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Beginners Running Tips – What Running Schedule Should Beginners Use?

When you're starting out to be a runner, it is often difficult to know what is a correct schedule – how often should you run. It's easy to find examples of people doing it every day – which is great if you've been a runner for some time. But for beginners, running everyday can look more like a chore than anything else.

Here's a tip – if you are a beginner or just starting out, start slow. You need to give your body time to adjust. For most people, becoming a runner is very different than what their bodies are used to. Show your body how easy it is. Do not overexert yourself – let running become enjoyable; something you WANT to do.

For beginners, the optimal schedule would be to run 3 or 4 times a week, with at least a day's rest in between. Start out by doing it 3 times a week, moving towards running every other day as you get better. When you get used to it (but ONLY when you get used to it), you can move on to running every day.

Having that day of rest is important – especially for beginners – for two reasons. First, it gives you time to adjust. Think of it this way – if you hit yourself with a hammer, it hurts but you'll get over it; If you hit yourself with a hammer two times in a row, you'll want to throw the hammer away. The day of rest reduces the stress that your body will get from the change of habit.

The second reason for why the day of rest is important is physiological. When you're running, your muscles will be working more than usual. Increased stress causes your muscles to adjust, which takes time. The day of rest gives your muscles time to grow and change – which makes you a better runner over time. That is why the day you DO NOT run is just as important as the day you DO.

The general tip for beginner runners is to UNDER-perform; to run less often, slower, and for a shorter time than you can. This does two things. First, it sends a message to your subconscious mind, saying "see, nothing to it." Second, it leaves you wanting more – you want to run longer, faster, more often. So the next time you go out running, you're fulfilling a desire you have, and not doing something you have to do.

This may seem inefficient at first. But remember – the goal a beginner runner needs to have initially, is to turn running into a habit. It generally takes about 28 repetitions for something to become a habit – so it will take a few weeks of "slow" runs to get you going. But as you begin doing it habitually, the result will be magical.

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How to Use eBay and Online Auction Sites For Beginners

When it comes to online auction sites, eBay is king. I have made around 200 transactions through eBay and have had a positive experience that far. You can just about find anything imaginable on eBay from popular new items like unlocked smart phones to a million dollar mansion on your very own island.

If you are a first timer eBayer, I would suggest bidding on a small inexpensive item, so that you can get used to the process start to finish (bidding, paying, and giving feedback). This process will hopefully also boost your own eBay identity through feedback, giving buyers and sellers more confidence about what kind of eBayer you are.

There are a few points that one should keep in mind before buying and selling on eBay.

First, I would be wary of or avoid international sellers (sellers that are outside of the US), until you are a more seasoned eBayer. There are many ins and outs to international shipping costs, duties, taxes and other details that can make overseas transactions a hassle. I think for your first purchase you should shoot for a smooth transaction and stick with an item that is currently residing in your own country.

Second, you should really know about the item that you are bidding on (or selling for that matter), and make sure that the item in the auction is indeed the same. A little research online will save you a lot of heads in the long run when you have any doubts. By searching the make and model of items and any other important information about the items you are selling or buying, you will reduce the risk of buying something you did not want in the first place. If you are still not sure you can always contact the seller directly and ask them any questions (usually in regards to condition, size, and age).

Thirdly, check out the seller's feedback and comments made from past customers. The feedback and comments section really tells you what you can expect if you should buy something from that particular individual. Also, do not forget to check out the shipping costs, since you will be paying what is posted on the item page. Many eBayers will pump up the shipping costs on reliably cheap items to increase their profit, which are in some cases way out of line.

Lastly, have fun. There are very few items that I have not found on eBay. It is a truly wonderful resource for saving money, collecting, and even making money.

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The Beginners Guide to PHP

What Is PHP?

The full form of PHP is Hypertext PreProcessor and is a server-side scripting language. The PHP code can be combined with regular HTML tags and parsed on the server. The creator of PHP, Rasmus Lerdorf first displayed the language in the form of a Perl script . In 1997 it was adapted by Andi Gutmans and Zeev Suraski to use a C-written compiler. They completely reconstructed the original PHP into the web language that we know and use today.

Uses of PHP

It is used in the creation of dynamic web pages. Web developers like it because of its fast parsing and flexibility and versatility. PHP is a popular tool for managing a form’s data after it is submitted and comes built in with many different interfaces and API’s. It has database capability built into the language, the most common database being MySQL. Typically the PHP can connect to any SQL enabled database.

The Syntax of PHP is similar in structure to Perl and C where curly braces { } define blocks of code and semi-colons specify the end of a statement PHP is as easy to learn as Perl. It maintains all the traditional loops, if/else, and subroutines that are expected in a programming language. One difference between the two is that the code’?’ is embedded in with the HTML; you could however, use a separate file. The PHP code is different from HTML code by use of the opening and closing tags. When it finds a PHP file, it tells the server to scan through for these tags, and execute the code in between them. The server recognizes a PHP enabled file by its extension, .php. These are essentially HTML files with PHP codes in them.

Getting Started

To start PHP requires a server with PHP installed and a simple ASCII text editor such as Notepad or VI, eMacs, Kate, etc. for a UNIX/Linux machine.

What are the problems faced by PHP?

It is case sensitive. For example if you name a variable $MyVar, you cannot call it as $myvar or $mYvAr. In case you forget to close your curly brackets, then it helps to indent lines inside the curly braces so that any missing braces can be spotted easily.

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How to Choose the Right Fabric and Colors For Quilting Beginners

The fabric of choice for quilt making is 100% cotton. It is very easy to work with and durable. Today we are extremely lucky to have the selection of cottons that are on the market. I am always amazed at the number of bolts of fabric produced to feed our passion, and make our dream creations come to life. The fabric stash has become a point of pride for a great many quilt makers. A good friend referees to it as her retirement account; it will certainly be more valuable as time goes by. My fabric stash just sees to grow on its own. I usually just buy fabrics that appeal to me at the time with the philosophy that everything will eventually go together in some fashion.

Fabric selection is probably the most important aspect of your quilt project. No matter what type of quilt you are making, the colors and values ​​of the fabrics allow the design to be seen. Once you choose a quilt pattern analyze the design for values ​​and your fabric selection will be simplified and your quilt will look like the design you have chosen no matter what colors you decide to use.

Color is usually what draws us into the design and quite often determinates whether or not we like the quilt. Make sure you keep an open mind when viewing and choosing a quilt design. Dont let a color you are not fond of determine your choice. I am a traditional quilter in that I work with what I have. Looking at the great outdoors has convinced me that all colors go together. The only thing I know about the color wheel is that it is round. I am told I have an intuitive color sense, since that works for me I just dive into the stash and go from there. You may want to take a color class or read one of the many books available on the subject. You can always round it of with strong color in the quilt binding to perfectly frame your piece.

For me the most important attribute of the fabric is not the color but the value. Is it a dark green or a medium green? The difference in the values ​​(light to dark) allows you to see the individual pieces that make up the design. I love the crisp look of high contrast so my work usually starts with a light and a dark fabric. I use these to establish the important aspects of the design ie star points and then fill in with the medium color values ​​to complete the design. The closer the color values ​​the more the pieces will blend together, the farther away the color values ​​are, the greater the contrast and the more definite the design. So if you are just beginning to make sure when you pick fabrics that you have a range of color value.

The scale of the print in the fabric is also important and plays an important role in the quilt design. Just as the value of the fabric makes a difference in the definition of the design, so does the scale of the print. If all small prints are used the quilt will have a quiet overall feel to it. Varying the scale of the print will add interest. If you choose a print with large flowers or other motifs do not be fooled by the background of the print. Once you cut that print up you will loose the overall background color impression. You may choose a fabric with large pink and blue flower with green leaves printed on a black background. Do not expect the black to be dominant. You may end up with pieces that have no black on them at all.

Because my design style is spontaneous, I usually do not know what the quilt will look like when I start; I just start and let the fabrics tell me what to do. Since I am the queen of the half yard cut I quite often run out of fabric. I do not let it bother me I just go looking for another piece of fabric. Whether I go shopping in my stash or the quilt shop I decide on the value of the fabric needed, not the color. This allows me more choices. If your color options are open it is easier to insert the correct value. This method of fabric selection works well for me and has led to many unexpected color choices. I generally make each fabric choice when I get to it.

In over 20 years of quilt making I have purchased all the fabrics for a quilt at once, just three or four times that I can remember. Even if you make all your fabric choices at one time, do not be surprised if once you get started they dont work together the way you thought they would and never hesitate to change your mind and use a different fabric. That is not only what fabric stashes are for but one way they are built or added to. Remember that two pieces of fabric constituents a collection, and it is always appropriate to add to collections.

More quilting tips and advice for Quilting beginners can be found at .

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Model Trains For Beginners – Are Model Trains For You?

Why are you interested in model trains?

I know, seems like a pretty obvious question, but the answer is the starting point to getting the most out of the hobby. Model railroading can be a very complex and multifaceted. Not to fear though, it can be broken down into less embarrassing easier to understand aspects. When you break the hobby down into main categories, you will start to see that it's all a matter of where your interests are.

Here are the main categories:

1) Planning and Design
– Scale selection / space limitations
– Track layout design
– Structure placement
– Scenery and / or recreation
– Control and wiring design
– Train set selection

2) Construction
– Table construction
– Building realistic scenery
– Track and switch construction
– Running wires
– Building switch boards
– Drilling, cutting, gluing, shaping, etc.

3) Operating
– Watching the trains run
– Simulating real-life schedules and situations
– Operating turnouts

4) Maintenance
– Keeping track and trains clean
– Tinkering and fine-tuning
– Expanding and improving

Think of the part (s) that you are most interested in. Although all of the above aspects are a necessity to some degree, each one can get as simple or as detailed as you like. If you are particularly interested in one area over another, you will be able to design your railroad around your interests. Remembering your motivations early on will allow you to leave room for the aspects that are most interesting to you.

For example, if you really enjoy the construction side, then you may want to leave plenty of room for expansion. On the other hand, if you just want to make a small layout for your children to enjoy, then you may want to keep things simple. Some people enjoy operations and simulating real-life routes, while others would rather be building scenery and working on the track more than running on it. There are many different motivations for getting into the model train hobby, all of which are great ones.

Your motivation will affect almost every aspect of your model railroad, so think about it carefully before you dive in. Are you a tinkerer, an operator, a planner, or a combination? Make sure you can answer the question, "Why start a model railroad?", And you'll be starting off on the right foot. Use this knowledge to plan and design your layout accordingly, and this hobby will be rewarding for many years.

Happy Railroading!

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Proven Blogging Services – Stop Doubting – Start Reading!

Yowsa, there seems to be quite a rush to find out about proven blogging services these days., The news looks to feature the search engine loved vehicles more and more in an economy that is struggling to find ways for web owners to best use their limited marketing dollars.

Proven blogging services actually comes in many different shapes and sizes … and PRICES! All with varying degrees of efficiencies.

For the larger companies where money is less of an object (when it comes to getting blogs written to get web traffic) there is actually less strategic usage of blogs. The biggest companies know that they need to be in the blogging space and so they have agencies that handle the writing of their blogs for them?

But there is little there that deals with the brokerage of keywords.

Huge advantage for you!

By systematically knowing exactly which keywords you want to optimize each blog post for, and by knowing the amount of competitive webpages that are also targeting their efforts on that keyword, you can actually go into web blog battle with the end goal of CONSTANTLY arriving on the first page of Google every time!

The best online marketers use proven blogging services to go after and GET the keywords that they know they will rank for.

Imagine being far more systematic with your blog. Imagine creating a process that allowed you to find the keywords that you have the potential to rank for and then having writers write to that keyword and then having social bookmarks applaud that post every time … adding your spot on page one.

How cool would that be?!?

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Blogging To Promote An Internet Business

If you operate an Internet business you are probably always looking for new and innovative means of promoting your product or service. Of course, cost always is a factor as it would be in any type of marketing plan. This is where starting a blog can prove helpful as it has the ability to promote a business in an extremely cost effective manner. After all, there are a number of free blogging formats out there so right off the bat you are promoting your online business without an initial expenditure. You can not beat that!

Here is a common means of using a blog to promote a business. Let's say your business sells sporting goods. Obviously, it would be wise to launch a blog that covers sporting goods and the content of your blog will provide news, tips, product reviews and other interesting entries that will also include photos of products you are selling as well as links that direct to your site. For example, you can review a Wilson catchers mitt and include a picture of one as well as a link that leads to the sale page for that particular catchers mitt. Does this sound pretty easy? If it does it's because … it is!

If there were any trick that could make this venture successful it would be consistency and volume. That is, you would greatly benefit by adding three short blog entries (150 – 200 words) five days a week. Be sure that these entries are interesting and well written because if the value and quality of the writing is poor, well, the whole plan is doomed to failure. Also, it is absolutely CRITICAL to optimize your blog and pull in as much traffic as possible. After all, if no one sees your blog then no one is going to click your links! One of the best ways of boosting traffic to your blog would be writing 1 – 2 short articles for article directories that link to your blog. If this looks like a lot of work you may even wish to outsource some or all of the blog writing because consistency is absolutely critical for success with this type of promotional blogging venture.

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Make Money Online – What Are The 7 Newest Ways

The number of web workers has unduly increased in the past years. The Internet has continuously provided more jobs so that you too can join this increasing number. You probably know those traditional ways to make money online – from eBay to affiliate marketing to advertising. What will be presented below are the novel and newer ways by which you can earn through the Internet. Here they are:


Blogs have exploded all over the Internet. You too can come up with your own blog, show off your writing skills and write good content. You can get yourself noticed by linking to blog network sites and posting comments to that of others'. When you have established your presence in the web, sign up with sites which are looking for and willing to pay bloggers with good ideas and skills.

Offer professional expertise

These days, you do not only sell merchandise in the Internet, you can sell off your professional expertise as well. There are good project-oriented, freelancing sites which you can sign up with. You can offer your bids, proposals or ideas and make money online for every successful project.

Sell ​​your photos through stock photography websites

If you have the knack in photography, you can build a secondary income stream by selling your photos online. You can showcase your talent easily in public, although there may be a great amount of competition.

Assist other web workers virtually

Small businesses and online freelancers actually need all the help they can get with their business. You can be of help to them and make money online by being a virtual assistant. As an assistant, you will be assigned to do a variety of jobs depending on what is needed – from making reservations to accounting, right down to customer service. The good news is that you can do all these at the comforts of your very own home.

Provide support and service for open source (free) software. You will be amazed to know that there are a good number of people who do not have that much technical know-how when it comes to software and the Internet. If you have technical skills, you can take advantage of free software to make money online. You can offer support for web content management systems such as Drupal or WordPress. They are quite easy to set-up, so once you are comfortable, you can easily help others do the same.

Write reviews

If you are one of the many who are addicted to blogging, you can actually make money online by doing book or product reviews. There are a number of sites which pay you to post reviews on your blog, so you may want to check it out.

Provide life coaching services online

Web workers need personal coaches just as any regular offline employee. You can easily get a coaching certification program, provide coaching services and slowly build your reputation online. You will be surprised to know just how many web workers there are in need of these services.

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Are You Desperate For Money?

It's no surprise that in today's economy, more people than ever are feeling "I am desperate for money". With jobs, home, income, and the stock market all on shaky ground, the desperate need for money is being heard loud and clear.

If you are in this situation, there are some important things to remember.

First of all, do not panic. it's actually much easier than you think to turn around your money woes and create something that will provide a stable, secure income for you and your family.

It takes a little planning and a good dose of common sense, but it can be done.

Let's see if you are really in a situation where you need to be desperate about money.

If you are:

1. Deeply in debt and having trouble making your minimum payments each month.
2. Being repeatedly hounded by bill collectors and creditors.
3. Cutting back excessively in your expenses to the point of discomfort.
4. Coming close to foreclosure on your home.
5. Heading towards bankruptcy.
6. Constantly stressed for money.
7. Having trouble sleeping, eating, or being happy because of money worries.
8. Feeling strained in your relationships because of money.
9. Barely making ends meet month after month.

If you have said "yes" to any of these, then you do need to take action to correct the situation right away.

Many people jump to the immediate "quick fix" of taking a part time job or going into debt consolidation. While these methods can provide a temporary "band aid" kind of relief, in the long run, then can have worse side effects than are worth it.

The most sensible and long term solution for not being in desperate need of money is to create more income through starting your own home business.

Most long-term home businesses will take time, effort, and patience to get up and running to the point where you can consider it a part or even full time income.

This is alright, and is to be expected.

But there are some ways to immediately get rid of the desperate need for money through online Internet marketing and home business strategies.

These are not the so-called "get-rich-quick" schemes that never work and only serve to frustrate anyone who tries them.

These are rather techniques from seasoned online Internet marketing experts who know how to generate money quickly, easily, safely, and comfortably so that one can create some income in the short term while growing their home business in the long term.

The key is to find the right experts with the right information in the right order who are willing to help others to eliminate the desperate need of money.

If you do this, then your money worries will be over.

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Do not Make These Mistakes With Your Blog

There are some basic tips that internet marketers and bloggers should take heed of when starting a blog, or marketing site for their business venture. Here are a few of these below. Through currently taking note of the snippets of advice online marketers can save themselves some heads later on down the line.

Always think business right from the start. Many marketers believe that the money comes after all else has been finished. Although this is certainly not the case. It is advisable to "think money making" from the very beginning. A blog is usually very easy to start up.

But if you do not monetize your blog as soon as possible, with advertising, your new patrons might just resist that advertisement later on. Get off the mark immediately, with good advertisements so that your blog or site visitors become accustomed to them. Place the opt-in box in a very prominent place.

Ideally you should create an opt-in list right at the start. You could probably not get many opt-ins simply by just having a box there, however, there is no harm in highlighting it prominently along the side of the blog. Together with your opt-in box, you should take care not to bury your cute RSS feed icon.

Many readers will be guided to subscribe to the feed. Some may hesitate to receive emails from you, but are going to much more willing subscribe via their RSS. You must get your readers interested in your story or article. Keep the readers' comments turned on if possible.

Place your social bookmark management tools in a prominent place to ensure that any visitors can take part in the content you post. You should welcome and encourage their comments and opinions, it really can create a loyal band of followers.

First and foremost because, before you commemorate your blog and your online marketing business, what will be an integral part of the entire venture, is the obligatory and sometimes feared, but oh so important search engine optimization process SEO.

In the absence of your keywords that are attached to your marketing efforts, you will be able to conjure up that natural SEO traffic, that can show ongoing visitor numbers without you needing to do anything else.

A lot of internet marketers and bloggers spend their time only thinking and toying around the concept of making cold hard cash. They think that by commercializing their blog, they may be somehow going against the grain of the Internet … wrong thinking!

When you approach online marketing and blogging in this manner, you are setting yourself up for failure, sometimes on a grand scale. You should be aggressive, but never ruthless, regarding your online business just as you would if you were opening a company in the offline environment.

You've probably considered all avenues of making profits, if you were to throw open a shop, or offer a particular service to the offline consumer. The world wide web marketing field is not any different. You have to be aware this is a venture you want to make income from using. So do not be at all timid. Timid does not take care of the bills and accounts.

You'll want to forgive all opportunities that are presented to you. Your new blog could be part one of your enterprise online.This is the medium by which you can discuss your goods and services that you intend offering to site visitors.

Be certain that it is your professional looking shop front to all and sundry, cyberspace can be an unforgiving place. Good luck guys!

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