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The Psychology of Hatred

On why hatred is necessary in this world and helps refine our basic aggression

Hate or hatred like love is one of the most personal emotions in that the expressions could be widely varied and even too subtle to decipher. Hatred is truly the opposite of love because the manifestation of hatred is almost like the manifestation of love. This is because, in most cases only two people, the one who hates and the one who is hated seem to perceive the underlying dynamics of the relationship or the emotions involved and other people may be unaware. There could be several reasons for hatred and this could be associated with envy, fear, ideology or power related issues. For example, an intense envy towards a sibling could make other siblings hate him or a fear of repression from powerful people could lead to hatred in less privileged people. Power issues could often lead to hatred or even a love hate relationship as a man feeling the control or domination of his wife could enter into power struggles or a sort of love-hate relationship with her. A terrorist or religious group could hate people of other groups due to ideological differences.

Hatred like love, need some form of attachment, you have to care enough about a person to hate them. Hatred like love would also be rather obsessive and addictive although as extreme love (especially romantic) for a person would lead to sexual relations, extreme hate for a person would lead to violence. Thus, hatred, is also a form of passion, manifested as aggression rather than sex. Thus if according to Freudian psychoanalysis, sex and aggression are our two basic instincts, love and hatred are our two basic and most fundamental emotions on which all other emotions are built. A newborn child would either love her mother’s breast or hate it, she would love to be touched and carried around by her carers or hate the process and this would result in her other emotions of happiness, sorrow etc.

Considering how or why hatred could be manifested among individuals, it is possible to delineate the two types of hatred in people:

1. Personal Hatred – This can be the dynamics with a friend or an enemy, a colleague, a family member or someone you know within a social circle. Personal hatred is for people you personally know and care enough to hate them. The manifestation of this sort of hatred is usually subtle and only two people involved would understand or perceive the effects of the emotion. With family members like a partner or parent, personal hatred could manifest as an interplay of both love and hate as power dynamics get into the picture. Power struggles with the father or husband could often lead to this sort of love-hate equation and would reflect in your other close personal relationships. Personal hatred could often lead to more generalized form of hatred. This leads to the next type of hatred.

2. General Hatred – Hatred could thus be very personal or could be more general and directed towards a group. This sort of hatred is directed towards certain groups or types of people and manifests in hatred for whites, hatred for blacks, hatred for Jews, hatred for Muslims, hatred for men, hatred for women and so on. This type of hatred is more generalized although may well be triggered due to personal experiences. For example a woman with negative experiences with a man may develop hatred for all men or a black man who has faced some form of discrimination in society may develop hatred towards all whites. This sort of hatred could be racially motivated or gender related and of course these have specific terms as anti-Semitism, misogyny etc. This type of hatred is less personal and shared with other members of society and is thus a more social form of hatred, rather than a personal type of hatred. Terrorist groups showing hatred towards specific nations or people share this type of hatred motivated by ideological orientations. Politicians who hate members of another party are also motivated by ideological or power concerns. Group based or general hatred is thus further categorized as social hatred, sexual or gender based, racial, or ideological hatred.

The underlying psychological dynamics of hatred is generally explained with our need to release aggression. Aggression like sex is one of our fundamental and basic instincts and just as we need release of our sexual energies by developing sexual relationships and exploring the emotion of love, the emotion of hate helps us to release our aggressive tendencies and could be fundamental to our well being. It is almost necessary to hate as it is necessary to love. But this does not mean that our aggressive tendencies and emotion of hatred will have to be released through violence or some other kind of destructive action, the hatred that we feel cannot be controlled just as love may not be controlled but our actions on these emotions can be controlled. For example, you may well love someone for many months or even years but decide not to act on it and embark in some sort of platonic love relationship. In a similar manner it is possible to hate someone and yet continue some sort of platonic hate relationship without becoming violent or even subtly aggressive.

Channeling or appropriate directing of sexual or love needs through creativity and in Freudian term ‘sublimation’ works well for hatred and hate can be channeled successfully through sports, or other kind of aggressive activity. Even love or sexual needs can be controlled or channelled when you participate in aggressive sports. So, the next time you feel the need to release your passion, possibly caused by sexual or aggressive instincts, just engage in some aggressive competitive sports and you will feel much better. If you feel excessive love which is a type of sexual need but more refined, you will possibly have to engage in creative pursuits. Hatred could in a way also be a refined form of aggression and releasing hatred through writing, debates or constructive criticism could be a creative way out.

Hatred as I have tried to explain here is not all that bad, it is a form of passion, a necessary release of our aggressive instincts and in fact a refined expression of aggression, just as love is a more refined expression of sexual desires. If love is a sugar coating on our real sexual desires, hatred is just a salt coating on our underlying aggressive desires. The emotion of love exists like a valve, like a filter so that human sexual expression remains controlled and civilized. In a similar manner, the emotion of hate exists so that human expression of aggression remains controlled and within limits. You will see many placards, billboards and handouts asking that individuals in this world should somehow ‘Stop Hatred’, that seems a kind of motto for human life. It is practically impossible to stop hatred, it is a basic human emotion, and in a civilized society it is almost necessary to hate just as it is necessary to love so that there is no unbridled release of aggression through violence. What we can stop however is the negative expression of hatred that is manifested through violence and other destructive tendencies and channel our aggressive tendencies creatively through art, literature, politics, sports, public debates and other constructive channels of self expression.

PLEASE NOTE: This essay has original research and is subject to Copyright and any abuse of Copyright or republishing this essay even with credit on scam sites will be noted and complaints will be filed with the relevant authorities. Republishing this essay on legitimate websites and with credit to the author with all relevant links active is however allowed.

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Remote Education

Life in a Pakistan village is marked by dull uniformity. The villagers follow their own old professions and some of them have to live hand to mouth. If you stay in a remote place, you are isolated from society and most of it their life is marked by utter ignorance of the important things that are happening abroad. Lack of schools, post offices, banks and no means of transport, no hospitals all these features are just because of lack of education.

There should be recommendations for improving education in Pakistan’s remote places.

(A) Low literacy rate low standard of education: Due to lack of resources and lack of awareness of importance of education in Pakistan literacy rate is very low. People could not give education to their kids because of low income and on lowest school fees they send their children to below standard school that is why standard of education is also very low.

(B) Absurdity of curricula and pedagogy are lacking to set goals in many disciplines furthermore, there is no built-in system in which one step leads to the next, to enable a student to develop a truly sound base for the discipline he or she is interested in.

Moreover each higher levels of education, there is no mechanism worth its name to help a student in gauging his or her potential or in deciding on a suitable academic career.

(C) Multiple of educational systems: There are many systems are working here, resulting is not synergy, but social division and conflicts. For example: – We have English medium schools, Urdu medium schools and religious madarsas. Student coming out of English especially good private sector schools, have little or no awareness of their religion and culture. Where as those passing out from Urdu medium schools are usually destined to work in clerical and lower level positions.

Religious madarsas churn out yet another class that are usually unaware of the world outside their own and, with their strong sectarian prejudice and little or no training in modern disciplines, are usually ill-equipped to inter act meaning fully with the larger society and are also historic at times in spreading sectarianism.

There should be improved training and educational opportunities for a student is in rural and remote areas.

Primary education must be free and compulsory for all boys and girls. Programs and services should be organized for their education.

1. Comprehensive Education

Cultural and Linguistic diversity, community access schools, supportive school environment , policies and frame works on education learning difficulties all these features understanding and their implementation can bring about many changes in our country. Then the rush for leaving the village or remote places and joining the nearest town and cities would slow down and improve their way of life. Remote education may enable Pakistan to accelerate the pace of progress and get rid of all the wavering and hesitation prevailed in the country for the last 10 – 15 years. This will smoother up Pakistan’s entrance and substance in the new millennium.

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Medical Alert Systems

Medical alert systems are typically wearable diabetes necklaces, pendants, control keys, watches as well as necklaces that incorporate the patient’s illness, blood type, allergy symptoms along with additional vital details. The system signals family members, friends, physicians and healthcare facility emergency personnel respond effectively to a sufferer’s ailment should the affected person be unconscious or even incoherent or unaccompanied in the emergency situation.

Even though such alert devices utilizing panic calls had been initially designed for older people, they’ve proven to be great for sufferers of every age group who are suffering severe medical conditions such as bronchial asthma, hypersensitivity, cardiovascular system problems, fainting,, as well as other various health care disorders which would demand proper treatment when the need arise and no time will be misused diagnosing a individual’s affliction.

The medical pendant can be designed from precious metals – gold or silver. At a glance they do not appear to be health care systems but designer accents. The units are etched with the person’s home phone number as well as other details together with his or her healthcare needs. On the other hand, they are equipped with alarms that switch on the built in transmitting device that links to phone lines and/or radio frequencies get in touch with family and the individual’s doctor.

Wearable medical alert systems need to be picked carefully as these aren’t affordable. You cannot afford to stake your life with questionable and inexpensive systems or go with a system which is not guaranteed. Commonly these products are donned as necklaces, watches, as well as charms. Looks can be significant but it is important to choose one with exceptional alert devices. It should furthermore have a back-up battery power in the event of an electric outage.

Since it actively works to notify the station that is plugged into a telephone of healthcare locations nearby, the necklace needs to fit comfortably and needs to easily be moved without needing to remove it. Picking your medical wristband or watch furthermore requires deciding on the medical system. If there is an urgent situation the patient can get in touch with their health practitioner promptly. Therefore, it truly is fully necessary the system has to have extremely receptive microphones as well as audio for sharp quality of sound.

These kinds of alarm products may have a useable distance Four hundred to Six-hundred ft. With the base centrally situated, the system can easily grab impulses anywhere the sufferer is. The patient may be in the bathroom or living, away from your sight, however the response center can pick up any signals and warn you of the patient’s condition. These devices also has a back up warning. If the system is still un-activated for Twelve hours, a medical staff is routed to check up on the sufferer.

When choosing a medical alarm, go through the patient’s ailment. Disabled individuals will need to have products with soft control keys. Furthermore look for the level of transmitting in all sides of the home.

These kinds of devices are excellent life savers but it’s simple to wear it and in situations of emergency, doctors know how to proceed while not going through the entire routine of screening for blood-type and allergic reactions.

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Music History – Hip Hop, Rap, R&B

In the early 1970s, the cultural movement of hip hop music was born. Hip hop’s fast paced music style is made of two parts; the rhythmic delivery of rap and the use ofinstrumentation by a DJ. Hip hop music also brought with it a fashion of its own, the fashion helped to represent this newly created music.

Hip hop music has its roots from West African music and African-American music. The first rap song to be put onto a vinyl record was, “Rapper’s Delight”, a song by the Sugarhill Gang back in the 1970s. This is when block parties started becoming the norm in New York City, which gave hip hop and rap the chance to explode in popularity. Hip hop’s instrumentation came from funk, R&B, and disco, when combined together make this dynamic type of music. When the DJs at these block parties learned what the people liked, they began mixing these vinyl records and created music that played continuously with amazing transitions between

songs. Hip hop was actually created by a DJ named Kool Herc, a Jamaican that had moved to the United States with a style that consisted of mixing music by using two copies of the same record. Many of the poor Jamaican’s in the town could not afford vinyl records, so huge stereo systems were set up so that many could here the rhythmic beats. These stereo systems were the kick-off for the beginning of the

evolution of block parties. So with the musical talent of these amazing DJs, with the use of vinyl record mixing, the culture of hip hop and rap music was born.

History of R & B

R&B, which stands for Rhythm and Blues, was the greatest influence on music around the world for most of the 20th century’s second-half. Rhythm and Blues is a term with a broad sense, but typically recognizing black-pop music. This type of music was introduced to the world by artists’ combining the music styles of jazz and blues. R&B is actually what was later developed into what we know as rock and roll. In the 1970s, the term R&B was being used to describe soul and funk music styles, which today we know it describes Rhythm and Blues. Along with being influenced by jazz and blues, R&B also had influences from gospel and disco music. Disco’s downturn in the 1980s opened the door for R&B to truly take-off in popularity.

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Diatoms: Interesting Facts

Diatoms are tiny single-celled organisms that make up diatomaceous earth. They were first discovered in 1702 by Anton van Leeuwenhoek and for hundreds of years these microscopic creatures have been studied and analyzed. Richard B. Hoover contributed to this research by travelling the world, studying diatoms and collecting new species. In a June 1979 Edition of National Geographic, he published his exciting findings on these extraordinary organisms.

Below are some of the most exciting and intriguing findings regarding diatoms:

  • While studying a diatom collection in Belgium, that had been dried on paper in 1834, Richard B. Hoover was shocked to find that after adding water to a slide, the diatoms were revived and began to swim around… after nearly 150 years!
  • More than twenty-five thousand species of diatoms have been discovered, none of which have the same shell.
  • Diatoms exist in large numbers in most bodies of water throughout the world. In fact, just one liter of seawater can contain as many as ten million diatoms!
  • The greatest numbers of diatoms exist in cold oceans.
  • Diatoms can thrive wherever there is light, water, carbon dioxide, and nutrients. In some cases diatoms can even live out of the water – in moist conditions, they are able to live in topsoil, or attached to moss, tree trunks and even brick walls.
  • Diatoms are very resilient and can endure lengthy droughts.
  • Diatoms vary greatly in size, with the largest measuring only one millimeter across.
  • A species of diatom found on Cape Cod, known as Hantzschia virgata, bury themselves in the sand when the tide is in. Just after the tide goes out, the diatoms glide to the surface in order to sunbathe. Their timing is impeccable, as they know precisely when to bury themselves back in to the sand, retreating just moments before the tide returns. In fact, it was discovered that even after keeping these diatoms for weeks in a laboratory their timing remained constant. They continued to dig in and out of the sand with such amazing accuracy that their actions could be used to predict the tide!
  • Diatoms are impressive shell builders. They transform dissolved silicon into a silica almost identical to the gemstone opal.
  • Diatoms contribute enormous amounts of oxygen to our atmosphere.
  • Huge numbers of diatoms die and sink to the bottom of river, lake and ocean beds. In some areas, sea floors can be covered in a layer as deep as 984 feet (300 meters)! Over many years these layers of dead diatoms fossilize and become rich deposits of diatomaceous earth, or diatomite.

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The Essence Of Photography – Light

Coming at photographic creativity utilizing some artistic principles allows you to view the world through a slightly different lens than most. All the tips, tutorials, tricks and techniques that you can easily learn by doing a quick online search are predicated on one underlying principle, photography is about painting with light. In fact the actual word photography itself comes from a combination of two Greek words: Photo, meaning light and graphia: meaning writing or drawing. Hence photography equals painting with light – literally.

Light sits at the heart of photography, without it there would not be any! This is photography at its most fundamental core. Without light it doesn’t matter about composition, subject or the myriad number of settings available to us as photographic creatives, and yet it is one of the last things that a lot of photographers actually think about.

Keeping in mind the message that lies behind the imagery that you are trying to create is key in this process. The best lighting does not always mean sunrise or sunset. Perhaps the mood that you are trying to portray is one of harshness – midday to mid-afternoon sun! Or the darkness and bleakness in a scene – the lighting condition just prior to a storm. The conditions need to complement and enhance the mood, feelings and emotions that you are trying to capture in that one split moment.

Sometimes we get blessed with the correct natural lighting conditions at just the right moment. Other times we’re not so lucky. Be patient and don’t rush because all it takes is a couple of minutes in the right conditions for an ordinary photo to become an absolute masterpiece. This is one of the key differences between a hobbyist who just ‘snaps and captures a moment in time’ and someone that is passionate about their creativity.

A burning desire to capture not just the moment but to capture and relay all the emotion, feelings and the story behind the scene.

Everybody’s journey in life is different with completely unique experiences. Some photographers or as I like to call them, creative artists have the time and freedom to be able to visualize a scene in their minds and literally wait weeks, months or even years for the correct lighting and conditions to happen to make their masterpiece. Others don’t have that option and that’s neither good nor bad.

Sometimes we just have to make the best out of the moments that we do have, as long as we all keep following the light!

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Sony Ericsson W660i – A Fun Companion

The Sony Ericsson W660i is one of the fresh Walkman models that marks the second generation of Walkman phones with 3G compatibility. This newest arrival is a part of its company's scheme of making the Walkman portfolio strong, with at least one Walkman model across every price band. From the highly affordable W220i to the touchscreen W960i featuring a massive 8GB memory pool – there is a Walkman phone for everyone. The Sony Ericsson W660i comes in as a mid-high ranged handset in a simple candy bar solution, but with enhanced features that includes 3G connectivity and a multi megapixel camera.

This music solution contains the same high standards of 'Walkman' sound. Empowered with an upgraded Walkman media player v2.0, the Sony Ericsson W660i plays media files in popular formats with great clarity, producing even the most minority of sound effects. You may opt to listen to music on your latest headphones or on a chic wireless stereo headphones apart from the standard ones shipped with the handset. Designers of the Sony Ericsson W660i has made sure that when it comes to music, you never have to make any compromises. Internal memory pool of 16 Mb is supplemented by a 512 Mb external memory card. If needed be, you can upgrade it up to 2GB. The handset's on board FM radio with RDS is a great way to unwind to your favorite genre of music or catch up on latest news.

The main camera of the Sony Ericsson W660i is 2.0 megapixel, that can produce stills with resolution as high as 1600 x 1200 pixels. The handset also supports video recording at 15 frames per second. Connectivity tools and options loaded in the Sony Ericsson W660i makes mobile imaging even more exciting. Usual ways of sharing pictures and videos goes to the next level with the handset's pre set picture blogging profile. Do not confine your moments of joy or pure wackiness to a selected few. Tell the world what you did or doing through picture blogging. After all, high data upload and download speed is the USP of any 3G phone. The Sony Ericsson W660i is no exception.

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Investment Property – Leveraging Rental Property Equity

Owning investment property is a tremendous wealth building strategy. Thousands upon thousands of individuals have amassed great wealth by investing in rental properties.

Unfortunately, few investment property owners learn how to leverage equity in a way that maximizes tax duties while creating and locking in equity gains. Instead, they leave them open to price fluctuations in the residential property market. These fluctuations can wipe out or severely reduce equity positions in property.

Housing Boom To End?

There is little doubt we are coming to the end of a huge boom market in residential properties. For the last four years, properties have appreciated at unheard of rates. The question, of course, is what happens when the market cools off? Will we simply see a price plateau or an actual drop in prices? While nobody is sure, the clear consensus is property owners should move to preserve equity while they can.

Protecting Equity Gains

Protecting equity gains in your investment property requires careful planning. This leveraging strategy is fairly simple, but can sound complex. Please keep in mind this is just an introduction to the investment property tax strategy. You will need to contact us to learn more.

The investment property tax strategy protects your equity gains by separating and leveraging them. The leveraging process is best explained with an example.

Scenario 1 – Without Tax Strategy

Assume you purchased a rental property in 1999 for $ 250,000 with nothing down. As of July 2005, the combination of loan payments and appreciation has been resolved in a gain of $ 250,000. You have amassed wealth, but all of it is at risk. If prices drop twenty percent over the next year, you will lose $ 100,000 of your equity in the rental property.

Scenario 2 – With Tax Strategy

We are going to use the same exact scenario. It is July 2005, you have $ 250,000 in rental property equity, but all of it is risk. You decide to implement the investment property tax strategy and the following occurs.

Our goal is to protect the $ 250,000 in gain on the rental property while also maximizing tax reductions. The first step is to refinance the property with, typically, an interest only loan. A percentage of the equity gain is taken out of the property and placed into an equity index insurance product. The equity percentage is arrived at by determining the payment amount you can afford on the loan. Typically, it is tailor to match your current loan payment amount.

Going back to our scenario, what happens if property prices pull back 20% over the next year? You do not suffer the loss of $ 100,000 because the gain is sitting in your equity index insurance product. Essentially, it is a wash and you have protected the capital gains while capturing a stock market-based rate of return.

Ah, but it gets better.

Equity Index Insurance

The investment grade insurance product is not just any policy. Instead, the policy we use is tied to a stock market index. What if the stock market suffers a loss? Not to worry, this policy carries a guarantee that you will never lose a dollar, even if the market crashes. If the stock market did crash, the policy would simply credit you with nominal growth for the year in question. In all other years, the policy would grow with the stock market. On top of all of this, the money in the insurance product grows tax-free.

So, what has been completed? First, you have protected your rental property equity gains from home price fluctuations. Second, you have leveraged your equity into two growth channels, the stock market and appreciating house prices. Third, you have converted taxable growth [property awareness] into tax-free growth [insurance].

With housing markets ready to cool down, this strategy effectively locks in your profits. Preserving equity gains should be a primary goal of any investment property owner.

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Real Estate Valuation

The Approaches to Establishing Property Value

Sales Comparison Approach

The sales comparison approach is used at property tax hearings for houses, land and owner-occupied buildings. It is sometimes used for income properties as a secondary method of valuation. To perform the sales comparison approach you need information on sales of property similar to your property. You can obtain this information from a variety of sources including the appraisal district, real estate appraisers, brokers and third party vendors. Inspect and photograph the comparable sales making detailed notes regarding differences between the comparable sales and your property. Then make adjustments for differences between the subject property and comparables. Adjust comparable sales to the subject property. For example, if a comparable sale has four bedrooms and your home has three bedrooms, make a downward adjustment to the sales price to the comparable sale to bring it down to the level of your house. Select sales as similar as possible to the subject property to minimizeize adjustments. Comparable sales data is given strong consideration in property tax hearings for houses, land and owner-occupied commercial buildings.

Income Approach

The income approach is typically used for income properties. The basic theory is that investors purchase income properties for the income stream they produce. This income stream can be converted to an indication of market value for the property. The primary steps in the income approach are to estimate the potential gross income using rent comparables and information relating to actual income at the subject property. An allowance for vacancy is estimated based on the performance of the subject property and average vacancy in the area. Operating expenses are estimated using actual expenses at the subject property and market expenses for similar properties. The net operating income is calculated by deducting vacancy and operating expenses from the potential gross income. Net operating income is converted to an indication of market value by dividing it by the capitalization rate.

Cost Approach

The cost approach is not typically used at property tax protest hearings except for new buildings. Appraisal districts often use the cost approach for properties up to two or three years old. After that, they typically use either the sales comparison approach or income approach depending on the type of property. The assessment district will apply the cost approach for a new property by adding the market value of the land (typically the purchase price) to the construction costs for the building. In addition, they may add an allowance for soft costs and for entrepreneurial profit. If the sum of land and construction cost exceeds the appraisal district's assessed value, it is unlawfully they will reduce the assessed value in the property tax hearing. However, if the sum of land and construction cost is less than the appraisal district's initial assessed value, providing this information at the hearing will likely generate a reduction in your assessed value and property taxes.

Uniform and Equal Approach

The Texas Property Tax Code was amended in 2003 to allow property tax for property owners to protest based on "a reasonable number of comparable properties appropriately adjusted." This new section of the Texas Property Tax Code allows a protest based on a limited number (sometimes 3 to 10) of assessment comparables. Some ambitious districts agree and are considering protests under the section. Others have chosen to interpret this section differently.

To prepare a protest using Uniform and Equal, gather data on estimated values ​​for property similar to your property. Make adjustments for significant differences between the comparison comparisons and your property. This can include items such as building size, land size, number of bedrooms, number of bathrooms, size of garage, site influences, age, etc. Make negative (downward adjustments) to an assessment comparable for items that are superior in the assessment comparable. For example, if the assessment comparable has four bedrooms and your house has three bedrooms, make a downward adjustment to the assessed value for the assessment comparable for this item. After applying appropriate adjustments to the assessment comparables, calculate the median level of assessment for the assessment comparables. The median is the middle data point after the adjusted assessment comparables are arrayed in order of increasing or decreasing (on a per square foot value basis). Multiply the median per square foot assessed value times the size of your property (improved area) to calculate the value your home should be assessed for based on Uniform and Equal. Section 41.43 of the Texas Property Tax Code provides you the opportunity to protest using this methodology. However, do not be surprised if your local appraisal district is not receptive to this method of protest. The advisory division of O'Connor & Associates is a national provider of investment real estate appraisal services including commercial real estate appraisals, commercial comparable sales database, San Antonio commercial comparable sales [ PgType = Commercial% 20Comparable% 20Sales% 20% 20San% 20Antonio.htm], Austin commercial comaprable sales [ Htm], indemnation appraisals, due diligence, residential appraisals and investment hypotheses.

All commercial property types benefit from our assessment services including nursing homes, discount stores, truck terminals, tennis clubs, supermarkets, country clubs, medical offices, mini-warehouses, restaurants, vacant lands, skating rinks, community shopping, centers, power centers, Car wash facilities and service stations.

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Women & Chocolate

Sinful is how women has always described chocolate. But yes so, do you know that 99% of all women love chocolate and that they may actually prefer chocolate more to than sex?

What exactly about chocolate is it so wonderful? Well, in fact it is not just the women who love it but almost everyone would love it too. I believe you enjoy chocolate just as much? It always feels so nice to have it melted in your mouth, delivering its wonderful taste right through your tongue, does not it?

Well its wonderful taste aside, chocolate contains phenylethylamine – the same chemical that is released in your brain when you fall in love; Leading to that increase in the pounding of your heart, feeling of a sudden gush of excitement. "Love Chemical" is what some would call it. It is also believed by researcher that phenylethylamine in turn causes the brain to release mesolimbic dopamine in the pleasure centers of the brain, another chemical where its presence is at peak during an orgasm.

Neverheless, the sweetness from chocolate also triggers the release of endorphins. Think about those blissful feeling you had after a wonderful session of lovemaking. That is the effect from the production of endorphins in your body. Sometimes that is why some women actually remarked that they felt a feeling of elation when eating chocolate.

Well, a perfect gift for your love, chocolate will be. Just like buying roses during Valentine's Day, chocolate can never go wrong. In fact, the two could have been the best combination ever. Do you know that roses also contain the "Love Chemical", Phenylethylamine? That explains for its distinct scent.

Giving of chocolate, as gifts of love has been long popular in Japan since the late 1950s. A bit different though; During Valentine's Day, the ones doing the giving are the women instead and usually, chocolates were sent as gifts to confess their love for that special guy. Heart-shaped chocolates would usually be given. To neutralheless balance out this unique custom, "White Day" was later invented in Japan. On 14th of March it falls, one month after Valentine's Day exactly. During this day, guys who received the chocolate will be given the chance to reciprocate their valentine gifts with soft, fluffy marshmallows. This would be the happiest day for girls who receive their fluffy gifts. Is not it so lovely?

Well, giving of chocolate as a gift of love has today, definitely become more and more popular. Along with the greeting card, your message of love will be delivered. Filled with your most genuine love, each chocolate will contain. Melting one's heart as they melt in the mouth, warm up their heart as sweetness run through their tongue.

Why not send some to your loved ones today, brightening up their day with a chocolate so full of love.

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