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Blogging for Beginners – Ten Tips

Ready to jump on the blogging band wagon but not sure where to start? Read these tips and get going! Many are giving up their static websites and starting a blog. A mere paragraph with a link is fresh content. How easy is that?

=> and offer free blogs and are cost effective for beginners. You’ll be able to practice without expense. In addition, blogger offers a toolbar that makes it easy to post right from a webpage while surfing!

=> Give thought to subject matter before you start. Your subject will be the first part of your blog address. An organized blog will keep the interest alive.

=> Keep your personal and business life in separate blogs. Nothing is quite as frustrating as searching for a business related blog and finding unrelated personal posts and vice versa.

=> Write so surfers can scan your copy. Paragraphs separated with subject headlines versus essay style. Paragraphs of three to four sentences are easy to scan.

=> Your keyword is simply your subject. Attempt to use it as the first word in your headline and again in the first sentence in your first paragraph.

=>Try to link within the paragraph to related products or content. An anecdote or quote is a nice finishing touch.

=> Use a font big enough to read. Think of it this way – the boomers are in a position to spend. One day you might want to sell on your blog – what if they can’t read it?

=> Blog rolls are a series of links to other interesting blogs. Content would be easier to find if separated by subject matter.

=> As you read other blogs, take note of their style, content and organization. Emulate those you like. What works and what doesn’t?

=> Take advantage of technology in your new blog. Practice posting photos, using other methods to post and setting up your sidebars during the first few months.

Copyright 2006 – Cathy Gariety – USA

You may freely distribute this article in electronic form or print if the links, byline and bio remain intact.

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Blogging: Choosing the Right Platform for You

There is such a huge variety to choose from when it comes to blogging platforms that it can be really difficult for a beginner to know where to start and to find which one is right for them. There are many different aspects to examine when making that decision, including your skill level with computers, and the Internet and your blogging goals. You might also want to look at the function of your blog and how visually oriented you would like it to be, as well as, whether you are going to be blogging for fun or for profit.

Let’s discuss the visual goals of your blog. If you would like it to take on a more artistic look and would like to add many pictures to your blog, you may want to consider Tumblr. Tumblr concentrates more on graphics and is great for someone wanting a photo blog. It is owned by Yahoo and is the platform used by such companies as GQ and The Atlantic.

Have a look at their Tumblr sites to get an idea of what is possible with your own blog using Tumblr. This is a very user-friendly platform to use and offers the capacity to include images, as well as, text and videos. It also offers a wide range of themes so you can individualize your blog page. The drawback is the same as its positive: it is more image oriented than text oriented, which means, you would need to decide which route you want to take when it comes to defining the goals you have for your blog. There are some beautiful Tumblr pages out there, so it is a good idea for you to browse through some pages before making any decisions.

Another easy-to-use platform is WordPress. This is another popular site offered for free. Actually, WordPress has the distinction of serving one of every six blog websites. Its content managing system runs from the most straightforward for the casual or hobby bloggers to some very complicated features for the more experienced bloggers. Wall Street Journal and People magazine are among its users.

It is not very difficult to customize the appearance of your blog using its comprehensive theme library and thousands of plugins. It also provides comprehensive video tutorials to help beginners.

Lastly, let’s talk about Blogger, one of the first of the blogging services owned by Google. If you are looking at blogging for profit, Blogger supports its other family members, such as AdSense. It is more restricted when it comes to themes, however, its years in the blog world means it has resolved most of the glitches that are apparent in most blogging platforms.

The first step would be for you to do your research and see what is out there. This will allow you to make an informed decision when it comes to which platform you decide to go with. After that, take some time to investigate the features provided by the platform you chose, watch the tutorials, and when you are convinced you can manage your content, take the plunge and have fun with your entry into the world of blogging.

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Profitable Blog Ideas – How to Find Them

How to Come up With Profitable Blog Ideas

You have made the decision to start a blog. In addition you know that you want to make money from your blogging. What now?

Whether this is your first time blogging or you already have a blog or blogs in a variety of niches, the place to start is with the topic and a plan.

Instead of panicking or going round in circles like many other bloggers, take the initiative, create a plan and help increase the chances of success for your blog.

Of course, one of the best approaches to starting a new blog is to seek advice of more experienced bloggers. Find a mentor. Blog mentoring though can be an expensive option. Often you are starting a blog because you think it can be a relatively low cost business to start up. Indeed, blogging can be fairly low cost but the best way to avoid unnecessary expenses or expensive mistakes is to take advice from more experienced professional bloggers.

There are many programs out there that offer to help you begin your blogging journey at a variety of price levels. You can find yourself blinded by sales pitches, testimonials and offers. How do you sort the gold from the dross?

Where can you find something or someone to take you through the process of starting your blog and finding a suitable niche step by step. A program that is just as if you have a mentor by your side 24/7?

After a great deal of searching online I found a solution that has been recommended to me by many other bloggers. That solution is The Niche Blogger.

This was program was started by a mother of four for her own mother. It was a step-by-step program devised to teach everything that was needed to know to set up a blog and start earning a relatively passive income.

The Niche Blogger solidified how to do niche research in my mind. It has helped me find topics that I feel comfortable blogging about but in niches that will provide an income. As part of the program you are guided in how to find a profitable niche by identifying not just niches or keywords but also the competition. The simple structure of The Niche Blogger system means that you do not feel overwhelmed, confused or hopeless.

Additionally, the membership to The Niche Blogger is remarkably low cost for having such a comprehensive program that is almost like having a personal mentor coaching you. In terms of investment in your new career this is an excellent choice. Following the advice and program step-by-step you will find the niche that is perfect for you and your blogging career in order to have a profitable blog.

If you are looking for a profitable blog idea then this low cost membership is one of the best things that you can invest in for your new career.

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Hot Blog Topics for Kids and Teens

Many bloggers today write about grown-up and serious topics. Politics, law, the stock exchange, cars-these are popular blog topics nowadays. Instead of going with these topics, though, why don’t we tackle issues that younger generations can relate to? Let’s go down, or maybe climb up, to their level. Believe me, there is market in this kind of writing.

Reviews of popular books and movies

Remember how Twilight and Harry Potter captured the attention of teenagers all over the world? An article about the upcoming movie adaptations of these book series’ final installments would make an interesting blog post. Also, encourage young people to write their own reviews on movies and books. Allow them to express their thoughts, ideas, and emotions in writing.

Relationship and social issues

These are popular among the youth. Many adolescents who can’t share problems with their parents resort to blogging. These kids need someone (a mentor or another blog) to look up to. You can be a direct online counselor by writing helpful articles about relationships and other social issues they might encounter. Start a discussion and talk about the common causes of teen problems, such as love, family, crushes, and peer pressure. Write about the things teenagers don’t normally see on other blogs.

Gadgets and technology

Gadgets such as iPads and laptops are the current craze among kids these days. Kids love to jailbreak their PSPs and Wii consoles, so it might be useful to give them tips on how to do this in the comfort of their homes. Technology-related articles may help your site gain more readers among that demographic, and this might give you the opportunity to convert visitor traffic to sales and profit.


Young people love the idea of travel, too. Putting up a travel blog that encourages kids to explore the country, or even the world, is a good idea. This kind of writing may seem to be for the well-off, but you can still orient young folks about unknown places on this planet.

Internet and social media

I wish Facebook and Twitter existed when I was in high school. Those were the days of costly snail mail and direct calls. Tackling topics concerning social media is a surefire way to gain more readers. Social networking ethics and blogging techniques and tips are great topics to write about. These are useful topics not only for the youth but for adults as well.

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Blogging Tips – The Ultimate Blogging Tips

Here, I’m going to make them as simple as possible, as straight forward as possible. So here are The Ultimate Blogging Tips:

1. Simple Blog Design

I believe you’ve heard this phrase before, “Simply The Best”. So you got it, make your blog as simple as possible. The only thing you should pay more attention to is your content. Write something that is very informative and you will eventually get the traffic you wish for. If your blog design is too complicated, most of the visitors will feel messy about your blog then you will waste your traffic. Plain simple design will be the best.

2. Your Content Is King

Always remember this. In blogging sphere, content is the most important ingredient if you want to success in blogs. Why are people visits your blog? Because your blog has got information they’re looking for. If you don’t have anything that can attract visitors, then there will be no reasons for them to come to your blog. Here is what you can do about your content. Try to use a appearing colour for your content compare with all the other words outside of your content. You want to make your content easy to read and stand out. Dull font options will make your visitors difficult to read. This is especially true if your post is very long and full of words. Visitors are not going to read something that is very long and difficult to read. So you get my point here.

3. Use Less Techie Widgets

Its nice to have a high tech widget stay in your sidebar. But if they’re too much, then your visitors might attracted to them and follow the link to other sites. This is what you don’t want. Besides that, using too much high tech widgets will make your blog loads slower. Again, you may lost visitors due to this reason. It is not that you can’t use any of them, but my suggestion is, use less. Don’t let your widgets eat up your traffic.

4. Make Your Blog As Professional As Possible

You can achieve this via many ways. One of them is use a standard font size and colour for all the words in your blog. For example, use blue colour to indicate links. In the world of internet, everyone knows that blue means link. As for your title and sub title, you can also standardized the colour. Do not use all different colour, they will look confusing and unprofessional.

5. Repeat Your Best Posts

You may want to repeat your best post, but in a different manner. I’m not asking you to repost the same thing exactly. You can stress back again with your best post in your blog. Some visitors might miss your best post. You want people to read about your best right, so this will be it. However, don’t keep on doing this though. Or else your visitors may think that you don’t have any other topics to write.

So here are all the tips for now. To your success.

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Planning Online Courses – Do You Know Your Audience?

Who are you creating your courses for? Do you know your Audience?

In the film, Field of Dreams, the tag line was “If you build it, they will come” That might work with two teams of long dead baseball players, but unfortunately this is not a good strategy for online courses

You need to know who your audience are. The image you create of your ideal student is called an Avatar – nothing to do with that film either! This is a profile that you create based on what you know of the type of people who will be taking you course.

How do you find this out – is the next obvious question. Simple. Speak to them and ask them. My audience for my online courses about creating online courses is less demographically specific and does not have a gender bias.

On the whole these are people 15 to 50 who are entrepreneurial, creative, expert, smart. They can come from any part of the world – my courses reach 164 countries.

Start listening to your audience. Ask them questions. Create messaging dialogues. Organise Skype calls. Get under their skin.

Find out who they are.

I ask my students at the start of my courses to introduce themselves. This helps me to understand a little more about them and when they do leave a message in the course, it’s a great opportunity for me to ask them a question and keep the discussion going.

This information is very powerful.

When you talk with them or message with them start looking for key phrases of information about their struggles, motivations, goals, ambitions and objectives. These pieces of information are golden and will be particularly valuable when we come to discuss the next section – Problems.

Do not be afraid to niche your audience down.

By being very specific about your audience, you will resonate with them. If you keep your definition very broad, in order to capture a wide audience, you will resonate with no-one. When you start it is better to focus on one niche but as time goes on you can address multiple niches with your courses.

Try to create an outline written profile of your Avatar.

Even give them a name. Who are they married to or in a partnership with? Do they have children? Where do they live? What is their home like? What is their income? Do they have a car? The more you can fill out this profile, the more you can get to know them.

When you create your courses for them, it is much easier to feel that you are speaking directly to them, engaging with them. Although you are making courses for hundreds, if not thousands, of students, it is still a very personal method of transmitting knowledge. In the course there are only ever two people. You, the instructor, and the student and the more you can make your courses feel intimate and personal, the better will be the student experience.

This is one of the reasons I believe that Alun Hill is so successful. He works very hard to answer all the questions and discussions with his students and when you take his courses, you feel as if he is really talking directly to you. He does not lecture in the traditional sense of the word, he communicates the information you need to know in a very relaxed and no nonsense way that makes you feel that you know him as well as he seems to know you.

This is not an accident nor is it easy to do well. Many courses I have taken have seemed as if the instructor was delivering information to a disembodied spirit somewhere. Learn from this by really getting to know your audience and you will create better courses.

So, I strongly recommend that before you start creating your courses, you spend the time making sure that you know WHO you are creating them for!

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Blogging – Basic Rules For Blogging

There are blogs everywhere online. There are free blogs, Web 2.0 blogs and blogs that cost money to create and maintain. Free blogs are great for the beginner but you are resisted by the rules of these blogs and in most cases you no longer own the content on these blogs. If you want freedom and to own the content on your blog then you need to create and maintain them yourself on your own domain name and hosting account. However this takes a lot of more expertise than some of the simpler free blog platforms now available.

Unfortunately as the popularity of blogs has increased the belief that blogs are unreliable sources of information has also increased. A lot of blogs are now being created by ordinary people who have little if any experience in marketing and in some cases just create blogs hoping to sell something as they believe the myth that it is easy to make money blogging without any experience or training.

A blog for the experienced marketer can be a great way of building up trust and awareness of their products and services. Not only that but search engines seem to love blogs especially those with new and original content. However if bloggers are to be taken seriously they need to follow some basic rules which are basically more like a code of ethics so that people once again will realize that not all blogs contain unreliable information and facts.

Check Your Facts Before Blogging About Them.

A good marketer should check their facts before posting anything on their blog. Even doing some basic research can help determine if your information is correct. If you post false information especially about stuff that is easily verifiable then this will do nothing for your credibility. Remember also that things change so regularly check your blog for out of date information and update it if necessary.

Be Aware of Copyright Laws

Copyright laws protect everyone including you. You can use information from elsewhere online for research but do not simply copy content from other sites and paste in onto your website or blog. Most people fail to realize that the majority of information available online is copyrighted and simply copying and passing it off as your own content is considered an illegal use under copyright laws.

Think About What You Post.

It is important that you think about any implied meaning in what you post on your blog. Once posted there is no way to retract your words even though you can amend your blog post. Choose your words carefully so that there is no way you can hurt anyone or harm any other businesses.

Be Aware of Comments Added to Your Blog.

Monitor and limit the type of comments your readers can leave on your blog. Think about comments like you think about your blog posts and delete any comment that might offend people as soon as possible. Remember even though you did not write these comments that they are on your blog and can reflect badly on you and cause your visitors to leave your blog.

Credit Where Credit is Due.

As mentioned above you can not just copy content and add it to your website. However there is an exception to this rule in that you can copy content and paste it if you are allowed to under certain rules. For example, you can copy articles from article sites providing you do not change anything and leave the resource box intact. Basically you need to provide credit to any resources you use. Not doing so will breach copyright rules.

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Blog Ideas – The Secret of Coming Up With Great Blog Ideas

Many people who have blog sites often run out of fresh blog ideas. There are many people to whom web page design is very important and critical. Some people also like to change the blog or web page interface and they want to have constant change in terms of redesigning their blog sites.

The problem is that although there are millions of blogs out there, you cannot really be satisfied by copying other people’s ideas. They want to generate their own because they want to keep their own personality and originality.

There is a secret to having unlimited blog ideas: keep it simple. A lot of people tend to make their blog pages too complicated and crowded that anybody who drops by seems to get confused and just gets tired of navigating the page.

Some blog sites are very colorful that it shoos away the visitor because it is too painful on the eye. Others do not know how to mix and match colors and dynamic HTML and as a result, the blog looks very immature and not so user friendly. The interface looks so overwhelming and confusing that visitors would rather not read the entries.

Well, there is actually another secret in generating blog ideas: keep the real you or get personal. Many bloggers who are in need of a blog page change are overwhelmed by the many designs possible.

The problem is that after changing the templates or designs of their current blog sites, they do not feel satisfied because the design they chose does not really represent their personality.

Before changing your blog site design, try to sit down for a few minutes and find out who you really are or what image you really want to project. Try to see if the blog page you are creating matches the words you say on your entries.

If you are not writing entries but instead publishing photos, you need to make sure that the theme of your blog pages match the theme of your photos. If you take dark photos about life, you may want to choose dark blog themes, too.

It is very unbecoming that your blog sites are too light or perky and yet the photos you publish in your photo blog are dark and sinister. This will create confusion on your visitors and they might even tag you as someone who is unsure of what he is doing.

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Blog Tips and Techniques

In this section I will talk about some blog tips. Now a lot of people can tell you many tips on blogging it all really just depend on what you want to do.

1. Write about something you love. This is very important you dont want to have to force your self to sit down and write content about something your not interested in.

2. Purchase your own domain name if you are serious about blogging. Make sure your domain name includes or is directly related to your blog title.

3. Write with consistency I would suggest between 5 and 10 post per week at least.

4. Make your blog personal. Include the human element into your writing with funny posts and so on build rapport with your visitors.

5. Join as many blog networks as you can to boost your online presence and also to receive more traffic.

6. Write lists such as a top ten list for what ever your blog is about become an expert on the subject.

7. Write how to articles. People love to learn about blogging and so on

8. Use a RSS subscription button on every page so you can notify your visitors about new posts and keep them coming back.

9. Post pictures. It breaks up your text and makes it so your visitors are more entertained.

10. Never copy anyone’s content on blogger or anywhere else on the internet not only because its illegal but also the free search engines will never show you pages in the top 10.

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Blogging to the Bank 2010 Review – A Cheat Sheet to Your Own Online Business

Can a $37.00 book really teach you how to earn money blogging?

Lets look at that price for a moment. Most internet marketing guides or blueprints cost hundreds, if not thousands of dollars. Some blueprints even have a monthly membership. So it would be nothing short of a miracle to be able to buy a good guide to blogging for dollars for just $37.00.

The original “Blogging to the Bank” was a huge success, and many people state that it did indeed help them start an online business. Rob Benwell seems to have a gift for making short concise guides, that really help people start blogging for money. Blogging to the Bank 2010 is a reworked blueprint that contains many new ideas and tactics to help you succeed in 2010 and beyond.

Some of the topics in this book include; Researching and selecting a market, creating your blog, monetizing your blog, how to get great content, SEO, getting tons of traffic to your blog, and more. Blogging to the Bank 2010 is like a grocery list of how to make a fortune online.

I think there are two basic types of people that will be interested in Blogging to the Bank 2010. The first will be complete newbies that are looking for the basics, and also those that already have some success online and want to take it to the next level. I’m happy to report that I think this blueprint will please both.

Blogging to the Bank is well written, well organized and filled with the essentials, plus tactics that you will probably not see elsewhere. If you are looking to start an online business, or to improve your online sales, Blogging to the Bank 2010 is a no brainer.

As if that wasn’t enough, this $37.00 goldmine also comes with great bonuses. If you were to invest in only one Internet marketing guide, make it Blogging to the Bank 2010.

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