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How To Write Influential Press Release

The writing and distribution of a press release is the key of the public relations techniques.

A press release is a news story that places your web site in the best light possible, learning exposure for you as an expert or your web site in a mixture of media. Because of this, it is very important that a press release be organized and well written so that it is well received.

There are three factors should be considered when you write a press release: Short, Sweet and To the Point

It may announce a new product, new web site, newly re-designed web site, software, courses, or service. The goal is better website exposure.

A press release can have one or any number of objectives:
* Growing website traffic,
* Iron-clad credibility,
* Sprouting of links to their website,
* Floods of more opt-ins.

No matter what the objective, a press release garners publicity, which means appealing attention and interest – for your web site, products and services.

Press release writing should be a simple and straightforward method for communicating a message to your selected audience to grab and hold their attention.

The first thing to consider is the target audience for the message, your job is to communicate a message to a particular group of people. The audience size will vary based on your needs.
Knowing who these people are will guide you in how the press release should be written and language that you should use.

Write to your audience, and write for your audience. Consider the media they read and tailor your press release to their requirements

Which reports to target and how to effectively reach them?

The 'mass blast' techniques of paid newswires or faxing to huge office-spun lists produce limited results. How many times has your phone run off the hook after distributing a release? How many times has it even rung once?

More thoughtful distribution methods would unduly garner better feedback. Targeting relevant reporters at the major wire services like The Associated Press or Reuters, and a personal follow-up call, is a good way to get more mileage on a single potential placement.

If you build custom media lists in-house, be vigilant in updating relevant contact information. Try not to hand-off such duties to an administrative assistant. It typically takes a critical eye and good knowledge of the client / news to tailor-build an effective list.

Too often, publicists focus solely on the release content rather than maintaining accurate databases. In the process, significant media targets go unreached because the news was sent to theappropriate reporter or one who left the publication.

Press releases should be written in a direct, straightforward manner. Short and brief is good. Long, intensive, excessive is not. One to three short paragraph is probably an ideal length unless you must convey a large amount of information.

Do not overstate your case. Just convey the key, basic information to the media – and extremely to your audience.

Cover all the bases and provide them with essentials, but remember it is not necessary to provide every little detail. You are trying to generate attention and interest for your client. If this means follow up questions from a reporter or editor, so much the better. It will give you a chance to develop more media opportunities for your client.

1. The headline is your first opportunity to grab an editor's attention. It should transmit the core news / message so that the editor immediately knows what the story is about.

It should be informative, but not necessarily sensationalized. Depending upon the nature of the news, some headlines attract more notice than others.

2. The most important part of any press release is the lead paragraph. Remember, a press release is a journalistic document. Your primary target audience is the press. Therefore, make sure you stringently adhere to basic journalistic tenets as you compose the story. The lead should answer the basic questions of Journalism:

1. Who did?
2. Is doing or will do what to whom?
3. Where and when did they do it?
4. How did they do it?
5. Why did they do it?

3-Write a simple, opening sentence answering these questions and your press release is correctly written.

The body copy of the release should bolster and explain the points made in the lead.

Since a press release represents a corporate or an individual's image everything counts – especially the details.

Do not assume anything except that your audience knows nothing. You must explain everything to them and make it as simple as possible for them to understand your message.

If you use acronyms, make sure to first completely spell out the word or phrase, followed by the acronym in parentheses. Then, you can freely use the acronym through the reminder of the release.

If the body copy of the release runs long, it is a good idea to break it up with subheads. These short, bold-faced phrases are a good way to introduce specific areas of information within the narrative while providing it with a logical progress of ideas.

Make sure you include contact information of a company representative and / or PR representative, name, company, phone number, e-mail address, either at the top of the first page or at the end of the release so that readers can get any additional Information they may need.

Begin the body of the release with a dateline that includes the city, state and country of origin (if necessary), followed by the actual date of the announcement. The dateline is important because it indicates the official, effective date of the news being announced.

Make sure press release pages are numbered. Include the line-centered word 'more' at the bottom of each page so that the editor knows the story is maintained. Let the editors know that they've reached the end of the release by including the word 'END' or the number -30- or ### (pound / number signs).

If your press release requires any sort of disclaimer or mandated 'forward thinking' statement, make sure that you include it at the end of the release. Sometimes these legal necessities are set off in a different, or italicized, type face. Sometimes they are printed in a smaller type size.

When is the right time to distribute your news?

That depends upon the nature of your announcement and the kind of coverage and exposure you hope to achieve. If there is a seasonal aspect to the news, you must consider the time of year for the release to be distributed. An announcement about new Christmas tree products would probably be ill-served if it were made in early April.

Reference the editorial calendars of your target publications to see if you can schedule your announcement to coincide with particularly relevant coverage in these key media. This way you can achieve the greatest coverage. Other things to consider are the abundance of industry trade shows, and other events, where you can obtain additional media attention.

Selection of the day of the week for the release is important. Mondays are extremely busy days for press releases. With all that activity, an announcement could get lost in the crowd. Fridays lead into the weekend when media coverage is slow and at its nadir. Even if press picks up the announcement, there is a good chance very few people will see it because of the 'slow news day' aspects of the weekend.

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Yahoo to Prohibit Competitive Keyword Bids Containing Trademarks

Yahoo Search Marketing ( has recently announced its advertisers of a new policy to be implemented as of March 1st 2006, concerning the use of trademarks within their products and services *.

Under the new policy, no reference to a trademark can be made (except for ads placed by the trademark owners themselves, obviously), and consequently no bids can be make for keywords containing such trademarks. Exceptions refer to usage of trademarks in non-competitive ads, such as those made by re-sellers, or in informative (and still non-competitive) ads.

The previous policy allowed references to competitors’ trademarks and comparisons as long as they were “objective and informative” – the formulation can make one cringe, as it is clearly troublesome trying to evaluate objectivity when speaking of business competitors. As for the “informative” side of it… someone to actually PAY for an ad to be informative of someone else’s product/service, is as believable just like the existence of Santa Claus.

It is really good to see Yahoo making a big step forward in regulating abuse and misuse of trademarks, even though that probably translates in some revenue loss for them, by having certain advertisers migrate to a “friendlier” place such as Google. According to Google’s policies, “[…] advertisers may select trademarked terms as keywords or use them in the content of the ad. As a provider of space for advertisements, Google is not in a position to arbitrate trademark disputes between advertisers and trademark owners. As stated in our Terms and Conditions, advertisers are responsible for the keywords and ad text that they choose to use. Accordingly, Google encourages trademark owners to resolve their disputes directly with the advertiser, particularly because the advertiser may have similar ads on other sites. However, as a courtesy to trademark owners, Google is willing to perform a limited investigation of reasonable complaints.”

The question is why would Yahoo change its policies and apparently offer Google an even bigger bite from the SEM cake? It is way too early to say now, and their official explanation is not entirely believable: Yahoo states to have had the users’ best interest in mind, by providing them with a better experience when searching terms that contain trademarks. Though this would make a laudable initiative with a good PR potential, experts know the search market is driven by large publishers and advertisers and not by the little surfing guys. Numerous speculations can be made: threats of large legal actions from trademark owners, pressure from certain groups of interests are among the most vehiculated ones.

However, a more plausible one is that Yahoo makes preparations for a much larger scale movement destined to influence the market in a manner we cannot anticipate just yet.

Until further industry news, there’s one thing to rejoice: from now on, no “better than Botox” ads on Yahoo and their partner sites!

* – the products and services covered by the new policy are: Sponsored Search, Local Advertising, Search Submit, Product Submit, Travel Submit and Directory Submit.

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How To Earn Money Online Using Affiliate Marketing With Only One To Four Hours Of Work Each Day

To earn money online you must become a good Internet marketer. Your two main positions that you will rotate through are copy writing and traffic generator. At the root of affiliate marketing is the ability to be able to promote another persons product.

This allows you to promote as many products as you want without taking on the risk of creating the product. For the 2 to 4 hours that you will work each day you will be generating traffic to review websites and creating bonuses for customers.

Behind traffic generation, your ultimate goal is to get onto the front page of the main search engines. The more websites that you create and search engine optimization that you implement the better chance you have of ranking for a targeted keyword.

Articles are a form of traffic generation and for one article it can take you only 10 minutes to create. You can also use videos as a way of getting views. Another method is to go on forums and participate in conversations to add value while promoting your website through your signature.

The quickest form of getting traffic to a website is going to be paid traffic. Pay per click marketing is where 85% of successful marketers generate the bulk of their income.

If you do not have the funds to start off with pay per click you can do free forms of traffic generation like article marketing, video marketing, press releases, classified ads, and many other forms.

You will absolutely be sending someone to a website with reviews, bonuses and relevant information to help them solve their problem.

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4 Top Secrets of Super Affiliate Marketers Revealed

We all want to live the Internet lifestyle and have nice things like the top super affiliates, but it takes a bit of work. There is a lot that goes on behind the scenes that helps these super affiliates bring in lots of money for businesses and in turn partnerships in very lucrative contracts for them. So what is their secret? Well, your in luck because below below are a few steps that you need to take.

Step # 1 All top affiliates will seek out and find the products that are selling well. Most super affiliates will frequent sites like and look for the top sellers in the market they are targeting. This is free to do and open to everyone.

Step # 2 After they have found a good product to promote as an affiliate Internet marketing reseller then they do their keyword research. Sites like are an excellent free resource used by many. This is done for two main reasons, search engine placement and Pay Per Click advertising.

Step # 3 They build a landing page that one, pre-sells the product they have chosen to promote and two, collects the name and email address of a visitor to that page. They do these two things to bring in more sales and then offer other products to their new list in the future. When a super affiliate collects the name and email address they do so in the hopes of promoting other offers in the future.

Step # 4 The next step is to set up testing and tracking on their landing page. If their landing page is not converting visitors into buyers, then they want to know about it and so should anyone looking to become a super affiliate marketer. There are various programs out there to test anything from the headline on your landing page to complete paragraphs on your landing page. Make sure you are always testing everything in your marketing efforts. You could be making a lot more money if you know where the weaknesses are.

This is just a rough overview of how the top super affiliates pull in so much cash on a daily basis. Becoming a superstar will not happen overnight, it does not for anyone. It takes time and a little persistence. Remember this, all super affiliates started out with one sale and one subscriber, they all do. Just keep at it and follow the steps above and you may be the next super affiliate Internet marketing superstar.

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Better Work/Life Balance for Women

How can women strive for a better work/life balance without getting worked up? Is it possible? Read on for insights.

Single women have the upper hand in their careers when they do join them. They can work extra hours and give as little time as possible to their original families.

But once they fall in love and get married, life entirely takes a new turn. Her hubby will want her attention and would not like her to work so hard and be away from home for so long.

So what can be done? She can work two days a week overtime and let her husband know about it and that she will be available for her hubby as long as he desires on other week days once her regular work schedule is over. This way she can come to a compromise and keep her hubby and in-laws happy. She can even swap her overtime work with a colleague on other days if it is not possible for her to do so on the scheduled days. This way she can strive for a smooth work/life balance.

She must not only satisfy her hubby and in-laws but look after herself as well and have some free time for herself only. She can let others know about it so that nobody bothers her during those precious hours.

Soon her family burgeons as she starts giving birth to her children. She will get maternity leave from work but the question is not only that but also how she should maintain a healthy work/life balance even after rejoining work.

She can hire a nanny, or if she is bolder, she can admit her baby to a child care center. Options are always there but it is really up to the woman what she chooses.

She will birth more children in future. One will be school going while the other one will need a nanny or day care center. How she manages these shows how successful she is in maintaining a good work/life balance.

For instance, she can work it out with her hubby and ask him to drop in and pick up their older child from school while she takes responsibility for their little child.

How does she give time for cooking and household chores? These things also matter for a healthy work/life balance.

First of all, she can take the one hour lunch break at noon to buy groceries and other household stuff. Or she can take short leaves from her work to carry out these duties. She can compromise with her hubby about these things and share the chores. A good and understanding hubby should be willing to cooperate.

In a similar way, they can swap cooking responsibilities on weekdays and do all the household chores, sharing them in the weekend. Meanwhile the older child can be trained to take care of the younger one in the weekend while the woman and her man get busy with the chores.

It will be a very busy and hard time to manage and make it for the burgeoning family but it is up to the woman who masterminds everything. The more organized she is, the more things will fall together for the family. In fact, she is the pillar of the family and it is her guidance and control that are the most important.

By and by, her children will grow and they will be required to go to different schools. They will need help with homework as well. Either the woman or her hubby can shoulder the responsibility or they can hire a good home tutor.

Soon her children will become adults while she and her hubby will have to retire from work. There will be many transitions like these in the woman’s life all the time and how she can take it all as smoothly as possible proves whether she is able to cater for a good work/life balance.

Her children will leave home, work and get married. Her hubby is the one she has to rely on like the good old days. She should be able to revive the old romance in her life and make herself as interesting as possible so that her hubby enjoys her company and get bonded even more closely.

Life is really about balance and how the woman caters for it with dexterity depends on whether she is able to strive for that balance. Of course, she will not know everything initially and she will make mistakes and learn from them eventually. Her family together with her efforts and contribution can really amount to that beautiful life balance.

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Hunter Leveling Guide – Leveling in WotLK For Hunters

In World of Warcraft many people choose hunter for leveling because hunters are the fastest and easiest leveling class without doubt. This is mainly, because of their numerous solo and pet abilities, which allow them to easily solo a higher level elite. But if you want to maximize your leveling speed I recommend you to read through this hunter leveling guide and discover the best talent build and gear for your hunter!


The best talent tree for leveling a hunter is the Beast Mastery. Beast Mastery tree provides a number of damaging abilities your pet, which will turn it into a war machine. but the most important is, that your pet will be able to tank the monsters for you. This is really important, because you will be able to damage and kill monsters without taking any damage. So with the combined damage of you and your pet, you will easily kill even the toughest elite mobs! Besides, with the ability called Mend Pet, you will be able to heal your pet. In the Beast Mastery tree, the lower tier talents are not really important. The most important talents are the Ferocity, which gives your pet a 10% passive increase to its critical strike chance and the Frenzy, which will give a huge boost to your pet’s damage if it is combined with Ferocity. But, the most important talent is the Intimidation, which will allow your pet to stun the target, so you can escape or you can deal decent amount of damage to the mob while stunned,


I feel, determining the best leveling gear for a hunter is one of the main tasks of a good hunter leveling guide. Due to the numerous survival abilities you have, you should only focus on increasing your overall damage. Thus, your most important statistic will be the agility, as it increases  your attack power, critical strike rating and dodge rating. So, try to get as many items, which provide agility as possible. Besides, there are other items, which give you critical strike rating and attack power. In some cases, these items can be really good, especially if these are combined with items providing agility.


Hunter is the best class for leveling because of its consistent and high damage. But it is also very important to know the fastest route to level 80 if you want to get 80 as quickly as possible!

So, the next step now is to get a good hunter leveling guide, which will tell you exactly what to do, so you will get level 80 in no time.

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Purpose of Make-Up

Hello everyone, I’m back to submit more information on make-up. Have been busy recently therefore not submitting any information lately but I’ll try my very best to post more information on make-up and skincare on my article.

Alright today I shall share with you the Purposes of make-up & Cosmetics used in make-up.

The purpose of applying make-up is to enhance the beauty of the face by bringing out good features and hiding poor ones. Make-up application is an art. It requires practice and a fundamental knowledge of ;

· The structure of the face

· The action of colours and their relationships to one another

· The principles of optical illusions


1. Foundation – Used as a base for the make-up and as a concealer and highlighter. It is available in cream, liquid, semi-solid, cake and stick form.

2. Face Powder – Used to help the make-up to set. It also gives the face a dull, matte finish. This cosmetic is available in the form of a very fine powder or compressed cake. The powdered form is ideal for professional make-up. The compressed powder is usually available in compacts.

3. Eye shadow – Used to add colour to the eye. It is available in cream, liquid powder, and crayon form.

4. Eyebrow colour – Used to draw in fine lines in the eyebrow area. Eyebrow colour is available in pencil and compressed powder form. Compressed powder is applied with a small brush.

5. Mascara – Used to add colour to the eyelashes. It is available in cake, cream and liquid form. The cake and cream types are applied with a brush. Liquid mascara comes in a tube.

6. Rouge or blusher – Used to give the cheeks a soft, warm glow. Rouges come in cream, dry, liquid and brush-on form.

7. Lipstick & Lip gloss – Used on lips. Lip colour is available in stick and cream form. Lip-liner pencils are used to outline the lips.

Hope my article is easy for you to understand and its clearly explained. If you encounter any problems or have questions to ask me on make-up or skincare please post it into comments & I’ll try to answer all your quires! =)

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How to Get a Girl’s Attention – The Peacock Theory Exposed

In order to get a girls attention you need to stand out from the mass. People judge by the looks and you have only seconds to demonstrate that you are a man of style. So, first and foremost you have to look at the way you dress:

Is your dress boring or is it interesting and unique? Of course, it doesn’t make sense to dress like a gigolo, because you have to feel comfortable in your clothes.

It’s quite helpful to ask your friends about your outfit (but please don’t be offended if they are critical, criticism will help you much more than a simple “Yeah, you’re the man!”). It’s even better if you find some girls to ask. Simply tell them you want to change your style a bit – girls love all kinds of fashion questions. You can also ask girls on the street how they like your outfit and where you can buy some cool stuff.

If you’ve read the book called “The Game” by the writer and pickup artist Neil Stauss (aka Style), where he describes the pickup community, you are familiar with the “Peacock Theory”. If not, here is an enlightening extract:

“Peacock theory is the idea that in order to attract the most desirable female of the species, it’s necessary to stand out in a flashy and colorful way. For humans… the equivalent of a flashy peacock tail is a shiny shirt, a garish hat, and jewelry that lights up in the dark… “

That means you can get a girls attention and get her interested in you simply through the way you dress. You think wearing stuff like feather boas, cowboy hats or eye-catching jewelry is silly? Maybe it is. But think about this: How many times have you been approached by someone on your outfit? Not that much? Never? Well, that’s what this stuff is good for – it allows women (mainly shy women) to start a conversation with you. If you have a cool answer and can demonstrate higher value you will most likely get her number. At the same time you demonstrate a high self-confidence wearing this stuff. And women love confident guys.

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Get Pregnant Fast – 3 Fertility Natural Secrets From Near-East

How long have you been tried to get pregnant? You may be preoccupied by the fact that time is running fast and all possible efforts to have a baby don’t seem to work! You have probably read on the web a lot of tips to increase your chance to conceive. You know your ovulation cycle and you have regular sexual relations during the most fertile time of it. You have followed all the valuable information in vain. A couple of months have passed since and nothing happened. Medical exams didn’t reveal any physiological or anatomical defect. Let me tell you what people from Near-East do in such a situation.

People From Near-East and Pregnancy

In many countries in North Africa (such as Algeria, Morocco and Tunisia) or in Southwest Asia (such as Israel, Jordan, Lebanon and Turkey) both culture and religion incite married couple to have their first baby as fast as possible after having consummated their marriage. In these countries, it is very important to have a lot of children. A woman can be rejected by her husband if she isn’t able to conceive! Then, you can understand the concern for many women over there to increase the odds to get pregnant fast. Let’s see 3 different natural products these women use to boost their fertility.

Natural Stimulants on Fertility

1) Black Cumin Seeds

Black cumin seeds are produced by a Mediterranean herbaceous plant called Nigella sativa. It’s a remedy for a variety of diseases. Scientists have discovered a little more than 100 chemical components in the seeds. The particular property to boost the fertility is commonly attributed to black cumin seeds. Additionally, it had been scientifically proved that the benefit of this herb helps to increase sexual desire and sperm count among men.

Boil slowly black cumin seed with chamomile. Drink two honeyed cups every day.

2) Saffron

Crocus sativus is the botanic name of the yellow spice used in cooking, better known as saffron. Infuse one tablespoonful of saffron in one liter of boiled water during 5 minutes. Drink the herbal tea every month, the first 3 or 4 days of your period. 

3) Almonds and Walnuts In order to stimulate his sperm count, your husband can eat two spoonfuls of a mixture of almonds, walnuts and honey on an empty stomach every morning and at bedtime too.

Never Lose Hope!

Black cumin seeds, saffron and almonds are considered very helpful in Near-East societies to stimulate the fertility for both men and women. Would it work in your case? It would be marvelous! The most important thing you need to cultivate is hope; hope that very soon you will be able to hold your child to your breast.

Michelle was in your situation. She thought she’d never have a baby. She didn’t lose hope and tried many different methods. She finally got pregnant and gave birth to a son. Read her interesting story in Get Pregnant Fast review! Her advices and personal experience may change your life!

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What to Do About Hidden Cameras at Your Tanning Salon

Many clients of salons enjoy using the services of their tanning beds. Many upscale tanning salons are available with reasonable prices, and the simplicity and comfort of these places is very popular. It is often impossible (given the weather) or cumbersome (dealing with tanning lamps or instant tans) to get tan outside or at home, so more commonly a salon is used for those that want to keep their tan year round.

Some question has arisen from stories in the news about the safety and privacy of these tanning salons. There have been cases reported where someone has installed a camera in either the tanning bed or the changing area. A client’s naked pictures could be used for various purposes, including particularly posting online. The police have even raided some tanning salons that were engaging in this sleazy operation. In many cases they have found wireless cameras hidden in many locations in the tanning rooms.

Certainly, every tanning salon is not doing this, or even many of them. But it is a good idea that you are not one of the unlucky ones that visits a salon that is breaking the law and violating your privacy. There are ways that you can protect yourself from it ever happening to you. Look into the reputation of a salon and see if there have been any complaints or allegations against the business.

In addition, you can look for the hidden cameras yourself. While you are in the room for changing, first look to see if there are any cameras visible peeking behind vents or gaps in the ceiling. Of course, some cameras are as small as a pin, so it isn’t possible to detect all of them that way. That’s when the hidden camera detector comes in.

Using a camera detector couldn’t be easier. Camera detectors are small in size and can be carried in your purse or pocket. They work by detecting the RF signal that cameras emit. When they find something they beep and flash lights in proximity. So you should definitely wave them all around the room and tanning bed. If you find anything, leave immediately, and contact the authorities if you wish.

So it is nice to know that you can choose a tanning salon without worry that you will be taken advantage of in that way. The sleazy spa owners will never predict that you were smarter than his cameras!

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