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Affiliate Marketing with ClickBank

Almost everywhere on the Internet we can find the success stories describing how some folks made a fortune selling products online. Well, of course we all realize that not all of those stories are completely true. But, it would also be wrong to say that it is not possible to make a comfortable living selling online. It is possible and there are many very successful entrepreneurs making their living online.

One of the most popular Internet businesses is called affiliate marketing. An affiliate marketer is someone who promotes a product or a service offered by a third party (frequently called a merchant or a vendor) and receives a commission for his efforts. The commissions can be earned for sending a potential customer to a merchant’s web site (Pay per Lead), for each sale made (Pay per Sale), for a click on a merchant’s link or a banner (Pay per Click), or a combination of the above.

Pay per Sale is the most popular form of affiliate marketing. What can be easier? Find a good product, promote it and receive commissions. Well, unfortunately it is not that simple. There should be a mechanism in place that would make sure that an affiliate marketer is properly credited for his efforts.

ClickBank is a company that makes it possible for affiliates to promote products and receive commissions for the sales made. ClickBank currently has an army of more than 100,000 affiliates and approximately 6,300 products listed in more than 90 categories. ClickBank only deals with digital products meaning that there is no shipping involved – buyer gets the product either by email or though a direct download from a merchant’s website the moment the payment is processed. ClickBank is also a payment processor. It accepts payments by a credit card, debit card, or PayPal.

So, how does ClickBank make it possible for an affiliate to be properly credited for his efforts? ClickBank is using hop links to track the affiliate efforts. In order to start promoting products offered through ClickBank, an affiliate has to register with ClickBank and receive a unique ClickBank affiliate id. The ClickBank sign up form can be found on [] page. The affiliate id is used to build a special hyperlink that has the following format:

When the above link is clicked, the surfer is redirected to the ClickBank server that first sets the affiliate cookie on the surfer’s computer and then redirects the surfer to the merchant’s web site. If the surfer then makes a purchase, the cookie is used to identify and credit the affiliate for the sale.

As you can see, it is not very difficult to become a ClickBank affiliate and start promoting products and services offered thought ClickBank. But one has to remember that not every product or service listed is worth promoting. There are several tools/services available on the Internet that one can use to check the performance history of the ClickBank products and see if a product/service will convert. I will cover those tools in my next article.

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10 Affiliate Marketing Management Tips

Discover The Answer To The 10 Most Common Affiliate Marketing Management Questions

1. Is affiliate marketing right for my business?

Affiliate marketing is one of the most powerful and effective means of gaining new customers, regardless of your product or service. Affiliate marketing exposes your business to new customers and can get you out of your marketing rut. Additionally, when you initiate an affiliate marketing campaign, you’re in control. You determine the commission rate you pay and pay only when your affiliates make a sale. It’s a no loss operation for you because you only pay when a sale is made.

2. What are the startup costs?

When you start an affiliate program you have the choice of handling the operations yourself or having it managed by an affiliate network. The costs for either choice are reasonable and generally start around a few hundred dollars. Additionally, as a business owner don’t forget that many of your costs may be tax deductible. To start an affiliate marketing program in house, costs will include:

Affiliate management software

Affiliate marketing support including a website that answers affiliate questions and a means for them to contact you if any issues arise.

Affiliate marketing materials including banner ads, copy, coupons, and promotional content.

An affiliate marketing contract agreement

Tracking software to track cookies, click throughs, payments, etc…

If you choose to hire an affiliate network to handle your program they generally charge a flat fee or a percentage of what you pay out each month.

3. How much time will it take out of my workday/workweek?

Most experts agree that it will take you about an hour and a half each day to manage your affiliate program. They also recommend you to budget more time in the first few months of your program, approximately two to three hours a day. Even the most efficient affiliate managers spend about 45 minutes a day managing their affiliate program.

Professional affiliate managers generally spend an average of 40-80 hours a month dedicated to managing, tracking and promoting your affiliate program.

4. Should I use an affiliate network?

Do you have an extra 3 hours a day for the next two or three months? Do you have an hour a day to devote to managing your program after the initial three month program is complete? An affiliate network, while it may be a bit more expensive on the outset, can help you focus your time on other profit generating tasks. Additionally, an affiliate network can help expose your affiliate program to a wide variety of experience affiliates, which means more money in your bottom line and more exposure overall.

That being said, there are a tremendous number of effective in-house solutions including some you’re likely already familiar with like and These programs will help you stay 100% in control of your affiliate program and are effective at managing your program.

5. How should I pay affiliates? What type of commission works best?

This is a very important decision because it not only affects your profits, the right commission rate will help you recruit top-notch affiliates. The general rule of thumb is to set your default commission rate at a rate you can afford to pay while leaving room for time limited commission increase offers, promotions, and private offers. For example, if you can afford to pay 50% of your gross profit margin, pay 25% instead and tier it so that after a sales goal is reached they earn 30% or you can bump it up to 50% during the holidays or during typically low sales times.

6. How do I recruit affiliates?

Your customers may be your best affiliates. After all, they already appreciate and enjoy your products or services. A simple link on your website is a good place to start. Here are a few ways to find quality affiliates:

Online forums. These are excellent places to meet and greet and connect with like minded individuals. They’re also a good resource for affiliates who are interested in, motivated, and qualified to sell your products and services. Using a forum, you can announce your affiliate program. Be careful to not ‘sell’ on the forum as most forums look down on this and may kick you off. Additionally, you can include a link to your affiliate site in your signature.

Find websites that link to your competitors and approach them about being an affiliate for you. Likewise, you can find affiliates using your favorite search engine and contact them about joining your program.

One last way is to join an affiliate network or become listed on an affiliate directory. This will ensure that affiliate marketers who are searching for new products and services to promote. However, keep in mind that many beginner marketers also seek products and services to promote via affiliate directories and they may lose interest and motivation before they ever make a sale. This isn’t a strong deterrent because they don’t get paid unless they make a sale, however it should be noted.

7. What is the best way to communicate with my affiliates?

Email is the general tool of choice, which makes an auto responder a fantastic tool for basic emails like the welcome email, introducing promotions, coupons, sending links and banner ads, and answering Frequently Asked Questions. It is also generally advisable to have an email address, fax number, and telephone number available for when affiliates have questions that are not answered by your frequently asked questions web page or when they simply want to speak with you.

8. How do I motivate affiliates?

Money motivates no doubt about it. That being said, affiliates are also motivated by feeling that they’re important to you. This means when they ask for your time, you give it. Additionally, promotions, bonuses, prizes, contests, and commission increases are all tools to motivate and inspire affiliates. Constant communication, like sending a weekly or monthly Ezine, will also help remind your affiliates that you’re out there and invested in their success.

9. Do I need to hire an affiliate manager?

The answer to this question really depends on your needs. How large is your company? Do you have the time to manage your program? Do you have the skills to manage your program? An affiliate manager is the person that:

Recruits affiliates

Communicates with affiliates

Develops, tracks, and reports on promotions

Develops programs to enhance affiliate program

Motivates affiliates

Tracks sales and pays affiliates

Monitors your competition

These are all extremely important functions and if you have the time to handle them yourself, excellent! If you do not, then consider hiring an affiliate manager.

10. How do I find/hire an affiliate manager?

Outsourcing an affiliate manager is fairly easy to do. There are hundreds available with a quick online search. You can ask associates, inquire at online forums, or post an advertisement seeking someone to fill the position. Depending on the complexity of your affiliate program, you could consider a well qualified virtual assistant for the job. The skills your affiliate manager will need are:

Organizational skills

Communication skills

Attention to detail

Knowledge of online business, internet marketing, and basic ecommerce operations

Basic html and graphic experience are a plus

Because they’re going to be representing you, you’ll want to make sure they’re personable.

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Affiliate Marketing – Where to Find Pay Per Impression Affiliate Programs

In affiliate marketing, one of the affiliate models which you can do is the pay per impression affiliate programs. Pay per impression affiliate programs will allows the affiliate to be paid for impressions of a merchant’s ads from the affiliate’s own website. This article will explain what does it mean by pay per impression affiliate programs, the limitations of these programs and where can you find this kind of affiliate programs.

Let’s say you as an affiliate have your own website already. You are interested in the pay per impression affiliate programs and you sign up for it. So what you will do now is that you will place the merchant’s ads into your own website. When you have traffic coming to your website and the ads are shown to the person that comes to your website, you will make some impression. The more time that ads are being shown, the more money you will earn.

The limitation that these program is that you must already have huge traffic that is coming to your website. Normally these kinds of programs will need you to have huge amount of impression so that you can earn a decent amount from this model. If you know how to get huge amount of traffic to your website, you can consider this model. If not, it is best to choose other affiliate programs models.

So if you have decided that this model is for you. The 2 websites that you can go to sign up per per impression affiliate programs are and These 2 websites are the 2 of the most popular pay per impression affiliate programs on the internet. If you have decided that this kind of affiliate programs is for you, then take action today to get nearer to your affiliate marketing business success.

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Affiliate Marketing Tips – How to Find a Niche Market in 30 Minutes

Nowadays, it will take me ONLY 30 minutes or less to find a niche market. It is used to be quite a huge task for me to find a niche market. I always pondered, how I can start building my campaign without a niche market?

Initially, I hated the fact that I could not get a niche market for myself but not anymore… With the knowledge that I have equipped myself with, I can find a niche market easily and start the process to make money out of it immediately.

Now, If you are reading this, I believe that you are facing the same problem that I used to have. Whether you are a newbie or have dabbled quite a while in affiliate marketing, I understand your problem.

I understand because I used to have the same problem in finding a niche market when I decided to brave myself into affiliate marketing jungle a couple of years ago.

I sense that you also know that lots of affiliate marketers are struggling to look for a niche market. A niche market where they can start earning money from and MOST importantly, if they are doing article marketing, they can start choosing the relevant keywords and start writing articles immediately.In this article, I will be sharing with you on 3 ways to find a niche market for you to start with in affiliate marketing with a right foot. I truly hope that.

For me there are 3 primary objectives for finding a niche from the perspective of affiliate marketing:

  1. A niche which is profitable.
  2. Are the products or services available in the affiliate networks?
  3. Is there a money back guarantee from the merchants for the product or service that I would like to be affiliated with?

Since, affiliate marketing is a series of process right from finding a niche market to getting sales, set a time frame when you are looking for a niche. At my current level, I have set a time-frame of 30 minutes to find a new niche market for myself. You should do the same too.

The 3 ways to find a niche market:

  1. Go to

    In my opinion, this is the first place you should go to look for a niche market. Once you are in, you would see there are many categories.

    Without any serious thinking done, I simply clicked on Sports->Shopping>Varied Merchandise>

    Surprisingly, the has an affiliate program. For your information, is a company selling all types of balls that you can think of from golf,basketball, baseball, hockey and many others.

    Now you can do the same thing too. You can dig into other categories and within minutes you can get few niches for you start with.

    An added suggestion for you is that if you are doing affiliate marketing after your working hours, then it is my advise for you that you focus one niche at a time.

    After you can see some sales coming in, then you can start with a new marketing campaign for a new product or perhaps related to the earlier niche.

    So, in the example above, the next campaign could be another niche related to, perhaps you can sell jerseys,neck guard, helmet, shin guards, customized golf club and many others. This is how you can dominate your market.

  2. Affiliate Networks:

    There is another method to look for a niche market which is to do product based search in affiliate networks like ClickBank, LinkShare, Commission Junction.

    In the ClickBank, for example, there are many categories you can start with. Just click in any of the categories without over-analyzing and within seconds or minutes you will be amazed with the results that you have.

  3. Free Tools.

    Now, let say you still do not have a niche to promote for unknown reasons. Then, you can go to the below:

    1. Google Trends
    2. Amazons

Now, if I go to Google Trends, there are a list of 10 hot topics and 10 hot searches. If you see any of the hot topics or hot searches that are of interesting to you, you can then look for a product in the affiliate networks.

Similarly, you can also go to Amazons and to find a niche.

Honestly, I really hope that you can find a niche within 30 minutes or less. If you have NOT started with a niche market before, my advise to you is to never over-analyze. That was a mistake I done. Learn by doing it. The more you learn by doing it, the more you can advance yourself in affiliate marketing.

Remember, when you ride your bicycle for the first time, was it a smooth ride for the first time?

You have to make mistakes in order to succeed. It is only how fast you learn from each mistakes which will determine how far you can go in affiliate marketing and in life.

For your information, I have learned on how to find a niche market from Wealthy Affiliate, an internet marketing training program.

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Affiliate Marketing – How to Learn Affiliate Marketing For Free

Guidance about affiliate marketing can be seen on practically tens of thousands of web sites. Ultimately just how dedicated to improve at this aspect of online business it will be dictated by the sort of information you seek out. It’s often necessary to distinguish information which will be useless to you if you don’t want to waste time and energy in the process. As soon as you accomplish this, you will discover a worthwhile internet site that will invariably guide you in selling properly and ensures you remain on the right track so that your business is continually getting better which will obviously increase revenue.

When you begin searching, have you any idea what it will be for?

1. Study Guide: Always accept the temptation to take advice owing to regular fluctuations in the world markets, it’s essential to acknowledge where you need to look to next even if you’re part of a group. A site that’s serious about offering this level of information should also give direction on what tools and methods is the best to be used. Coaching will evaluate your actual performance so that you can see how the market reacts to your efforts.

2. Future planning: New, and hot methods of marketing their sites are constantly being tested by affiliates. Allowing feedback from visitors is an essential aspect of web design, which can be assisted by gaining access to a ‘tutorial’ style site, which will keep you informed on just what you need to do to improve visitor level to your site.

3. Be considered a reliable source: Some techniques and systems you use may only be causing you to look just out to get some site visitors. Applying the previously mentioned traffic improving methods will make sure you seem to be truly interested in your customers requirements and preferences. Never forget that your website is your main resource, both to pull in new users and retain existing ones provided you stay focused on just what you are trying to supply them.

4. Useful, current information: A reliable ‘training’ internet resource will keep you on track, make it apparent things you could do differently (not always because you’ve done it the wrong way either) to improve your site and long term earnings. Over time you may even be given the chance to try out other specialist services to help you with your SEO traffic process, affiliate programs and targeted linking methods.

You will find great affiliate program info you can trust which will make suggestions on how to deal online properly. You will often find that when a site is set up properly that it will still bring in an income even while you are asleep. When you waste time it can’t be reclaimed at a future time so having a website to help you, especially when you first start out, is a resource not to be neglected. It is [vital your] marketplace will certainly notice and trust you for your previous record.

Please don’t forget to visit Business Tips for quality business and marketing information.

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Affiliate Marketing Tips – Hot Trends and Affiliate Marketing

This article is going to be a little out of the box thinking when it comes to affiliate marketing. See, most affiliate marketers simply look for a viable niche (one with a big demand) and then try to find a product in that niche to sell. And don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with this approach. I use it all the time. However, it’s NOT the only way to come up with products to sell. There is another method that can actually make you more money quicker if you know what to look out for and jump on it right away. I’m talking about Hot Trends. This article will explain.

Google Trends is a great site that Google has put together. It is essentially the top 100 trends (most searched phrases) updated every hour on the hour. Most of the trends are either political or entertainment related. But every once in a while, a hot trend pops up that has to do with a new product. Or maybe it’s an old product that for whatever reason is back in the spotlight. Many of these products have affiliate programs. Therefore, it’s a great opportunity to jump on selling it. But why? Why is this such a great way to make money?

Reason number 1 is because it IS hot at this very moment. People are talking about. People are interested in it. If it’s in the top 100, that means a lot of people. So you don’t have to worry about promoting something that isn’t going to bring you a decent amount of traffic.

Reason number 2 is even more important. See, most of these hot trends are so specific that there aren’t a lot of web pages out there targeting them. For example, one hot trend that I found the other day had only 10 competing web pages. When you have such little competition, it’s that much easier to get YOUR piece of the pie.

The downside to this system is that the trends don’t last long and usually the product will only sell for a day or two. That means you’re constantly searching for new trends. But if you have the time, and it really only takes about an hour a day, you can make quite a few sales daily if you hop on the right trend at the right time.

Certainly it’s something to consider adding to your affiliate marketing arsenal.

To YOUR Success,

Steven Wagenheim

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What’s the Difference Between MLM and Affiliate Marketing?

Do you want to know what the difference between MLM (multi level marketing) and affiliate marketing is? Then you should read this article.

First of all, MLM has been around for a lot longer than affiliate marketing. It is kind of build like a pyramid scheme – although it is a bit different from these schemes. In fact, pyramid schemes are illegal in many countries, whereas MLM is not.

In MLM you promote a product or a service and sell it to consumers. But to make real money, you will need to create what is called a downline. A downline is basically a group of people who signed up as marketers for the very same product or service, but they signed up through you. That’s why from everything they sell, you get a certain percentage of the commission.

In MLM, the earlier you get into the game, the better it is for you, because if you can build a good downline, you as long as the people in your downline make enough sales, your percentage is enough to live comfortably.

The truth however is that in most cases, the people who sign up for MLM companies never make a decent amount of money, and many in fact lose money, because they are required to pay for a starter package when they sign up.

With affiliate marketing, you also promote a product or service and sell it to consumers. But there is no such thing as a downline. One example of an affiliate program is the affiliate program. You can sign up for their affiliate or partner program and then get a commission every time you refer a customer to their website who makes a purchase.

The only thing that may kind of resemble the downline of MLM are tiered affiliate programs – these are programs where you can earn a percentage of the sales that are generated by affiliates who sign up through your links. However, the vast majority of affiliates makes the most money from direct sales, rather than tiered affiliate commissions, which is very different from the world of MLM.

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Affiliate Marketing Tips – Top 7 Differences Between Affiliate Marketing & MLM

Are you confused between affiliate marketing and multilevel marketing? How does each work? These ways of making money are actually different from each other, so do not get them mixed up!

Affiliate Marketing

1) People who join affiliate programs and sell products or leads for these companies are known as affiliates.

2) Affiliates do not need to buy products first before they can promote them, so its basically zero cost to start.

3) If the products affiliates promote results in any sales, they will earn a certain percentage of the selling price.

4) Some affiliate companies have a downline scheme for their affiliates, but not all do. This means they can promote their products, as well as recruit new affiliates to work for them. But even if they do, it is usually limited to the second tier only.

5) Affiliates have it easy in terms of order fulfilment as their main job is to bring the potential customer to the affiliate company’s website. If this results in sale, the company handles the backend details, like processing the order, shipping the product, and customer service. The affiliate pockets the commissions once the customer makes the payment for the product. As easy as 1-2-3!

6) Because of their unique position as the middlemen, sometimes affiliates do not know their customers personally. The customer could be someone who has found the affiliate’s webpage or recommendation through search engines. But with current tracking services and promotions through their own email marketing list, it has now become easier for affiliates to know who their customer is. This is important as the affiliate can follow up and promote other related products to the same customer for repeated sales.

7) Affiliate merchants often set their products at the same price. Every affiliate, whether newbie or super affiliate, has to sell them at the same price. They cannot undercut the price themselves as the payment processor is generic for all. However, they can provide bonus products or services of their own to attract more sales.

Multilevel Marketing (MLM)

1) People who join MLM programs are known as resellers or multilevel marketers.

2) Resellers usually have to buy a minimal quantity of the products they market to qualify for their earnings, according to their tier in the MLM company.

3) If resellers manage to sell their product, they can keep the full proceeds of the sales.

4) Usually all MLM companies have a membership structure where an existing reseller can recruit new marketers under their wing and earn a percentage of commissions out of their second-tier sales. The longer they build their downline, the more they will benefit.

5) Multilevel marketers often have to handle the order process themselves as they sell and deal directly with their customers. They might need a car to visit their customers, and deliver their products, and if necessary, address the concerns of the customer personally.

6) As MLM resellers know who their customers is, they have a personal relationship with them, which can be an advantage as they can provide more customer support and follow up. If the customer is happy and comfortable with them, they might buy their MLM products repeatedly.

7) MLM resellers can set their own prices about the products if necessary to attract sales. Competition often leads to lower prices though, and undercutting is not a long term solution. Win your competitor by providing a personalised customer relationship instead!

I hope after reading this article, it would have cleared most of your doubts with regards to affiliate marketing and MLM. Decide where you interest lies and find a suitable program to start with. I chose the affiliate marketing route, how about you?

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Affiliate Marketing: How to Succeed

Affiliate marketing can be a very profitable business if you take the time needed to learn about it, decide on a niche and take the necessary steps towards offering your niche quality products that will improve their lives. Over time, you will find yourself reaping the benefits of affiliate marketing. Benefits such as, passive income, freedom of time and a sense of accomplishment. Use the tips provided in this article to learn how to take the required steps to make your affiliate marketing business successful.

This first step is the most important: conduct a comprehensive search for the affiliate products and services in which you want to focus on for your niche. It is a good idea to form agreements with several types of products to offer. This will supply you with multiple income streams. Also, only promote products that you are comfortable with. You want your belief in the product to shine through to your potential clients.

Select a company that is continuously coming out with new products. You will be able to supply your clients with new products, and this will keep your commissions flowing regularly. This will always work to your benefit.

Once you have chosen the best companies and products that relate to your niche, you will want to focus on building your affiliate website. This can feature reviews and fresh content for your potential clients. Remember that this content can hurt or harm your credibility, so ensure you are publishing fresh, relevant content for your readers. This is a great way to build trust which is essential to them buying anything from you. Readers that value and identify with your content will keep returning for more. They are usually more willing to click on your affiliate links.

This will all take time, but with consistent effort, you will start to see some passive income when people start to trust you and buy your recommendations. That first sale is the most amazing! Guaranteed there will be more to follow.

One thing that is viable but many affiliates fail to consider is to request more money from the affiliate programs you are having the most success with. They should at least consider paying you a higher percentage of the sales you make if you are bringing them more sales. It never hurts to ask.

In conclusion, keep in mind that the key to affiliate marketing is to bring value to your potential clients. You need to honestly want to improve their lives, and this need to help will naturally shine through to your content and to the types of products you offer relative to your niche. This is what differentiates valuable affiliate offers from the fake ones. Try using these tips to take the first steps to becoming a successful affiliate.

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Affiliate Marketing Tips – 5 Creative Ideas to Bring in a Tremendous Rush of New Affiliate Sales!

Affiliate Marketing tips are certainly desired by every internet marketer who is doing affiliate marketing. It certainly makes any task easier when you have guidelines, pointers, tips or a track to run on.

When you have these types of help, you are much more likely to succeed with any task you undertake..

That is true for many things, and it is true for people who want affiliate marketing tips

We are going to look at five great tips for affiliate promotion. These tips will help you to get people coming to see your affiliate products time and time again.

1. Target Broad Niche Markets

This means that you will start with a broad market of products This could be very important because then you will be able to become an affiliate for several related products.

However, even though you start with a broad niche, you will then want to drill down and focus on a narrower aspect of that market. If your broad niche is “golf clubs,” you narrower niche would be a particular type of golf clubs.. Not doing this or not doing it correctly could mean the rest of these affiliate marketing tips will not be as effective as they could be.

2. Get Email Subscribers

This is really great because you will be able to do an affiliate promotion to these same people over and over again. You will also give them the opportunity to get to feel like they know you. After they feel like they know you, they will trust your judgment and perhaps follow your recommendation to buy a specific product or products.

3.Give Free Products to Get People to Sign Up

This may be a critical element because people would be reluctant to give you their email addresses for no reason. They already have enough spam coming to their inboxes..

4. Provided Helpful Information to Your Subscribers

Another critical element is usually to provide helpful information to your email subscribers. You don’t want to just bombard them with affiliate products. You actually want to help them; however, you do know that you also can point them to products that will help them further. Give helpful free information to those on your subscriber list.

5. Stay With Your Niche Before Branching Out.

Pay close attention to this important step: Staying with one niche in the beginning will help you perfect the learning curve that comes with learning anything new. I mean you will be able to shorten the learning curve as you master the promotion of products in one niche. Once you have mastered one niche, then you can branch out and do things over and over again..

Another reason why this is very important is that you will not become overwhelmed with all the different ways you can do affiliate marketing.

When you follow these 5 tips for affiliate promotion, chances are that you will succeed rapidly.

In case you omit or ignore any one of them, you risk getting poorer results than you may otherwise expect.

Success comes to those who follow these 5 affiliate marketing tips!

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