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How To Work At Home And Secure Residual Income For Life

Everybody wants to come online, make money and secure a residual income so that they never have to work again … But can it be done? Absolutely! This article will show you how to work at home and secure residual income for life, but better yet, give you some things you need to think about when trying to do this!

Most people who want to make money online are lost in a sea of ​​information or do not know enough. The secret on how to work at home and secure residual income for life is basically this …

Finding and marketing a working residual income opportunity or product. These can be things like membership sites that you create yourself or it can be consumable products that people will want over and over again.

It's suggested to stay away from MLM, though some make a living from that. MLM's are usually high risk, short lived and does not make you much money to be honest.

Many people like to try affiliate marketing with little or not success. That's a good way to make some residual income if you want to do the least amount of hard work and write as little as possible. It does however require a few basic skills to pull off, but it's something anyone can do.

If you want a residual income for life then you must have higher ticket items to pay with, because most people can only do so much. Not everyone is so lucky that they pull off a top ranking in Google for competitive keywords, but that is another way to do it.

Most people who want to learn how to work at home and secure residual income for life do not know exactly what to do and look for answers. Here are some answers:

* You need to find a high paying residual income business opportunity.

* You need to spend some time to learn how to market and make money from your opportunity.

* Your opportunity should appeal to a large amount of people and be easy to manage.

* Your marketing should be low-cost and easy to implement.

* You should not have to deal with leads or store anything in your home.

Now, all of these things can be found online as an affiliate for membership sites. Membership sites are sites that offer valuable content for payment. It's usually in the form of "hard tasks" or services, or even products or newsletters.

Yes, people pay for this type of information and it's a HUGE market.

Now that you know what you need to look for, just go out there and find it as fast as possible!

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How Do You Get Money Fast?

A great way to understand the art of making money is to ask the question; ‘How Do You Get Money Fast.’ There are as many ways to make money as there are ways to fail at making money. The difference in being successful and failure is the amount of effort that you put into what you are doing. If your heart ain’t in it, get your rear end out, quickly.

In order to get started successfully on how to get you money fast, whether online or offline, you need to focus on what you expect to accomplish. Are you wanting to sell a product or a service. There is a difference in how you make money with each process.

If you are planning to sell a product, you must focus on selling what the product will do for your customers. Do not sell the product, let the product sell the solution to what it is that it does to improve the customer’s situation. If it were say, a car wax product, sell the customer on how easy it is to put on and take off and the durability of the shine and how long it will last.

If you are choosing to sell a service, let’s take writing articles for other people, you need to sell your customers on how effective your articles are and how your articles will attract your readers. Do you see that you need to solve the issues your potential customers might be looking to resolve. A successful seller always sells the solutions not the product.

With the availability of selling ebooks that other folks have written and developed, you really don’t need to sell your own products if you don’t already have one. And if you had rather focus on selling tangible products, Amazon.con offers is a great resource for selling them as an affiliate.

Selling online does have its advantages. You can avoid the costs of a conventional business such as rental space, utility bills, and travel to and from your work area, but aside from that, the rest is very similar between online and offline businesses.

in order to be successful at selling whatever it is you choose to sell you must do the time, stay focused on the tasks to get the end results you expect and yes, there is going to be real work involved. Nothing comes easy and if it does, it can disappear as easy as it came. Remember that, no truer statement was ever made. Easy come easy go.

To get down to the brass tacks of How Do You Get Money Fast, you should know some of the ins and outs of a successful business model and what to do and what to avoid. Do not try and re-invent the wheels of a successful business, just find what has worked for others and apply them to your business efforts and you’ll do fine.

Build a trust in a mentor that will guide you through the art of a successful business and you’ll come out far better than trying to do it your way, especially if you have never ran a business before.

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A Discussion on Article Marketing and Article Writing to Consider

Over the past 5-years I’ve done a lot of research and enjoyed lots of practical knowledge in the article marketing and article writing realm. So, perhaps it might be a good idea to listen to some of my thoughts considering this venue. You see, many aspiring online marketing small business people contact me and ask me many questions.

Indeed, I’ve decided that it really makes more sense to write a bit about this topic and answer the questions for everyone online rather than one-on-one through email, phone calls, or personal meetings. Does that make sense to you?

Good, okay, so, I’d like to take a recent set of question which I was asked and make them into an article here to help everyone who wants to make money, or increase their brand-ability online. Let’s begin.

“I’m so amazed at how you got so many views and you made your goal of 20,000 articles.”

Yes, that was an unbelievable amount of work indeed. The “article views” is an interesting concept because, each of my articles is syndicated or placed elsewhere an average of 17.8 times and therefore each article gets viewed in all those places as well. Thus, I could have up to: 17.8 X 450 article views X 20,000 articles = 160,200,000 article views total. So, in reality, things are very nice that way.

“I have goals as well. I decided I will promote 14 affiliate products by writing [on the top online article directory online as you have] articles and I plan to write 42 articles every day. My goal is to write 3 articles for each 14 products.”

Whereas, this is possible, it is very hard work, and it is no less than 8-10 solid hours of work each day (minimum). That is if your articles are of quality. The entire “affiliate products” thing does not really turn me on, and I am bothered by most affiliate marketers as they are less than ethical, at least by percentage, and they definitely over-hype stuff, and sell lots of useless trinkets, which I believe to junk up the Internet. You mentioned you do some online research before you write your articles, well then you know what a bummer it is to keep seeing all this garbage in the search engine results.

“After my articles are approved I was going to build high quality back links to them by using Blog comments, forum signatures, and Social bookmarking.”

I have heard of people doing this, I never have, and I think some online article websites might take issue with this, although you could ask them. Now with that said, I do occasionally make a blog post somewhere that refers to an article because of limited spaces in comment boxes, but I’ve never had that as a strategy. Then again, I am not really into selling anything online, that’s not my purpose. Many people are upset about this “comment spam thing” it messes up forums when they are inappropriate in nature.

“I’m hoping to make 1k each week from all my articles from the products I will promote. Is this possible?”

I have personally met people who have, but the reality is most do not make money online, or so little it is kind of a joke really. I suppose it matters what you are selling, how you sell it, and if you are wise with your marketing once you get the traffic there in the first place.

“Have you been able to make a living from your articles?”

I have never attempted to make a living from writing articles, and my standard of living is pretty high so, it doesn’t make sense for me. I do not consider myself a writer, and I’ve become somewhat disgusted by the way article-marketers have played their hands, I do not hold them in a favorable light really, not all are bad, but enough I do not wish to be associated with the industry.

Indeed, I read so much, that I find 80% of what I read is obvious, ridiculous, shallow, or that I’ve wasted my time reading it, often online article directories are filled with such stuff. So, to answer your question; No, I suppose I could if I wanted too. I feel as if it is beneath my ethical standards to do so, and find the entire industry filled with questionable characters, I refuse to be one of them.

I hope you have enjoyed today’s online article marketing question and answers, there will be more I assure you, I have 100s of pages of questions and answers to some day turn into articles to help you succeed in this online small business of yours. Sincerely, Lance

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Internet Affiliate Marketing – 5 Important Methods You Must Know To Generate Targeted Free Traffic

Traffic generation is a crucial part of your online internet business. Without traffic, your website or your business is nothing but a white elephant. The internet is a sea of ​​information and the purpose is for sharing great content. There are ways to repurpose the content that you created to squeeze more value out of it. Here I'll share with you some very interesting ways to creatively use your unique content in various ways.

Articles submission

You can write your own unique article with original content and then submit it to various article directories. Your articles should be around at least 400-700 words in length. Then you just have to submit it to article directories such as and just to name a few. If you want greater amount of traffic, you have to submit to as many directories as possible.

Slide presentations submission

Next, you would want to convert that same piece of article with its information into a slide or better known as a slide presentation. After you have done that, you can search for slide directories and submit your slide to those directories. One of the famous ones that I should mention here is Slide directories are very powerful tool that you can leverage on to gain quality traffic as there are many people out there who are looking for good slide contents.

Create a video

After you have done slide submissions, you can convert that slide that you have just done into a video. Armed with that video you have just created, you can submit it to video directories that can be found on the internet. One of the most famous video directories that everyone would know is definitely YouTube. You should submit your newly created video to YouTube. There are many other video directories out there that you can submit your video.

Put your article, slide and video onto a blog

You can now put the 3 different formats into a blog. You can create a free blog at Since you have put the content that you created onto a free blog, you will be able to get good direct traffic from it after the search engines have indexed your blog.

Social Bookmark your blog

The final step is to social bookmark all the pages in the blog that you have created. This will ensure that your content is spread far and wide across the internet and a lot more people will aware of your content.

The 5 steps mentioned above are various different ways that you can reuse your unique content to drive maximum amount of good quality targeted traffic to your website. You can use this tactic as many times as you want with every one of your articles.

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How to Get Your Website Approved by Affiliate Networks

Affiliate networks are very popular in these days. They offer a lot of income opportunities in one place and for this reason many webmasters try to be accepted in the network. There are some rules which must every website fulfill in order to be accepted. In this article you will get some tips what to do to get your website approved by affiliate networks.

Tip # 1:
Affiliate program networks need websites with solid traffic. Only such websites generate sales. So if you just registered new domain name wait some time before you try to get your website approved. There should be no pages under construction when you apply for the inclusion.

Tip # 2:
Your website should be in English. If you need for any reason your text written in your local language use separate subdomain for English version. When your site is approved put the advertisements on the English version only.

Tip # 3:
Avoid questionable content. Needless to say that you can not apply with adult sites or illegal content. But some networks are a little strict and will not accept any site which presents anything questionable. So try to create family friendly website.

Tip # 4:
Register your own domain name. Most affiliate networks require domain name and websites hosted on free servers are disapproved automatically.

Tip # 5:
Create quality content. Your site should be made for visitors and not as space for ads. Affiliate networks usually require some standard – there should be some useful stuff on your website and the design should look well.

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Pro Tips for Beginner Jazz Players

Get in a Routine That Works

The only way to be successful is to get yourself set up on a routine that works. Guitar practice will be the key to getting you to where you want to be as a musician. Jazz guitar is not a for the faint of heart, and requires hours of practice to be “good” at it. Here are a few ways you can set up a routine that produces real results.

Warm Up

Before you embark on your very first practice session, and the ones to follow, you’ll want to make sure you’re good and warmed up. You can do this by warming up your fingers by playing up and down your fretboard. When your fingers are warmed up, you’ll be better able to make the somewhat difficult finger movements requires when you play guitar.

Even a basic chord will require you to put your fingers in positions they aren’t accustomed to. So just like a singer, you need to warm up your tools (fingers and hands) before you get started. If you already know how to play a tune or two, start with what you know to launch your practice session.

Get Technical

Next, you’ll want to explore your technical side. You should spend approximately 10 percent of your time in guitar practice studying technical guitar scales. Learn the basic chord and scales for at least two octaves to shape the way you approach your practice.

Learn the Language

Another part of your routine should be spent learning the language of music, particularly jazz guitar. After all, the most important part of jazz is improvisation, without understanding the language of this genre you won’t be able to do solos. If you want to sound like a professional, study like a professional. Learn to speak the language to be successful.

Transcription is an important part of this. When you learn it correctly, you will begin to internalize the music which helps you kill it once you start playing it. Practice your jazz phrases first harmonically and then rhythmically to get the best use out of your time spent doing so.

Strive to learn a new lick every single week during your practice, if you’re serious about developing your understanding and jazz language. A good rule of thumb is to limit yourself to 8 or fewer bars. Guitar practice has to be somewhat entertaining for you to keep it up, so don’t press yourself to complete more than that in a given 7-day span.

Gain Access to the Best Resources

Clearly, when you’re learning anything you need access to the best resources and tools available. Otherwise, you could fall short of your dream of being a killer jazz musician one day. Even when it comes to your basic chord structure, you do need to have the foundation of information under your belt to get you started on the right path.

Have friends who play jazz guitar? If so, ask them for advice on where to find the best resources. Ask what they used to become the players they are today and follow through with what they tell you. Definitely don’t hesitate from investing in resources that are proven to work. Be open to ideas and don’t shrink away from courses if you’re truly serious about becoming a successful musician.

Alternatively, the internet is chalk full of free resources for you to take advantage of. Try YouTube for tutorials, or even scour Google for free e-Books and transcriptions to explore. Don’t give up, but also be sure to follow through with the advice you’re supplied with or your research will be useless. Remember, it’s practice that makes perfect, not reading…

Be sure to improve your cord dictionary and immerse yourself in all things jazz to get yourself in the right frame of mind to begin playing.

Begin with Open Chords

Another tool is to use basic open chords as your foundation. All aspiring jazz guitar players had to start with these chords, so don’t feel bad about it when you start with them. Each of these basic chords can be played without being fretted for the most part. Translation: they’re easier to play. Also, you can be confident they sound clearer.

Learn and Study Music Theory

Music theory is equally important. No guitar practice is complete without learning or investing time in studying music theory. When you learn music theory, you empower yourself to be a full-blown musician, and that is priceless.

Get a Teacher!

Of course, one of the best ways to be a killer musician is to have the right teacher on your side. Customizing your learning experience will put you on the path to success.

Use these tips to ramp up your guitar practice. By putting them into practice, you’ll be well on your way to becoming the jazz musician you always dreamed of being.

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How to Get Rich Quick Online

So, I guess the million dollar question is: Can you get rich quick online? Many people want to know how to get rich quick online, but in reality it takes a sound business model in order to make money online. With that being said, you can make a lot of money in a very short period of time, if you know what you are doing.

In this article I want to share with you a business model that I use to make money online, and with a little work you can use this method to learn how to get rich quick online, and bank over 100K per year.

Internet marketing really gets a bad reputation, primarily because of all the scammers that tell everyone how easy it is to make truckloads of cash sitting in front of your computer stuffing envelopes. If you want that kind of easy money then you can stop reading right now, because I can tell you that it is just not going to happen. Instead, here is a reliable business model that you can follow in order to start making a lot of money online in a very short period of time.

What I do to make money online fast is to use a business model known as affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is when companies or vendors pay people just like you and me a commission for each product that we sell.

Now, many people are immediately turned off by this business model, because they think that either:

1. They have to invest money to start.

2. They have to store inventory in their home or office.

3. They have to deal with customers.

None of this is true. With affiliate marketing, you can work with certain networks (free of charge) who will allow you to promote products that be downloaded digitally. This means that you never have to store inventory, and you certainly never have to deal with any customers (the affiliate networks do the hard work for you)!

Listen, when I was first researching how to get rich online and came across affiliate marketing, I was a bit skeptical, as I am sure you are right now. The fact of the matter is that this is a reliable business model that I have been using since 2008 to collect checks week after week from popular affiliate networks.

The only money you ever have to invest would be on optional tools for your business. Heck, when I first started with affiliate marketing I was in college, had no money to invest, and did not even have a website! Yet I was still able to bank over $ 1,400 my very first month thanks to affiliate marketing, and with a little work and determination I am sure that you will be able to do the same.

When researching how to get rich quick online you will come across a lot of "business opportunities" that will try and get you to invest $ 500 or more just to get started. If you see anything like this, run the other way! I actually got tricked into joining a few of these programs, and I can tell you that they simply do not work, and there is a much better way!

Do you want to learn how I do it?

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Simple Tips on How to Make Money From YouTube

The social media platform is getting bigger each day. On several blogs, you see many people talking about how they made money on the different social media platforms including YouTube. Though most people would think that it is impossible, there are ways on how to make money from YouTube.

Though many would jump at the prospect of being paid six figures earning each month, it may take a long time with your effort. Making money from YouTube takes time as one may need to do some things to be able to make that money.

We have tried to look at some of the tips you may have to adopt to be able to earn from this social media site. Following them may just help unlock that desire you have had for long and build you an income stream that may help you retire early.

Register on YouTube

The registration process on YouTube is creating a channel. YouTube channels are just Google accounts and are linked to your Google account if you have one. If you have no Google account; you may need to create one.

In fact, the moment you decide to register, your presence on the tube can be felt if you make it a habit of having regular posts on the channel.

Develop content, upload and monetize it

You may have some old content in your blogs that you want to turn into videos. Such content may be created using the creator playbook which helps in converting old blog content. You may also have unique videos which can attract more viewers.

The process of content development also entails having individual links and keywords which can make people reach your channel quickly. Additionally, you may have a system where you have some products that you sell and promote on YouTube.

The additional thing with the content is that it needs to be creative and eye-catching. Some people have made it through taking unique stories in the form of tutorials or at times they upload the different shows on their channel.

Work on an idea

You may have some though at something which you can model into a brand that sells. Working on it is the only secret with YouTube. Starting off takes more than procrastinating as the idea could just be the real thing many are yearning to watch.

Have subscriptions

The YouTube subscriptions increase the viewership of the channel. These subscriptions can increase through marketing of the video channel in the different social media sites. Linking the blog sites or your personal website to the subscriptions will encourage more viewing.

Building a large subscriber base may also involve liaising with others whom you promote their products. Whatever you develop needs to be short and does not infringe on the right of those whom you push to avoid issues within the channel.


The majority of the content that you can upload on YouTube is mainly in the form of videos or a tutorial with voice over’s in the form of videos. It is imperative for the person yearning to make money on YouTube to be on the alert, with a good camera ready to strike on any exciting happening around.

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Important Factors to Consider When Choosing an Affiliate Program

There are thousands of affiliate programs out there, and you may be overwhelmed from all the choices. Whether you’ve signed up for a Clickbank account or Commission Junction, you’re probably feeling amazed over all the products there are. If you want to go about choosing an affiliate program that’ll earn you the most money as possible, then you’ll obviously need to narrow down your choices.

Choosing an affiliate program doesn’t have to be daunting, it can actually be fun! When browsing through all the products, try imagining yourself selling them. Remember, in order to sell affiliate products, you’ll have to put a lot of time and effort into promoting them. If you can’t see yourself spending hours upon hours promoting a particular product, then pass it up!

When choosing an affiliate program, you’ll need to pick something out that you’re interested in. Don’t try to promote anything that you find boring, even if it pays high commissions. Your potential customers WILL notice if you’re not passionate about whatever it is you’re trying to sell. If you’re not enthusiastic over a product, then why should anyone else be? Remember when choosing an affiliate program that one of the main reasons for failure is because the products simply aren’t interesting or useful.

What are your hobbies? What do you enjoy doing for fun? Do you have a lot of knowledge and expertise in a particular subject? If so, then there’s your answer. Choosing an affiliate program can be simple once you narrow down your interests and hobbies. If you want to be your own boss and make a living from home, then why not have a lot of fun while doing so?

There are a few questions you need to ask when choosing an affiliate program. Does a particular company develop new products often? Do they genuinely seem to care for their affiliates? Are their conversation rate statistics high? Do they give out decent commission percentages?

Obviously, the more a company seems to care about its merchants, the better things will be for you. Also, the more often they develop new products, the more opportunities you’ll have. This means that they’re taking the internet business world seriously and they’re keeping up with all the latest customer needs. When choosing an affiliate program, make sure you choose a company that keeps their website and product information updated often.

After choosing an affiliate program, you can begin advertising. Hopefully you’ll sign up for a company that will provide you with beginner’s resource guides. A good company will, in some way or another, be there for affiliates who need help. Don’t be afraid to ask the company any questions you may have. The representatives will be more than glad to help you, just as long as you’re serious about being an affiliate for them.

In summary, communication is key. Remember that when choosing an affiliate program. Just as long as you select a program that: develops interesting new products often, cares for affiliates and customers, pays out a nice commission fee, and takes affiliate marketing seriously, you can be one of the few who makes a lot of money every single day!

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The Perfect Internet Product

How would we define the perfect internet product? The first and fairly obvious attribute would be that the product should be something that the customer desperately wants. It has been said many times that in internet marketing you start with the marketplace. Only when you have found a hungry crowd of buyers with money to spend can you realistically find a product to sell to them.

Ideally, the product should be something that only you are offering. If you are offering something unique it is far more likely to sell than something that can be purchased elsewhere. An e-book, manual or course that you have created yourself is obviously the perfect internet product because there can never be a clash with other marketers. The other way to create a unique product is through rebranding of existing products bought under licence. That means that you can rename the product, make changes so the artwork, make adjustments to the content and basically turn it into your own unique item.

From the marketer’s point of view, there must be a selling price which is much higher than the production cost. The rule of thumb used by most marketers is that the retail price should be at least ten times greater than the cost of production. With the perfect internet product this will often be greatly exceeded. In order to justify such a mark-up the product must have a high perceived value. The vast majority of the best-selling online products are informational, regardless of the format in which they are presented. The value of the information is down to the perception of the customer. If he or she believes that what you are offering will give them the help and the information they are desperate to acquire, the price is unlikely to be a stumbling block; – within reason. This issue of perceived value is at the very cutting edge of online product marketing.

Another key issue is quality, – and this cannot be overstated. Whether we are talking about a free introductory offer or a high-priced backend product the quality must be the best we can give. Only by offering quality can we keep our customers happy. As we are unlikely ever to meet our customers face to face, the only way we can really connect with them is through the quality of the online products and service we offer.

If we have a physical product it should be one which can be easily sent by mail. Sending out, CDs, DVDs or printed reports is very easy and these can be simply and securely packed for delivery. Padded envelopes are the perfect way to distribute many of these items. If a substantial set of disks is to be sent, there are a variety of box options which could be used as an alternative.

From a practical point of view, avoid products which are bulky, fragile or difficult to package. Apart from the obvious difficulties of packing them securely for delivery, these are far more likely to be damaged in transit. This will create unnecessary hassle and result in many returned items. We can manage without that in our business.

I wish you success in your business ventures.

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