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To Twitter Or Not to Twitter – Is it Sweet to Tweet? founder Brent Hoberman described it as "a fascinating zeitgeist tool. It's an excellent way of understanding trends, seeing what people are talking about and what's firing their imaginations. There is always someone out there there having a better time than you and you want a bit of it. "Brent is not alone; Barack Obama has been at it for ages … Right now it is the place to be, it's got the PR and the momentum but it does not have the revenue model at present and it's purely venture capital funded.

To the uninitiated, messages are known as tweets and people who read your messages are called followers. Then there is the particular Twitter culture and mode of behavior: sociality is enhanced by retweeting messages you find illustrating by rebroadcasting them to your followers. Among hardcore users, gratuitous self-promotion is frowned upon. Twitter has stumbled upon a formula that a whole generation of internet start ups has been searching for: a way for people to connect with friends, express themselves and find information that stands a chance of one day becoming as popular as other mass online trends such as blogging and social networking.

Three years old, the Silicon Valley company only has 29 employees while the basic service will remain free, business users as on Linked In may be charged for extra functions. Meanwhile there is a viral network effect which is giving it great growth. The Twitter phenomenon has much to do with the fundamental simplicity of the idea. Operating at a joke of blogging, texting and social networking, the service defies easy categorization. "Because it is undergoing such rapid evolution, it's hard to slap a label on it" says Peter Fenton a partner at Benchmark Capital, who has joined Twitter's board.

Businesses have been keen to tap into a rapidly growing network like Twitter. The fact that users can choose which messages they want to receive could open the way to a new "opt-in" marketing says Bob Pearson of Dell. The computer maker for instance, issues a stream of tweets about new discounts on its products. In summary Twitter's six secrets of online success:

* Immediacy: Real-time flow of comments and adaptability to mobile handsets makes it more immediate than blogging.

* Brevity: Limiting messages to 140 characters makes it easier to produce and easier to digest.

* 'Pull' not 'push': The ability of users to choose which tweets they follow makes it less random than email.

* Searchability: Messages can be searched, making the content more accessible than the comments on a social network.

* Mixing the public and the personal: A user's personal contacts are on an equal footing with public figures.

* 'Retweeting': By copying and retransmitting messages, users can turn the network into a giant echo chamber.

* This past week Twitter has been in the news several times:

* Life or death – A snowboarder was found dead but Twitter had been used in the search and kept seekers up-to-date.

Twitter has been used very effectively to raise money for Comic Relief, after the Twestival and the current hitchhike of Twitchhiker, the TwitterTitters have compiled new book of comedy all this raising well deserved funds for Comic Relief. On the commercial side-a US based IT company has developed a network of sensors that measure the amount of moisture in the soil and compares it to the optimum moisture level. This data is sent to a local network. The data is then turned into a text or Twitter message, to tell you when you need to water your plants. So how cool it is that your plants can now Twitter you to tell you they are thirsty! Give it a go ….

Find out which UK and US politicians use Twitter the most: .

and some well known Twitterers ….

Will Carling, Russell Brand, Demi Moore, Chris Moyles, Britney Spears, Lance Armstrong, John Cleese, Snoop Dogg, Noel Edmonds, Bill Gates, Richard Branson, Jamie Oliver, Toby Young, Boris Johnson.

Over to you, can interim management professionals not join the tweeting classes? Inspiration for this blog from the FT, The Observer, Computing and Metro, thank you.

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You Think You Know How To Spend Money?

Do you think you really know how to shop? How do you calculate how much you pay the next time you take a loan? Do you have a system whereby you know how much is it that you can afford the next time you buy a car or a house?

You just bought a car. The installation is around $ 650 a month and you are determined that you can afford to pay the installation. You calculated the interest rate, term of loan and depreciation value and you are very sure that you can afford to maintain the car. After six months driving your car, you feel the pinch of paying your installation and you have a lot of bills, parking tickets and fines that you have not settle.

What do you do after this? You spend less, you travel less to save on your petrol and when all else fails, you decide to sell the car. However, you still have to carry on driving the car because you still have not breakeven your loan wit the finance company. For all you know, you are stuck with your car and financial problem start coming in like termites. Does this sound like you or at least sound like someone that you know?

I am not here to tell you not to buy a car or to nag you that made the wrong choice buying the car. I am not even here to tell you to avoid taking loans and to buy your car in full cash. However, what I am going to do is to teach you how to calculate whether you can afford or not.

You may think that I am talking nonsense and that I do not do a thorough research on this topic. Well, think again. It's because I see this problem too often that thought about it for three days in a row and try to think of a way to tell people on how to calculate the right way. A method a nine year old will know how to apply!

The method that I am going to share with you is simply what I call the 'Percentage Calculator TM'. Let me share with you how. Human beings are better at number 0 to 100. What a better way to calculate everything in percentage. If you say $ 2500 (100%), savings is $ 500 (20% of income), expenditure including mortgage or rental is $ 1500 (60% of income), you are only left with 20% of your income that is $ 500.

With 20% of your income left, and knowing that you expenditure is kept at the minimum, do you want to buy a car still? You may disagree with me and tell me that with $ 500 you can still afford to pay your monthly installments. I totally agree with you but does this mean you would give up your shopping, holidays and entertainment? So, my advice is, the next time you buy something in installment or credit, try to calculate it in percentage, it will save you from unnecessary financial deficit in the long run.

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What Swinger Sex Can Do For Your Relationship

Many couples these days have talked about adding swinging to their sex lives. In fact, probably a very high proportion have at least even thought about it. A much smaller proportion ever get around to actually doing anything about it. That can be a shame as many couples report definite benefits to their relationship by trying swinging.

So the question is – if you are interested in it, what is stopping you from trying swinger sex? For most people there are one or both of two main reasons that are holding them back. If either apply to you there are definitely things you can do about it.

The first reason is that their partner is not interested, or even against the idea. There are many underlying causes for this but it essentially comes down to one thing. If someone doesn’t want to try swinging (or anything else for that matter) it is because their beliefs are telling them that there is more pain attached to the activity of swinging than there is pleasure. Perhaps they think their partner will find someone else more attractive than them and that it will harm or even destroy their relationship. Perhaps they think it would not be pleasant and they will be pressured into doing something they don’t want to do. Whatever the thoughts, it is because they feel it will only cause problems rather than fun and greater intimacy.

If this is the case then it is important to talk through with your partner what swinging means to you, why you want to try it and to reassure them that it won’t damage your relationship. Let them know that swinging can actually be an enhancement to your sex life together. Certainly most successful swinging couples would say that swinging is about their relationship first, and by involving other people it adds some spice.

The other reason you might not have already tried swinger sex, if the both of you are already interested is probably because you have some reservations about what might happen. If this is the case for you, be brave! It may end up being a lot more fun than you ever imagined. Most swingers are extremely sensitive and aware people. They are not going to put you under any pressure to go beyond your comfort zone. Take a few steps and see what happens. You will never know what you are missing out on until you take some action and do something.

If you really do want to try swinger sex, take some positive action to make what might just be a fantasy into a reality. You might just be very glad you did!

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Beginner Triathlete Training For a Triathlon Event

As a beginner triathlete training for a triathlon event, it can be exciting and frightening. I can relate all too well the thoughts of how I was going to train for my first event.

Without a coach or a common interested friend, it may hard to push yourself or even find the most effective way to train properly.

Here are a few encouraging pointers that I hope will relieve the stress and worry from your mind

# 1 It is actually a fun way to get in shape. With the three consecutive events in triathlon: swimming, biking and running … it is hard to get bored.

# 2 Stay focused on your goal. DO NOT get discouraged. If you get negative feedback from your friends or family … use it like fuel. Sometimes, they will realize how serious you are about it when they see your hard earned work has paid off.

# 3 Remember …. it is not enough to just write your goals down. Make a conscious decision to succeed on those goals. Beginners should always take baby steps in training every day.

# 4 Triathlon training is not for the weak. If this is what you really want to do, then do it with the mind set of knowing that you CAN do anything, if you put your heart and mind to it, you can be the winner every time … no matter where you place in an event.

# 5 If you feel anxious on your off days from training, enjoy calmly walking around a park or even your neighborhood. Invite a family member, friend or a dog if you have one. You will not only be keeping your body in check, but also enjoying a break from the power workouts you are normally doing and most importantly … peace of mind.

# 6 Do not be afraid …. to finish what you started. The accomplishment of feeling "accomplished" from your success, whether you finish first or last can only be experienced through just doing it. You get out of it what you put into it.

Starting out small is a great step towards getting a feel for what the road lies ahead. If you think you want to just run a small marathon or sprint event, make sure you give yourself at least four months to prepare for it. Plus, it is a good way to meet other people with similar interest. They can also give some good advice or ideas on some exercises that use to get ready.

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How to Make Money Online the Easy Way

There are many opportunities to make money online out there but the truth is that most of them are not worth your time.They are meant to enrich the vendors and make you poorer. I have been there and tried a number of them only to get frustrated and left to take care of a huge credit card bill.

Do not worry, there are genuine ones that have been tried and tested to bring results.With that in mind you only need to take three steps and make money online the easy way.

One of the things you need to put in mind is the market you will put effort in. You need to identify a market that has a huge demand so that all you need to do is to satisfy the already hungry crowd. By so doing they will be more than willing to flood your bank account with money. With that in mind I am going to reveal a market you can venture into and make money in only tree steps.

You can make a full time income by building a search engine for free around a hugely popular topic. This topic has a third of all searches on Google and yahoo making it one of the most popular niches today and growing.

The topic we are going to target is people search- has a really huge demand out there. The people search engine works like any other search engine: people enter keywords and get free results from your engine but here is the difference.

Every time users get free results you get affiliates contracts from the leading companies like click bank, Hd publishing and Mylife. Imagine having a free search engine where you get paid every time users get free results? Am sure this sounds great. Are you beginning to see the incredible here? You will have your own home business that has the potential to make unlimited income on complete autopilot.

All you have to do is send web traffic to your people search engine, and you'll be paid hefty commissions whenever people get their free search results.

Having this business set up means you can tap preexisting demand, a third of all searches on Google and Yahoo, remember?) Common sense should tell you that its a whole lot easier to make money by catering to an existing need, than cold calling, closing sales, recruiting people for a down line. Of course the gurus hawking these kinds of products will not tell you that, because they are catering to a different need.

You desire to make money. Do not fall for it. The people search engine that you will create for free gives you an opportunity for multiple streams of including ad sense contracts, passive lifelong income from GDI, affiliate responsibilities from leading companies and referral awards paid to you by Tissa.

Here is an unbeatable opportunity for you. Meet the demand in this exploding niche with your own automated, free to create people search engine.You can get started today in only three steps.

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Make Money Blogging – The Ultimate Mini Sites

You do not need any site building software to create your own collection of mini sites when using blogs as your preferred format.

You can build up a collection of these mini sites all targeting specific areas of the market and even if they are only making a few dollars each, on a daily basis, you will be growing your business as you can simply add more and more of these mini sites and increase that daily income.

The first step is to get that very first blog mini site under way and generating an income.

You need to focus absolutely on getting that first blog mini site making money so that will include creating the content and then promoting that blog by getting back links and getting the posts indexed in the search engines.

Unless you have messed up on your market research and your keyword research you should be able to start generating an income reliably fast.

You should not proceed with other blogs until you have done all that is necessary to create that consistent income, unless of course you realize that the blog is never going to generate money.

Once you know how to quickly create one and get it earning, then you can duplicate the process and build up your business to the stage where you have enough money to invest in getting other people to do the work for you while you concentrate more on finding the market opportunities that are out there.

It is once you get to that stage that you will see your business really start to take off and also give you the opportunity to invest in paid advertising if you want to go down that route.

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Comments: How to Save Money on Business Accounting and Bookkeeping

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The Four Money Quadrants: Teaching Kids Good Money Habits They Can Live With

As Teachers, Parents, Grandparents, Godparents, Friends, etc. it is our job to teach children good financial habits as early as possible by demonstrating to them how to properly distribute their money. After all, children are our future. The lesson here is to teach your child not to live their lives from check to check or above their means, but to live in a happy balance. By getting your child into the habit of dividing his money into four specific categories (Spend, Save, Donate and Invest), he will grow up to be more responsible with his finances, so, possibly not adversely affected by any bad economic times.

The trick is getting the percentages right. Some good numbers to shoot for in adulthood is Spend 70%, Save 10%, Give 10% and Invest 10%. For youngger children the Spend percentage should be much lower whereas the Invest percentage should be much higher – of course it will be different based on the individual!

Spend: Teach your child to spend a percentage of their money. Do not teach your child to be a miser with their money, for this can lead to negative associations with money. Teach him to celebrate his achievements and enjoy the fruits of his labor. Allow your child to spend their money on anything they want with this portion of the money (within reason) can be a great self-confidence booster. As an adult this portion will be used for living expenses including the necessities like paying the mortgage, car payments, insurance premiums and buying food as well as for entertainment needs.

Save: Teach your child to save a percentage of their money for larger ticket items that they can not immediately buy like a digital camera, a laptop or even a car. This can teach the importance of goal setting and the virtues of patience and of delayed gratification. As an adult this portion would be your liquid money that may be called the "Emergency Fund", the "Rainy Day Fund" or even the "Saving up to finish the foundation Fund". It is very important to have that extra savings on the side for any unexpected expenses as well as for any expected future expenses.

Donate: Encourage your child to give a percentage of the earned income to charity. Teach him the joy of giving back and helping others. Also, there is actually scientific proof that giving is good for your health. I do not claim to be a scientist, however, apparently when you give; you get a good feeling, and that is because endorphins are released in your body. This release of endorphins is supposedly to be healthy. Besides the health benefit and the fact that it is the right thing to do, you will be bringing up a compassionate person that will not be "all about me." There is a great quote by Jim Rohn that states, "It's best to start the discipline of generosity when the amounts are small. . "

Invest: Help your child invest a percentage of their money. There are only three factors to the "Wealth Equation": Money, Interest Rate and Time, where Time is the most important. And who potentially has the most Time? That's right, our children do, that's who! Teach your child to save for the future and have his money compound and work for him. A relatively insignificant amount of money invested over a long period of time can potentially grow into a very significant amount of money. Jeff Olson, author of The Slight Edge says on the topic of investing, "It's never too late to start.

By teaching your child the four quadrants of money at an early age, not only will you be instilling the important habits needed for them to become successful in their finances, but for them to become successful in life.

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How To Easily Create Make Money Ads: Introducing CPA Marketing

If you are looking for a profitable way to create "make money ads" in just seconds you should look into CPA advertising.

The acronym CPA might sound alarming at first glance but, in truth, it reflects, and incredibly easy (and profitable) way to make money on line.

CPA simply stands for "Cost Per Acquisition" or "Cost Per Action".

Cost Per Action means that the user must take a normal action in order to trigger a payment for you. And here comes the fun … with CPA, the action does not have to be the purchase of the product advertised.

In most cases, Cost Per Action offers will ask the user to submit an email or a zip code in order to get a reward. "Cost Per Acquisition", on the other hand, means that the user must actually buy the product or subscription advertised.

Whether or not you're choosing to focus on Cost Per Action or Cost Per Acquisition, CPA marketing simply is a form of advertising that will allow you to quickly create make money ads in any possible niche, even though you are not an expert.

How much money you can make? It really depends on you … and on how you advertise your offers. Pay / lead offers will make you from $ 1.00 to $ 10-15 lead.

Will you get reach?

Again it depends on how much traffic you get and the conversion power of your advertising platform. The advertising platform for your make money ads does not have to be your website. Ifyou have a blog of any kind, by all means, you can simply stick a few banners and links in the most strategic positions.

However, most CPA offers target specific countries and if your user clicks from the wrong country, the offer will not be available.

For this reason, CPA advertising has become really popular on facebook. Next time you login your Facebook account look on those little ads on your right. You'll see that many of them do not ask you to buy anything but to just enter your email a zip code.

Facebook allows you to laser target your prospects choosing country, city, age, interests etc … Also, most people using Facebook are not there to buy anything … most users are there to socialize or network.

This makes CPA marcketing absolutely the perfect way to quickly create laser targeted make money ads in any niche market, and with very little work on your part.

So if you were looking for a fun way to make money on line, CPA could be the perfect choice. After a bit of practice, you'll get better and better and the earnings will accumulate quickly.

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Tips On Choosing A Table Tennis Table

Ping pong has been known to be a very addictive game over the past. Most of the players that take up the sport up always end up being addicted to the game. The game also has the advantage of exercising the whole body. This fact has made the game a choice of all types of people. If you are among the addicted people it would be advisable that you purchase your own table tennis table. Having your own table tennis table has so many advantages one of them being that you can always feed your craving when it strikes. You can be able to play the game any time that you feel like.

With the right type of advice you can end up buying a table that you will forever be proud of. You will be able to get value for your money.

The most popular question asked by players is the brand name of the best table tennis table in the market. It is not a necessity that you buy the finest table in the market for you to enjoy the game. If you are just a beginner in the game you can just look for a ping pong table that has only fine and sturdy made as the adjectives to describe it. If you are looking for quality you would want to purchase a Stiga or Butterfly table. These two brands have been known to be the best tables in the world. Stiga mainly focuses in producing tables that can be used indoors.

Another factor to consider when buying the table is the size of the room that you are going to place the table tennis table. The size of the table should be directly proportional to the size of the room. One might long for a huge table but it will be of no use if it can not fit in the room that you have spared for the table. So it would be advisable that you choose a table that will fit into the room and allow movement of the players.

The last tip would be to always opt for a table that is foldable and has wheels that have got breaks.

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