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Blogging For Money – Can it Work?

Blogging for cash sounds great, but it is not easy. If you put in the effort and choose a good niche, you can make a full-time living with a blog. It is not as simple as just tossing a few words onto a virtual page an hoping that everyone comes running to hand you cash. Making money online is never easy, but it is simple and it is something that you can do too if you are willing to do the work. A great blog is going to need great content, and you should write as if each post makes all the difference in your income. Building your library of content will change your future, if, and only if, you take the time to learn how to create an interesting blog that leaves your readers begging for more.

Here are some ideas for blogging for money:

* Sell ad space on your blog. This a well known way to make money blogging. Selling ad space on your blog will bring in cash as long as you have traffic and readers. So, with this cash-producing model, you need to have content that people want to read. Start with building a great blog and generating traffic. Then start selling ad space when your traffic and blog followers are increasing.

* Affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is a new term for an old concept. Basically, you become a kind of sales rep for online stores. When someone clicks on a specially coded link on your site – the merchant can track the link. If one of your blog readers purchases something through one of your links, you’ll make a small commission. These commissions can really add up and many affiliate marketers make six figure incomes with this method.

* Selling your own products. Blogging lets you build a customer base and increase your own sales. Whether you sell bird cages or how-to videos, you can develop a following and develop a relationship with your customers through a blog. Posting regularly is key to making any money this way. Encourage comments on your blog, and respond to comments quickly. This will build your relationship with your customer and readers. People like to buy from someone they know – so let them know you. Your customers will love you and be eager to buy when you release a new product.

Blogging is not a ticket to overnight riches, but you can develop a sustainable home-based business over time. Just keep working on your blog as often as possible and look for ways to increase traffic. Traffic that sticks is the goal, so don’t just draw them in – captivate them and make them want to stay.

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What is Microblogging?

Many marketers want to know what is microblogging. Microblogging or miniblog is a lightweight derivative of the blog, which can publish content using short untitled records (less than 140 to 200 characters) Micro blog for SEO The goal is to share his knowledge or any interested person. It is also possible to subscribe to feeds of people or chat channels. A message gives eventually rise to discussion, which by their relative immediacy (relative to the blog) can last from minutes to hours. The micro blog or miniblog is a lightweight derivative of the traditional blog, which can publish content using short untitled records (less than 140 to 200 characters).

What is Microblogging for SEO

The goal of microblogging for SEO is to share industry knowledge and information with interested people and other microbloggers. By sharing this information and presenting yourself as an expert in your field, people will be more likely to value you and your company as legitimate. It is also possible to subscribe to feeds of people or chat channels. A message usually and eventually gives rise to a discussion, which, depending on its relative immediacy (relative to the blog) can last from minutes to hours. Messages and comments are archived on the web page. Notifications and comments are distributed to subscribers, who can change the settings as they see fit.

What is Microblogging — Sites

Twitter is probably the best known micro-blogging service, but there are also others e.g., Jaiku, Soup, Tumble log, including the company. It should be noted that the services of online social networking such as Facebook have begun to introduce similar schemes in their systems. Typical applications of Web 2.0 and social web, micro-blogging has grown in 2006 in the United States with other services e.g. Twitter & Jaiku. Microblogging websites are designed to allow users to easily send mini blog posts.

Moreover, many Internet sites or popular social networks have developed their own micro blogging services. Finally, the increasingly international phenomenon since early 2007 with the emergence of networks of micro-blogging premises such Frazer (France, Germany, and Spain), Blogging (France) or Zuosa (China). By now, you should have an answer to your question, what is microblogging? It is similar to a regular blog, where you can publish content to the web; however, it is micro or small — just 140-200 characters.

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Blogging Tips – How to Advertise and Promote Your Blog

Many people like to blog but not all know that they can actually monetize their blog and earn some passive income along the way. There are different ways to promote and advertise one’s blog for a more productive writing endeavor. If you blog because you like to write and your contents are relevant and informative you will likely get more traffic on your site. However you can always get wider audience for your blog if you advertise and promote your site for better exposure on the web with these following blogging tips:

1. Use social media. There are many free article directory sites that allow you to post your articles and at the same time advertise your blog to get more audience. You can create a back link on your articles to take readers to your main site. In this way you can put your blog at higher footing from other webmasters. Among the popular social media sites are Reddit, Digg, Delicious, Mr. Wong, Twitter, and Facebook.

2. RSS Submission. Through an RSS feed you will be able to promote your blog site to others. There are many RSS submission sites that you can find on the web that allows you to submit your blog’s RSS feed and it gets published for promotion.

3. You can email other bloggers. This is one way to help you market your blog. Some bloggers are optimistic in leaving comments and ratings on your articles while you do same favor on theirs. Bloggers often work together in order to help generate traffic on their sites. This can be an effective way of marketing and promoting one’s website with mutual benefits to enjoy among bloggers.

4. Participate in discussion forums. You can always find other people’s articles that are of the same or related to your niche. Leave a comment and at the same time advertise your blog. You can use back links to take the reader to your site or provide them your blog’s URL if they would be interested to read your blog. You can leave a message like “to know more about this please visit < your blog’s URL>.

5. Social bookmarking sites. You can always bookmark your articles on these sites in order to obtain more publicity and visibility of your blog on the Internet. This is one way of getting better popularity of your blog site to the blogger community.

6. Use your blog site for email signature. This is one way to get more visitors on your blog site. Use site links in your email signature as a means of giving a boost on your site promotion.

7. Make sure to find time to do all these blogging tips in order to obtain more traffic on your blog site. Blogging for money is a good way of earning extra dough but it entails effort in marketing and promoting your blog site in order to gain more popularity and to reach wider audience. It is a pleasurable experience to see your articles rank high on the search engine if you write relevant content which web users will be interested to know.

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Blogging For Money – Tips For Beginner Bloggers

Blogging is a great online venture to get involved in, whether it be for fun or money. For those who are hoping to make some money by blogging, it may take a little while to get into the swing of things and garner a regular income. However, if you do it correctly, you should be making money on a continual basis once you get the hang of it. If you are new to the world of blogging and want to get started in this type of activity, the following will provide some helpful blogging for money tips for beginner bloggers to consider.

Blog About What You Know

For all of the beginner bloggers out there, one of the biggest mistakes which those new to this online type of industry make is to blog about topics foreign to them. It is best to blog about what you know. Doing so will help to ensure that you bring more and more site traffic to your blog and help to keep them there. Also, if you are hoping to make money via your blog, the best way to do so is to stick with well-known topics as you will have more visitors and therefore more opportunities to sell your associated products or acquire commission from outside companies using your blog.

Involve Outside Companies in Your Blogging Ventures

Although some bloggers make money on their own through their blog, others like to involve outside companies when blogging for money. Revenue building activities such as affiliate programs and pay per click programs involve the use of outside companies with your blog content. If blogging for money, one of the best things you can do as a new blogger is to involve outside companies via one of these aforementioned programs. You really do not have to know too much about blogging at this point as these programs are pretty self-explanatory and the outside companies handle most of the transactions. Therefore, while you are getting used to blogging you can still be making money at the same time.

Use More Than One Moneymaking Venture When Blogging for Money

Beginner bloggers should also be aware of the fact that blogging for money may take a few different moneymaking ventures in order to gain enough monthly income from doing so. Therefore, it is best to take advantage of more than one moneymaking venture when you blog for money. For example, you may want to sell your own products via your blog all the while partnering with outside companies to make money through that route.

Know That It Will Take Time to Acquire a Steady Income

As a beginner blogger who is interested in blogging for money, you should know that you will not become rich after two weeks of earning money through your blog. It will take quite a few months in many cases before you see a steady income coming in. With that said, do not get discouraged as blogging for money can be quite a lucrative job opportunity and one which may just take a little time to get started. In the end, blogging for money is a great way to set your own hours, work from home and bring money in while engaging in a thought provoking activity.

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Blogging For Beginners

Blogging is still one of the easiest ways to start an online presence and also one of the easiest ways to make money online. It’s a powerful tool for any Internet marketing business. If your opinions get read and respected, you might find that your credibility will begin to increase around a particular subject. People will begin to look to you to offer your opinions on forthcoming issues. And once you are established and considered an expert in a niche, your ability to sell from your blog will increase dramatically. That way you will be blogging your way to success in no time.

So if you are starting a business with a small budget then there are so many ways blogging can help. All it needs to get started is a computer and an Internet connection and you can set up a free blog on one of the many blogging services like Blogger or WordPress. And even if you use the free services, you can always take your blog to your own server at a later date. You can develop your blog articles on whatever topic that comes to mind. If you want to make money with your blog, decide on a market niche and focus your content to match that audience.

If you are promoting any affiliate programs, you can put its links, banners and products on the blog site. When visitors click on these links and purchase a product, you are paid a commission for generating the sale. It is a whole lot cheaper to start your business with a blog than getting a website. If we compare setting up blog site for free to buying a domain name and paying for the cost of designing a website and hosting. A blog is a great alternative until the money starts coming in from your business.

Beside, less technical knowledge is needed so it is easier and faster for the beginner to start on the web. There is no need to learn html or programming because the software is already for you to use. Also most successful Internet marketers agree that to get traffic to your site you must update the content often and consistently. With a blog you can add or update the content whenever you want without hiring someone else to do it for you.

Also, blogging can give your business an edge over your competitors because it is in real time and there is no waiting. Customers and visitors of your blog can easily contribute and post their own comments and suggestions on your contents and products. It is a good tool to have testimonials about your product or service.

Another factor that makes blogging so attractive is the speed with which blog posts are able to get indexed in the search engines. When properly structured, blogs are the biggest search engine optimization asset to a website.

Here are some tips for successful blogging:

1. Be sure to post answers to any questions or problems in a quick and complete manner. Customers always prefer personalized attention. That way you will quickly gain repeat customers.

2. When you update your blog with a new content, you need to ping your blog. That way you let blogging networks know you have just updated your blog. If you don’t take time to ping, it is likely no one will find your blog.

3. The posts made to your business blog need to be relevant to the subject of the blog. The blog needs to create a special relationship with its visitors with the aim to sell products or services. If you consistently write good quality posts to your blog, the visitors will return to read more articles. They will eventually trust you that you know what you are talking about and buy one of your recommended products or services.

4. Keep the content simple. The art of good communication is to keep things simple. Keep away from the technical jargon unless absolutely necessary and try to keep the sentences short and to the point.

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Blogging – Pros and Cons

The “blogging revolution”… how many times have you heard that? I’d call it the “blogging invasion”. It seems that any one, no matter how novice to the Internet, can master a blog: there’s no need to know HTML and it’s free. These are the first “pros”. But are they really “pros”?

Let’s see: if any one can master a blog, it means any one can have a blog and write whatever he or she has in mind: a dream, a recipe, a funny story about a cat, a poem, a diary, a sleazy comment about another person, porn, hateful remarks and more. Hey, it’s a free world! But, because there are so many bloggers out there, it’s rather difficult to find quality blogs.

If you run an online business and try to use blogs to promote your products and services, you’ll certainly find blogging advantageous. Blogging will help develop stronger relationships and loyalty with your clients by providing useful information on regular basis. A newsletter has the same impact, but, unless you create a “newsletter archive” online, the search engines will not index it. Blogs are different: search engines scan them on daily basis. This means you are reaching a far larger public than you expect and no one can accuse you of spamming. Another advantage is that by enabling comments to your blog, you’ll have a free opportunity to get feedback and see how the readers react to your products, prices, etc. Moreover: a professional blog will help in presenting your organization as a trustworthy and experienced one.

Now to the “cons”: as already mentioned, because many people don’t have anything of value to say, and since they write it anyway, it’s difficult to find quality blogs. For business blogs it’s also difficult to find the right blogger who can write comprehensible text that appeal to the public and call to action. Blogs are easy to start and hard to maintain. You think blogging is a free advertising and marketing strategy, but have you considered your time? Writing is a time-consuming task. If you don’t update your blog, your organization might lose good points on reputation.

Should you hire a professional writer to blog for your organization? Many online entrepreneurs do. On the long term this is a good investment: you’ll have time to take care of other aspects of your business. A good publishing strategy will help your organization build a professional reputation that will attract more and more clients.

There’s real money in words: the more you blog, the more traffic you get. The more traffic, the more chances to make a sale.

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Blog Design Ideas

Blogs have increased popularity over this past months. Many people have started to create their personal blogs to express their thoughts and feelings. Internet companies have also started their blogs to inform consumers on the latest product news and reviews.

Because of this, blogs are also being used as internet marketing media. Before, internet marketing is done by placing banners and links on popular websites, such as news and information sites. Links were also included on newsletters and marketing letters sent to the members of their mailing lists. Many people spend time reading blogs. People read their friend’s blogs, their favorite author’s blogs, blogs on topics that they are interested in, and blogs on product reviews. With the increasing popularity of blogging, it is even feared that people rely on blogs to get the latest news.

While getting news reports from blogs isn’t reliable, some people look for product reviews through blogs. In some cases, this is more dependable. While it is true that some media persons are being paid to write good reviews about a certain product, blog writers write about their actual experiences on products and services from a company. Since there are many people who read and start their own blogs, blogs are a good medium to market a product. With the increasing blog traffic means increase in product sales.

Blog traffic can be increased by joining affiliate programs and sites, which will list your blog under a certain search category or name. You can also have your blog advertised in popular websites. This, however, will cost some money and is not advisable if you have just started blogging. A writer who has just launched his/her blog will want as much traffic as possible to increase advertisements on the site. Also, some advertisers pay every time their link is clicked or the page that has their link is viewed.

When you have increased traffic on your blog, you should try to keep you visitors coming back and recommending your blog to friends and colleagues. This can be done by having informative or amusing content and good blog layout and design. You may develop your blog’s content or you can also acquire the services of a web content writer to provide you with the blog articles.

The blog’s layout and design also plays a big role. While most of the companies offering free blog hosting offer pre-selected templates, there are also some that allows customization that if you utilize this feature correctly can increase your blog’s traffic.

Here are a few tips to make your blog stand out from the millions of blogs out there that have standard designs.

* Customize the banner

The banner usually has the most generic designs that are common to the blogs from a blogging company or service. You can personalize this banner by having a graphic with the dimensions of the banner. You can also edit the graphic so that it will also include the title of your blog. In this case, you can create your own graphic or you can purchase professional looking graphics online for less than $10.

* Personalizing photos

Of course, most of the photos that you will be posting will be your own. However, if you don’t customize the photos before posting them, you may miss maximizing the enhancing benefits graphics can add to the page. Adding photo borders can help the photo stand out from the page. It can also add to the design of your blog. You can choose a standard border or you can also create your own border which can be associated with your blog’s templates.

* Add a favicon

Don’t you think sites with icons on the address bar before the website’s URL are cool? Many people do. These favicons add a professional look to the URL. These easy to do using photo or graphic editing softwares.

* Check out blog templates, layouts, backgrounds, textures and skins from sites

There are sites that offer free blog templates, layouts, backgrounds, textures and skins. You can make use of these so your blog will not look generic like most of the blogs hosted by the service provider.

* Include RSS feeds

This is a cool way to inform people with newsreaders about your blog headlines. Tutorials on RSS feeds are available on the internet.

* Audio makes your blog more personal

Not only does audio personalizes the blog; it can also keep your visitors coming back. You can try having streaming radio stations, mp3 file or playlists loading with your blog.

* Advertisements

If you have signed-up with Google Ad-Sense, which I am sure you would like to do, make sure that the ads are conveniently placed that these will not hinder your readers’ ease in accessing the information on your blog.

Try using these tips and you can definitely increase and retain traffic on your blog.

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Easy Blogging Tips for Beginners

For people who have just started blogging or are enthusiastic about it, here are a couple of tips which would help them to act as professionals in a very short time. These tips are very easy and anyone can learn from them. These blogging tips for beginners are often recommended by blogging experts across the globe.

Be passionate about your Blog

Be natural and yourself. If you are passionate about what you want to write about then here’s the space. Flow… if you are not excited about your blog, the why would the readers be?

Be consistent with your Blog

A successful blog that grows in readership takes patience and time. Start out by holding yourself accountable to blog at least once a week and grow from that starting point.

Blog about your expertise

A lot of people write but if you are to blog about a particular subject you need to enhance your expertise. Add value to your Blog and ask yourself, “what can I blog about confidently & knowledgeably’?

Write to your readers with a heart

If you’re passionate about and an expert, it’s important that your message has a purpose

Authenticity is the key

“Being you” is so simple that it might feel wrong. This doesn’t mean you should publish a post that hasn’t been tweaked for clarity or grammar. It’s important to be real.

Have a schedule and include breaks

Even a blogger who has expertise and passion hits a stumbling block every now and then. Some days, writing is harder than other days-for whatever reason. Relax, think, invent & re-invent

Get social

Make sure you include ways to encourage readers to share your blog posts. Also, if you’re blogging about someone or some product you really love, be sure to tag that person or company on Twitter when you share your blog post.

Re-purpose your blog posts

After spending such thoughtful time crafting helpful and meaningful posts, it would be a shame to leave them to die somewhere in the archives of your blog or website. Channelize it well. Record your information as a podcast for people to listen to on-the-go. Tweet out one-liners (more breadcrumbs) that inspire people to click for more details. You get the idea. Have fun with it.

I hope these tips will encourage you to really embrace the challenge of blogging for business and help you blog in such a way that will help in your business.

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Blogging For Money – The Golden Rules of Monetization

When you decide to start blogging for money you need to make or change your current Internet business plan, so it can focus on building a strong income stream that can support you for a short or long period of time, it all depends on what your goals are. There are many ways to turn the virtual real estate of your blog into an asset, but its needs to match your overall goals or you will set up your Internet business for failure.

Also, having a business plan will give you a road map to follow and keep your efforts focus on achieving your goals. But, your need to be flexible and be ready to change, because the Internet is a medium on evolution, which makes your Internet business plan an ever changing blueprint… You can call this one of the golden rules of monetization.

Let’s take a look at the three elements for effectively applying your “blogging for money” efforts, that will build a successful online home business:


I mention content as the number one of the three golden rules of making money blogging because without a good up to date content your blog is just another static site, which is OK for some things, but not for a these type of sites. People and search engines expect for a blog to be updated constantly.

To be successful you need to provide content that is of high quality, original, useful to others, and closely relevant to your targeted niche. Is true that some bloggers still mix their personal stuff with their niche content, but if you put yourself in your reader’s shoes, why do think they visit your site for? To read what happen to you in the super market or to read what your blog tagline or slogan is promising. Remember that your content is why people go to your site, that’s why having good information will generate targeted traffic if is relevant to your main topic.


Many call traffic the Holy Grail to build a successful online business, which is true only if that traffic is highly targeted, if you try to get everyone to visit your website, eventually nobody will, because they know that you don’t have the information they are looking for. So, make sure you get a lot of visitors to your site that are really interest in the topic or niche of your blog.

Use traffic sources that can send good quality visitors to your site, develop a good link building marketing campaign, focus on SEO strategies to get free search traffic, for faster results invest on PPC or AdWords (Note: Make sure you learn how to use PPC advertising right before using it, or will cost you a lot of money and you may get low responses), advertise on top relevant blogs to gain more exposure, use viral marketing to make your message spread fast, and don’t forget to use the traffic power of social media or web 2.0 tools.


You can’t be blogging for money if you haven’t set up a good income mechanism and sales process. You need have a good income source structure that will earn you passive revenue, you can set a few types of lucrative assets for your site, here is an example of the elements that can be monetize:

  • Virtual real estate space.
  • Specific words.
  • RSS feeds.
  • Blog posts or articles.
  • List building.

You don’t have to make money from each of these elements, in fact some blogs do just fine by monetizing one or two of those elements. Just test and track everything you do until you find the best profit centers for your site and your niche.

Now what’s important is the type of income sources you decide to use for each or few of those profit centers. Remember that your visitors are your priority, so try to find quality sources of revenue without upsetting your readers. Some of the things you can do use are:

  • Sponsor image ads.
  • Sponsor links.
  • Google AdSense or other type of contextual ads services.
  • Affiliate programs (digital or physical products).
  • Inline word ads.
  • Paid reviews of products or merchants.
  • Blog post sponsor links.
  • And recommend your own products.

To successfully make your blogging for money effort worth while make sure each profit center in your site have monetization sources relevant to your main topic, this way your or sponsor conversion rates will be higher.

Make sure you apply the three golden rules to your blog with a good Internet marketing plan to boost your success factor.

Learning as much as you can about blogging for money can help you grow your income, this is why that’s one of the main topics I write about at the Internet Marketing Tips blog.

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Blogging For Beginners – How To Make Money Blogging

How can you make money by blogging you probably ask yourself time and time again, right? Better yet if you are a complete beginner, which I will presume many who read this will be, you might even be wondering, what is blogging?

So you have heard people talking about blogging and better yet you have heard that some how these people manage to make money by doing so. Is this all fluff or is there someway that anyone, yes even you, can get a piece of the pie?

Does it matter if you are male or female? No, Statistics show us that 50.9% of bloggers are female and 49.1% are male. Better yet 61% say the reason they blog is to supplement their income! And really, if I had to guess, I would say that is pretty much the only stat you are interested in!

That’s all well and good but you still don’t know what blogging is exactly, correct?

We have nearly all come across a blog at one stage or another on the internet whether we realised it or not. Simply put, a blog is an internet journal that records whatever happens to be on the writers mind at the time. That is really all they are!

Blogs are typically written in an informal tone, as if the writer is having a friendly discussion with their readers. Even though blogs have exploded in popularity recently, still very few retailers realise the potential that having a blog can have in driving sales for their internet business.

That’s briefly what a blog actually is

But how can someone like me and you actually see some of the green from blogging?

First you got to know where to start. You can’t make money from blogging unless you have a blog!

Here is very briefly how you can begin blogging, by this evening if you want:

• You will want to sign up with a free commercial service ( or

• You will want to begin blogging!!

What do you blog about?

That is up to you. However, lets presume here that one of the ways you are hoping to make money through blogging is to promote affiliate products.

You will find a product you are interested in promoting, have a look at it, do some quick research on it, learning as much as you can yourself and then in your blog you take what you have learnt and write it back out in your own words. Simple but very effective

This does two things if done correctly

1. It gives you top informative information for your blog, (which is what draws the crowds)

2. More importantly, is positions you as an expert adding more perceived value to your blogs

So now you know what a blog is. First step is to set one up and begin blogging. Second step is to get people (traffic) to your blog, I have a tip, as a little bonus at the end for this step. Third thing you want to do is use your blog site to make you some real money. Here’s a few ways how,

• Sell ad space on your blog. Basically if you are blogging on a particular subject and your blog becomes popular, other people trying to make money online in the same subject will want to advertise on your blog. They pay you and you litterly don’t have to do anything different to what you always do

• Amazon! With this you will advertise Amazon products on your page. People visiting your page will click on the links and be sent to Amazon via your personal link. If they buy anything on Amazon you get paid!

• You can also sell items straight from your page. A good example would be an eBook that is on the same subject that you are blogging on. This is very effective as the person reading your blog is already interested in the subject matter.

TIP: A very effective but simple way to increase people visiting your blog is to go to a forum on the subject you are blogging on and simply reply to some of the questions being asked. Even if you don’t know the answers, research them. You will be surprised as how easy it is to find answers to some of these questions.

The reason for this is to once again to position yourself as an expert in the subject and more importantly every time you post an answer to someone’s query you can link back to your website or blog!

So you have reached the end of this short article. If you take what was shown to you and actually implement it you will indeed make money from blogging. How much will depend on how much work you put into it.

A trick with making money online is learning as much as you can about the whole process and more importantly implementing what you have learnt. There are no magic formulas to making money online. It is done by you and me taking the time to learn and implement. Sadly this isn’t done by about 95% of people who think that a magic ‘push button’ formula is actually out there

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