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Free Viral Marketing E-book

Even though the idea of ​​creating and distributing a free viral marketing e-book is not new, it is still the quickest, cheapest, most effective way of promoting any product.

Viral marketing is a creation borne of the internet. The rapid sharing and distribution of links, ideas, videos, etc. simply were not possible prior to the net. Yes, it is much easier to pass a virus these days, let's hope they're good ones.

In order to make a free viral marketing e-book work for you in every way, you need to create and control it (or obtain resale rights to it). The latter is often preferable, as creating e-books and software are time-consuming and tedious. And they can still bomb. In obtaining resale rights to good, proven products, someone else has already done the hardest work.

But you're hearty, and want to create your own free viral marketing e-book; what should you write about? Whatever you can not shut up about. Let's say you're in a social situation, everyone has loosened up with a glass of merlot, and you're all feeling chatty. Someone asks you about your passion in life, and you're still talking about it 2 hours later. That's what you should write about. What you know and love.

The free viral marketing e-book you're now producing should be of the highest quality, assuming you're capable of delivering. (If you do not feel you are, get one of those ghosts to write it for you.) Because you create and control it, you can include links to other products in your personal library (also your creations).

First things first, however. Once you know your subject, you need to do quality keyword research. Google itself is good place to start. Whenever you enter a keyword combination, it tells you how many others have searched for that same combination in the last month, and how many websites are listed under those same keywords. Many "experts" suggest that you go after niches that have no more than 500,000 competitive sites to start.

So, the e-book is complete; you are now ready to present it to the world. Affiliate marketing, e-book directories, and article distribution will make your free e-book go viral (hopefully). That is the foundation of "viral marketing". People get all feverish about it and want to share. It's a natural phenomenon.

Now the thing that makes affiliates get interested has to do with their commission. The higher the commission paid, the greater the interest. Your free viral marketing e-book should be so qualifying your would-be affiliates lose sleep over it. So you need to have an irresistible e-book that can be re-branded (affiliate's link automatically embedded in the e-books replication), plus the software to accomplish it, a good autoresponder (preferably one which you control through your own software) and have the affiliate receive 100% commission. You make your money at the back-end, by the massive distribution (viral) of the e-book, which contains links to all of your other creations.

Your program needs to be workable by newbies, savvy SEO pros and everyone in between. If you give enough incentive to your affiliates, you do not need Google, Yahoo, MSN, AdWords, AdSense, SEO, social bookmarking, PPC, CPA networks, link building, Web 2.0, ad nauseam as they will make sure your free viral marketing e-book gets global attention.

This technique is universal, and can be used to promote any product, on the web and off. It creates an easy, fast, profitable, turnkey affiliate program that an average child could operate. Who would have guessed – a FREE viral marketing e-book could have this much juice?

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Affiliate Marketing – Latest 6 Phenomenal Methods to Make Money Through Affiliate Marketing

The number of web sites has increased a lot on the World Wide Web in the recent past. Due to this increased number of web sites on the web now there are many nontraditional methods of promoting a web site which are commonly being used by the internet marketers now. One such method is affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing programs are increasing in number on the web. If you want to become an affiliate marketer you need to pay attention towards certain factors. These are the methods which can lead you toward success as an affiliate marketer.

1. First of all you need to know how things work on the internet. Until and after you know how to promote a product properly, you will not be able to succeed as an affiliate marketer. Pay attention towards learning the phenomena.

2. Try to find the best platforms of affiliate marketing on the web. This you can do by searching the web.

3. Select few affiliate marketing programs at one time. This is very important. Selecting more than what you can handle will only damage the results.

4. Stick to few products at one time. It will give you the margin to concentrate on those few.

5. Stick to what you are doing. Many people lose heart when the affiliate marketing efforts take time to generate web traffic. Hag in there.

6. Concentrate on what you are doing. Try to be innovative and think of ways to reach out to your target market.

These are few of the important methods that can make your affiliate marketing efforts fruitful. If you want to succeed as an affiliate marketer, you need to use all these methods.

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The Use of SEO in Improving Your Website Ranking – Profit Lance Tips and Tricks

Search engine optimization is a technique used to increase the traffic of a certain website. The most viewed sites are those that are in the first page of the search engine. But how are you going to place everyone on the first page? It is a given fact that everyone wants their website to be viewed. Why else would they make it if not to let people view, right?

What you need is an optimized content. This is needed so that your site will contain significant information to a visitor. When we say optimized content, we refer to the articles, news, blogs, posts, and other information that is placed in a website in order to attract visitors. This optimized content will help a lot in your ranking.

Remember also that you must not sacrifice the quality of the contents that you are offering. It is better to have not so many articles which contain quality information, rather than have so many articles and yet quality is sacrificed. In short, in order for you to improve your web ranking, you must focus on the content of your website. Establish guidelines that you will use when you post per page. For example, set a standard as to how many images and words you are going to use in a page. You can attract visitors to your site by utilizing the keyword tools that are typically available on many search engines. By doing this, not only do you optimize your website content, but you also have quality content which visitors will find relevant.

Stick to what your topic is. If you are talking about making money online, then do not talk about anything else. If you introduce another topic, the visitors will turn away. But if you stick with your topic from start until end, the visitors will be happy to read what you have to say.

The topic that you have must be informative to the audience that you are targeting. No matter how long your pages are if they do not contain quality information, then it is useless. Content is very important as it can tell the people what industry you are in, what product types you are promoting, and the likes. If the website that you have will answer most of the people's questions, then you are on the right track.

Make people go to your website because they are curious of what you have to offer instead of putting up ads that are deceiving. This and many more tips are taught in an online course called Profit Lance.

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What Makes A Good Free Make Money Online Program?

With all of the different ways you can make money from home. I am sure the cost is something that has crossed your mind as well. You may have even surprised if there are any free make money online programs to get started with. This is a good question.

Believe it or not there is. The best free make money online programs are affiliate programs. There are many affiliate programs that you can choose to start with. However, there are some things that you need to make sure are provided for you to start your business.

Here are the things that you should be provided with when you start your business with a free make money online program.

One: Unless you have your own website you will want to make sure that the affiliate program that you join will give you a free website. This will give you the chance to start promoting the program right away.

This will be known as a replicated website so you will not be able to make any changes to it. That is ok because a really good affiliate website contains professional copyright material to help you convert more sales.

Two: They need to provide you with marketing tools and help. They should give you banners, text ads, emails and many other tools to help you make money with their program. If you get stuck and do not know what to do next they should be able to help you or point you in the right direction.

The best affiliate programs have reps who work for them as affiliate wraps. Their job is to help you sell more and to take care of your affiliate needs. The really good ones are very helpful because they make more money themselves.

Three: The commission that the affiliate program offers you needs to be high enough that you can make some good money from home. There is no reason spending your time should not pay you well. Be sure and find good programs that pay high commissions and you will earn excellent money.

These are the most important things that any affiliate program needs to provide you with. So you want to take time to find the right free make money online program for you.

Otherwise, you may find yourself struggling to have any success at all. Do not rush into anything until you know it is right for you. Then understand that just because it is free to get into affiliate marketing it will still take a lot of hard work on your part.

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Network Marketing Tips Step by Step Through Google – Two of Twelve

I must tell you this network marketing machine step by step system was not written to be sold. As a matter of fact the exact reason I wrote this for, was simply my notes to remind myself myself how to go back through the process over and over again. The second thing you must understand is, the leveraging aspects that makes the whole process of networking work for you is, you must have people!

That's the key ingredient of the diamond in your backyard! You want to get the benefits off the efforts of others for as long as you're in the system. So the second thing I wrote this step by step method is to give it to my down line. Take this system; if you can follow a road map and get from Mexico to Canada then you can follow this system. It works, look at my bank account. You go find you three people; teach them to do the same. It's as simple as that! That's exactly why most people can not do it, because it's too blamed simple!

Network marketing opportunity's work through Google if you "make the system" work for you! Very low cost to set it all up, that's what makes it attractive to most people! However, the down side is you get a lot of people signing up and then some find it's too hard to find three people. I would say come now! Do you have a mom and a dad and a sister or brother?

I would say there's your three people, get your tail out of here and get back on the phone! I decided to write it all down, because this is what I do and this network marketing machine will work for you too!

You will see right before you eyes, just what this work at home opportunity requires. Hard physical work is what I did for over twenty years as a technician. Now that was hard work! You can find my articles of information scattered out on the internet through Google the search engine. Plus, what you can not find in my articles you can borrow from other network marketer's on the internet.

Just "re-write their articles in your own words." I like many were attracted to network marketing because you can leverage yourself so many times!

I worked the plan back in the 80's when it was called an MLM opportunity. Many dishonest people have gotten in to network marketing and taken advantage of Google people. Many have taken the same formula you are fixing to get for free and turn around then sell it for hundreds of dollars. You can not sell my machine, but can give it away for free as long as my links and my name stay in tack.

You will see the formula is not that hard! But, you do have to work the network marketing machine to make it happen! It will be easier for some, than it will be for others. Most likely it will be harder for people who came from a blue collar background, like mine. Those who come with some office or computer skills and people skills, all those qualities will just make it easier if you have some of those skills.

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Marketing With Articles – How to Write an Unbiased Review

When you are submitting articles for article marketing, from time to time you may wish to write a "review" article.

For example, if your website is about tennis, you might write an article reviewing the latest racks. If your website is about travel, you may want to review a luxury resort. If your website is about parenting, you could write a review of the latest baby car seats.

Review articles can be a nice change of pace from your regular essay articles and numbered list articles. The purpose of a review article is to provide your reader with unbiased information that you have gathered about the product, service, or destination that you are reviewing.

There is one major thing you need to be careful about because: Your review article needs to be written in such a way that it does not look promotional. That means that the article does not sound like it is trying to sell anything that would benefit you.

In fact, your review article should not sound like it is trying to sell anything at all. You are simply presenting objective and reliable facts about a product, service or destination. By writing in an unbiased way, you give your article more credibility with publishers and your readers.

Here are some tips for ensuring that your article comes across as unbiased:

1 – Be sure to include both pros and cons about the thing you are reviewing. Even if you absolutely love the product, do your best to also spotlight any potential negatives. This will help give your review credibility.

2 – The language that you use should not sound hyped up or sales-y, like you're using a car salesman or working on the marketing team for the product. You are just a consumer who has done your homework, and you want to share what you have learned with your audience.

3 – Do not try to get people to buy the thing that you are reviewing – that makes your reader suspicious of your motives. You have no vested interest in getting your reader to buy this product – all you want to do is give them the accurate information that they are looking for.

4 – Refrain from including an affiliate link to the website of the product you are reviewing, either in the article body or in the resource box. An affiliate link communicates that you have something to gain from someone buying the product, which means you have an ulterior motive for writing the article.

5 – Your resource box should not try to sell the item that you were reviewing in your article. If it does, then that makes the article "promotional" – a sales tool for the product.

The # 1 reason why articles are declined by publishers is "promotional article". When you're writing your review article, use these tips to be sure that it appears completely unbiased. That will increase the likelihood that your article will be accepted and republished by publishers, and it will increase your credibility with your readers.

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One Week Marketing Review – Is One Week Marketing Legit?

As a reader of this article, I'm sure you're already familiar with PotPieGirl's One Week Marketing program. You've probably read the first 18 pages of the main guide, which she lets you do on her site. It's also a safe bet that you're asking yourself this question:

"Is there really a One Week Marketing scam?"

This is a really important question to ask of any guide related to affiliate marketing you might be thinking of picking up. A lot of what is offered on the web is useless junk. Most of them do not offer concrete guidance, opting rather to discuss abstract concepts (many of which are rehashed older material) and leave the reader without a direction.

As an owner of the full OWM package, I'm happy to say that there is most definitely not a One Week Marketing scam. I was very impressed by both the amount of content included in the package, as well as the excellent manner in which it is presented.

The program is gives you a daily action plan, allowing you to utilize the information learned immediately to make money. It's extremely clear what you should be doing on Day 1, and then what to follow it up with on Day 2, etc. By the time you're at Day 7, you'll have a great weekly regimen to basically just keep repeating. It's an excellent way to learn, and is great proof that there is indeed no such thing as a One Week Marketing scam.

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Three Important Strategies For Internet Marketing Success

Internet marketing is both a blessing and a curse. There are some amazing opportunities involved with online marketing, however there are some pitfalls and huge time and money wasters.

Take my friend Bill for example. He has been trying to get started with an online business for two years now. He has tried affiliate marketing, network marketing, AdSense marketing, and even provided a graphic design business for banners and 125×125 ads. No luck. With any of it.

As you can guess, Bill is getting pretty frustrated. He has tried just about every advertising and marketing strategy ever explained and has sent way too much money on products and services that just did not help in any way. I believe Bill is on the verge of a breakdown.

Bill needs a little bit of time to slow down and concentrate. Bill is actually trying too hard. He is trying to tackle an elephant with one BIG bite instead of concentrating on smaller bites.

Taking On Internet Marketing With Three Strategies

Internet marketing is much like that age old question. How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time.

You do not try to go for the whole thing in one bite.

Sometimes people dive into internet marketing and want to do everything all at once. However, the opposite is the best route. Start out small and build from there. In fact, I'm saying that if you are involved with just three strategies you would have a viable, profitable, and long lasting internet marketing career.

Be A Social Networker

Social networking, or social media marketing, has taken the Internet by storm and is not going to go away. There's a reason why this is so popular. It's the way people have been successfully marketing since the beginning of time. People interacting with others just works.

Again, you need to take this slow. Many people will run out and sign up for every single network they can find. While, this does have merit, in the long run, when you are just getting started you should concentrate on just a few.

Twitter ,, and are great places to start and learn the nuances of social networking.

Be A Blogger

This could be labeled as social networking, but I think blogging is a strategy all on it's own. Blogging is really content marketing. You are creating and publishing content in an effort to drive traffic to your blog.

You do not have to be political or a coffee shop addict to be a blogger. All you need to do is offer original content. If you are into affiliate marketing in the sports niche, then you would write about sports. If you're in the network marketing niche, then you create content about network marketing. If you're providing a service like graphic design, then you offer design advice and even free samples or looks at what you've already done.

It's not just about putting up a new blog with a bunch of AdSense blocks and Clickbank links.

The reason I believe blogging is an important strategy to concentrate on is because it does one thing very good. Keeping a consistent blog establishes you as an authority and expert.

Without a place to offer continuously updated content, free materials, serve as an online portfolio, and a place for people to interact (via comments and linking), you do not have much of a foothold to build for the future.

You can get started pretty easily with free blogging platforms such as or

Build A List

There has been a saying on the internet for several years now that still rings just as true today as it did then.

"There is money in the list!"

However, I still come into contact with people who do not have an opt-in list at all, and did not plan too!

Building an opt-in list is a great way to not only sell products and services, but it also provides another way to connect and interact with people who visit your website. The key to the success of an opt-in list, however, lies in consistency and useful information.

Provide your subscribers with relevant information, with your personality thrown in there, and you have a winning combination. People will continue to subscribe and be active in clicking on links.

Concentrate On These Three Internet Marketing Strategies

Have you been biting off more than you can chew? Are you like Bill and frustrated, discouraged, and depressed?

Take some time and decompress a little and then start out slowly. Concentrate on these three strategies and begin to build a foundation for your business. Social networking, blogging, and a solid opt-in list are the strategies that will get you started on solid ground.

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