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"Networking": The Dirty Word

In doing research for The Virtual Handshake , we discovered some resistance to the word networking among many people. When we dug further, we found that this sentiment was primarily concentrated in a couple of key groups:

  1. People working for large companies in roles other than sales, marketing, and biz dev, and
  2. People in the media

With some thought, it's easy to see why these groups might have a different perception of networking.

For the first group, formalized networking has very little to do with their day-to-day business. They're not selling anything, they're not buying anything, they're probably not looking for work, and probably not hiring anyone. And regardless of the best ideals of helping others, sharing knowledge, etc., it's still the anticipation of those transactional outcomes that extremely keeps us coming back for more networking. Without that clear benefit, there's not a compelling return on the time investment for this group.

For the second group, the media folks, the issue, I believe, is that they are in such high demand. If they go to a networking event, everyone who finds out they're a journalist / reporter / editor immediately wants to tell them all about what they do to try to get them interested or get them a referral to the right contact. And yet these people often have very little to offer of value to the media person. Sure, media people need contacts – lots of them – but they have a steady supply of people sending in press kits, story pitches, etc. They have big Rolodexes. When they can not find who they need, they ask around their office, they post on ProfNet, etc. So again, it's not a need they have, and attending a networking event, they tend to get "used".

And there are some networking events / groups that contribute to the bad name. Formalized referral programs can be great, a la BNI (most chapters, at least), but they can also deteriorate to the point that people are just giving other people names to call on, not really giving referrals. (As an aside, try never to just give someone a name to call – make the introduction yourself if possible. It's far better for all three of you.)

A second thing contributing to the decline of the word "networking" is its hijacking by the network marketing industry. Now, I'm not opposed to network marketing – really, some of my best friends are network marketers – but it is true that the industry has a negative image to many people. It is also true that the networking marketing industry has adopted the use of the term "networking" to refer specifically to the practice of network marketing. In fact, one of the most popular periodicals in the networking marketing industry is entitled Networking Times . Given how many people are prejudicial towards network marketing, this contributes to the negative connotation of the word "networking".

And a third contributing factor, at least among the tech-savvy, is some backlash against social networking sites. A combination of experimentation and some poor choices by both the sites and their users have created a mild backlash among some people. I find this one especially sad because we have collected so many success stories from people using them effectively, and my educated opinion is that if someone finds social networking sites ineffective, it may be more about their own usage habits and practices, or at least about Their exepctations, than about the site itself. Nonetheless, it's another tick against the word "networking".

Much of this is based upon prejudice, of course, but it is not entirely unfounded, either. But I see it not as an obstacle, but as an opportunity.

When someone reacts negatively to the word networking, explore a little deeper. "What is your definition of networking?" "What in your experience led you to that belief about networking?" Then define networking for them in your experience, and jokingly ask them if the two of you can agree to use your definition when you're talking about it with each other. Invite them to the very best face-to-face networking event you go to. Invite them to join your one favorite online network. Ask them if you can be their guide to your world of networking.

Maybe you'll change their mind – maybe you will not. But you'll end up creating a stronger relationship with them either way.

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The 8 Essential Marketing Strategies for Internet EBook & Product Launches

Let me share with you some of the most important strategies and tips for creating a niche product and preparing it for launch in the internet marketing world.

Before you rush off intending to create a product and sell it online be it directly from eBay and Amazon or as affiliate marketing with ClickBank and Commission Junction, there are a few major things you would need to address here.

#1 Who exactly is your targeted market?

Do you know the demographics of your market? The purchasing/spending power of your current market? The psychology/needs and wants of your specific market?

Let me put it in a simple nutshell that you may absorb.

For example, if you are intending to sell vegan cupcake recipes online – who would be intended market/bunch of consumers that you are trying to attract? Could it be women/housewives aged 35 and above (possibly highly likely to want to purchase your product) or maybe teenagers of the age group between 17-25 (who might just be interested in checking your product out but perhaps not eventually buy it?)

Next, you must understand the psychology of your market. Older women and housewives have greater purchasing power, they also have a higher tendency to purchase niche recipe products online as they are limited with possibilities/knowledge to know how to make a certain personalized type of products (and for the matter in example given, vegan cupcakes) of which they might be highly interested in and that would also mean that there is GREAT DEMAND for it.

On the other hand, teenagers 17-25 might actually like vegan cupcakes but might not necessarily have the money to spend. Also, they may also tend to be more technology-savvy and are able to surf around the net for “free” recipes or other “alternatives” and thus make themselves a tougher sales market for you to convert!

#2 Identify Specific Content

Now, I hope you have at least done your market trend research and homework on exactly which niche market do you intend to specifically hit on. And perhaps, you might be asking yourself now, “What should I do next?”

Don’t worry. Confusion is common during this process, and asking yourself questions are only normal! If you’re not asking yourself any of these questions – that must supposedly mean that you think you know everything in the book when the reality of which is you virtually know very little, or simply nothing.

After identifying your targeted market, I urge you sincerely to fit in and suit all the important, and relevant content into your product. This is done by specific keyword research.

For example, if you intended to sell vegan cupcake recipes and your targeted market was say aged 35 housewives/women.

So you can do content researches on all the specific keywords like “vegan cupcakes”, “vegan women”, “vegan housewives”, “women + cupcakes”, “healthy vegan cupcake recipes”, “cupcakes for women” – You can type this in search engines like Google, or if better to specific article directories (e.g.,,, etc) – places of which you can find content specific to your need in creation of your product.

Next, you read about those content. You read 5-6 books on related topics/issues, model the Contents Page of those books and apply the CPM method (Copy, paste & modify) of which you would not get sued for Copyright Infringement because you basically edited their content and did not directly steal it – you just edited it for your own good purposes.

#3 Structure your Table of Contents first before jumping into Writing!

“Always plan ahead. It wasn’t raining when Noah built the ark.” – Richard C. Cushing

It is important to note that the Contents Page of your book is probably the most important page of the entire book as well. This is because, whenever people search for valuable information in a book – the first thing that goes to their head is – what’s the content in this book and where can I find out more about it?

They do not read every single page before they gather and create a perception for themselves, sometimes they read the synopsis but they still aren’t assured. Most of the time, people flip straight to the Contents Page. That is where, they can have a much closer idea of what good, quality content they can find in a specific book that makes it special and different from others that are already existing out there!

Always remember to plan your Table of Contents so that you will not be writing blindly, and out-of-topic. Instead, by planning your Contents Page well – you would be writing specifically to meet the purposes of each individual chapter, and not miss out important points and issues needed to be addressed in your book.

I’m sure you wouldn’t want to write a book running haywire, missing relevant and important content and losing out to all your competitors, would you?

#4 Now jump in with Content. Lots of it!

Statistical survey report shows that about 60% of the time, people start to write books but somehow do not end up finishing them. Aspiring authors they claim to be, just exactly what happened to their goals & dreams?

Before I carry on with anything, let me reiterate the importance of TAKING ACTION. It is as simple as that, now that you’ve 1) Identified Your Specific Market, 2) Identified the Specific Content/Keywords Required, 3)Edited/Finalized your Table of Contents – you should not stop at this point of time after so much effort by allowing yourself to procrastinate!

Instead, I repeat, instead..TAKE ACTION now! Go to a good library near by your place and read as many related books to your product, say from 5-10 or to even as many as possible within your own limits. Also, one good thing to do is to find the right articles/websites to provide valuable information online. Wikipedia and are great sources for general info – and for more specific details you can always look up good quality article directories like and seek for quality content that you may be able to use for your own book!

I hope this great amount of content has been of good use to you.


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Unbiased Wowwe Review – 5 Tips to Getting Free Traffic to Any Website

I’ve read a ton of Wowwe reviews by Wowwe affiliates. I am not affiliated with Wowwe and I’m not interested in signing you up in Wowwe. So, if I didn’t want to sign you up, then why did I write this third-party Wowwe review? I wrote this Wowwe review to give you an unbiased point of view of what Wowwe has to offer, both as an extra income stream and as a quality webinar service at a reasonable price. This review will also be addressing why some people might think Wowwe is a scam or pyramid scheme. On top of all that, this Wowwe review will also cover some helpful tips on driving free traffic to your website.

Wowwe is an affiliate program with an mlm twist. It costs $69.95 to join Wowwe (first month included) and $19.95 a month after that, but it looks like the $69.95 is also an annual fee, so look out for that. From what I’ve discovered, it looks like it’ll cost $289.40 a year to be a Wowwe distributor, which is actually not that bad (Heck, I’ve heard of mlm’s with a minimum monthly auto-ship of $140).

The Wowwe distributor compensation plan is a 3 x 7 Forced Matrix and here’s what it pays out:

* For 3 members you personally enroll you get a matching bonus of 25%

* For 5 members you personally enroll you get a matching bonus of 50%

* For 8 members you personally enroll you get a matching bonus of 75%

* For 10 members you personally enroll you get a matching bonus of 100%

* $25 for each person you sign up

Being a Wowwe affiliate is a bit different from being a Wowwe distributor. Here’s how Wowwe pay’s its affiliates:

* 20% commission on initial set up fees

* 10% commission on monthly usage fees

* 50% commission extras, like annual custom template subscriptions.

Wowwe is definitely a company that shouldn’t be overlooked; just the price alone at under $20.00 a month makes it something to consider. With your Wowwe subscription, you get a host of options that you don’t get with other top video conferencing sites. Some of these options include a maximum of 50 attendees per webinar and advanced reports. Other places, like GoTo Meeting, offers 15 attendees at $39.00 a month, or Go To Webinar offers 100 attendees at $99 a month, so you definitely get more bang for your buck with Wowwe. Here are a few more options you get with Wowwe.

* Unlimited free video email (getting you more sign ups and more conversions than just plain old emails)

* Smart phone friendly

* Social media integration

* Screen sharing and a lot more!

So now for the big question; Is Wowwe a scam or legit and why do some people think Wowwe is a pyramid scheme? The problem lies with the people that hold these views, not with the company. The majority of people simply don’t know any better, and the rest have probably tried Wowwe or a company similar to Wowwe and failed. Here’s the deal when you get into something like Wowwe; you have to forget how easy your sponsor said it will be, because it’s not that easy. I mean, really, wouldn’t everyone already be doing it if it was super easy?

The first thing you need to know is that nobody cares about your Wowwe business! Ouch! I know that’s a tough one to come to terms with, but look at it from the other person’s point of view. Usually people just want to put in their 40 hours a week get paid and do their own thing. When you approach someone about your Wowwe opportunity you have to think about how it will benefit them first. Just think about what your prospect will get out of the deal besides a monthly withdraw from Wowwe.

Here are 5 absolutely free strategies that will help drive traffic to your Wowwe website, but most of all it will help you give something of value to others.

#1 Posting on Forums:

Whatever you’re into you can get a ton of traffic by regularly posting on a few forums. You can target any niche you want, whether you’re into skiing, snowboarding, online conferencing, network marketing, affiliate marketing or whatever. All you have to do to find the forum for you is search Google for it. Here’s an example of what you should type in:

“Your Keyword Here” + forum, ex. Wowwe distributor forum

Google will give you a bazillion results so you should only choose the ones with the highest alexa rankings. The forums with the higher alexa rankings are usually the most active ones, thus insuring that you won’t be posting to a site that doesn’t get much traffic.

#2 Blog Commenting:

Commenting on someone’s blog is a good way to drive traffic to your Wowwe website. Find about 10 of the top blogs in your selected niche. After you’ve found the blogs, you want to start reading posts and commenting on them. Blog commenting is a task you can do on a daily or a weekly basis. Your main goal is to post at least 10 insightful comments a week on the latest blog posts, but in order for this to work you have to do it consistently.

Some people might think that blog posting is an obsolete strategy but if you leave a helpful 50-100 word comment on a site that has thousands of visitors and that comment helped those people in some way they may click through to your Wowwe website. Generally if you leave a really good comment people will click on your name because they see the value you bring to the market place.

#3 Guest Blogging:

This method of driving traffic might sound strange but as crazy as it sounds this strategy is a great way to get your Wowwe blog or website on the map. The first thing you need to do is find blogs that accept guest bloggers. Not many sites accept guest bloggers but usually the authority blogs in your niche will. So now that you’ve found some blogs to write for the next step is to write a high quality on-topic article, in return you’re allowed to link that blog post to your site.

The main advantage to getting a post published on a high ranking blog is the mass exposure your content will get (not to mention a killer backlink). Let’s assume that the top blogs in your niche have over 100,000 plus readers. Now let’s say that you find 10 sites that accept your posts, so let’s do the math. Basically your post would go out to over 100,000,000 readers but only about 10% of them will actually read it, so that put’s you at 100,000 readers. Now you’ll probably lose about 20,000 people right off the top that will only read the first few sentences of your post, and move on. So now you’re down to about 80,000 people that have enjoyed reading your entire post and about 10,000 of those people will click through to your Wowwe site.

#4 Article Marketing:

If you’re talking about driving traffic you have to cover article marketing. Article marketing is simply writing an article about your niche and submitting it to article directories. In order to give your articles the best chance of ranking high on the search engines (so people can find your content) you have to target keywords in each article.

Keyword research is a must when you’re doing article marketing. Check out the Google Keyword Tool, if you need to find keywords in your niche. Once you’ve got your keyword figured out now you want to use it in the title, the description and then spread the keyword throughout the article. Article marketing is a fantastic way to generate traffic but there’s way too much information on this subject to cover it now.

#5 Yahoo Answers:

Yahoo Answers is a great way to drive traffic to your site. It’s a community of people who ask and answer each others questions. The Yahoo Answers community is huge and there are questions and answers about almost anything. There are two strategies you can use with this kind of traffic generation. On one side you can answer questions and link to your site through the resource box or you can give a really helpful answer and tell the asker that there’s more info at your website. The asker will most likely visit your site along with a few other users.

A good strategy for this type of traffic generation is to answer over 15 questions a day and that can translate into 10+ visitors per answered question. Keep in mind that Yahoo is a very high-ranking site so there’s a good chance that your answers will not only be seen by the Yahoo Answers crowd but it could also rank high on the search engines too, which will create even more traffic to your Wowwe website.

Okay, so there you have it; my Wowwe review and 5 Free tips to get more traffic to your website that won’t cost you any money!

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7 Viral Email Marketing Tips

With viral marketing the principal objective is to increase awareness of a product, service or concept using word-of-mouth behaviors. To put it into context, where spam is based on massive distribution of unsolicited emails, viral emails use popular social networking aspects to achieve their goal of reaching the masses.

The development of a viral email is pretty straightforward. An individual will receive a message that can be of any nature really (something with a humorous tone is almost always effective, but try not to insult), which they then pass on to their friends using the "forward to a friend" or "share On a social network "button, strategically placed in the email campaign. Secondary recipients can clearly see and trust where the email comes from and there before the chance of it getting opened is greatly increased. They in turn then do the same thing, and so forth. The concept is similar to that of an email chain letter, except of course there is no explicit requirement to forward it. A viral email is spread because the content that's in it is relevant and (this is important), there is true value in passing it on.

A viral email is very similar to a real virus, and is in fact where the name comes from, duh. Think about it like this: a virus starts out as a single entity, with the potential to increase exponentially to the point that it dominates. It uses a host and their resources to grow, replicate and double with each interaction. Clever little organizations really, the hard work is done for them, they just have to find the right host to start out with – much like choosing the right recipients for your first viral email campaign.

Recently there have been great examples of hugely successful viral email marketing campaigns. One that you might be familiar with is that of Thheshers – the UK off-license retail chain. They emailed vouchers to staff and suppliers, which were then redistributed by them. This proved so successful that many branches ran out stock when people went to cash in on the deal. On top of this, the story made headlines all over Europe and the Internet was filled with news of this 'viral campaign.' According to Threshers however, it was not an intended viral email campaign although due to its phenomenal success, they initiated a similar campaign the following year, with similar levels of success. is another superb example of a viral email campaign that is reflected in the number of people registering for a free Hotmail account quickly within the millions, literally within a few days. The strategy was unbelievably simple; Each email that was sent out from an existing Hotmail account had a tag at the end of it which read: "Get your private, free email at"

To give you more of an idea of ​​the potential success of a viral email, I rustled up these stats, courtesy of EmailStatCenter:

  • 20% of Facebook, MySpace and / or Twitter users have posted or shared something from permission email to their social account (s) via a "share" option.
  • 32% of marketers say they're share promotional email offers with members inside a social network and open emails from others.

Based on these examples and healthy stats, you might very well be thinking at this stage that it's something you'd be interested in trying out. And so you should. I've summed up a few best practices for you to follow to help ensure your viral email campaign gets sent off without a hitch (and potentially make the news).

1. Make it Unique

Think about what makes you respond to an email and take action. It's probably because it contains something unique, something that makes you laugh, and something that shocks you, something that excites you or maybe even something that makes you rethink your perspective on an important issue. You want your campaign to have a similar effect, so think very carefully about your content and the information you are about to potentially have sent to thousands of people. Think outside of the box and do not be too quick to fall back on ideas that 'normally work'. Your new angle could take you to new heights of success.

2. Offer a Reward of Substantial Value

Make sure what you are offering has substantive value – this can be in the form of giving something away for free (products, services, white papers or reports for example) or offering a tempting discount or coupon (with an expiration date.) Of course , If your offer is of material value make sure that you have enough stock, or the capacity to deliver on your promise, in a timely manner. There is little worse than offering a reward and not being able to make good on it. You'll immediately loose the trust of your customers and any other campaigns you send out will inevitably get ignored. On the other hand, deliver as promised and word of your company would spread like wild fire.

3. Send to a Select Target Audience

You do not want to appear as a spammer, which is why your initial email should be sent to a select audience. It's also why you're going to tell your recipients not to just forward the message any old way to any old person. If they're going to pass it on, it's important that they use the special 'forward to a friend' or 'share' button in the body of your email. This will allow you to track it easily and get the stats you need, as opposed to if they just forwarded the email regularly, in which case you will not be able to track it from that point on. A viral email may start off small, like a real virus, but it grows and spreads extremely fast. Remember that offering incentives for forwarding may increase the amount of forwarding but it may also increase the chances that recipients will spam their mailing list, which could very definitely have negative effects on your company's brand. Therefore it's vital that you make it clear to your readers that they too should be highly selective over who they choose to share the email with.

4. Check and Optimize Your Message Format

Have you checked the format for your message? Do you have an HTML and plain text message and have you optimized your message for recipients that open and share emails on mobile devices? According to an article on, 20% of email sent by retailers is opened on a mobile device. Use this to your advantage and plan strategically.

5. Bold Branding and Logo Placement

How clear is your branding, logo, website and contact details, are they immediately visible? Without this, it does not matter how huge your campaign gets, if it can not be attributed to you then what's the point?

6. As Always – Do not Forget a Call to Action

As always, make sure you're telling your recipients exactly what they need to do and how. Including a strong call to action in your email may be advice that's drummed in your ears all the time, but it's for good reason. If you do not tell someone what they need to do, they will not do it. Simple. In the case of a viral email, your call to action may be along the lines of "share on your social networks" or "forward this to a friend now". Make sure this feature is also immediately visible.

7. Your Follow-Up Campaign

Based on the stats and feedback you get regarding your first campaign, you could consider sending up a follow up, targeting those that responded positively to your efforts the first time. This could be in the form of a survey of the campaign results; People are often interested to see how their actions affect the overall results of a project. If you previously sent a video you could consider sending the unedited version, especially if it has humorous footage. This will also help you appear as more 'human' to your customers. Another idea would be to let them know if you have any further promotions or special running or remind them where they can redeem their vouchers or coupons if you included one in your first campaign as reward for forwarding your message.

Although concocting a viral email campaign might be considered 'fun', if only to see how far it goes, it's vital that you still follow best practices to help ensure that it adheres to anti-spam laws and reaches the inbox of your target audience. The purpose of your campaign remains the same as that of a traditional email campaign in that it is there to inform your subscribers, make an offer, share important (or humorous) news, create awareness for your brand and extremely develop developing relationships with your customers .

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How to Find Success at Affiliate Marketing

Most people tend to look for easy ways to make money and are drawn towards affiliate marketing as there have been many claims of making easy money. This is really a wrong mindset to have especially for newbies who like to look for shortcuts to success.

1. Hard Work

Nothing comes that easy. Never venture into any online business thinking it's easy to make tons of money online. The truth of the matter is that it takes lots of hard work, effort, guidance and some creativity to succeed.

2. Have a Mentor

If you are a new marketer, try to find a good mentor to guide you along. This makes your learning much faster as you received guidance to make your training a much more enjoyable one.

3. Affiliate Marketing School

If you have some money to spend, joining an Affiliate Marketing School is one of your best investments. This is because this industry has become more competitive over the years and this makes self teaching harder than before. A reputable marketing school provides you a more systematic learning with easy to understand tutorials, videos to help you along. It may cost you a little but it will be money well spent.

4. Forum Participation

Do not underestimate the power of active participation in good online marketing forums. By exchanging ideas and questions and answers you will get to understand more what your prospects are looking for. It's to your advantage to find solutions for their problems as you gain more credibility.

5. Grow Subscribers List

Most marketers I know regretted not starting earlier to build a subscribers list. People generally welcome more information during their learning stage provided the information is useful, relevant and well written. The money is in the list looks very true and getting it started is good even if it is slow in the beginning.

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7 Critical Tips to Sewing Sheer Roman Shades – How to Sew Sheer Fabrics

A sheer roman shade is lovely way to add softness to your window along with some privacy without blocking out the light. Sheer roman shades look terrific layered with drapery panels… and you can even layer them under lined-fabric roman shades.

But with any sheer fabric treatment… sewing sheers is a challenge all on its own. Below you’ll find 7 sewing tips that you can use to sew sheer fabrics plus how to be successful sewing a sheer roman shade.

1. Use a sharp #8 or 9 sewing machine needle.

Use a thin and sharp sewing machine needle… and make sure it’s a new needle.

2. Lightweight thread

Use lightweight thread… like fine cotton-covered polyester thread, or lingerie thread. . The more compatible your thread is to your fabric the better.

3. Sew a french seam

If you need to piece multiple widths of fabric to get to the width you require… sew a french seam instead of a standard seam. A french seam will enclose the raw edges of the seam and give a clean appearance.

4. Iron on light weight interfacing for the seam allowances

Iron on interfacing for sheers will definitely make your sewing go smoother. There interfaces to use on the entire sheer fabric… or you can get thinner interfacing for just the seam allowances. If you don’t feel comfortable ironing interfacing to your entire face fabric, then iron it on to the seam allowances. This will give your side seams some shape plus make it much easier to sew a clean seam.

5. Loosen thread tension

If you’re fabric starts to pucker or gather, loosen your thread tension a bit. If possible, lower your pressure foot a little bit too.


Test your stitch settings on scrap fabric. Make sure you fold your sheer fabric in 2 or 3 layers to mimic your hems. If your stitching looks good, then you’re read to sew! But if the stitching is off… then you can keep testing without ruining your roman shade.

7. Sewing rings along side seams

You may be inclined to sew a standard flat roman shade… but with a sheer, you may come up with an undesirable result. Mainly because you’ll have visible tacking from sewing the shade rings and you’ll see the lift cord and rings through the shade. If you don’t want this, I recommend sewing a relaxed roman shade. Simply sew your rings up the side seams only. Your shade will swag in the center, but your sheer will be clean in the center. A relaxed roman shade is an ideal style for sheer fabrics.

If you’re set on sewing flat roman shades, you can always sew your rings on like normal… but a more contemporary idea is to install small metal grommets where you would have sewn rings on.

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Windows for Self Improvement / Online Marketing

Windows for Self Improvement / Online Marketing

How Clear Are Mine?

On the Road of Life there are basically three types of people. The first is the DRIVER, whose purpose and objective is to control the movement and direction of the vehicle. They are in charge of the situation as they have access to the gas pedal, the steering wheel, and the brake pedal. The second is the PASSENGER, whose choice is to be the person being taken somewhere. They basically sit there and hope the driver gets them where they wanted to go. The third is the BACK SEAT DRIVER, whose purpose is to let everyone in the vehicle know when to turn, to stop, and even to turn. Because they are not in control of the vehicle, they are basically a passenger, although their constant stream of directions would have you think that they are the one driving the vehicle.

Which of these three are you? On the road of life, once you know where you want to go it is a lot easier if you are the driver. The other two are passengers at best, with no real control of the vehicle. Use these online business ideas to add more impact to what you are working on as an online marketer.

The following list of Windows of Opportunity is designed to challenge your mind into evaluating the total picture; where you are today, with a bird’s eye view of where you want to go. The objective of the presentation is to give you a checklist of items that may be holding you back; in your career, your relationships, and general happiness in life. Look and evaluate each one objectively. This is a self-evaluation tool for your use in determining what needs to be done for a stronger self-image and easier approach to reaching all of your set goals. This list allows you to understand what works well for you and of course your shortcomings. The final evaluation should give you a good objective look at your strong and weaker areas of development, with the opportunity to become the DRIVER on your road of life. Visualization creates Realization. What you see, in your mind’s eye, is what you get.

You create your own reality. Take charge and march off. It doesn’t matter who you are, what line of work you are in, or what phase of life you are currently in. These windows apply to anyone and in particular the DRIVERS in life who are always looking to become better at who they are.


Question to ask yourself: Am I willing to accept total control of my life? Many of us say we have control, but the fact is that it is always easier to point the finger at someone else. It’s their fault, not mine. You know people that think this way. They are in both our personal as well as business life. The only person staring back at you when looking in a mirror is yourself. This ultimately is the only person you are responsible for. You as well as everyone on the face of the planet are uniquely different. Our unique set of life experiences is completely different then others. Your world is unique to you, and everyone has one. Even identical twins, with some separate life experiences, will ultimately look at life differently. Once you understand how unique and different a person you are compared to the other multi billion humans on the planet, then change starts to take place. You are uniquely different. Be proud of it, and in doing so accept the responsibility for who you with the understanding that you can be whomever you want to be. If you are unhappy with your life, you are the only one that can change the status quo. Take the first step and take over the driving. It is your vehicle.


Question to ask yourself: Where am I going? Where are you going? Do you know or is someone else driving you there? Vision is a long-range view of where the road is going. Unlike bifocals that allow you to see things close up, you need binoculars to see the long view. Large companies look at their business up to ten years out. To see where they will be with the changing trends etc. You should be the same way, wanting to know how the end result will be, based on knowing what is down the road. When setting goals, they should be set one year out, three years out, and even five years out. Remember the old cliché Fail to Plan – Plan to Fail. Without the use of vision, we are working with the smaller picture. Great at the moment, but not useful long term because of the broader view needed of the bigger picture. With vision the road of life becomes straighter and easier to maneuver.


Question to ask yourself: What am I willing to do to get there? Stand for nothing, fall for anything. Is this you, or do you really believe in yourself so much that no challenge is too big to handle? Commitment is an internal mechanism that drives us to higher levels of performance. It is built on the principle that we understand and support what we believe in. Whatever the challenge, there is always a way to achieve the goal. The key words are Find A Way! The road of life is not always straight and smooth. We know that only too well, but once this is understood, we can reduce the bumps and potholes to minor inconveniences. Life is not a destination, but rather a journey. The journey has its ups and downs. The point being made is that once this information has made us aware of the road conditions, nothing will hold us back from preparing for the worst case scenario, and taking off for our destination.


Question to ask yourself: Do I have the disposition to achieve happiness? The disposition is the condition of your subconscious mind, approximately 88% of the total capacity, and a storehouse of life experiences. Compare this area of the mind to a file room of information that holds every bit of information that has come into your mind since birth. The other mind, the conscious mind is what critically analyses and makes our waking decisions. It is only approximately 12% of your capacity and clearly the minority when life decisions are made. If there is conflict between the conscious and sub conscious minds, the subconscious will always rule. That is why many times as an adult you question why you made the same decision numerous times, even though consciously it made no sense. The reason is that the subconscious mind with its strong file room of beliefs, emotions, and values over rides it. Your attitude is a direct reflection of the state of your file room. A long life of praise, admiration, and support will have given you a positive outlook on life. A long life of criticism, put down, and sometimes abuse will have shaped a negative view of life and your place in it. See the difference? The positive person is the optimist; the negative person is the pessimist. Can you change these factors? Of course you can. It takes a lot of the first window, Responsibility, with a commitment to change. Learn about hypnosis and in particular self-hypnosis. These tools allow you to change behavioral patterns or habits. Your tomorrow starts today. Become whom ever you want to be.


Question to ask yourself: Do I feel, look, and act the part? I always say you don’t get a second chance to make a first impression. People in general will create an opinion of another on a first meeting in less then ten seconds. If you are in sales, do you believe in yourself enough to create the impression physically as well as mentally? It is amazing how many people do not believe in themselves and lose credibility when involved with others. Your self-image many times is a direct reflection of your attitude. If you are the positive person we described earlier, you probably project that feeling outwardly with your personality, conduct, and even the way you dress. Work on mating the two, your attitude and self-image, as these are what people see as the person – you.


Question to ask yourself: Do I have a map to follow for the rest of my life? It is sad to say but many people on the road of life only plan one day at a time. Ask your friends, associates etc., where they will be in ten years and I am willing to bet that many of them will tell you, “How do I know?” I am not even sure of where I’ll be next week. Without a roadmap, how can you possibly find the shortest and most convenient route to follow from point A to point G.? A map makes a world of difference? This map should be looked at as your set of short, medium, and long range goals. Without setting goals or objectives, you are going out with less than a full set of directions and probably will get lost in the process. Learn to work with goals even if you start with short term ones. Get the feel for them; see that they do help in reaching the objective easier and faster. Then move into setting longer ones. Learn to break dreams down into specific goals that can be measured and evaluated. This is the key to driving on the road of life with less stress and heartache. Before setting goals, set your priorities. The road of life changes as we move down it. As teens our mantra was “Party”, as more seasoned drivers – education, families, and other developed experiences become the priority, and in our mature years it is security. Our drive on the road of life changes as we age and season. Priorities at different points in life change. Change is the only constant. Become more aware of where you are today and where you want to go tomorrow. Don’t forget; plan for it – the way you want the outcome to be. You will be surprised at what your mind can achieve.


Question to ask yourself: Am I sharing my experience with others? It is said that no man is an island. The point drawn from this old cliché is that we are always in contact with others. Whether in business or social life, we interact with other humans, sometimes daily. Remember from an earlier statement, we are all unique individuals. Our individuality stems from our life script or full life experiences. What we bring to the table in any relationship is that unique application and world full of our experience, that when coupled with another’s can create synergy and dynamic performance. Never sell yourself short. You bring a lot to the table. At the same time become aware that the other person has the same, yet different qualities. You can benefit from them as well as they can benefit from you. It now becomes a dance, following a rhythm that both of you create. Life progression is about sharing life experiences for maximum benefit. It happens in business as well as in our ordinary social lives. Become a networker, challenging yourself to meet new and interesting people on a regular basis for a broader view of life and your specific place in it.


Question to ask yourself: Am I willing to constructively criticize myself for continued growth? In reality the two most important windows of opportunity on this list are the widows of Responsibility and the window of Evaluation. If you have accepted total responsibility for yourself, then it makes sense that on a regular basis you look at the big picture and challenge yourself to change. Change brought about by your growing life experience, circle of friends and associates, career path, etc. Remember you are the only one that talks to yourself on a regular basis. Even while reading this report your mind is wandering and sometimes chattering to you. No one really knows your world well enough to make constructive evaluations but yourself. If you are going to grow as a person, as an active member of society, then it falls upon your shoulders to constructively evaluate your life performance on a frequent basis. This might be done quarterly, semi-annually or worst-case scenario, at least once a year. I recommend that you do it monthly for best effect.

James Hobart, an industry leader in the Professional Beauty Industry for more than 40 years at every level, has certification in hypnotherapy. His insight and experience have helped many companies and individuals with their growth and development over the years. His book, Happiness Is Your Birthright, supports his philosophy on life and is a practical handbook to create positive change throughout one’s life.

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Tips To Help You With The Sales Process

We are living in difficult economic times, and many of us tend to struggle with our own finances, let alone getting other people to purchase items if we are in sales. That does not mean, however, that we are living in times that are so desperate that we are not able to pick up on our sales and continue to advance our business. If you find that your sales are lagging, there are some things that can be done which will help to improve your sales and to get them back on track once again. Here are some tips that can help you through the process.

First of all, it is important for you to have a good attitude as far as your business is concerned. If you are struggling to make sales consistently, it is important that you do not panic because that can end up resulting in fewer sales, and it will show in your sales efforts. A sense of urgency, however, can be a very good thing, and it can keep you on your toes and working hard through the entire cycle. As they say, however, the journey of a thousand miles begins with one step, so it all starts with making the calls that are necessary to generate the sales that you need.

If you do not have a current source for sales leads, it's important for you to choose one that is going to provide you with the leads that will turn into sales. Some people are going to be able to make sales, regardless of the age of the leads or their quality. If you are having a difficulty with making sales, however, the last thing that you would want to do is to purchase direct marketing leads that were not going to be fruitful in every case. Try to choose those that are fresh and unique to your own business. The more targeted the sales lead, the more likely it is going to be that you will be able to make the sale and boost your numbers.

Paying close attention to your goals is also a very important part of increasing your sales. This is something that many people tend to overlook, and although we may have goals, we may not write them down consistently. Goal setting is a very important part of any business, and it is something that should be done consistently, sometimes even on a daily basis. Many top salesman right down their goals every morning for that day, week, and month. This helps to fix those goals firmly in their mind and gives them something to shoot for.

Finally, make sure that you overlook any negative influences that you may have in your life. It is very important for you to surround yourself with individuals who are going to provide a positive influence and help to push you in the right direction. The type of peer pressure that you get is going to be related to the individuals that are closest to you. Make sure that you are getting the positive influence that you need and you will find that your sales improve as a result.

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The Best Way to Do Affiliate Marketing – Do These Two Methods and You Cannot Fail, Guaranteed

To be able to achieve success in affiliate marketing, there are several ways that you can approach. However, in my personal experience, the best way to do affiliate marketing and making consistent income in the process are by doing these two things.

Build a subscribers list – It is a widely known fact that building your own subscribers list is the best asset that every Internet marketer should have. People who signed up to be in your list are basically people who needs your advice and help on certain topics or niches.

They view you as an expert on that topic and it is because of that they are willing to give you their email address. So it is your job to assist them to achieve their aim. By doing this, you can give valuable advice or recommend useful products or services that can help them to get to their goal faster. By recommending useful and honest products to your list, you will then make extra income from the commissions that you will get from the product vendors whom you are affiliated with.

Overtime, as your list grew bigger and so will your income. This is how you will be able to abandon your day job and do affiliate marketing full-time from the comfort of your own room.

The next best way doing affiliate marketing is by building a blog. Do you know, that through my experience, people tend to buy things online from someone whom they trust. So if you can build a blog,you can brand yourself, they will know who they are dealing with and so makes your selling of affiliate products much easier. There are some super affiliates who are making six figure income solely by using blogging platform.

If anyone were to tell you that doing affiliate marketing is hard, don’t ever trust them. Affiliate marketing is definitely not hard to learn but it is not a walk in the park either. If you can follow a proven method of making money online, the odds for you to fail will be very slim.

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How to Get Started in Affiliate Marketing in 6 Easy Steps

Affiliate marketing is one of the most popular ways to make online. For businesses, it is one of the most effective ways to promote their products. This article discusses the steps on how you can start earning from affiliate marketing.

  1. Choose the right niche

With billions of people browsing the internet, you may think that finding the best topic for affiliate marketing is easy. You can use so many tools to analyze trending topics. Indeed, it is but the hardest part is how to make it into a profitable one.

Choosing the right niche is crucial to the success of your affiliate marketing campaign. Select a niche that you can discuss based on your interests and knowledge. Although you can choose any niche, starting one which you know nothing about may cause you to fail.

Yes, you can spend countless hours of research. However, this will only cause you to waste time. It would be best to spend these hours into building your site, thus, consider your passion and knowledge in selecting your niche.

  1. Select the right product

Affiliate marketing is about promoting products and earning a commission from it. After establishing your niche, the next thing is to search the right product to promote.

Use a directory, which can help you analyze data on what products are good for your chosen niche. In choosing the product to promote, consider five important factors. These are product value, relevance, commission, conversion, and cookie duration.

  1. Register an affiliate account

Two options are available in this step. You can join a merchant’s affiliate program. Alternatively, you can register in an affiliate network, such as

You can choose as many programs as you want. For a beginner, stick to one program first. Find out how it works. After earning from this program, start including other products relevant to your niche from other affiliate programs.

  1. Identify your keywords

Before publishing your site, enumerate the possible keywords related to your niche. Sometimes, writing content for your site is easier when you identify keywords first than inserting them later on after writing. Keywords help people find your pages. Place these keywords strategically in your content.

  1. Create your website

You cannot start implementing your affiliate plans without a site. A good affiliate website contains lots of information that convince people to click on your affiliate links.

Site creation is easier now than it was 10 years ago. With just a few clicks of your mouse and a little tweaking on your site settings, you can have your affiliate site up in less than an hour. You do not even need a certificate in web programming to make it successful, although a basic knowledge of web designing can help.

  1. Drive traffic to your site

You affiliate marketing efforts are useless if no one visits your site. No visitor means no click on your affiliate links. No click means no profit. The last step is to drive traffic to your site. Many options and tools are available on the internet. Use social media to increase awareness of your site. Continue publishing useful information on your blog to increase authority.

Affiliate marketing is a profitable business. However, it needs a lot of effort and time to reap the benefits. It may take months before you can see results.

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