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Work From Home With Affiliate Programs

If you wish to get into a work from home business yet don’t have an experience or a product of your own, you could achieve this by looking into the opportunities offered by affiliate programs. There are a lot of companies which present affiliate programs as a means of generating sales and traffic. A lot of famous companies also take advantage of these programs to reach other markets. Though you don’t have any experience with marketing online, most of these programs offer free training and help you generate income. Both you and the affiliate company benefit from affiliate marketing since your success is also their success.

So, how can you earn cash with affiliate programs? Associate programs, or most commonly known as affiliate program, is a type of work from home arrangement where a company pays commission to affiliates to send traffic to their website. Usually, this agreement is based on the how many people the affiliate can attract to the site or the how many people are encouraged to purchase the affiliate company’s services or products. The best way to get a good amount of cash with affiliate programs is to make your very own website. With the internet, you have the chance to reach millions of prospect customers. With this method of work from home opportunity, you have a huge chance to earn higher income compared to telecommuting jobs.

Affiliate marketing has quickly gained popularity since its introduction. More people are seeing the opportunity of earning a lot of cash through programs involved with affiliate marketing. With the increase of internet users come more opportunities for online shopping and other business transactions creating a wonderful opportunity for affiliate programs. If you check the different trends in the internet, you will recognize your chance to make a substantial income with the affiliate work from home programs. Each day, there is a dramatic increase in the number of people using affiliate marketing to earn cash.

If you’re interested in making an online income with the work from home opportunities, the affiliate programs offer a 2-tier process. First, you will earn cash for your own sales. Second, you can also invite other affiliates to avail of these programs; you can earn commissions when they make their sales. There are many kinds of affiliate programs available online. You can check for the ones which suits you best for a work from home business.

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Battle Between Affiliate Marketing and Network Marketing

The confusion between affiliate marketing and network marketing or multi-level marketing is quite interesting. Some people even think affiliate marketing business and network marketing businesses are scams. While others think they are one and the same with different names. In this article, we will discuss and look at the definitions, distinctions and some misconceptions. At the end of this article, we should have been able to provide some clarity.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a performance-based marketing system in which a business rewards a person(s) or affiliate(s) for each visitor or customer brought by the person’s own marketing efforts.

What is Network Marketing?

Network Marketing is totally different. Here the marketer becomes associated with a certain product that they like or believe in, which they then buy from their supplier and resell to the public at a profit. Before the marketer starts selling products of a larger company, he/she signs some paper work which gives him/her a small franchise of the large business.

Differences between Affiliate Marketing and Network Marketing.

In affiliate marketing, affiliates are not selling any product directly. They are simply the mouthpiece, or the advertising board that tells people where to go and buy products. You will not have to purchase anything, but you will still make money just for telling people where to go get a product. Affiliates get a commission when the person that they refer to a website buys something, so in this way the company is paying for a good lead and they will be paid generously.

In network marketing, the foundation is in growing a team. You can start with one person (also known as a down-line) who then introduces the next person and that person introduces another and the chain goes on and on. The beauty of network marketing is that it is a game of numbers. The more individual down lines you have under you, the bigger your team, the more money you make.

Another difference is that in affiliate marketing, commissions are paid usually on single level depending on business laws in different countries.

In network marketing, commissions are paid on infinite levels of down lines. The “deeper” you build the closer you are to residual income.

Which brings in More Money?

Depending on your business goals, affiliate marketing can make you a decent fortune in a few years if can get a good number of customers to buy your affiliate company’s products.

While Network marketing can generate an income more than you can comprehend if you consistently work hard at it. If you happen to belong to the top 10 network marketing business that are structured, a good one should have a rare provision in their company policy like making the business will-able. So you work the business and after you stop working it, you can hand it over to the next person. And that person does not start from scratch but continues from where you stopped. A recommendation of one of such companies can be found at the end of this article.

What Affiliate Marketing and Network Marketing Are Not.

Whether you decide to do affiliate marketing or network marketing, once you have a good understanding of each, you will be sure that:

1. It is not a pyramid scheme.

2. It is not a “get rich quick” business.

3. It is not for non business minded people.

4. It’s not for those that want a “nice-play-thing” kind of business.

5. It is not a one man’s show. It needs people with common business goals to thrive.

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Making Money on the Internet – 3 Tips For Increasing Your Affiliate Marketing Profit Potential

If you’ve been working hard at increasing your affiliate earnings and haven’t seen the success you’re after, don’t abandon ship just yet. Affiliate marketing is an effective way to make money on the internet, but it’s not a get rich quick scheme. With that said here are three tips that I believe will help you to increase your effectiveness as an affiliate marketer and increase your profit potential.

Tip #1. Don’t sell before the sale.

One problem that many affiliates face is not being able to convert their website visitors into customers. It seems like no matter how much traffic they send to their website, nothing is happening.

The problem most of the time is that the landing page their visitors are coming to is trying to sell them on the product that the merchants sales page is designed for. Some vendors pay really big bucks for persuasive sales copy.

However the effectiveness of the sales copy is diluted if your landing page tries to sell instead of ‘pre-sell’ your visitors.

Tip #2 Get boatloads of traffic to your affiliate link.

There are lots of good offers that you can promote and make good commission checks with, but without a substantial amount of traffic running to the offer, your results will be poor.

Work at setting up a plan for driving a relentless flow of visitors to your affiliate link. Whether you choose to use blogging, article marketing, ppc, or any other method, the key to your success is in consistency and frequency.

Tip #3 Promote programs with proven track records.

With all of the programs and products that you can promote, it’s not every one that has a proven track record that spans more than a year or two. Look for products that are converting well and have more or less been widely accepted in your market.

Brand familiarity can help to increase sales almost effortlessly, simply because individuals who are in the process of considering the possibilities of the product for themselves won’t feel like guinea pigs. If it’s worked for x amount of years and for x amount of people, then chances are it will work for “me”.

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Money Making Tips – Combining Affiliate Marketing With Google AdWords to Make Instant Money Online!

The Internet has evolved into a system that has become popular worldwide. From its simple beginnings as a military device, the use of the Internet has spread throughout commercial and residential places. The people using the Internet worldwide are increasing and more things are made possible with the further development of the Internet.  The Internet has opened different opportunities for people worldwide. As a result, people all over the world are beginning to use it more and more.

The fact that the Internet is becoming more and more popular is not unknown to businesses. Considering the increasing popularity of the Internet among households, majority of businesses have sought to go online and reach out to the customers. This idea gave birth to the concept of Internet marketing.

Internet marketing is the response of businesses to the increasing number of prospective customers that are on the Internet. Through Internet marketing, businesses try to reach out to their prospective customers online. Internet marketing has many types. One type and probably the most popular is affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is a type of Internet marketing that involves an advertisement that is placed in a website where the person who placed that advertisement is paid based on the number of clicks or impressions on the advertisement. The advertisement may take several forms. It may be as sophisticated as a video or animation, or as simple as words.

If you will notice when you’re browsing, many keywords will appear at the side of your browser once you perform a search in Google. These keywords are often related to the subject matter of your search. These keywords are called ad words. Placing ad words is a form of affiliate marketing. A person earns through ad words based on the number of clicks that he or she will get from the ad words that he or she has placed. However, it is not as easy as it seems. There are many relevant ad words that are same as yours. Thus, you must adapt a strategy in order to attract Internet surfers to click on your ad words.

Here are some proven tips for success:

* The first tip is to be very patient and prepare to lose some money before you earn some. View it as an investment and bid the amount that will grant you the most money.

* The second tip is to adopt the strategy of focusing on ad groups and of going for misspelled words or words written as one. This will enable you to generate more traffic.

* The third tip is to make sure that there is a very strong relevance between the keyword, the ad text, and the landing page content.

* The fourth tip is to know your prospective customers and adjust based on their possible demands. Fifth, maintain efficiency. You can do this by saving space through the use of an ampersand instead of the word “and.”

* Lastly, make sure that you insert dynamic keywords that are able to attract prospective customers.

Copyright (c) 2009 Chris John

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Develop Online Success With Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a proven method for making money online, but not everyone earns big money. Super affiliates are focused, consistent in their efforts, test continually and work to a plan. They make an effort to always look after their customers and treat them fairly with excellent products and high value gifts.

Supermarkets choose to use loss-leaders to bring customers into their store so that whilst the customers are in the store they will probably purchase other products, full priced items, and probably return again.

Super affiliates use the same principles, by having great gifts to give away to their visitors who visit their web-pages, with the knowledge that if the gifts are excellent value, and are products that are needed and desired by their visitors they will be so impressed on receiving them that they are likely to purchase in the future. Also if the visitors have been enticed to leave their emails, they can be contacted with further products.

To benefit the most when visitors sign up for your free gifts, besides collecting their names and offering a newsletter or sequence of tips etc make the most of your thank you page and also offer a low-cost, very desirable item for about $12-18 this will help to cover the cost of paid advertising. Also offer up-sells when possible and have a selection of more pricey, more advanced products for future purchases for ongoing profits.

Supper affiliates make the most of every opportunity to gain and keep satisfied customers and grow their list with serious buyers who like their products. To achieve satisfaction their sales pages are truly relevant to their products, as are their advertisements. The slogan “It does what it says on the tin” is very important when marketing your products; nobody likes to be disappointed when they receive their goods.

“The customer is always right”, might not be true but give refunds graciously, your reputation is important don’t haggle over a refund. If your products are good and your advertising relevant there won’t be many returns. Look after your customers they are the lifeblood of your business.

When you are learning affiliate marketing you will find it easier, quicker and less costly if you find a good mentor and sell their products. Letting them take care of the delivery and payments. All you need to do is direct customers to sales pages to get paid. It is a simple formula and gives you the opportunity to learn the techniques whilst you earn. If you find a good mentor in your niche you will learn extra tips too. You can always diversify into other products or niches later when you have become successful in all your tasks.

It takes time to learn the techniques, strategies and different marketing methods, a mentor will have a proven plan, begin part-time whilst you have an income and look forward to your time freedom in the future.

Books to help you with your marketing:

“Thank God it’s Monday” by Charles Cameron and Suzanne Elusor, a book to offer strategies for making life more tolerable whilst you make changes.

“Facebook for business” by Bud E Smith

“Email Persuasion” by Ian Brodie

“500 Social Media Tips” by Andrew Macarthy

“Profitable social Media Marketing” by Tim Kitchen and Tachmeem Mirza

“SEO Step by Step” by Caimin Jones

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How to Become a ClickBank Affiliate

As one of the web’s biggest and most lucrative online retailers, ClickBank sells digital products in more than 200 countries and averages 26,000 transactions a day. Interested? If you’re an affiliate marketer, you should be. Here are just a few compelling reasons to become a ClickBank affiliate:

Product variety. As an affiliate, you’ll have the option to promote tens of thousands of unique online offerings. Whether you’re into gardening, scrapbooking, or sailing, you can bet ClickBank has a bevy of relevant products you won’t find anywhere else. You can even preview each unit’s sales statistics to help ensure wise choices.

A real income boost. You’ll have the potential to earn up to a 75% commission on the sale of all digital products you’re promoting-significantly higher than other affiliate programs. If your directed visitor buys the product, you earn a monetary commission. The commission rate varies by product and is listed along with other pertinent information in the ClickBank Marketplace, where you choose what you want to promote. Superior commission rates allow you to receive a higher return on your time investment.

Fast payment. ClickBank affiliates promote subject-specific, content-rich digital products that are delivered to customers electronically upon sale. Instant fulfillment equates to faster commission payments, and that’s something every affiliate can appreciate. In addition, ClickBank keeps track of the commissions earned from all promotions and combines them for your convenience. Direct deposit is also available.

Global reach. You’ll have the capability to promote digital products written in English, Spanish, French, and German, enabling you to reach a global audience. ClickBank accepts over a dozen international currencies, so commissions won’t be delayed due to payment incompatibility.

Ease of use. It takes just a few minutes to sign up for a free account and become an official ClickBank affiliate. You’ll have instant access to thousands of digital products to promote on your website, blog, and online reviews. Once you’ve chosen the products, you can take advantage of the quick and easy HopAd Builder tool to create a promotional link to the product’s ClickBank sale page.

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Affiliate Marketing – The Sales Funnel

A sales funnel is a clever marketing process. It is a tactic used widely in internet marketing to sell multiple but varying products as well as gather highly qualified email leads.

If you can imagine a funnel which is wide at the top narrowing gradually to the bottom, then you can imagine a sales funnel in exactly the same way. In a normal funnel, the liquid or powder is gathered at the top and channeled to the opening at the bottom. As the liquid or powder is poured onto the funnel, some of it never makes it through to the end. It either falls to the side away from the funnel or sticks to the sides in the funnel. In the same way, the leads that are brought to the opening of the sales funnel do not all make it to the desired destination. It is only the very qualified leads that come through which are captured.

Collecting qualified leads is not the only function of a sales funnel. As the prospects are whirled through the funnel, they are offered various products on the way at various price points. Some of these prospects will not purchase anything so you can imagine them sticking at the top. Others will purchase just one so you can imagine them sticking a little further down the funnel. If the prospects purchase all the products offered to them, they will come through at the bottom.

In order to create a successful sales funnel you need to understand these aspects in the sales process. Squeeze pages, entry points, freebies, low end offers, $1 offers, upsells, downsells, cross sells, OTOs (one-time offers), repackaging, repurposing and recurring income products and services. We will consider each of these briefly below.

Squeeze Page

The squeeze page also known as the landing page or the opt-in page is the first webpage a prospect will come across in the sales process. The prospect has not yet entered the sales funnel at this stage but it is there on that page. The word squeeze is meant to convey the ‘squeezing out’ or extraction of the email address and perhaps spending of the prospect as he goes through the sales funnel.

Entry Point

Prospects are led to the squeeze page from an entry point which could be any of these external linked pages.

• PPC (Pay Per Click) Advertisement;

• Ezine Advertisement;

• Article with resource box with link at the end of an article;

• Blog Posts;

• Link given in hard-copy newspaper ad or press release.


Freebies are a great way to get people to subscribe to your list. By offering, let’s say an ebook, which contains the information they are really after, they will willingly subscribe to your email list.

$1 Offer

A $1 dollar offer sometimes works out better in conversion terms than a free offer. Somehow, people perceive an item that is offered at an attractive price, such as 1 USD to be worth pursuing than something which is free. In my opinion, it is perhaps a question of perceived quality of the item that is not free compared with that which is. The item with a monetary value may be perceived to be of a higher quality and a bargain. In my opinion ebooks that are given away free are likely to be just as good as those being sold.


In a sales funnel, any item that is offered at a higher price than a previous item is called an upsell. The item offered for an upsell must be perceived as offering greater value to the prospect in the sales funnel otherwise the system will not work in getting the customer to the last item in the funnel.


It is not unusual to come across items in the sales funnel that are cheaper than previous item(s). This exercise is called a downsell and the product although cheaper should really compliment what has been bought previously.

Cross Sells

In a cross sell an item is offered in an upsell or a downsell that augments your product. This merchandise may be of your own making or someone else’s who has entered into a Joint Venture (JV) with you. Such an item most often induces an emotional reaction in the prospect as it is probably unexpected but something that may really help them in their endeavors.

One-Time Offers (OTOs)

One-Time Offers (OTOs) introduce the concept of scarcity to that product. They are usually placed as upsells after the customer has bought at least one product in the sales funnel. By describing the product as an exclusive and offered as an OTO, it will create a huge urge in the prospect to purchase.


Instead of only looking at creating new products to put into your sales funnel, you should try and see what you already have and repackage it in a different format. For instance, if you have written a mini course on a topic which had gone out as a series of emails, try and repackage it as a video or an audio. You may even be able to charge for it in the sales funnel.


Repurposing products means you try and get every penny you can from your old product but in a different way. So, for instance, if you have written an ebook that has had its run and the sales have dried up, try and exploit it in another way. For instance by creating a mini course or using the material to write a sequence of blogs for your website.

Recurring Income Products And Services

For an internet marketer, creating and achieving sales of recurring income products and services is perhaps the ultimate goal. These products can easily be the most lucrative since they guarantee steady income month in month out. Maybe this item should be placed at the end of the sales funnel where the most focused prospects go through and are the best suited to purchase.

To your affiliate marketing success!

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Tips to Start a ClickBank Business

ClickBank is a top affiliate network for beginners looking to make money affiliate marketing. It is free to join; has a reputation of paying its affiliates on time; provides a money back guarantee on products; and you don’t have to get the approval of merchants to promote their products. As a new affiliate, you may find it difficult to get approved by some merchants, especially with cost per action programs and some of the super elite affiliate networks like Commission Junction or Share a Sale. ClickBank eliminates this problem, so you can promote any program you want whenever you want. Here are few tips on starting a ClickBank business.

Tip# 1

Research before selecting products. Gravity of a product is a parameter for measuring how popular it is with affiliates. A product with a gravity value of above 150 may be too competitive. Similarly, a product with a gravity value below 10 may be tricky. Another thing to consider is whether a product is on the rise or decline.


Perform detailed keyword research for your product. Keywords are the words people enter into search engines. You can find keywords for promoting your product with help of tools, like the Google AdWords Keyword Tool. This tool can also provide you matching terms that contain some of the words you entered into it to find your keywords.


Create a website for your ClickBank business. While there are many ways to promote your product free of cost, such as creating Squidoo lenses and HubPages and writing articles, a website will give you better results. This can be a website or a blog with your own domain name. I highly recommend setting up a WordPress blog and keeping it updating with fresh, weekly content.

Tip #4

Dedication. I can’t tell you how many people want to make money with ClickBank, they do their keyword research, set up a website and then when no sales come in overnight they give up. Perseverance is key. Find a good niche, find a good product and settle in for the long haul. Try to set daily goals. Try to make five dollars a day, then ten dollars a day, twenty five dollars, fifty dollars, etc. Setting small attainable goals is very important to maintaining a healthy business psychology. Many ‘how to’ ClickBank products will give the illusion that a ClickBank business is turnkey and huge windfalls are available overnight… It’s not. It takes works… but the beauty of this business is that you can do the work and it’ll continue to pay dividends long after you’ve done your job. I have websites and videos that continue to product incomes years after I launched.

Tip #5

Invest to make money, but don’t over invest yourself. I recommend one good HOW TO book that demonstrates how to get free traffic. Don’t spend anymore than $300 dollars to start your business… that’ll cover the cost of a good guide, domain registration and hosting. That’s all you need. Many new ClickBank affiliates are hesitant to spend money on how to information, but being a ClickBank affiliate is no different than being a lawyer, you need education. On the flipside there are would-be affiliates that chase get rich quick program after get rich program, dropping thousands and getting nowhere.

These tips will help you start your ClickBank business in the right manner.

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Profitable Affiliate Marketing – Revealed – 7 Great Affiliate Marketing Incentive Ideas

If you want to achieve profitable affiliate marketing for your business, you need to keep in mind the importance of incentives. It is through the incentive program you develop that the affiliates will be attracted to be active in your affiliate marketing network in the first instance and that will keep them involved in the future. Through this article, you are provided seven great affiliate marketing incentive ideas.

1. As was mentioned a moment ago, you absolutely must understand the vital importance of incentives when it comes to establishing a profitable affiliate marketing network program. Therefore, you need to spend time planning on what type of incentives you will offer.

2. You also need to keep in mind how helpful it can be offering immediate incentives to affiliates to join your network. Through an immediate incentive program, you’ll be able to attract quality affiliates.

3. Understanding that you may be offering immediate incentives, you therefore need to make certain that you have a powerful screening process in place to ensure that you do only get very best affiliates possible.

4. When it comes to the affiliate incentives program, you also want to be creative. While affiliates always will appreciate cash incentives, if you can come up with some other types of creative incentive measures, you’ll continue to keep your affiliates happy.

5. In regard to profitable affiliate marketing incentive ideas, talk to other businesses that have successful affiliate marketing programs. Find out what they have done in regard to incentives. Find out what does work and find out what does not work so well.

6. When it comes to a profitable affiliate marketing incentive program, you might want to consider some sort of friendly competition between your affiliates.

7. Finally, there are affiliate marketing experts that can assist you in developing the most appropriate incentive program to suit your needs and those of your affiliates.

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AdWords, Amazon Associates, and Affiliate Marketing

One of the good old fashioned ways to make money online is to sell other people’s stuff and be paid a small commission for each sale. This is called Affiliate Marketing and it seems that just about everyone with an online presence has some kind affiliate program in place. Over the years I have made a bit of pocket change being an affiliate for, The London Pass, and one or two other odds and ends here and there. I have read a few ebooks, watched a few videos, and had a bit of fun trying to make some money.

Making a living doing this kind of stuff has always been beyond my realm of expertise. Super Affiliates claim to make 100K a year or more selling other people’s stuff online. I think they make their real money selling How I Made 100K a Year as a Super Affiliate books.

The Big Players in this game are Google AdWords, Amazon Associates, and places like Commission Junction and ClickBank where there are hundreds of companies looking for people to hawk their wares. The interesting thing is that most of these companies do everything they can to make it difficult, if not impossible, to use their services at the same time.

AdWords is how Google makes it’s billions, so the system is working well for someone. Go to Google and type in the name of any product or service and you will see a row of little ads along the right hand side of the search results. These ads pop up because of the words entered into the search bar, the amount of money the advertiser is paying per click, the amount of their daily budget, the quality score of their landing page, the weather conditions in Sri Lanka, and what mood Google happens to be in at the moment. Like all online businesses Google has a near infinite list of Policies and Procedures, the violation of any of these can get you kicked out of AdWords. started out selling books, but now sells just about anything that be stuffed into a container and delivered to your door. This makes their Associates program especially appealing as you are free to promote everything available on the site. also has a very long Operating Agreement with the many ways in which you can be booted out of the Amazon Associate program.

The hundreds of companies using Commission Junction and ClickBank each have their own sets of rules and guidelines, though the companies on ClickBank seem to have a much more anything goes feel to them. The Big Name Companies always have long lists of terms and often require that these terms be updated from time to time so they can add new restrictions.

The point of AdWords is to use ads to drive traffic to a site which is there to sell something. Only Google doesn’t really like sites that are just trying to sell something-and they outright hate sites that are trying to sell things with Affiliate Links. They like companies that are using their own websites to sell their own products. AdWords is still the best way to drive traffic-if you have an unlimited budget and a site that meets their Quality Score test.

The Amazon Associate program, like all affiliate programs, is designed to sell more stuff. They provide banners, text links, widgets, and discussion boards. Among the cool dodads are flash widgets with moving parts and the ability to set up your own aStore. The problem is that you are not allowed to direct link to Amazon through AdWords. This tends to make the stand alone aStore pretty useless as there is no way for anyone to know it’s there. What Amazon wants is someone who has a site with it’s own traffic that will drive some of their readers to Amazon.

What most companies looking for Affiliates want is Yahoo, Road Runner, or Alexa to run their ads. A site that has tens of thousands of hits a day might get someone to click on an ad. What they don’t want is traffic from AdWords. Which is usually fine as AdWords often doesn’t want to send them traffic anyway. I tend to find this whole circle a bit baffling. I am paying AdWords to run ads, but they will only run ads they approve of, to site they approve of, for products they approve of. Ok, Google AdWords has Standards. Which makes me even more baffled when I see the countless companies that forbids the use of Google AdWords by their Affiliates. What gives? An Affiliate’s job is to drive traffic to a company’s site in the hopes that they will buy whatever the company is selling-except the Affiliate is not allowed to use the most power tool to drive traffic.

I also don’t understand why so many people are now offended by affiliate links. I understand ad blindness and I tend to ignore most ads myself. I even understand not wanting to see any more ads. I remember when came out and they said you could make money by using their search engine. I remember being at a friend’s house and using Iwon and telling him about using it to make points. He was outraged at the idea that he would use something that I might get points for. And that was just for make believe points. I didn’t understand why he was pissed off then, and I don’t understand why people hate affiliate links now.

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