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Making Your Home Business More Accessible

More and more people are thinking about giving up the stress of the rat race and settling in to the more attractive proposition of working from home. Not only does working from home mean we no longer have to waste hours of our day travelling to and from work, we can also be much more flexible with our working hours. So long as the work is completed on time, it often doesn’t matter whether we start work at nine o’clock in the morning or at midnight.

But there are times when it is still necessary to meet and talk with clients, which can cause problems. After all you can’t exactly invite them round to your house and sit in the living room while you are talking your way through a business deal. You need to ensure your image is always as professional as you can make it.

But thanks to the internet you no longer need to feel shut off when you are working from home. There are plenty of ways that you can be in constant contact with your clients and customers if you need to be, all of which can give you the competitive edge you need over your rivals.

Many people now have access to their own webcam to add a further dimension to their online activities, and for home businesses these can be an excellent way to keep in touch. It’s important to remember that even though you are at home, you need to make sure you are presentable all the time if you have a webcam. You don’t need to wear a suit but you should make sure you don’t look scruffy otherwise people might assume you don’t pay much attention to your business either.

Webcams also give you the opportunity to add video conferencing to your business portfolio. Meetings can be prearranged and you can discuss business opportunities, ideas and jobs without leaving the comfort of your own home.

Video conferences are very easy to set up – so long as both people have a webcam and are set up and ready to go you can discuss urgent business matters straightaway. Webcams enable you to save time when conducting your business; instead of arranging to meet at a restaurant or coffee bar to have a discussion, it’s a simple matter of turning on your computer to get in touch.

In a world where more and more people are deciding to go it alone and work from home, video conferencing online can give you the extra edge you will need to succeed over your competition. It’s the easiest and most efficient way to meet with your clients and further your current business interests, as well as bringing in new ones.

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Motorhome Covers

A motorhome covers is an essential motorhome accessory to protect your leisure vehicle from the worst that nature can throw at it. Most major motorhome issues are caused when the vehicle is parked up over the winter period. Although a motorhome cover will do little to protect against engine and battery problems it certainly will protect the body of your vehicle from the elements. A harsh winter will not only cause your vehicle to look aged but more seriously can cause leaks. Here are some key features that you should expect from a motorhome cover.

The first purpose of a motorhome cover is to keep your motorhome clean and mildew free. This protection should combat the effects of sun, rain, snow, dust, bird lime, tree sap, airborne pollutants and heat. The cover needs to manufactured from a breathable material so that water and condensation under the cover can easily escape. Some of the more advanced covers will have a triple or four layer composite system, that is breathable allowing water vapor to escape but preventing liquid from penetrating and providing maximum resistance to rainfall and snow. The cover should also reduce internal heat build up in the motorhome, thus protecting internal furnishings from the fading effects of the sun.

Other desirable qualities of a motorhome cover are UV protection, tough rot proof seems and some form of elasticated hem that will provide for universal fitting. Ideally the cover should be a soft and lightweight one that will not cause any scratching to the motorhome. The motorhome owner will need access to his vehicle, without needing to remove the cover completely. Most good covers will come with a zipper around the door to provide for this access.

Finally be aware of how to measure your motorhome correctly for a cover – measure form the rear of the motorhome to the front. Allow for aerials, flues, roof vents and any other fixtures on the vehicle roof.

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What Muscles Are Used in Olympic Weightlifting?

If you want an answer to this question, just ask an Olympic Weightlifter, and they’ll tell you… Every Muscle!

When you’re lifting, every muscle and every part of the body is called into play. Olympic Weightlifting is not about specific muscles. It’s all about athletic performance, power development, and whole body strength.

If we had to narrow it down, you could say that the following muscles play the biggest part in the process of Olympic Weightlifting:

  • Hamstrings
  • Quads
  • Glutes
  • Back Traps
  • Shoulders

Olympic weightlifters do tend to build muscle strength and size, especially in the legs and back. But, they build strength in their legs through the squats that they do during the lifting process. The muscles in the back are used as stabilizers during the process.

If you consider the training that Olympic weightlifters go through, that’s probably where most of the muscle is built overall. Practicing the snatch and the clean and jerk will definitely work some muscle groups. But, a weightlifter at this level will be doing considerable training other than pure lifting.

It’s common for weightlifters in smaller weight classes to be strong, but not huge. Some professional bodybuilders will be bigger than them. On the other hand, at the top of the weight classes, those guys can be massive. But again, consider that size is not the goal here, overall strength is.

Momentum and use of joints are a vital part of completing a lift. These are even more important for Olympic weightlifters than other types of competitive lifting. During the lift, the ankles, knees, and hips have to work in conjunction with the muscles or the life will fail. Momentum and speed are essential. The heavier the weight the longer it will take to lift it. It’s lack of speed and momentum that will be more likely to cause the lift to fail.

Trying to use Olympic weightlifting as a means of body building is a mistake. It’s just not going to focus on individual muscle and muscle groups like other types of weight training and lifting will. If you are looking to improve flexibility, speed, and overall strength, then you should consider it. It’s also going to lend strength to your cardiovascular system.

Many people think that Olympic weightlifting is dangerous and on the fringe. You have to follow safety precautions, just like you do with any other sort of training or lifting. But, it can be quite rewarding as the goals are definite and challenging.

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5 Tips To Sweep The Board In Tattoo Design Contests

Tattoo design contests are everywhere, especially all over the Internet. For tattoo hobbyists, arranging a design contest is a great of way to find the best designs at a very competitive price. For artists also, these contests are a very effective way of showing their skills to the tattoo enthusiasts across the globe.

If you are a tattoo designer, you may find tattoo contests quite frustrating. The reason is that there is no limit to the number of participants. Any number of artists can take part and submit designs based on the tattoo ideas of the client and their instructions. So, to help create award-winning designs, here are five effective tips from an expert tattoo artist:

Read the complete rules of the contest: Before anything else, you need to keep in mind the fact that you are required to make tattoos according to rules specified by the contest holder. Your tattoo design may be outstanding, but if it does not meet the contest’s criteria, there’s no point in submitting it because that is not what the client is looking for. Reading and understanding the complete rules will help you come up with a design that suits the judge’s preferences. For example; check if they have to be traditional, tribal or contemporary. Knowing the theme of the tattoo contest will make your work stand out.

Make your work look unique and fresh: When someone starts a contest, it means that he or she is looking for a design that is other than regular and is uniquely creative and has everything that a client wants. Majority of tattoo contests put uniqueness at the top of the judging criteria. Everyone knows that there are millions of tattoo designs available. Some are used more often than the rest, so know which ones are common and try to avoid them. Remember, that while traditional tattoos are still appealing, contest holders want to see unique designs.

Put yourself in the judge’s shoes: When making a design for a contest, always think of the contest judges. Since you’re not the one who will be wearing your design, you need to follow the rules closely. Always look at it from the wearer’s perspective. Ask yourself; will this design look great on my client’s skin? Will the judge like this design? Tattoo design contests are just like a tattoo shop, where the client talks and you listen.

Do your own research: Whether you are doing a tattoo design for a contest or not, research is important. You can find lots of design ideas by checking out designs created by artists in various categories. Incorporate the most inspiring details into the design you have in mind. It is a good idea to think of all possible designs that fit the contest rules and then merge them into one. Contest-winning tattoo masterpieces are a decent mix of different ideas. Just remember that your designs must always retain uniqueness, and you should never compromise on it.

Take your time: Tattoo design contests, both online and offline, attract hundreds of entries. As such, the chances of winning can be very slim. Take your time designing your entry. You need to spend time in creating, reviewing and improving your contest entry. Only after several reviews and revisits will your design have a chance of winning a contest.

On a last note, practice is as equally important as these tips. Now that you are aware of these expert tips, you are definitely on your way to winning a tattoo design contest.

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Hitting the "Business" Wall

Hitting the Business “Wall”

There will be times when nothing you do will work. You cannot seem to make a difference in the business, at any level. Maybe sales have flat lined or inventory keeps piling up and getting more expensive or even your long-term employees seem to be fighting and arguing with each and even with the customers! Perhaps worse, some event in the public eye has created controversy or possibly a catastrophe that has you wondering if you should even be in business. To say it another way, your business has hit the proverbial wall. No matter how hard you pound against it nothing seems to break through the wall.

You’re Not Alone

You are certainly not alone. Every business on the planet Earth has had issues similar to what you are experiencing and some of them are far beyond what you are dealing with. Some companies overcome them and some don’t. Examples are all around us. Remember the Samsung Note 7 exploding cell phone disaster. Estimates are as high as five billion dollars in lost value not to mention degraded customer confidence.

And even more recently, the reaction to the United Airlines violent removal of a passenger has hurt both their customers’ perception and their stock price. I am certain the police who came onboard the aircraft thought they were doing the right thing but events got completely out of hand and were captured on multiple cell phone videos.

Now they have more serious issues. Today’s social media environment was able to transmit the incident at the speed of light, and it has rocketed around the world millions of times over as the company stumbled around with different responses. Social media sites lit up with charges of racism and promises to never again fly that airline again. Even Congress has vowed to investigate. The bottom line is this is a public relations disaster for United.

Is It a Perception or Something Worse?

Going back a few years we had the television host and author, Paula Deen, who had social media explode around her use, 30 years earlier, of a horrible slur. The trolls and haters labeled her with all sorts of evilness but it turned out to be nothing more than a perception. The haters wanted her to be something she wasn’t. Some in the public perceived her to be less than an honorable person. Essentially she lost it all, the stores that sold her cookware stopped selling them, her publisher, and her television shows, all of it, fell apart. But with some image consultants she just waited until the storm blew over and slowly started to build up her brand once again. She has made something of a comeback and is on television again, albeit in a more subdued manner.

Ownership Issues

Much more often than these crazy problems are the old fashioned problems like slow sales, negative social media reviews of your products or just not making decisions in a timely manner. For some owners, letting go is absolutely fraught with danger. Ask yourself, has your business grown to the point you can’t keep track of each tiny development? Are you feeling like you are losing control of your “baby”? Are you reluctant to hire a few more people or promote someone to help handle the business?

Executive counseling can make all the difference in these cases. It isn’t a “business” problem so much as it is an “owner” problem. Talking with a professional consultant who can counsel you in how to grow the business and get past the small thinking will allow you, the owner, to see the future a little clearer.

Of course your business may not be having these types of over the top issues, but every organization has situations that come up, time after time, that can cause the C.E.O. serious heartburn. If you are seeing problems starting to boil up, like an increasing rate of customer complaints (you are tracking them right?), sudden high employee turnover, or my personal favorite, the water cooler scuttlebutt that indicates things are not exactly going swell, consider bringing in a business consultant. They can usually get to the bottom of the situation(s) and offer one or more solutions.

The Solution

Be forewarned, the solutions may be ugly, or expensive, or simply unpalatable. The recommendations I’ve given have ranged from reducing headcount, removing one or two specific employees who are causing trouble, to dropping one obstinate customer. Often the answer isn’t so drastic, but rather simple. Perhaps some new processes have been recently instituted that need a tweak. Maybe your vacation schedules have left the customer service people constantly shorthanded. Until the underlying issues are discovered, you just don’t know the cause of the heartburn.

Please don’t fall victim to the swan song of those that think there is an easy, quick fix to the problem at hand. Often the phrase “more training” is heard. But when the main issue hasn’t been identified, the nebulous concept of “training” won’t solve anything. More often than not, a deep dive into the business is required to fully identify the problem that you are trying to solve.

But my favorite types of problems to solve are those involving good problems. How about a company that is bursting at the seams because of high order volume? Too much business, in a very short time, will draw out the flaws in your business model, your organization structure, your processes and so forth, and leave the customer wondering what happened. All of those can usually be solved with an outsider, such as a consultant, who doesn’t have the baggage of an employee or isn’t embroiled in the office politics.

Get Help Quickly

When nothing you do seems to have an effect on the problem, that’s the time to bring in outside help. A basic rule of business is, the longer you wait, the worse a problem becomes. It is always bad to wait until events get out of hand. What did you expect, that the problem would self correct?

Yes, you should have resolved it sooner and it might have been less expensive had you recognized the problem quickly and applied your business acumen for a solution. But sometimes that’s just not possible, and, as we have seen in the news, events can very quickly spiral out of our control. Sometimes the problem was never in our control, as in the United Airlines event. Remember, the longer you wait, the worse the problem becomes. Every. Single. Time.

He who hesitates is lost. Act quickly and with resolve. Use a consultant!


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5 Obesity Advantages – How is Obesity a Good Thing?

Is obesity a good thing and how is obesity a good thing? It may sound odd and contrary to general beliefs but there are some obesity advantages out there. A few of these can’t be met while at normal weight or even overweight. Let’s find out what these five obesity advantages are.

1) Certain types of work are only catered to the obese:

There are jobs where an obese individual is suited for more than a normal weight person or someone who’s just overweight. An example of this could be an acting job. Say there’s a story with a character who’s obese playing a big part. The only person who’ll probably fill the role of that character is… someone who’s obese.

2) Stronger Bones/Muscles:

This can be considered as one of the advantages of obesity. The reason being that any attempt at exercising, even a casual walk can contribute to this. Certain gym activities such as lifting weights also help with obese people having strong bones and muscles.

3) More warmth is possible:

This is due to the excessive body fat alleviating heat loss from an obese person’s body into the air especially in cold environments. The fat has a tendency to keep some blood from getting closest to the skin where it can lose heat rapidly. This is why excessive clothing is worn, to trap body heat for constant warmth. As an extension to point 2 above, putting on more muscle provides a similar benefit where it can be a heat source while exercising and provide great insulation while resting.

4) Size… does it matter?

This seems to be more of a feature than one of the advantages of obesity but there are some people who are proud of their hugeness and put it to some use. That makes it an advantage for them.

5) Even the obese can lose weight:

The most important when it comes to obesity advantages is that the weight can be lost. It’s more important than all the previous advantages listed combined. Even overriding the disadvantages of obesity but only if this losing weight obesity advantage is consistently applied. Obesity mostly results from consuming more calories than required consistently. The excessive weight can be lost over a period of time by frequently burning more calories through exercise while not consuming more calories than your body needs.

Obviously if you aren’t obese and are at normal weight its way more beneficial health wise to keep yourself that way. Exercise and healthy eating are still essential for maintaining a healthy body. Of all the obesity advantages listed, number 5 is the most important. If you don’t bring your weight down significantly, many health dangers resulting from obesity will set in sooner or later.

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Why Do Women Develop the Urge of Getting Married?

Women around the world develop fondness towards getting married at a particular age. There are many reasons for a woman to get married and all of them are completely justified. If you are traveling the same boat, here are few reasons you can easily identify with for allowing the opposite gender in your life forever.

While men start planning for their job and career from an early age, women, apart from planning a successful professional life, also prioritize getting married to their dream men. It won’t be appropriate to say that men don’t want to get married, but women have more reasons to tie a wedding knot. The discussion below will definitely carry one or more reasons you can identify with for planning a married life.

Fairy Tales of Childhood

All those stories and fairy tales, where romance blossoms between a prince and a princess, paints the picture of marriage in a woman’s mind right from the childhood days. The immature dreams get nourished with growth in age, which ultimately encourage her towards marriage at very first step of adultness.

Age is the Natural Factor

How old do you have to be to get married? While there is no specific age to be answered for this question, as soon as a woman descend her teenage, a natural force develops curiosity for getting married. Your ambition to get settled in professional life might delay your age of marriage, still you don’t completely abandon the thought of enjoying the status of a married woman.

Thirst for Unconditioned Love

Tired of dating, which might fail to satisfy her love bone, a woman develops interest in marriage for winning unconditioned love from her man. Also, you might discover a man, who is madly in love with you. A constant appetite of loving and getting loved can answer the question of why get married.

Feeling of Security with Men

No matter how successful a woman might get in her life, the real sense of security is experienced by her after getting married to a man, who is physically as well as mentally strong. Women want to get married to feel secure in their men’s arms and it definitely doesn’t exhibit their inferiority. It is a natural phenomenon, which is experienced by every woman.

Ultimate Pleasure of Life

There is no need to hesitate while admitting that sexual satisfaction also motivates a woman to get married. Fulfillment of these desires is not among the things to do before you get married, at least not for majority of women. Sexual relationship in a legalized form is what most of the women desire for.

Love for Children

Playing the role of a mother is among most cherishing desires of every woman. Right from the age of playing with dolls, women develop motherhood in more or less quantity and this inspires them to have their own children. So, it is a justified reason for women to show desperation towards marriage.

Other Reasons to Mention

  • Leading a comfortable life can’t be counted among reasons not to get married. In fact, it is a justifiable reason to take the decision of getting married.
  • Sharing responsibility with a companion is another reason for women, who want to get married desperately.
  • Social recognition, loneliness and women around you getting married are other inspiring reasons for a woman to get married.

Marriage is more than a ceremony for every woman. The fascination of spending a wonderful life with a loving and responsible man can persuade you to step into the new phase of your life.

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Sexual Fantasies and Love Making Tips – Create Steamy Sex Tonight

Satisfying your lover's sexual fantasies will help in creating a steamy and passionate love making session in the bedroom. Everyone has his or her own sexual fantasies, and will wish that one day his or her lover can fulfill them.

Sexual fantasies can be used as a great tool to enhance your sex life by making it more exciting, erotic and pleasurable. Having intimate sex is very important in a relationship as it helps maintain the sparks and keep the passion going.

Therefore, one of the love making tips that can help increase passion and intimidation during love making is to fulfill one another fantasies. But sexual fantasy is a very personal thing and it will not be easy to know what your partner's ones are.

There are different fantasies for different people. Some people may fantasize on close friends, whereas some people may fantasize on having sex with a nurse or an office lady.

Try to have a candid and open talk with your lover to find out what are his or her fantasies. Do not force your lover but give him or her time and space to open up to you.

Once you get to know your lover's fantasies, you should try your best to fulfill them. Some of the fantasies may need you to prepare some items and clothing beforehand, or need you to decorate the bedroom. Do your best to make them as real as you can, so as not to disappoint your lover.

Have the initiative and patience to fulfill your lover's fantasies as this will help spice up the sex life between you and your lover. Bring back the passionate, intimate and steamy sex back into the bedroom now.

Are you struggling to bring back the burning passion to your bedroom? I feel your pain … If you are sick and tired of a boring sex life, then visit the website below for ways to spice up your lovemaking once again …

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Review – Unions for Beginners

Unions for Beginners, David Cogswell, 2012, ISBN 9781934389775

The forty-hour work week, pensions and safe working conditions became part of the American employment landscape because employers felt that it was the proper thing to do, right? No, those things came into existence because of strikes and agitation by labor unions.

Why are unions supposedly at the root of America’s financial problems, despite the huge drop in numbers of unionized workers over the past half century? The American corporate class (the 1 percent) wants nothing to stand in the way of their pursuit of profit. Employee wages are seen as an expense, which must be reduced as much as possible, in order to push up the stock price. A person might think that societies like Nazi Germany or Soviet Russia are the world leaders (for lack of a better term) in using propaganda on their own citizens. By far, the world leader is the United States. People are taught to equate free market capitalism with everything that is good in America. Any opposition to corporate power, like unions, is supposed to equal tyranny, oppression and communism.

Unions came into existence because of a fundamental bit of human nature. If people get together in a group, they can accomplish things that a single person can not accomplish. People have gone on strike for better working conditions since the early days of America. This book looks at some of the famous events in union history. In 1835, children in Patterson, New Jersey’s silk mills went on strike for an 11-hour day and a six-day work week.

There’s Chicago Haymarket Incident (or Riot, or Massacre) in 1886. There’s the Great Railroad Strike of 1877, and the Homestead Strike of 1892. In the 20th century, there is 1913’s Ludlow Massacre. More recently, the book explores the Conservative Resurgence of the 1980s, and the attacks against unions by people from Ronald Reagan to Scott Walker. Union leaders are only human, so, throughout American history, they can be just as evil and corrupt as the rest of society.

This is a partisan book; it is probably not possible to write a totally non-partisan book about unions. This book is still recommended for everyone. It’s recommended for those interested in the less well known parts of American history, it’s recommended for union members who are unfamiliar with their history, and it’s recommended for providing part of the explanation as to how America got into its present financial mess.

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Audit Services Professionals Share Six Tips For Dealing With The IRS

No matter who you are or how much you make, most taxpayers eventually have to duke it out with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). The feared federal agency audits about one percent of the tax returns it receives each year. Now, that might not sound like a lot, but no one has a better home court advantage than the IRS. According to their own numbers, only about fifteen percent of taxpayers emerge from an audit review unscathed. The rest are forced to remit additional funds, not to mention fines, fees, and interest payments. With that in mind, here are six tips from an audit services professional that will help you during the examination process.

Tip 1: Check your anger at the door. Yes, the IRS and its representatives can be confrontational and combative… But the absolute worst thing you can do is to bring a bad or aggressive attitude into your meetings with them. Remember, you want to show them that you can be cooperative. If they get the impression that you’re difficult, they may be less likely to negotiate with you in the future.

Tip 2: Use their language. Like workers in any other specialized, highly technical profession, employees for the Internal Revenue Service have their own vernacular few are privy to. If you show them you can speak their language, they may treat you with more respect. For example, you should always ask for penalties and fines to be “abated,” rather than removed completely.

Tip 3: Don’t say too much. We know it sounds contradictory, but it is seldom a good idea to talk too much with IRS agents. They are, after all, not your friends. Revealing too much or elaborating on a simple question may lead to misunderstandings that result in additional investigations.

Tip 4: Be honest. Nothing good can come from lying to a federal agency. Although the relationship is inherently adversarial, it is built on trust. If an agent catches you in a lie, you will always be suspect in the eyes of the IRS. It is also important to note that lying to the IRS is a federal crime that could land you in the slammer.

Tip 5: Call them before they call you. If you receive an audit notice, it is always a good idea to contact the agent in charge of your case as soon as possible. His name and contact information will be on the official letter. Do not go into details; simply let him know that you are serious about resolving your issue with the agency.

Tip 6: Hire a tax professional. It would be a wonderful world if we could handle all of our problems on our own. Unfortunately, that is not the case. As we mentioned, only 15 percent of audited taxpayers are not ordered to pay more. Everybody else has to pony up. As such, hiring a tax professional to provide audit services is often a wise investment. Not only do they know the tax code like the back of their proverbial hands, but they are also qualified to represent you in all future dealings with the agency. Tax professionals will always attempt to have your fines and penalties abated. They may also be able to arrange a payment plan for taxes that allows you to pay off your debt in monthly installments.

These simple tips from an audit services professional can provide you with a world of good in dealing with the IRS.

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