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The present day web space has more commercial importance associated with it and it's on the rise every day. The way you promote and advertise your web site / product decides the fate of the product. In such a scenario it becomes important for you to be aware of the many steps you can take to improve your product marketing technique. You have to make full use of the resources out there to take your product to the customers. Forums come in as handy tools to get you publicized. The forums can be effectively used in advertising your product and also can be the one best tool for doing it. But there are certain basics to be learnt about forums in order to get the maximum output. The main aspects to be taken under consideration are …

1. Choose your forums based on the specificity and its relation to the product / website in terms of content.

2. The best way to get a highly active forum is to have contemporary and interesting hot topics for discussions.

3. The idea you are putting forth on the forums must be away be able to promote or link your website, so that you can have traffic to wards it.

4. The maximum you work upon the forums, maximum you yield. That is, make improvements to the way of presentation and discussion of topics like polls, etc. Be innovative.

5. Be sure that the purpose you are involved in the forum for, is served by each and every action of yours, some tend to move away from the specific path.

These make the essential "How To" for having active forums. Remember each one of these throughout, and you will taste success.

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How to Take Care of and Repair Your Kid’s Wetsuit

It is water play time of your kids again. Children love to play in the water and devise all sorts of water games. Whether its spring, summer or fall season, children don’t seem to stop their fascination with water.

In order to protect your children from the cold water temperature, your children need a kids wetsuit. Wetsuits are important for your children’s protection because they are the most vulnerable to illnesses such as colds, cough and fever. Childrens wetsuits are perfect to keep your children safe while they get their fun.

However, accidents can happen. Children’s play and rigorous activities can cause the wetsuit to rip off. This is possibly happening especially at the beach where the wetsuit can encounter small to medium sized rocks and other rough objects and surfaces. Good thing that there is a way to repair kids wetsuit accidents like this that you can do on your own.

The essential material that you need in repairing a wet suit is neoprene cement. The neoprene cement will be used to path the tear or hole together. Neoprene cement is available in surf shops. Just go ahead and ask for it. There are also wetsuits repair kits available. When you buy a wetsuit, it’s probably a good idea that you get a repair kit, too, for emergencies.

What you need to do first, like all patches, is to clean the torn area. Clear the torn area with any particles such as sand or dust. This is to make sure that the area will patch cleanly. After cleaning the area with soap and water, clean it with alcohol and let it dry.

Use a brush to put neoprene cement on surfaces that needs to be patched up. Leave it to dry for 5 minutes. After that, apply neoprene cement again on the torn areas and this time, leave it for 10 minutes. Afterwards, it is time to glue the torn parts together. Press the two parts together by using some kind of weight like a heavy book. Wait more or less for 6 hours. When it’s completely dry, you have successfully repaired your child’s wetsuit! You can make the wetsuit working really well again, enough to protect you from cold water temperatures.

This do-it-yourself technique, however, is only applicable for small holes and rips. If the hole is much bigger or you think that it requires more than just gluing the parts together, you can bring the wetsuit to a repair shop. It may need a new neoprene patch or some heavy duty repair. It’s best to leave it to the experts when that happens.

If the wetsuit is also damaged because of overuse, it is better not to use it anymore. If the color is already too faded or if the neoprene is already getting hard from the water and sun, it’s better to buy a new one. Most kids wetsuits are made to be very durable. Surely by the time it’s overused, your children have already outgrown the suit. It’s time for a newer, cooler one!

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8 Honey Beauty Tips

According to the dictionary, honey is a sweet yellowish or brownish fluid produced by various bees from the nectar of flowers. Besides using honey as food, did you know that honey is one of the oldest and most effective beauty aids?

Honey contains waxes, sugars, and traces of minerals. It is a natural moisturizer, as well as an anti-irritant making it suitable for sensitive skin types. Honey can be found in many of the beauty products you find in your local drug store or favorite beauty supply store. Some of these products can be very expensive to purchase and many of these products can be made at home.

Try some of the following honey beauty tips below. Please be sure not to use honey on your skin if you are allergic to it!

1. Honey mask: Apply pure honey to your face and allow it to set until dry. This will take about 15 minutes. Once dry, rinse your face with warm water.

2. Body glow bath: To moisturize, smooth, and get an all over body glow, keep a jar of honey next to your bath. Apply honey on your skin and pat dry using both hands. While patting your skin, the honey will get sticky and gently pull up your skin. Rinse away the honey when you are done. The results will be great circulation and beautiful, glowing skin!

3. Honey bath: For sweet smelling and soft skin, add ¼ to ½ cup of honey to your bath water.

4. Honey scrub: Mix 1 teaspoon of honey with a little almond flour into the palm of your hand. Gently apply on your face for a facial scrub. Rinse your face with warm water to remove honey scrub.

5. Daily facial cleanser: Mix 1 teaspoon of honey with a little milk powder into the palm of your hand. Apply on your face to clean away dirt and makeup and then rinse with warm water.

6. Shiny Hair: To add some shine to your hair, mix 1 teaspoon of honey, a squeeze of fresh lemon, and 1 quart of warm water. Shampoo your hair as usual and then pour the honey mixture on your hair. Allow your hair to dry as normal. You do not have to rinse out the honey mixture.

7. Hair conditioner: For healthy hair and scalp, combine ½ cup of honey and 2 tablespoons of olive oil. Saturate your hair with the honey mixture, put on a shower cap and allow it to remain on hair for 30 minutes. After 30 minutes, shampoo and rinse your hair as you normally do.

8. Skin toner: To firm, smooth, and moisturize your skin, combine 1 peeled, cored apple with 1 tablespoon of honey in a blender. Pulse honey mixture until smooth. Gently apply honey mixture on face and allow it to remain for 15 minutes. Rinse your face with warm water to remove the honey mixture.

With the above beauty tips, you can create affordable spa-like products at home. Honey is a wonderful beauty product because it contains naturally occurring enzymes, vitamins, and minerals. Be sure your honey is all natural by purchasing only 100% pure honey to create your beauty products.

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Learn How To Be On Top Of Google

Many people strive to learn how to be on top of Google. It is a journey that is worth embarking. Why is this? Well of course being on top of Google with a keyword phase that attracts traffic means that you are likely to be earning money.

If you have a website that is ranked at the top of Google and a number of people are typing in your keyword phrase you are targeting then that is powerful. You have people coming to your site on a daily basis. If your website offers great value in terms of information to help people and you can guide them to a valuable offer then you my friend are making money on the internet.

However I want to concentrate on the journey. There are learning points you will need to go through.

The first learning point is ignoring the information products out there that try to tell you that this is easy. How to be on top of Google is as simple as clicking a button or using the latest software. Believe me this is all hype as the lazy option does not exist. Learning this first point when will enable you to focus your mind on writing valuable content to push your site up the rankings.

The second learning point is to find the right keywords or keyword phrases to rank your web site. You need to learn to use phrases that are targeted to your website. So that if you are selling Indian dinner recipes then you should use phrases that are close to this.

Also you must ensure your phrase is something people are using to type into the search engines. I would suggest using keyword tools for this.

You also need to learn how to ensure that the phrase does not have too much competition. Again you can use keyword tools to review this.

This second learning point is a huge subject and it took me a long time to understand how to do this correctly. So I suggest paying money to learn how to find the right targeted keywords will be money well invested.

The third point to learning how to be on top of Google is to develop a plan to create content and drive traffic. The plan needs to be a monthly, weekly and daily plan. You may decide to write say one article a day and make 1 video a day. Over time the back links pointing to your website will be pushing your site up the rankings. Of course you need to make sure you set time as to keep to your plan.

So in summary I have highlighted 3 great ways to show you how to be on top of Google. To be honest it's not really hard to learn. It does take a little learning, some planning and I would say some small commitment to get the job done. However it is worth the journey because once you have achieved this then you will have constant traffic coming to your website resulting on a healthy income.

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Home Theater Design: Optimum Speaker Placement

The standard theater arrangement is of course a screen at one end of the room, with one central speaker, one speaker to each side of the screen, two speakers providing surround left and right, and sometimes a speaker providing surround rear. If you have your room arranged this way, chances are good that you call it your home theater, and speaker placement is fairly straightforward for you. The ideal placement has the front speakers at the same height from the ground, usually either slightly above or slightly below the display, and the surround speakers at least 60cm above the heads of the viewers.

The front center speaker should Ideally be in the same position as the screen; The front left and right speakers should be placed approximately 25 degrees to the left and right of the direction the viewers face, and about the same distance from the viewers; The surround left and surround right speakers should be 90 degrees to the left and right of this direction, and, again, about the same distance from the viewers; And the surround rear, as its name suggests, should be directly behind the viewers. A subwoofer if used can theoretically be placed anywhere in the room.

For many people, and I include myself in this, the design of your home is such that it does not comfortably permit a room set up in this way. After all, unless you are very lucky, the chances are that the room that contains your home theater equipment doubles as your living room, and you will not want it to be dominated by a screen. You may not wish to call it your home theater as such. To solve this problem, you need to draw a scale diagram of your room. Add your intended screen placement to the drawing, along with the seating arrangements (your sofas and chairs), and identify where people will be sitting when they watch movies, and the direction in which they will be looking.

The next thing you need to do is to draw a line from each viewer directly to the screen, which shows the direction in which each viewer faces. Then draw a line angled 25 degrees to the left of the line you have just drawn from the viewer, for each viewer, until it meets the wall. If the speaker is placed anywhere along that line, then it will be at the correct angle for the appropriate viewer. You need to identify a point along the wall fairly close to the position at which these lines reach the wall. This will usually be somewhere near the middle of the collection of lines. You have identified the optimum home theater placement for your front left speaker.

You now need to do the same thing, but angle the lines 25 degrees to the right of the direction in which the viewers face. With these lines you can identify the optimum home theater placement for the front right speaker.

Repeat for lines angled 90 degrees to the left, 90 degrees to the right, and 180 degrees (a continuation of the line from viewer to screen, but in reverse). With these lines, you can identify the optimum home theater placement for the surround left speaker, the surround right speaker, and the surround rear speaker.

Ideally, the front left and right speakers should be placed at the same distance from each viewer, as should the surround left and right speakers. This will normally not be possible to achieve, so it should be approximated. Far more important are the speaker placement angles for each viewer, which should ideally not be more than about 15 degrees away from the optimum position. Optimum home theater speaker placement depends on minimizing the angle error for each viewer.

Your subwoofer could be placed theoretically at any point in the room, because the ear can not easily determine the direction of low-frequency sounds. However, you may find that positioning the subwoofer at different parts of the room change the sounds from the subwoofer; Some frequencies may be amplified, while others may be reduced, especially if the subwoofer is placed near a wall or corner of the room. It is suggested that you experiment with the placement of your subwoofer until you find a position that you like.

Some other considerations may affect the position in which you place the speakers. You will not want your speakers in a position where they understand a path that is regularly walked through, eg too close to a doorway. Also, if you do not have magnetically-shielded front speakers, they should not be placed too close to a cathode ray tube (old-style) TV, because they will cause the color purity of the display to be affected. This does not apply to LCD or plasma televisions. Using this approach, you can successfully place your speakers in such a way that you can be proud of your home theater and of your living room at the same time!

Always remember that the idea behind home theater is to set your system up so that you can enjoy movies to the fullest. Some people lose sight of this goal. Whatever you do with your home theater design, do not fall into the trap of over-analyzing your results. Start enjoying those movies!

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4 UK Work From Home Network Marketing Opportunities

Network marketing offers an excellent way of generating income from a home based business. Either as a part-time or full-time income, with very few overheads, no complicated staffing issues and, best of all, you can choose your own hours to suit your lifestyle.

But choosing the right network marketing company for You can be a little hit and miss. It is important that you do your homework because, if you do not feel entirely comfortable with either the company, the product or the service, then you are illegally to be able to offer them to your friends, family, neighbors and collections.

Here are just 4 of the better-known network marketing opportunities on offer for the home based entrepreneur.

1. Avon – Avon Cosmetics has its headquaters in the USA and was originally founded in the 1880's. Their products are marketed in over 100 countries, and is sold by over 5 million independent distributors. Marketed as 'the' company for women it looks to be marketed mostly by women; Generally from brochures of womens (and some mens) cosmetics. Practically every household in Britain will have heard of this brand name, and it has recently been given extra exposure through television advertising in the UK.

2. Telecom Plus – Operating under the brand name Utility Warehouse This British FTSE Top 250 company, was founded in 1996 and is headed by Charles Wigoder, who made a huge success as founder of Peoples Phone with a turnover of over £ 200m before selling to Vodafone in 1997. Named Company of the Year 2009 and with a string of Which? Best Buy and consumer awards, the company supplies over 300,000 customers with their gas, electricity, fixed telephony, mobile telephony and broadband. In addition, they offer an innovative 5% cashback card and all charges are on one bill. Already gathering momentum, this UK only company does not advertise on television, offers unlimited free training to its distrubutors and provides distributors with their own free utility warehouse website.

3. Betterware – A successful UK home shopping company, selling to customers in the UK & Ireland, mainland Europe, Channel Islands, Gibraltar, Malta, Cyprus & Central America. Known initially for its extensive homeware and housecare cleaning products, the range has grown over the years to include gifts, personal care and beauty as well as outdoor products. Works in a similar way to Avon, with distributors providing a brochure and taking orders. There is no television advertising and customers can order products either through their network of distributors, territory sales agents, by post, over the phone or online from the company.

4. Herbalife – Founded in 1980 by Los-Angeles based Mark Hughes (died 21.5.00 aged 44) ​​it is one of the world's larges distributors of herbal wellness products in over 70 countries with more than 1.9 million distributors. Its headquarters are in Los Angeles. Like Telecom Plus and Betterware, there is no television advertising. A distributor earns profits by buying Herbalife products at wholesale and reselling them at retail.

Anyone can make a financial difference to their lives by becoming an independent distributor for a network marketing company, but few people realize that it will only happen with commitment and a genuine desire to succeed. Companies that offer overnight success are often scams but many, including the companies above, are legitimate work from home network marketing opportunities. Get it right at the outset, and be prepared to put in some time and effort, and you will reap the rewards, whether you only want to make enough money to pay the mortgage each month or whether you want to retire early with a residual income For life.

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The Best Weight Loss Tips

Little drops of water they say make an ocean. This statement can be very relevant when it comes to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. The truth is that a single or a given isolated unhealthy action may not land you in a state of difficulty health wise. However, consistent action of these unhealthy deeds is what will cause you to suffer from pains later if left unchecked. That is why wise smokers will quit smoking even they have not developed any known disease related to their smoking habits. In like manner smart people do not wait to become obese before they give a thought on how to manage their weight. They usually follow the best weight loss tips while living their lives on a daily basis. You will find below tips that will help you live a healthy life.

Avoid too much of sugar

A lot of people get addicted to sugary foods that they find it difficult to wean themselves off from them. It is important to note that excessive sugar consumption can lead to obesity. Obesity in children nowadays is primarily due to the excessive sugary foods they consume. Apart from added sugar not having any known nutritive value, it can also constitute serious liver problems. Diabetes is a common disease that is known to be caused by excessive sugar, which can also lead to heart disease. The fact is that added sugar is a poison that we must all avoid in order to stay healthy.

Energy drinks not for you

Two common ingredients that feature prominently in most of the energy drinks are caffeine and sugar. Both are not good for your health. While sugar can cause a host of health related issues for you, caffeine on the other hand can lead to high blood pressure.

Detoxify your body

There are a lot of pollutants that we consume everyday knowingly or unknowingly through the food we eat and the air we breathe. This is because our environments are heavily polluted. To be able to regain back your body, it is important to get rid of these impurities from time to time. One way of detoxifying your body is through healthy eating. This can be achieved through eating plenty of vegetables and fruits, drinking plenty of water every day. Drinking lemon juice and vegetable juice are good ways of detoxifying the body. Detoxification of the body is one way to lose weight and it is very useful for the body.

Say no to alcohol

Anybody who wishes to lose weight must learn to stay away from alcohol. When you consume alcohol it increases your calories level and causes accumulation of fat in the body. Alcohol helps in reducing metabolism and as such increases your ability to add up weight.

Exercise as much as possible

The benefit of frequent exercise is something you cannot ignore. You can start by engaging yourself with indoor exercises and later with outdoor exercises. It is pertinent that your exercises must go hand in hand with good eating habit; otherwise you may not get the desired result.

Achieving a drastic weight loss is something that can be very hectic to realize, but having the consciousness of eating healthily and exercising regularly makes the objective achievable.

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The Funded Sponsorship Franchise System – A Revolutionary New Approach to Network Marketing

A revolutionary new approach is now available in network marketing. It provides a way to build ANY online business and can be duplicated 100% by anyone who uses it. Not only does it eliminate all of the major causes for failure in traditional network marketing, but it has additional advantages within.

First of all, it turns traditional approaches upside down by eliminating ALL personal promotion, recruiting and selling. This saves a huge amount of wasted time and money that network marketers typically spend in working with vast numbers of highly unqualified prospects.

Marketers using this system have personal contact with prospects only AFTER they have already enrolled into their business building system. This means that these prospects have already demonstrated that they are serious. This shifts the primary role of the business builder from personal recruiting, promoting, and selling to providing guidance, support, and mentoring. This is a far more satisfactory role for the vast majority of network marketers.

Secondly, the prospects that enroll in the system generate income for the business builder by enrolling in the highly attractive affiliate programs that it incorporates. All of these programs are designed to become quickly profitable. They provide quick financial benefits both to the enrollee and to the network marketer operating the system, whether or not the enrollee decides to join the marketer's primary business opportunity.

The system is specifically designed, however, to guide business opportunity seekers to recognizing the key importance of a primary business for building long-term residual income. It also guides them into considering the particular primary business of the person whose system they've enrolled in. Once the system has provided comprehensive education about online marketing in general and the importance of a carefully-chosen primary business in particular, many of them will naturally opt in to the primary business of their sponsor.

So, once again, the business-builder who is utilizing this system waits for these prospects to approach him / her, instead of trying to recruit them actively.

But it gets still better. Not only is this Funded sponsoring system very attractive to new business opportunity seekers, it has equal or greater appeal to the vast numbers of other online marketers who are struggling and / or failing using the traditional approach.

Further, since it is international in scope, its potential market is absolutely huge.

If you're like to learn about this exciting and highly refreshing new way to build a network marketing business, I invite you to go to my website shown below.

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Top 5 Places to Visit Before You Die

If you are one among the few who desire to travel as much as possible before you leave this world, then this is for you. Here are the top 5 places you must visit before you die. This is useful for everyone who is going to travel in near future and also to those who are planning a trip soon. Here are few insights on the place you are going to visit and the specialty of the place. These places are spread across many countries of the world which means you got to travel many countries to visit these places. Hence, it comes handy if you have an idea on the customs, traditions do’s and don ts of the country and sometimes it is essential to have an idea about the place of the visit as this makes your travel much easier and convenient.

Before knowing about the place let’s look at few basics which you ought to follow while traveling. Pack as less luggage as possible and be prepared for the unforeseen. Plan your trip with sufficient rest time as too much traveling would lead to many problems later. Plan your trip well before and organize everything accordingly. Now as you are ready for the trip, let’s look at top 5 places that must be visited before you die as per the latest survey.

Kauai, Hawaii: If you want to visit heaven on earth, then you must visit this place. This place is nicknamed as ‘Garden Island’ famous for its greenery and scenic view. Though there are 8 other islands in Hawaii, Kauai is a hot cake island as it is the oldest of all 8 and has many cliffs at its heart, peaks and the scenic Wailua River. All these geological spectacles have made Hawaii a paradise on the earth.

Wengen, Switzerland: If you are tired of busy urban life, then you must visit Wengen, Switzerland. A city where no cars are being used in last 100 years and are surrounded by alpine mountains, grassy hills is a spectacular tourist spot. The city is known for its finest ski slopes on the earth and is the only place which is clean and unpolluted all across the globe.

Santorini, Greece: A place which is unique and beautiful along a cliff of volcanic rocks. It’s the only place which is surrounded with world’s largest volcanic eruptions. The white washed houses with a coat of volcanic ashes make them distinct and give them a pearl color which makes the place more attractive.

Mount Fuji, Japan: Japan’s highest peak and is one of the sacred locations which is also the most popular spot for artists and tourists. Amazing architecture, rich cultural experience, blooming lakes all together will surely make your visit much exciting. Mount Fuji is one of the world’s best natural destinations.

Cinque Terre, Italy: A town located in Northern Italy and a picturesque town with atop cliffs, mountains. A place known for finest dessert wine while enjoying the stay at the shores of Mediterranean Sea makes your trip much fun filled.

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How To Reduce Foam From 5 Liter Mini Beer Kegs

A big complaint with mini kegs since they have been gaining in popularity is the amount of foam you get with each pour. When you read reviews of min beer dispensers on Amazon they are riddled with this same complaint. In this post I hope to clarify the process of pouring beer from a mini keg to reduce excess foaming.

Step 1. Chill the beer

This is the most important step, warm beer = foamy beer. You do not want to buy a keg the same night you plan on drinking it. Buy it the day before and stick it in the fridge or your mini keg dispenser and let it chill for 10-12 hrs.

Step 2. Pour it clean

Make sure the glass you are using is nice and clean. You don’t want any residue or particles in your beer to disrupt the pour or your beers taste.

Step 3. Pour at an angle

When preparing to pour the beer align your glass at a little more than a 45 degree angle. Angling your glass reduces agitation that will create more foam.

Step 4. Pour it smooth

Pull the tap with one slow smooth motion. Aim the initial pour so it hits the middle of the glass and flows into the bottom of the glass. As the beer pours keep angling the glass till it is almost perpendicular to the keg and then bringing the angle back up as the beer fills.

Step 5. Enjoy Your Fresh Draft Beer

Once you have your full glass with a nice clean pour and about 1-1 ½” of foam on the top its time for that first sip. Skim any excess foam off the top and throw it back. Tastes good doesn’t it?

So there you now have your simple guidelines for pouring the perfect glass from your Heineken mini keg while reducing unwanted foam.

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