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How to Trade Currency – For Beginners

How to trade currency may seem to be a very difficult question to a beginner but the truth is that the basics of it are quite simple. You just need to grasp the terminology and see how the market works.

The aim of forex (foreign exchange) or currency trading is, of course, to make a lot of money. It is possible to do this very quickly because the rates of exchange are volatile, that is, they rise and fall fast. Of course this also means that it is risky and money can be lost fast too.

As you know if you have ever been on vacation to another country, you can buy another currency at a certain rate and when you come to change it back the rate may have changed. Forex traders rely on these changes to make profits by buying a currency when it is low and assuming it will rise, or selling when it is high to buy back again when it falls.

Since the rise of the internet more ordinary people are getting into this and most of the transactions are handled online. In some ways it is a lot like trading on the stock exchange. You need a broker and you can trade in margins. This means that through your broker you can control large sums with only a small balance. However unlike the stock exchange, the forex markets operate worldwide for 24 hours a day Monday through Friday and you can trade any two currencies, not only your own.

Each currency has a 3 letter code. USD is US dollars, CAD and AUD are Canadian and Australian dollars, EUR is euros, JPY is Japanese yen, GBP is British pounds, CHF is Swiss francs, and so forth. There are many websites displaying the rates in real time and you will usually see the exchange rate expressed this way: USD/GBP 0.65. This means that to buy one US dollar you will need 0.65 British pounds.

Most people use software to trade so that they do not miss any trades because of sleeping or breaks. You set this up according to certain rules and you can use the demo option at first so that you can discover how to trade currency profitably without risking real money.

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10 Newsletter Ideas to Write Articles for Your Newsletter

Since you publish your newsletter on a regular basis, sometimes it’s difficult to find newsletter ideas for your next issue’s content. You sit in front of your monitor and stare at the white screen where the typing cursor is blinking… but your mind doesn’t seem to come up with any ideas.

Here are 10 tips to help you find good article ideas…

#1. Make an Ideas List

If you’ve been writing articles for a while, you know your brightest ideas don’t usually come to your mind when you need them. Actually, you usually get the best ideas when you’re doing something else and thinking about another thing.

But everything changes when you decide to sit and write an article… you get the writer’s block. You really need a good idea for your next issue… but your mind doesn’t help a bit.

The solution is creating an idea list. Whenever you get a bright idea, just add it to your list. After a short time, you’ll have a list full of creative ideas for your next 20 issues at least. So whenever you want to write an article, you simply take a look at your list and choose an idea you feel like writing about.

I’ve been using this technique for almost a year and it has really helped me write better articles faster and easier!

#2. Do a Little Keyword Research

Find out which keywords your target market are searching in search engines. Then write an article about it. So not only you will provide your subscribers with the exact information they’re looking for, but you may also get a top ranking for that article in search engines – which will bring you lots of targeted traffic for free.

Wordtracker is an essential keyword research tool that I always use to get many keyword ideas and find out how many times people have searched for them. You can also use Overture free keyword suggestion tool.

#3. Ask Your Readers

To turn your subscribers into loyal readers and win their trust, you should provide them with the exact information they’re looking for.

The easiest way to find out “what” exactly they want to know is simply adding a “Ask the Editor” section to your newsletter. Soon you will receive lot of emails from your readers asking you for advice about various topics.

You can choose the most common questions and problems and write an article about it. So you’ll get lots of great article ideas for your future issues. What’s more, your readers will love your newsletter for providing them with the exact information they need!

#4. Study Forums where Your Target Market Hangs out

More and more people participate in forums these days. One of the reasons is because you can get professional advice for free. And this is exactly what makes forums a great place for you to get bright ideas for your newsletter content.

You simply need to go to the forums where your target market hangs out. There you will discover many of the most common questions and problems your target market has. So you can write helpful articles about them.

#5. Browse Article Directories

There are many article directories available online. You just need to browse related categories to your newsletter topic and take a look at article titles. They will inspire you and give you awesome content ideas for your newsletter.

Here are some of the largest article directories…








#6. Review Other People’s Products

You might know many great books, software programs, and services that will benefit your newsletter readers. So why not write an honest review about one of them to help your subscribers make the right decision?

What’s more, you can join their affiliate program and earn a commission from every sale you make via your affiliate link. This can make you a lot of money because if you provide your readers with a honest review about a useful product, many of them will buy the product and you’ll get a commission.

Just remember your role as an affiliate is NOT to sell. It’s the most common mistake affiliates make. Selling is the duty of the merchant. Your role is PREselling. It means warming up your visitors and putting them in an open-to-buy mindset.

I had almost no affiliate income before I discovered this secret. Then a friend recommended me Make Your Content PREsell – An awesome ebook about the #1 secret to affiliate marketing success.

I owe a big part of my success to this ebook. I highly recommend it! You can learn more about it at:

#7. Interview an Expert in Your Field

People like to hear success stories and learn how successful people have reached to where they are now. You can interview successful people in your field by email or phone.

Well-known experts are usually very busy, so they won’t accept long interviews. In general, the more famous an expert is, the shortest your interview must be or they won’t accept it.

The experts you choose to interview should not necessarily be very famous – like multi-millionaires. They hardly accept to let you interview them. You can interview an ordinary person who has been fairly successful in your field.

#8. Write How-To Articles

You can write how-to articles about almost anything. People love how-to articles. Here are some sample titles…

* How to Go to Sleep in 3 Minutes

* How to Cure Your Headache in 5 Minutes without any Medicine

* How to Look 10 Years Younger

#9. Give a Certain Number of Tips, Ideas, etc.

People love articles that promise to give a certain number of tips – like this article :). These articles are also easy to write. For example you can easily find 3 tips about any topic and turn it to an article. Here are some title examples…

* 5 Tips on How to Deal with an Overbearing Boss

* Top 10 Questions to Ask in an Interview

* 9 Creative Home Business Ideas to Start with Less than $100

#10. Use Guest Articles

Don’t feel like writing an article or just don’t have the time? No problem. You can publish someone else’s article in your newsletter for free. I’ve introduced some large article directories here in this article in Idea #5.

Since it’s much easier to copy and paste a written article than spending time on writing your own, you may be tempted to use guest articles as your main article in many of your issues. But do yourself a favor and don’t do it too often. Let me explain why…

What’s the goal of your newsletter? Isn’t it to win your prospects’ trust and prove your expertise to sell them your own products or affiliate products? So if you don’t write the majority of your newsletter articles yourself, how can you prove your expertise?

# Final Thoughts

I hope this article helps you get creative article ideas for your newsletter. But if you haven’t found a good idea yet, don’t push yourself too hard. Don’t point a gun to your mind and order it to give you a great idea or you will shoot. :)

After all, it’s YOUR mind. It’s what has always helped you in your business… and your life. So be kinder to it. Relax and take sometime off. Go outside and let your mind rest for a while. Don’t even think about your newsletter.

Then get back to this article and try to find a good idea. If you get an idea for your next issue, well done! I’m happy for you!

But if you still can’t seem to come up with anything, no problem. Just send a message to your readers and let them know you won’t publish your newsletter this week/month.

And remember… your happiness, your health, and enjoying your life is what matters the most. You don’t have to write your newsletter until next week, next month… or even next year. Your newsletter is just a small part of your business… and your business is only a small part of your life.

Wish you happiness, health and wealth! :)

Ladan Lashkari

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3 Tips for Success With Rogaine

Rogaine is a powerful medication that is able to help curb hair loss for a significant amount of individuals; however, it seems that many users become frustrated with using the medication and give it up all too soon. This almost always leaves their hair in worse shape than before they had started taking the drug.

Statistics show that one in three males and one in four females will experience at least moderate hair regrowth with Rogaine, so why do so many reviewers give it such a bad rap? There are many users who give out during the first two months of use because of fear of shedding, lack of dedication, or whatever the case may be, and this is not even enough time to test the waters with Rogaine. To be successful with Rogaine, you need to have a regular application schedule, ignore the initial shedding, and stay committed. If you can follow these rules, then your chances for hair regrowth success will be multiplied.

If you do not have a regular application schedule when you are using Rogaine, it will be much easier to fall out of the habit. One missed application will soon become two, and then you will eventually quit using it altogether. You have to apply the medicine twice a day, so try to do it as soon as you wake up and about four hours before you go to sleep. You want to be very prompt and adamant about applying the Rogaine for the first few weeks of treatment so that you can build a good habit. A good habit will keep you in the habit and lead you to success.

About three weeks in to using Rogaine, users experience increased shedding which eventually stops after a few weeks. This stage scares users the most and oftentimes causes them to give up treatment in order to salvage their hair. This is a bad move, because the hair they lost will not grow back. The hair that you lose was going to fall out anyway, and the Rogaine ejects that hair so that better hair can grow in. Shedding at the beginning of Rogaine use is a good thing, so do your best to ignore it and move on. It may look bad for the time being, but it will look better eventually.

All in all, you have to stay committed if you want continual hair growth. You will have to stay committed to using the Rogaine or else the hair you regrew will fall out. This is the most important thing to remember when using Minoxidil, for if you are not committed, you will lose everything you’ve worked hard for. A few missed applications here and there aren’t going to hurt you, but stopping use for weeks at a time could create problems. If you can’t keep the commitment, then you might as well save yourself the money and time.

Rogaine has performed miracles for those who have felt hopeless an at times disappointed those who had hope to begin with, yet the fact remains that the statistics say anyone’s chances for success are pretty high. It is true that Rogaine just does not work for some, but the medication takes at least six months to see good results. If you can hold on for that long, then you might see the hair growth results that you imagine. Success with anything whether it be a hobby or sport takes effort, and the case is no different with Rogaine. If you want to be successful with, keep your applications regular, don’t get freaked out by the “dread shed,” and keep a good commitment.

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How Do You Define Blogging?

Blogging means something different for everyone, but it is important to find out exactly what it means to you. Without being able to define blogging for your own situation you run the risk of targeting the wrong market and not meeting your objectives. There are a few common reasons why people blog:

1. Those Who Blog For Fun

Maybe you just want to create an online journal of your life, your cat or whatever else is going on in your life. This this is how you define blogging.

2. Those Who Blog For Money

Can you make money from blogging? Of course, with pro bloggers making over $20,000 a month there are a lot of pro blogger wannabes trying to get a piece of the actions as well, and if you are one of them this is how you define blogging.

3. Those Who Blog For Credibility

Do you have a lot of knowledge in an area and want to leverage this knowledge to create a profile for yourself online? Blogging is an excellent way to build yourself as a brand.

4. Those Who Blog For Network

Do you blog to build contacts for new ventures or to meet new people? There is a lot of potential to acquire new business and new ideas by through the people you meet with you blog.

And although these are the most common reasons why people blog, they are not the only reasons. People may also define blogging as a mixture of the above reasons and this is OK as well. there is no hard and fast definition as to what blogging actually is.

Make blogging what you want it to me – define blogging for yourself.

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Corporate Blogging – Pitfalls And Guidelines

It is widely recognized that blogging is one way to easily add new content to a website, and a number of corporates are embracing the idea with gusto. Not only are there companies that do corporate blogging, but in lots of cases it is not just the CEO or the marketing manager who blogs, but the actual employees of the company itself. Google and Microsoft are just two companies that allow and/or support their employees in their blogging. But the whole idea is fraught with pitfalls. The problem is the conflict between confidentiality and openness and quite a number of blogging employees have been fired recently for inappropriate blogging behavior.

Questions that are raised and that contribute to the problems around corporate blogging are some of the following:

How much should employees be allowed to say about the internal workings of the company? Certainly, Coke-Cola will not be pleased if an employee blurts out the formula for Coke on the company blog for the whole world to see.

Likewise, should employees be allowed to criticize the company or their direct management? Some companies allow this, some do not. Another question that must be asked is how much time employees should be allowed to spend on blogging. Is this seen as part of their job descriptions, should it form part of their formal job output models?

It is clear that companies that venture into the corporate blogging arena would be wise to follow some other large corporate’s examples and draw up blogging guidelines. These blogging guidelines should state clearly the boundaries within which the employee should operate, but it should not be so strict as to stifle any creativity or place a complete ban on the activity, nor make it so cumbersome to get permission to say something that it becomes virtually impossible to keep a personal feel to the blog and it merely becomes another official corporate mouthpiece.

Corporate blogging is a great way to add content to a corporate website, to attract new customers, to publish more content regarding company products, services and events and in general to add a more human feel to a company website – but some guidelines are necessary to protect both the company and the employee respectively from blogging themselves into bankruptcy or unemployment!

The following guidelines have been taken from various corporate blogging rules that are published – they might be a good starting point for any company thinking of allowing its employees to blog:

  • Do not criticize other products or competitors.
  • Make it clear that you are stating your own opinion, and not necessarily that of the company.
  • If in doubt, discuss it with a colleague or your manager
  • Do not share company secrets (e.g. secret processes or formulas, or things such as potential mergers, takeovers, or anything that can be seen as confidential information)
  • Do not blatantly use the blog as a platform for overtly selling the company products. The blog is not the right place for that. Be informative and authentic.
  • Do not cite customers or partners without their approval
  • And quite important – do not venture personal opinions on politics, race or religious issues – respect your reader.

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60th Birthday Cake Ideas That You Will Love

So someone’s turning 60! Wouldn’t that be reason enough to celebrate? You think of a theme, plan the menu, and try to find the best birthday cake for him or her. More often than not, the problem lies in finding cake designs, since there are fewer cake ideas as a person gets older. Here are some 60th birthday cake ideas that you can choose from.

Instead of the usual 1 big cake, why not make two or three smaller ones of different sizes, and then stack them up according to size. You can make a two-tiered round cake and decorate it with icing figures of her favorite flowers. Or you can use white fondant icing and place small colored icing fruits around it. You can also use fresh flowers or glazed fruits to decorate the cake. Just be sure to advise guests if the decorations are inedible.

You can also bake two rectangular or square cakes of different sizes. Cover them with fondant icing so they would look like wrapped gifts, complete with ribbons and wrapping paper. With white icing, you can make a small name card at a corner and write “Happy Birthday” on it to make it look like a real present. Place the smaller cake on top of the other, at any angle, for a more interesting effect.

For him, you can create a cake with champagne bottle design. Some white icing can be placed on the bottle opening to simulate foam. You can also find designs from his interests. A golf lover would like a birthday cake with golf clubs as design. If he is fond of collecting vintage cars, a cake in the shape of a vintage car would be interesting.

Remember that the birthday cake design must also depend on the personality of the celebrant. For a person who commands respect and authority, his birthday cake must also reflect the same. Instead of the usual colorful icing, create a simple yet elegant birthday cake by decorating it with gold or silver icing in classic designs.

There are many 60th birthday cake ideas that you can think of. All you need is a little patience, and lots of imagination. What matters is that you are able to make someone’s birthday really special and memorable. As he approaches the golden years of his life, be thankful of every year that he gets to spend with you. So by the time that someone in your family turns 60, finding the design and throwing in a party would be a piece of cake.

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How To Write a Conversational Style Article

Writing a conversational style article takes skill. It is important to be able to relate to the reader in an informal manner, without losing credibility or professionalism. The words in a conversational article should flow like a two way interaction between you and the reader. Sometimes, articles written in this style can seem too much like a blog post and not engage the reader as much as it could. It might also be too informal to make the writer seem like a credible source. Here are some tips on creating a more engaging conversational style article.

Tip 1: Address the Reader Directly

It is always more engaging to read an article that uses “you” rather than “they” or “them.” Make sure the words that you use are directed to the reader, so there is no question that the information that you are presenting applies to them. For example, in an article about saving money, I might write, “You can save more money by using coupons when you go grocery shopping.” This is more effective than writing, “Many people save money…”

Tip 2: Use questions

Articles that are guided by stated questions help the reader to mentally categorize the information that you are about to talk about. It also gives them a sense that you understand their thinking process. For example, in an article about saving money, I could write about using coupons, then use a subheading like “Are you wondering where to find a good selection of coupons?” I would then proceed by telling the reader where coupons can be found. Speaking generally about the subject and then predicting a more detailed question that a reader might be thinking about is a great way to keep their attention.

Tip 3: Avoid Slang and poor grammar

The tendency of many writers is to forget about proper English when writing in a conversational style. This can detract from the credibility of the writer. It is important to maintain a down to earth connection with the reader, without using slang that the reader may or may not be familiar with. Poor grammar will stand out more on a page than in an actual conversation. The implication of poor grammar is often a lack of education (even though this may not be true).

Tip 4: Use simple words

If you really want your readers to feel invited to enjoying and learning from your writing, don’t use words that they need to grab a dictionary for. It is nice that you know larger words and have a developed vocabulary, but many people are easily turned off from reading in general because they don’t understand the meaning of certain words. Consider your audience, and only use technical jargon, special words used only by a certain profession or group, if that is the audience you are addressing. Readers tend to get the impression that you don’t want them to really understand. They might feel that you are making a point of being smarter than them if you use several words that they aren’t familiar with at all.

Tip 5: Use a logical progression of thought

Think about how a normal conversation takes place. It is easy for people to start off talking about one thing and end up talking about another. In a conversational style article, this can happen as well. Feel free to follow your train of thought or one that you predict the reader will go on. Make sure that you bring everything back to the original topic, however, and tie the tangent into the conclusion. (This takes practice.) You should let everything flow naturally, and then go back and edit. If you find thoughts that don’t seem relevant, cut them out and plan to use them in a future article. Conversations happen rather spontaneously, and your article should have that kind of twist, without wandering off of the subject to much.

A good conversational style article will draw the reader in by addressing them directly, use questions to guide subtopics, use simple yet proper words, and flow naturally. If you apply these tips to the next conversational style article that you write, it will be engaging and your audience will want to read more.

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Blog to Make Money – How Much Money Can One Make From Blogging?

Interested in learning the ins and outs of how to blog to make money? For most people looking to start an online business, blogging seems like an easy option, but just how much revenue can one expect from a blog?

Well it’s like most any business, you will get out of it what you put into it. If you are a dedicated and hard-working blogger you can actually make more than enough to make a full-time living. On the other hand, if you are one who plans to put up a blog, add a few posts, and then ignore it for the most part, only blogging here and there when you feel like it, then you will be making little if any money.

The thing is, your blog can be a “golden goose” for you if you are willing to do the work necessary. If you are, your blog can make you quite a bit of money. And I am not talking sweaty back-breaking manual labor here, I am only referring to writing daily and updating your blog very frequently, once a day if possible.

The reason you need to constantly update is a blog is not like a regular website, and the search engines expect to see new content added very frequently. If they don’t see this it will affect the amount of traffic, or readers, who come to your blog. If you don’t have readers then you will have no way of making sales or clicks or any money with whatever way you choose to monetize your blog.

As far as actual amounts of how much you can make, well anywhere from pennies a day to thousands a day.

Really? Thousands per day? It’s true. There is huge money that can be made from a blog. The key is to pick a subject that is searched for and that has a way to monetize. This simply means the niche you choose should have something the readers want to buy. You also need to make sure this is something you have enough interest in to write a lot about because there is quite a bit of writing involved.

So make a list of things you might be interested in blogging about and then ask yourself how many people would be interested in reading about such a thing. If you think there is a big market, jot that down on your list. Now look at your list of possibilities and, with those in mind, visit your local bookstore. How many books and magazines are there about your chosen niche? A lot? A few? If there are a lot of books written on the subject you can bet you have made a good choice.

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What It Means To Be A Blogger

The twenty-first century’s version of the diary, the web log or blog. What started as an online journal has now become one of the fastest growing hobbies in the world.

For the every day person, the chances of having any piece of work published, be it written, audio or video, is almost impossible. Most of us don’t even have the skills, imagination or the training to prepare items to the standard that most publishers require. Blogging solves that problem.

It does not matter how well or poorly you write. You are master of your own work as a blogger. If you like it, you publish. If you don’t like it, you either bin it or keep at it until you do – then you publish.

I enjoy blogging for several reasons. First, I can express myself in my own words. I don’t have to answer to a publisher. I don’t have to follow a publishers particular leaning, be it political or social. I do it my way. The second thing I like about blogging is that I can write about topics that I want to write about. The third and final aspect of blogging that appeals to me is the community of bloggers. I enjoy reading other blogs and interacting with authors. We swap hints and tips. We form networks. We even comment on each others work.

Like everything else in life, blogging has become commercialized. Advertisers see blogs as ideal vehicles to place ads. Bloggers see advertisers and advertisements as a way of funding their activities. Who wants to get published in that old fashioned book format, particularly when you have to almost sell your soul to get published in the first place when you can write to a blog and get paid. Of course payment depends on the number of visitors and the number of visitors depends on what you write. It is still your choice. You can write to whatever genre you feel comfortable with. Over time you will get a regular audience.

Blogging has become a way of passing on information and skills. Those who are qualified or skilled in a particular area are able to write fact sheets and how to blogs. Type in a topic in most search engines and you can be sure that some of the top sites listed will be blogs.

to be a blogger means having the freedom to write what you want, when you want irrespective of the training, writing skills or even the English language. Being a blogger means enjoying your writing.

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Turning Your Real Estate Blog Into a Money Making Machine

You would be setting up your real estate business if you don’t have profit in mind when you started out in the venture. Real estate agents are becoming competitive in their line of businesses by implementing real estate blogs to market their venture on the Internet. But this can be very tricky if it’s your first time doing it.

In fact, not all real estate bloggers ends in success. The profit that they will be making will all depend on the strategies they implement to tap into the online market, as well as increasing their reputation as a real estate business on the Web. Here are some tips on how to turn your real estate blog into a real money making machine.

Internet Marketing

You need to implement Internet marketing strategies if you want your real estate blog to have an edge in the competition. In fact, your counterparts will also have the same idea to outdo their competition, including you in it.

Search engine optimization or SEO is the basic of Internet marketing concepts. Start off by increasing your search engine coverage by putting keywords variations in various areas of your site. Also, you might want to place at least 2 or 3 keywords, or keyphrases, with each of your post for more matches.

Another method to increase your search engine results, aside from keywords, is to improve your page rank. This can be done by increasing the number of backlinks you have on the Internet. Backlinks are links that points back to your site. You can improve your page rank by:

o link building with other real estate sites on the Internet

o submit your link to Web directories

o publish keyword-rich articles with your link on it

o Make use of business bookmarking and social networking concepts

Quality Content

Now that you have implemented strategies that will increase your blog site’s traffic, as well as improving its accessibility on the Internet; you now need to post quality and informative content that will attract the attention of your visitors.

You need to keep in mind that not all of your online visitors will be interested in buying a property from you. These individuals are more focused on the information that you provide about real estate. Putting up direct-selling posts will practically scare them off.

Though, it is quite possible to steer them in the right direction, to become paying customers, by keeping their interest in acquiring a real estate property from you. Feed them regularly with more information about real estate. Make your posts interesting to the reader by varying the style it is presented.

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