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Five Tips for Ashtanga Yoga Beginners

If you had never had any exposure to Ashtanga yoga and you just enrolled yourself for a class at a local studio or a yoga retreat or a beginner’s workshop course, there is a possibility where you might be facing a bit of pre-yoga jitters. The question is how can you tackle this and how can you ensure that your yoga experience is nothing short of great and creates a platform for better understanding going forward. Well, it’s quite simple. Here are five tips that you help you glide through your Ashtanga yoga session and make you enjoy every moment of this experience.

Relax & Take it Easy: This is the first and foremost rule. Do not get unnecessarily worried or stressed about yoga. Just follow instructions and go with the flow. When you enroll for a class or a retreat, remember everyone around you is a pretty much at the same level as you are and more than excelling your peers, your target needs to be to enjoy this yogic experience. So relax completely, and instructors are generally very mindful of individual requirements even in a big class, and they will help you adapt your yogic experience as per the needs and stamina level that you have.

Slow & Steady Wins the Race: Don’t expect to perform like a pro on day one. Remember it is only with practice that you can achieve the balance and expertise of the yoga masters. Give yourself time to adapt your system as best to the requirements as possible. What this will help is not just improve your stamina, but you will also become capable of holding your asanas for that much longer without difficulty or any additional effort. The more effortless your exercise schedule becomes, the greater benefit you will be able to derive from it.

Correct Alignment is Crucial: This is a cardinal mistake that most beginners make. Instead of mastering the techniques correctly, they focus on trying to complete the asanas just like the masters. The disadvantage in doing this is your body is pushed to a state where it has still not reached, and this can even lead to potential injuries. This is exactly why it is very important that you pay close attention to the correct alignment techniques that yoga instructors would teach. These alignment techniques will enable better fruition of the yoga asanas and enable the yoga enthusiast to draw the deeper energies and unleash inner strength through them.

Breathing is Primary: Ashtanga Yoga is in many ways the most advanced formula of reining in your breath and helping unfold untold amount of inner strength and positive power. This is exactly why whether you are in relaxation poses or the midst of difficult asanas, never lose sight of the breathing rhythm. Remember if you can set your breathing right, your expertise in the yogic poses will come through automatically without too much of an effort. Correct breathing will also help you in getting rid of toxins much faster than you imagined.

Watch Your Lifestyle & Diet: Ashtanga Yoga is not just a few exercise routines but an overall life changing experience. Most instructors would give a diet chart in terms of the kind of food that benefits your body the most. It is always advisable to stick to this schedule and reap benefit of this. Your lifestyle too needs altering as most time meditation and pranayama are advised early in the morning. So if you need to wake up early, you would have to avoid late night parties to a certain extent as well.

Yogasana is all about reaching the point where your mind and body meet and become a single entity. It aims to bring forth all the positive forces together and help you channelize your energy constructively. The trick is to just let go with the flow.

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Wedding Traditions of Puerto Rico

A wedding is a joyous celebration and that is no different in Puerto Rico. There are a few traditions that are associated with a conventional Puerto Rican marriage. One of these traditions is the offering of the bride and groom a beverage called café con leche and is served in coconut cups.

The Bride’s Bouquet

Bridal bouquets in Puerto Rico are abundant with the amapola, which is a traditional flower often used at a Puerto Rican wedding. The bouquet may also contain a fan as it is a part of traditional wedding attire in Puerto Rico. The maids of honor also carry bouquets made of amapola flowers whether real or silk, and fans as these things are said to signify good luck for the couple.

Traditional Wedding Favors

Typical wedding favors presented to guests at a Puerto Rican wedding are called capias. They are narrow ribbons imprinted with the names of the bride and groom on one end and the date of the wedding on the other. The bride and groom snip them off the bouquet before they are pinned upon their guests by the happy newlyweds.

The Wedding Ceremony

A Puerto Rican wedding ceremony is similar to most others except for one thing. During the wedding ceremony, a priest will bless a plate of coins and gives it to the groom. Once the wedding vows have been exchanged, the groom gives the same plate of coins to his new wife as a gift to her. This gift is a symbol of prosperity and good luck for the marrying pair. While the ceremony is being performed, you can usually hear the soft strains of the sounds of coqui, lending the atmosphere a most romantic air.

At the Reception

Puerto Rican custom dictates that at the head of the main table, a doll that is similarly dressed as the bride is placed. The doll is covered with charms and these charms are passed out to the wedding guests. A typical Puerto Rican wedding cake is decorated with seashells and is often a rum, pineapple or coconut flavor.

Puerto Rican weddings are chock full of delicious foods and joyous music. For their first dance, the bride and groom might choose a traditional Puerto Rican waltz called a “danza criolla.” Centerpieces are usually made from palm trees and utilize “abeto” ferns and then decorated with shells. Candles are also popular as decorations at a traditional Puerto Rican wedding.

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Sporting You New Bikini

To plan for your beach party you would not only have to buy a new bikini but also remove the hair from the bikini line so that it doesn’t look odd when you sport your new bikini. Though there are several methods of doing this, using hair removal cream may be the best option because it is pain free and very simple to use.

You have limited options right now in front of you to get rid of your body hair at the bikini line quickly and easily. You would have to choose between waxing, shaving and using a hair removal cream. The other options just are not there yet.

The skin around the bikini line being extremely soft and sensitive shaving as a possibility may have to be ruled out. Saving makes the skin rough and result in cuts and infections too. The hair that grows back becomes rough and besides it starts it starts to itch.

Waxing as a procedure involves pulling the hair from its roots by force. When this is done, it is very painful and the skin surface also gets damaged. Therefore you may not be able to bear the pain especially in such a sensitive area around the bikini line.

Using a hair removal cream like Revitol would be the best choice for you. Using the cream takes only a few seconds to remove the hair with a soft wipe and there is no tearing of the skin or no pain at all. You skin remains soft and smooth as ever with no cuts and no razor marks or roughness.

It is only the Hair removal cream that does not have any painful method or other annoying effects that is present in other systems. This is definitely the best method of removing body hair for your body.

So do not forget to pack a hair removal cream tube in your toilet kit when you go on your holiday. Now you need to go looking for a beauty parlor and can say good by to other painful procedures for ever.

If you look at all the methods that are available for removal of body hair including shaving, waxing, electrolysis and laser treatment etc, using simple hair removal cream is definitely the safest method. This is perhaps the only method that does not involve any plucking, skin pulling or damage and leaves the sensitive skin with no damage.

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Cost Of Mesotherapy

The total cost of Mesotherapy depends on several factors and varies widely from one clinic to the other. Costs include consultation fees and treatment fees, which in turn depend on the level of expertise of the person providing treatment, the size and number of body areas to be treated, and the total number of treatment sessions needed.

The higher the certification of the individual providing treatment, the higher the cost usually is. A board-certified plastic surgeon will be more expensive than a nurse practitioner. Clinics with higher overhead will also be more expensive. It is best to consider at least a couple of options to determine the level of expertise and price range one is comfortable with.

In general, an initial consultation for a Mesotherapy treatment may cost between $50 and $500. During this consultation, a treatment plan is chalked out depending on whether the aim is to reduce cellulite, localized fat, or both.

Once the treatment plan is decided, a patient may undergo between four and ten treatment sessions. The total number of sessions depends on the type of treatment (cellulite reduction versus localized fat reduction), and area of the body that is being treated. For each area of the body being treated, such as the thighs or buttocks, one session may cost between $200 and $600. If the body area to be treated is the neck or eye, or face region, greater skill may be required and the cost accordingly goes up.

Because there are so many variables involved in the final bill for Mesotherapy, it is best to find out what costs are involved upfront. Mesotherapy is not covered by health insurance, and treatment costs can run into the thousands of dollars. Costs per injection session may not include drug and equipment costs. Certain treatments may also require follow-up after the initial injection treatment is completed, adding to the total cost.

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The Jonas Brothers – Mama's Boys Or Gentlemen?

When the Jonas Brothers' movie came out, it seemed everyone was focused on the young men's relationship to their mother and potential girlfriends with the term "mama's boys" getting thrown around. As an expert on mama's boys and daddy's girls, I have an answer as to whether or not the Jonas Brothers are mama's boys. The answer may surprise you.

There are a number of reasons why people speculate about whether or not Kevin, Joe, and Nick are mama's boys but the number one reason that attracts attention is their purity rings, signifying their promise to practice celibacy until marriage. While many of their fans have only learned about purity rings because of the Jonas Brothers, purity rings have been around for at least fifteen years among Evangelical Christians.

The brothers' parents are Evangelical Christians with their dad, Kevin, Sr. Being a former Assembly of God pastor. Kevin, Sr. And his wife, Denise, have taken an active role in their sons' careers in an effort to protect their children from the ravages of fame. The young men are receptive to their parents' leadership and are respectful, following in the religious belief system of their parents. Somehow, this has earned them the moniker, "mama's boys!"

For some reason, when a son wears a purity ring and takes that pledge, instead of people seeing it as part of his relationship with God, they assume it says more about his relationship to his mother. Maybe that is because they think such a pledge must make the mother breathe a huge sigh of relief! Similarly, many look at daughters who take the purity pledge and draw assumptions about their relationships with their fathers rather than looking at the girls' relationship with God.

The purity rings and pledge are viewed as an extension of the parents' control over their teenagers rather than as part of a teen's maturation process and ability to have his or her own relationship with God that includes responsibility and boundaries. Granted, many parents must appreciate the advantageous nature of the purity pledge and even use it to manipulate their teenagers. All they are really doing is manipulating their own selves into a comfort zone where they can feel their children are safe! Whether or not a teen takes that pledge in the first place or lives up to in the second place is absolutely a decision the teen or young adult makes.

That said, I do not make a connection between Kevin, Joe, and Nick taking the purity pledge and their potential being mama's boys. That pledge is born of their religion, family tradition, and loyalty.

Another thing that makes people think the Jonas Brothers are mama's boys is the amount to which their parents are in their lives and careers and on the road with them. However, both parents are present, not just mom. Nick has reportedly said, "We're just normal guys. We're not perfect. We're just living every day as it comes, trying to make our mom proud." It brings to mind the thing everyone, man or woman, is inclined to do the first time a movie camera is turned on him or her and that is to smile at the camera and say, "Hi, Mom!" Between childbirth and all the ways that mothers extend themselves and sacrifice for their children, mom tends to come first in all our hearts.

So, this is not a case of a stage mother hovering and overseeing. Both Jonas parents are involved in protecting their sons. In an interview with Rachel Ray last May, Denise said, "What has been so fabulous for us is we've remained a family unit and been able to be in tact as a family. And I've been able to be mom and Their life and their dad is there … "Denise says that she and Kevin, Sr. Practice gratitude, teaching their children to do so as well. What that means is that whenever anything good happens to them as individuals or a family, they take the time to thank God for it.

Denise's enthusiasm for being able to be in her sons' lives even as they pursue their rock and roll careers is not the joy of an overbearing, overprotective mother. It is, rather, the pleasure of a responsible mom and dad who have spent more than two decades training their sons to be responsible as well.

Mama's boys are created when the father is not able to extend the invitation to his sons to leave the sphere of influence of their mother and enter his sphere of influence where they can learn to become men, centered in the assurance of their own masculinity. That invitation is not given when the father is absent either physically, emotionally, or mentally. Also, usually, a father who himself is a mama's boy can not extend the invitation because he remains in his mother's sphere of influence.

Sons that are issued this invitation from the father, answer it over a period of years from ten years old into their teens. After they have spent time in their father's sphere of influence, being challenged by rites of passage and the competitive edge of keeping up with dad in conversation and intellect, sons are free to incorporate both parents' sphere of influence, creating balanced, grounded young men Who have more options for love and success in life.

In families where fathers extend the invitation to their sons to inter the father's sphere of influence, five things must occur.

1. The father (or significant male role model) must be physically available.
2. The father (or male role model) must be emotionally available.
3. The father (or male role model) must be able to "see" the son as a man.
4. The mother must honor and respect the father and masculinity in general.
5. The mother must release the son to the father.

Briefly and for the sake of parents of daughters, it is a similar situation where young women who are grounded in their femininity have been issued an invitation from the mother to leave the father's sphere of influence for a time and reenter the sphere of influence of the Mother. So, for that to happen, five things must occur.

1. The mother (or significant female role model) must be physically available.
2. The mother (or female role model) must be emotionally available.
3. The mother (or female female role model) must be able to "see" the daughter as a woman.
4. The father must honor and respect the mother and femininity in general.
5. The father must release the daughter to the mother.

From all outward appearances, the Jonas Brothers' parents are busy accomplishing all five of these requirements for raising sons who are grounded in their masculinity yet respectful of women. They are, in essence, old fashioned young gentlemen!

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How to Optimize or Tweak Your WordPress Website

WordPress is one of the most popular blogging platforms on the planet, and one of the easiest to use, but you do need to know some of the tricks and tweaks if you want a WordPress website to run at optimum speed. Here are some of the important things that you need to know if you want to optimize your WordPress website.

Install a caching plugin

The pages of WordPress website are dynamic, which means that they are created on screen for each instance. If you install a caching plugin, however, the screen view of a page is cached when it is loaded and then it is available again for other users to see without it having to be reloaded every single time.

Optimize your images

Images look great on a website and they do help to engage the reader, but they can also be very large files if you don’t optimize them for the web. Check the file sizes of your images and, for the large ones, edit them in a photo editing application and save them in one of the more efficient file formats, such as JPEG.

Don’t upload videos to WordPress

You can upload videos to your WordPress website, but that is a very inefficient way to display videos. It is much faster and it will take less bandwidth if you host your videos on a site like YouTube and then simply link to those videos from within your website.

Keep your WordPress website up to date

WordPress is frequently updated, as are some of the plugins that you are probably using, and it is important that you optimize your WordPress website by keeping up with those updates. Not keeping up with the updates could make your website slower and it could leave your site vulnerable to security threats.

Use slider plugins that have been optimized for speed

Slider plugins are great for adding a professional look to a website, but some sliders are very badly coded and they can slow up a WordPress website significantly. As a general rule, it is better to use fairly straightforward slider plugins and not the ones that have lots of flashy animation effects included with them.

Split very long posts into multiple pages

If you have very long posts, they can take a long time to load, especially if the post contains images as well. However, if you use the “next page” tag in WordPress, it will split a long post into separate pages that each page will be loaded only when the user clicks “next page”.

Use fast gallery plugins

If you are using a photo gallery plugin on your website that too could be slowing performance, so look for photo gallery plugins that are optimized for speed and test them first, before you start using them on your own site.

Limit the number of comments displayed

If you have lots of comments on your WordPress website that’s great news, because it means that you have an engaged and active audience, however, all those comments will be taking time to load. There is a simple setting in WordPress that you can change so that comments are split into separate pages rather than one big long list. Using that feature will speed up the loading of your content.

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A Day for Mothers

Mother's day is commonly celebrated during the second day of May. It is a world tradition which is done to honor mothers, motherhood, maternal bonds and the importance of mothers in the society in every part of the world. This celebration is renamed as an important day for every family; It is significant time of the year when mothers feel important and cherished. Although it is celebrated in different dates the essence of the day is more important than the date.

Back in 1912, Anna Jarvis branded the phrases "second Sunday of May" and "mother's day", and also created the Mother's day International Association. The apostrophe in the term "Mother's day" is specifically place in between the letters "R" and "S" which denotes a singular possessive term for each family and for their mother alone and not all the mothers around the world. In countries like the United States, Philippines, Brazil and other countries, This is celebrated in the month of May, specifically during the second Sunday. While in some Arab countries, it is celebrated in the month of March. In Roman Catholic churches, mother's day is associated with the devotion to Virgin Mary, the mother of Jesus Christ. During mother's day a special prayer service is done in her honor.

Gifts such as cards and flowers are often given to mothers by their family and friends. These simple gifts symbolize their respect and love for their mothers who have dedicated her life for her family. Just for one day, mothers around the world are given importance and if permitted by the government, this kind of celebration could have a special holiday which allows family to celebrate it outside their homes.

Aside from birthdays, mother's day is one of those days when mothers feel special and appreciated. It is a reminder of how important it is for women and mothers to be treated with respect respect and love for they have been a big part of a family. In fact, they are the reason why families are established and started. Mothers take the major role in starting a family. They are the fruit bearer and the mediator of the family. That is why mothers should not be taken for granted for they have contributed a great deal in our society. And for mothers, take this opportunity when you will feel loved and cherished for it is only once a year. You should take advantage of it and celebrate it with your family.

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Top 5 Ways To Set Yourself Up for a Productive Day

When I set my intentions for the day I was going to pull together the marketing and sales material for my new product. Come the afternoon, my frustration from the morning had spilled into my mood and hampered that creative part of my brain. Even a tickle of chocolate and coffee could not get it moving!

So, I decided to follow that old line "if you can not beat them, join them" and instead of getting frustrated about my lack of creativity and productivity, EMBRACED IT! And realized that embracing it and going with the flow would be more useful than getting annoyed at myself. As my embracing great and my frustration disappeared, I felt much better.

And as I improved my mindset and mood – I felt as if I could tackle something demanding. So I used my task focused mindset to attack my email – yes, all of it !! I blitzed my in box, sent folder and every other folder in between. And did I feel great !!

I felt satisfied, proud and as if a HUGE weight had disappeared. I felt in control and my mind felt clear. I realized that I had created a good foundation for a productive day tomorrow. This realization made me feel much better about the 'wasted' time I had in the morning.

Then is got me thinking about what do I need to do to create a really productive work space and mind-set so I reduce the down time as much as possible.

Here are my Top 5 Ways I set myself up for productivity …. try them for yourself

1. Do not Avoid this any more

Inbox Zero – a great concept by Merlin Mann, to get your email in box to zero. Everyday. Yes, everyday. The brilliant concept behind this is not just to have an empty inbox but knowing that when you have deal with all of that mail, you free up your brain. You feel clearer and less worried about what might be lurking in that electronic in box. You may need to take a few hours and be decent and ruthless as you whittle your in box to zero.
This added to my productivity because suddenly, I looked forward to getting into my inbox instead of wasting it, and I felt in control. And this feeling of control flowed into other areas.

2. The day before – clear and declutter

At the end of each day, clear the decks. Tidy your desk, make it clear, uncluttered and attractive as possible. You want to walk into your work space feeling as if you really want to be there.

3. Start with the end in mind

Spend some time reflecting on your business and your goals for the year. Really reconnect with the results you wish to create in your business. And importantly, connect with how good it will feel to actually achieve those goals.

4. Bring the focus to today

Reflecting on the annual goal for your business what does it mean for you today? What must you do to move a step closer to your goal? Are there things lurking at the bottom of your to do list which you know if you did them, they would propel your business forward?
Stretch yourself and put them at the top of your to do list today. Make a pact with yourself to do them before you have lunch.

5. Success Stocktake

At the end of each day write down three things you have done well today – three successes you feel have made you productive and moved your business closer to its goal. By doing this simple and fast act, you will start to believe you are productive and this, becoming more productive.
Taking time the day before can really set us up for success the following day. Take 15 minutes before you leave your works to set yourself up for success. Chances are you will feel more excited about going into your work and making the day a worthy one.

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What to Wear to a Brunch Wedding

Brunch weddings have become increasingly popular lately. Couples like them because they have a relaxed family-friendly feeling, and also because they are less expensive to host than a traditional wedding dinner. Attire for a wedding held early in the day can be quite different than what one would wear to a formal evening wedding. This is what to wear to a brunch wedding.

Dressing up in the morning can be a tad confusing. The usual tricks we use to make an outfit festive, such as sparkly jewelry, shimmery fabrics, and the like seem out of place for brunch. Yet, a wedding at any time of the day is a special occasion, and therefore a special outfit is called for. The time of year also makes a difference, as one would dress a bit more formally for a winter brunch wedding than a summer one.

Wedding attire for men is fairly straightforward. For brunch, a nice pair of trousers worn with a jacket and tie is ideal. If the wedding ends up leaning more casual, it is a simple enough matter to remove the jacket. Dressy loafers would be a good choice for shoes. In the morning, a male wedding guests can feel free to experiment with more colors and patterns than he might for a formal evening reception. Whimsical ties, shirts with small checks or in colors other than white, and even fun socks (think argyle) would all be great.

Female wedding guests have more leeway in what they wear, which makes it more fun to get dressed, but also more confusing. For a summer brunch wedding, a knee length dress or skirt in a floral design would be pretty. It can be worn with cute flats or pretty low sandals, pearl earrings, and a small handbag. Even in the daytime, your everyday purse is not dressy enough for a wedding, so pick something like a cute little fabric covered clutch. Other accessories to consider include a little cardigan or wrap to wear over a dress and possibly an elegant wide brim hat with a ribbon. The hat would be marvelous for an outdoor brunch wedding and will help to dress up a more simple sundress style. Stay away from any jewelry or attire with a lot of beading or sparkles for a morning wedding.

If the brunch wedding falls in the winter months, plan to dress up a bit more. A beautiful jacquard dress would be ideal. Or look for the chic combination of a skirt and jacket in an elegant fabric to be paired with a silk or cashmere shell. Look for a skirt or dress which falls a little below the knee, rather than to the floor. Another great option is a pair of tailored velvet trousers worn with satin flats and a cashmere sweater. Black is pretty harsh for a morning wedding, so look for clothing in other colors. Deep winter hues like plum, chocolate, and forest are lovely, as are neutrals like pewter or champagne.

Fall weddings tend to be very difficult to dress for, stuck as they are between the sundresses of summer and the rich fabrics of the holiday season. For a fall brunch wedding, think cozy. A flattering wrap dress worn with elegant high heel boots and a pretty pair of drop pearl earrings would be highly appropriate. A wool skirt worn with a silk blouse or cashmere sweater would be another option, as long as the pieces are not too business-like or too casual. In other words, a pink tweed skirt and a fitted chocolate brown sweater with a pretty bow would be lovely, however the gray skirt from a suit or the heavy fisherman’s sweater would be too business-like and too casual, respectively.

The trend towards brunch weddings is likely to become increasingly popular, so it is helpful to know what to wear to that type of celebration. As with any wedding, err on the side of dressing up a little too much rather than putting in too little effort. Stay away from evening-only attire like cocktail dresses, low cut tops, and too much sparkle, and you will look wonderful for the brunch reception.

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Free Puppy Training Secrets – Where to Begin?

Beginning at the beginning seems the most logical … so let's begin with deciding if we can give a puppy [and the resultant fully-grown dog] a good and loving home.

NB: If you are a seasoned dog owner, you will probably want to miss this section out.

Once you have established that you will be available for a good part of 24/7, and 52 weeks per year for your pet … and if not personally available, then you have 'baby-sitting' facilities available for your pet .. Then we can go on to what sort of home you can provide.

This is where breed research will come into its own. If you decide you want a particular breed, find out as much as possible of what facilities, exercise, etcetera, your pet will require … and find out if that matches up with what you can offer.

A couple, or three, examples!

First think long haired / short haired, color, are you too houseproud? Some dogs shed their coats more than others. Grooming as a routine is a daily 'must' if you take on a long haired breed.

If you go for a working breed, like a sheepdog, remember they NEED loads of exercise, and something of interest to do … like agility or flyball, or they can become problem dogs [have you got the time and energy to look after Them properly]?

You would think that a retired grayhound would require loads of exercise … no, they just need loads of love and a couple of walks a day!

Large dog, large garden? No, not necessarily, a Ridgeback would have much better a large sofa!

So most important is to choose the right type / breed of puppy, both for your lifestyle and circumstances, and for what type of lifestyle you can give your pet.

Once you have researched this thoroughly and honestly, then it is time to find a reputable breeder, and to form a relationship with them and learn all you can about the dam and sire of the puppies … they may also be able to help you Decide on whether you want a male or female pup.

Always remember it is wise to choose a pup which is 'somewhere in the middle' within the hierarchy of the family of pups. [The litter 'boss' will be hardest to train … they will be unwilling to give up their role as 'top dog' to you. The runt of the litter may have as yet unknown health problems … your heart could easily be broken!]

A pup from the middle of the hierarchy should turn out to be both healthy and willing to learn … biddable. When you look at the pups they should have clear eyes, shiny coat, and once they reach the 8 week stage, should be lively and inquisitive.

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