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Why Create a Blog to Promote Your Home Business

There are a small number of retailers who truly understand that when you create a blog to promote your home business, it can be an extremely effective way to increase traffic to your business. Proven time and again is the fact that traffic to your site results in more sales for your business.

As a website owner who has their own home business, you will discover that when you create a blog as one of your marketing tools, it is a great way to increase traffic to your website. You can also use blogging to make money as another form of revenue for your business, through adding affiliate links and displaying AdSense ads on your blog.

Have you ever noticed the affiliate links and AdSense ads that are displaying on blogs? This is a great way to gain another revenue stream for your business, not to mention the increase traffic you get back to your site which is another bonus.

Through creating a blog, it gives you the opportunity that will improve the level of customer service you give, by allowing your customers an access to useful information. When your customers can get a better perspective of how you operate your business, they are more likely to buy from you.

Let me put it this way, when I am out looking for a product that I need and a salesperson can not give me the information that I am looking for on that particular product, I just politely walk away. On the other hand, when I do find a salesperson who can give me all the information that I am looking for on that particular product, I end up purchasing it even if it costs a few dollars more.

Internet marketing works the same way. When you create a blog it will give your customers a better understanding of your service and will strengthen your relationship with your customer (and that should be your goal). Remember, a strong relationship will lead to a successful business.

If your home business is a product sales site, you do not have to blog about your product itself. You need to Blog about the things that are related to your product. For instance, my site is a Christian site on how to get Gods word out to the public, taking different roads and using the internet as a tool. When I start a blog, it is a subject related to getting Gods word out and giving them valuable understanding information according to Gods word.

(Example) If you sell golf clubs, you want to talk about the experience you may have had on the golf course. You can make your customers feel empowered if you inform them to make their own decisions, as opposed to saying, "This is a great product! You should buy it!" The goal here is to smoothly introduce them to your product.

Blogging is a great way to promote your home business, not only does it give you the opportunity to increase traffic, it is also one of the benefits that give you the opportunity to educate your viewers. In turn, you will gain more sales because you are now recognized as an expert who knows what you are doing. Here are four tips to keep in mind when you create a blog.

1. By sharing important information with your viewers, you are winning customers and giving them a reason to stay on your site longer. It is a proven fact that the more time your customer and potential customer stay on your site, your chances are a lot better they will make a purchase from you. The more your customers return for your valuable knowledge, the possibility is great to make a lot more sales.

2. Your familiar tone of blogging will create a window of opportunity for your customers to see that there is a real person behind your business. The internet is the means of mass communication for conveying ideas or information, by creating a blog you will be adding your own personal nature by what you put into it. This will create that open window of customer trust and loyalty.

3. Get feedback on your site, or your service. Allow your customers to leave comments and find out what changes your customers would like to see on your site and what they would like you to carry. Blogging is a valuable tool, not only do you increase traffic but it lets you communicate with your customers in a friendly way.

4. Why would you create a blog to promote your home business and make it one of your marketing tools? One reason … the links back to your site. These are high-quality targeted hits from the links in your blog. Blogs link to each other as the topics of interest make their way from one blog to the next. Each topic will then point back to the starting place, related topics make comments on each other. As a result, they gain more groups of people that all have something in common and shared interests.

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How To Sell From Your Blog

If used correctly, blogs can make great platforms to use to sell services, information, or even hard products. The problem is, most internet marketers do not really understand the internet selling process well enough to make their blogs into cash machines. This article will explore the process of how you write to sell and how that affects selling from a blog.

Let's get a few basics out of the way.

A blog is a website where the web pages (called posts) are listed in sequential order down the page. Each post is usually dated, and they are usually categorized in some fashion, with the categories being in a navigation window or bar either on the left-hand side of the blog or the right-hand side of the blog.

There are number of blogging platforms you can use. Google provides one called Blogger. There are also a ton of Web 2.0 platforms – Weebly is one of my favorites. WordPress has a blogging platform you can use just by registering.

If you want to host your own blog (which you should if you're serious), then WordPress is the current gold standard.

Most people think of blogs like online journals. In fact, there are millions of millions of blogs out there. Most of these are personal blogs, written by individuals. These blogs mainly talk about the individual's life – what they ate for breakfast, what happened when their dog got run over, that sort of thing.

A few years ago, businesses discovered blogging. Most businesses still have not a clue about what to do with their blog. They see blogging as a way of communicating on a more informal way with their marketplace. That's okay, I guess, but since I'm basically a direct marketer, I do not like advertising that does not create immediate sales.

That's actually what I use blogs for! Immediate sales. Recently, internet marketers like myself have caught on to the fact that blogs make great platforms to sell stuff from.

If you know how.

To understand how to use a blog to sell whatever it is you're selling, you need to understand how the average internet customer buys.

People who end up buying something on the Internet, typically start by searching for information. They have a problem. They search for information to solve that problem. And, lo and behold, there is a solution for their actual problem – all they need to do is pull out the credit card and buy the solution.

That pattern – problem, search for information, find information, find out about a product that will solve their problem, buy the product – is the basic way people buy on the internet.

As internet marketers, we need to understand this process so we can become part of it – and make money.

Where do blogs fit in?

Blogs are great places to write information about a particular problem seekers have. The blog's posts get indexed by Google. The prospect with the problem finds out about the posts through a Google search. He or she reads our stuff, and, following our recommendation, buys whatever it is we're offering.

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Travel & Make Money – Successful Travel Blogging Strategies

Why do we seek to make more money? I'll tell you why, because money buys freedom. Freedom to go where we want. Do what we want; when we want. If you are like me, you love to travel. You've got wanderlust and you got it bad. Simply put: Money finances our wanderlust and traveling makes us happy. Here's one thing many people do not know – you can actually travel and make money at the same time. This article is intended to introduce you to one way to make money traveling by travel blogging.

Travel blogging can be done anywhere in the world where you have a laptop and an Internet connection. And it can allow you to make money simply by sharing your travel experiences. Here are a few key considerations to establishing a profitable travel blog:

* Choose a travel topic with the widest market appeal. A blog is like any other product, to determine if it will be successful before you start you must first determine if there is a market demand for the information the blog will provide. There are a number of ways to do this. The easiest to is to research the popularity of keywords related to the travel topics you want to cover with your blog. Goggle and Overture have good free keyword research tools. You can find them from any search engine. Make sure that your related keywords are searched at least 10,000 times in any given month. This number is a good minimum threshold.

* Monetize the blog. You will not make any money with your blog unless it is monetized. There are three primary ways to monetize a blog: advertising revenue, affiliate sales and sales of your own products. If you are just starting out, you probably will not have any products of your own so its best to start with ad revenue and affiliate sales. For the beginner, Google's AdSense is a good starting place for getting good contextual based advertising revenue. For affiliate sales there are many travel related affiliate products at Commission Junction and Amazon's Associate program. There are many, many more programs you can use to monetize your blog but I recommend these because of ease of use.

* Build readership. A blog without visitors makes no money. Period. First, your blog should contain good content updated frequently. That's what keeps readers who do find you coming back for more. Next, your blog should have RSS feeders and the ability to capture the email address of visitors who want to optin to your newsletter (that you need to establish) or site updates. There is a decent free blog optin service offered by FeedBlitz. Next, promote your blog by including a reference to it in your email "sig file." Also, readership will typically increase as you post more. Each time you post most blog software will ping (notify) the search engines of the new entry. The more quality pings you receive the higher your blog will appear in search engine rankings. The higher you get the more traffic you generate. The more traffic you generate the more money you'll make.

These are the very basics you need to establish a profitable travel blog. If traveling and making money appeals to you considering starting a travel blog.

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Online Reputation Management And Corporate Blogging

Corporate blogging is a responsible move by organization that has to manage their reputation on the web. Most major players in the field are recognizing the power of blogs to empower people with the force to write about a particular brand. A single negative post that comes up on the front page of a search engine can cause immunity damage to the brand and subsequently to the profit-earning capacity of the company. How does corporate blogging actually take place? What do these companies do, how do they keep track of everything negative that comes their way? Read on to know more ..

Here are some steps at managing online reputation for a company which wants to steer ahead of competition and manage its unpredictable reputation:

1. Setting up alerts: By setting an alert, you can keep a track of every negative post that comes in the coming weeks. You can even set specification as to how you want the alerts to appear-they can come once a day, once a week or as it happens. While setting up alerts, you should mention the search terms which are nothing but the keywords or key-phrases that relate to your product or search.

2. You can also conduct a blog search for finding blog posts that pertain to your product or service. You can do this by going to Google, clicking on the 'more' button and choosing 'Blog search.' You can prefer select 'advanced blog search' and mention the keywords or key-phrases. You can choose the amount of results you want. You can also sort the results in terms of relevance or date.

3. You gather the relevant negative, positive and neutral posts about the product and collate it in a data base. Bear in mind that posts should be relevant to the product / service.

4. Go through all the negative posts and try to find out the reason behind the grievances put forth by the readers. Build a corporate blog.

5. Advertise about your corporate blog. Write keyword rich content that can easily get traffic to your blog. In your corporate blog, make sure that you do not leave any stone unturned to handle every negative blog post as possible.

6. If you write positive posts about your product or service with content that is keyword rich, your content can easily push the negative posts out of the top 2 pages of search engines. When this is achieved, only the positive things about your product or service appear on the top two pages of a search engine. However at the same time, do not, I repeat, do not just write keyword rich content just to impress search engines. Make sure you are really committed about giving superior and exceptional customer service. This is the hallmark of search engine reputation.

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Getting Your Blog to Rank Highly In Search Engines

There is little point in writing a blog if no one comes to read it. Blogs are automatically search engine friendly because of their fresh content and clean formatting, but there are a few easy techniques you can use to improve your rankings.

A few words about keywords:

1. Choose your Keywords wisely.

You can choose to write on a topic, or for a key word or phrase, that is immensely popular and has a ton of competition, and never stand a chance of getting in the top page or two of rankings. Or you can choose similar but more targeted keyword or phrase with less competition be in the top 10 listings.

2. Key Word or Phrase? That is the next question.

Most people do not use a single word for a search engine query. The often search a phrase or even type an entire question. This is not necessarily the most efficient way to search, but it is the most natural. So do not think you need to limit yourself to single key word. A key phrase of three – five words is entirely appropriate.

3. Choose your URL wisely.

Once you have chosen your keyword, it is time to choose your URL wisely. Whether your blog is hosted by your blogging software, on your own domain or subdomain. You want your primary keyword to be in your domain name (URL).

4. Keyword Placement

Besides having your primary key word in your URL, you also want it to appear the header tags and titles of your posts.

5. Keyword usage in the body of your post

When writing each post you of course want to use your primary keyword (s) in the text, but do not over do it or you'll sound like spam. Always write in a natural, reader friendly manner. This is also the place put a few secondary keywords as well.

6. Keywords in Links

Keywords that appear in links are more important than those in plain text. So where appropriate, when linking to another blog or website, use your keywords in the text of links.

7. Keyword Categories

Another natural place to put your keywords in your Category names.

Keywords are not the only thing search engines consider when ranking your blog. Here are few other areas to consider:


Links that point to your blog and posts are very important to building pagerank.

1. Search Engines and Directories

Being listed in search engines and directories provide great single direction links. So make sure you submit your blog, first of all to This is end all, be all to internet directories and is a place that most search engines pull from to find websites to spider. After than submit directly to the major search engines, that way they know you exist. Finally, submit to the blog search engines and various free directories.

Here is a well-rated list of Blog Directories by Robin Good.

2. Articles

Turn some of your blog posts into articles and submit them to the article directories. This will get you more links.

3. Comment

Leave appropriate comments on forums and other blogs with a link to your site in the comment.


1. Update your blog.

The more fresh content you have, the happier the spiders are. Some blogging software will even let you write posts in advance and schedule them to be posted on certain days.

2. Ping

After you update your blog, you'll want to "ping" the search engines to let them know you have new content. That will get your site spidered more often. You can use the Ping-O-Matic Tool ( ) to ping a lot of search engines all at once. Alternately, if you use Feedburner, for your RSS distribution, they have a tool that will automatically ping the search engines when you update your blog.

Follow these few easy guidelines and see your blog listed in the search engines in no time.

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Which Is Best To Article Write Or To Blog

With the popularity of weblogs, or blogs, these days, many webmasters are beginning to wonder if article writing has become a thing of the past. Used to be, for promotion purposes webmasters would deposit articles with links into web directories. This was done in the hope that the article would be displayed on many different websites with links leading back to their own. For the most part, this worked and it worked well for building backward links and higher ranking in search engines. Is it still the way to go for promoting a website? The answer is – it depends.

The main difference is the way people view articles and blogs. For most, an article is well written, encompassing a beginning, middle and end. All the needed information is included within the body of the article. The reader knows going in that by the time he finishes reading, he will be more informed on the subject than he was before he began reading. Links included in the article, or at the end, will lead him to further information or to the product being endorsed. This, in theory, leads to sales of services or products.

By depositing the articles in numerous article directories, other webmasters looking for content for their own websites pick up the articles and post them on their own space. This, in turn, creates backward links to the article authors own website where the product or service can be purchased. These return links help to create popularity in search engines making a specified product or service even easier to find.

Blogs, on the other hand, are more informal. Each entry is generally shorter than article length and rarely offer complete information. Readers expect blogs to be updated regularly and they do not expect to find long posts or complete information in a single post. Yet, blogs are becoming extremely popular and many webmasters are looking at them as a new way of increasing site popularity and sales.

So which is better? It depends on what you are trying to say and who your target audience is. Can you say everything in a brief, conversational manner? Can you update the blog often? Can you get your link into more blogs than just your own? And are those blogs popular? If so, then blogging can be the best way to go.

Or, do you want to give your reader more info before they click on your site link? Are you trying to sell your product or service before they click? If this is the case, articles work best. An article may be more difficult to write than a blog post, but once written it can be placed in many different directories with the knowledge that it will get a lot of exposure. Articles, if well written, will be picked up and posted on websites, thus increasing the traffic and the links back to your own site.

Blogging is wonderful and a quick way to get your message out, but like article writing, the more blogs a webmaster has his site's presence in, the more they will pay out traffic. A single blog alone will generally not live up to expectations unless it is wildly popular and has the readership to make it pay off. Which can mean, even more promotion on the part of the webmaster.

The bottom line is simple; while blogging may be the next, great, cyberspace advertising thing, article writing is not and never will be dead. The web is filled with all types of readers – those that like their information in small nuggets and those that want to make a truly informed choice. Possibly the best choice for webmasters is to do a combination of both. Blog where it best suits your purposes and still put those articles out there. In this way, all the bases are covered. By watching your stats and tracking your customers, it will be easy to discern which method works best for your business.

Dal Hayer wrists featured articles for

Article Source:

You may reprint this article in its own legacy so long as you do not modify the content or resource box.

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Sex Ideas For Couples – Put Your Thinking Hats On

Need to put a little heat back into your sex life but don’t have any sex ideas for couples that come to mind? Don’t worry you are not alone. Many people would like to have a better sex life but really have no idea where to start and are often times a little shy when the subject is brought up. Take the time and learn to overcome your shyness and the ideas will come. Communication is the key to help broaden the sexual horizons between you and your partner.

The majority of couples who have been together for any length of time will be the first to admit that they would like to have a better sex life but most can’t seem to get over the embarrassment of talking about sex. Any new sex ideas for couples is just that , for couples. This means you need to be able to talk to your partner if you have any hopes of introducing some new ideas.

Nobody knows you better than you and you need to be able to share this with your partner. Once one of you takes the initiative to open up the doors to discussing sex you will both feel much more comfortable and at ease in discussing some new sex ideas for couples that will help put the fire back into your relationship.

Some great ideas include learning some new positions, introducing some toys, perhaps you have never watched an adult film together. Whatever your case may be, put on your thinking hats as there are many ideas out there for you and your partner to explore and enjoy.

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Which Golf Ball is the Right One for You?

Buying the right golf ball might seem easy, but it is not. Golf balls are not all alike and you should never just buy the first golf ball set you happen to see and head for your game. You need to know what kind of golf ball you have and what its capabilities are and you get this information through golf ball comparisons. It is kind of analogous to a baseball player not reaching for the first bat, but choosing the best one among many.

Among the many different types of golf balls available on the market today, the two-piece golf balls and the three-piece golf balls are the two main ones. One-piece golf balls are not usually used in comparison, but for practice purposes only. Your ability, your objectives on the golf course, and skill as a golf player will determine the type of golf ball you need.

The components of a two-piece ball are a core made of hard rubber and a plastic covering that is in most cases made of a type of plastic known as surlyn. The dimples you find on the cover of all golf balls help them travel farther. The two-piece golf balls are light on spin but heavy on distance and are perfect for beginners. In order to enhance the two-piece golf ball, manufacturers can adjust their softness or hardness. You can handle them and feel the difference when making comparisons.

One characteristic of the three-piece solid golf ball is a thin layer of plastic, a cover and a large core made of rubber. Other types of three-piece balls include those that are wound with a center made of liquid, covered by wound leather thread, and a cover made of hard plastic, balata or synthetic rubber. This ball has a better backspin but its distance is not as great. The wounded balls have a high cost and therefore are not used as much.

Beginners probably do not need or want much spin. Their focus should be on distance so the best choice is in the two-piece golf ball. Two-piece balls also come in handy when you want to build on your long shot or you do not have a straight shot. Also, part of comparing golf balls is being aware of your strengths and weaknesses as a golfer.

The golfer who has good skill and consistent shots will probably choose the three-piece golf ball in order to make improvements on his game. When you're a beginner, you're better off just learning how to make a shot by sitting the ball and watching it take off. The next steps after this deal with learning the subjects of backspin and spin. The manufacturers that sell these two types of balls are many. And remember that most all golf balls fall into one of the two categories of two-piece or three-piece. Hopefully, with this information you will have an easier time choosing.

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Time Trader For Money Or Successful Internet Marketer?

What an interesting phrase this is … 'Time Trader For Money' – a phrase that says so much about who we may be, and the culture we've been brought up in. Also, what our culture has taught, and trained us to be. This culture encourages us to trade our time for money-to become time traders. The characteristics of which, is one who works X amount of hours per day, every day-receives income for just the hours worked-paid only once for the work performed. If one does not work, no money. If more money is needed, more work and hours are required.


For most people, average people, this is a lifetime cycle until retirement and Social Security. Working for that dollar per hour means that financial security will always be elusive. Someone once said, "Working hard, long hours, with your nose to the grindstone, will only get you a flat nose . " Funny, yet sees to be true these days.


Some solutions to increase income for the average time trader trapped in this cycle may be the purchase of 'lottery tickets', or 'get rich quick schemes'. Maybe a second or third third job, or, going to schoolfor the attainment of new skills. For most, this just leads to the loss of money, or the continued trading of their time for more dollars. Some even try home based businesses to supplement income. But …. more time-more trading.


The days of our parents are gone … years ago you started in a company and worked your whole life building a career. It meant something, pride was huge part of it. You were rewarded many ways for your loyalty and dedication. You could retire with a pension. There might have been bonuses along the way-even health benefits provided. It's very different today as you know. Many people with degrees are not fulfilling their desires-not working in their trained fields. If you know someone working for a major company, ask them how secure they feel. Do they really expect to retire financially independent from there? With major corporations implementing huge layoffs each year, I think not.

If a person did not have a white collar degree years ago, there was always the trade schools. If they went out on their own with a trade as a carpenter, plumber or electrician, and made a good life for themselves and their family, they were able to attain a small proportion of the American dream- but, they were still time traders for money.


It's a bit scary, and sad when the college grad behind the counter of Starbucks asks me if I need room for cream in my coffee. Even worse, are the number of seniors working at McDonald's or BurgerKing. It's heartbreaking when someone who looks like my mom or dad has to give a big ' welcome to Walmart ' greeting to the entering customers. Yes, I'm sure they're thrilled at beginning their new time trading career at the age of 75 or more.

Now, please understand, there are hundreds of jobs that require time traders … someone has to do the everyday jobs. They're necessary. Someone has to build my house, fix my plumbing, make my donuts and pizza. The world needs time traders for money-and the majority of folks attain just that in their life. They do not have an entrepreneurial spirit. Thinking outside the box is not for them. And that's not a bad thing … for them, it's just who they are, what they do. And as I said, they're needed. It's just not what I do anymore. There's more opportunity then ever to avoid any of the above, especially in this highly technological world that has put a computer in almost everyone's home. Now for the fix … the real solution.


The solution is in knowing what residual income is, and how to implement it. Residual income is money derived from work you do only once, and continues to flow. It's not dependent on the hours you work-you do not have to be there to make money. RI can come in many forms, such as property rental, investments, network marketing, royalties from books, and, in this information age … Internet Marketing Or better said, "Good Internet Marketing!" "Smart Internet Marketing!" "Smart Internet Affiliate Marketing!" Not get rich quick scams ….

We established that it's a long, hard route to financial freedom by 'trading time for money'-where, with residual income, you become much closer to the goal of financial freedom, faster, surprisingly faster than you think. There's just two things needed to accomplish this goal of financial freedom.


People need blueprints to achieve success just as a builder needs blueprints to build a house. If you're going to build a fantastic online business, you need a blueprint of what works, and will continue to work consistently bringing you residual income.

Imagine what it would be like to receive income of say, 4, to 10, or even 100 times of what you would normally make for the same amount of hours you work now. Lets say someone worked 10 hours and receives an income equivalent to 40, or 100, even a 1000 or more hours. Possible? There's a good chance most people may not think it is possible. They may have been fooled many times. Or, they've had their flattered noses pressed against the grindstone working so hard & long that they can not pick their heads to see that there's something else available to them. Well, there are thousands of others who know different. Some people need nose jobs. Financial nose jobs.


We all need someone to help us along and show us the way. All our lives we've had teachers. Whether in school or learning a new job or skill. This is no different. We need a teacher, not a promise of riches in a week.


It is something that you might have heard a lot of laately, especially if you browse the Internet often. It's also subject not taught in universities, yet it is becoming one of the quickest, most popular ways to make money online, through the power of the Internet. Affiliate marketing is a fun and exciting home business that can be run from a personal computer, or notebook. It's one of the easiest business models, and this is why many new entrepreneurs begin with these programs. Affiliate Internet marketing is evolving and will continue to evolve becoming one of the hottest home business opportunities available for years to come.


A person does not have to know a thing about Internet Affiliate Marketing to begin. There are actually a few places on the Internet where one can learn from and be mentored by experienced, highly successful Internet entrepreneurs from literally zero, to actually a few bucks a month. Yes, there are actually some decent, fair, caring people out there that are not trying to empty your wallet. As strange as it may seem, they DO exist.

CAUTION! Now read this slowly and carefully. If you are promised, in any way, shape or form that you can become rich in literal weeks by some secret marketing method that makes millions for the author offering it to you, for a mere $ 77 bucks, or just $ 159 a month, run, I repeat, run, do not walk from that sales pitch. The Internet is swarming with these types of schemes. They feed off people's problems and desires. And if it was that easy, well, would not everyone be rich? If you find yourself attracted to one of these, just reach up and give yourself a slap to snap yourself out of it. (not to hard-just enough)

There are only one or two serious places on the net to learn properly all the methods and techniques used by the professionals. They can, and will take you by the hand, walking you through all the proper steps leading to that residual income that will begin to have you thinking about giving up the time trader job shortly. If taught properly, decent residual income can be seen within 3 to 8 weeks, and from there … it's all waiting for you – and up to you. Please remember, use caution and common sense regarding getting rich quick sales pitches.

Good Luck & Good Success


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How To Write Books For Children – How Do You Get Started?

Can you see yourself as a published children's author? Do you imagine seeing your books in bookshops? Even better, being able to make a living from your writing? You can do it but knowing where to start can be confusing.

I always knew I wanted to be a writer but it was when I had my own children that I knew I wanted to write stories for children. I had no idea where to begin. The first step I took was to visit my local newsagent and see if there were any writing magazines. I found a couple. One was really helpful and the other was scarcely technical! I stuck with the first one – I still read it today.

Are there any writing magazines you could buy? Have a look online and see what appeals to you. Do not subscribe to any until you've read a few issues and are happy with their content.

I decided I needed some 'how to' books and, being enthusiastic, I bought several. Some were helpful and written in a friendly manner, others were far too technical for a beginner. I read in one book that writing picture books was too difficult for beginners and should be avoided. Pah! I thought and I proved that author wrong.

Do not ever let anyone else tell you what you can and can not write.

Do you know what age range you want to write for?

Have a good look around book shops and libraries. I was quite surprised at how many different sections children's books are split into. If you can afford it, buy some of the books you might be interested in. If you can not afford to buy new books (I could not) borrow from the library or buy cheaply from charity shops. It's important to do your market research as publishers will know if you have not.

There are writing courses you can take which are great as you get feedback on your writing. Again, these cost money and I would only recommend this path if you are serious about your writing. I ever underook a course run by my favorite writing magazine. One of the stories I wrote on this course later became published.

If you are just starting out on your writing career my advice is to read magazines and books, visit bookshops and libraries and most important – start writing stories! You do not need to submit these to any publishers but you need to get into the habit of writing.

If you want to have a children's author then you need to take action. You can do it.

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