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10 Tips For a Successful Blog

We all know that blogging is a must if you want to make your opinions, knowledge and tips read and commented, but how to get a successful blog starting? Here is the best 10 tips to make it successful and to not have to drop it on the dustbin after the first month!

  1. Blog type: You have to choose the right niche before everything. Writing about computers if your life is just about flowers is not a good choice! You have to choose a niche on which you have a good knowledge to find what to blog about to win your readers love!
  2. The first impression is the most important thing to transform your visitors from just visitors to daily readers. Choose a good web design that your visitors may have to like (ask for reviews) as the first impression help a lot for new bloggers.
  3. RSS subscriptions and RSS by mail: Feedburner (from Google) offer a great list of features that you may use on your blog to offer RSS subscriptions by mail. Getting much subscribers mean that you have great posts! Make a clear link on the top of your blog pointing to your RSS feeds URL.
  4. Do not make it general! While writing about something in your blog, you have to integrate your own opinion and not just talking about things your readers may had already read! Write about your opinion and your personal experience to attract people to post more comments!
  5. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a very important thing to drive a lot of traffic to your blog. Choose the right keyword you are targeting and use it to blog on other blogs to create more backlinks and more traffic. (Do not forget advertising and directory submissions as well)
  6. People want to learn from you! Writing about Google is not really a good thing unless you are writing from students that never touched a computer Try to find something new to blog about that most of your readers have not heard about it yet.
  7. Share your blog with your friends on Facebook , Twitter and Digg (…) and ask them to talk about it to their friends.
  8. Ask questions on popular forums: Try to ask about the thing you are writing about on popular forums and note things that you have not talked about on your post to make it better and to drive more visitors that want to read your blog (from the last forum thread).
  9. Putt yourself on the reader place and imagine how he will read your blog post. Try to make it very easy and do not talk about all objectives from the first line to make him read it until its end.
  10. Read by yourself what others may say! You have read what others are writing about and ask questions about what other bloggers are writing about.

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