For example, entertainment is one that comes to mind.

People who are looking to kill time and mess around also buy online. They may not have fire. However, you can still tap into their emotions.

I prefer "fire". However, I have had success when people just "want" something. In other words, I do not have a burning "fire" dying need to go to the movies, but I do. I slap $ 29 down for tickets, popcorn, soda and chocolate … in a jiffy.

– Is the niche Rabid?

Yes, is the niche crazy or rabid? I mean, do they buy tons of this stuff and buy over and over? I mean, not everyone looking to buy in this niche has to be rabid, but is a good percentage of them rabid?

Look at golf and weight loss as an example …

People who buy golf books and stuff, buy a lot of it do not they?

And, people who buy weight loss stuff, but all the time.

That's rabid.

– What are the cross-over niche markets?

Let's look at high blood pressure again ok? I look to see what the cross-over niches are. For example, health insurance, exercise, nutrition, stroke, smoking, diet, retirement, vacation, medicine, diabetes, etc.

Those cross over niches are deeply important to me. I go after those cross over markets to generate traffic. For example, I may have a product on high blood pressure. So, I write up a short report (like this one you are reading now) and I offer it up to those cross over niche sites.

So, I may give a health insurance site my 12 page report on high blood pressure. I'll let that health insurance site give my report away free. In my report contains my links to my site. That's free traffic huh?

Also, always remember there are countless advertising opportunities in cross-over niches by going wide.

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