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What Are The Best Affiliate Marketing Programs?

There are so many affiliate marketing options that it can be difficult to know which ones are the best affiliate marketing programs. Choosing the right program is imperative and will in large part determine whether a person succeeds or fails in marketing products or services as an affiliate marketer. Following is some advice on choosing the best programs of this nature.

Considering Program Specifics

While some programs are better than others, in most cases it is a matter of choosing the program or programs that would be best for you personally. Some marketers prefer to promote only one or two products, but many others have found that choosing a company that offers numerous high quality products is the best option.

It is very important to note not only how much commission is earned from a sale but also whether follow-up purchases by the same buyer are also credited to one’s commission account. In fact, some programs even have tier two commission rates, which are ideal. A person will also want to note when commissions are paid, as the rules and regulations for this vary from company to company.

Research the Product

The best affiliate marketing programs are the ones that offer high quality products. A person can find out more about any product by typing in the product name online, followed by the word “reviews”. While no product will get 100% positive reviews, a good product will have an average review rating of around four out of five stars. A person should avoid marketing products that either have a poor overall review rating.

Considering the competition is also important. Google and other search engines often give higher ranking to older websites than newer ones. Promoting the same product that is being promoted by tens of thousands of other sites is not easy, instead; it’s better to choose a niche product that will appeal to a wide range of people but that is not being marketed in a widespread way.

Personal Considerations

A person who engages in affiliate marketing must believe in the products or services that he or she is trying to sell. It also helps for a person to know a bit about the product or service in question. For example, a person who loves reading books will have little or no trouble hosting an affiliate marketing site that promotes certain book titles. A person should always choose a product that he or she feels comfortable promoting.

Online affiliate marketing has the potential to be profitable but it does take a fair bit of work. The most important first step to take is to choose the best affiliate marketing programs. The best programs for you personally may not necessarily be the same as the best programs for another person.

However, any good affiliate program will offer good commissions and numerous high quality product options that can be sold. It is important to do careful research, consider both popular and little known affiliate programs and then choose the one or ones that are best for you personally.

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Comments: Affiliate Marketing Tips and Tricks

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Affiliate Marketing – Building an Affiliate Marketing Website

When you start getting really into affiliate marketing, you will want to build your own website. This website will allow you to have all of your affiliate products in one location. Even if you do not promote all pages or products on the site at one time, you will be able to better manage your internet marketing efforts.

The first thing to consider when building an affiliate marketing website is your program agreements. Some affiliate programs do not allow you to place products on your own website, although you can post links from your website to your affiliate site. Other programs allow you to post the products directly on your website pages.

When building the website make sure that before any visitor can actually view your affiliate products they have to put in their name and email address. This is called a lead capture page. You will then be able to use these leads in email marketing and other internet marketing efforts.

You will want to be sure that your website is built on its own domain, and not a subdomain. Only as your own domain can you be listed in many directories. You will also have a much higher chance of obtaining a high page rank and being listed in the search engines quickly. Choose for your domain name something that reflects the type of products you sell there to optimize it for search engines and make it easier to find.

When you have your website built and online, you may wish to do some things to your website to boost your page rank. Graphics and informative, keyword optimized content will help in that endeavor. You may also wish to consider naming your graphics your keywords to allow for additional SEO.

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Affiliate Marketing Tips – How to Become an Affiliate Assassin

Want to know how to become an affiliate assassin? Want to be able to sell affiliate products with relative ease and precision? Tired of having to compete with every Tom, Dick and Sally who’s promoting the same tired products and can’t get out of their own way? Want to really rake in the cash and…

Okay, stop! Before I make myself sick, just stop!

I’m sure the above intro was about the make you ready to lose your lunch. I can’t say I blame you. I mean after all, isn’t this the same old tired pitch you see on every sales page? Every product promising to make you an instant millionaire. I wish it were that easy. Well, it’s not…but…you can make a nice living as an affiliate marketer if you have some solid smarts behind you. I’m going to leave you with a few tips that WILL make affiliate marketing easier for you and maybe even turn you into an affiliate assassin.

First tip is to hit the Clickbank marketplace and look for some solid products that don’t have a gravity that makes you want to hit the ceiling. Trying to compete with 300 other people selling the same product is just plain suicide. The chances of you getting a decent share of that pie are slim to none. Instead, look for something that has a gravity of around 30 or 40. This shows that the product does sell and is probably quite solid. You’ll have a much easier time in the process.

Next, you want to do some serious promotion. If you want to be visible, you have to be visible. The first thing I recommend is to set up a blog and do a review of the product you want to promote. Yes, that means you’re going to have to get a copy for yourself. If you write to the merchant, maybe he’ll send you a copy to review. Either way, get one. Review it honestly and then at the end, put a link to the product itself.

Then you want to start writing articles…lots of them. Submit them to article directories. In the article resource box, have a link to your blog, NOT the product itself. This way, the people reading your articles can then read your review on the product. This way they’ll be more inclined to buy it…especially if the review is honest.

Finally, make some videos and submit them to video directories. You can make them reviews of the product as well and then send people to the product page or your blog to read more reviews.

The above game plan, if executed properly, will have you more than on your way to becoming an affiliate assassin…and all that other stuff.

To YOUR Success,

Steven Wagenheim

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The Best Affiliate Marketing Programs for Beginners

For those of us who spend a great amount of our lives online we often have to field a lot of questions from those who don’t. These questions come in many shapes and sizes but usually center around an all too familiar theme.

How can I make money online? If you’re brand new to the online business world affiliate marketing is a good place to start. It’s not going to be quick and it’s not going to be easy. If you’re willing to put in the work it can reward you.

Today we’ll be looking at some of the best affiliate marketing programs for beginners.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

A lot of people earn a good living selling other peoples products. It can start with a minimal investment and low risk. Affiliate marketers make their income from promoting other websites and doing reviews of products.

This works by creating a website of your own. Creating relevant content and increasing your traffic. Providing reviews and linking your advertised product to the affiliate.

Sounds easy right? It’s a lot of work but given enough time and commitment it can be a profitable way to earn income from home.

The Barriers to Entry are Low

There are thousands of affiliate programs today. They sell everything from digital downloads to renting private Leer jets. Affiliates pay out commissions ranging from a few points to well over 50% of a sale.

Experience has taught me the biggest hurdle to overcome lies in the training. You need to know how to set up and manage your own website. WordPress is an easy way to complete this task and there’s plenty of support as well.

Like any new skill there will be a learning curve to overcome. We’ll explore a site that will remove this concern.

What Are The Best Affiliate Marketing Programs for Beginners?

It’s been my experience that the best programs are the ones that provide a valuable product and teaches you how to become a marketer. As noted above, there are an infinite amount of affiliates that want you to push their products.

Not all can teach you how. The ones we’ll focus on are Amazon Associates, Wealthy Affiliate, Clickbank, and Google’s AdSense.

Amazon Associates

No other program on the internet has the vast product selection for your niche as Amazon. You can set up an account in under ten minutes and have access to as many products as you wish to start promoting.

Once your associate’s code is on your site you’re ready for business. Their dashboards make it easy to see where you stand on a daily basis as well as frequent updates to an enormous product base.

Below your Amazon is an easy set up function to walk you through setting up your first account. There are also a lot of forums, blogs and tutorials found under the “Help” link. A great feature to educate you if you need support or questions answered.

Many beginning affiliate marketers start with Amazon Associates because it works and works well. One thing to mention is that they don’t offer the best commissions. New accounts start at 4% for a majority of products with the top end being 10% on game downloads and jewelry items. Volume is the name of the game with this program.

Wealthy Affiliate

A lot of people want to start online but lack the experience to design and manage their own website. Wealthy Affiliate teaches you how to do this and do it well. For starters they allow you to try a free membership and help you build your first site with WordPress.

The impressive thing about this program is that it’s all based around a community of like-minded people. They’re all learning how to run online business. There are video tutorials and certification classes that new members progress through. They ask questions and receive feedback from the community.

Experienced members help out the newbies and do so often. This program is impressive and dispels any fears on managing your own website. If you’re new to the business please do yourself a favor and sign up for their free membership. You won’t be sorry.


Here’s a program that sometimes gets mixed reviews but what I like about them is their product offering and knowledge base. Some affiliates want to offer informational products and downloads.

This is beneficial for the customer, affiliate and provider. Let’s say your niche is Guitars or better yet learning to play the guitar. You can sign up to sell an informational download product for that helps your customer do just that.

There are thousands of informational products to sell for various niches. Clickbank also has a knowledge base to help you with any questions or set up on your site.

Downloads are a profitable commodity and usually have a long life cycle. Like Amazon when it comes to the set up they offer a lot of good training and customer support.

Google AdSense

This is a much debated strategy by online marketers. You’ve worked hard to get a customer to your site. Why would you want them to click on an ad and leave?

The fact of the matter is that they will leave your site. Why not try to make some money off their exit? Google AdSense has a great learning academy and will suggest ads that relate to your niche.

When someone clicks on the ad you get paid for it. I’ve read in forums where a site could earn as little as.02¢ and as much as $2.00 per click.

This strategy gets used a lot by bloggers who get a decent amount of traffic to their site and want another way to monetize it. Once you go through their review process, which is around seven days, your campaigns will start.

Exploring Other Programs

Again, there are a lot of affiliate programs out there. Which ones are right for you? To research all the different ones offered you can use this easy strategy.

Just type in your niche followed by the + sign and hit enter. You’ll receive a lot of research to get going on.

What are your thoughts? Are there better programs you could suggest for beginners? Please feel free to visit our site and leave your opinion.

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Affiliate Marketing Tips – Product Stats – Gravity

Product stats drive people nuts. So few affiliate marketers really know how to interpret them…especially the ones at the Clickbank Marketplace. Well, if you’re just starting out in affiliate marketing or maybe you’ve been doing it a while and still can’t handle picking out the right products, this article is going to come in very handy.

Let’s start with one of my favorite stats…gravity. No, it has nothing to do with what’s keeping you on this rock. However, it might be keeping you from making any kind of sales whatsoever. Gravity is the average number of affiliates who are promoting a certain product. Now, the common misconception is to sell a product that has a very high gravity because it is selling a lot. Well, it is…but it is also selling a lot because there are a ton of people selling it. That means more competition.

On the other hand, a product with a very low gravity or none at all may not sell either, quite simply because the product’s sales page isn’t any good and can’t make sales. So you see, going in the other direction can also kill your chances of making sales.

So what’s the answer? It’s so simple that I don’t know why people don’t think of it. The answer is to find products that have a high enough gravity that you can see that the product is selling, but not so high that you’re competing with everybody in existence.

Okay, so what’s a good gravity? I have found that anything from between 30 and 50 is perfect. You’re not competing with products that have gravities in the hundreds and you don’t have to worry that the product isn’t going to sell, because an average of 30 to 50 affiliates ARE making money selling it.

So please, don’t beat your head against a stone wall trying to promote products that you can’t sell. By focusing on products that have mid range gravity numbers, you give yourself the best chance of actually making a sale.

In future articles, I’ll go over some more product stats.

To YOUR Success,

Steven Wagenheim

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Affiliate Marketing- Information On Affiliate Content Sites-Blogs

In affiliate marketing, there are different kinds of business models that you can choose to promote your affiliate product. One of the ways is call the affiliate content site or blog model.

So what the affiliate will do is to marketing purely through providing relevant content to the visitors. This can be in the form of articles, products reviews or even content that comes come multi media like audio or video.

If the affiliate has already set up one blog, he might just use it purely for reviewing and recommending products. On a normal website, the affiliate might put lots of fresh contents or tools so that the visitors will always come back to the site to look for new information.

So in order to monetize the website or blog that they have, they can actually put their affiliate links in certain places. He can put a link at the resource box which will be at the end of the article or he can even link certain words in the article to the affiliate products that the affiliate is promoting.

The next thing that the affiliate can put is a opt in form. In affiliate marketing, having a list is the most important assets that the affiliates can have. The advantage is that not only will the affiliate be giving visitors valuable content; he will also be able to build his own profitable list too. This is the biggest advantage of using this model to do an affiliate marketing business.

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Five Affiliate Marketing Tips For Newbies

If you are new to affiliate marketing there are some things that you’ll need to know in order to get going on the right track. Unfortunately, there are con artists and other ripoffs practically everywhere online and these people seem to have no problem with stealing from senior citizens that are trying to supplement their income with affiliate marketing or new people online that happen to be on a limited budget.

Affiliate marketing is a very real, legitimate business model so don’t get caught up in hype and other “get rich quick” offers. A good rule of thumb is that if it seems too good to be true, it probably is. Here are a few affiliate marketing tips that can help you to get on track.

#1. Do not walk, RUN away from get rich quick offers.

#2. The value of most things that are “free” is pretty low most of the time. The main thing that I’m referring to here is free autoresponders, where other people can put THEIR ads above your own, free websites where others can place their ads on YOUR pages, free hosting where, once again, others can place their ads on your pages, etc.

#3. The cost of items like those above, hosting, domain, autoresponder, is very inexpensive and all are things that are necessary in order for you to run your business, automate your business and maintain a professional image. The cost of a domain name is less than $10.00 per year, hosting is only $5.00-$20.00 per month and a professional autoresponder is only $20.00 per month. If you can’t afford these things initially then you may have to do something else until you get the necessary funds to do affiliate marketing. Don’t ruin your reputation by using free services. People WILL know what you’re doing.

#4. Visit a few reputable internet marketing forums and read posts that are related to what you’re trying to do. Look for posts made by individuals that have been around for awhile. If you read a topic thread long enough you’ll generally learn who’s making money and who’s not. Once you find someone that looks to be “in the know” look for more of their posts and read them. Send them a private message and ask for their recommendation. You still want to be careful and use good judgement, but this is a good way to get free information. Two excellent forums you can start at are AbestWeb and the Warrior forum.

#5. Be wary of scams, but also remember that affiliate marketing is a business and requires that you invest both time and money into it. If you’re not willing to do this then your chances at success are practically zero.

These are just a few affiliate marketing tips I wanted to share with you. The best advice I could give is to find others that are doing what you want to do and mimic them. Now get to work!

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Affiliate Marketing Tips – How to Properly Find Your Niche

It’s not what most gurus tell you what it is. Brainstorm a few ideas, setup an AdWords campaign, test with a hundred of a thousand visitors and decide about the feasibility and profitability of the niche. That is too opportunistic a thinking. Business builders should not research a niche that way. How should you do that instead?

Here are some of the factors that I think very important in picking your niche, now and in the future. These are immutable.

1. Your passion and talent

You’ve heard this for the hundred times but if you haven’t yet built a business around your passion, you haven’t understood this point yet.

Passion is utmost important. No, I don’t mean that you should do free work and treat your business like a hobby. You still need to observe and find an intersection that allows you to monetize your passion. But without this, you are like a zombie working without enjoying it.

Passion will make you go the extra mile. You are more likely to persist if your business is something you’re passionate about.

2. Profitability

This is where it is different from other’s teaching. Profitability of a market is not determined by a quick research on pay per click search engine. If you want to use pay per click only, you are seeking for a way to make money.

The fact there are ongoing products to sell around the niche means it is profitable. It is that simple. How do you get people to buy, where the buyers are, and how to reach them are the questions you need to answer to build a business.

Even with pay per click, you have to test different angles that relate to the market. You just need to work on the market. It doesn’t depend on just one short ad.

3. Scalability

There are markets that depend on trends. These markets come and go. Not that there is anything wrong to enter such a market, but make sure you know you can’t rely on it for too long.

If you find these niches, use the hit-and-run method to quickly get the most out of the niche. Some people prefer a more stable market, so this may or may not be for you.

I personally like to build a business around a stable niche, but also jump on trends that offer the most buck for my time investment. It’s a matter of your own preference, but use the above criteria to avoid wasted time, money and effort.

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The Industry of Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing nowadays has become one of the biggest thriving Industries on the internet. People are searching for more better methods to take away the share of the bigger industries. With the entry of affiliate marketing a lot of industries have closed their doors. More and more people are getting into affiliate marketing and making huge amounts of money.

In this business the affiliates are being paid for promoting various products and services on their website. Whenever a purchase is being made the merchant gives a percentage of that sale to the affiliate. In this way the more number of clients you bring to the site the more income you make.

This is one of the best online businesses. It does not involve any hard work. It serves well in the interest of both the parties involved.

In this business large companies can reach their targeted customer more efficiently and increase their business network. The companies can spread their services to hundreds or thousand of websites through affiliate marketing and increase their influence.

Also the affiliate industry is providing a huge source of income to millions of people around the globe. The affiliates are earning large profits from various affiliate programs.

The affiliate earns around 30% of the money generated by each client they produce. In this way the earning potential is far more than you can imagine for the number of customers that you generate. The revenue keeps on lasting for the entire lifetime of the site with virtually unlimited earning potential.

To become an affiliate you don’t require any kind of special skills. This is the reason why millions of people are getting into affiliate marketing. Secondly it is a business that has no limits for the amount of money that one could make from it.

To Learn More in the Exciting World of Affiliate Marketing go to to get started Right Now.

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