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The Cleanest Pets For Your Home

To their owners, pets are a source of companionship, comfort and love. They become a part of the family. Some are house pets and some live outside. When deciding to get a house pet, cleanliness should definitely be considered.

Someone is going to be responsible for keeping the pet and its area clean and so finding out what pets are the cleanest is one step in making a choice.


Not many people would argue with the fact that cat’s are clean. They are constantly bathing themselves and they use a litter box for their bodily functions. Unless the cat refuses to be trained to a litter box, they are very clean pets.

The downside to cats is hairballs and shedding. Hairballs are accumulations of hair that builds up due to the constant bathing a cat does. Eventually the cat will regurgitate them, not a pretty site and quite gross to clean up. Shedding isn’t gross, just a nuisance because it gets on clothing, furniture and helps create dust bunnies.

Another factor that plays against the cat is their curiosity. Cats are notoriously nosey and their ability to jump combined with their curiosity is a mess waiting to happen. Glasses knocked off counters and fish bowls turned over are some examples.


Dogs are messier than cats, that’s a given. They are somewhat harder to train and have to be taken outside often. This means that if left alone there will be the possibility of accidents happening in the house.

Dogs have to be bathed and groomed; they aren’t able to groom themselves. If not bathed, they can develop odor which is not good for the house. Dogs also shed; even those that are labeled non-shedding will lose some hair.


Birds aren’t that messy in and of themselves. However, they do have to have their cages cleaned and some birds will spit their sunflower seed shells out of the cage and onto the floor. They are a fairly good choice for someone looking for a pet with minor upkeep. Clean water and food and a cage cleaning on occasion.


Hamsters are cute but they do make a mess in their cages. Being nesters, they move things around all over the cage. They aren’t particular about where they relieve themselves and so the entire cage tends to smell if no cleaned often. They don’t require a lot of attention but their cage does, at least on a weekly basis.


The cleanest pet for the home is probably the most unlikely choice for the majority of people. While there are many people who have them, snakes, such as ball pythons are not a favorite pet for most people. In fact, many people won’t go near them. However, they require little attention, don’t shed hair and the minute amount of body waste they have is simple to clean up.

Beta Fish

Along with the ball python, the Beta fish would be the other cleanest pet for the home. These fish do not require aquariums with filters so there is little cleaning involved. All they need is a bowl of water that is changed occasionally and some food dropped in daily.

The cleanest pets are not the pets most people are going to choose, but they do exist. Pets are like most everything else, the more they require the more they give back. No one can argue that having a puppy cuddle up beside them is anywhere near having a Beta fish swimming beside them in a bowl.

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Network Marketing: The Only Way to Make Money and Get Out of Debt Today!

So teachers make almost no money, everyone knows that, right? Even my students know that I make no money, but they still expect me to supply them with pencils, markets, glue sticks, paper, etc. I guess that is the problem with the generation we are creating – against all my efforts not to enable them (but that is a subject of an entirely different blog I suppose). The teachers in my district did finally get a raise this year, after not having one for over 3 years! So why am I taking home less money than I was last year? Which led me to figure out how to make ends meet AND still work a full time career (who am I kidding- teaching is more than full time- its ALL time!), AND have time for my family as well…

As an educated person, I did my homework (which is more than I can say for the majority of my students) and researched the heck out of every way I could make money on the side while still holding on to what precious little family time I had. After months of research, data collection, webinars, power points, and wading through all the scams that are out there, I found the perfect opportunity for myself and my family… Network Marketing!

I know what you’re thinking –

I’ve heard of that- its a pyramid scheme!

I was wary at first too, but like I said, I did my homework- a lot of it. And it’s not a pyramid scheme (which are illegal, by the way). Network marketing is completely legal, and the MOST effective way of product distribution for companies. It is so effective that more and more companies are popping up with this method of distribution every day.

I can’t sell to my friends and family –

Yup, I looked at that route, which was the old method of network marketing… before this thing we call “THE INTERNET” came out. People spend more of their time on the internet than they do actually interacting with humans these days. People even shop online more than they go to stores, it’s more convenient, easier, and you can get better deals or better products online. So THAT is where you want to make your presence- to the millions of people online who are looking for your products, want your products, and need your products. The days of bothering friends and family are over. The great thing is, there are so many systems out there to help you with your online presence.

I’m not a sales person –

Neither am I! I’m a teacher- that’s what I love to do and know how to do. Guess what- that’s what I still do. I TEACH adults who WANT to LEARN! I don’t sell anything to anyone- I teach people what my products are capable of, and they make up their mind if it is right for them. I also teach people how to make money doing the same exact thing I am doing, and how easy it is. What’s great is I get to do it from home, in my JEANS, or even my pj’s if I want! What else is great is that the people I’m teaching are people I CHOSE to teach, and want to learn! Can you imagine having a classroom where YOU get to hand-pick the students, and those students are excited about every sentence that comes out of your mouth? A classroom where students DO what you tell them to do because they know it directly impacts them? A classroom where no one talks back to you, and parents aren’t emailing you about why their child is failing? Let me tell you- its AMAZING!

So there’s my secret- I have the easiest, most fun and exciting second career that may actually become my one and only career in the future (as many complaints as I have about being a teacher- It’s still what I love, so I’m not ready do give it up yet). Not only that, but I can make money WHILE I’m doing other things- like teaching at school, playing with my children, and sleeping! I’m serious, I make money even while I”m sleeping! How? It’s all about LEVERAGE!

Here’s what I love about Network Marketing:

Not missing out on family time

No long hours at an office/classroom/cash register/warehouse

No commutes with traffic

Work anywhere- networking happens wherever you go!

Flexibility in schedule

Be your own boss

Have a social life

Getting paid for sharing a passion

Tax benefits

Residual income


Work from your own home office!

Although many people are going out searching for jobs or (even second jobs like I was) that they hate and for bosses they despise, I found that I could can work for myself right from the comfort of my own home. So I’m actually working at my kitchen table right now, and watching the leads come in from an ad I placed online last week! This allows people to have an easy second income, moms and/or dads to stay at home with their kids, college grads to get a job that will pay, burnt-out workers finding joy in something again, and millions of baby boomers to be able to retire! Even Donald Trump and Robert Kiyosaki explain that the real money is in networking!

You read it right – the amazing money-making secret of a desperate teacher from the sticks of New Hampshire is Network marketing! Not only am I making ends meet, but I’m making enough to rival my teaching paycheck (although that’s not rally a hard task). And I’ve only just started- Imagine where I’ll be this time next year! I’m so excited to be able to buy Christmas presents for my children, pay off my bills, put extra money toward my mortgage, and even pay for a JEANS DAY at school! I haven’t been able to scrounge up that kind of money for years! Can you imagine not having to worry about money? It is the best feeling ever! Not only that, but so many people have been able to achieve 6 figure incomes in a relatively short amount of time by network marketing. How? By choosing the RIGHT company!

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All of The Advice You Need To Make Your Blog a Success

Technology has made great strides forward and this has changed communication methods. Blogging is a huge trend today and if you want to learn how to blog and what it can offer you, then this is the right article for you.

Be available for your readers at all times. Connections are important in the online world, and this is especially true when you are writing a blog. By allowing this connection between yourself and your readers, they should be able to count on you being present. You should be aware that over time, you may acquire many readers who will feel disappointed if you just stop blogging.

Commenting on other blogs is a great method of attracting interest in your own blog. Create folders for your blogs in your chosen niche and fill them with quality articles, links, comments and tips that will provide you with high-quality content whenever you need it. Read some good blogs and make regular comments on them. Make sure your posts have some value.

When creating your blog, never use the free generic address that comes with the blog, for example on You should always buy a unique domain name, even if you are only going to redirect that domain name to your free blog. A domain name can be very cheap and it can help your blog appear far more professional and long-term. Also, a good domain name will be much easier to remember. This is especially true if your domain contains your business name or other aspects of your branding.

Make sure you write about things people find interesting and useful. No one is able to escape menial tasks like vacuuming or washing the dishes, so distractions are all around. Unless you are able to present common information in a very interesting way, people may lose interest in your posts. So choose an interesting topic that most people can relate to. Remember that you want to attract readers to your page; that is the point of blogging after all.

The best material is material that has an air of authenticity to it, but do not try to act like some kind of know-it-all. Try to be honest, transparent and open. A blog can be used as the ultimate expression of your personality, but don’t try to be perfect; simply get better, try to improve, gradually, at what you do every day.

If you make a mistake, then learn from it, and move on. Your blog is your portal to the world and is a perfect means of expressing your opinions. Just remember, you are a unique individual, your opinions are valuable and can influence people from a broad range of backgrounds and cultures.

Post on your blog regularly to keep readers interested and coming back for more. As a very general rule of thumb, a daily post is the minimum for a good blog, but if this seems too much then try collecting a few weeks worth of content before you publish your blog. This helps to make posts for days that you have writer’s block.

People all over the world will have access to your blog, so try to keep that in mind. You probably cannot imagine the impact that your words might have on your readers around the world and this is something that you simply cannot estimate in advance. This idea, once taken onboard, can be an empowering one and even without financial reward, this personal benefit often drives many people to keep blogging.

  • Be available for your readers at all times. Connections are important in the online world
  • Commenting on other blogs is a great method of attracting interest in your own blog
  • Read some good blogs and make regular comments on them
  • Make sure your posts have some value
  • When creating your blog, never use the free generic address that comes with the blog
  • A good domain name will be much easier to remember
  • Make sure you write about things people find interesting and useful
  • Learn to present common information in a very interesting way
  • The best material is material that has an air of authenticity to it
  • Your blog is your portal to the world and is a perfect means of expressing your opinions
  • Your opinions are valuable and can influence people from a broad range of backgrounds and cultures
  • Post on your blog regularly to keep readers interested and coming back for more
  • People all over the world will have access to your blog, so try to keep that in mind

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Beginner Guitar Lessons – How to Turn Guitar Playing Into a Career

Guitar playing and music have been very good to me. And when you do it right, it can be very good for you too.

I started out playing guitar for my own enjoyment playing in bands at parties, weddings and dances … little did I know where all this was taking me.

Thirty nine years latter I'm still playing guitar for my own enjoyment (and enjoying it more than ever), playing and recording at some of the best recording studios in the world.

Along the way I'm picked up some clues that made all the difference to my professional guitar playing career.

Fortunately, I discovered a number of concepts about the guitar, music and the music industry early in my guitar playing days, these concepts will help you make massive shortcuts in playing the guitar as a career.

Here they are …

To skyrocket your guitar playing and your career it's essential that you understand there's three levels of guitar playing.

1. The non-professional guitarist
2. Semi-professional guitarist
3. Professional guitarist

Here's a brief overview of each category:

The non-professional may play as well as the professional, it simply means that a player in this category does not accept any money for their performance.

In some ways the non-professional guitarist has a distinct advantage over the professional and semi-professional players. Because they do not play for money they are free to select where, when and for what they will play.

Essentially, non-professional players are free to play whatever that want and this helps keep their music making ventures fun and fresh.

The semi-professional on the other hand does accept payment for their playing however guitar playing would not be their primary source of income.

Often guitarists in this category are involved in weekend gigs ie, weddings, socials and dances.

Semi-professional players usually have bookings they can rely on such as New Year's eve and birthday celebrations usually booked twelve months in advance, however on average 70% or more of their regular monthly income comes from outside of their music performances.

The professional guitarist derives all of their income from offering their musical skills.

As you can see the various labels have absolutely nothing to do with the musical quality of the guitarist the categories simply identify how the performer derives their income.

The neat thing about being aware of the three levels of guitar playing is that you can (a) decide which category you are in now and (b) determine which category you want to be in at a later date.

And oh, by the way, there will be those that try to come up with multiple reasons why this does not work and therefore you should not do it. They are wrong.

Just give them permission to think that way. Your job is to keep practicing and focusing on your career goals by playing more and more guitar.

I invite you to use these tips and tools when you play the guitar.

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How Wide of a Cut Can a 10 Inch Miter Saw Make?

One question that a lot of people have when they are buying a miter saw is just how wide of a cut can be made with this particular saw. In this article we will look at how big a cut a 10 inch miter saw can make since they are by far the most common size. We will also discuss what you can do if you need to make a bigger cut.

A standard 10 inch miter saw can handle cuts of up to six inches in most cases. There is however some variation in this so you will have to check your particular saw. If you look at your saw blade you will notice that it is wider in the middle than it is in at the bottom or the top, clearly the closer to the middle of the blade you can get when you are making the cut the wider you will be able to go. Some saws allow you to go deeper than others, particularly if you are using a compound miter saw. This will allow you to get another inch or so. That being said you should probably not expect to get more than six inches with a 10 inch miter saw.

One thing to keep in mind is that the six inches that you get refers to a straight cut, this is something that a lot of people don’t think about when they are buying a miter saw. They assume that because it can cut six inches they will have no trouble cutting a 2×6, this is not however the case. If you cut a miter on a 2×6 the distance that you have to go is going to be a lot longer than six inches. If you have a 10 inch miter saw you should assume that a 4×4 is the biggest piece that you will be able to cut.

If you do find that you have to cut a piece that is larger than six inches and all you have is a 10 inch miter saw you do have a couple of options. The first is that you can simply cut as far as you can and then flip the piece over the finish the cut. The downside is that not all angles can be cut this way. The other issue is that lining up the cuts can be a problem, although a laser on your saw will make things a lot easier.

Another option that you may want to consider if you have a piece that is a little bit too big for your 10 inch miter saw is to use a piece of wood to raise the cutting deck. This will allow you to get closer to the middle of the blade which will give you more distance. Not all saws have the motor mounted high enough off the deck to make this possible so you will have to check if this is an option with your saw. If you do use this method make sure that you attach the wood firmly to the deck so that it does not slide around while you are cutting.

The above methods for making cuts larger than six inches with a 10 inch miter saw are stop gaps that you can use if it is something that only happens occasionally. If you are going to be making cuts of more than six inches regularly you will want to make sure that you get a saw that can handle them. Basically you have two options, one is to move up to a 12 inch miter saw, the other is a sliding 10 inch miter saw. Most people will find that the sliding 10 inch miter saw is the better choice for their needs.

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Pros and Cons of Posting Messages on Social Networks

Since Twitter came online to boost the popularity of microblogging along with other social networks that already had “status update” forms of microblogging incorporated into their systems, the art of minute messages has taken cyberspace by storm. A danger with so many popular forms of communication becoming the favored method of contact is that users are often signed on to more than one, if not all of the available systems. Creating unique “what are you doing at the moment” type posts for each one is more time consuming than the principle behind quick updates mandates-and defeats the purpose. So in an effort to keep all of their lines of communication active many users cross-post messages on each of the platforms.

There are pros and cons to cross posting on various microblogs. The pro is that it does indeed save time and is likely to get the most coverage to all of the people in your network. The hope is that if your chosen platforms are, for instance, Twitter, MySpace and Facebook you will contact each of your followers even if they are only following you on one or two of your networks.

The biggest con to the method of cross posting on microblogs is that it most of your followers are also very likely to be following you on all of your platforms and those that aren’t are a very small percentage, so you are essentially spamming your followers repeatedly on several different systems. Add to that the tendency for followers to repeat the post to their followers on all of the same platforms, and whose followers are likely to be following the original poster as well, and cross posting on microblogs can create quite a system clogging effect.

Adding to the confusion and belief that cross microblogging is acceptable and even desired are the many programs popping up designed to automatically cross post you blogs on each of your networks with a single click of the mouse.

Those with messages and products to sell often use the microblogging system to instantly post links to websites, product pages, or ad copy and make use, both good and bad of cross posting to get the widest coverage. Because of the socially connected nature of microblogs and social networks this amounts to instant spamming when done indiscriminately. There are acceptable ways to promote services and products using microblogs, but if you want to avoid angering your followers, or having your account suspended cross posting should be avoided.

At the very least cross posting can leave your followers board. After all they are getting the same message from you on a variety of different networks. Spice it up a little and take a few minutes to create original content for each post even if it to promote the same product or service. Microblogging is short and sweet and each post shouldn’t take more than a few minutes to create.

If you aren’t promoting something then try posting unique messages to each network at different times so it isn’t as time consuming for yourself or as tedious for your friends.

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Wakeboard Problems Solved

Are you having wakeboarding related problems spanning from not knowing how to swim to the inability to land certain tricks? Do not worry. You are not alone! Every wakeboarder from beginners to seasoned riders experience problems. Now, for your reading and learning pleasure, I am going to discuss some of the most common problems riders experience and how you can solve such problems. So listen up.

–Can’t Swim: wear a vest

–When beginning a wakeboarding career, one of the first questions asked is always “what board should I buy?” Here are some of the aspects you should consider when buying a new board.

Many of the factors involved in the board buying process are determined by skill level. In this case, the level is obviously beginner. So what shape is appropriate for a beginner? A beginning rider would prefer to buy a board with squared-off edges because they provide much more stability for the rider.

Another important factor to consider is board size. Board lengths usually range from 120 to 150 centimeters with widths ranging from 38 to 44 centimeters. Beginning riders would benefit the most from a board with a larger surface area. A longer, wider board will provide the rider with more stability for surface riding.

Rocker is less important for beginner riders searching for their first board, but it does have implications for your future riding. A continuous rocker will result in smoother riding while a three-stage rocker will give the rider more pop off the wake. A rocker can also be abrupt or gradual. An abrupt rocker will result in softer landings while a gradual rocker will provide for smoother, faster, and more controlled surface riding.

The fins used should also not be overlooked. Beginning riders should benefit from longer fins because of the stability and direction control they provide. As you get better, switching to smaller fins is encouraged to allow for easier surface orientation switching (surface 180’s, butterslides, powerslides, etc.)

Finally, should probably buy some bindings for your new board. The bottom line is that bindings should be snug yet comfortable. Tighter bindings provide a more responsive ride, but bindings that are too tight can result in injuries. Find a good middle ground.

–Getting up on a wakeboard is not hard, but it can be extremely frustrating if you cannot seem to grasp the concept. Most people only have to get up once or twice before they realize the trick to it. Which brings me to the next problem, “Why can’t I get up?”

Let’s just say you got yourself into the water just fine. Now you are going to want to make sure you are floating on your back with your board facing towards and perpendicular to the boat. The line should be situated on the top of your board directly in the center.

As the boat begins to give tension to the line, overhand grasp the handle with both hands and curl into a ball. Keep your arms straight out in front of you, and tuck your knees as close to your chest as possible without hurting yourself. Make sure the toe edge of your board is above the surface of the water.

When the boat starts to pull you up, lean back against the pull slightly, and begin to progressively move the handle to your lead hip. This is where the most common problem, from what I’ve witnessed, usually occurs. People start to feel the pull of the boat, and they want to stand up right away. Don’t do it! Just don’t. You will most likely end up putting too much pressure on the front of the board, and you’ll drop your tip. Just remember that the boat is boat. It will do most to all of the work. Once your board is completely on top of the water you can stand up. Keep your knees slightly bent, back straight, most of your weight on your back foot, handle at your front hip, and start doing flips… or maybe work your way up to it.

–Breaking your ankles on the wake? Can’t stop casing the wake or landing way in the flats? Washy wake? These problems can usually be solved by two things: configuring your line length and boat speed. Here’s the thing; line length is dependent on boat speed, and boat speed is dependent on line length.

In general, Line length tends to get progressively longer as the rider becomes more experienced. However, this is really only because it is easier for less experienced riders to clear the shorter wake gap that accompanies a shorter line. Most wakeboarders ride at a line length between 50 and 80 feet. To get started configuring your boat speed and line length, set up the line so the length falls somewhere in that range. Set the boat speed to roughly 20mph, and ride the trough of the wake to locate where you will ride up on a wake jump.

Next, have the driver increase or decrease the boat speed until the wake curls over just behind your located point of impact. Once you are set up, hit the wake and see how it feels. No good? Lengthen the line, and repeat the process until it feels right. This method can also be reversed if that works better for you. Just find the speed you feel most comfortable riding at, and let the line out until you find that sweet spot on the wake.

–Can’t stop spinning off-axis? I’ve seen it a thousand times… well a hundred… about ten. Anyway, if this is the case there is a good chance it is due to one of the following issues.

First and foremost, you might just be throwing your spins to early. Throwing your spins off the top of the wake or sooner will result in an inappropriately off-axis spin. The best time to begin a spin is at the peak of your wake jump. Once you’ve reached the top of your jump, pull the handle to the appropriate hip, and begin your ON-axis spin.

Another problem might be your weight distribution coming into the wake. To perform the most on-axis spin you can, be sure to come into the wake centered on the board with your shoulders level.

–Don’t have a boat?: hit up a cable park. There are over 140 worldwide.

Hopefully these are the answers to all of your wakeboarding worries. However, there is an extremely off chance that they aren’t. Believe it or not, there are more wakeboarding inquiries out there besides ones above. If that just so happens to be the case, contact me on my blog,, with your problems, and I will do my best to help you out.

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Weird Scholarships For Girls and Moms – Uncover Your Easy Money For School

There are many ways to pay for school. You can pay for school by taking a few classes a semester until you graduate. You can pay for school by taking out a lot of student loans. You can get money for college by getting government grants. There are many financial aid programs available. Most of these methods are going to cost you. My favorite way to pay for college is to find weird scholarships for girls and moms!

There are many opportunities available this year. Here is a sampling of some of the opportunities you can get this year.

1. Asthma Scholarships:
Did you know that this is a way to help you pay for school? Most people do not know that there are several opportunities out there like this for women who have medical conditions.

2. Vegetarian Opportunities:
Are you a vegetarian? There are opportunities available for you too! There are actually benefits for making these types of sacrifices in your life!

3. Grants for tall people and short people:
Are you really tall or really short? There are special opportunities available for you too! You can actually get money for this!

4. Twin Programs:
Twins can find money for school! There are unique opportunities available to you if you know where to find them!

This is just a small sampling of the weird scholarships for girls and moms that are available this year. Whether you are going to college for the first time, or you are returning to school, you want to think outside the box to get the money you need for class.

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How to Establish Yourself Online Quickly – For Beginners

When it came to online marketing, I guess you could have referred to me as a "newbie" when I first started. That's the term I see used over and over again online for folks that are just beginning their quest to start a new venture on the web. Where does one even begin?

I had the yearning to promote my business online for quite a long time and have gathered a lot of information over time. Talk about information overload. There's a lot of information on the internet, but you really have to weed out the good from the bad. Problem is, there is not very much information out there that shows you what to do and how to do it. That's a huge obstacle for most folks.

So where do you start? Will you need a website? Most people automatically think they need a website to start an online business. I did. Actually you do not need a website to start. It would be great to have one, but you will need to know how to build one or you will have to have someone build it for you. It would be expensive to have someone build a website for you and if you want to build a website yourself, you will need guidance as to how to go about it.

I would recommend you start out with writing a blog. Having a blog will get you online immediately. There are two main blog communities. Blogger and I would recommend if you do not have any experience in blogging. It is more user friendly for a beginner. WordPress was a bit complicated for me just starting out, but it is also an excellent one to use.

You will need to set up an account on which ever blogging site you choose. It's free. Once you set up your account you can start blogging right away. I would advise that you watch the tutorials first to get comfortable with the blogging site. They have templates and a lot of other tools you can use to make your blog look nice. Your blog will look like a website if you use all the tools available. Do not know what to write about? Start out with something you're passionate about. The words will flow nicely for you if you begin blogging about something you have knowledge of.

You can actually use your blog to advertise a product or service you want to sell or you can sell someone else's products. You can sign up to become a affiliate to sell someone else's products and receive a commission from the sale. I would recommend using either Commission Junction or ClickBank. Commission Junction has physical products to sell and ClickBank offers digital products to sell. You will need to set up an account with them and you will be given an affiliate ID. You will use this affiliate ID to advertise the products you sell. You should choose a product that goes with the theme of your blog.

There are, of course, many other facets to being successful online, but what I have given you will give you a quick start and help your confidence grow. So, start blogging and establish yourself online.

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5 Steps For How to Succeed at Making Money Online

If you want to succeed online then there are 5 basic concepts to consider and to follow. This particular article is not about teaching the "how to", but rather about the "mind set". Let's have a look now.

1 Prepare Yourself for a lot of Learning

If you are new to internet marketing then make no mistake – for real success it is a steep learning curve! The promise of instant riches is very often bandied about with regards making a living online, but for the vast majority this is far from the truth of the matter. As the saying goes though, "Do not try to re-invent the wheel". Imitate the success gained by others and you are on the right track.

2 Time and Effort Required

Making money online takes a lot of both time and of effort. Do you have the right lifestyle to cope? Do you have the right mindset to handle this? Think deeply before committing or you could end up another wannabe-internet marketing failure.

3 Giving Up

If you are the sort of person who offers to give up on a project half way through for lack of real results, you must seriously consider if internet marketing is right for you. This business is about trying and trying again, regardless of the countless failures that could indeed beset you. You have to pick up the pieces and move on, regardless of how disillusioned you have become. Otherwise success will most probably never be yours to achieve.

4 Are You Very Determined?

Ties in with the above point of giving up. If you have the determination then the chances are decent you will succeed. Do not underestimate the amount of determination required, but at the same time, do also factor in the other requirements for ultimate success.

5 Being Disciplined

If its possible for you to commit to working at least a couple of hours a day on your internet marketing business you will have much more chance of achieving your goals. Try to be realistic in what you wish to achieve. Personally I find the "I want to make $ 50 k in the next 9 months" sort of goal to be altogether wrong because its simply unmanageable. And watch out for what is called "information overload". This predicament can kill off dreams of the finer life online dead in their tracks.

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