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The Empty Suitcase

It was a typical day in my life. I went to my storage unit to retrieve a suitcase for my husbands impending business trip. I reached above my head to pull down what I thought was an empty suitcase and then it happened.

The suitcase was full of things much to my dismay. This mistake sent me on a physical rehabilitation journey. At the time little did I know this is exactly what I needed to make me stop and reflect on my life.

When I was recovering from my injury I had time to think. I was thinking of my adult child who blamed me for her life. I was thinking about all my failures as a young parent. I was thinking about how my immaturity may have hurt my children growing up.

I was convinced that everything my adult children did that was not in their best interest was my fault. It must be because I made so many mistakes I could not count. I did keep a roof over the heads and food in their mouth.

I didn’t call them in sick to school and I wouldn’t let them skip school. I thought that having a clean room was right up there with determining whether you succeed or fail in life.

I was a fallen christian, a damaged human being who was not good enough for her own children. At twenty years old and divorced with four children in a time period where a woman was little more than a second class citizen I picked myself up.

I got an education and worked at odd jobs and finally full time. I learned to be strong or at least wear armor for the indignities that I put up with. I worked and lived in a mans world. I couldn’t let anyone see me weak after all that was unacceptable.

My son was talking to me and I finally confided him my feelings and how proud I was that despite me how great of a parent he was. That is when he said a sentence that resonated to my soul.

He said, “Mom, you sure are carrying around a heavy empty suitcase, all of your children came from the same house, all of your children are adults and make their own decisions and their own mistakes.”

Ironic he would use a suitcase as a metaphor. I was finally free that day to move forward and so my son set me free and became my friend.

Let it go whatever weighs you down and enjoy the present for that is all you have.

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Starcraft 2 Strategy – Macroing Your Way to the Win

If you’re brand new to the Starcraft scene, then you may not know what the term “macro” means. Here’s what it is: It’s your ability to control the bigger things going on in the game you’re playing. Things like making units, buildings, keeping all your minerals spent, etc.

One of the biggest problems that newer players have is this pattern: Build up a force, attack, build up a force, attack, build up a force, attack. So basically you’ll focus solely on macro first; making units, building their base up, maybe expanding. But then when you go to attack you start focusing solely on micro management, which is controlling your units. So then you completely stop making units, your mineral count goes through the roof, and when your army is finally killed you have 0 units.

This is BAD, any kind of counter-attack at that point will usually cost you the game, even if you do have 3000 minerals banked there’s just not enough time to use them.

Instead of doing that, you should hotkey your production buildings to 5, 6 whatever is comfortable and as you’re making your attack you keep building units. That way, once your force is dead, you scroll back to your base and you already have a ton of units ready to go attack again or defend the counter-attack.

If you find yourself having trouble with this, here’s something you should focus on… Instead of being so obsessed with trying to micro manage your army like the pros, throughout the whole game focus on these three things: making SCV’s, training units, and keeping your resources low (by buying stuff!).

When you master those three things, you will find yourself climbing up the ranking ladders just because you’ll have so many units that your opponents just won’t be able to compete. Even if you completely botch your micro management here and there you’ll be so far ahead of most players that it won’t even matter.

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What Do I Do If I Have No List With a Variety of Products?

Starting out as a newbie online takes a lot of focus. You may have many ideas, but it's important to plan ahead and structure your business carefully so that you do not get side tracked or lose sight of your main goals. If you have your own online business, you're going to need to launch your products to make the most money. But if you do not have a list, this will be difficult to do. That is where joint ventures also known as JV's come into play. JV's are basically partnerships that you make with another website owner. You build a relationship, where they send out an announcement to their list about your product for a portion of the sale.

It's not only important to establish JV partnerships, but it's also important to make deals that are worthwhile for your partner. So, for example, you may offer them a 50% commission on the sale of any of your products. If any sales are made from their email announcement about your product, you get money without lifting a finger. This is a win-win situation for both parties. Not only do you make money, but they make money as well, simply because they told their audience about your product. Of course your JV partner needs to be involved in the same market as you and have a list of prospects already interested in your product. It is necessary as this will ensure that your market is well targeted.

Another key piece of advice if you've established a joint venture partnership is to ensure that you supply your JV partner with the exact email verbiage you'd like them to send out. You want them to do as little work as possible. And because they own their list, you need to make their job as effortless as it can be simply because you're the one looking to make money. You also want to build your own list, so it definitely needs to be a win-win situation for both parties. If you can provide the exact subject line and email content that has been split tested to work and has a strong conversion rate, there is no reason why you should not be able to make some decent sales.

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Small Business Owners – What's Your Exit Strategy?

If you've ever attended a rodeo you know that means a few 8 second bull rides. I've noticed a few of the bull riders seem to make their exit quite gracefully, as if they'd practiced and planned for it. Most others seem to make their exit at the whim of the bull they're attempting to ride.

Have you noticed that some business owners seem to know exactly when to sell? They end up with a really sweet deal – it's as if they'd practiced and planned for it. Others seem to be thrown for a loop – here today, gone tomorrow.

If you've ever sold a house, you know there are always a few little things you need to do to get it ready to sell no matter how great a shape it's in. Whether it's a dripping shower head you've been meaning to fix, updating old faucets, a new dishwasher, a little paint in the kids room, turned office when they went off to college, cleaning out overstuffed closets or some freshly planted annuals curbside, once you're done you wished you'd done it earlier and enjoyed some of the improvements.

Running your business is a bit like this. You could opt for the exit most bull riders make, without any planning or strategy on your part, or, you can run your business as if you were going to have an open house one day to sell it. That does not mean you will anytime soon, but running your business with a long term strategy has some very positive side effects.

Does your business need a little bit of touch up paint, some updated fixtures, or is there major structural work that needs to be tackled? What can you do to run your business that would make it more attractive to a potential buyer?

You may think you'll just call it quits one day, cash out and go off to the islands in retirement. That may work for some, but why not consider reaping some rewards for the years you've spent in the business, building a list of loyal customers, and valuable business relationships?

Perhaps you think a son or daughter will take over your business. But, more and more business owners are finding there are no family members interested in (or capable of) taking over the business and are beginning to look to key employees who might want to step up to an owner financed buy-out.

How would an outsider look at your balance sheet? Do you have enough debt to rival the federal deficit? Are your sales declining? Have you experienced increasing employee turnover?

Taking a look at your business as if through the eyes of a potential buyer can give you a glimpse into the areas where you need to clean out some clutter of past due accounts, touch up your financial reporting, or major structural work to get your business "open-house" ready. And, if you're like me when I sold my last house, doing it sooner rather than later means you get to enjoy the upgrades in your business and reap both immediate and long term rewards.

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SEO Website Tips For Small Business Owners

If you have a small business, then you know that there is much that is rewarding about it. You get to call the shots and run the business the way you want to run it. You can also enjoy the satisfaction of knowing that this business is something that you built yourself from the bottom up. On the other hand, when you have a small business, you are going to have to work extra hard to get noticed. In other words, there are a lot of larger businesses with more funding and more resources who are going to dominate the internet landscape. This means that you are going to have to be savvy when it comes to getting your name out there on the internet. Here you will find a few SEO tips for small business owners.

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. This is a way of talking about strategies for getting your website to appear high on the list when people do relevant search engine searches online. You are first going to want to make sure that you are getting your effective keywords out there. In other words, you are going to need to do more than just have a pretty website. You should choose some strategies, such as putting up articles in article directories and starting blogs. These are free services that anyone on the internet can use and which will help to direct visitors to your site.

When you are using these SEO strategies, you are going to want to make sure that your titles, tags, and keywords are effective. This is how your articles and blogs will come up in general searches. In other words, you are going to want to make sure that you are hitting the right markets. What’s tricky about this is that you can’t use a search term that is too obvious, since there are other businesses that are using these same terms. If you sell garden supplies in Los Angeles, don’t make your keywords simply “garden supplies.” Try something more particular, such as “Los Angeles hand shovels.” The key is to be specific and get the most out of all the potential search terms.

You are probably going to want some help when it comes to website optimization. The good news is that there are online businesses that will help your small business get the recognition it deserves. In the online community, where consumers have more options than ever before, you really need to work to get your name out there. With a few simple tips and a specialist by your side, you are on your way to the top of the list.

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How to Complete Surveys For Cash in Six Simple Steps

Earning had never been this easy. With the new technology, ways of earning and job opportunities have also evolved and given people a new experience to everything. Why not just do survey for cash for a living. Follow these 6 simple steps to find out how easy completing survey online can be.

The research work

This is the hardest part of all. Once you’re done with it, you will see what a blessing the job is for you. Search the internet for big credible companies that offer you reasonable money for the job. Don’t get eluded by scams.

About you

Don’t hesitate when a company ask for your personal information. The company would trust you more and you’ll have more job opportunities once they have more of your demographic information.


Show regularity in your work and be vigilant of new offers. Check your mail frequently to look for new tasks and work.

Become choosy

Once you have the job, you will get to decide which surveys would be the best. You can choose according to your interests and the payment method you would like to receive. Don’t waste time on doing any surveys that you come across. You are not obliged to do any of the ones you do not want to.

Additional earning

Be aware of what you are being offered. Some pay you in cash; others offer you their products or coupons and points for gift cards. See what suits you best and is the most profitable.

Be wise

Don’t trust a website when it says you have won a laptop or Xbox. Before it gives you a prize, they will ask you to complete some difficult task or buy something. Avoid getting into these traps and never pay to any site.

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Article Writing For Money – Learning Article Marketing

If you have just started learning article marketing and list building it is important that you focus your attention on the task of getting your website to achieve strong, natural search engine rankings and high levels of traffic from articles immediately.

You should focus more on the whys and the wherefores of marketing your online business. Once you learn how to do it the information can be applied to promote any website of your choice.

You should aim to learn how to do the work yourself so that you are self-reliant and can apply the techniques in to absolutely any website that you choose, generating the amount of traffic that you desire. It should be your intention to get your website from wherever it is now to a totally advanced stage – meaning to a level where you achieve top 10 search engine results, generate massive traffic, spectacular conversion rates and a strong and loyal subscriber list.

You achieve this via on and off-page search engine optimization techniques, article marketing, website submissions and list-building techniques. Work your way through this program and utilize all the techniques. Incorporate them into your internet program to create highly effective and lucrative websites. As well as learning these vital skills mentioned above, it is important that you learn to incorporate these skills into your website strategy so that they work together synergistically to create maximum profit for you.

Ensure you know how article marketing, list building, et cetera, work together to produce massive results.

Learning about article marketing and list building is like studying for a doctors qualifications. It can be hard at first but eventually, when you have completed your studies and you know what you are doing, you will be able to command whatever income you require for yourself. And that alone is worth all the effort.

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Comments: The Strategy For Your Strategy

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Online Statistics are Big Business

The role of online statistics in marketing strategies is immense. The information about people’s online habits and choices can make marketing a product or service extremely simple for companies and corporations, so the information that is gathered through online statistics is critical to business success. These statistics can redirect companies towards reaching their desired sales.

Reading stats can be complicated, especially if there is no knowledge as to what the information presented mean. Many companies are now requiring their marketing teams to take statis classes to become better versed in statistics, learn to read data, and later create effective marketing strategies based on that information. As the world shifts more priority to the internet, an statistics class becomes an important choice for those seeking solid business educations.

This information can be obtained from the answers people provide in online surveys. Many companies offer compensation, making individuals more apt to fill out a paid review survey if the money is significant enough. The public can review a product with a paid review survey, which provides companies with incredibly valuable information and insight for potential improvement.

Many people love taking free online paid surveys. They can generate their opinions and collect cash or prizes, making the deal seem like a good one. Companies collect the data and pass it on to marketing companies, who use the online statistics generated from the surveys to create effective business plans. Everybody wins, as the public and the companies are both happy.

Companies are willing to pay big dollars for information on their products or services. That is why the online survey industry and the review industry flourishes. There is more to online statistics than many people think, and the days of leaving a comment card or calling a phone number for complaints are long gone.

Business are tapping into 24/7 information provided by the public from online statistics, using the data to sell their products. Consumers have continuous impact on the business industry, making companies stand up and listen to the voice of the people (to a certain extent). In all reality, online statistics have the ability to create a solid line of communication between consumer and company.

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SEO Techniques That Really Works (Secret SEO Tips)

First of before going deep in to seo I will only show you some seo tips when it comes to link building that is offsite optimization in seo. I will not show you on site optimization seo here because onsite optimization in seo is very less effective in ranking in search engines but depends on keyword you select in seo.

You can find free seo tools (more than 50 free seo tools) that helps you to optimize web pages and get links. Just visit my web site by following link at the end of the article for all free seo tools

Proper SEO strategies

1. You can ask your visitors for referrals with a "Tell A Friend" feature. You can find free "Tell A Friend" scripts on the internet, this will enhance your reputation while increasing traffic while increase in seo ranking with more link added to your site.

2. Distribute an brandable e book or special report, this is a good seo technique. You might find free trail software in internet.

3. Submit your free e book or special your report to directories for more seo expose.

4. Submit to free directories with in appropriate category. Search keyword as "free directory list" to find free directories.

5. Submit to free article directories with in appropriate category. Search keyword as "free article directory list" to find free article directories.

Proper Seo link building strategies

1. Get links from related but non-competitive sites.

2. Have different anchor text (related and different) in the links

3. Try to get links from high PR pages for optimal seo rankings

4. Submit to directories (most are free) but get links from other web site also

5. Get links with different title text in the title from other sites

6. Find authority sites of your niche and get links from them also

7. Submit your e book to e book directories

8. Write different articles with variation (at least 50% differ from original) and submit to article directories.

9. Release a press release by using a press release company (on line).

10. Get links from different PR and different IP addresses sites for optimal seo rankings

11. Make sure inbound links point to internal pages as well as your home page (Deep Linking) for optimal seo rankings

12. Do not try to get temporary links for optimal ranking in seo

13. Not come from pages that links to bad neighborhood

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